Capacity Development Sub-project Data (Third Round)

No. District Upazila CD ID CD Name Approved Budget
1 Rajshahi Tanore CD-2018-19-508194-06 Training on advanced fish farming management to create self-employment for unemployed youth 156,500.00
2 Rajshahi Tanore CD-2018-19-508194-05 Pregnant mother and neonatal care training 174,500.00
3 Rajshahi Tanore CD-2018-19-508194-04 Farmer training on safe and exportable crop production in low cost climate using local resources 170,000.00
4 Rajshahi Tanore CD-2018-19-508194-03 Training on Student / Adolescent Health Reproduction, Primary Health Education and Social Awareness Issues (Child Marriage) 124,000.00
5 Rajshahi Tanore CD-2018-19-508194-02 Embroidery, Nakshikantha sewing training for self-employment of needy women 190,000.00
6 Rajshahi Tanore CD-2018-19-508194-01 Training on e-documents for upazila officers / employees 185,000.00
7 Cox's Bazar Kutubdia CD-2018-19-202245-06 Public Awareness Campaign on Counter Narcotics, Militancy and Terrorism 149,200.00
8 Cox's Bazar Kutubdia CD-2018-19-202245-05 Public awareness campaign against child marriage, polygamy, dowry and eve-teasing 149,000.00
9 Cox's Bazar Kutubdia CD-2018-19-202245-04 Public awareness campaign on hygienic toilet use and safe drinking water 148,900.00
10 Cox's Bazar Kutubdia CD-2018-19-202245-03 Awareness training on safe food preparation, serving and consumer rights protection laws and market price control 180,800.00
11 Cox's Bazar Kutubdia CD-2018-19-202245-02 Training to eliminate unemployment and create self-employment through rearing of improved breeds of cows (Sindhi, Fijian) and goats 184,700.00
12 Cox's Bazar Kutubdia CD-2018-19-202245-01 Training of computer operators / concerned staff of all departments of Upazila Parishad to enhance skills in the role and management of e-documents, e-portals and information technology 187,400.00
13 Sherpur Sreebardi CD-2018-19-458990-08 Awareness camping on drugs, violence against women and child marriage 142,000.00
14 Sherpur Sreebardi CD-2018-19-458990-07 Skill development training on creative question papers for ensuring quality education system for secondary and higher secondary teachers as a goal of SDGs. 135,000.00
15 Sherpur Sreebardi CD-2018-19-458990-06 Modern practical training of various unskilled and untrained electricians of the upazila 124,000.00
16 Sherpur Sreebardi CD-2018-19-458990-05 Training Workshop on Modern Office Management, E-Filing, Web Portal Updates and Innovative Project Adoption for Government Officials 160,000.00
17 Sherpur Sreebardi CD-2018-19-458990-04 Legal awareness training for autorickshaw, CNG, bus and truck drivers 115,000.00
18 Sherpur Sreebardi CD-2018-19-458990-03 Adolescent Health Awareness and Periodic Disease Prevention Workshop 100,000.00
19 Sherpur Sreebardi CD-2018-19-458990-02 Training on fish farming technology for members of cooperative societies 124,000.00
20 Sherpur Sreebardi CD-2018-19-458990-01 Awareness training on prenatal and postnatal health care and neonatal care to prevent infant and maternal mortality 100,000.00
21 Rajshahi Bagha CD-2018-19-508110-06 Workshop on safe mango production technology 156,160.00
22 Rajshahi Bagha CD-2018-19-508110-05 Awareness training on modern technology in fish production and ordinances and rules of fish protection and conservation act-1950 128,360.00
23 Rajshahi Bagha CD-2018-19-508110-04 Increase teachers' ability to teach in the classroom through multimedia 184,880.00
24 Rajshahi Bagha CD-2018-19-508110-03 Training on web portal and e-filing for the employees of the concerned government departments working at the upazila level 180,400.00
25 Rajshahi Bagha CD-2018-19-508110-02 Awareness training for head teachers and mosque imams on the care of Covid-19 patients in the global epidemic, maternal reproductive health and personal care, and adolescent adolescent complications 175,100.00
26 Rajshahi Bagha CD-2018-19-508110-01 Awareness training for all Union Council members, women members, chairmen and UP secretaries on the care of Covid-19 patients in the global epidemic situation, maternal reproductive health and personal care and adolescent complications of adolescence 175,100.00
27 Dhaka Dhamrai CD-2018-19-302614-07 Training in block-batik for able widows, divorced and impoverished women 188,520.00
28 Dhaka Dhamrai CD-2018-19-302614-06 Beautification training for unemployed women 183,710.00
29 Dhaka Dhamrai CD-2018-19-302614-05 Training midwives in safe delivery 129,990.00
30 Dhaka Dhamrai CD-2018-19-302614-04 Farmer training on crop production in an environmentally friendly manner 139,480.00
31 Dhaka Dhamrai CD-2018-19-302614-03 Training of small, medium and marginal farmers in safe poultry production 110,220.00
32 Dhaka Dhamrai CD-2018-19-302614-02 Skill enhancement training for office staff on e-filing and web portal updates 109,600.00
33 Dhaka Dhamrai CD-2018-19-302614-01 Training on Land Management and Service Information Technology Application (e-mutation) 138,480.00
34 Meherpur Gangni CD-2018-19-405747-06 Training of dairy farmers for safe milk and meat production 184,960.00
35 Meherpur Gangni CD-2018-19-405747-05 Training on web portals and e-documents 135,750.00
36 Meherpur Gangni CD-2018-19-405747-04 Training in Good Aquaculture Practice and Food Safety 171,780.00
37 Meherpur Gangni CD-2018-19-405747-03 Training on raising awareness of farmers on safe crop production 156,850.00
38 Meherpur Gangni CD-2018-19-405747-02 Training on the symptoms and remedies of the deadly disease arsenicosis, training on the use of surface water and low cost hygienic toilets 179,780.00
39 Meherpur Gangni CD-2018-19-405747-01 Awareness training on what to do to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and the spread of the virus to mankind 170,880.00
40 Narail Kalia CD-2018-19-406528-07 Outsourching traing to unemplyee youths 174,300.00
41 Narail Kalia CD-2018-19-406528-06 Improved hygiene of livestock and training of animal breeds 109,650.00
42 Narail Kalia CD-2018-19-406528-05 Awerness training on teenagers health 121,200.00
43 Narail Kalia CD-2018-19-406528-04 Training on safe fruit cultivation 122,000.00
44 Narail Kalia CD-2018-19-406528-03 Training on safe treatment on Covid-19 and dengue. 150,600.00
45 Narail Kalia CD-2018-19-406528-02 Campaign against child marriage, violense against women, eve teasing, dowry 140,650.00
46 Narail Kalia CD-2018-19-406528-01 Capacity development training on ICT & Multimedia for primary level school teachers 181,600.00
47 Moulvibazar Juri CD-2018-19-605835-07 Training on Disaster risk reduction 115,200.00
48 Moulvibazar Juri CD-2018-19-605835-06 Training for pregnant mother 165,400.00
49 Moulvibazar Juri CD-2018-19-605835-05 Training on fish cultivation 100,500.00
50 Moulvibazar Juri CD-2018-19-605835-04 Goat rearing training for farmer 165,400.00
51 Moulvibazar Juri CD-2018-19-605835-03 Training Digital content writing for primary school teacher 153,400.00
52 Moulvibazar Juri CD-2018-19-605835-02 Training on multi media content writing for high school teacher 147,300.00
53 Moulvibazar Juri CD-2018-19-605835-01 Training on safe vegetable and fruit cultivation 152,800.00
54 Habiganj Ajmiriganj CD-2018-19-603602-7 Communication and Physical Infrastructure Development 136,000.00
55 Habiganj Ajmiriganj CD-2018-19-603602-6 Communication and Physical Infrastructure Development 133,640.00
56 Habiganj Ajmiriganj CD-2018-19-603602-5 Skill Development and Income Generation Activity (IGA) Training 143,100.00
57 Habiganj Ajmiriganj CD-2018-19-603602-4 Health and Family Welfare 141,560.00
58 Habiganj Ajmiriganj CD-2018-19-603602-3 Secondary and madrasa Education 147,700.00
59 Habiganj Ajmiriganj CD-2018-19-603602-2 Communication and Physical Infrastructure Development 152,400.00
60 Habiganj Ajmiriganj CD-2018-19-603602-1 Agriculture and Irrigation 145,600.00
61 Habiganj Nabiganj CD-2018-19-606677-7 Training on outsourcing for youth people of Nabiganj Upazila 178,612.00
62 Habiganj Nabiganj CD-2018-19-606677-6 Training on E-nothi for GoB Officila Staff of Nabiganj Upazila 105,480.00
63 Habiganj Nabiganj CD-2018-19-606677-5 Training on vermicompost fertilizer production for farmer 104,050.00
64 Habiganj Nabiganj CD-2018-19-606677-4 Training on trafic law for CNG driver 107,979.00
65 Habiganj Nabiganj CD-2018-19-606677-3 Training on digital contents making for school of secondary and higher secondary 165,709.00
66 Habiganj Nabiganj CD-2018-19-606677-2 Training on mathematical class conduction of subject based teacher for capacity develop of Math teaching 165,670.00
67 Habiganj Nabiganj CD-2018-19-606677-1 Campaign for teen-age health and dowry protection for adolescent girls 172,500.00
68 Habiganj Bahubal CD-2018-19-603605-6 Training on medicinal plants nursey for farmer of Bahubal Upazila 189,720.00
69 Habiganj Bahubal CD-2018-19-603605-5 Training on awareness progrm about land law 151,600.00
70 Habiganj Bahubal CD-2018-19-603605-4 Training on E -nothi for Official Staff of Bahubal Upazila 175,885.00
71 Habiganj Bahubal CD-2018-19-603605-3 Training on OUT Sourcing for Youth People 184,440.00
72 Habiganj Bahubal CD-2018-19-603605-2 Training on RIT for GoB Official in Bahubal Upazila 107,975.00
73 Habiganj Bahubal CD-2018-19-603605-1 Training on safe delivery for voluntary members of NFP 190,380.00
74 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2018-19-603626-8 Training on small earning from online to the unemployed youth who have computer and internet facilities. 115,030.00
75 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2018-19-603626-7 Traning on Bioflock fish farming techniques. 109,050.00
76 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2018-19-603626-6 Capacity development training on ICT, E-filling & web-portal to the officials of Upazial Parishad. 139,100.00
77 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2018-19-603626-5 Capacity development training on simplification of public service, intigrity strategy and right to information act 2009 to the peoples representative and head of the departmental office. 108,450.00
78 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2018-19-603626-4 Campaign to raise awareness regarding early merraige, eve teasing, militency and the bad effect of drugs to teachers, students & guardians of 06 secondary level schools. 177,200.00
79 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2018-19-603626-3 Training on things to do during adolecent period of girls and aquiring basic techniques of self defence to face unplesent situation. 104,200.00
80 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2018-19-603626-2 Capacity development training on ICT to senior teachers of secondary schools and Madrashah 106,270.00
81 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2018-19-603626-1 Hands on training on Planting fruit trees and nurshing, cutting, graftinng & layerning. 140,700.00
82 Moulvibazar Sreemangal CD-2018-19-605883-06 English language skill traning for the high school teachers 187,400.00
83 Moulvibazar Sreemangal CD-2018-19-605883-05 Training on cottage indurial products for the rural poor womenn 152,900.00
84 Moulvibazar Sreemangal CD-2018-19-605883-04 Training on motor vechical act and road safety for the drivers 154,240.00
85 Moulvibazar Sreemangal CD-2018-19-605883-03 Training on health and and child care for the tea garden female labours 183,160.00
86 Moulvibazar Sreemangal CD-2018-19-605883-02 Campaign for natural disaster management 181,380.00
87 Moulvibazar Sreemangal CD-2018-19-605883-01 Training on safe food cultivation 140,920.00
88 Sylhet Sylhet Sadar CD-2018-19-609162-07 Multimedia class management training for primary school teachers 129,522.00
89 Sylhet Sylhet Sadar CD-2018-19-609162-06 Campaign against child marriage, drug abuse extrimism and violence against women 106,735.00
90 Sylhet Sylhet Sadar CD-2018-19-609162-05 Awarness building for the rural pragnant mothers 103,185.00
91 Sylhet Sylhet Sadar CD-2018-19-609162-04 Training on land laws and land dispute litigation 150,423.00
92 Sylhet Sylhet Sadar CD-2018-19-609162-03 Taraining on modern agricultural modern technology 185,834.00
93 Sylhet Sylhet Sadar CD-2018-19-609162-02 School management training for Head masters and SMC members of the primary schools 173,049.00
94 Sylhet Sylhet Sadar CD-2018-19-609162-01 Ict training for UZP officials 151,252.00
95 Sylhet Jakigang CD-2018-19-609194-06 Training on multimedia class room management 172,007.00
96 Sylhet Jakigang CD-2018-19-609194-05 Block and Printing training for women 184,390.00
97 Sylhet Jakigang CD-2018-19-609194-04 Mechanization of agriculture and use of intrigated pest management 169,456.00
98 Sylhet Jakigang CD-2018-19-609194-03 Training on adolesence health and hygine 100,001.00
99 Sylhet Jakigang CD-2018-19-609194-02 Training on Mathematics for High school teachres 192,546.00
100 Sylhet Jakigang CD-2018-19-609194-01 Training on land laws and e-mutation 181,600.00
101 Sunamganj Bishwambharpur CD 2018-19-609018-06 Training for the skill development of the chairman community clinic , CHCP and managing committee about their duties and responsibilities 105,274.00
102 Sunamganj Bishwambharpur CD 2018-19-609018-05 Training on duties and resposibilities of Haed master and managing committee of the primary schools 191,992.00
103 Sunamganj Bishwambharpur CD 2018-19-609018-04 Training on E-filing, webportal and online certification for ethnical minorities for the staffs and officials of UZP 155,481.00
104 Sunamganj Bishwambharpur CD 2018-19-609018-03 Beatufication training for women 190,567.00
105 Sunamganj Bishwambharpur CD 2018-19-609018-02 Training on Poultry Garbager management and safe poultry production 178,343.00
106 Sunamganj Bishwambharpur CD 2018-19-609018-01 Training for the bikers on traffik law and prevention of sexual harrasment 178,343.00
107 Sunamganj Dowarabazar CD 2018-19-609033-06 Campaign for safe water and sanitary latrine 144,000.00
108 Sunamganj Dowarabazar CD 2018-19-609033-05 Awarness workshop on pure food, cosumer right act and market price determination 127,200.00
109 Sunamganj Dowarabazar CD 2018-19-609033-04 Cattle raring for for unemploument eradication 180,000.00
110 Sunamganj Dowarabazar CD 2018-19-609033-03 Training for the drivers for the road safety 184,400.00
111 Sunamganj Dowarabazar CD 2018-19-609033-02 Skill development for the massions 184,400.00
112 Sunamganj Dowarabazar CD 2018-19-609033-01 Training on multi-media content, dash board for High school teachers 180,000.00
113 Moulvibazar Kulaura CD- 2018-19-605865-07 Training on paper bag making 134,100.00
114 Moulvibazar Kulaura CD- 2018-19-605865-06 Training on bamboo and cane product making 139,900.00
115 Moulvibazar Kulaura CD- 2018-19-605865-05 Training for safe food production 149,560.00
116 Moulvibazar Kulaura CD- 2018-19-605865-04 Training on maternel and neonatal health care 139,880.00
117 Moulvibazar Kulaura CD- 2018-19-605865-03 Skill development for creative question paper settingm 151,980.00
118 Moulvibazar Kulaura CD- 2018-19-605865-02 Training on modern aquaculture 142,080.00
119 Moulvibazar Kulaura CD- 2018-19-605865-01 Training in beef fattening 142,500.00
120 Moulvibazar Rajnagar CD-2018-19-605880-07 Campaign against child marriage, eve teasing, violence against women and human trafficking 120,515.00
121 Moulvibazar Rajnagar CD-2018-19-605880-06 Skill development training for painters and electricians for sustainable development 152,265.00
122 Moulvibazar Rajnagar CD-2018-19-605880-05 Training on UNESCO recognized heritage product Shital Pati 181,640.00
123 Moulvibazar Rajnagar CD-2018-19-605880-04 Training on neonatal and maternal health care 145,060.00
124 Moulvibazar Rajnagar CD-2018-19-605880-03 Training on the modern agricutural equipment use 148,540.00
125 Moulvibazar Rajnagar CD-2018-19-605880-02 Training for the masssions for the sustainable development 118,200.00
126 Moulvibazar Rajnagar CD-2018-19-605880-01 Training on digital service delivery 133,780.00
127 Moulvibazar Borolekha CD-2018-19-605814-07 English language skill development training for the primary school teachres 149,340.00
128 Moulvibazar Borolekha CD-2018-19-605814-06 Training on apiculture 100,540.00
129 Moulvibazar Borolekha CD-2018-19-605814-05 Health awarness campaign for girls 112,510.00
130 Moulvibazar Borolekha CD-2018-19-605814-04 Training on the digital content for the high school teachers 171,640.00
131 Moulvibazar Borolekha CD-2018-19-605814-03 Training on the management of land sliding, thundering and earth quake 158,300.00
132 Moulvibazar Borolekha CD-2018-19-605814-02 Training on E-filing, webportal and online certification for ethnical minorities for the staffs and officials of UZP 119,720.00
133 Moulvibazar Borolekha CD-2018-19-605814-01 Free lancing and outsourcing training for the local youth 187,950.00
134 Habiganj Madhabpur CD-2018-19-603671-06 E-filing and webportal training for the UZP staffs and officials 140,750.00
135 Habiganj Madhabpur CD-2018-19-603671-05 1.Training for the rural doctors on non communicable diseases 2. HSS (Health System strengthening) Schoring training for the hospital pesonnels 169,190.00
136 Habiganj Madhabpur CD-2018-19-603671-04 Campaign against child marriage, eve teasing, violence against women and human trafficking 181,100.00
137 Habiganj Madhabpur CD-2018-19-603671-03 Skill training for the Massions 135,900.00
138 Habiganj Madhabpur CD-2018-19-603671-02 English languagase traing for the teachers of High School 181,300.00
139 Habiganj Madhabpur CD-2018-19-603671-01 Training on duties and resposibilities of Haed master and managing committee of the primary schools 191,760.00
140 Moulvibazar Kamalganj CD-2018-19-605856-07 Training on capacity building of construction labor for sustainable infrastructure development 107,150.00
141 Moulvibazar Kamalganj CD-2018-19-605856-06 Training on single and mixed cultivation technology of minnow and carp generic fish 165,860.00
142 Moulvibazar Kamalganj CD-2018-19-605856-05 Training on vegetable cultivation and chicken rearing for differently able people 107,150.00
143 Moulvibazar Kamalganj CD-2018-19-605856-04 Training on E-nothi, Web-portal and online certificate of small ethnic 162,580.00
144 Moulvibazar Kamalganj CD-2018-19-605856-03 Campaign on Drug, Early marriage, Dowry and Woman violence resistance with teacher, imam, kazi, students, Guardians, Journalist and Local people 165,570.00
145 Moulvibazar Kamalganj CD-2018-19-605856-02 Training on health service for pregnant woman and lactating mother 107,610.00
146 Moulvibazar Kamalganj CD-2018-19-605856-01 Training on school management for primary school's head teacher and president of school management committee 184,080.00
147 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar sadar CD-2018-19-605874-08 Capacity building training on English teaching for high school level teachers 106,100.00
148 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar sadar CD-2018-19-605874-07 Training on good aquaculture and food security 111,820.00
149 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar sadar CD-2018-19-605874-06 Training on Beef fattening on scientific way 111,200.00
150 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar sadar CD-2018-19-605874-05 Training on small cottage (Mora, Kula, Chaluni making) for poor women 109,150.00
151 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar sadar CD-2018-19-605874-04 Increasing ROBI crop cultivation on uncultivated land and high rated vegetables cultivation. 165,580.00
152 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar sadar CD-2018-19-605874-03 Capacity building training on sexual harassment protection, reproductive and primary health for high school level (female) teacher 101,100.00
153 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar sadar CD-2018-19-605874-02 Training on`Reproductive health, primary treatment and social awareness (Eve teasing, Early marriage) for adolescent 187,400.00
154 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar sadar CD-2018-19-605874-01 Training on 'E-filing, E-Nothi and ICT for Govt. officials 107,650.00
155 Sunamganj Jagannathpur CD-2018-19-609047-07 Training for Out-Sourcing 103,820.00
156 Sunamganj Jagannathpur CD-2018-19-609047-06 Training for ICT 127,320.00
157 Sunamganj Jagannathpur CD-2018-19-609047-05 Training for safety food procuction 113,080.00
158 Sunamganj Jagannathpur CD-2018-19-609047-04 Training for Osamprodayek bangladesh 136,180.00
159 Sunamganj Jagannathpur CD-2018-19-609047-03 Training for combined curp fish cultivate 142,620.00
160 Sunamganj Jagannathpur CD-2018-19-609047-02 Training of Cryastal production by women cooperative 188,900.00
161 Sunamganj Jagannathpur CD-2018-19-609047-01 Training of Institutional delivery increasing 188,080.00
162 Sunamganj Derai CD-2018-19-609029-08 Training on multimedia class room management for primary school teachers 184,800.00
163 Sunamganj Derai CD-2018-19-609029-07 Training on handicraft for youth women 149,915.00
164 Sunamganj Derai CD-2018-19-609029-06 Training on modern livestoct technology management and uses 102,500.00
165 Sunamganj Derai CD-2018-19-609029-05 Training on good aquaculture practice and safe fish production 114,300.00
166 Sunamganj Derai CD-2018-19-609029-04 Training on Technician and drivers of agricultural commercial equipment 123,900.00
167 Sunamganj Derai CD-2018-19-609029-03 Training on E-filing and ICT to Officers and staffs of upazila parishad 100,000.00
168 Sunamganj Derai CD-2018-19-609029-02 Training on safe food act and consumer right 100,320.00
169 Sunamganj Derai CD-2018-19-609029-01 Orientation on water,sanitation and hygiene (WASH )to Imam and Purohit 124,265.00
170 Sunamganj Dharmapasha CD-2018-19-609032-07 Training on fish culture management for BRDB and cooperative society members. 120,460.00
171 Sunamganj Dharmapasha CD-2018-19-609032-06 Training on school management, responsibilities of teacher and SMC to improve quality education. 154,400.00
172 Sunamganj Dharmapasha CD-2018-19-609032-05 Awarness building training on safe maternity and increase institutional delivery 112,240.00
173 Sunamganj Dharmapasha CD-2018-19-609032-04 Campaign on early marriage,dawary, ebteasing, rap and women violence 154,400.00
174 Sunamganj Dharmapasha CD-2018-19-609032-03 Training on E-Filing for offices and staff of upazila parishad 181,500.00
175 Sunamganj Dharmapasha CD-2018-19-609032-02 Training on Beef fattening through modern technologies 122,600.00
176 Sunamganj Dharmapasha CD-2018-19-609032-01 Training on vegetable cultivation through safe and environment friendly technology 154,400.00
177 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar CD-2018-19-609089-06 Creating employment through block-batik training of helpless distressed women 190,665.00
178 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar CD-2018-19-609089-05 Training of duties, role and capacity development of secondary school presidents and head teachers to enhance the quality of education 109,866.00
179 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar CD-2018-19-609089-04 Continuous evaluation of teachers working in educational institutions at secondary level, training in science subjects in the classroom using creative questioning methods and educational materials 192,419.00
180 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar CD-2018-19-609089-03 Basic training on fish farming 177,400.00
181 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar CD-2018-19-609089-02 Awareness training on adolescent nutrition, adolescent change, childhood marriage and self-defense 188,338.00
182 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar CD-2018-19-609089-01 Upgrading the skills of the Upazila Parishad employees (Education and ICT) 141,312.00
183 Habiganj Lakhai CD-2018-19-603668-07 Training Program on vocational education (Computer Hardware & Software) for unemployed youth 150,000.00
184 Habiganj Lakhai CD-2018-19-603668-06 Campaign Program on Sanitation and Pure Water Supply to create publiuc awareness 140,000.00
185 Habiganj Lakhai CD-2018-19-603668-05 Training program for farmers on integrated pest suppression and balanced fertilizer management 120,000.00
186 Habiganj Lakhai CD-2018-19-603668-04 Training program for the farmers and unemployed youth of fish farming (Pabda, Gulassa, Shing, Koi, Magur) 140,000.00
187 Habiganj Lakhai CD-2018-19-603668-03 Training program of secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions for Mathematics and English teacher-teachers 150,000.00
188 Habiganj Lakhai CD-2018-19-603668-02 Training programs on e-file and computer (office management software) for different office staff of upazila 180,000.00
189 Habiganj Lakhai CD-2018-19-603668-01 Training program on promotion of public awareness about institutional delivery of the helath worker 120,000.00
190 Sylhet Fenchuganj CD-2018-19-609135-08 Training on the role and techniques of litchi farmers to increase the yield of litchi 120,000.00
191 Sylhet Fenchuganj CD-2018-19-609135-07 Workshop on raising awareness of breast cancer and cervical cancer 120,000.00
192 Sylhet Fenchuganj CD-2018-19-609135-06 Training on e-file system contacts and web portals. 130,000.00
193 Sylhet Fenchuganj CD-2018-19-609135-05 Campaign to raising awareness among the rural disadvantage peoples about the women and child abuse, Dowry,Divorce,Polygamies,Child marriage etc. 120,000.00
194 Sylhet Fenchuganj CD-2018-19-609135-04 Freelancing Training ( For enemployed youth and youth women) 120,000.00
195 Sylhet Fenchuganj CD-2018-19-609135-03 Campaign to raising awareness about drugs, Eve-teasing,Terrorism and militancy 120,000.00
196 Sylhet Fenchuganj CD-2018-19-609135-02 Training of Mathematics teachers in secondary level educational institutions 135,000.00
197 Sylhet Fenchuganj CD-2018-19-609135-01 Training of english teachers in secondary level educational institutions 135,000.00
198 Sylhet Gowainghat CD-2018-19-609141-07 Environment & flood friendly safe crops production training 180,458.00
199 Sylhet Gowainghat CD-2018-19-609141-06 Training for adolescent girls on reproductive health and social issues 144,641.00
200 Sylhet Gowainghat CD-2018-19-609141-05 Training on land management law and digital land management 100,491.00
201 Sylhet Gowainghat CD-2018-19-609141-04 Training on digital content preparation for Secondary school teachers 135,642.00
202 Sylhet Gowainghat CD-2018-19-609141-03 Capacity development training for Tourist guide and Photographers 126,789.00
203 Sylhet Gowainghat CD-2018-19-609141-02 Training on Traffic Rules for the Drivers 125,693.00
204 Sylhet Gowainghat CD-2018-19-609141-01 Free lancing trainig for the youths 186,286.00
205 Gaibandha Saghata CD-2018-19-553288-06 Skill Development Training on good fish farming 191,200.00
206 Gaibandha Saghata CD-2018-19-553288-05 Skill Development training on home nursery and food grain processing, Storage and marketing of beneficiaries 187,200.00
207 Gaibandha Saghata CD-2018-19-553288-04 Volunteer Training and Awareness Training for disaster response Volunteer services 188,100.00
208 Gaibandha Saghata CD-2018-19-553288-03 Half day workshop on awareness on land law, land services, land tax and E-mutation 112,920.00
209 Gaibandha Saghata CD-2018-19-553288-02 Skill development instructor on nokshi kantka sewing for beneficiary ( Disable and Indigent woman) members of local heritage preservation and socio development co-operatives 179,980.00
210 Gaibandha Saghata CD-2018-19-553288-01 workshop on Awareness on traffic laws, ensuring safe roads and improving the quality of passenger services 140,600.00
211 Lalmonirhat Patgram CD-2018-19-555270-06 Awareness Development Training On combat drug, early marriage and dengue of Girls guide 158,910.00
212 Lalmonirhat Patgram CD-2018-19-555270-05 Capacity Development Training on Computer of Unemployed youth 184,850.00
213 Lalmonirhat Patgram CD-2018-19-555270-04 Training on mobile servicing of upazila level unemployed youth. 184,300.00
214 Lalmonirhat Patgram CD-2018-19-555270-03 Focus training to increase health care and reporductive health awareness during adolence for students aged to 11 to 19 years 158,900.00
215 Lalmonirhat Patgram CD-2018-19-555270-02 Training on Road rules and awareness of Transport drivers , Autorickshaw drivers 156,520.00
216 Lalmonirhat Patgram CD-2018-19-555270-01 Training on Heath awareness for the workers of Burimari Land port 156,520.00
217 Kurigram Nageshwari CD-2018-19-554961-07 Training on butification to the unempoyed women. 160,500.00
218 Kurigram Nageshwari CD-2018-19-554961-06 Scouts members training on responsibility during Earthquake and Flood. 107,400.00
219 Kurigram Nageshwari CD-2018-19-554961-05 Capacity development training for meat seller to ensure safe meat supply. 107,400.00
220 Kurigram Nageshwari CD-2018-19-554961-04 Campaign on combat early marrige, dowry and women violence. 144,250.00
221 Kurigram Nageshwari CD-2018-19-554961-03 Training on formulate Vermin compost and safe crop production technology for protect soil health. 168,100.00
222 Kurigram Nageshwari CD-2018-19-554961-02 Training on Improve Primary Quality education for rols and responsibility of the Head teacher,Precident of SMC and Parents. 144,250.00
223 Kurigram Nageshwari CD-2018-19-554961-01 Training on Land law and Management 168,100.00
224 Kurigram Kurigram Sadar CD-2018-19-554952-07 Campaing among school collage students to prevent drugs,militancy and misuse of mobile phones. 121,460.00
225 Kurigram Kurigram Sadar CD-2018-19-554952-06 Campaing among students in 8 unions to prevent child marriage,eve-teasing and violence against women. 156,880.00
226 Kurigram Kurigram Sadar CD-2018-19-554952-05 Skill enhancement training on block and batik for young women. 187,400.00
227 Kurigram Kurigram Sadar CD-2018-19-554952-04 Road safety awareness workshop for local people's representative and drivers of various vehicle. 120,400.00
228 Kurigram Kurigram Sadar CD-2018-19-554952-03 Training on Web portal update and e-filing for the officers and staffs of Upazila Parishad. 118,675.00
229 Kurigram Kurigram Sadar CD-2018-19-554952-02 Training on Carp poly culture by modern method. 162,800.00
230 Kurigram Kurigram Sadar CD-2018-19-554952-01 Training on anti natal care, during pregnancy and post natal to ensure safe motherhood. 132,385.00
231 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2018-19-557336-06 Capacity development training for village women abot block Batik. 162,620.00
232 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2018-19-557336-05 Training on ICT and E-Primary updating system among secondary school teachers. 150,840.00
233 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2018-19-557336-04 Thematic (Math & English) skill development training among secondary school teachers. 191,120.00
234 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2018-19-557336-03 Training on home grown fruits and vegetables and integrated crop management. 162,840.00
235 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2018-19-557336-02 Driving training courses for unemployed youth for skill enhancement and emplyment. 186,600.00
236 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2018-19-557336-01 Computer training about E-Filing and web portal among officials and employees of government office. 145,980.00
237 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2018-19-555233-08 Refreashers Training On The ICT for Primary School Teachers to ensure Multimedia Teaching for improve the quality of Primary Education. 159,200.00
238 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2018-19-555233-07 Campaigns to receive family Planning Services and prevent Adollescent Motherhood. 105,040.00
239 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2018-19-555233-06 Campaigns for the Role of E-Namezari in getting land servicesby hand. 176,720.00
240 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2018-19-555233-05 Training on CupMixed Farming , Monosex Tlaphia and Pangash Farming Management. 106,900.00
241 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2018-19-555233-04 Training on Web Portal and E-Filingfor the Officers and Employers of the verious offices at the Upazila. 117,000.00
242 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2018-19-555233-03 Capacity development training for Science department teachers 113,600.00
243 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2018-19-555233-02 Awareness campaign to prevent Child marriage and Eve-Teasing at Secondary School Level. 114,640.00
244 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2018-19-555233-01 Training on Maize Production through eco-friendly Techniques. 106,900.00
245 Dinajpur Birampur CD-2018-19-552710-06 Training about maintaining law and order on the role of village police and public representatives. 177,960.00
246 Dinajpur Birampur CD-2018-19-552710-05 Computer training about E-Filing among officials and employees of government office. 132,760.00
247 Dinajpur Birampur CD-2018-19-552710-04 Training about ICT and content creation among secondary level school teachers. 173,160.00
248 Dinajpur Birampur CD-2018-19-552710-03 capacity development Training for farmars to cultivate vegitables and fruits in a safe and environment friendly way . 173,160.00
249 Dinajpur Birampur CD-2018-19-552710-02 Training about ICT and content creation among primary level school teachers. 173,160.00
250 Dinajpur Birampur CD-2018-19-552710-01 Campining to prevent child marriage and drug eradiction awareness among secondary and higher secondary level students. 169,800.00
251 Thakurgaon Pirganj CD-2018-19-559482-07 Training to the staffs of Upazila parishad about file management and e-filling 100,000.00
252 Thakurgaon Pirganj CD-2018-19-559482-06 Workshop to create awareness against early marriage, dowry and women oppression 186,925.00
253 Thakurgaon Pirganj CD-2018-19-559482-05 Training on beef fattening for the members of BRDB 105,840.00
254 Thakurgaon Pirganj CD-2018-19-559482-04 Training on professional cultivation of vegetable, poultry nurture and its marketing for the insolvent autistic 136,855.00
255 Thakurgaon Pirganj CD-2018-19-559482-03 Training on producing and uses of Vermi-compost to increase organic cultivation and to generate income 148,600.00
256 Thakurgaon Pirganj CD-2018-19-559482-02 Training on increasing normal vaginal delivery (NVD) and reducing maternal mortality 130,800.00
257 Thakurgaon Pirganj CD-2018-19-559482-01 Training on Mathematics for the teachers of Secondary School 190,980.00
258 Thakurgaon Ranisankail CD-2018-19- 559486-07 Training on mobile servicing 128,970.00
259 Thakurgaon Ranisankail CD-2018-19- 559486-06 Farmers Training on Duck and Goat rearing at rural level 163,625.00
260 Thakurgaon Ranisankail CD-2018-19- 559486-05 Training about the role of PBM(Performance Based Management) skilled teachers as well as the president of the institution managing committee, head of the institution for PBM related works. 111,219.00
261 Thakurgaon Ranisankail CD-2018-19- 559486-04 Farmers training on Gulsa, Pabda, and Tangra fish with carp mix culture 141,616.00
262 Thakurgaon Ranisankail CD-2018-19- 559486-03 Training about the role of ICT skilled teachers for activation multimedia class . 107,350.00
263 Thakurgaon Ranisankail CD-2018-19- 559486-02 Youth Development Handicraft training of Daining mat, Hand bag, Show piece and Cap 165,400.00
264 Thakurgaon Ranisankail CD-2018-19- 559486-01 Farmers training on vermi compost production and marketing at group level 181,820.00
265 Rangpur Pirgachha CD-2018-19-558573-6 Training on meat & milk production for safe food production & supply. 138,150.00
266 Rangpur Pirgachha CD-2018-19-558573-5 Training on mobile repairing for rural youth. 165,705.00
267 Rangpur Pirgachha CD-2018-19-558573-4 Traininhg on soterongi production for rural women. 175,705.00
268 Rangpur Pirgachha CD-2018-19-558573-3 Skill development training on Govt. & Non govt. midwife for increasing safe motherhood. 151,850.00
269 Rangpur Pirgachha CD-2018-19-558573-2 Awareness campaign on early marriage,Dowery and women violence at different school in Pirgachha Upazila. 177,290.00
270 Rangpur Pirgachha CD-2018-19-558573-1 Training on e-filing & web portal for increasing skill of Upazila Parishad officials. 191,300.00
271 Rangpur Badarganj CD-2018-19-558503-6 Training on lead welding and welding of knowledgeable people 186,800.00
272 Rangpur Badarganj CD-2018-19-558503-5 Training on cow, goat, poultry and cattle raising 178,200.00
273 Rangpur Badarganj CD-2018-19-558503-4 Awareness training for the farmers of different Hari Bhanga Mango Gardens 145,400.00
274 Rangpur Badarganj CD-2018-19-558503-3 Carp Fish Farming Management training 175,700.00
275 Rangpur Badarganj CD-2018-19-558503-2 Conscious training of market traders for food security of consumer songs 168,500.00
276 Rangpur Badarganj CD-2018-19-558503-1 Awareness training of various pharmacy drug dealers in the upazila 145,400.00
277 Rangpur Taraganj CD 2018-19-558592-06 Orientation on E-Mutation implement for ensure transparent and accountable land management. 151,610.00
278 Rangpur Taraganj CD 2018-19-558592-05 Capacity Development Training on dairy farm management for farm management. 157,527.00
279 Rangpur Taraganj CD 2018-19-558592-04 Workshop with girl student on sexual harassments and violence against women. 145,560.00
280 Rangpur Taraganj CD 2018-19-558592-03 Capacity Development Training of E-failing, Web-portal and ICT for government Officials. 188,850.00
281 Rangpur Taraganj CD 2018-19-558592-02 Training on enhance crop production though Organic Fertilizer and combine insecticide using of farmers. 167,640.00
282 Rangpur Taraganj CD 2018-19-558592-01 Training on Motor driving for youths of Taragonj Upazila 188,813.00
283 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar CD-2018-19-558549-7 Training on Block& Batik printing for Rural women. 133,555.00
284 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar CD-2018-19-558549-6 Training on increasing skill of fish culture producer for pond woner & fisherman. 100,730.00
285 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar CD-2018-19-558549-5 Training on electric House wearing for educated unemployed youth. 169,555.00
286 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar CD-2018-19-558549-4 Training on Butik & Nokshi Katha production for Rural women. 186,120.00
287 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar CD-2018-19-558549-3 Training on farmer for making entrepreneur for safe vegetable production. 170,520.00
288 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar CD-2018-19-558549-2 Training on increasing techniques of teaching. 103,420.00
289 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar CD-2018-19-558549-1 Skill development training on midwife for increasing safe motherhood who works at Rangpur sadar Upazila. 136,100.00
290 Panchagarh Tetulia CD-2018-2019-557790-06 Training on prevention of disease, pest by organic method for tea cultivation. 155,870.00
291 Panchagarh Tetulia CD-2018-2019-557790-05 Training on role of SMC president, member of primary schools. 188,588.00
292 Panchagarh Tetulia CD-2018-2019-557790-04 Training on role of hotel owers for safe food management. 148,880.00
293 Panchagarh Tetulia CD-2018-2019-557790-03 Training of ICT and multimedia for Secondary schools and Madrasha Teachers. 169,188.00
294 Panchagarh Tetulia CD-2018-2019-557790-02 Training on Eve teasing, dowry, prevent child marriage, protect woman and child trafficking . 164,718.00
295 Panchagarh Tetulia CD-2018-2019-557790-01 Training on notification of Land Registration Laws among deed writers, students, UP representatives and general public. 172,756.00
296 Nilphamari Saidpur CD-2018-19-557385-06 Awarness training on driving for autorickshaw drivers in upazila 186,800.00
297 Nilphamari Saidpur CD-2018-19-557385-05 Upazila`s adolescent childhood health fertility campaign 172,300.00
298 Nilphamari Saidpur CD-2018-19-557385-04 Awarness training on the health and primary care of various volunteers of the upazila 159,700.00
299 Nilphamari Saidpur CD-2018-19-557385-03 To enhance the ablity of land service and inform settlement of land disputes through informing the matters 178,200.00
300 Nilphamari Saidpur CD-2018-19-557385-02 Awarness training of various hotel baburchis to ensure safe food production 145,400.00
301 Nilphamari Saidpur CD-2018-19-557385-01 Training on the skills of English Techers in the promotions of secondary education 157,600.00
302 Nilphamari Dimla CD-2018-2019-557312-7 Awareness training on capacity building in the face of floods, river breaks and lthunderstorms. 105,840.00
303 Nilphamari Dimla CD-2018-2019-557312-6 Out sourcing training aimed at creating self employment for unemployed young women 136,020.00
304 Nilphamari Dimla CD-2018-2019-557312-5 Training of rural women through quality work of handicrafts and handiwork 128,980.00
305 Nilphamari Dimla CD-2018-2019-557312-4 Skill development training to improve the teaching of English in Secondary school English teachers. 180,300.00
306 Nilphamari Dimla CD-2018-2019-557312-3 Improving the skills of e- documents related to the employees of variousoffices of the upazila parisad 100,560.00
307 Nilphamari Dimla CD-2018-2019-557312-2 Advance fisheriesmanagement training 162,600.00
308 Nilphamari Dimla CD-2018-2019-557312-1 Taining on integrated crop production through modern agriculture technology 185,700.00
309 Lalmonirhat Kaliganj CD-2018-19-555239-07 Training on the members of the primary School Management Committee. 134,055.00
310 Lalmonirhat Kaliganj CD-2018-19-555239-06 Awareness campaign to prevent early marriage at the seceondary school level 160,618.00
311 Lalmonirhat Kaliganj CD-2018-19-555239-05 Training On Web Portal and E-Filing of government officials 142,734.00
312 Lalmonirhat Kaliganj CD-2018-19-555239-04 Training on increase the skills of cattle and poultry Vaccinators 135,100.00
313 Lalmonirhat Kaliganj CD-2018-19-555239-03 Awareness campaign on Instutional Nomal Delivery 154,993.00
314 Lalmonirhat Kaliganj CD-2018-19-555239-02 Fermers capacity Development Training on produce and use of vermi compost 159,600.00
315 Lalmonirhat Kaliganj CD-2018-19-555239-01 Capacity Development Training on English for secondary School Teachers. 112,900.00
316 Kurigram Rajarhat CD-2018-19-554977-07 Awareness training for Kaji & Imam to combat early marrige. 106,950.00
317 Kurigram Rajarhat CD-2018-19-554977-06 Training on E-filing and Web-portal. 101,750.00
318 Kurigram Rajarhat CD-2018-19-554977-05 ICT Training for Head Teacher at secondry School. 144,250.00
319 Kurigram Rajarhat CD-2018-19-554977-04 Training on modern Cow rearing technology and sefe milk production. 167,600.00
320 Kurigram Rajarhat CD-2018-19-554977-03 Training on Carp fish cultivation with modren technology. 167,600.00
321 Kurigram Rajarhat CD-2018-19-554977-02 Training on case syestem Fishculture. 144,250.00
322 Kurigram Rajarhat CD-2018-19-554977-01 Training on Crop divercification and Mastard Cultivation technology. 167,600.00
323 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD- 2018-19-553224-07 Training on safe vegitable production 132,300.00
324 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD- 2018-19-553224-06 Workshops on awareness and capacity building to deal with floods, rivers, earthquakes and thunderstorms. 110,940.00
325 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD- 2018-19-553224-05 Training for teachers, parents and SMC members for better school management and enhancement of quality education 182,760.00
326 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD- 2018-19-553224-04 Training on land management related law 108,920.00
327 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD- 2018-19-553224-03 Training on modern technique of fish cultivation 142,920.00
328 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD- 2018-19-553224-02 Workshop on traffic law for the CNG, Autovan & Autorickshaw drivers to ensure road safety. 166,460.00
329 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD- 2018-19-553224-01 Out sourcing training for unemployed youth 155,700.00
330 Dinajpur Parbatipur CD-2018-19-552777-06 Training of turkey breeds and poultry farming beneficiaries of the Upazila Social Services Department 151,920.00
331 Dinajpur Parbatipur CD-2018-19-552777-05 Mother and child health development and dengue prevention and treatment at the upazila level Training of CHCP and health assistants in development 152,620.00
332 Dinajpur Parbatipur CD-2018-19-552777-04 Good Aqua Culture Practice and Food Safety (Good fish farming management and food Safety) and training in nursery management in the production of quality ponies. 178,440.00
333 Dinajpur Parbatipur CD-2018-19-552777-03 Creating digital content for public elementary school teachers, multimedia classes Training on the ability to manage and use the Internet 151,620.00
334 Dinajpur Parbatipur CD-2018-19-552777-02 Training on e-filing and web portal of the officers and employees of various offices of the Upazila Parishad 184,660.00
335 Dinajpur Parbatipur CD-2018-19-552777-01 To protect the health of the soil, trico compost production and vegetable farming training in the production of safe and nutritious food. 180,740.00
336 Thakurgaon Haripur CD-2018-19-559451-06 Training on artificial insemination extention for the milk farmer's 149,740.00
337 Thakurgaon Haripur CD-2018-19-559451-05 Training on addolscent reproductive health care 145,060.00
338 Thakurgaon Haripur CD-2018-19-559451-04 Campaign on combat early marriage, control alcohol and peace 168,360.00
339 Thakurgaon Haripur CD-2018-19-559451-03 Training on varmi compost production and marketing for the farmer'S to protect land fertility 175,300.00
340 Thakurgaon Haripur CD-2018-19-559451-02 Tarining on role and responsibilities of SMC member's at Primary School level 169,620.00
341 Thakurgaon Haripur CD-2018-19-559451-01 Tarining on role and responsibilities of SMC member's at Secondary School level 191,920.00
342 Thakurgaon Baliadangi CD-2018-19-559408-06 Training on safe mother delivery for TBA 155,210.00
343 Thakurgaon Baliadangi CD-2018-19-559408-05 Training on hygiene, food & nutrition of school teacher at secondary level. 167,830.00
344 Thakurgaon Baliadangi CD-2018-19-559408-04 Training on role & responsibilities of SMC menber's at primary level. 173,770.00
345 Thakurgaon Baliadangi CD-2018-19-559408-03 Training on milk and meat production to using modern technique for milk producer 167,530.00
346 Thakurgaon Baliadangi CD-2018-19-559408-02 Training on pure food processing and marketing for hotel & bekary owner & worker 167,830.00
347 Thakurgaon Baliadangi CD-2018-19-559408-01 Training on skill development for Micro bus, Easy bike and Auto driver to ensure road safty 167,830.00
348 Rangpur Kaunia CD 2018-2019-558542-08 Capacity development training on farm management for safe and healthy milk and meat production 103,500.00
349 Rangpur Kaunia CD 2018-2019-558542-07 Training of youth women on handy-craft and block batik. 156,750.00
350 Rangpur Kaunia CD 2018-2019-558542-06 Training for New couple for awareness raising on Family planning method from the starting spouse life. 106,260.00
351 Rangpur Kaunia CD 2018-2019-558542-05 Capacity development Training of construction workers. 115,960.00
352 Rangpur Kaunia CD 2018-2019-558542-04 Capacity Development Training of E-failing, Web-portal and ICT for government Officials. 120,220.00
353 Rangpur Kaunia CD 2018-2019-558542-03 Capacity development training on modern fish technology receiver for enhance carp fish production 116,460.00
354 Rangpur Kaunia CD 2018-2019-558542-02 Training on soil test and protect soil health for proper fertilizer use 159,390.00
355 Rangpur Kaunia CD 2018-2019-558542-01 Training and Campaign on Early Marriage Protection 121,460.00
356 Rangpur Pirganj CD- 2018-19-558576-08 Skills development training on beautification of entrepreneurial and unemployed women 100,000.00
357 Rangpur Pirganj CD- 2018-19-558576-07 Awareness-raising workshop on pharmacy owners and medical practitioners not to sell medications. 121,560.00
358 Rangpur Pirganj CD- 2018-19-558576-06 Awareness and efficiency enhancing workshop on traffic law to prevent accidents for CNG, auto van and auto rickshaw drivers 111,380.00
359 Rangpur Pirganj CD- 2018-19-558576-05 Awareness training of teachers, accountants and managing committees in the management of educational institutions 148,800.00
360 Rangpur Pirganj CD- 2018-19-558576-04 Upgrading skills for upazila council government officials and UP secretaries on ICT, E-filing and web portal updating. 124,900.00
361 Rangpur Pirganj CD- 2018-19-558576-03 Camping for Drugs, Childhood and Suicide Prevention of Secondary and Higher Secondary Teachers and Students 140,000.00
362 Rangpur Pirganj CD- 2018-19-558576-02 Training on basic land laws and fundamental rights 104,160.00
363 Rangpur Pirganj CD- 2018-19-558576-01 Freelancing training for unemployed boys and girls with laptops and internet access 149,200.00
364 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2018-19-557773-07 Cow rearing training on modern method for farmer 102,660.00
365 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2018-19-557773-06 Training on by product of milk for cooperative member 149,346.00
366 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2018-19-557773-05 Training on butification to unemployed women 106,800.00
367 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2018-19-557773-04 Adolescent Reproductive Health Campaign in Secondary School 151,030.00
368 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2018-19-557773-03 Training of awareness to stop road accident to Driver, helper and passenger etc. 166,274.00
369 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2018-19-557773-02 Farmer training on Safe (Organic) vegetable production tecnique. 149,948.00
370 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2018-19-557773-01 Workshop on role and responsibility of Teacher, SMC to prevent eve teasing, woman tortured at school and college 173,942.00
371 Nilphamari Domar CD-2018-19-557315-6 Capacity building training for farmars on increasing milk production 167,060.00
372 Nilphamari Domar CD-2018-19-557315-5 Farmars training on vermi-compost production & utilization for protecting the soil health. 166,510.00
373 Nilphamari Domar CD-2018-19-557315-4 Increasing capacity building of SMC member of primary school on improving governance. 165,766.00
374 Nilphamari Domar CD-2018-19-557315-3 Training on increasing awareness on attractive class room learning , food-nutrition and hygiene for secondary level school teacher 165,760.00
375 Nilphamari Domar CD-2018-19-557315-2 Training on Increasing Awareness and Capacity to easy bike & Auto driver for reducing road accident. 167,140.00
376 Nilphamari Domar CD-2018-19-557315-1 Training on increasing awareness and capacity for village doctors and pharmacy personnel to control over the mal treatment and use of irrational anti-biotiques drug/medicine 167,764.00
377 Dinajpur Chirirbandar CD-2018-19-552730-6 Awareness devepopment on dowry Eve teaching, early merrage for political members, Secondary and primary teacher, Imam and Secondary student 170,295.00
378 Dinajpur Chirirbandar CD-2018-19-552730-5 Training on land issue and solving techonology for student, youth and political person 148,688.00
379 Dinajpur Chirirbandar CD-2018-19-552730-4 Training to improve working skill for health department staff 152,360.00
380 Dinajpur Chirirbandar CD-2018-19-552730-3 Training for spread and skill on Sharmp with Curp fishing 176,230.00
381 Dinajpur Chirirbandar CD-2018-19-552730-2 Training for secondary school teacher for skill on ICT 180,262.00
382 Dinajpur Chirirbandar CD-2018-19-552730-1 Paddy cultivation using Modern Techonology 172,165.00
383 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2018-19-552760-09 Freelance/Outsourcing training course for unemployed youth to promote sustainable development goal. 100,000.00
384 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2018-19-552760-08 Training on reading/keeping/naturing black Bengal to create self-employment for co-operatives. 100,000.00
385 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2018-19-552760-07 Wash training on public health development through the development of sustainable sanitation management and improved hygiene practices at the community level of minor ethnic sects on the plane. 100,000.00
386 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2018-19-552760-06 Training on Batik and block print Training course for unemployed young Women to promote sustainable development goal. 100,000.00
387 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2018-19-552760-05 Training of teenager girls on physical and mental health during adolescence. 100,000.00
388 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2018-19-552760-04 Campaing on increasing awareness among students in the various Educational institutes to overcome Child marriage, eve-teasing, drug and adolescent problems. 100,000.00
389 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2018-19-552760-03 Training on Skill enhancement of poultry farmers to produce quality animal-protein. 150,000.00
390 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2018-19-552760-02 Training on Skill enhancement of farmers in the extension of eco-friendly Agricultural technologies for healthy crop production. 150,000.00
391 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2018-19-552760-01 Capacity Development Training on The duties of Hotel owners and employees to assure safe food 100,000.00
392 Dinajpur Biral CD-2018-19-552717-08 Training on beautification for unemployed young women. 146,100.00
393 Dinajpur Biral CD-2018-19-552717-07 Driving training for unemployed youth 185,840.00
394 Dinajpur Biral CD-2018-19-552717-06 Public procurement training 102,680.00
395 Dinajpur Biral CD-2018-19-552717-05 Electric warfare training 100,000.00
396 Dinajpur Biral CD-2018-19-552717-04 Mobile servicing & repairing training 102,460.00
397 Dinajpur Biral CD-2018-19-552717-03 Training on e-filing & web portal 112,080.00
398 Dinajpur Biral CD-2018-19-552717-02 Awareness raising campaign for the prevention of beggars and the implementation of the beggar rehabilitation program. 150,840.00
399 Dinajpur Biral CD-2018-19-552717-01 Awareness training about personal health, hygiene and sanitation. 100,000.00
400 Dinajpur Ghoraghat CD-2018-19-552743-06 Fisheries training 138,320.00
401 Dinajpur Ghoraghat CD-2018-19-552743-05 Training on vaccination 141,750.00
402 Dinajpur Ghoraghat CD-2018-19-552743-04 Advanced quality seedlings production training 180,390.00
403 Dinajpur Ghoraghat CD-2018-19-552743-03 Midwife training 173,560.00
404 Dinajpur Ghoraghat CD-2018-19-552743-02 ICT training for primary school 184,960.00
405 Dinajpur Ghoraghat CD-2018-19-552743-01 Awareness campaign child marriage and drugs 181,020.00
406 Dinajpur Fulbari CD-2018-19-552738-07 Awareness training on traffic laws 141,200.00
407 Dinajpur Fulbari CD-2018-19-552738-06 CHCP and health assistant training for the development of mother and child health 112,200.00
408 Dinajpur Fulbari CD-2018-19-552738-05 Training on zinc rich rice cultivation 154,400.00
409 Dinajpur Fulbari CD-2018-19-552738-04 Multimedia training for primary teachers 194,900.00
410 Dinajpur Fulbari CD-2018-19-552738-03 Trining on fisharies 147,200.00
411 Dinajpur Fulbari CD-2018-19-552738-02 Training on cattle fattening and vegetable farming 147,200.00
412 Dinajpur Fulbari CD-2018-19-552738-01 Training on web portal & E-filing 102,900.00
413 Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar CD-2018-19-552764-08 Road Safety training for Easy Bike Riders 100,600.00
414 Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar CD-2018-19-552764-07 Awareness training on health and sanitation 100,000.00
415 Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar CD-2018-19-552764-06 Awareness training on pesticide free cultivation 109,800.00
416 Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar CD-2018-19-552764-05 Online Earning Training 183,000.00
417 Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar CD-2018-19-552764-04 Awareness training on child marriage, drugs & sexual harassment 100,000.00
418 Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar CD-2018-19-552764-03 Training on eliminating terrorism, militancy, fundamentalism, etc. 109,300.00
419 Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar CD-2018-19-552764-02 Primary school management training 100,000.00
420 Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar CD-2018-19-552764-01 Training on freelancing and outsourcing 197,300.00
421 Dinajpur Hakimpur CD-2018-19-552747-6 Disaster management training 160,473.00
422 Dinajpur Hakimpur CD-2018-19-552747-5 Training on poultry and goat rearing 146,530.00
423 Dinajpur Hakimpur CD-2018-19-552747-4 Pregnant mothers training 138,080.00
424 Dinajpur Hakimpur CD-2018-19-552747-3 Training on modern land management 178,910.00
425 Dinajpur Hakimpur CD-2018-19-552747-2 Training on health & hygiene awarness 188,950.00
426 Dinajpur Hakimpur CD-2018-19-552747-1 Training on drag prevention 187,057.00
427 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2018-19-503813-7 Prevention of child marriage, prevention of abuse of women and children, awareness training on the evils of dowry drugs 118,600.00
428 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2018-19-503813-6 Training on Web-Portal and E-filing the Officers and employees of Upazila porishod 154,100.00
429 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2018-19-503813-5 training on fish farming to bioflock method 136,000.00
430 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2018-19-503813-4 Training on skill development of metarnity service provider 119,500.00
431 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2018-19-503813-3 Training on cow fettening without using steroids and other hermful foods 159,000.00
432 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2018-19-503813-2 Training on ensure teaching through multimedia 154,200.00
433 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2018-19-503813-1 Training on Organic Toxin-Free Vegetable Production by Reducing Harmful Pesticides 158,600.00
434 Shirajganj Tarash CD-2018-19-508889-09 Campaign on development the quality of education for the high school govorning council 113,360.00
435 Shirajganj Tarash CD-2018-19-508889-08 Campaign on development the quality of education for the primary school govorning council 125,520.00
436 Shirajganj Tarash CD-2018-19-508889-07 Training on modern aquaculture 100,400.00
437 Shirajganj Tarash CD-2018-19-508889-06 Duck rearing training for the farmers 100,100.00
438 Shirajganj Tarash CD-2018-19-508889-05 Training on safe vegitable cultivation 108,100.00
439 Shirajganj Tarash CD-2018-19-508889-04 Training for the midwives and health service providers on mother and child care 110,350.00
440 Shirajganj Tarash CD-2018-19-508889-03 Block and batick training for the woman 127,310.00
441 Shirajganj Tarash CD-2018-19-508889-02 Webportal and e-filing training for different govt. office assistants 100,430.00
442 Shirajganj Tarash CD-2018-19-508889-01 Webportal and e-filing training for different govt. officers 114,430.00
443 Natore Natore Sadar CD-2018-19-506963-07 Training on uses of subject wise digital content and multimedia, e-primary management and e-praimary school system for the primary school teachers 136,906.00
444 Natore Natore Sadar CD-2018-19-506963-06 Training on traffic law for the the drivers to ensure road safety 100,506.00
445 Natore Natore Sadar CD-2018-19-506963-05 Training for the backery, hotel and resturant owners on pure food 107,123.00
446 Natore Natore Sadar CD-2018-19-506963-04 Awareness campaign on road safety, child marrige and drugs 145,660.00
447 Natore Natore Sadar CD-2018-19-506963-03 Training on academic and administrative management for academic institutions 160,918.00
448 Natore Natore Sadar CD-2018-19-506963-02 Awarness campaign for land related laws 186,097.00
449 Natore Natore Sadar CD-2018-19-506963-01 Training on safe vegitable cultivation 162,790.00
450 Naogaon Atrai CD-2018-19-506403-07 Awareness campaign on changing aspect for the horizon community 142,920.00
451 Naogaon Atrai CD-2018-19-506403-06 Training on vermicomposed fertilizer 131,840.00
452 Naogaon Atrai CD-2018-19-506403-05 Training on ICT for UZP employees 131,640.00
453 Naogaon Atrai CD-2018-19-506403-04 Training on Infectious Diseases resistance 126,240.00
454 Naogaon Atrai CD-2018-19-506403-03 Awarness campaign Adolosence health care for girls 110,720.00
455 Naogaon Atrai CD-2018-19-506403-02 Training on outsourcing for employment generation of the unemloyed youth 180,640.00
456 Naogaon Atrai CD-2018-19-506403-01 Awarness training on the child marriage law 2017 and drug resistance 176,000.00
457 Joypurhat Panchbibi CD-2018-19-503874-06 Training for the farmers on profitable and safe food production by using eco friendly technology 146,720.00
458 Joypurhat Panchbibi CD-2018-19-503874-05 Training on traffic law for the the three wheeler drivers to ensure road safety 146,720.00
459 Joypurhat Panchbibi CD-2018-19-503874-04 Webportal and efiling training for UZP employees 183,480.00
460 Joypurhat Panchbibi CD-2018-19-503874-03 Beef fattening training by applying modern techniques 156,600.00
461 Joypurhat Panchbibi CD-2018-19-503874-02 Training on mathemetics and english subject for the primary school teachers 183,240.00
462 Joypurhat Panchbibi CD-2018-19-503874-01 Training on mathemetics and english subject for the secondary school teachers 183,240.00
463 Bogra Shahjahanpur CD-2018-19-501085-06 Dairy farm owners training on livestok farming 167,244.00
464 Bogra Shahjahanpur CD-2018-19-501085-05 Training for the farmers on profitable and safe food production 153,345.00
465 Bogra Shahjahanpur CD-2018-19-501085-04 Webportal and efiling training for UZP employees 154,860.00
466 Bogra Shahjahanpur CD-2018-19-501085-03 Campaign against drug, terrorism, child marriage, eve teasing and dowry system 183,029.00
467 Bogra Shahjahanpur CD-2018-19-501085-02 Awarness campaign for safe and institutional delivery 173,245.00
468 Bogra Shahjahanpur CD-2018-19-501085-01 Training on ICT and office management for secondary and high school teachers 168,277.00
469 Bogra Shibganj CD-2018-19-501094-06 Training on capacity development for the fish farmers 157,840.00
470 Bogra Shibganj CD-2018-19-501094-05 Training on livestock for employment generation of the unemloyed youth 154,505.00
471 Bogra Shibganj CD-2018-19-501094-04 Training on capacity and technical development for the mistress, painter and electric mechanic 187,100.00
472 Bogra Shibganj CD-2018-19-501094-03 Training on Secondary crop production techniques 158,755.00
473 Bogra Shibganj CD-2018-19-501094-02 Campaign against drug, terrorism, child marriage, eve teasing and dowry system 181,200.00
474 Bogra Shibganj CD-2018-19-501094-01 Training on webportal and e-filing 160,600.00
475 Rajshahi Durgapur CD 2018-19-508131-06 Campaign against extrimism and drug abuse 150,180.00
476 Rajshahi Durgapur CD 2018-19-508131-05 Training on antibiotic and artificial drug free beef fattening technique 184,680.00
477 Rajshahi Durgapur CD 2018-19-508131-04 Training on ICT and office management for head teachers of the academic instiotutions 190,680.00
478 Rajshahi Durgapur CD 2018-19-508131-03 Awarness campaign for road safety 103,840.00
479 Rajshahi Durgapur CD 2018-19-508131-02 Campaign against child marriage and violence against woman 185,940.00
480 Rajshahi Durgapur CD 2018-19-508131-01 Training on safe fruits and vegitables cultivation 184,680.00
481 Rajshahi Godagari CD 2018-19-508134-07 Awarness workshop against woman and child repression 141,260.00
482 Rajshahi Godagari CD 2018-19-508134-06 Awarness workshop for road safety 105,380.00
483 Rajshahi Godagari CD 2018-19-508134-05 Awarness Campaign for ethnical minorities on health and sanitation 180,720.00
484 Rajshahi Godagari CD 2018-19-508134-04 Motivational workshop against drug addiction 170,280.00
485 Rajshahi Godagari CD 2018-19-508134-03 Workshop for child marriage prevention 141,260.00
486 Rajshahi Godagari CD 2018-19-508134-02 Campaign to stop the abuse of internet and mobile phone 126,180.00
487 Rajshahi Godagari CD 2018-19-508134-01 Tarining on nontoxic tomato production, preservation and processing 134,920.00
488 Rajshahi Mohonpur CD-2018-19-508153-06 Capacity enhancement training on mutimedia class room, class management and digital content management 150,000.00
489 Rajshahi Mohonpur CD-2018-19-508153-05 Training on pregnant mother and child care 165,000.00
490 Rajshahi Mohonpur CD-2018-19-508153-04 Training on exportable agricultural products which are fit for climate change 175,000.00
491 Rajshahi Mohonpur CD-2018-19-508153-03 Training on modern fisharies 165,000.00
492 Rajshahi Mohonpur CD-2018-19-508153-02 Awarness training on the prevention of child marriage, adlosence health care and reproductive heath for the girl students 160,000.00
493 Rajshahi Mohonpur CD-2018-19-508153-01 E-filing traing for the UZP employees 185,000.00
494 Pabna Atgharia CD-2018-19-507605-07 Motivational training for safe dairy products 124,000.00
495 Pabna Atgharia CD-2018-19-507605-06 Awarness campaign for health and hygine among the teachers and the members of the hygine club 180,000.00
496 Pabna Atgharia CD-2018-19-507605-05 Campaign against drug addiction 144,000.00
497 Pabna Atgharia CD-2018-19-507605-04 Training on e-filing and webportal management for UZP officials and staffs 124,000.00
498 Pabna Atgharia CD-2018-19-507605-03 Training on the technique of eco friendly cultivation of vegitables 143,000.00
499 Pabna Atgharia CD-2018-19-507605-02 English language traing for the the primary school teachers 142,000.00
500 Pabna Atgharia CD-2018-19-507605-01 Midwives training on nutrion and institutional delivery 143,000.00
501 Naogaon Patnitala CD-2018-19-506475-07 Awarness campaign for land related laws to mitigate land related diputes 121,340.00
502 Naogaon Patnitala CD-2018-19-506475-06 Campaign against drug abuse, child marriage , dowery extrimism and violence against women 149,330.00
503 Naogaon Patnitala CD-2018-19-506475-05 Skill training on math and english fo rthe higher secondary school teachers 185,950.00
504 Naogaon Patnitala CD-2018-19-506475-04 ICT training for UZP and UP employees 106,640.00
505 Naogaon Patnitala CD-2018-19-506475-03 Awarness campaign Adolosence health care for girls 162,200.00
506 Naogaon Patnitala CD-2018-19-506475-02 Awarness campaign for road safety 124,640.00
507 Naogaon Patnitala CD-2018-19-506475-01 Training for hotel owners and workers on safe food 149,900.00
508 Naogaon Sapahar CD-2018-2019-506486-07 Dairy farm owners training on meet production 125,540.00
509 Naogaon Sapahar CD-2018-2019-506486-06 Capacity enhancement training for the gardeners on the notoxic fruits production 132,540.00
510 Naogaon Sapahar CD-2018-2019-506486-05 ICT training for the head teachers 113,800.00
511 Naogaon Sapahar CD-2018-2019-506486-04 Capacity development training for the prevention of non-communicabla diseases 127,240.00
512 Naogaon Sapahar CD-2018-2019-506486-03 ICT training for UZP and UP employees 131,680.00
513 Naogaon Sapahar CD-2018-2019-506486-02 Trainingbon freelancing for self employment 181,640.00
514 Naogaon Sapahar CD-2018-2019-506486-01 Awarness training against child marriage and drug abuse 187,560.00
515 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar CD-2018-19-506460-06 English languase skill training for the teachers of secondary schools 178,650.00
516 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar CD-2018-19-506460-05 Training on outsourcing 150,600.00
517 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar CD-2018-19-506460-04 Training on the legal support for the the prevention of child marriage and violence against women 125,400.00
518 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar CD-2018-19-506460-03 Adolosence health care awarness for girls students 176,600.00
519 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar CD-2018-19-506460-02 Training for midwives on safe delivery 181,800.00
520 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar CD-2018-19-506460-01 Training on block and batic for the widowes 186,950.00
521 Joypurhat Kalai CD-2018-19-503858-07 Training on non-toxic vegitables cultivation 147,000.00
522 Joypurhat Kalai CD-2018-19-503858-06 Skill development tarining for CHCP, medical assistant nad health supervisor of the community clinic 138,000.00
523 Joypurhat Kalai CD-2018-19-503858-05 Training on modern Poultry farming for safe meet 138,000.00
524 Joypurhat Kalai CD-2018-19-503858-04 Training on adolosence health care, health education and campaign against socila superstition 101,000.00
525 Joypurhat Kalai CD-2018-19-503858-03 Training on mixed aquacultute of shrimp and carp-fish 138,000.00
526 Joypurhat Kalai CD-2018-19-503858-02 Academic and administrative skilled development for the head teachers and SMC members of private higher secodary schools 147,000.00
527 Joypurhat Kalai CD-2018-19-503858-01 Webportal and e-filing training for UZP officilas and staffs 191,000.00
528 Bogra Bogra Sadar CD-2018-19-501020-07 Tarining on aquaculture 106,360.00
529 Bogra Bogra Sadar CD-2018-19-501020-06 Training on land laws for the teachers of high school and college 116,000.00
530 Bogra Bogra Sadar CD-2018-19-501020-05 Training on modern agricutural technology 108,560.00
531 Bogra Bogra Sadar CD-2018-19-501020-04 Beautification trainng 146,200.00
532 Bogra Bogra Sadar CD-2018-19-501020-03 Campaign against drug abuse, child marriage , dowery extrimism and violence against women 177,620.00
533 Bogra Bogra Sadar CD-2018-19-501020-02 Training on computer skill and digital content for the teachers 169,000.00
534 Bogra Bogra Sadar CD-2018-19-501020-01 Webportal and e-filing training for UZP officilas and staffs 176,260.00
535 Bogra Nandigram CD-2018-19-501067-09 Training on aquaculture 105,130.00
536 Bogra Nandigram CD-2018-19- 501067-08 ICT training for UZP officilas and staffs 101,690.00
537 Bogra Nandigram CD-2018-19- 501067-07 ICT training on programming and APS. Development 144,760.00
538 Bogra Nandigram CD-2018-19- 501067-06 Training con vermicomposed fertilizer 105,130.00
539 Bogra Nandigram CD-2018-19- 501067-05 Training on out sourcing 111,400.00
540 Bogra Nandigram CD-2018-19- 501067-04 Campaign against child marriage, drug abuse extrimism and violence against women 105,130.00
541 Bogra Nandigram CD-2018-19-501067-03 Campaign against drug abuse, extrimism and socila violence 105,130.00
542 Bogra Nandigram CD-2018-19-501067-02 Skill development training for the fishermen cooperatives 116,500.00
543 Bogra Nandigram CD-2018-19- 501067-01 Awarness training for safe meet production 105,130.00
544 Bogra Adamdighi CD-2018-19-501006-07 Block batick training for the rural women 100,250.00
545 Bogra Adamdighi CD-2018-19-501006-06 Training hachari law and management 147,400.00
546 Bogra Adamdighi CD-2018-19-501006-05 Awarness building for adolosence girls 131,240.00
547 Bogra Adamdighi CD-2018-19-501006-04 Beef fattening training 147,600.00
548 Bogra Adamdighi CD-2018-19-501006-03 Training on land laws and land dispute litigation for public representatives 135,470.00
549 Bogra Adamdighi CD-2018-19-501006-02 Training on vermicomposed fertilizer 147,200.00
550 Bogra Adamdighi CD-2018-19-501006-01 Training on multimedia training for high school teachers 190,840.00
551 Sirajganj Kazipur CD-2018-19-508850-06 Training on land service and land law for teachers . 121,750.00
552 Sirajganj Kazipur CD-2018-19-508850-05 Curp fish calthre management. 157,655.00
553 Sirajganj Kazipur CD-2018-19-508850-04 Cows rearing and cows health reltedtraining. 152,055.00
554 Sirajganj Kazipur CD-2018-19-508850-03 Computer skill development training of primary. 186,440.00
555 Sirajganj Kazipur CD-2018-19-508850-02 Training on block batiige for youth woman. 189,600.00
556 Sirajganj Kazipur CD-2018-19-508850-01 Capacity development training of up members op disarter management and social saftey net program. 192,500.00
557 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2019-20-506428-09 Training on nursery and tree plantation for youth male and female 114,350.00
558 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2019-20-506428-08 Training on Cow, Goat and Ship fattining 100,100.00
559 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2019-20-506428-07 Training on made of Candle and Paper Bag for self emploment of village women 100,550.00
560 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2019-20-506428-06 Training on ICT for Upazila Offficials 116,980.00
561 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2019-20-506428-05 Training on made small entrepreneurs on Agriculture 116,980.00
562 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2019-20-506428-04 Training on prevention of disasters for High School Scout 100,100.00
563 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2019-20-506428-03 Training on Safe meat, Milk and Egg production for Small enprieoner 116,980.00
564 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2019-20-506428-02 Training on combined cultivation of Carp fish and production of safe food for fish 116,980.00
565 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2019-20-506428-01 Training on waste obstrcle of safe water and develop sustainable sanitation 116,980.00
566 Bogura Sonatola CD-2018-19-501095-06 Training on Production of Honey by Beekeeping 180,000.00
567 Bogura Sonatola CD-2018-19-501095-05 Training on Capacity Development for Construction Master 170,000.00
568 Bogura Sonatola CD-2018-19-501095-04 Training on Quality Carp Production Technic 170,000.00
569 Bogura Sonatola CD-2018-19-501095-03 Training on 'Beautician Capacity Development for Jobless Women 150,000.00
570 Bogura Sonatola CD-2018-19-501095-02 Training on Light Motorjan Driving For Jobless Young People 150,000.00
571 Bogura Sonatola CD-2018-19-501095-01 Training on Use of Scientific instrument and Multimedia for Secondary Schoolo Teachers 180,000.00
572 Pabna Santhia CD-2018-19-507672-6 Training on solid wastage management to the respective solid wastage workers/persons 106,070.00
573 Pabna Santhia CD-2018-19-507672-5 Training to the teachers to make capacitated to conduct classes using multimedia Projector. 171,530.00
574 Pabna Santhia CD-2018-19-507672-4 5 days Anti-drug Campaign in the selected 5 Secondary and higher secondary educational institutions of Santh 159,300.00
575 Pabna Santhia CD-2018-19-507672-3 Training to the farmers on poison free vegetables cultivation 191,150.00
576 Pabna Santhia CD-2018-19-507672-2 Domestic Chicken rearing management and vaccinator training. 181,850.00
577 Pabna Santhia CD-2018-19-507672-1 Training to the official and relevant staff related to web portal update and management 190,100.00
578 Pabna Ishwardi CD-2018-19-507639-08 Workshop to increase awareness on preventing early marriage, dowry and violence. 132,285.00
579 Pabna Ishwardi CD-2018-19-507639-07 Training for elected person of rural service program on poultry and goat rearing. 130,300.00
580 Pabna Ishwardi CD-2018-19-507639-06 Training for farmers on technic to grows fruits and vegetables and to improve marketing. 100,000.00
581 Pabna Ishwardi CD-2018-19-507639-05 Training for staffs on file management and e-filing. 100,060.00
582 Pabna Ishwardi CD-2018-19-507639-04 Training on technic to increase quality service for pregnant mothers and to increase quality service for mothers of pre and post-delivery. 100,020.00
583 Pabna Ishwardi CD-2018-19-507639-03 Training for farmers on technic to establish varmy compost 148,440.00
584 Pabna Ishwardi CD-2018-19-507639-02 Training on English capacity development of primary school teacher. 171,935.00
585 Pabna Ishwardi CD-2018-19-507639-01 Workshop to increase awareness on demerits of drug addiction and to find out the way to keep safe from drag. 116,960.00
586 Rajshahi Paba CD-2018-19-508172-07 Training on student/adolescent reproductive health, Primary health education and social awareness issues 115,000.00
587 Rajshahi Paba CD-2018-19-508172-06 Cattle management related feeding training 100,000.00
588 Rajshahi Paba CD-2018-19-508172-05 Training of members of the cooperatives o improved fisheries safe vegetable production 100,000.00
589 Rajshahi Paba CD-2018-19-508172-04 Embroidery Training for unemployed young women 175,000.00
590 Rajshahi Paba CD-2018-19-508172-03 Pregnant and newborn care training 175,000.00
591 Rajshahi Paba CD-2018-19-508172-02 Farmer Training in the production of vegetables and fruits in a safe way 150,000.00
592 Rajshahi Paba CD-2018-19-508172-01 Training of E-filing on Upazila Paroshad fficers/emplyees 185,000.00
593 Chapainawabganj Nachole CD-2018-19-507056-06 Office management & E fileing training for Upazila staff 123,300.00
594 Chapainawabganj Nachole CD-2018-19-507056-05 Vermicompost produce training sectratary of agricultural IPM club 185,250.00
595 Chapainawabganj Nachole CD-2018-19-507056-04 Multimedia training for the head master at the secondary & higher secondary education institutions level 175,785.00
596 Chapainawabganj Nachole CD-2018-19-507056-03 IGA actvitites ( black bengal & turkey) training amonng the members of Upazila Cooperative Society 186,750.00
597 Chapainawabganj Nachole CD-2018-19-507056-02 ICT training among the teacher of govt. primary school 167,000.00
598 Chapainawabganj Nachole CD-2018-19-507056-01 Awareness campaign to prevent early marriage between secondary and higher secondary students & gurdians 161,915.00
599 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sador CD-2018-19-507066-07 Awareness campaign to use safewater,sewage & sanitary latrine between secondary and higher secondary students & gurdians 141,010.00
600 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sador CD-2018-19-507066-06 Awareness campaign to prevent disaster management ( earthquake, thunderstrom & cyclone) between primary students & gurdians 154,070.00
601 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sador CD-2018-19-507066-05 ICT traning for headmaster at primary education level 140,870.00
602 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sador CD-2018-19-507066-04 Awareness campaign to prevent early marriage between secondary and higher secondary students & gurdians 148,200.00
603 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sador CD-2018-19-507066-03 Web portal & E -fileing training for Upazila staff 120,420.00
604 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sador CD-2018-19-507066-02 Multimedia training for the head teacher at the secondary level ducation institutions level 155,080.00
605 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sador CD-2018-19-507066-01 Safe mango production and marketing system 140,350.00
606 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2018-19-507018-07 Workshop on heath productive among the rural poor women 149,520.00
607 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2018-19-507018-06 Workshop on prevent early marriage, health productive for students at secondary level 168,290.00
608 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2018-19-507018-05 Web portal & E-fileing traning for Upazila staff 100,640.00
609 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2018-19-507018-04 Training on safe mango cultivation 181,500.00
610 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2018-19-507018-03 Fish farming by using modern method 102,100.00
611 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2018-19-507018-02 Animal fattering traning by organic method 189,500.00
612 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2018-19-507018-01 Refresher ICT training for the teacher of primary school 108,450.00
613 Naogaon Badalgachi CD-2018-19-506406-07 Self-employment Training of Poor Women through Creating Candle Light, Paper Beg etc. 118,690.00
614 Naogaon Badalgachi CD-2018-19-506406-06 Training of Land Law for Reducing Land Related Conflict and Cases 136,880.00
615 Naogaon Badalgachi CD-2018-19-506406-05 Training on Using Digital Agricultural Service and Apps to Farmers 133,320.00
616 Naogaon Badalgachi CD-2018-19-506406-04 Road Safety Training of Driver for increasing Consciousness 157,030.00
617 Naogaon Badalgachi CD-2018-19-506406-03 Secondary School Teachers Training on Classroom Management for Improving the Quality of Educati 148,200.00
618 Naogaon Badalgachi CD-2018-19-506406-02 Quality and Secured Fish Cultivation through Good Practice of Fishing 132,800.00
619 Naogaon Badalgachi CD-2018-19-506406-01 Freelancing/Outsourcing Training of Unemployed Youth 173,080.00
620 Sirajgonj Ullapara CD-2018-19-508894-07 Training on vegetable cultivation without pesticide & chemical fertilizer. 101,350.00
621 Sirajgonj Ullapara CD-2018-19-508894-06 Training on poultry, fisheries and goat rearing. 124,780.00
622 Sirajgonj Ullapara CD-2018-19-508894-05 Campaign with guardian and students increase quality of education. 182,680.00
623 Sirajgonj Ullapara CD-2018-19-508894-04 Campaign with food producer, hotel owner/staff, food consumer and local elite person ensure safe food. 107,147.00
624 Sirajgonj Ullapara CD-2018-19-508894-03 Campaign on reduce early marriage, drug, terrorism and violence against women roll of religious leader, marriage register and local elite person. 182,680.00
625 Sirajgonj Ullapara CD-2018-19-508894-02 Campaign on reproductive health and personal hygiene of adolescent girls. 113,023.00
626 Sirajgonj Ullapara CD-2018-19-508894-01 Training on tailoring. 188,340.00
627 Naogaon Raninagar CD 2018-2019-506485-07 Training on the cultivation and poultry farming of disabled persons 127,340.00
628 Naogaon Raninagar CD 2018-2019-506485-06 Training of contractors and construction workers to enhance their skills 116,920.00
629 Naogaon Raninagar CD 2018-2019-506485-05 Awareness training on divorce, women torture, child marriage, eve-teasing and dowry prevention 100,660.00
630 Naogaon Raninagar CD 2018-2019-506485-04 Good aquaculture and skill-enhancing training in disease and risk management in fish farming. 143,400.00
631 Naogaon Raninagar CD 2018-2019-506485-03 Training of first aid and vaccine improvement skills in livestock 172,800.00
632 Naogaon Raninagar CD 2018-2019-506485-02 Training of secondary school teachers to enhance their skills in ICT 157,000.00
633 Naogaon Raninagar CD 2018-2019-506485-01 Skill development training on trico compost and safe vegetable production tactics 181,880.00
634 Sirajganj Belkuchi cD-2018-19-508811-6 Training on Digester Management 170,900.00
635 Sirajganj Belkuchi cD-2018-19-508811-5 Training on Land law 146,640.00
636 Sirajganj Belkuchi cD-2018-19-508811-4 Training on Digital content teaching methods 171,400.00
637 Sirajganj Belkuchi cD-2018-19-508811-3 Training on chield and Mother healthcare 176,900.00
638 Sirajganj Belkuchi cD-2018-19-508811-2 Training on Sanitary workers 143,660.00
639 Sirajganj Belkuchi cD-2018-19-508811-1 Training on vegetables cultivation 190,500.00
640 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar cD-2018-19-508878-7 Training on chield and Mother healthcare 133,660.00
641 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar cD-2018-19-508878-6 Training on Block Batic 127,400.00
642 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar cD-2018-19-508878-5 Training on IcT 154,160.00
643 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar cD-2018-19-508878-4 Training on good Aquaculture Practices 143,320.00
644 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar cD-2018-19-508878-3 Training on beef fattening 142,320.00
645 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar cD-2018-19-508878-2 camping on Drag and Early Marriage 186,520.00
646 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar cD-2018-19-508878-1 Training on Web-Portal and E-Filling 112,620.00
647 Natore Singra CD-2018-19-506991-07 Training on the cultivation and poultry farming of disabled persons 100,000.00
648 Natore Singra CD-2018-19-506991-06 Training on web portals and e-filing 174,935.00
649 Natore Singra CD-2018-19-506991-05 Rearing of Cow, Goat and Beef 163,800.00
650 Natore Singra CD-2018-19-506991-04 Training on adolescents' adolescent and personal health care 100,000.00
651 Natore Singra CD-2018-19-506991-03 Training on the duties and responsibilities of the SMC of secondary and higher level educational institutions in order to improve the quality of education. 133,860.00
652 Natore Singra CD-2018-19-506991-02 Awereness of Child Marragied 149,370.00
653 Natore Singra CD-2018-19-506991-01 Driver's Traffic Rules 178,035.00
654 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2018-19-501054-07 Awareness campaign for prevention of child marriage, dowry and women repression in various educational institutes 106,550.00
655 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2018-19-501054-06 Awareness Training for union activists, teachers, journalists, representatives on the prevention and cure of diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, cancer and other disorders 117,700.00
656 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2018-19-501054-05 IT Skills Enhancing Training of Assistance Head of Schools and Madrasa Institutes at the secondary Level. 128,800.00
657 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2018-19-501054-04 Skill development related training on project implementation through infrastructure development of Kahalu Upazila, follow up ppr2008, tender submission, online tender submission PIC, RFQ 147,550.00
658 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2018-19-501054-03 Environment-friendly agricultural technology training to produce safe food 148,050.00
659 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2018-19-501054-02 Modern practice of breeding poultry and training on safe food context and quality egg production, marketing and use of meat 167,800.00
660 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2018-19-501054-01 Training on learning and earing (Free launching) to youth 183,550.00
661 Naogaon Mohadevpur CD 2018-19 506450 -06 Training of unemployed youth on motor driving 181,000.00
662 Naogaon Mohadevpur CD 2018-19 506450 -05 Use of improved technique in beef fattening to produce safe meat 185,000.00
663 Naogaon Mohadevpur CD 2018-19 506450 -04 Production and health management of native fish 166,000.00
664 Naogaon Mohadevpur CD 2018-19 506450 -03 Training on Safe & Quality Fish Production Technique using GFP 166,000.00
665 Naogaon Mohadevpur CD 2018-19 506450 -02 Training of farmers on AWD in Rice Cultivation to reduce irrigation 136,000.00
666 Naogaon Mohadevpur CD 2018-19 506450 -01 Training of farmers on Safe Production Technique 166,000.00
667 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2018-19-508182-06 Untrained Farmer's Farming Capacity Development Training on Scientific Mathod & Healthier Cows Burlier 155,000.00
668 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2018-19-508182-05 Primary Teacher's Capacity Development Training on Making Technique for Multimedia Class Lessons & How to Make Class room Interesting & Attractive 175,000.00
669 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2018-19-508182-04 Govt. Officers, Office Assistants & UP Secretaries Capacity Development Training on Wabe Portal & Easy to use Online Citizen Services 171,400.00
670 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2018-19-508182-03 Untrained Farmers Capacity Development Training on Safe Fish Production & Increase Mixing with Pabda-Gulsa 178,600.00
671 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2018-19-508182-02 Mango Cultivetor's Capacity Development Training on Safe Mango Production, Presarvation & Export 165,000.00
672 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2018-19-508182-01 Untrained Midwifes Capacity Development Training on Pregnant Mothers & New Born Baby's Health Protection 155,000.00
673 Pabna Bera CD-2018-19-507616-07 Training on develoment of the sustainble Infrastructure among the construction worker. 123,200.00
674 Pabna Bera CD-2018-19-507616-06 Training on stopped accident by awareness buiding among the drivers . 123,200.00
675 Pabna Bera CD-2018-19-507616-05 Training on increasing production for milk among the farmers. 168,200.00
676 Pabna Bera CD-2018-19-507616-04 Training on development of the quality of secondary education by using digital contant among the teachers. 125,800.00
677 Pabna Bera CD-2018-19-507616-03 Training on safe food and Sanitation among the hotel owner & chandler. 123,200.00
678 Pabna Bera CD-2018-19-507616-02 Training on Poison free and safe fruit cultivation among the Farmers. 168,200.00
679 Pabna Bera CD-2018-19-507616-01 Training on deveoment of the quality of primary education by using digital contant among the teachers. 168,200.00
680 Pabna Sujanagar CD-2018-19-507683-07 Training on develoment of the sustainble Infrastructure among the construction worker. 114,650.00
681 Pabna Sujanagar CD-2018-19-507683-06 Training on development of the quality of secondary education by using digital contant among the teachers. 106,685.00
682 Pabna Sujanagar CD-2018-19-507683-05 Training on increasing production for milk among the farmers. 147,200.00
683 Pabna Sujanagar CD-2018-19-507683-04 Training on Poison free and safe fruit cultivation among the Farmers. 164,900.00
684 Pabna Sujanagar CD-2018-19-507683-03 Training on adolescent breeding health among the teacher. 102,200.00
685 Pabna Sujanagar CD-2018-19-507683-02 Campaign on protection of narcotics, Jongibad, Joutuk, early marriage and women torturing with Kazi, Imam, Students, Gardian, Journalist and Public representative. 173,675.00
686 Pabna Sujanagar CD-2018-19-507683-01 Training on deveoment of the quality of primary education by using digital contant among the teachers. 190,690.00
687 Pabna Pabna Sadar CD-2018-19-507655-06 Capacity building training on Freelancing/Out sourcing for the workless youth to alleviation of their workless. 138,200.00
688 Pabna Pabna Sadar CD-2018-19-507655-05 Organize Campaign on early marriage reduction to the local level villagers/Peoples (Gardians, Teachers, Imam, Kazi & Elite persons). 165,000.00
689 Pabna Pabna Sadar CD-2018-19-507655-04 Capacity building training on Cattle rearing by modern method. 174,200.00
690 Pabna Pabna Sadar CD-2018-19-507655-03 Capacity building training on Awarness of health services to the local level villagers/peoples. 174,200.00
691 Pabna Pabna Sadar CD-2018-19-507655-02 Capacity building training on poly fish culture by modern method. 174,200.00
692 Pabna Pabna Sadar CD-2018-19-507655-01 Capacity building training on winter season vegetables (Cabbage,Coliflower,Red Amaranth,Brinjal etc) production by modern method. 174,200.00
693 Natore Lalpur CD-2018-19-506944-06 Awareness training on Child Marriage, Eve teasing, Dowry system and violence against women for the member of Kishor Kishori Club. 138,115.00
694 Natore Lalpur CD-2018-19-506944-05 Masons training on infrastracture Quality improvement . 129,765.00
695 Natore Lalpur CD-2018-19-506944-04 Training on Car Driving. 191,170.00
696 Natore Lalpur CD-2018-19-506944-03 Capacity Building training for non staple crop production. 160,550.00
697 Natore Lalpur CD-2018-19-506944-02 Campaign on anti Drug, Dwary system and terorism. 181,700.00
698 Natore Lalpur CD-2018-19-506944-01 Training on National Web Portal update and E-filling System 198,700.00
699 Natore Bagatipara CD-2017-18-506909-06 Capacity Development Training for slaughterer regarding safe meat management and proper waste management. 100,100.00
700 Natore Bagatipara CD-2017-18-506909-05 Skill development training for small borrowers under rural social services program 186,150.00
701 Natore Bagatipara CD-2017-18-506909-04 Training on land Management 192,088.00
702 Natore Bagatipara CD-2017-18-506909-03 Skill Development Training 0n Modern Fish Farming (Carp- Lobster) 177,127.00
703 Natore Bagatipara CD-2017-18-506909-02 Training on Updating National Webportal and E-filing. 167,086.00
704 Natore Bagatipara CD-2017-18-506909-01 Training on Vermi compost production, use and marketing 177,449.00
705 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2018-19-506469-08 Training on disaster management to the scout and girls guide 100,000.00
706 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2018-19-506469-07 Training on Family planning, maternal and child health care and safe delivery 110,920.00
707 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2018-19-506469-06 Training for the teachers of target orientated Primary Schools to enhance their Bangla Language competency 100,000.00
708 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2018-19-506469-05 Training on modern methods of animal slaughter and proper waste management and zoonotic diseases to the Imams and butchers 105,000.00
709 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2018-19-506469-04 Training on handicap (Cushion cover, bag and hand parts) for the unemployed women 167,000.00
710 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2018-19-506469-03 Freelancing training for the unemployed youth 179,720.00
711 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2018-19-506469-02 Training on Multimedia Class room management and monitoring to improve the quality of secondary education 137,360.00
712 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2018-19-506469-01 Training on basic land law and land rights 100,000.00
713 Naogaon Manda CD-2018-19-506447-07 Training of Drivers on Traffic laws & road safety 192,495.00
714 Naogaon Manda CD-2018-19-506447-06 Training on modern livestock system 101,740.00
715 Naogaon Manda CD-2018-19-506447-05 Training on modern system of mango production 101,740.00
716 Naogaon Manda CD-2018-19-506447-04 Training on Block-Batik of youth women 145,200.00
717 Naogaon Manda CD-2018-19-506447-03 Training on Law & Order, Early Marriage, Drug Abolition etc. 184,030.00
718 Naogaon Manda CD-2018-19-506447-02 E-Nothi, Web-Portal & ICT training of Officers & Office Assistant 135,900.00
719 Naogaon Manda CD-2018-19-506447-01 Fundamental Training of Untrained Midwives 138,895.00
720 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2018-19-503847-09 Workshop arrange on family planning, mother and child health care and nutrition services for local elected bodies, institutional head, trained birth assistant(T.B.A) and social worker. 103,600.00
721 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2018-19-503847-08 Training arrange on Safety protein (meat & egg) production for poultry and dairy owner. 100,000.00
722 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2018-19-503847-07 Capacity development workshop arrange on garbage management of Hat-Bazar, Hospitals, cleaning management for avoid pollution for local elected bodies and respective participants. 109,000.00
723 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2018-19-503847-06 Capacity development training arrange on improved fish culture among fish farmer of Joypurhat Sadar Upazilla. 109,480.00
724 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2018-19-503847-05 Awareness raising training arranges on applying improve technology for sustainable safety and high nutritive crop production and avoid adulteration of food. 118,920.00
725 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2018-19-503847-04 Awareness raising workshop arrange on land law management, land law service dissemination in rural areas for the local elected bodies and land owners. 100,000.00
726 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2018-19-503847-03 Workshop arrange on fire safety equipments using rules, safety measure and obligation for commercial multistoried building owner, staff of different departments, representative of hat-bazar committee 100,000.00
727 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2018-19-503847-02 Training arranges on protect drug addiction free society by Change maker development. 100,000.00
728 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2018-19-503847-01 Mass gathering arrange for Secondary Educational Institutions Students guardians on sexual harassment in educational institutions, protect drugs addiction, early marriage, domestic violence against woman and do 159,000.00
729 Mymensingh Bhaluka CD-2018-19-306113-06 Training on ICT in Education, Literacy, Troubleshooting & Maintenance 109,092.00
730 Mymensingh Bhaluka CD-2018-19-306113-05 Training on mother and chield mortality rate for the health workers 181,896.00
731 Mymensingh Bhaluka CD-2018-19-306113-04 Training on digital content making & better teaching for the Primary School Head Master 145,644.00
732 Mymensingh Bhaluka CD-2018-19-306113-03 Training on livestock vaccination for employment generation of the unemloyed youth 190,118.00
733 Mymensingh Bhaluka CD-2018-19-306113-02 Training on outsourcing for employment generation of the unemloyed youth 181,955.00
734 Mymensingh Bhaluka CD-2018-19-306113-01 Training on traffic law for the the drivers to ensure road safety 191,295.00
735 Netrokona Durgapur CD-2018-19-307218-06 Workshop for awarness against drug addiction, violence against women and child marriage 165,000.00
736 Netrokona Durgapur CD-2018-19-307218-05 Awarness training on adolosence girls' health and hygine 170,000.00
737 Netrokona Durgapur CD-2018-19-307218-04 Training on outsourcing for employment generation of the unemloyed youth 165,000.00
738 Netrokona Durgapur CD-2018-19-307218-03 Training on multimmedia conetent for the teachers of schools and colleges 165,000.00
739 Netrokona Durgapur CD-2018-19-307218-02 Training for the farmers on profitable and safe food production by using eco friendly technology 170,000.00
740 Netrokona Durgapur CD-2018-19-307218-01 Skill development training for the massions 165,000.00
741 Netrokona Kendua CD-2018-19-307247-06 Training on multimedia class for government primary school's teachers 165,000.00
742 Netrokona Kendua CD-2018-19-307247-05 Beautification training for the woment to generate income and employment 170,000.00
743 Netrokona Kendua CD-2018-19-307247-04 Training on vermicomposed production prcess and its commercial markecting 165,000.00
744 Netrokona Kendua CD-2018-19-307247-03 Training on handicrafts for selfemploymnet 165,000.00
745 Netrokona Kendua CD-2018-19-307247-02 Training on apiculture 170,000.00
746 Netrokona Kendua CD-2018-19-307247-01 Seminar and publicity to prevent food adulteration and to follow personal health and hygine 165,000.00
747 Mymensingh Gafargaon CD-2018-19-306122-06 Training for head teachers, asstt. Head teachers and SMC members for better school management and enhancement of quality education 166,300.00
748 Mymensingh Gafargaon CD-2018-19-306122-05 Training for mession and construction workers 166,450.00
749 Mymensingh Gafargaon CD-2018-19-306122-04 Training on Turkey rearing 166,050.00
750 Mymensingh Gafargaon CD-2018-19-306122-03 Training on vermi composed production and use for sustainable soil fertility 165,800.00
751 Mymensingh Gafargaon CD-2018-19-306122-02 Awarness training for safe and institutional delivery 166,000.00
752 Mymensingh Gafargaon CD-2018-19-306122-01 Training on enhancement of quality education for SMS members and Head teachers 169,400.00
753 Mymensingh Nandail CD-2018-19-306172-07 Webportal and efiling training for UZP employees 100,000.00
754 Mymensingh Nandail CD-2018-19-306172-06 Beef fattening training by applying modern techniques 114,950.00
755 Mymensingh Nandail CD-2018-19-306172-05 Block -batick training for the women 155,575.00
756 Mymensingh Nandail CD-2018-19-306172-04 Training on Nakshi Katha sweing ( hand made decorative blanket) 158,500.00
757 Mymensingh Nandail CD-2018-19-306172-03 Training on enhancing quality education for head of the teachers and SMC members 160,675.00
758 Mymensingh Nandail CD-2018-19-306172-02 Training on vemicompose ferltilizer production and use 118,850.00
759 Mymensingh Nandail CD-2018-19-306172-01 Commercial carp fish culture and fisharies law related training 191,450.00
760 Jamalpur Islampur CD-2018-19-453929-06 Training on Handicraft to Disable Dissolvancy Women 188,945.00
761 Jamalpur Islampur CD-2018-19-453929-05 Training on Local Varite Fowl Culture 177,717.00
762 Jamalpur Islampur CD-2018-19-453929-04 Inception Training on Rules & Responsibilities and to Head Teacher and Govt Primary School Management Committee Member 168,307.00
763 Jamalpur Islampur CD-2018-19-453929-03 Inception Training on Rules & Responsibilities and to Head Teacher and Secondary School Management Committee Member 153,521.00
764 Jamalpur Islampur CD-2018-19-453929-02 Training on Traffic Rules to CNG, Motor Cycle, Auto Drivers 154,949.00
765 Jamalpur Islampur CD-2018-19-453929-01 Training on E-Filling and Web Portal to Officer, Employee of different department of UzP 156,561.00
766 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2018-19-303915-08 Skill Development Training on BLOCK BATIK to Co oparative Lonee women for Rural Provert Reduce. 121,180.00
767 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2018-19-303915-07 Training on Mobile Servicing for self employment to Youth 124,680.00
768 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2018-19-303915-06 Training on Rules & Responsibilities and Awareness on Qualitiful Education Developed to Primary School Management Committee 124,100.00
769 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2018-19-303915-05 Inception Training to trader for Ensure Consumer Right, traditional Rules and regulation of Essential goods 125,500.00
770 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2018-19-303915-04 Training on facilitating land services through informing the laws of the land of document writers, Union Land Assistant Officers and members of civil society 126,640.00
771 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2018-19-303915-03 Training on Traffic Rules to CNG, Motor Cycle, Auto Drivers 125,700.00
772 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2018-19-303915-02 Training on Teaching through Multi Media Class room to College Teachers 125,400.00
773 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2018-19-303915-01 Skill Development by Training on English Subject to Secondary School Teachers 126,800.00
774 Mymensingh Trishal CD-2018-19-306194-06 Training on Secondary school Management system for Head masters and chairman of Management committees of secondary schools of Trishal. 157,260.00
775 Mymensingh Trishal CD-2018-19-306194-05 Training on Food-laws for Fisher men and Cattle Farm woners 188,740.00
776 Mymensingh Trishal CD-2018-19-306194-04 Training on Photoshop, Graphic design and animation for Jobless Youth women 188,000.00
777 Mymensingh Trishal CD-2018-19-306194-03 Training on Photoshop, Graphic design and animation for Jobless Youths. 188,000.00
778 Mymensingh Trishal CD-2018-19-306194-02 Training on Health awareness for the people who live in Upazila Ashrayan Prokolpo. 123,000.00
779 Mymensingh Trishal CD-2018-19-306194-01 Training on Public Procurement Rules-2008 for Office in charge and Office assistants of Upazila's different Offices. 155,000.00
780 Mymensingh Gouripur CD-2018-19-03306123-08 Organize Awareness Campaign Program on Basic Land Management 102,300.00
781 Mymensingh Gouripur CD-2018-19-03306123-07 Income Generation Training on Handicrafts (Cristal Stone) for youth women 182,615.00
782 Mymensingh Gouripur CD-2018-19-03306123-06 Training on Mixed Fish culture to increase carp fish 113,940.00
783 Mymensingh Gouripur CD-2018-19-03306123-05 Organize Training Orientation for Primary School teacher on practice safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) at primary school level. 105,700.00
784 Mymensingh Gouripur CD-2018-19-03306123-04 Training on health awareness technique during teenage period for adolescent girls 130,970.00
785 Mymensingh Gouripur CD-2018-19-03306123-03 Beef fattening training for farmers & Butchers local needs to meet the demand of meat and nutritional needs at local level. 127,975.00
786 Mymensingh Gouripur CD-2018-19-03306123-02 Organize school debate caimpgien program at secondary school level to prevent early marriage. 113,500.00
787 Mymensingh Gouripur CD-2018-19-03306123-01 Organize training on traffic law & rules to prevent road accident for local drivers 123,000.00
788 Mymensingh Haluaghat CD2018-19-306124-06 To conduct poultry training to determine the nutritional needs at the local level and create self-employment field among unemployed youth. 181,605.00
789 Mymensingh Haluaghat CD2018-19-306124-05 To conduct Dress-up training the enhancement of employment small ethnic groups in the plain land and create self-employment field among young women. 161,260.00
790 Mymensingh Haluaghat CD2018-19-306124-04 To conduct training for food shops and hotels staffs about the importance of clean food serve at food shops and hotels 177,760.00
791 Mymensingh Haluaghat CD2018-19-306124-03 To conduct beef fattening training and meet up the demand of nutritional needs and create employment for young generation 179,600.00
792 Mymensingh Haluaghat CD2018-19-306124-02 To conduct training English and mathematics at level primary school teacher and problem-solving of English and mathematics teachers 151,360.00
793 Mymensingh Haluaghat CD2018-19-306124-01 The development of science education and creating practical concepts of science and exporting science education techniques conduct science training at the secondary level science teachers. 148,415.00
794 Netrakona Mohanganj CD-2018-19-457263-07 Training on poultry and goat rearing aimed at self-employment of beggars 128,660.00
795 Netrakona Mohanganj CD-2018-19-457263-06 Training on cow rearing of primary association/team members of BRDB to fulfill the family nutrition and income 133,020.00
796 Netrakona Mohanganj CD-2018-19-457263-05 Digital marketing and freelancing training aimed at self-employment of unemployed youth 139,880.00
797 Netrakona Mohanganj CD-2018-19-457263-04 Awareness building campaign of government regulations and laws to prevent drug and sexual harassment at secondary and higher secondary education institutions. 136,240.00
798 Netrakona Mohanganj CD-2018-19-457263-03 School management training for the head teachers, assistant teachers and SMC presidents of the government primary school 153,400.00
799 Netrakona Mohanganj CD-2018-19-457263-02 Training on fish farming and management in flood plain land 154,120.00
800 Netrakona Mohanganj CD-2018-19-457263-01 Farmers training on improve technology for safe vegetable production 154,680.00
801 Bagerhat Kachua CD-2018-19-400138-6 Training on three wheeler about traffic rules and regulations. 148,310.00
802 Bagerhat Kachua CD-2018-19-400138-5 Awarness training on social communication with autism children and their parents. 184,000.00
803 Bagerhat Kachua CD-2018-19-400138-4 Awareness raising training to the students on the formation of narcotic and reduce militants. 174,180.00
804 Bagerhat Kachua CD-2018-19-400138-3 Training on banana,chuijhal and vegetable cultivation among the farmers. 162,890.00
805 Bagerhat Kachua CD-2018-19-400138-2 Awarness campaign about dengue prevention and health issues. 184,000.00
806 Bagerhat Kachua CD-2018-19-400138-1 Awarness campaign among the students to prevent child marriage. 146,620.00
807 Satkhira Shyamnagar CD-2018-19-408786-6 Public awareness-raising workshop on Consumer Rights Act-2009 170,320.00
808 Satkhira Shyamnagar CD-2018-19-408786-5 Creating cattle fat training workshops and raising awareness of the right way for farmers 135,895.00
809 Satkhira Shyamnagar CD-2018-19-408786-4 Training of farmers on skill development in the production of poison free vegetables 173,070.00
810 Satkhira Shyamnagar CD-2018-19-408786-3 Enhancement and awareness-raising training of CHP, FWA, AHA, midwives working on safe maternity level to protect the health of maternity mothers 161,865.00
811 Satkhira Shyamnagar CD-2018-19-408786-2 Training of e-Filing and Wave Portal for officers and employees working in various government offices 188,050.00
812 Satkhira Shyamnagar CD-2018-19-408786-1 Public Awareness Campaign to Prevent Childhood Marriage, Eveteasing, Women Torture and Human Trafficking 170,800.00
813 Satkhira Assasuni CD-2018-19-408704-06 Training on shrimp culture 160,790.00
814 Satkhira Assasuni CD-2018-19-408704-05 Training on Koel bird farming 168,175.00
815 Satkhira Assasuni CD-2018-19-408704-04 Campaign against child marriage, eve teasing, violence against women and human trafficking 178,800.00
816 Satkhira Assasuni CD-2018-19-408704-03 Beautification training for poor unemployed women 174,500.00
817 Satkhira Assasuni CD-2018-19-408704-02 Training on monitoring, quality control and evaluation of development activities 177,300.00
818 Satkhira Assasuni CD-2018-19-408704-01 Training on pest managemen for paddy cultivation 140,435.00
819 Magura Sreepur CD - 2018-19-405595-06 Training for motor vechical drivers on traffic laws 188,400.00
820 Magura Sreepur CD - 2018-19-405595-05 ICT training for Head Teachers of the institutions 177,870.00
821 Magura Sreepur CD - 2018-19-405595-04 Training on Turkey raring for the members of the cooperatives 168,950.00
822 Magura Sreepur CD - 2018-19-405595-03 Campagin against extriemmism, eve teasing, and dowery 174,660.00
823 Magura Sreepur CD - 2018-19-405595-02 Midwives training for safe institutional delivery 128,140.00
824 Magura Sreepur CD - 2018-19-405595-01 Training on e-filling and webportal management for UZP officials 161,980.00
825 Magura Mohammadpur CD-2018-19-405566-07 Training on RTI-2009 132,024.00
826 Magura Mohammadpur CD-2018-19-405566-06 Training on the prevention and awarness building against terrorism, drug abuse and otism 147,000.00
827 Magura Mohammadpur CD-2018-19-405566-05 Training on dairy farm management 100,000.00
828 Magura Mohammadpur CD-2018-19-405566-04 Training on office management, multimedia class room and computer lab management for ICT teachers and and head of the institution 150,000.00
829 Magura Mohammadpur CD-2018-19-405566-03 Training on child marriage prevention, women health, measures against women's violation and women empowerment 150,976.00
830 Magura Mohammadpur CD-2018-19-405566-02 Fish culture in in cage by using eco friendly technology 170,000.00
831 Magura Mohammadpur CD-2018-19-405566-01 Soil fertility management through natural fertilizer production and intesive vegetales, friuts and spice cultivation in the homestead 150,000.00
832 Magura Shalikha CD-2018-19-405585-08 Health care training for neonatal and pregnant women 110,000.00
833 Magura Shalikha CD-2018-19-405585-07 Enlish language skill training for the teachres of secondary high school 185,000.00
834 Magura Shalikha CD-2018-19-405585-06 Production and marketing of natural fertilizers for the siol fertility 110,000.00
835 Magura Shalikha CD-2018-19-405585-05 Tarining on cat fish culture in the mixed technique 100,000.00
836 Magura Shalikha CD-2018-19-405585-04 Safe food processing training for women 100,000.00
837 Magura Shalikha CD-2018-19-405585-03 Calf and cow raring training 100,000.00
838 Magura Shalikha CD-2018-19-405585-02 Electrical house wearing training 110,000.00
839 Magura Shalikha CD-2018-19-405585-01 Free-lancing training 185,000.00
840 Kushtia Bheramara CD-2018-19-405015-06 Training on Fish culture in cage 166,700.00
841 Kushtia Bheramara CD-2018-19-405015-05 Safe food production by using green agricultural technology 191,580.00
842 Kushtia Bheramara CD-2018-19-405015-04 Training on family planning, child and mother health care for the pragnant women 130,660.00
843 Kushtia Bheramara CD-2018-19-405015-03 Awarness building to reduce the drop out rate and to improve quality education in the primary education 188,240.00
844 Kushtia Bheramara CD-2018-19-405015-02 Training on the use of inernet, e-filing system and webportal for UZP staffs and accademic heads 158,480.00
845 Kushtia Bheramara CD-2018-19-405015-01 Campaign against trrorism, child-marriage, dowery, violence against women 164,340.00
846 Khulna Rupsa CD-2018-19-404775-06 Training on the the cultivation of chui Jhal (popular Chilli type spice) 190,650.00
847 Khulna Rupsa CD-2018-19-404775-05 Training on Jute bag and cotton bag making for unemployed rural women 160,130.00
848 Khulna Rupsa CD-2018-19-404775-04 Outsourcing trainng for the young people 186,200.00
849 Khulna Rupsa CD-2018-19-404775-03 Training on reproductive health, gender sensitivity and safe delivery 121,230.00
850 Khulna Rupsa CD-2018-19-404775-02 Training on multimedia use for the teachers of the primary schools 189,650.00
851 Khulna Rupsa CD-2018-19-404775-01 Modern shrimp and mixed fish culture training 152,140.00
852 Khulna Paikgacha CD -2018-19-404764-06 Orientation training traffic law and violence against women for motor drivers and motor workers 121,104.00
853 Khulna Paikgacha CD -2018-19-404764-05 Mobile servicing training for employment generation 182,193.00
854 Khulna Paikgacha CD -2018-19-404764-04 Electic servicing training for the unemployed youth 182,193.00
855 Khulna Paikgacha CD -2018-19-404764-03 Training on multimedia class for the secondary and primary schools' teachers 179,590.00
856 Khulna Paikgacha CD -2018-19-404764-02 Training on e-filing and webportal for the UZP staffs and officials 157,250.00
857 Khulna Paikgacha CD -2018-19-404764-01 Training on consumer right act 177,670.00
858 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2018-19-404712-07 Campaign against abuse of drug 150,000.00
859 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2018-19-404712-06 Training on beef fattening 125,000.00
860 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2018-19-404712-05 Training on GAP for safe food production 125,000.00
861 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2018-19-404712-04 Food processing training for women employment 125,000.00
862 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2018-19-404712-03 Taining for the chairmen and female members of the school managing committee to to raise the rate of of literacy and school enrolment 175,000.00
863 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2018-19-404712-02 ICT tarining for the teachres of the primary schools to enhance their capacity building 175,000.00
864 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2018-19-404712-01 Natural agriculture and pest management training 125,000.00
865 Khulna Dighalia CD-2018-19-404740-09 Training on beef fattening 105,000.00
866 Khulna Dighalia CD-2018-19-404740-08 Capmpaign against sexual harassment, drug abuse, social crimes and child marriage 137,220.00
867 Khulna Dighalia CD-2018-19-404740-07 Skill enhancement training for the members of the cooperative society on poultry 101,500.00
868 Khulna Dighalia CD-2018-19-404740-06 Training on modern psciculture 100,440.00
869 Khulna Dighalia CD-2018-19-404740-05 Tarining on computer skill and digital content for the teachers of the primary school 100,390.00
870 Khulna Dighalia CD-2018-19-404740-04 Block and batick training for the rural poor woman 101,100.00
871 Khulna Dighalia CD-2018-19-404740-03 Training on Artificial insemination for improved vatiety cattles 101,250.00
872 Khulna Dighalia CD-2018-19-404740-02 Training on natural agricultural practice and use of natural ferlizer 101,800.00
873 Khulna Dighalia CD-2018-19-404740-01 Training on E-Filing for UZP staff 151,300.00
874 Khulna Dumuria CD 2018-19-404730-06 Tarining on primary and emrgency for the rural health service providers 117,050.00
875 Khulna Dumuria CD 2018-19-404730-05 Beautification training for the young women 184,960.00
876 Khulna Dumuria CD 2018-19-404730-04 Midwives training for safe and institutional deliver 192,650.00
877 Khulna Dumuria CD 2018-19-404730-03 Income generating training for the marginal young women 154,500.00
878 Khulna Dumuria CD 2018-19-404730-02 Training on webportal and e-filing 192,700.00
879 Khulna Dumuria CD 2018-19-404730-01 Training on the use of multimedia 158,140.00
880 Jhenaidah Kaliganj CD-2018-19-404433-06 Training on multimediafor the quality education in secondary schools 106,470.00
881 Jhenaidah Kaliganj CD-2018-19-404433-05 Training on modern pisciculture 168,050.00
882 Jhenaidah Kaliganj CD-2018-19-404433-04 Safe poultry meet production training 170,400.00
883 Jhenaidah Kaliganj CD-2018-19-404433-03 Training for the midwives and health service providers on mother and child care 191,700.00
884 Jhenaidah Kaliganj CD-2018-19-404433-02 Training on vegitables and poultry for the disables 172,280.00
885 Jhenaidah Kaliganj CD-2018-19-404433-01 Training on fruits production 191,100.00
886 Jessore Monirampur CD-2018-19-404161-07 Mobile phone servicing training for the unemployed youth 170,210.00
887 Jessore Monirampur CD-2018-19-404161-06 Skill enhancement training for the massions 136,415.00
888 Jessore Monirampur CD-2018-19-404161-05 Campaign against child marriage, violense against women, eve teasing, drug abuse and militanc 160,320.00
889 Jessore Monirampur CD-2018-19-404161-04 Ttraining for e-mutation fo the union assistant land officer and service providers of the digital center 106,875.00
890 Jessore Monirampur CD-2018-19-404161-03 Training on e-filing and webportal management for UZP officials and staffs 119,280.00
891 Jessore Monirampur CD-2018-19-404161-02 Training for the managing committee of high schools for the quality education 168,860.00
892 Jessore Monirampur CD-2018-19-404161-01 Skill development training for the english language teachers of secondery schools 138,040.00
893 Jessore Bagherpara CD-2018-19-404161-06 Training of e-filing and website managemnet for the UZP officials 146,200.00
894 Jessore Bagherpara CD-2018-19-404161-05 Training on soil fertility management by using natural fertilizers 179,175.00
895 Jessore Bagherpara CD-2018-19-404161-04 Awarness buliding and capacity development training on GAP and safe fish culture 165,425.00
896 Jessore Bagherpara CD-2018-19-404161-03 Capacity development for the the parents of the disable children to rehabilitate them in the society 164,400.00
897 Jessore Bagherpara CD-2018-19-404161-02 Training for enhancing crop productivity and sefe food production 177,800.00
898 Jessore Bagherpara CD-2018-19-404161-01 workshop on noncommunicable diseases and reproductive health 167,000.00
899 Jessore Sharsha CD-2018-19 404190-06 training on the cultivation of nonconvetional crops 148,700.00
900 Jessore Sharsha CD-2018-19 404190-05 Tarining on high valued fruits and vegitables cultivation 155,760.00
901 Jessore Sharsha CD-2018-19 404190-04 Training on catfish and local variety fish culture 180,300.00
902 Jessore Sharsha CD-2018-19 404190-03 Training for the field supervisors of the family planning dept. on child marriage prevention 161,705.00
903 Jessore Sharsha CD-2018-19 404190-02 Training for the teachers on the use of multimedia 180,300.00
904 Jessore Sharsha CD-2018-19 404190-01 Training on e-filing and web-site management for the UZP officials 173,235.00
905 Jessore Keshabpur CD-2018-19-404138-06 Midwives' training for safe delivery 151,597.00
906 Jessore Keshabpur CD-2018-19-404138-05 Training for the pesticide delears to prevent abuse of pesticides in agriculrural production 165,893.00
907 Jessore Keshabpur CD-2018-19-404138-04 Training on electric servicing for the youth to generate income and employment 165,893.00
908 Jessore Keshabpur CD-2018-19-404138-03 Skill enhancementtraining for the massions 160,124.00
909 Jessore Keshabpur CD-2018-19-404138-02 Mobile servicing training for the unemployed youth 165,893.00
910 Jessore Keshabpur CD-2018-19-404138-01 Motor driving for the unemployed young people 190,600.00
911 Jessore Jhikorgacha CD-2018-19-404123-10 Handicrafts training for the unemployed women 100,000.00
912 Jessore Jhikorgacha CD-2018-19-404123-09 Training for the teachers on math and english 100,000.00
913 Jessore Jhikorgacha CD-2018-19-404123-08 Training for unemployed youth on mobile phone servicing for self employment generation 100,000.00
914 Jessore Jhikorgacha CD-2018-19-404123-07 Training on e-filing for UZP officials 100,000.00
915 Jessore Jhikorgacha CD-2018-19-404123-06 Trainingb on e-mutation, land mangement 100,000.00
916 Jessore Jhikorgacha CD-2018-19-404123-05 Training for the backery, hotel and resturant owners on pure food 100,000.00
917 Jessore Jhikorgacha CD-2018-19-404123-04 Training on GAP and safe food production 100,000.00
918 Jessore Jhikorgacha CD-2018-19-404123-03 Training for the rural health service provider on communicable and non- communicable diseses 100,000.00
919 Jessore Jhikorgacha CD-2018-19-404123-02 Training for the cultivation of high valued agricultural products like Dragoan friuts 100,000.00
920 Jessore Jhikorgacha CD-2018-19-404123-01 Training for midwives on safe delivery 100,000.00
921 Chuadanga Chuadanga sadar CD-2018-19-401823-08 Workshop on land mangement related law 100,280.00
922 Chuadanga Chuadanga sadar CD-2018-19-401823-07 Training on modern technique of cultivation 142,900.00
923 Chuadanga Chuadanga sadar CD-2018-19-401823-06 Training on Public Procurement Regulation 100,005.00
924 Chuadanga Chuadanga sadar CD-2018-19-401823-05 Training on traffic law for the the drivers to ensure road safety 100,235.00
925 Chuadanga Chuadanga sadar CD-2018-19-401823-04 Training on black bengal goat rareing 142,900.00
926 Chuadanga Chuadanga sadar CD-2018-19-401823-03 Training on modern aquaculture 142,900.00
927 Chuadanga Chuadanga sadar CD-2018-19-401823-02 ICT refresher course for the teachers of secondary high school 142,900.00
928 Chuadanga Chuadanga sadar CD-2018-19-401823-01 Campaign against child marriage, violence against women and drug abuse 127,880.00
929 Bagherhat Bagherhat Sadar CD-2018-19-400108-08 Handicrafts training for the young ladies to generate income and employment 125,000.00
930 Bagherhat Bagherhat Sadar CD-2018-19-400108-07 Training on natural and safe delivery for pregnant, newly married and midwives 125,000.00
931 Bagherhat Bagherhat Sadar CD-2018-19-400108-06 Workshop for the primary school teachers on national flag, national anthem and the digitial content 125,000.00
932 Bagherhat Bagherhat Sadar CD-2018-19-400108-05 Training on GAP and safe food production 125,000.00
933 Bagherhat Bagherhat Sadar CD-2018-19-400108-04 Food processing training for the poor women to create self-employment 125,000.00
934 Bagherhat Bagherhat Sadar CD-2018-19-400108-03 Training on modern west managment to reduce health hazards 125,000.00
935 Bagherhat Bagherhat Sadar CD-2018-19-400108-02 Training for the rural health service providers on the safe use of the antibiotic 125,000.00
936 Bagherhat Bagherhat Sadar CD-2018-19-400108-01 Training on vermi-composed fertilizer for safe vegitable production 125,000.00
937 Bagherhat Sharankhola CD-2018-19-400177-07 Training for the service provider to the disable persons for enhancing better and quality service 130,030.00
938 Bagherhat Sharankhola CD-2018-19-400177-06 Training on verm-icomposed fertilizer for the fertility of the soil 128,530.00
939 Bagherhat Sharankhola CD-2018-19-400177-05 Training for the fishermen on the water resource managenet of the costal areas 126,790.00
940 Bagherhat Sharankhola CD-2018-19-400177-04 Training for the coocks of the rural returantns on health and hugine for the safe food 134,400.00
941 Bagherhat Sharankhola CD-2018-19-400177-03 Tailoring and weaving training for the poor women to create selfemployment to achieve the SDG goal 132,510.00
942 Bagherhat Sharankhola CD-2018-19-400177-02 Employment generation for the youth through para-vet and vaccination training 180,360.00
943 Bagherhat Sharankhola CD-2018-19-400177-01 E-filing and web-portal training for UZP officilas 167,380.00
944 Jhenaidah Moheshpur CD-2018-19-404471-07 Fishermen Training on Modern Techniques for Mixed raring of Pabda/Gulsha/Shing/Magur 192,400.00
945 Jhenaidah Moheshpur CD-2018-19-404471-06 Farmers Training on Pesticide free Vegetable (Cucurbit) Production Techniques. 192,400.00
946 Jhenaidah Moheshpur CD-2018-19-404471-05 Training on Vegetables and Chiken raring to the especially abled people 106,800.00
947 Jhenaidah Moheshpur CD-2018-19-404471-04 Training on Doing during/after Storming, Firing and Earth Quack to the Scouts. 111,200.00
948 Jhenaidah Moheshpur CD-2018-19-404471-03 Training on ICT to the Officers and related Staff of Upazila Parishad 102,480.00
949 Jhenaidah Moheshpur CD-2018-19-404471-02 Training on Reproductive Health to School Students. (Class VIII-X) 129,360.00
950 Jhenaidah Moheshpur CD-2018-19-404471-01 Campaign on Anti Narcotics, Early Marriage and Suicide with Imam, Marriage Register, Students, Guardians, Journalists and Local Elite. 165,360.00
951 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar CD-2018-19-404419-07 Fishermen Training on Modern Techniques for Mixed raring of Pabda/Gulsha/Shing/Magur 166,000.00
952 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar CD-2018-19-404419-06 Farmers Training on Pesticide free Vegetable (Cucurbit) Production Techniques. 166,000.00
953 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar CD-2018-19-404419-05 Training on School Management to the Headmaster and the president of SMC 100,800.00
954 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar CD-2018-19-404419-04 Training on Vegetables and Chiken raring to the especially abled people 100,000.00
955 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar CD-2018-19-404419-03 Campaign on Anti Narcotics, Early Marriage and Suicide with Imam, Marriage Register, Students, Guardians, Journalists and Local Elite. 138,400.00
956 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar CD-2018-19-404419-02 Training on Quality Development of Mathemetics Learning with Mathemetics Teachers. 164,400.00
957 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar CD-2018-19-404419-01 Training on Quality Development of English Learning with English Teachers. 164,400.00
958 Jhenaidah Harinakundu CD-2018-19-404414-06 Sustainable infrastructure builders skills development training. 158,000.00
959 Jhenaidah Harinakundu CD-2018-19-404414-05 Campaign to prevent women torture, childmarriage and suicide by taking teachers, Imam, kazis, students, parants, journalists and dignitaris of the area. 125,860.00
960 Jhenaidah Harinakundu CD-2018-19-404414-04 Training of capacity development of fermers and extension workers for the production of safe healthy fruits and vegetables. 174,960.00
961 Jhenaidah Harinakundu CD-2018-19-404414-03 Self-Employment training to prevent child-marriage and suicide. (Block-batic & packaging) 175,780.00
962 Jhenaidah Harinakundu CD-2018-19-404414-02 To improve the quality of Mathematics education, the training of the skills of teachers of Mathematics in secendary level institutions. 182,700.00
963 Jhenaidah Harinakundu CD-2018-19-404414-01 To improve the quality of English education, the training of the skills of teachers of English in secendary level institutions. 182,700.00
964 Meherpur Mujibnagar CD-2018-19-405760-06 Income generating training on embroidery and making embroidered quilts for unemployed youth (women). 152,090.00
965 Meherpur Mujibnagar CD-2018-19-405760-05 Training on to make Digital Content and Multi media classroom for the Assistant Teacher of Secondary High School to develop their teaching capacity. 167,625.00
966 Meherpur Mujibnagar CD-2018-19-405760-04 A capacity development and skill training for Local Midwifery to increase the number of save delivery for women, and also motivational training for general people on the matter of Thalasemia, Save blood transmission and bad effect of Arsenic poison and smoking. 164,100.00
967 Meherpur Mujibnagar CD-2018-19-405760-03 A trainning on Motor /Car driving for unemployed youth for developing their capacity and to create job opportunities 186,650.00
968 Meherpur Mujibnagar CD-2018-19-405760-02 Training on the application of Customer rights acts to prevent adorable foods and on the rights of receiving save food. 168,215.00
969 Meherpur Mujibnagar CD-2018-19-405760-01 Training on ICT for the staff of 17 departments under Upazila Parishad to mobilize their office management and develop their capacity. 161,320.00
970 Meherpur Meherpur sadar CD-2018-19-405787-06 A vocational training on electrical and house wiring for unemployed youth. 160,500.00
971 Meherpur Meherpur sadar CD-2018-19-405787-05 Income generating training on embroidery and making embroidered quilts for unemployed youth (women). 174,010.00
972 Meherpur Meherpur sadar CD-2018-19-405787-04 Training on commercial agriculturefor high values friuts and vegetables (such as strawberry ,malta,coconut of Vietnami origin, squah, broccoli, orange etc cultivation) and Farm management. 146,520.00
973 Meherpur Meherpur sadar CD-2018-19-405787-03 A trainning on Motor /Car driving for unemployed youth for developing their capacity and to create job opportunities 186,650.00
974 Meherpur Meherpur sadar CD-2018-19-405787-02 A capacity development and skill training for Local Midwifery to increase the number of save delivery for women, and also motivational training for general people on the matter of Thalasemia, Save blood transmission and bad effect of Arsenic poison and smoking. 165,500.00
975 Meherpur Meherpur sadar CD-2018-19-405787-01 Training on the application of Customer rights acts to prevent adorable foods and on the rights of receiving save food. 166,820.00
976 Chuadanga Jibannagar CD-2018-19-401823-08 workshop on modern land law management 100,280.00
977 Chuadanga Jibannagar CD-2018-19-401823-07 Agriculture extention on modern cultivation method 142,900.00
978 Chuadanga Jibannagar CD-2018-19-401823-06 PPR training 100,005.00
979 Chuadanga Jibannagar CD-2018-19-401823-05 Awareness training on road safety and the road rules for the motor drivers 100,235.00
980 Chuadanga Jibannagar CD-2018-19-401823-04 Black bengal goat rearing training workshop 142,900.00
981 Chuadanga Jibannagar CD-2018-19-401823-03 Training workshop on modern fish culture 142,900.00
982 Chuadanga Jibannagar CD-2018-19-401823-02 Refreshers training on ICT at Secondary level 142,900.00
983 Chuadanga Jibannagar CD-2018-19-401823-01 Awareness Campaign on Early marriage restrain, dowry and anti drug 127,880.00
984 Chuadanga Damurhuda CD-2018-19-401831-06 Training for modern fattening methods of Carp Fishes 125,929.00
985 Chuadanga Damurhuda CD-2018-19-401831-05 Training on awareness building for adolescent boys and girls against reproductive health 131,039.00
986 Chuadanga Damurhuda CD-2018-19-401831-04 Training of improve methods for rearing of livestocks and poultry bir 190,514.00
987 Chuadanga Damurhuda CD-2018-19-401831-03 Awareness raising campaign among teachers, students, Imam/Kazi, reporters against sex harassment, early marriage, eave teasing, dowry prevention, etc 171,211.00
988 Chuadanga Damurhuda CD-2018-19-401831-02 Capacity development training for English Teachers for secondary schools and colleges 190,934.00
989 Chuadanga Damurhuda CD-2018-19-401831-01 Training on making digital content and multi-media uses for class teachers of secondary schools and colleges 190,373.00
990 Chuadanga Alamdanga CD-2018-19-401807-06 Training for modern fattening methods of Carp Fishes 125,929.00
991 Chuadanga Alamdanga CD-2018-19-401807-05 Training on awareness building for adolescent boys and girls against reproductive health 128,800.00
992 Chuadanga Alamdanga CD-2018-19-401807-04 Training of improve methods for rearing of livestocks and poultry bir 190,514.00
993 Chuadanga Alamdanga CD-2018-19-401807-03 Awareness raising campaign among teachers, students, Imam/Kazi, Reporters against sex harassment, early marriage, dowry prevention, etc 171,211.00
994 Chuadanga Alamdanga CD-2018-19-401807-02 Capacity development training for English Teachers for secondary schools and colleges 191,484.00
995 Chuadanga Alamdanga CD-2018-19-401807-01 Training on making digital content and multi-media uses for class teachers of secondary schools and colleges 192,062.00
996 Bagerhat Fakirhat CD-2018-19-400134-07 Awareness campaign among the businessmen on consumer rights and safe food 182,200.00
997 Bagerhat Fakirhat CD-2018-19-400134-06 Orientation on safe and clean school and hygiene sanitation management for the head teacher of primary school 104,134.00
998 Bagerhat Fakirhat CD-2018-19-400134-05 Capacity building training for the respective personnel on poverty elimination through proper using of Social Safety Net programs 153,251.00
999 Bagerhat Fakirhat CD-2018-19-400134-04 Classroom based awareness campaign on reproductive health for the adolescent girls 181,180.00
1000 Bagerhat Fakirhat CD-2018-19-400134-03 Training on pesticide free modern crop production 118,680.00
1001 Bagerhat Fakirhat CD-2018-19-400134-02 Training for the foster mother on mother mortality prevention and new born baby caretaking 121,285.00
1002 Bagerhat Fakirhat CD-2018-19-400134-01 Teacher training on multimedia classroom management and content development 139,270.00
1003 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2018-19-400160-08 Training on sustainable infrastructure to construction worker. 100,000.00
1004 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2018-19-400160-07 Training on Social communication & disable service to Caregiver. 120,000.00
1005 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2018-19-400160-06 Training on modern technic of Monosex cultivation to fish cultivator. 100,000.00
1006 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2018-19-400160-05 Training on scientific mechanism of Livestocks fattening to Herdsman. 100,000.00
1007 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2018-19-400160-04 Training on preparing Digital Content to Primary Head Teacher. 100,000.00
1008 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2018-19-400160-03 Training on Duties & Responsiblities to president of School managing committee. 160,000.00
1009 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2018-19-400160-02 Training on Saline Tolerance vegetables production to farmers. 170,000.00
1010 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2018-19-400160-01 Training on avoiding health risk during Adolescence to Adolescent Girls. 150,000.00
1011 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2018-19-404104-08 Training of Pesticide dealers and farmers on pesticide use to produce safe crops 112,674.00
1012 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2018-19-404104-07 Training on E-Nathi for Gov. Officials 105,480.00
1013 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2018-19-404104-06 Training on Primary SMC committee 126,230.00
1014 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2018-19-404104-05 Training on Adolocent for reproductive Health 107,228.00
1015 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2018-19-404104-04 Training on Secendery School Management committee 126,868.00
1016 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2018-19-404104-03 Training on aweness build up for Kaila Sramik of reduce health problem 105,920.00
1017 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2018-19-404104-02 Training on Good Aquaculture practice and Food Safty issues for Self-employment and Safe Fishary production 157,800.00
1018 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2018-19-404104-01 Training on Pesticide dealers and farmers on pesticide use to produce safe crops 157,800.00
1019 Khulna Dacope CD-2018-19-404717-06 Training on DRR & Adaption to develop capacity building,responsibility for CPP and sqaut members. 189,430.00
1020 Khulna Dacope CD-2018-19-404717-05 Orientation on Traffiq law for motorbike driver,Auto rikshaw driver and vutvuti driver. 175,950.00
1021 Khulna Dacope CD-2018-19-404717-04 Training on nutrition for mother and child, adolosent girl and pregnant mother. 171,200.00
1022 Khulna Dacope CD-2018-19-404717-03 Training on develop capacity for use modern technology of safe vegetable and develop quality of service in agriculture sector. 186,400.00
1023 Khulna Dacope CD-2018-19-404717-02 Training on How to coduct session in class for higher secondery headmaster. 121,770.00
1024 Khulna Dacope CD-2018-19-404717-01 Training on webportal, Enternet & E-nothi for Upazila Department staff & Officer 155,250.00
1025 Khulna Koyra CD-2018-19-404753-07 Capacity building training for the UP representatives on disaster management by using social safety net program 138,525.00
1026 Khulna Koyra CD-2018-19-404753-06 Capacity building training for the LCS women for sustainable infrastructure, rural road development and maintenance. 129,035.00
1027 Khulna Koyra CD-2018-19-404753-05 Mobile servicing training for the poor and jobless youth for creating IGA 151,270.00
1028 Khulna Koyra CD-2018-19-404753-04 Awareness raising campaign on traffic law and road safety for the motorcycle driver, Easy bike, Engine van and battery van puller 187,740.00
1029 Khulna Koyra CD-2018-19-404753-03 Training of fish cultivators on using modern technology for local fish cultivation and preservation 106,720.00
1030 Khulna Koyra CD-2018-19-404753-02 Awareness campaign among the business men about consumer rights and safety food 149,200.00
1031 Khulna Koyra CD-2018-19-404753-01 Training on use modern technology for chemical free and saline tolerant vegetable production 137,510.00
1032 Satkhira Debhata CD-2018-19-408725-06 Training on aquaculture & medicinal products controlling for production of fish and shrimp. 136,833.00
1033 Satkhira Debhata CD-2018-19-408725-05 Training on food safety & use of sexferomon trap for extended cultivation of vegetable. 190,445.00
1034 Satkhira Debhata CD-2018-19-408725-04 Training on rational use of antibiotic for village doctors. 146,042.00
1035 Satkhira Debhata CD-2018-19-408725-03 Training on build sustainable infrastructure for construction workers. 143,432.00
1036 Satkhira Debhata CD-2018-19-408725-02 Training on teaching process of multimedia for primary school teachers. 191,669.00
1037 Satkhira Debhata CD-2018-19-408725-01 Training on ICT for secondary school teachers. 191,579.00
1038 Satkhira Kalaroa CD-2018-19-408743-07 Public awareness campaign to prevent women torture, early marriage, evoking and human trafficking. 120,000.00
1039 Kalaroa CD-2018-19-408743-06 Training on rational use of antibiotic for village doctors. 118,800.00
1040 Satkhira Kalaroa CD-2018-19-408743-05 Training on aquaculture & medicinal products controlling for production of fish and shrimp. 120,400.00
1041 Satkhira Kalaroa CD-2018-19-408743-04 Training between the officers and the contractors regarding e-GP. 109,650.00
1042 Satkhira Kalaroa CD-2018-19-408743-03 Training in the classroom through digital content aimed at enhancing the competence of primary school teachers. 192,280.00
1043 Satkhira Kalaroa CD-2018-19-408743-02 Training of secondary level teachers to ensure proper utilization of teaching and ICT content through multimedia in the classroom. 192,280.00
1044 Satkhira Kalaroa CD-2018-19-408743-01 3 days training of farmers on safe food production, marketing to protect the health of the people. 146,590.00
1045 Narail Lohagara CD-2018-19-406552-06 Motivational training on flower cultivation 137,763.00
1046 Narail Lohagara CD-2018-19-406552-05 Awareness training of early marriage control 199,456.00
1047 Narail Lohagara CD-2018-19-406552-04 Campaign on antidrug publicity and prevent of drug 199,080.00
1048 Narail Lohagara CD-2018-19-406552-03 Management and accountability training of Scondary school for ensuring of quality educatiion 147,831.00
1049 Narail Lohagara CD-2018-19-406552-02 Training on traffic law for driver 115,970.00
1050 Narail Lohagara CD-2018-19-406552-01 Sewing training for self-employment of youth girl 199,900.00
1051 Narail Narail Sadar CD-2018-19-406576-06 Training on E-Mutation 161,035.00
1052 Narail Narail Sadar CD-2018-19-406576-05 Training on 'Increase Digital Teacing Activity of Praimary School to improve education quality'. 190,485.00
1053 Narail Narail Sadar CD-2018-19-406576-04 IGA Training on Destitute Cooperative Women for self employment (Dry Food Processing and Sanitary Napkin Preparation). 154,940.00
1054 Narail Narail Sadar CD-2018-19-406576-03 Training on using modern technology for Fish Cultivation. 185,640.00
1055 Narail Narail Sadar CD-2018-19-406576-02 Awareness Building Farmers Training on'Production of Safe Fruits and Vegetables by Ensure Soil fertility through Organic wa 173,380.00
1056 Narail Narail Sadar CD-2018-19-406576-01 Training on Roles of CHCP's and Health Assistant's to Improve Service of Community Clinic . 134,520.00
1057 Magura Magura Sadar CD-2018-19- 405557-07 Awareness building training for the hotel/restaurant owners/service boys on safe food and how to provide better service for the service recipient 102,260.00
1058 Magura Magura Sadar CD-2018-19- 405557-06 Awareness building training the Imam, Marriage Register & Purohit on prevention of early marriage. 132,760.00
1059 Magura Magura Sadar CD-2018-19- 405557-05 Training on Apiculture farming 165,940.00
1060 Magura Magura Sadar CD-2018-19- 405557-04 Awareness Campaign on child protection and prevention of early marriage. 154,280.00
1061 Magura Magura Sadar CD-2018-19- 405557-03 Training on fish farming (Koi, Sing, Magur) and Management through modern technologies 155,100.00
1062 Magura Magura Sadar CD-2018-19- 405557-02 Awareness building training for village doctors on unnecessary uses of Antibiotic and Improvement of Maternal and Child health. 126,760.00
1063 Magura Magura Sadar CD-2018-19- 405557-01 Training on ICT for the Computer Teachers of High School Level 162,900.00
1064 Kushtia kushtia sadar CD-2018-19-405079-07 Training on E-mutation for assit Union land officers and Entrepreneurs of Union Digital Centre 111,960.00
1065 Kushtia kushtia sadar CD-2018-19-405079-06 Training on VIA test for Preventing of Cervical Cancer and breast cancer at community level 156,600.00
1066 Kushtia kushtia sadar CD-2018-19-405079-05 Training on skill development and safty during the work of costruction workers 135,500.00
1067 Kushtia kushtia sadar CD-2018-19-405079-04 Campaign on prevention of early marriage, Eve teasing, Violence against Women and Child assault, Drug, Terrorism and Militancy for concern 146,080.00
1068 Kushtia kushtia sadar CD-2018-19-405079-03 Awareness Training on Traffic Rules and Capacity Development for Drivers. 151,220.00
1069 Kushtia kushtia sadar CD-2018-19-405079-02 Training on capacity development of smc members for ensuring Quality primary education. 149,320.00
1070 Kushtia kushtia sadar CD-2018-19-405079-01 Training on safe betel leaf Production 149,320.00
1071 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2018-19-405071-08 Training on E-filing for departmental head and office assistant. 109,800.00
1072 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2018-19-405071-07 Training on ornamentation on dress of the women co-operative members 103,420.00
1073 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2018-19-405071-06 Training on skill development and safty during the work of costruction labor 119,770.00
1074 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2018-19-405071-05 Training. On self-dependency through cultivation of vegetable on homestead fellow land . 106,550.00
1075 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2018-19-405071-04 Training on food safty act and consumer rights protection act for ensuring food safty 112,790.00
1076 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2018-19-405071-03 Campaign of creating awareness about the reproductive health of secondary school students (Adolescent) . 169,320.00
1077 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2018-19-405071-02 Training on school Management for stakeholders capacity development. 175,450.00
1078 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2018-19-405071-01 Campaign on violence against women , eve- teasing and Early marriage. 102,900.00
1079 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2018-19-405094-08 Training of Trainer (ToT) on the health awareness and Hygiene promotuin to the Primary school. 111,020.00
1080 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2018-19-405094-07 Training on Fatty Cow and the importance of vaccine to prevent the mortality of cattle with modern technology. 144,760.00
1081 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2018-19-405094-06 Training of fish cultivator on Combined safe fish cultivation of Carp fish with modern technology. 129,300.00
1082 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2018-19-405094-05 Training on Handicraft (Block, Batic) to the under privileged women of the society to make them self-employed for the development of the socio-economy. 100,830.00
1083 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2018-19-405094-04 Awareness based training on early marriage, Eve teasing and activities against Addiction of School and Madrasha teachers. 100,520.00
1084 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2018-19-405094-03 Training on the Symptom of Cervical cancer and its prevention and cure. 102,900.00
1085 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2018-19-405094-02 Training on the responsibilities of the Youth institutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). 122,930.00
1086 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2018-19-405094-01 Training on the activities of Upazila Committee, Upazila Porishad, UDCC and Union Parishad. 187,740.00
1087 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2018-19-306852-8 Training on poltry rearing for cooperative and unemployed youth 100,000.00
1088 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2018-19-306852-7 Training on good acuaculture practice 100,000.00
1089 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2018-19-306852-6 Training on safe vegitable cultivation for farmars 100,000.00
1090 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2018-19-306852-5 IGA (Mobile Repairing ) training for youth 150,000.00
1091 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2018-19-306852-4 Training program for increase capacity of Staff and contractor on e-gp tender, PPR2008, e-filing and internet to ensure good governance 150,000.00
1092 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2018-19-306852-3 Training program of disable and orphange people on handicrafts 150,000.00
1093 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2018-19-306852-2 Training on e-file and web-portal to officers and staffs 150,000.00
1094 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2018-19-306852-1 Training program on increase awarness among people regarding care of pregnant women and new born baby 100,000.00
1095 Dhaka Nawabganj CD-2018-19-302662-6 Training On Modern Method Dairy Farm Placement And Management Matters 140,000.00
1096 Dhaka Nawabganj CD-2018-19-302662-5 Organic Technology Matters Training On Safe Crops And Vegetables Cultivation 150,000.00
1097 Dhaka Nawabganj CD-2018-19-302662-4 Training On Infrastructure Development Method and Construction Skill and Value Control 150,000.00
1098 Dhaka Nawabganj CD-2018-19-302662-3 Trainning Of Multimedia Learning At Secondary School Level 180,000.00
1099 Dhaka Nawabganj CD-2018-19-302662-2 Trainning On Communative English Learning At Secondary Level 190,000.00
1100 Dhaka Nawabganj CD-2018-19-302662-1 Training On E- Nathi And Web Portal Management For Government Official For Upazilla Level 190,000.00
1101 Gazipur Kapasia CD-2018-19-303336-6 Block and batick training for unemployed woman 150,000.00
1102 Gazipur Kapasia CD-2018-19-303336-5 Training in modern methods of fish farming 160,000.00
1103 Gazipur Kapasia CD-2018-19-303336-4 Technical training in footwear making for cooperative 180,000.00
1104 Gazipur Kapasia CD-2018-19-303336-3 Assistant Teacher English Subject-based skills development training 170,000.00
1105 Gazipur Kapasia CD-2018-19-303336-2 Training on safety food production and ensure nutrition 160,000.00
1106 Gazipur Kapasia CD-2018-19-303336-1 Training on Livestock to dairy farmers 180,000.00
1107 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2018-19-304827-8 Training on E-Filling, Webportal and ICT for Upazila Parisad 190,848.00
1108 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2018-19-304827-7 Training on Livestock management 100,000.00
1109 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2018-19-304827-6 Seminar on Construction process of primary school 100,000.00
1110 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2018-19-304827-5 Training on primary school management 100,000.00
1111 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2018-19-304827-4 Training on developmental project identify, prepare, selection and implementation at Upazila level 150,000.00
1112 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2018-19-304827-3 Training on female students awareness 109,152.00
1113 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2018-19-304827-2 Training on E-land management system 100,000.00
1114 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2018-19-304827-1 Under 'Social Safetiness Program' Allowances Recepients verification, Implementation and Monitoring related training 150,000.00
1115 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar CD-2018-19-304849-7 Training on webportal and e-filling for office management 141,100.00
1116 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar CD-2018-19-304849-6 Training on Jute made things for unemployed rural women 160,300.00
1117 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar CD-2018-19-304849-5 Seminar on Importance of nutritious food to reduce mother and child death 106,250.00
1118 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar CD-2018-19-304849-4 Block and batick training for the woman 190,300.00
1119 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar CD-2018-19-304849-3 Training for the managing committee of high schools for the quality education 136,950.00
1120 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar CD-2018-19-304849-2 Campaign of safe cultivation management system 136,950.00
1121 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar CD-2018-19-304849-1 Multimedia Class & Digital Content Training for Teacher at secondary School 128,150.00
1122 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar CD-2018-19-305454-6 Modern livestock rearing and management training 167,180.00
1123 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar CD-2018-19-305454-5 Training to the fisherman on Curp Fish cultivation 170,000.00
1124 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar CD-2018-19-305454-4 Awareness Campaign on Child Marriage, Eveteasing and Drug 180,000.00
1125 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar CD-2018-19-305454-3 Training on vegitable and crops cultivation & vermicompost production 160,400.00
1126 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar CD-2018-19-305454-2 Training on Office Management, E-Filing, Digital Content Making & Uses of Multimedia for the High School ICT Teachers and Office Assistant 156,400.00
1127 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar CD-2018-19-305454-1 Training on Road safety for Auto Drivers 166,020.00
1128 Narsingdi Shibpur CD-2018-19-306876-7 Capacity Development Training to the Masons and their helper 111,010.00
1129 Narsingdi Shibpur CD-2018-19-306876-6 Technological development and Mobile servicing training for unemployed youth 158,600.00
1130 Narsingdi Shibpur CD-2018-19-306876-5 Training on High value crops cultivation 129,305.00
1131 Narsingdi Shibpur CD-2018-19-306876-4 Training on Livestock and safe meat production 129,305.00
1132 Narsingdi Shibpur CD-2018-19-306876-3 Training on reproductive health issues of adolescents/teachers, First Aid and Social Awarness Issue (Child Marrige, Drug & EveTeasing) 174,530.00
1133 Narsingdi Shibpur CD-2018-19-306876-2 Training on digital content making & better teaching 150,425.00
1134 Narsingdi Shibpur CD-2018-19-306876-1 Basic Training on Midwife and Child Care 146,825.00
1135 Shariatpur Zazira CD-2018-19-308694-7 Awareness Campaign on Child Marriage, Dowrry Systems and Women Abuse 151,800.00
1136 Shariatpur Zazira CD-2018-19-308694-6 Modern livestock rearing and management training 153,400.00
1137 Shariatpur Zazira CD-2018-19-308694-5 Training on Road safety for Auto Drivers 161,620.00
1138 Shariatpur Zazira CD-2018-19-308694-4 Multimedia Class & ICT Training for Teacher at primary School 126,600.00
1139 Shariatpur Zazira CD-2018-19-308694-3 Webportal and e-filing training for UZP officilas and staffs 126,600.00
1140 Shariatpur Zazira CD-2018-19-308694-2 Training on land laws and land dispute litigation 167,100.00
1141 Shariatpur Zazira CD-2018-19-308694-1 Training on how to do health care during adolescence 112,880.00
1142 Tangail Bhuapur CD-2018-19-309319-09 Training on beaf fattering for unemployed youths 110,000.00
1143 Tangail Bhuapur CD-2018-19-309319-08 Family planning implemented at the field level Training on maternal and child health and nutrition services, pregnant maternal and institutional delivery activities 110,000.00
1144 Tangail Bhuapur CD-2018-19-309319-07 ICT training of assistant teachers at secondary level 110,000.00
1145 Tangail Bhuapur CD-2018-19-309319-06 Training on the responsibilities and awareness raising of the Chief and SMCs in the implementation of standardized elementary education 110,000.00
1146 Tangail Bhuapur CD-2018-19-309319-05 Awareness Campaign on Child Marriage, Drugs, Women Abuse and Terrorism 110,000.00
1147 Tangail Bhuapur CD-2018-19-309319-04 For the purpose of creating self-sufficiency, the sad and marginalized women of show-pieace. 110,000.00
1148 Tangail Bhuapur CD-2018-19-309319-03 Scientific training on poultry farming 120,000.00
1149 Tangail Bhuapur CD-2018-19-309319-02 Training on fish finger culture strategies 110,000.00
1150 Tangail Bhuapur CD-2018-19-309319-01 Training on the role of organic fertilizers in enhancing efficiency in the production of poisonous vegetables and fruits in environmentally friendly ways and protecting the soil healthy. 110,000.00
1151 Tangail Dhanbari CD-2018-19-309325-06 Informs the Teachers about the reproductive age of the health,WASH of Primary School Students. 175,000.00
1152 Tangail Dhanbari CD-2018-19-309325-05 Training of Fisheries farmers to increase the skills and income of the Cooperatives. 150,000.00
1153 Tangail Dhanbari CD-2018-19-309325-04 Breed selection training to improve the efficiency of artificial reproductive and disease prevention yeast. 175,000.00
1154 Tangail Dhanbari CD-2018-19-309325-03 Training to increase awareness of the Drivers of the road to ensure safe road. 175,000.00
1155 Tangail Dhanbari CD-2018-19-309325-02 Increased training of the Association on technical arts techniques for the production and preservation of safe vegetables for rural development and poverty alleviation. 150,000.00
1156 Tangail Dhanbari CD-2018-19-309325-01 Training of Teachers of Secondary Education institutes on Computer, E- filing and internet skills. 175,000.00
1157 Tangail Gopalpur CD-2018-19-309338-06 In order to ensure quality education system for the SDGs of secondary and upper secondary level teachers, the quality of the question paper is developed in a creative way to improve the skills of the question paper. 105,000.00
1158 Tangail Gopalpur CD-2018-19-309338-05 Awareness Campaign on Child Marriage, Drugs, Women Abuse and Terrorism 175,000.00
1159 Tangail Gopalpur CD-2018-19-309338-04 Training on Disaster Risk Reduction and disaster Management (Earthquake, Thundering, Tornado) for the umion Disaster Management committee (UDMC), volunteer, Robber, scout and te member of the red crescent. 180,000.00
1160 Tangail Gopalpur CD-2018-19-309338-03 Training of members of the cooperative society on modern farming in the modern way. 180,000.00
1161 Tangail Gopalpur CD-2018-19-309338-02 Awareness training on the protection of consumer rights of members of the merchants' association, public representatives, teachers, guardians, priests to free food adulteration. 180,000.00
1162 Tangail Gopalpur CD-2018-19-309338-01 Workshop aimed at notifying the landowners, public representatives, social workers and the general public to modernize land management and reduce land complexity. 180,000.00
1163 Tangail Madhupur CD-2018-19-309357-06 Training of teachers to increase the ability of Primary School Students to inform Dengue, Chikungunya about other transmission disorders. 160,000.00
1164 Tangail Madhupur CD-2018-19-309357-05 Training to improve poultry disease management and care skills to create income and employment for the unemployed youths of the Upazila. 170,000.00
1165 Tangail Madhupur CD-2018-19-309357-04 Training to improve the skills of UP members,Imam and teachers to make people aware of disaster management. 165,000.00
1166 Tangail Madhupur CD-2018-19-309357-03 Upgrading skills of Computer ,E-filing and web portal staff of Upazila. 180,000.00
1167 Tangail Madhupur CD-2018-19-309357-02 Training of Farmers on the production of safe vegetables through the use of sex pheromone traps and other biological repression methods. 160,000.00
1168 Tangail Madhupur CD-2018-19-309357-01 Training in Multimedia class room(MMC)and Computers teachers of Secondary level educational institutions. 165,000.00
1169 Narayanganj Araihazar CD-2018 -19-306702-06 Extensive training of field staff to reduce maternal mortality and infant mortality to achieve SDGs. 121,200.00
1170 Narayanganj Araihazar CD-2018 -19-306702-05 Training on how to do health care during adolescence. 114,000.00
1171 Narayanganj Araihazar CD-2018 -19-306702-04 Saminer on early Marriage, violence against women, drug, terrorism and Militancy at School level 190,400.00
1172 Narayanganj Araihazar CD-2018 -19-306702-03 Capacity Development Training on Math & English for Primary School assistant teachers. 191,700.00
1173 Narayanganj Araihazar CD-2018 -19-306702-02 Capacity Development Training on Math & English for Secondary Level School assistant teachers. 191,700.00
1174 Narayanganj Araihazar CD-2018 -19-306702-01 Training about e-filing & web portal for UZP officials & staff 191,000.00
1175 Munshiganj Tongibari CD-2018-19-305994-08 Training on fish culture with floating vegetable culture. 101,720.00
1176 Munshiganj Tongibari CD-2018-19-305994-07 Capacity building training for farmer about producing safe food. 100,400.00
1177 Munshiganj Tongibari CD-2018-19-305994-06 Campaign for Madrasah student about various modern technology. 110,530.00
1178 Munshiganj Tongibari CD-2018-19-305994-05 Workshop for non school going girl about adolescene health management. 153,280.00
1179 Munshiganj Tongibari CD-2018-19-305994-04 Workshop for future planning of higher secondary student 134,140.00
1180 Munshiganj Tongibari CD-2018-19-305994-03 Training about e-filing for office staff 102,200.00
1181 Munshiganj Tongibari CD-2018-19-305994-02 Trial about rescue from earthquake and fire in secondary and higher secondary Institute 151,560.00
1182 Munshiganj Tongibari CD-2018-19-305994-01 Mobile servicing training for unemployed youth 146,170.00
1183 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2018-19-305956-07 Trafic rule and road safety concerned awareness building training 161,670.00
1184 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2018-19-305956-06 Empowerment of school level in preventing early marriage 102,800.00
1185 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2018-19-305956-05 Role of administrative and academic management of SMC training 157,800.00
1186 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2018-19-305956-04 Varmi compost and quick compost fertilizer production by cooperative somity and safe vegetables production and marketing training 141,760.00
1187 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2018-19-305956-03 Higher Secondary ICT teachers' training 136,590.00
1188 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2018-19-305956-02 Fruits of higher value like papaya, mango,banana,malta production training 142,120.00
1189 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2018-19-305956-01 Cow rearing and cattle fatening of farmers training 157,260.00
1190 Munshiganj Lohajang CD-2018-19-305944-07 Modern land service and land law training 112,000.00
1191 Munshiganj Lohajang CD-2018-19-305944-06 Trafic rule and road safety concerned awareness building training 158,670.00
1192 Munshiganj Lohajang CD-2018-19-305944-05 Adolecence (10-19) service training 128,850.00
1193 Munshiganj Lohajang CD-2018-19-305944-04 Early marriage, dowry and women assult protecting awareness seminer 181,700.00
1194 Munshiganj Lohajang CD-2018-19-305944-03 E-filing training for the officers and subordinates 107,400.00
1195 Munshiganj Lohajang CD-2018-19-305944-02 Carp type fishes mixed cultivation process training 125,630.00
1196 Munshiganj Lohajang CD-2018-19-305944-01 Training of the fermers for the production of Natural fertilizer for protecting the soil 185,750.00
1197 Munshiganj Serajdikhan CD-2018-19-305974-06 Two days workshop for stakeholder on non-communicable disease and prevention of antibiotic resistance 170,000.00
1198 Munshiganj Serajdikhan CD-2018-19-305974-05 Awareness building training for teacher to help their student about know the road safety rule and prevent road accident. 174,950.00
1199 Munshiganj Serajdikhan CD-2018-19-305974-04 Awareness building campaign for unemployed youth about drug addiction 148,450.00
1200 Munshiganj Serajdikhan CD-2018-19-305974-03 Training on safe crop production through modern agriculture technology and environment friendly technique 168,400.00
1201 Munshiganj Serajdikhan CD-2018-19-305974-02 Trainingof farmer about carp mixed culture with management of Good Aquaculture Practice (GAP) 170,900.00
1202 Munshiganj Serajdikhan CD-2018-19-305974-01 Capacity Depelopment of Stakeholder in order to produce safe milk,meat and egg. 167,300.00
1203 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2018-19-305924-07 Training of scouts and government officers of various departments at the upazila level on lightning, earthquake and fire safety 150,000.00
1204 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2018-19-305924-06 Awareness training on navigators (women, aged), naval safety and river erosion. 100,000.00
1205 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2018-19-305924-05 Campaigns for increase awareness to youth society for protect atrophy, terrorism, militancy and anti-narcotics. 150,000.00
1206 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2018-19-305924-04 Training on fish farming to fish farmer to increase and ensure the quality of fish. 150,000.00
1207 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2018-19-305924-03 Training on vegetable production in the floating system of farmers 150,000.00
1208 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2018-19-305924-02 Training on web portal of Government officers of upazila parisad 150,000.00
1209 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2018-19-305924-01 Training on about primary health awareness among the secondary level students. 150,000.00
1210 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar CD-2018-19-305646-07 Capacity Building Training on Cattle Rearing for The Farmers. 145,600.00
1211 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar CD-2018-19-305646-06 Block-Boutique Training for the Youth. 140,610.00
1212 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar CD-2018-19-305646-05 Capacity Development Training on Fish Inhibition and Protection Act along with cultivation of various kind of Tilapia fish for Fish Farmers. 175,000.00
1213 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar CD-2018-19-305646-04 Workshop on Significance of Scouts Serve out From Flood,River Erosional, Earthquake and Thundering. 122,500.00
1214 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar CD-2018-19-305646-03 Capacity Development Training on Use of Organic Fertilizer along with Poison free vegetable cultivation for Farmers. 126,500.00
1215 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar CD-2018-19-305646-02 Drug, child marriage and Dengue protection campaign for rural socio-economic development. 109,800.00
1216 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar CD-2018-19-305646-01 Capacity Development Training on English for Secondary Level School teachers. 179,990.00
1217 Manikganj Saturia CD-2018-19-305670-09 Improved farm management and technical training of fisheries and cattle farming. 100,400.00
1218 Manikganj Saturia CD-2018-19-305670-08 Capacity development training for adolosents abput reproductive health protection 100,300.00
1219 Manikganj Saturia CD-2018-19-305670-07 Online Earning training for create Youth Employment 111,750.00
1220 Manikganj Saturia CD-2018-19-305670-06 Skill enhancement training for the massions 101,400.00
1221 Manikganj Saturia CD-2018-19-305670-05 Crystal showpiece making training behind the members of BRDB Members and their children. 129,200.00
1222 Manikganj Saturia CD-2018-19-305670-04 Block-Boutique training for the Widow and abandoned. 131,100.00
1223 Manikganj Saturia CD-2018-19-305670-03 Campaign against child marriage, eve teasing, violence against women and human trafficking 115,450.00
1224 Manikganj Saturia CD-2018-19-305670-02 Training to enhance the competence of Head Teachers and SMC members to improve the quality of education 110,300.00
1225 Manikganj Saturia CD-2018-19-305670-01 Increased awareness training about farmers' of safe vegetable cultivation and fruit farming strategies 100,100.00
1226 Manikganj Harirampur CD-2018-19-305628-06 Training on Disaster preparedness and mitigation for Scouts and Girls Guide members 162,410.00
1227 Manikganj Harirampur CD-2018-19-305628-05 Training course on Block printing for the employment of Youth women 171,600.00
1228 Manikganj Harirampur CD-2018-19-305628-04 Training on presrvation of immature Hilsha fish and Mother Hilsha 157,800.00
1229 Manikganj Harirampur CD-2018-19-305628-03 Skill development training Air Conditioner and Refregerator repairing for self employment 183,832.00
1230 Manikganj Harirampur CD-2018-19-305628-02 Training on preventin of Infertility and the Management of balanced diet for Livestock 140,078.00
1231 Manikganj Harirampur CD-2018-19-305628-01 Orientation on Ante Natal Care Service and Institutional Delivery 184,280.00
1232 Gopalganj Tungipara CD-2018-19-303591-06 Training programm of mobile servising to the unemployment youth 187,000.00
1233 Gopalganj Tungipara CD-2018-19-303591-05 training programm of advance fishing technology provide to the cultiver of fish 158,000.00
1234 Gopalganj Tungipara CD-2018-19-303591-04 a training programm of unemployment youth on uotsourcsng and free lanching 165,100.00
1235 Gopalganj Tungipara CD-2018-19-303591-03 Home gardining of vegetables and rearing of duck, hen and cow for the employment of the disabled 187,000.00
1236 Gopalganj Tungipara CD-2018-19-303591-02 Safety production and introduction of dal (Mosur, keshari , mug) oil (mustrad, sunflower, Til) and spice (onoin, garlic , turmeric) in winter season. 190,400.00
1237 Gopalganj Tungipara CD-2018-19-303591-01 Awareness-enhancing training to ensure safe water and sanitation. 112,500.00
1238 Gazipur Gazipur Sadar CD-2018-19-303330-6 Training for Adolescents about adolescence, first aid, social awareness issues (child marriage, drugs, eveteasing) and defensive training 181,400.00
1239 Gazipur Gazipur Sadar CD-2018-19-303330-5 Training on reproductive health, first aid and self defense for students / adolescents 181,400.00
1240 Gazipur Gazipur Sadar CD-2018-19-303330-4 Training on e-filing & web portal for Upazila Parishad officials. 137,000.00
1241 Gazipur Gazipur Sadar CD-2018-19-303330-3 Training for Drivers about traffic law 163,500.00
1242 Gazipur Gazipur Sadar CD-2018-19-303330-2 Training for the Head Teacher of Govt.Primary School and the Managing Committee members about the duties and responsibilities. 154,000.00
1243 Gazipur Gazipur Sadar CD-2018-19-303330-1 Training on value-added food preparation using locally grown farming 182,700.00
1244 Faridpur Saltha CD 2018-19-302990-08 Awareness-raising workshop on adolescent reproductive health. 116,500.00
1245 Faridpur Saltha CD 2018-19-302990-07 Scouts' rally and inauguration meeting on militant, drug and child marriage prevention. 149,560.00
1246 Faridpur Saltha CD 2018-19-302990-06 Training workshop on safe food production and food security assurance with environmentally friendly agricultural technology. 132,725.00
1247 Faridpur Saltha CD 2018-19-302990-05 Farmer training on onion production techniques. 132,725.00
1248 Faridpur Saltha CD 2018-19-302990-04 Training of e-documents and web portals of the employees of the offices of the Upazila Parishad. 100,500.00
1249 Faridpur Saltha CD 2018-19-302990-03 Training on the use of digital content creation and use of Shikkhok Batayon. 136,200.00
1250 Faridpur Saltha CD 2018-19-302990-02 Training on the cultivation of kai, shing and magu in the modern way. 113,760.00
1251 Faridpur Saltha CD 2018-19-302990-01 Training on digital content creation and teaching of elementary teachers. 118,030.00
1252 Faridpur Madhukhali CD-2018-19-302956-06 Training on Nutritious and Safe food production using modern technology for marginal farmers 164,390.00
1253 Faridpur Madhukhali CD-2018-19-302956-05 Campaign on protecting child marriage, ive teaching, dowry & VAW 169,280.00
1254 Faridpur Madhukhali CD-2018-19-302956-04 Training on Cattle fattening of scientific and local method for Marginal Farmers 167,290.00
1255 Faridpur Madhukhali CD-2018-19-302956-03 Campaign on teenage Maternal health awareness at high School level. 164,220.00
1256 Faridpur Madhukhali CD-2018-19-302956-02 Campaign on protecting drug addiction and its demerits and awareness on mobile use at high school level. 166,780.00
1257 Faridpur Madhukhali CD-2018-19-302956-01 Training on Road safety for CNG and Auto Drivers 168,040.00
1258 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2018-19-302918-07 Awareness training on trafic law & using safety road for auto pollar engin van riksha pollar easy bike pollar protection of accident. 150,530.00
1259 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2018-19-302918-06 workshop on safty food making , preservation and presentation to hotel owners and its staff. 150,110.00
1260 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2018-19-302918-05 workshop on adolescent reproductive health of young women. 100,350.00
1261 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2018-19-302918-04 Orientation on carrier gudeline of students 177,515.00
1262 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2018-19-302918-03 Subjective training (Camistry) for assastant teacher. 115,600.00
1263 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2018-19-302918-02 Subjective training (Math) for assastant teacher. 115,600.00
1264 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2018-19-302918-01 Training on Bee cultivation & ecofriendly safety fruits and vegetables through using agricultural technology . 190,295.00
1265 Faridpur Nagarkanda CD 2018-19-302962-07 a training on ensuring food security and good aquaculture practice of fisher man 161,400.00
1266 Faridpur Nagarkanda CD 2018-19-302962-06 A training on outsourcing and freelanching for the umemployment youth 189,150.00
1267 Faridpur Nagarkanda CD 2018-19-302962-05 a training on capacity development of raj mistiri, rong mistiri and rod mistiri 132,730.00
1268 Faridpur Nagarkanda CD 2018-19-302962-04 Home gardinning of vegetables and rearing of duck and hen for the employment of authetic 130,000.00
1269 Faridpur Nagarkanda CD 2018-19-302962-03 a training on digital content make and study of high school teacher 103,760.00
1270 Faridpur Nagarkanda CD 2018-19-302962-02 A training on Increasing of soil productivity by the use of balance fertilizer for production of more yield and production technique 157,600.00
1271 Faridpur Nagarkanda CD 2018-19-302962-01 A training on beef fattening by the modern technique 125,360.00
1272 Dhaka Keraniganj CD-2018-2019-302638-06 Training on farm management for milk producer. 160,000.00
1273 Dhaka Keraniganj CD-2018-2019-302638-05 Training on mobile servicing for youth. 170,000.00
1274 Dhaka Keraniganj CD-2018-2019-302638-04 Training on rooftop vegetables and fruits cultivation managenent. 160,000.00
1275 Dhaka Keraniganj CD-2018-2019-302638-03 Training on IGA for disable person small farmer. 160,000.00
1276 Dhaka Keraniganj CD-2018-2019-302638-02 Training on free lancer of cooperatives member's under Keranigonj Freelancer cooperatives Ltd. 160,000.00
1277 Dhaka Keraniganj CD-2018-2019-302638-01 Training on E-nathi and web portal management for Govt. official of Upazla leve. 190,000.00
1278 Dhaka Dohar CD-2018-19-302618-07 Provide technical training to marginal weavers to modernize weaving and make entrepreneurial 150,000.00
1279 Dhaka Dohar CD-2018-19-302618-06 Special training on health workers to increase institutional delivery at union level 130,000.00
1280 Dhaka Dohar CD-2018-19-302618-05 ICT training for the UZP officials 150,000.00
1281 Dhaka Dohar CD-2018-19-302618-04 Training on school management committee members and teachers to prevent sexual harassment and suicidal behavior of students in mental health protection 150,000.00
1282 Dhaka Dohar CD-2018-19-302618-03 Training of teachers on reproductive health issues of adolescents 150,000.00
1283 Dhaka Dohar CD-2018-19-302618-02 Workshop on land management related law 150,000.00
1284 Dhaka Dohar CD-2018-19-302618-01 Trainingfor the local people about the duties and responsibilities of the Union Legal Aid Committee for providing national legal assistance. 120,000.00
1285 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2018-19-309366-08 Skill Training on Profitable Summer Vegetable (Tomato, Shim & Carrot) cultivation for the Farmers. 117,260.00
1286 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2018-19-309366-07 Awareness build up Training on SMC , Guardians, Teachers, for ensuring quality primary Education. 116,960.00
1287 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2018-19-309366-06 Awareness build up Training on School Teachers for Enhancing School Health Education, about Adolescent Health, Re- Productive Health, Nutrition, Early Marriage, Drug & Environment. 103,910.00
1288 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2018-19-309366-05 Skill Training for the poor village women on Turkey Bird. 150,260.00
1289 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2018-19-309366-04 Awareness buildup on National Consumers Law what is the penalty for Illegal food Production & marketing 122,100.00
1290 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2018-19-309366-03 Skill Training for the Teachers (High Schools) making Digital Contents for operating Multi Media Class Room Operating. 118,470.00
1291 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2018-19-309366-02 Skill Training on poultry & cattles Vaccinators for the unemployed youth 138,600.00
1292 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2018-19-309366-01 Skill Training On E-Filing at upazila level Officers & respective Staffs. 132,440.00
1293 Tangail Basail CD-2018-19-309309 - 9 Conscious training on Conservation of Consumer Rights for Consumers' Societies and Consumers for the Prevention of Food adulteration. 109,000.00
1294 Tangail Basail CD-2018-19-309309 - 8 Enhanced training of EGP and efile related expertise on different levels at the upazila level. 100,622.00
1295 Tangail Basail CD-2018-19-309309 - 7 Enhanced training of mobile servicing / repairing skills for the unemployed youth 109,000.00
1296 Tangail Basail CD-2018-19-309309 - 6 Different level citizens of the upazila (students / students, public representatives and social workers)Increasing awareness of the complexity of the land awareness. 109,000.00
1297 Tangail Basail CD-2018-19-309309 - 5 WAS Block use and hygiene related skill enhancement training 109,000.00
1298 Tangail Basail CD-2018-19-309309 - 4 Useful techniques on the use of pesticides and pesticides free crops on the cultivation of pesticides in the upazila 109,000.00
1299 Tangail Basail CD-2018-19-309309 - 3 Training on One Day One Ward Learning (Bangla and English) on Primary School Teachers 136,378.00
1300 Tangail Basail CD-2018-19-309309 - 2 ICT-related skill enhancement training for secondary teachers 109,000.00
1301 Tangail Basail CD-2018-19-309309 - 1 Enhanced training of fish farmers for monocex telapia cultivation 109,000.00
1302 Tangail Tangail Sadar CD-201819-309395-8 Campaigns to do adolescent health care during adolescence. 109,050.00
1303 Tangail Tangail Sadar CD-201819-309395-7 Involvement of small family ideas, late adoption, newborn and child care, and training on family planning in the participation of new couples. 118,180.00
1304 Tangail Tangail Sadar CD-201819-309395-6 Training on the Development of Professional (ANC / PNC, DHIS II, DLI) Data for Community Healthcare Providers (CHCP). 117,560.00
1305 Tangail Tangail Sadar CD-201819-309395-5 Increased training on fisheries and traders awareness of fisheries conservation, marketing and fisheries laws. 116,980.00
1306 Tangail Tangail Sadar CD-201819-309395-4 Training on the Law of Consumer Rights and Consumer Protection of Consumers for Safe Food and Adulteration. 114,180.00
1307 Tangail Tangail Sadar CD-201819-309395-3 Cluster-based creative questionnaire development and appraisal strategies at secondary level to enhance skills training. 118,620.00
1308 Tangail Tangail Sadar CD-201819-309395-2 Computer outsourcing training aimed at improving the skills of unemployed youth. 151,100.00
1309 Tangail Tangail Sadar CD-201819-309395-1 Increased training of farmers / farmers on the production of poison free and safe crops. 154,330.00
1310 Shariatpur Damudya CD - 2018-2019-308625-6 Training on Modern Goat Rearing System 165,000.00
1311 Shariatpur Damudya CD - 2018-2019-308625-5 Campaign for awarness Safe Water, Sanitary Latrin 165,000.00
1312 Shariatpur Damudya CD - 2018-2019-308625-4 Campaign for awarness Early Marriage, Eve Teasing 165,000.00
1313 Shariatpur Damudya CD - 2018-2019-308625-3 Training on Modern Carp Fish Rearing System 170,000.00
1314 Shariatpur Damudya CD - 2018-2019-308625-2 Training on E-Filing, Portal for Upazila Parishad 170,000.00
1315 Shariatpur Damudya CD - 2018-2019-308625-1 Training on secure crop production arts guide 165,000.00
1316 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar CD- 2018-19-308276-6 kangaru mother care & post partum family planing 128,400.00
1317 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar CD- 2018-19-308276-5 Environment friendly fruits cultivate for the farmer 130,520.00
1318 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar CD- 2018-19-308276-4 A training on the rolls and resposibilities of newly SMC in government primari school 190,560.00
1319 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar CD- 2018-19-308276-3 A training on ICT & Multimedia of secondery school teacher 174,360.00
1320 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar CD- 2018-19-308276-2 Awarness training on land management, land related genarel knowlegde 190,560.00
1321 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar CD- 2018-19-308276-1 A training on Dress making 185,600.00
1322 Rajbari Baliakandi CD-2018-19-308207-07 A training on outsourcing for jobless youth 174,300.00
1323 Rajbari Baliakandi CD-2018-19-308207-06 A training on Dairy firm management 109,650.00
1324 Rajbari Baliakandi CD-2018-19-308207-05 A training on addolescent health care secondary school 121,200.00
1325 Rajbari Baliakandi CD-2018-19-308207-04 A training on blockbati for the underpreviladge famale 102,850.00
1326 Rajbari Baliakandi CD-2018-19-308207-03 A training on awarness & Income genaratic activities for the Amar bari amar khamar member 150,600.00
1327 Rajbari Baliakandi CD-2018-19-308207-02 Awarness training on terrorism, child marriages, perpetrators, evangelism and drug addiction 159,800.00
1328 Rajbari Baliakandi CD-2018-19-308207-01 A training on ICT & Multimedia of Primari school teacher 181,600.00
1329 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2018-19-306807-08 Campaign in three important places of the Charuzilab Union to prevent drug, terrorism and eve teasing. 100,750.00
1330 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2018-19-306807-07 Training programs for land service providers to enhance the efficiency of land services and to get service providers to facilitate land services. 152,475.00
1331 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2018-19-306807-06 Workshop on safe delivery services at the Union Health and Family Welfare Center to prevent maternal and infant mortality. 100,637.00
1332 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2018-19-306807-05 campaign at the school level to increase the moral values of teachers and students to prevent sexual harassment in educational institutions and to ensure quality education to teachers, students and guardians. 100,260.00
1333 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2018-19-306807-04 Training programs on the duties and responsibilities of the members of the School Management Committee for the academic and infrastructure development of the Government Primary School. 109,010.00
1334 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2018-19-306807-03 Training program on raising awareness about infectious diseases (diarrhea, tuberculosis, filaria, malaria, kalazar, ARI, dipping water, injury, snakebite). 144,305.00
1335 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2018-19-306807-02 Training on Cultivation of vegetables in organic method to ensure safe food and Post-harvest market management. 146,383.00
1336 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2018-19-306807-01 Training on Produce safe chicken & egg and wastes management of farm. 146,180.00
1337 Narsingdi Palash CD-2018-19-306863-07 Training on safe Vegetable production technology and post-harvest management 100,000.00
1338 Narsingdi Palash CD-2018-19-306863-06 Training on safe fruit production technology and post-harvest management 100,000.00
1339 Narsingdi Palash CD-2018-19-306863-05 Training on Handicraft (khushikata, puti) for women to create self-employment 150,000.00
1340 Narsingdi Palash CD-2018-19-306863-04 Training on mobile phone servicing for unemployed youth to create self-employment 200,000.00
1341 Narsingdi Palash CD-2018-19-306863-03 Training for awareness to protect self suicide of teenagers due to eve teasing, cyber crime & sexual harrasment of workplace. 150,000.00
1342 Narsingdi Palash CD-2018-19-306863-02 Traning on production of quality fish of private Hatchery owner and nursery operator. 150,000.00
1343 Narsingdi Palash CD-2018-19-306863-01 Training on improvement in the subject-based skill of Assistant Teachers (science) of Secondary level Educational institutions. 150,000.00
1344 Narayanganj Sonargaon CD-2018-19-306704-06 Basic training in fire fighting, rescue and first aid. 129,000.00
1345 Narayanganj Sonargaon CD-2018-19-306704-05 Workshop on prevention of Child Marriage In all the unions and municipalities, workshops on nikah registers, imams and elected public representatives 179,200.00
1346 Narayanganj Sonargaon CD-2018-19-306704-04 Skill development (livestock raising, poultry farming and safe vegetable farming) training of small entrepreneurs at the upazila level. 163,070.00
1347 Narayanganj Sonargaon CD-2018-19-306704-03 Training on Block and batik to bring financial comfort to the members of the cooperative societies. 140,000.00
1348 Narayanganj Sonargaon CD-2018-19-306704-02 Training on how to control infectious diseases, prevent child and maternal mortality. 194,365.00
1349 Narayanganj Sonargaon CD-2018-19-306704-01 Training of testing of various parameters of water for the cultivation of fish and maintaining quality of water in scientific and biological way for fishermen 194,365.00
1350 Narayanganj Rupganj CD-2018-19-306768-06 A training program on block bartic to ensure self employment of helpless women 168,762.00
1351 Narayanganj Rupganj CD-2018-19-306768-05 A training program on safe vegetable production of the member of cooperative at different union in upazila 155,650.00
1352 Narayanganj Rupganj CD-2018-19-306768-04 A training program on block bartic to develop the life skill of handicapped person 155,100.00
1353 Narayanganj Rupganj CD-2018-19-306768-03 A training program on ICT at increased the knowledge of primary school teacher 164,252.00
1354 Narayanganj Rupganj CD-2018-19-306768-02 A training program on beauty care to establish of Self employment of the unemployment youth women 183,076.00
1355 Narayanganj Rupganj CD-2018-19-306768-01 A training program on rationalising used of Thorning wasting 173,160.00
1356 Manikganj Ghior CD-2018-19-305622-06 Orientation on safe water and hygienic latrine 139,245.00
1357 Manikganj Ghior CD-2018-19-305622-05 Driving skill development training for the poor and unemployed youth 183,470.00
1358 Manikganj Ghior CD-2018-19-305622-04 Orientation of Students on Career Guideline. 188,490.00
1359 Manikganj Ghior CD-2018-19-305622-03 Skill development training for the Caregivers' of disabled family members. 188,342.00
1360 Manikganj Ghior CD-2018-19-305622-02 Training on rearing and farming of Turkey chicken for profit earning 149,168.00
1361 Manikganj Ghior CD-2018-19-305622-01 Training on production, preservation and utilization of Vermi Compost to preserve fertilty of the soil. 151,285.00
1362 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2018-19-305678-08 During the disaster and after disaster, the campaign of the concerned union disaster committee, teachers, kaji and imams in the face of disaster 119,000.00
1363 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2018-19-305678-07 Training on For the production of safe progeny meat (milk, egg, meat) and self-employment, farmers are trained for 3 days 125,000.00
1364 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2018-19-305678-06 Training on Primary School Teachers ICT related for ensuring quality education through multimedia multimedia in classrooms 125,000.00
1365 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2018-19-305678-05 Training on fishery farmers of Shibalaya upazila, good fishery cultivation, fish farming in cage, skill development of fish farming in Acura phonics system 109,000.00
1366 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2018-19-305678-04 Capacity building training for newly-couples to built up planned family 112,000.00
1367 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2018-19-305678-03 Campaign on Land Service Informatics for Students of college level 142,000.00
1368 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2018-19-305678-02 Secondary School level awareness camping about early marriage dowry & Violence Against Women 141,000.00
1369 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2018-19-305678-01 Skill enhancement training regarding E-filing & updating of the National Web Portal 127,000.00
1370 Manikganj Singair CD-2018-19-305682-06 Skill development training on e-filing and updating web portal 151,300.00
1371 Manikganj Singair CD-2018-19-305682-05 Capacity building training on land law and its management 164,820.00
1372 Manikganj Singair CD-2018-19-305682-04 Capacity building training on ensuring reproductive health for the adolescent girls 122,620.00
1373 Manikganj Singair CD-2018-19-305682-03 Driving training for creating self-employment for the rural people 198,300.00
1374 Manikganj Singair CD-2018-19-305682-02 Workshop on significance of scouts for eliminating social problems 179,480.00
1375 Manikganj Singair CD-2018-19-305682-01 Drug and child marriage protection campaign for rural socio-economic development 183,480.00
1376 Kishoreganj Pakundia CD-2018-19-304879-06 Awareness workshop with civil society representatives, representatives of public and private and non-government organizations to prevent child marriage, women oppression and addiction. 165,000.00
1377 Kishoreganj Pakundia CD-2018-19-304879-05 Daylong awareness training on adolescent health care and menstrual management. 170,000.00
1378 Kishoreganj Pakundia CD-2018-19-304879-04 Freelancing and outsourcing training aimed at engaging unemployed youth and young women for their income generating activities and eliminating unemployment. 165,000.00
1379 Kishoreganj Pakundia CD-2018-19-304879-03 Training on multimedia teaching and content creation among teachers of various educational institutions at secondary and higher levels. 165,000.00
1380 Kishoreganj Pakundia CD-2018-19-304879-02 Training for unemployed youths and young women on the production of handicraft (Karchupi) for the purpose of promoting handicrafts. 170,000.00
1381 Kishoreganj Pakundia CD-2018-19-304879-01 Training on E-filing and web portal management. 165,000.00
1382 Kishoreganj Bhairab CD-2018-19-304811-08 Training on poultry and coil rearing in advanced management 100,000.00
1383 Kishoreganj Bhairab CD-2018-19-304811-07 Training on skill development of multimedia for teachers 140,740.00
1384 Kishoreganj Bhairab CD-2018-19-304811-06 Training on nursery establish, sapling/ grafting and marketing 145,600.00
1385 Kishoreganj Bhairab CD-2018-19-304811-05 Volunteer training on fire fighting and disaster management 127,830.00
1386 Kishoreganj Bhairab CD-2018-19-304811-04 Increasing skills training of members of the footwear industry 100,000.00
1387 Kishoreganj Bhairab CD-2018-19-304811-03 Awareness training for rural doctors and rural physicians on antibiotic use and adverse reactions 146,050.00
1388 Kishoreganj Bhairab CD-2018-19-304811-02 Training on institutional delivery awareness enhancement, including prevention of maternal and infant mortality, pregnancy care, postnatal care and post-natal family planning services 121,600.00
1389 Kishoreganj Bhairab CD-2018-19-304811-01 Improved training for e-filing, document management and web portal affairs of the officers and employees of the upazila 118,180.00
1390 Kishoreganj Itna CD- 2018-19-304833-06 Training on beautification. 123,792.00
1391 Kishoreganj Itna CD- 2018-19-304833-05 Training on cow fattering. 164,965.00
1392 Kishoreganj Itna CD- 2018-19-304833-04 Training on public awareness on sanitation measures and prevention of child marriage in Harijan and backward communities. 181,785.00
1393 Kishoreganj Itna CD- 2018-19-304833-03 Training about health awareness and hygiene of the food handlers of food institution. 165,255.00
1394 Kishoreganj Itna CD- 2018-19-304833-02 Training on carp based fisheries and fisheries conservation laws on a commercial basis. 181,730.00
1395 Kishoreganj Itna CD- 2018-19-304833-01 Farmer training on modern technology and production of crops. 182,473.00
1396 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2018-19-304876-08 Block batik training to increase women's income and improve their self-esteem 112,370.00
1397 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2018-19-304876-07 Training on improving the multimedia skills for the Teacher 140,740.00
1398 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2018-19-304876-06 Awareness raising seminar on early marriages, terrorism and anti-drug operation for elite person 101,440.00
1399 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2018-19-304876-05 Awareness Seminar on Road Transport Laws and Road Safety for Vehicles Drivers 159,620.00
1400 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2018-19-304876-04 Training on balanced diet and nutrition for health workers' 121,600.00
1401 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2018-19-304876-03 Organization of skill development training for ensuring the effective participation of students cabinet in different activities of the scho 146,050.00
1402 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2018-19-304876-02 Awareness training on the life skills of adolescent club members 100,000.00
1403 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2018-19-304876-01 Training on e-filing and web portal of the officials and employees of various government offices of the upazila 118,180.00
1404 Kishoreganj Austagram CD-2018-19-304802-07 Training to the members of primary school management committee and the head teachers on properly school management. 160,000.00
1405 Kishoreganj Austagram CD-2018-19-304802-06 Training to cooperative based fishries authority on fish farming techniques, proper feeding style, preparing aquaculture, marketing of fish profitably. 120,000.00
1406 Kishoreganj Austagram CD-2018-19-304802-05 Training to businessman and public representatives on consumer rights law. 120,000.00
1407 Kishoreganj Austagram CD-2018-19-304802-04 Secondary school and Madrasa level student (Female) training on health awareness during the menstrual period. 165,000.00
1408 Kishoreganj Austagram CD-2018-19-304802-03 Awareness training on fisheries safety law to fisherman. 165,000.00
1409 Kishoreganj Austagram CD-2018-19-304802-02 Basic computer training for the employment of young women and men 105,000.00
1410 Kishoreganj Austagram CD-2018-19-304802-01 Cultivators training on crop diseases and insect repellent in sustainable ways using sustainable agricultural technology. 165,000.00
1411 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2018-19-304854-07 Awareness building Campaign on Reproductive health, Early Marriage in different School. 150,000.00
1412 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2018-19-304854-06 Training and installation of Biogas plants. 150,000.00
1413 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2018-19-304854-05 Employment Guarantee through training on advance level sewing and iron for unemployed men and women. 193,500.00
1414 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2018-19-304854-04 Awareness building Campaign on Consumer Right Act-2009. 150,000.00
1415 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2018-19-304854-03 Training on school management with school management committee members and head teachers. 100,000.00
1416 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2018-19-304854-02 Training on Vermi compost and mushroom. 100,000.00
1417 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2018-19-304854-01 Training on web-portal, E-filling, Intennet Browsing and ICT for all line department of upazila parished 156,500.00
1418 Gazipur Kaliakair CD-2018-19-303332-8 Fisheries training in modern methods for the member's of different Cooperatives. 125,000.00
1419 Gazipur Kaliakair CD-2018-19-303332-7 Production of vegetables and fruits in the homestead and ensuring family nutrition. 125,000.00
1420 Gazipur Kaliakair CD-2018-19-303332-6 Training on Electrical House Waring for Youth. 125,000.00
1421 Gazipur Kaliakair CD-2018-19-303332-5 Training on MMC for Primary teacher. 125,000.00
1422 Gazipur Kaliakair CD-2018-19-303332-4 ICT training of Institutional Head & their Assistant 125,000.00
1423 Gazipur Kaliakair CD-2018-19-303332-3 Training on Nutrition & normal delivery of pregnency 125,000.00
1424 Gazipur Kaliakair CD-2018-19-303332-2 Training on new variety & modern technologies in Agriculture 125,000.00
1425 Gazipur Kaliakair CD-2018-19-303332-1 Training on modern technologies (Silage, UMS) in cow rearing 125,000.00
1426 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2018-19-202294-07 Management training program for the heads of the secondary school,the president and the members of the management committee. 102,300.00
1427 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2018-19-202294-06 Training of meat vendors on safe meat production,waste disposal in a healthy manner and breeding of meat process. 124,500.00
1428 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2018-19-202294-05 Training about Traffic rules to reduce accident and reduce traffic jam among the local vehicle drivers and labourer. 119,040.00
1429 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2018-19-202294-04 Training about creating digital content and Multimedia classroom among primary school level teachers. 154,100.00
1430 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2018-19-202294-03 Awareness training on safe food preperation and supply to the Upazila hotel, Restaurant owner and the workers. 129,600.00
1431 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2018-19-202294-02 Training on agricultural machinery handling techniques among the farmers. 186,570.00
1432 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2018-19-202294-01 Training to the secondary school teachers about how to create digital content in Science,Math and English and about multimedia classroom. 183,890.00
1433 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar CD-2018-19-208487-06 Training on natural disaster for local leader and volunteers 175,000.00
1434 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar CD-2018-19-208487-05 Training on capacity development for mason,carpenter and painter 155,000.00
1435 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar CD-2018-19-208487-04 Training on livestocks and management through modern technic 171,000.00
1436 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar CD-2018-19-208487-03 Integrated training on carp fish culture 126,000.00
1437 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar CD-2018-19-208487-02 Training on quality education and school management for the SMC members 184,000.00
1438 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar CD-2018-19-208487-01 Training on ICT and capacity development for officials of different office 189,000.00
1439 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar CD-2018- 19-201213-07 Training on Implementation of Qualitative Primary Education and prevention from the dropout students in School for Head Teacher and president of School Managing Committee (SMC) 125,620.00
1440 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar CD-2018- 19-201213-06 Awareness raising training on the formation of Narcotic, Eve Teasing and Militants free Society for the Secondary and higher Secondary level students. 143,280.00
1441 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar CD-2018- 19-201213-05 Skill Development training on Web portal and E-Filling of Upazila and Union Level Officers and Staffs. 190,220.00
1442 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar CD-2018- 19-201213-04 Awareness raising training for farmers on the production of Antibiotic free safe poultry meat and egg. 130,660.00
1443 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar CD-2018- 19-201213-03 Awareness raising training on increase and importance of Institutional Delivery 148,900.00
1444 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar CD-2018- 19-201213-02 Awareness raising training on EPI, Child and Non-cognizable diseases 130,660.00
1445 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar CD-2018- 19-201213-01 Farmers Training on Production of Poison free safe vegetavles using of organic methods avoiding the harmful pesticides. 130,660.00
1446 Chattogram Banshkhali CD-2018-19-2501508-06 Training of volunteers in costal areas before and after disasters. 175,014.00
1447 Chattogram Banshkhali CD-2018-19-2501508-05 Hand collage industry and sewing machine training for employment of unemployed touth. 166,668.00
1448 Chattogram Banshkhali CD-2018-19-2501508-04 Skill enhancement training for the dairy farmers for safe milk and meat production. 156,782.00
1449 Chattogram Banshkhali CD-2018-19-2501508-03 Public awareness training on prevention of drugs,dowry and child marriage among public representatives,quazis,imams and other dignitaries. 160,906.00
1450 Chattogram Banshkhali CD-2018-19-2501508-02 Capacity building training for the primary school teachers on create class-appropriate contentand make the classroom enjoyable and interesting . 167,212.00
1451 Chattogram Banshkhali CD-2018-19-2501508-01 Capacity building training for government employees and union council secretaries on facilitation of civic services through web portal and online access. 173,418.00
1452 Rangamati Langadu CD-2018-19-208458-07 Training to the poor people on disaster management and awareness building. 150,385.00
1453 Rangamati Langadu CD-2018-19-208458-06 Training to the fisherman on Curp Fish cultivation. 145,000.00
1454 Rangamati Langadu CD-2018-19-208458-05 Capacity Development Training to the Masons on quality work delivery while building infrastructure. 121,780.00
1455 Rangamati Langadu CD-2018-19-208458-04 Training to ABAK projects enlisted members on income generation through livestock farming, ginger and turmeric farming and capital management and proper use of loan. 136,600.00
1456 Rangamati Langadu CD-2018-19-208458-03 Campaign on resisting early marriage, resisting oppression on women and children and eve teasing to the Secondary School Students. 136,600.00
1457 Rangamati Langadu CD-2018-19-208458-02 Training to the village doctor and pharmacists on Antibiotic Awareness and infectious and non-infectious diseases. 119,660.00
1458 Rangamati Langadu CD-2018-19-208458-01 Training to the School, College and Madrasha Teachers on Multimedia Class room and developing digital content. 189,975.00
1459 Rangamati Kaptai CD-2018-19-208436-08 Campaign on stand against early marriage,women and child assault and eveteasing at secondary school. 119,020.00
1460 Rangamati Kaptai CD-2018-19-208436-07 Training on rairing cattle and poultry in advanced technology 101,000.00
1461 Rangamati Kaptai CD-2018-19-208436-06 Training on school management for SMC members 133,640.00
1462 Rangamati Kaptai CD-2018-19-208436-05 Training on ensuring supply of nutritious food by producing safe vegetable at home and empowering woman by enhancing farmers capability 161,300.00
1463 Rangamati Kaptai CD-2018-19-208436-04 Training on making Bag/purse and showpieces with crystal for poor co-operatives member of BRDB (Women empowerment) 142,240.00
1464 Rangamati Kaptai CD-2018-19-208436-03 Training on ICT (Multimedia classroom) for secondary teacher 122,650.00
1465 Rangamati Kaptai CD-2018-19-208436-02 Training on E-filing and updating UPZ webportal for officer and related staffs 103,950.00
1466 Rangamati Kaptai CD-2018-19-208436-01 Training for local people and volunteers for enhansing their skill to mitigate the loss caused by natural disaster and fire 116,200.00
1467 Noakhali Chatkhil CD-2018-19-207510-06 Training on safe vegetable production for farmers with modern technology 174,722.00
1468 Noakhali Chatkhil CD-2018-19-207510-05 Training for incresing knowledge prevent early marriage, dowery , terrorism to woman , social safetyness program with public representative , teacher, imam ,journalist. 157,884.00
1469 Noakhali Chatkhil CD-2018-19-207510-04 Training on ante natal care, delivery service and post natal care of pregnant mother 159,530.00
1470 Noakhali Chatkhil CD-2018-19-207510-03 Training on primary education improvement for head teacher & SMC sovapoti of primary school 145,300.00
1471 Noakhali Chatkhil CD-2018-19-207510-02 Training on national web portal & E- filing skill improve for staff and officer for upazila parishad 185,402.00
1472 Noakhali Chatkhil CD-2018-19-207510-01 Training on adolescent health care for school going girls student. (eight class to ten class) 177,162.00
1473 Noakhali Sonaimuri CD-2018-19-207583-07 Quality education, drug, eve teasing, child marriage, terrorist related campaign. 180,000.00
1474 Noakhali Sonaimuri CD-2018-19-207583-06 E-File and Portal Training for Government Staffs under Sonaimuri Upazila Parishad 180,000.00
1475 Noakhali Sonaimuri CD-2018-19-207583-05 NED, AIDS, NTB, RTI, TB etc. training 120,000.00
1476 Noakhali Sonaimuri CD-2018-19-207583-04 Multimedia Training for Teachers of Higher Secondary Schols and Madrasa 180,000.00
1477 Noakhali Sonaimuri CD-2018-19-207583-03 Agricultural Production Development Technology related training 120,000.00
1478 Noakhali Sonaimuri CD-2018-19-207583-02 Union wise Block Batik Training for women. 110,000.00
1479 Noakhali Sonaimuri CD-2018-19-207583-01 Scientific Fish Cultivation Training. 110,000.00
1480 Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar CD-2018-19-205143-07 Training of law enforcement on land-related legislation of public representative and civil society member 161,750.00
1481 Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar CD-2018-19-205143-06 Training of Upazila Parishad employees regarding office management, e-filing and web portal 190,200.00
1482 Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar CD-2018-19-205143-05 Training on antibiotic-free poultry production 110,350.00
1483 Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar CD-2018-19-205143-04 Training of farmers for intensive cultivation of monosex Tilapia fish 110,650.00
1484 Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar CD-2018-19-205143-03 Training of cultivators on vermicompost production 110,450.00
1485 Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar CD-2018-19-205143-02 Competitive Training on Free Lansing of Youth 129,700.00
1486 Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar CD-2018-19-205143-01 Skilled training English teachers of secondary level English teachers 186,900.00
1487 Lakshmipur Roypur CD-2018-19-205158-08 Awareness-raising meeting about health care during adolescence. 101,840.00
1488 Lakshmipur Roypur CD-2018-19-205158-07 Training on women's block batik and dress making. 181,400.00
1489 Lakshmipur Roypur CD-2018-19-205158-06 Training of unemployed youth on mobile servicing. 119,340.00
1490 Lakshmipur Roypur CD-2018-19-205158-05 Good agricultural management training on safe crop production. 120,640.00
1491 Lakshmipur Roypur CD-2018-19-205158-04 Training on fish in advanced technology. 120,640.00
1492 Lakshmipur Roypur CD-2018-19-205158-03 Training of cows rearing and raising of chickens in the modern way. 120,640.00
1493 Lakshmipur Roypur CD-2018-19-205158-02 Training of primary school teachers through multimedia teaching. 120,100.00
1494 Lakshmipur Roypur CD-2018-19-205158-01 Child awareness, evangelism, drug and anti-terrorism awareness meetings in educational institutions 115,400.00
1495 Lakshmipur Ramgati CD-2018-19-205173-06 Training for Primary school assistant teachers to use the multimedia classroom effectively 144,150.00
1496 Lakshmipur Ramgati CD-2018-19-205173-05 Training for secondary school assistant teachers to enhance their ability to use multimedia classrooms and I 191,375.00
1497 Lakshmipur Ramgati CD-2018-19-205173-04 Training on e-documents and national information for the officers and employees of various departments of the upazila 141,040.00
1498 Lakshmipur Ramgati CD-2018-19-205173-03 Training on self-employment of poor and unemployed young women through skill in knitting knitwear (Nakshi Katha) and hat. 163,585.00
1499 Lakshmipur Ramgati CD-2018-19-205173-02 Training on the impact of environment on shrimp Larva (PL) collection from natural sources and generating alternative income sources 181,900.00
1500 Lakshmipur Ramgati CD-2018-19-205173-01 Training on fruit and vegetable farming in different places of the house. 177,950.00
1501 Khagrachhari Ramgarh CD-2018-19-204680-07 Training on bash bet, cane furniture design ,making 146,500.00
1502 Khagrachhari Ramgarh CD-2018-19-204680-06 Training on safe water drinking 144,860.00
1503 Khagrachhari Ramgarh CD-2018-19-204680-05 Trainging on cow rearing and grass cultivation 151,620.00
1504 Khagrachhari Ramgarh CD-2018-19-204680-04 Trainging on mix fishculture ( Rui fish) 151,320.00
1505 Khagrachhari Ramgarh CD-2018-19-204680-03 Awearnes workshop on jonghi bad, child marrage ,evteasing , 112,240.00
1506 Khagrachhari Ramgarh CD-2018-19-204680-02 Training on reproductive health for Females 145,240.00
1507 Khagrachhari Ramgarh CD-2018-19-204680-01 Climate change adpat vagetable production training for farmers 148,220.00
1508 Khagrachhari Manikchhari CD-2018-19-204667-06 Awareness raising campaign on drug, terrorism, militancy, dowry and child marriage, and 180,560.00
1509 Khagrachhari Manikchhari CD-2018-19-204667-05 Training for auto drivers and motorcyclists about discipline and traffic laws 166,520.00
1510 Khagrachhari Manikchhari CD-2018-19-204667-04 Training on poultry, livestock and pigs raising for unemployed youths and poor helpless women 184,580.00
1511 Khagrachhari Manikchhari CD-2018-19-204667-03 Training on basic concepts of land management and prevention of illegal sand and soil erosion in the protection of the environment 153,600.00
1512 Khagrachhari Manikchhari CD-2018-19-204667-02 Awareness training in institutional delivery for nurses, family welfare inspectors and midwives in institutional delivery 149,620.00
1513 Khagrachhari Manikchhari CD-2018-19-204667-01 Training on mushroom cultivation for unemployed youth 165,120.00
1514 Khagrachhari Lakshmichhari CD-2018-19-204661-06 Training on maternal and child health and maternity services. 166,000.00
1515 Khagrachhari Lakshmichhari CD-2018-19-204661-05 Awareness training on child marriage prevention law and dowry 180,000.00
1516 Khagrachhari Lakshmichhari CD-2018-19-204661-04 Training on mushroom cultivation for unemployed youth and young women in the field of self-employment 150,000.00
1517 Khagrachhari Lakshmichhari CD-2018-19-204661-03 Modern livestock rearing and management training 166,000.00
1518 Khagrachhari Lakshmichhari CD-2018-19-204661-02 Training on the skill development of massion, dyes, tiles, and electricians. 159,000.00
1519 Khagrachhari Lakshmichhari CD-2018-19-204661-01 Farmer training for the creation of Malta and Dragon fruit gardens. 179,000.00
1520 Feni Daganbhuiyan CD-2018-19-203025-06 campaine in 8 union about prevent students from various antisocial activities and encouage them to study 148,644.00
1521 Feni Daganbhuiyan CD-2018-19-203025-05 training about against early marriage, ivteasing and disaster management to scouts 186,400.00
1522 Feni Daganbhuiyan CD-2018-19-203025-04 outsourching traing to unemplyee youths 185,400.00
1523 Feni Daganbhuiyan CD-2018-19-203025-03 block batick traning to poor women 146,900.00
1524 Feni Daganbhuiyan CD-2018-19-203025-02 Training about E-filing and Webportal to officer and office stuff of different depertment 142,856.00
1525 Feni Daganbhuiyan CD-2018-19-203025-01 professional skill developmet training of math sub teachers 189,800.00
1526 Feni Feni Sadar CD-2018-19-203029-06 Basic Training on PPR, VAT, Income Tax and Right to Information Act for Union Parishad Chairman, Secretary and Government Officers 150,300.00
1527 Feni Feni Sadar CD-2018-19-203029-05 Training on the conservation and development of indigenous species of native fish farmers 167,250.00
1528 Feni Feni Sadar CD-2018-19-203029-04 Training on cultivation of fruit production and vegetables in a planned way to meet the nutritional needs of marginal farmers. 135,520.00
1529 Feni Feni Sadar CD-2018-19-203029-03 awareness training on safe maternity for new couple's family 181,840.00
1530 Feni Feni Sadar CD-2018-19-203029-02 Training on beaf fattening 172,780.00
1531 Feni Feni Sadar CD-2018-19-203029-01 Training for teachers on the use of multimedia 192,310.00
1532 Cumilla Muradnagar CD-2018-19-201981-07 Training on E-Filing and Wave Fortal inplementation for Upazila leavel officials. 136,420.00
1533 Cumilla Muradnagar CD-2018-19-201981-06 Training on Batic and Block printing for increase IGA of womens. 151,985.00
1534 Cumilla Muradnagar CD-2018-19-201981-05 Training on vegetable cultivation by using modern and propetable process. 130,700.00
1535 Cumilla Muradnagar CD-2018-19-201981-04 Training on skill development of SBA for reduce mother and child death. 155,320.00
1536 Cumilla Muradnagar CD-2018-19-201981-03 Training on Dress making for womens. 160,875.00
1537 Cumilla Muradnagar CD-2018-19-201981-02 Farmers Training on safe and profitable meat production by beef fattening. 136,200.00
1538 Cumilla Muradnagar CD-2018-19-201981-01 Training on Farmars and Dealar awarness buildup judiciary use of pesticide. 128,500.00
1539 Cumilla Meghna CD-2018-19-201975-08 Farmer training on floating vegetable farming 123,000.00
1540 Cumilla Meghna CD-2018-19-201975-07 Campaign against child marriage, dowry, violense against women,drug abuse and militanc 163,000.00
1541 Cumilla Meghna CD-2018-19-201975-06 Training on how to do health care during adolescence 114,000.00
1542 Cumilla Meghna CD-2018-19-201975-05 Training on modern fish culture for employment 100,000.00
1543 Cumilla Meghna CD-2018-19-201975-04 Training on school management for primary school head teachers and school management committee chairs 101,500.00
1544 Cumilla Meghna CD-2018-19-201975-03 Block batick & printing traning for youth women 120,000.00
1545 Cumilla Meghna CD-2018-19-201975-02 Assistant Teacher Mathematics and English Subject-based skills development training 140,000.00
1546 Cumilla Meghna CD-2018-19-201975-01 E-filing and webportal training for UZP officials 138,500.00
1547 Cumilla Laksam CD-2018-19-201972-06 Training on development of Multimedia content of Primary school Teachers 168,700.00
1548 Cumilla Laksam CD-2018-19-201972-05 Training on the need of E-Namjari, Online land development tax collection and Dakhila 169,650.00
1549 Cumilla Laksam CD-2018-19-201972-04 Training on pesticide-free safe vegetable and fruits production 133,500.00
1550 Cumilla Laksam CD-2018-19-201972-03 Training on Modern cultivation process of Pabda, Golsa, shing and Magur Fish 165,700.00
1551 Cumilla Laksam CD-2018-19-201972-02 Training on ICT for teachers of secondary schools 174,200.00
1552 Cumilla Laksam CD-2018-19-201972-01 Training on Batik & Block Printing 188,250.00
1553 Cumilla Nangalkot CD- 2018-19-201987-06 Campaign against drugs, militancy, women and child abuse for teachers, Imam, priests, marriage registers, students, guardians, journalists and dignitaries . 146,044.00
1554 Cumilla Nangalkot CD- 2018-19-201987-05 Promoting awareness of adolescent health care, evangelism, dowry and early marriage in adolescents in secondary school. 176,500.00
1555 Cumilla Nangalkot CD- 2018-19-201987-04 Training for poor, widows, divorced women on handicrafts (Bamboo, cane, nakshi kantha and net making). 172,700.00
1556 Cumilla Nangalkot CD- 2018-19-201987-03 Training on year-round pesticide free vegetables and fruit cultivation in the homestead area. 191,700.00
1557 Cumilla Nangalkot CD- 2018-19-201987-02 Training on safe poultry and egg production and farm waste management. 191,906.00
1558 Cumilla Nangalkot CD- 2018-19-201987-01 Promoting awareness in municipal, secondary and higher secondary education institutions regarding dengue. 121,150.00
1559 Cumilla Daudkandi CD-2018-19-201936-07 An awarenss campaign on drug, Ivteasting, child marriage and women harassment of the school students in the secondary levela. 101,480.00
1560 Cumilla Daudkandi CD-2018-19-201936-06 A training program on skill develop of construction wark of Mason/ contruction labour at differnen union in the upazila 103,800.00
1561 Cumilla Daudkandi CD-2018-19-201936-05 A training program on ICT for govt.primary school teachers 155,580.00
1562 Cumilla Daudkandi CD-2018-19-201936-04 A training program on skill develop of creative lession on mathematic and english for (secondary/madrasha) teachers in the secondary level 155,580.00
1563 Cumilla Daudkandi CD-2018-19-201936-03 A training program on modern dairy farm management of dairy farmers. 155,580.00
1564 Cumilla Daudkandi CD-2018-19-201936-02 A training program on one village one electrician to ensure self employment of unemployment youth. 172,400.00
1565 Cumilla Daudkandi CD-2018-19-201936-01 A training on safe delivery and new born children to increas quality service ensure for field level staff of health and family planning department. 155,580.00
1566 Chattogram Patiya CD-2018-19-201561-06 Training on commercial based carp tilapia fisheries for fishermen 157,584.00
1567 Chattogram Patiya CD-2018-19-201561-05 Training on environment friendly agriculture and adaptation to current agriculture for farmers 161,328.00
1568 Chattogram Patiya CD-2018-19-201561-04 Training on Traffic law and public awareness raising for vehicle drivers. 176,688.00
1569 Chattogram Patiya CD-2018-19-201561-03 Training on livestock breeding to improve the capacity of small, medium marginal livestock farmers. 151,904.00
1570 Chattogram Patiya CD-2018-19-201561-02 Training on e-filing and web portals to improve the skills of officers and employees of Upazila Parishad 186,356.00
1571 Chattogram Patiya CD-2018-19-201561-01 The campaign for the students on issues related to prevention of drug and sexual harassment. 166,140.00
1572 Chattogram Fatikchhari CD-2018-19-201533-06 Training on quality improvement of the overall management and primary education of the school 173,600.00
1573 Chattogram Fatikchhari CD-2018-19-201533-05 Training on advanced method of fisheries 173,600.00
1574 Chattogram Fatikchhari CD-2018-19-201533-04 Training on Malaria and dengue management for SACMOs, Health assistants and CHCPs 179,400.00
1575 Chattogram Fatikchhari CD-2018-19-201533-03 Training on the modern techniques of fruit production for gardeners 169,600.00
1576 Chattogram Fatikchhari CD-2018-19-201533-02 Training on e-mutation for land office service providers 160,800.00
1577 Chattogram Fatikchhari CD-2018-19-201533-01 Training on e-filing and webportal for officers and employees working in Fatikchhari Upazila Parishad 143,000.00
1578 Chattogram Boalkhali CD-2018-19-201512-07 Training for the contractors and associates to improve the quality of construction works. 111,200.00
1579 Chattogram Boalkhali CD-2018-19-201512-06 Web Portal and E-filing training for the Upazila staff members, Union Council Secrery and Local entreprenuer. 143,250.00
1580 Chattogram Boalkhali CD-2018-19-201512-05 Campaign on Adolescent and Reproductive health for the scondary school students. 175,700.00
1581 Chattogram Boalkhali CD-2018-19-201512-04 Training for the primary school teachers to enhance teaching capacity on English. 148,020.00
1582 Chattogram Boalkhali CD-2018-19-201512-03 Training on Anti-microbial resistance protect, anti-biotic free and steroid free fattening, milk and egg production. 119,790.00
1583 Chattogram Boalkhali CD-2018-19-201512-02 Aquaculture training following Bio-Flock technology. 149,020.00
1584 Chattogram Boalkhali CD-2018-19-201512-01 Farmers training on safe vegetables and fruits production. 153,020.00
1585 Chattogram Raozan CD-2018-19-201574-06 Training on Vermy Compost Fertilizer Production for Farmers 104,645.00
1586 Chattogram Raozan CD-2018-19-201574-05 Campaign on Early Marriage and Dowry, Eve Teasing, Drug and Militancy at School level 183,300.00
1587 Chattogram Raozan CD-2018-19-201574-04 Training on Graphics Design and Out sourcing/Freelanching for educated unemployed youths 187,110.00
1588 Chattogram Raozan CD-2018-19-201574-03 Training on Web portal and E-filing for UP Secretaries, Office and Account's Assistants including other staffs of Upazila Parishad 172,400.00
1589 Chattogram Raozan CD-2018-19-201574-02 Training on Conducting Multimedia Classroom and Ensuring Proper Utilization of ICT materials for High School Teachers 190,000.00
1590 Chattogram Raozan CD-2018-19-201574-01 Training on Beads made Showpiece and Purse/Hand bag making for Poor cooperative Samite women 162,545.00
1591 Chattogram Rangunia CD-2018-19-201570-07 Rescue training for post deasester(fire, Road accident,Land slid) 122,200.00
1592 Chattogram Rangunia CD-2018-19-201570-06 Training on Earlly marriage & sexuale harasment protection 148,900.00
1593 Chattogram Rangunia CD-2018-19-201570-05 Training on multimedia content & ICT for secondary school teachers 140,870.00
1594 Chattogram Rangunia CD-2018-19-201570-04 Training on Fish production system & preservation. 164,260.00
1595 Chattogram Rangunia CD-2018-19-201570-03 Training for safe/poision free milk & meat production 133,010.00
1596 Chattogram Rangunia CD-2018-19-201570-02 Training for awareness building of Antee natal care & post Natal care 152,200.00
1597 Chattogram Rangunia CD-2018-19-201570-01 Technology of Envoronment friendly & Safe (poision free) Crops production. 138,560.00
1598 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar CD-2018-19-201207-06 To fulfill the local nutritional needs. of the meat and creation employment of the local youth by the conduction of beef fattening training 179,600.00
1599 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar CD-2018-19-201207-05 To enhance the skills of school and madrassa teachers the conduction of the training multimedia classes 168,180.00
1600 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar CD-2018-19-201207-04 To create self-employment field among unemployed youth by the conduction of the Block batik training 178,960.00
1601 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar CD-2018-19-201207-03 Arranging of the workshop and providing of the conciseness to adolescents girls of the high school and madrassa raising of the awareness at the upazila level 171,420.00
1602 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar CD-2018-19-201207-02 Conduction of the free-lancing training for poor unemployed youth educated and ensure employment for the contribution people and family 150,920.00
1603 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar CD-2018-19-201207-01 By providing Web portal updates, e-mailing and computer training of the upazila level II and III employees and the government service easier and more accessible to the people 150,920.00
1604 Brahmanbaria Kasba CD-2018-19-201263-07 CNG, Zip & truck driver training for traffic law for road safety 116,250.00
1605 Brahmanbaria Kasba CD-2018-19-201263-06 Capable training in the development of financial condition of the farmers to reduce the yield gap and the quality seed production and conservation techniques. 143,080.00
1606 Brahmanbaria Kasba CD-2018-19-201263-05 E-filling & web portal training for UZP officials 117,220.00
1607 Brahmanbaria Kasba CD-2018-19-201263-04 Campaign against child marriage, violense against women, eve teasing, drug abuse, dowry 171,600.00
1608 Brahmanbaria Kasba CD-2018-19-201263-03 Marginalized women entrepreneurship through nakshi Kantha sewing training. 136,000.00
1609 Brahmanbaria Kasba CD-2018-19-201263-02 Training for English teachers in the higher schools and madrassas of Kosaba Upazila to gain more proficiency in English. 172,250.00
1610 Brahmanbaria Kasba CD-2018-19-201263-01 Awareness Workshops Healthcare and Adolescence for High School and Madrassa Adolescent Students. 143,600.00
1611 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2018-19-201290-08 Computer training for unemployed youth 135,975.00
1612 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2018-19-201290-07 Training in the making of bags, garlands, miscreants of unemployed women 157,780.00
1613 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2018-19-201290-06 Training on IT for Govt. office staff 110,935.00
1614 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2018-19-201290-05 Training on cottage industry for women members of BRDB-based associations/groups 100,320.00
1615 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2018-19-201290-04 Training on tailoring for rural maternity 131,540.00
1616 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2018-19-201290-03 Workshops on the duties and responsibilities of the members of the governing council of secondary and higher level educational institutions to improve the quality of education. 103,250.00
1617 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2018-19-201290-02 Training on digital content creation of Govt. primary school head teachers 160,200.00
1618 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2018-19-201290-01 workshops on how to improve the health and mental development of children under the age of five 100,000.00
1619 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2018-19-201202-08 Training on apiculture for unemployed youth. 115,000.00
1620 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2018-19-201202-07 Awareness training on pre-natal and post-natal health care and newborn care to prevent infant and maternal mortality. 100,000.00
1621 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2018-19-201202-06 Training on skills enhancement of meat and poultry traders in providing healthy meat 115,000.00
1622 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2018-19-201202-05 Mobile phone servicing training for unemployed youth women. 120,000.00
1623 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2018-19-201202-04 environmentally friendly food production and family nutrition training 130,000.00
1624 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2018-19-201202-03 Workshop on awareness about women and child abuse, eveteasing, early marriage prevention. 140,000.00
1625 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2018-19-201202-02 E-filling training for UZP officials 110,000.00
1626 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2018-19-201202-01 Enhancement training for secondary level teachers in science and mathematics training for secondary level assistant teachers 170,000.00
1627 Bandarban Bandarban Sadar CD-2018-19-200314-07 Workshop on awareness building for the driver and helper Jeep, Car and Micro Bus for reduction of road accident. 189,585.00
1628 Bandarban Bandarban Sadar CD-2018-19-200314-06 Training about Integrated fish cultivation and management 119,794.00
1629 Bandarban Bandarban Sadar CD-2018-19-200314-05 Training about Use of environment friendly Agri Technology for the production of Safe Agri Product. 114,005.00
1630 Bandarban Bandarban Sadar CD-2018-19-200314-04 Workshop on Qualitative Development of Primary Education at Upazila. 112,499.00
1631 Bandarban Bandarban Sadar CD-2018-19-200314-03 Training about Land management of Headman and Union Parishad Chairman 102,489.00
1632 Bandarban Bandarban Sadar CD-2018-19-200314-02 Workshop on Upazilla Official about E-Filing, Internet, EGP and managment of local government. 178,218.00
1633 Bandarban Bandarban Sadar CD-2018-19-200314-01 Campaign against Early Marriage, Drugs, Terrorism, Sex Harrasment and Dowry at Upazila. 183,410.00
1634 Bandarban Ruma CD-2018-19-200391-08 Training and awareness building workshop on NCD (Non- Communicable Deasease), Dengue and malariya for Religious leader and Headman of Ruma Upazila. 122,360.00
1635 Bandarban Ruma CD-2018-19-200391-07 Workshops on awareness and control of drug use, social crime prevention, environment and forest protection for local headmen, businessmen and UP members 126,770.00
1636 Bandarban Ruma CD-2018-19-200391-06 Training on Upazilas fisherman for their nutrition and economic development. 126,770.00
1637 Bandarban Ruma CD-2018-19-200391-05 Training for the UP Disaster management Committee Member for giving service in disaster period 105,140.00
1638 Bandarban Ruma CD-2018-19-200391-04 Training on ANC,PNC and ENC of Mid-Wives 122,360.00
1639 Bandarban Ruma CD-2018-19-200391-03 Workshop on Mashroom Production of unemployed women of Ruma Upazila 153,870.00
1640 Bandarban Ruma CD-2018-19-200391-02 Training on Kofi Conservation, Preservation, mananagement and marketing for village farmers 127,370.00
1641 Bandarban Ruma CD-2018-19-200391-01 Workshop on Extention Kabing Program in Primary School at Ruma Upazila 115,360.00
1642 Rangamati Barkal CD-2018-19-208421-06 Training on Beekeeping 160,000.00
1643 Rangamati Barkal CD-2018-19-208421-05 Integrated fishery training 170,000.00
1644 Rangamati Barkal CD-2018-19-208421-04 Training on Repairing of Tube well and ring well for village ring well and tube well Caretaker 165,000.00
1645 Rangamati Barkal CD-2018-19-208421-03 Awareness meeting with secondary school students on a of early marriage protection,dowry,woman and child protection 165,000.00
1646 Rangamati Barkal CD-2018-19-208421-02 Training on poultry and cattle rearing through modern method. 160,000.00
1647 Rangamati Barkal CD-2018-19-208421-01 Training on Whole year yeild production by the farmers through modern method . 180,000.00
1648 Rangamati Belaichari CD-2018-2019-208429-09 Training on building consiousness on safe motherhood, reproductive health, EPI and other primary health service 103,242.00
1649 Rangamati Belaichari CD-2018-2019-208429-08 Training workshop on Drugs, Terrorism and Militancy 108,570.00
1650 Rangamati Belaichari CD-2018-2019-208429-07 Training on agriculture and irrigation in modern technology 110,200.00
1651 Rangamati Belaichari CD-2018-2019-208429-06 Training for cooperatives on made rattan basket and putty showpiece 110,563.00
1652 Rangamati Belaichari CD-2018-2019-208429-05 Training on repair and mantenance of water source for caretakers at source. 100,055.00
1653 Rangamati Belaichari CD-2018-2019-208429-04 Training on Cows rearing in modern technology 109,646.00
1654 Rangamati Belaichari CD-2018-2019-208429-03 Training on Roles and responsibilities of the members of School Managing Committee 111,024.00
1655 Rangamati Belaichari CD-2018-2019-208429-02 Training workshop on Child Marriage Restraint act for Kazi, Imams, public representatives and womens 105,610.00
1656 Rangamati Belaichari CD-2018-2019-208429-01 Training on traffic law for motorbikes, jeeps and bike drivers 141,090.00
1657 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2018-19-208425-08 Training on banana and Malta cultivation in modern technology 108,850.00
1658 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2018-19-208425-07 Training on native small fish cultivation 117,140.00
1659 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2018-19-208425-06 Training on pre and post delivery health services and careing of new born 110,450.00
1660 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2018-19-208425-05 Training on making Mora, Kula, Chaluni etc for poor co-operatives member of BRDB (Women empowerment) 145,900.00
1661 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2018-19-208425-04 Training on mobile servicing for umemployed poor youths 162,960.00
1662 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2018-19-208425-03 Training on Turkey and Koel rearing for poor youths and marginized farm owners 123,500.00
1663 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2018-19-208425-02 Training on E-filing and updating UPZ webportal for officer and related staffs 115,000.00
1664 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2018-19-208425-01 Ttraining for local people and volunteers for enhansing their skill to mitigate the loss caused by natural disaster and fire 116,200.00
1665 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2018-2019-207580-08 Training on livestock 103,300.00
1666 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2018-2019-207580-07 Training for farmers on poison free vegetables 105,760.00
1667 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2018-2019-207580-06 Training on how to face natural diasters 111,730.00
1668 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2018-2019-207580-05 Training for young Students on Puberity 118,890.00
1669 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2018-2019-207580-04 Training on advanced fish cultivation 116,460.00
1670 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2018-2019-207580-03 Training on poultry 106,320.00
1671 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2018-2019-207580-02 Training on how to make show-pieces 171,400.00
1672 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2018-2019-207580-01 Campaign to stom Drug abuse and Eve teasing 166,140.00
1673 Noakhali Begumganj CD 2018-19-207507-06 Training program on land management for Public representatives, educational institution heads, and local elites under Begumganj Upazila. 160,000.00
1674 Noakhali Begumganj CD 2018-19-207507-05 Capacity development and earning generating training program on Dairy cow farming for unemployed youth. 170,000.00
1675 Noakhali Begumganj CD 2018-19-207507-04 Capacity development training of motor vehicle drivers of Begumganj Upazila. 170,000.00
1676 Noakhali Begumganj CD 2018-19-207507-03 Fish cultivation training in flood flow zone. 160,000.00
1677 Noakhali Begumganj CD 2018-19-207507-02 Training program on Nutrition, Autism, arsenicosis, and new emulating diseases 160,000.00
1678 Noakhali Begumganj CD 2018-19-207507-01 Portal Management Training of the Staffs of different Government Offices under Begumganj Upazila. 180,000.00
1679 Noakhali Companigonj CD-2018-19-207521-10 Campaign awarness raising on Protect Dengue and Mosquit eleminetion 100,000.00
1680 Noakhali Companigonj CD-2018-19-207521-09 Training on Income Generating Activities for BRDB Members 100,000.00
1681 Noakhali Companigonj CD-2018-19-207521-08 Training on Capacity building for teachers on Math and English 100,000.00
1682 Noakhali Companigonj CD-2018-19-207521-07 Training of Poultry farmer Develop and Modern technology management and Use 100,000.00
1683 Noakhali Companigonj CD-2018-19-207521-06 Training on Increase Rice Productivity, Free of Poision vegetable cultivision and establish fruit garden 100,000.00
1684 Noakhali Companigonj CD-2018-19-207521-05 Training on Land Management for general People 100,000.00
1685 Noakhali Companigonj CD-2018-19-207521-04 Training on Non Comunicable Disease and Life Skill Change 100,000.00
1686 Noakhali Companigonj CD-2018-19-207521-03 Training on Road Safety Solution 100,000.00
1687 Noakhali Companigonj CD-2018-19-207521-02 Campaign on Ending early marriage, Stop of all discrimanation against women and against Intoxicating 100,000.00
1688 Noakhali Companigonj CD-2018-19-207521-01 Training on Reproductive health for Secondary School women teachers 100,000.00
1689 Noakhali Hatiya CD-2018-19-207536-06 Training workshop e-document management of employees working in the Hatiya Upazila parishad including the UP secretary and the Government offices. 162,480.00
1690 Noakhali Hatiya CD-2018-19-207536-05 Skills development training in the faculty of veterinary behavioral Women. 158,540.00
1691 Noakhali Hatiya CD-2018-19-207536-04 Training on Digital contant creation and teaching 187,150.00
1692 Noakhali Hatiya CD-2018-19-207536-03 Training of vegetable cultivation in the flowers and homesteads of the beneficiaries of different unions of the upazila. 178,600.00
1693 Noakhali Hatiya CD-2018-19-207536-02 Basic training on keeping cattle and poultry chickens in modern methods of marginal weeding 177,430.00
1694 Noakhali Hatiya CD-2018-19-207536-01 Training on the production of vermicompost production of farmers for the protection of soil helth and increase in the production of sustainable crops of upazila. 135,800.00
1695 Noakhali Noakhali Sadar CD 2018-19-207587-06 Training on Web Portal Management for Staffs of Government Offices under Noakhali Sadar Upazila Parishad. 166,000.00
1696 Noakhali Noakhali Sadar CD 2018-19-207587-05 Block Batik Training Course for the Skill Development and Employment Generation of Unemployed Youth Women. 189,000.00
1697 Noakhali Noakhali Sadar CD 2018-19-207587-04 Vaccinators Training to Provide Union Level Intensive Livestock Healthcare Services. 160,000.00
1698 Noakhali Noakhali Sadar CD 2018-19-207587-03 Training on Nutrition, Autism, Arsenicosis and Neo-Emergent Disease (NED). 160,000.00
1699 Noakhali Noakhali Sadar CD 2018-19-207587-02 Training on ICT Material Usage for Teachers of Secondary Schools and Madrasas. 165,000.00
1700 Noakhali Noakhali Sadar CD 2018-19-207587-01 Training on Safe Vegetable Production Techniques and Cultivation of High Value Crops. 160,000.00
1701 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar CD-2018-2019-205133-08 Training on Web Portal Updates for Upazila Government Officers and Employees. 146,840.00
1702 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar CD-2018-2019-205133-07 Awareness training on land transfer process, payment of land development tax, payment and filing requirements 148,000.00
1703 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar CD-2018-2019-205133-06 Campaigns on the use of safe water, sanitation and hygiene and health education in everyday life 110,560.00
1704 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar CD-2018-2019-205133-05 Training on the production, storage and storage of high quality seeds at the farmer level 106,360.00
1705 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar CD-2018-2019-205133-04 Scientific training of cattle fattening and poultry training. 106,360.00
1706 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar CD-2018-2019-205133-03 Training on unemployed young women making nakshi kantha. 116,120.00
1707 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar CD-2018-2019-205133-02 Increase teachers' ability to deliver lessons through the use of multimedia content. 134,300.00
1708 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar CD-2018-2019-205133-01 Training on competent mothers, pregnant mothers and children's health and nutrition. 131,460.00
1709 Khagrachhari Panchhari CD-2018-19-204677-06 Training on different fish cultiveting 139,320.00
1710 Khagrachhari Panchhari CD-2018-19-204677-05 Training on Bee harvesting 150,100.00
1711 Khagrachhari Panchhari CD-2018-19-204677-04 Training on House wireing/plumbing for Unemployed youth 156,250.00
1712 Khagrachhari Panchhari CD-2018-19-204677-03 Training on repairing Auto-rickshaw/Mahindra for Unemployed youth 175,830.00
1713 Khagrachhari Panchhari CD-2018-19-204677-02 Training on how to drive for Unemployed youth 189,500.00
1714 Khagrachhari Panchhari CD-2018-19-204677-01 Training on learning Mother language 189,000.00
1715 Khagrachhari Dighinala CD-2018-19-204643-08 Training to the peoples representatives, traditional leaders and scouts on disaster mitigation (Land errosion, fire, flash flood, thunder and earth quack). 100,360.00
1716 Khagrachhari Dighinala CD-2018-19-204643-07 Beautyfication training to the youth girls. 154,200.00
1717 Khagrachhari Dighinala CD-2018-19-204643-06 Training to BRDB enrolled cooperative members on Ginger, Turmeric and Banana farming. 108,760.00
1718 Khagrachhari Dighinala CD-2018-19-204643-05 Training on Kuchia fish farming. 104,840.00
1719 Khagrachhari Dighinala CD-2018-19-204643-04 Basic in service training to the non govt. primary school teachers for skill development. 128,500.00
1720 Khagrachhari Dighinala CD-2018-19-204643-03 Enterpreneurship development to the youth through Batik and Block Printing. 178,340.00
1721 Khagrachhari Dighinala CD-2018-19-204643-02 Training on modern dairy livestock and poultry farming. 122,320.00
1722 Khagrachhari Dighinala CD-2018-19-204643-01 Training on profitable and safe crops cultivation in place of harmful tobacco cultivation. 102,680.00
1723 Khagrachhari Matiranga CD-2018-2019-204670-06 Training of ICT,office management,Electronic file management of office assistants for all Upazila level officers to improve efficiancy. 179,360.00
1724 Khagrachhari Matiranga CD-2018-2019-204670-5 Training on dowry Prevention law to raise awareness. 118,720.00
1725 Khagrachhari Matiranga CD-2018-2018-204670-4 Training of fishery farmers on the management of crab national fish farming to increase fishary production and self employment . 130,040.00
1726 Khagrachhari Matiranga CD-2018-2019-204670-3 Training of farmers on Vermicompost earthworms Production. 191,540.00
1727 Khagrachhari Matiranga CD-2018-2019-204670-2 Improved hygiene of livestock and training of animal breeds for the control of zoonotic diseases. 189,820.00
1728 Khagrachhari Matiranga CD-2018-2019- 204670-01 Training on Motorbike driver CNG Driver,Truck drivers and civil Society representatives on trafic laws to ensure safe roads. 190,520.00
1729 Feni Fulgazi CD-2018-19-203041-07 Training on Land lawsa and Land management 108,760.00
1730 Feni Fulgazi CD-2018-19-203041-06 Campaign to stop terrorism, Drug And eve-teasing 115,760.00
1731 Feni Fulgazi CD-2018-19-203041-05 Training for farmers on soil management 116,260.00
1732 Feni Fulgazi CD-2018-19-203041-04 Training on Multimedia for teachers 160,080.00
1733 Feni Fulgazi CD-2018-19-203041-03 Trining on E-portal and E-nothi for govt. Officials 152,160.00
1734 Feni Fulgazi CD-2018-19-203041-02 Training on Cow Management 155,680.00
1735 Feni Fulgazi CD-2018-19-203041-01 Training on Block-Batin for poor women 191,300.00
1736 Coxbazar chakaria CD-2018-19-201518-07 Training for crab farmers use in modern technology and skill development. 106,344.00
1737 Coxbazar chakaria CD-2018-19-201518-06 Training for School management committee for the enhancement of education. 176,100.00
1738 Coxbazar chakaria CD-2018-19-201518-05 Training for unemployed youth women on Beautification. 130,570.00
1739 Coxbazar chakaria CD-2018-19-201518-04 Training about produce u.m .s and build up healthy domestic animal. 123,580.00
1740 Coxbazar chakaria CD-2018-19-201518-03 Training to upazila Officers and staffs on data input/output and information management in official web portal. 142,856.00
1741 Coxbazar chakaria CD-2018-19-201518-02 Out-sourching training Course to creat self-employed for youth. 190,400.00
1742 Coxbazar chakaria CD-2018-19-201518-01 Training for midwife on Safe and Normal delivery process. 130,150.00
1743 Cumilla Chauddagram CD-2018-19-201931-07 Training for youths, how want to go abroad and how to stop money laundering 125,740.00
1744 Cumilla Chauddagram CD-2018-19-201931-06 Training on how to cultivate vegetables on Home yard 131,280.00
1745 Cumilla Chauddagram CD-2018-19-201931-05 Training for Young boys and girls on how to handle puberty 141,580.00
1746 Cumilla Chauddagram CD-2018-19-201931-04 Training to different peoples on poultry farming 126,360.00
1747 Cumilla Chauddagram CD-2018-19-201931-03 Training to eradicate terrorism, Drug, child marrige and dowry 144,280.00
1748 Cumilla Chauddagram CD-2018-19-201931-02 Training for Sakeholders to stop students from leaving schools 187,480.00
1749 Cumilla Chauddagram CD-2018-19-201931-01 Training for Secondary School Teachers on developing themselves 143,280.00
1750 Cumilla Adarsha Sadar CD 201967-2018-19-06 Training on PNC, NC, ANC for midwives, village doctors and CSBAs. 177,800.00
1751 Cumilla Adarsha Sadar CD 201967-2018-19-05 Skill development training for construction worker on sustainable and climate resilience infra-structure development. 187,800.00
1752 Cumilla Adarsha Sadar CD 201967-2018-19-04 Training on subjective skill development for secondary level assistant school teacher (Mathematics and Communicative English) 152,400.00
1753 Cumilla Adarsha Sadar CD 201967-2018-19-03 Training on subjective skill development for secondary level assistant school teacher (Mathematics and English) 152,400.00
1754 Cumilla Adarsha Sadar CD 201967-2018-19-02 Training on modern dairy farming for dairy farmer 142,200.00
1755 Cumilla Adarsha Sadar CD 201967-2018-19-01 Block batik and tailoring training for registered fishermen and their family members. 187,400.00
1756 Cumilla Burichang CD-2018-19. 201918.06 Awareness training on Family planning, safe maternity, mother and child health and nutrition for new couples 153,040.00
1757 Cumilla Burichang CD-2018-19. 201918.05 Training on improvement of lessons in classroom through multimedia projector 182,140.00
1758 Cumilla Burichang CD-2018-19. 201918.04 Training on pesticide-free vegetable production 134,400.00
1759 Cumilla Burichang CD-2018-19. 201918.03 Training on Modern and science-based new species of fish farming. 175,790.00
1760 Cumilla Burichang CD-2018-19. 201918.02 Skill Development Program for the youth through mobile servicing training 183,430.00
1761 Cumilla Burichang CD-2018-19. 201918.01 Training on First Aid primary medical services to combat disaster/accident 171,200.00
1762 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin CD-2018-19-201933-06 Capacity building training for the National Building Code among the common people of the backward and backward classes of the society for sustainable development. 187,100.00
1763 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin CD-2018-19-201933-05 Training course for Self-help training through providing handicrafts training for rural children 162,600.00
1764 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin CD-2018-19-201933-04 Basic training on farm management and cattle breeding 187,150.00
1765 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin CD-2018-19-201933-03 Training on Land management and e-nomination training among the staff members of the office staff and union councils and local people . 187,150.00
1766 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin CD-2018-19-201933-02 Awareness Raising training for Skill training for health workers to improve the quality of post-pre-delivery, post-delivery and post-delivery services 140,200.00
1767 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin CD-2018-19-201933-01 Basic training on the preparation of vegetable and fruitbag in the Basement and roof gardens and floating houses of the upazila 135,800.00
1768 Cumilla Titas CD-2018-19-201994-6 Training on block-batik-printing and market management for the employment of unemployed women 171,760.00
1769 Cumilla Titas CD-2018-19-201994-5, Training on e-document management for the employees of the Upazila Parishad 128,970.00
1770 Cumilla Titas CD-2018-19-201994-4 Training to improve the vocational skills of madrassas and secondary school teachers to improve the quality of mathematics and English education 155,760.00
1771 Cumilla Titas CD-2018-19-201994-3 Training on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation at the local level 187,050.00
1772 Cumilla Titas CD-2018-19-201994-2 Workshop on the school management committee to improve the quality of praimary education and prevent falls. 162,800.00
1773 Cumilla Titas CD-2018-19-201994-1 Vagetable farming and poultry rearing training to increase the income of the capable disable. 193,660.00
1774 Chattogram Chandanaish CD-2018-19-201518-06 Trainng to Imams of mosque on how to eradicate terrorism 189,920.00
1775 Chattogram Chandanaish CD-2018-19-201518-05 Training on how to Develop poultry 152,640.00
1776 Chattogram Chandanaish CD-2018-19-201518-04 Training on Block-Batik 189,300.00
1777 Chattogram Chandanaish CD-2018-19-201518-03 Training for Civil society on how to stop child marriage 189,920.00
1778 Chattogram Chandanaish CD-2018-19-201518-02 Traing on Land laws and LAND MANAGEMENT 144,680.00
1779 Chattogram Chandanaish CD-2018-19-201518-01 Training for Girls about Puberity & Menopause 133,540.00
1780 Chattogram Sandwip CD-2018-19-201578-07 Training on Creative Mathematics for High school teachers 103,700.00
1781 Chattogram Sandwip CD-2018-19-201578-06 Awareness Campaign on Nutrition for 20-50 aged women at Union level 128,450.00
1782 Chattogram Sandwip CD-2018-19-201578-05 Training on Management and Reproductive Health of Hybrid Mother cow 103,700.00
1783 Chattogram Sandwip CD-2018-19-201578-04 Training on Integrated Singi, Magur and Koi fish Cultivation 103,700.00
1784 Chattogram Sandwip CD-2018-19-201578-03 Training on Integrated Pest Management and Safe Crop Production, Cultivation of Salt Tolerant Crops 189,000.00
1785 Chattogram Sandwip CD-2018-19-201578-02 Campaign on Early Marriage and Dowry, Eve Teasing, Drug and Militancy at School level 183,300.00
1786 Chattogram Sandwip CD-2018-19-201578-01 Capacity building training on Mobile Servicing for youths 188,150.00
1787 Chandpur Shahrasti CD-2018-19-201395-06 Awareness campaign on prevention of drug, terrorism, militancy, child marriage and abolition of women for school students and parents. 187,100.00
1788 Chandpur Shahrasti CD-2018-19-201395-05 Monthly Legal Training for People and Civil Society Representatives 162,600.00
1789 Chandpur Shahrasti CD-2018-19-201395-04 Consumer rights legal training for local businesses and buyers 187,150.00
1790 Chandpur Shahrasti CD-2018-19-201395-03 Skill development training in creating show-pitches for young women 187,150.00
1791 Chandpur Shahrasti CD-2018-19-201395-02 Basic training on farm management and livestock breeding 140,200.00
1792 Chandpur Shahrasti CD-2018-19-201395-01 Increased training on health awareness for adolescents aged 10 to 19 years 135,800.00
1793 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD 2018-19-201322-08 Training on physical therapy for deferently able childern and their family and school teacher. 130,100.00
1794 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD 2018-19-201322-07 Training on mobile servicing for unemployed youth. 127,000.00
1795 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD 2018-19-201322-06 Training on mother and child health and family planning for paid free volunteer 128,900.00
1796 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD 2018-19-201322-05 Training on graphics design and freelancing for educated youth. 130,500.00
1797 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD 2018-19-201322-04 Training on block batik and cristal product making for women cooperative members of Asrayan Project. 113,000.00
1798 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD 2018-19-201322-03 Training on E-filing and Webportal management for UP sochib, accountant and office assistant. 118,100.00
1799 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD 2018-19-201322-02 Training on ICT and multimedia uses in classroom for secondary school teachers. 129,000.00
1800 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD 2018-19-201322-01 Training on cow farming. 123,400.00
1801 Barhamonbaraia Nabinagar CD-2018-19-201285-06 The importance of cleanliness, clean food service training on staff of hotel, restaurant, and, food shop 182,080.00
1802 Barhamonbaraia Nabinagar CD-2018-19-201285-05 By arranging the workshops for CNG Auto rickshaw cars, buses, truck drivers to raising the awareness of road accidents 132,096.00
1803 Barhamonbaraia Nabinagar CD-2018-19-201285-04 The conduction of the mathematics training for teachers of Secondary level to improve their skills in mathematics to achieve good results in mathematics at High level. 191,132.00
1804 Barhamonbaraia Nabinagar CD-2018-19-201285-03 By the providing of awareness rising training to increase of efficiency of the governing body secondary schools and expansion of the Members ideas and Knowledge and about SMC 191,176.00
1805 Barhamonbaraia Nabinagar CD-2018-19-201285-02 The prevent of social deterioration and Child marriage, evangelism, drug and dowry are arranged workshops and raising awareness at social level. 132,096.00
1806 Barhamonbaraia Nabinagar CD-2018-19-201285-01 The awareness rising workshop for the adolescent girls of high school and madrassas is arranged. 171,420.00
1807 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur CD-2018-19-201204-06 Training on Effective immunization system of field level staff of Upazila health department and training about food and nutrition of mother and children 162,080.00
1808 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur CD-2018-19-201204-05 Campaign on Drugs, evangelism, child marriage and anti-women awareness among secondary school students of the Upazila 165,000.00
1809 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur CD-2018-19-201204-04 Training on the development, production and productivity enhancement of indigenous chicken breeds of rural women at different unions in Bancharampur Upazila 162,080.00
1810 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur CD-2018-19-201204-03 Training on modern fish farming for fishermen of different unions of Bancharampur upazila 162,080.00
1811 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur CD-2018-19-201204-02 Capacity development training for ninth-tenth grade teachers on English and science teachers in secondary school 186,680.00
1812 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur CD-2018-19-201204-01 Training on the production of safe vegetables for the farmers of different unions of the upazila. 162,080.00
1813 Bandarban Lama CD-2018-19-200351-07 Training for Dairy people of safe Dairy business and produce fresh Meat 143,090.00
1814 Bandarban Lama CD-2018-19-200351-06 Training on safe fish Cultivation 122,660.00
1815 Bandarban Lama CD-2018-19-200351-05 Campaign for Young school girls and boys on early marriage and eveteasing 122,700.00
1816 Bandarban Lama CD-2018-19-200351-04 Training on cultiveting vegetables on home yard 118,200.00
1817 Bandarban Lama CD-2018-19-200351-03 Campaign for Young school girls on ' Puberty and Menopause" 184,350.00
1818 Bandarban Lama CD-2018-19-200351-02 Training on ' Land Rules' to eradicate diffuclties for Local peoples 155,900.00
1819 Bandarban Lama CD-2018-19-200351-01 Training on "Traffic Rules" for Drivers & Driver's Committee 153,100.00
1820 Barguna Taltali CD-2018-19-100490-06 Technical training on making crystal showpieces. 189,000.00
1821 Barguna Taltali CD-2018-19-100490-05 Training of marine fishermen on fisheries responsible for conservation of fishery resources. 176,000.00
1822 Barguna Taltali CD-2018-19-100490-04 Training of vegetable cultivation management throughout the year in a modern manner. 188,500.00
1823 Barguna Taltali CD-2018-19-100490-03 Management training of sailine tolerant sunflower oilseed cultivation in sailine soils in modern method. 169,000.00
1824 Barguna Taltali CD-2018-19-100490-02 Tarining program on Basic Internet,Social medial, E-filing and basic Microsoft Office to the . 146,500.00
1825 Barguna Taltali CD-2018-19-100490-01 Tarining program on Basic Internet,Web Portal, E-filing and basic Microsoft Office to the upazila secteriat staffs. 131,000.00
1826 Pirojpur Nazirpur CD-2018-19-107976-06 Training program on data input,output,information management and e-documents on web portals. 160,360.00
1827 Pirojpur Nazirpur CD-2018-19-107976-05 Training on the role of presidents of school committee and member-secretaries in improving the quality of primary schools. 165,280.00
1828 Pirojpur Nazirpur CD-2018-19-107976-04 Skill development training for farmers on poultry farming. 179,004.00
1829 Pirojpur Nazirpur CD-2018-19-107976-03 Skill development training for fishermen on crab and lobster mixed farming. 169,778.00
1830 Pirojpur Nazirpur CD-2018-19-107976-02 Public awareness training on prevention of child marriage among public representatives,quazis,imams and prist. 141,226.00
1831 Pirojpur Nazirpur CD-2018-19-107976-01 Agricultural Training on seedling production in pen method. 184,352.00
1832 Bhola Daulatkhan CD- 2018-19-100929-06 Training workshop on protection of early marrage and dowry 119,170.00
1833 Bhola Daulatkhan CD- 2018-19-100929-05 Training workshop on RTI act 2009 185,580.00
1834 Bhola Daulatkhan CD- 2018-19-100929-04 Training workshop on terrorism, militancy and drug controll. 176,170.00
1835 Bhola Daulatkhan CD- 2018-19-100929-03 Training of teachers in Primary Education institutions to enhance their skills in English 182,060.00
1836 Bhola Daulatkhan CD- 2018-19-100929-02 Training of teachers in Secondary Education institutions to enhance their skills in English 184,515.00
1837 Bhola Daulatkhan CD- 2018-19-100929-01 Awareness training of land woners about land laws and surveys 152,505.00
1838 Pirojpur Nesarabad CD-2018-19-107987-06 Training on Consumer rights 141,026.00
1839 Pirojpur Nesarabad CD-2018-19-107987-05 Training on Safe Poultry Production and Marketing 185,830.00
1840 Pirojpur Nesarabad CD-2018-19-107987-04 Training on Fish Cultivation and Food Security in the advanced manner. 168,474.00
1841 Pirojpur Nesarabad CD-2018-19-107987-03 Training for Nursery Labor in the advanced manner of Nursery Management. 172,468.00
1842 Pirojpur Nesarabad CD-2018-19-107987-02 Training on Indigenous Chicken productin for Self employee 186,585.00
1843 Pirojpur Nesarabad CD-2018-19-107987-01 Training for Public Awarness against Drug,Terorist,Early-Marriage, Women Torture etc. 145,617.00
1844 Pirojpur Mathbaria CD-2018-19-107958-06 Awareness rising campaign on demarites of drug addiction to develop drug addiction and eve teasing free youth society with the participation of students, teachers and Guardian. 171,750.00
1845 Pirojpur Mathbaria CD-2018-19-107958-05 Awareness development training on road safty and trafic rules for Auto Riksha Drivar, Easy bike driver, CNG-Track and Bus driver and related association leaders to develop safe driving culture. 156,100.00
1846 Pirojpur Mathbaria CD-2018-19-107958-04 Training on latest fish culture method at pond for cultivators to fulfill local demand of fish. 179,596.00
1847 Pirojpur Mathbaria CD-2018-19-107958-03 Training for managing committee members with the participation of secondary school level to ensure quality education 131,754.00
1848 Pirojpur Mathbaria CD-2018-19-107958-02 Training on capacity development to reduce mother and child mortality rate for volunteers to ensure cent percent institutional delivery. 180,300.00
1849 Pirojpur Mathbaria CD-2018-19-107958-01 Campaign to reduce women & children violence with the participation of Marriage Register, Pastor, Elected Person, Local NGO Representative, Students and Teachers which are increasing through early marriage, dowry and eve teasing 180,500.00
1850 Patuakhali Dashmina CD-2018-19-107852-07 The training for Govt officials in Upazila Parishad about e-filling & web-portal update 100,260.00
1851 Patuakhali Dashmina CD-2018-19-107852-06 The training about advanced ICT for teachers in higher secondary level 128,900.00
1852 Patuakhali Dashmina CD-2018-19-107852-05 The basic training for special school teachers about nero developmental disability 103,610.00
1853 Patuakhali Dashmina CD-2018-19-107852-04 The training for unemployment women youth about small & cottage industry 146,050.00
1854 Patuakhali Dashmina CD-2018-19-107852-03 The training for poor & umemployment women about Block-Batik for economic development 149,050.00
1855 Patuakhali Dashmina CD-2018-19-107852-02 The training for farmer about deploy fruits garden for business purpose 186,230.00
1856 Patuakhali Dashmina CD-2018-19-107852-01 Awareness program for pregnancy women about institutional delivery 185,900.00
1857 Patuakhali Galachipa CD-2018-19-107857-07 Training on making Vanity Bag, Parts Bag, Show-Piece, etc. by using Plastic Lace 118,250.00
1858 Patuakhali Galachipa CD-2018-19-107857-06 Awareness Raising training for Girls Guide, Scouts, Peoples' representative and Marriage Register to protest against Intoxicating drug, Women Violence, Early Marriage and Dengue 141,800.00
1859 Patuakhali Galachipa CD-2018-19-107857-05 Training for Women of Cooperative Society to make Show-Piece by using Crystal 145,050.00
1860 Patuakhali Galachipa CD-2018-19-107857-04 Training of Masons related to construction works, Painting works and Mechanic of Electric works for skill development on their jobs 140,550.00
1861 Patuakhali Galachipa CD-2018-19-107857-03 Skill development training for Midwives on nutrition of Pregnant Women and children and Family Planning 177,150.00
1862 Patuakhali Galachipa CD-2018-19-107857-02 Awareness Raising Training for 11 to 19 years old students to Health Care during Menstrual period 132,150.00
1863 Patuakhali Galachipa CD-2018-19-107857-01 Training on Qualitative and Safe Vegetable cultivation by using Modern Technology 145,050.00
1864 Bhola Lalmohan CD-2018-19-100954-06 Training on poultry rearing 164,600.00
1865 Bhola Lalmohan CD-2018-19-100954-05 Freelanching Training 167,200.00
1866 Bhola Lalmohan CD-2018-19-100954-04 Increases the infrastructure skills of construction works 166,480.00
1867 Bhola Lalmohan CD-2018-19-100954-03 E-land management system 161,960.00
1868 Bhola Lalmohan CD-2018-19-100954-02 Disaster preparednes 166,160.00
1869 Bhola Lalmohan CD-2018-19-100954-01 Officers and staff of 17th department e-portal training. 173,600.00
1870 Bhola Tazumuddin CD-2018-19- 100991-06 Training Workshops on Child Marriage and dowry Prevention 110,390.00
1871 Bhola Tazumuddin CD-2018-19- 100991-05 Training of effective Classroom management for secondary education institutes teachers 175,610.00
1872 Bhola Tazumuddin CD-2018-19- 100991-04 Training of Primary school teachers on digital content creation and multimedia classroom management 153,740.00
1873 Bhola Tazumuddin CD-2018-19- 100991-03 Training on turkey and golden chickens breeding and advanced technology management 183,700.00
1874 Bhola Tazumuddin CD-2018-19- 100991-02 Basic training on fisheries in modern ways 185,680.00
1875 Bhola Tazumuddin CD-2018-19- 100991-01 Training on environmentally friendly agricultural technologies to reduce climate change and natural disasters 190,880.00
1876 Barisal Babuganj CD-2018-19-100603-06 Training on Mathmatics teaching technique and Constructing competency based test items 166,360.00
1877 Barisal Babuganj CD-2018-19-100603-05 Training on Developing Teaching Learning Activitiea on English and Constructing Competency Based Test Items 166,360.00
1878 Barisal Babuganj CD-2018-19-100603-04 Training on Commercially Turkey and Koel rearing and Management and safe protein make sure of. 163,380.00
1879 Barisal Babuganj CD-2018-19-100603-03 Campaign on Women Violence, Early marriage, Dowry, Sexual Harrasement and Eiv Teasing Protection 169,200.00
1880 Barisal Babuganj CD-2018-19-100603-02 Training for TBA on ANC, PNC and Safe Delivery of Pregnant women 159,200.00
1881 Barisal Babuganj CD-2018-19-100603-01 Training for farmers on safe vegetable and fruits production technology and marketing strategy 175,500.00
1882 Barisal Barisal Sadar CD-2018-19-100651-06 Training for Public Awarness against Drug,Terorist,Early-Marriage, Women Torture etc. 144,709.00
1883 Barisal Barisal Sadar CD-2018-19-100651-05 Basic Training of Computer and Multimedia for Head Teacher of Primary School. 166,836.00
1884 Barisal Barisal Sadar CD-2018-19-100651-04 Training on Mobile servicing Training for urban people Self employement. 181,457.00
1885 Barisal Barisal Sadar CD-2018-19-100651-03 Training on Cattle rearing,extension and Management. 163,963.00
1886 Barisal Barisal Sadar CD-2018-19-100651-02 Training of Safe Vegetable and Fruit Production Techniques. 165,108.00
1887 Barisal Barisal Sadar CD-2018-19-100651-01 Training of Office Management (e-filing and Web Portal) for 3rd Class employee of Upazila Parishad. 177,927.00
1888 Barisal Banaripara CD-2018-19-100610-08 Campaign for awareness on prevention of dowry, early marriage & oppression of women 112,250.00
1889 Barisal Banaripara CD-2018-19-100610-07 Training on Traffic Rules for Drivers 120,400.00
1890 Barisal Banaripara CD-2018-19-100610-06 Training on awareness about health & commerce for laborer of Hotel-Restaurant & shop 111,750.00
1891 Barisal Banaripara CD-2018-19-100610-05 Training on Turkey Chicken rearing in the modern system and advanced technology management for cooperatives members 124,200.00
1892 Barisal Banaripara CD-2018-19-100610-04 Training on school management for Head Master of school and President of school managing committee 127,600.00
1893 Barisal Banaripara CD-2018-19-100610-03 Training on Pabda, Gulsha, Koi, Sing & Magur fish cultivation in the modern system 128,820.00
1894 Barisal Banaripara CD-2018-19-100610-02 Training of health workers on awareness for prevention of non-communicable diseases at grassroots level 142,680.00
1895 Barisal Banaripara CD-2018-19-100610-01 Training on modern cultivation system of fruit tree & its propagates technique (Grafting) 132,300.00
1896 Barguna Patharghata CD-2018-19-100485-7 Training to upazila level all officers, OA & UPs secretary on data input/output & information management in the Web Portal 112,377.00
1897 Barguna Patharghata CD-2018-19-100485-6 Driving training for unemployment youth 165,320.00
1898 Barguna Patharghata CD-2018-19-100485-5 Training to farmers on Dragon fruits and Malta cultivation & techniques 120,694.00
1899 Barguna Patharghata CD-2018-19-100485-4 Training to fish farmers on modern technologies of fish cultivation/acquaculture 168,013.00
1900 Barguna Patharghata CD-2018-19-100485-3 Orientation workshop on school based sanitation and adolescent girls health awareness in the specific period 134,656.00
1901 Barguna Patharghata CD-2018-19-100485-2 Awareness rising workshop with gurdians on child health, maternal health, nutrition and sanitation. 123,500.00
1902 Barguna Patharghata CD-2018-19-100485-1 Awareness rising campaign with gurdians, school teachers & students for reducing early marriage, drug addicted, dowery and child dropping from their school. 175,440.00
1903 Patuakhali Kalapara CD-2018-19-107866-06 Training on Selected Jobless Poor Youth (Male/Female) on Mobile Phone Servicing for Self-employment 142,190.00
1904 Patuakhali Kalapara CD-2018-19-107866-05 Training on Jobless selected Small Tribal (Rakhain) on self-employment 187,000.00
1905 Patuakhali Kalapara CD-2018-19-107866-04 Training on health protection on newly marriage couple, mother & child & health protection on adolescent boys & girls 187,020.00
1906 Patuakhali Kalapara CD-2018-19-107866-03 Training on Teaching Profession Techniques of High School/Institution Head, Assistant Head & Assistant Teacher 171,640.00
1907 Patuakhali Kalapara CD-2018-19-107866-02 Training on Modern Techniques on Water Melon (Tormuj) Cultivation in organic system. 187,420.00
1908 Patuakhali Kalapara CD-2018-19-107866-01 a) Campaign/Discussion on Anti-Women Harassments, Religious Terrorism, Anti-Eiv Teasing, Early Marriage,Hygienical Toilet use, Safe water drinking etc 124,730.00
1909 Patuakhali Mirzaganj CD-2017-18-107876-06 Training on ensuring multimedia lesson study / to conducting multimedia class ICT related Teachers capacity development at primary institute level . 195,850.00
1910 Patuakhali Mirzaganj CD-2017-18-107876-05 Training on ensuring multimedia lesson conducting ICT related Teachers capacity development at secondary and higher secondary institute level . 195,850.00
1911 Patuakhali Mirzaganj CD-2017-18-107876-04 Training on basic skill and capacity development for Bricklayer , Color Operator & Electricians reconciliation. 174,530.00
1912 Patuakhali Mirzaganj CD-2017-18-107876-03 Training on Land Management Land related general knowledge & awareness development related. 128,270.00
1913 Patuakhali Mirzaganj CD-2017-18-107876-02 Training on Safety Road for Road users (Auto Rickshaw,Mahindra & Let Out Motorcycle pullers). 123,290.00
1914 Patuakhali Mirzaganj CD-2017-18-107876-01 Campaign on Drugs,Dowry & Early marriage prevent affairs at the dwelling in village social development. 182,210.00
1915 Patuakhali Dumki CD-2018-19-107855-6 Training of secondary school level teachers for upgrading education status (English & Mathmetics) 192,040.00
1916 Patuakhali Dumki CD-2018-19-107855-5 Training on Cage culture in open water as an alternative employment 173,920.00
1917 Patuakhali Dumki CD-2018-19-107855-4 Training in modern practices of Poultry (Duck, Chicken &Turkey) and Livestock (Cow & goat) 173,880.00
1918 Patuakhali Dumki CD-2018-19-107855-3 Parents Meeting (MA- Samabesh) for upgrading primary education & increasing health awareness 181,600.00
1919 Patuakhali Dumki CD-2018-19-107855-2 Workshop in preventing Drug addiction, Terrorism, Early marriage, Dowry & Eveteasing 166,720.00
1920 Patuakhali Dumki CD-2018-19-107855-1 Training & Awarness on Law and order in driving Auto Riksha, Mahindra & hired Motorcycle 111,840.00
1921 Jhalokati Rajapur CD-2018-19-104284-06 Training on balance food and nutrition 135,774.00
1922 Jhalokati Rajapur CD-2018-19-104284-05 Training on handicraft 177,833.00
1923 Jhalokati Rajapur CD-2018-19-104284-04 Training on skill development to reduce social barrier and ensure to take care by care giver through social communication for disable people 144,890.00
1924 Jhalokati Rajapur CD-2018-19-104284-03 Training on sarzon method for pesticide free fruit and vegetable production 171,859.00
1925 Jhalokati Rajapur CD-2018-19-104284-02 Training on mixed culture for carp fish 181,394.00
1926 Jhalokati Rajapur CD-2018-19-104284-01 Training on Public health protection to ensure food standard following hygiene, health policies for the hotel and restaurant owner, cooker, cleaner, supplier in campus nearby Upazila 188,250.00
1927 Jhalokati Kathalia CD- 2018-19-104243-06 Training on climate change damaging effect, environment conscious, safeguard from negative environment and adoption for secondary school students 114,360.00
1928 Jhalokati Kathalia CD- 2018-19-104243-05 Training on skill development to reduce social barrier and ensure to take care by care giver through social communication for disable people 179,270.00
1929 Jhalokati Kathalia CD- 2018-19-104243-04 Training on skill development for adolescents about fertile health and nutrition 168,030.00
1930 Jhalokati Kathalia CD- 2018-19-104243-03 Training on sustainable development goal to prepare development plan including future generation and received their dialogs and participated marginal people at upazila level 180,060.00
1931 Jhalokati Kathalia CD- 2018-19-104243-02 Training on motor driving for unskilled driver and created self-employment 176,480.00
1932 Jhalokati Kathalia CD- 2018-19-104243-01 Training on life skill development to increase capacity of adolescent and future generation for achieve sustainable development goal 181,800.00
1933 Bhola Charfasson CD-2018-19-100925-06 Training on Poultry raring for Social saftinet beneficiaries 147,020.00
1934 Bhola Charfasson CD-2018-19-100925-05 Training on pesticide free vegetable cultivation 164,360.00
1935 Bhola Charfasson CD-2018-19-100925-04 Training workshop with Adolescent club members on reproductive Health 162,400.00
1936 Bhola Charfasson CD-2018-19-100925-03 PC culture training 163,640.00
1937 Bhola Charfasson CD-2018-19-100925-02 Mobile servicing training for unemployed youth 181,400.00
1938 Bhola Charfasson CD-2018-19-100925-01 Champaign with secondary schools students mother and local leader for prevention of Early marriage and dowry 181,180.00
1939 Barisal Wazirpur CD-2018-19-100694-06 Training on Developing Teaching Learning Activitiea on English and Constructing Competency Based Test Items 163,850.00
1940 Barisal Wazirpur CD-2018-19-100694-05 Training on Mathmatics teaching technique and Constructing competency based test items 163,850.00
1941 Barisal Wazirpur CD-2018-19-100694-04 Training on Commercially Turkey and Koel rearing and Management and safe protein make sure of. 169,300.00
1942 Barisal Wazirpur CD-2018-19-100694-03 Training for CHCP on Skill Development on Different Transmitted and non Transmitted Disease 161,820.00
1943 Barisal Wazirpur CD-2018-19-100694-02 Campaign on Women Violence, Early marriage, Dowry, Sexual Harrasement and Eiv Teasing Protection 179,200.00
1944 Barisal Wazirpur CD-2018-19-100694-01 Training for TBA on ANC, PNC and Safe Delivery of Pregnant women 161,980.00
1945 Barisal Bakerganj CD-2018-19-100607-07 Training on save fish production. 150,000.00
1946 Barisal Bakerganj CD-2018-19-100607-06 Training of farmers on the best agriculture management. 150,000.00
1947 Barisal Bakerganj CD-2018-19-100607-05 Awareness Training on re-productive health of newly married couple. 150,000.00
1948 Barisal Bakerganj CD-2018-19-100607-04 Training on usage of ICT education 120,000.00
1949 Barisal Bakerganj CD-2018-19-100607-03 Training on modern Tailoring of ultra educated unemployed young lady in poverty eradication. 150,000.00
1950 Barisal Bakerganj CD-2018-19-100607-02 Training on cow obesity of dairy farmer with a view to producing save beef. 150,000.00
1951 Barisal Bakerganj CD-2018-19-100607-01 Awareness training on child rights and protection according to child law 2013. 130,000.00
1952 Barguna Betagi CD-2018-19-100447-06 Capacity development training on Bio-Gas plant for farm owners. 186,850.00
1953 Barguna Betagi CD-2018-19-100447-05 Capacity development training to fish farmers on carp nursary management and cultivation of local variety of fish. 166,320.00
1954 Barguna Betagi CD-2018-19-100447-04 Training to farmers on fruit cultivation of local variety which is available , commercially important and meet the nutrition requirement of family members. 130,620.00
1955 Barguna Betagi CD-2018-19-100447-03 Awareness campaign/Ma Samabesh on safe delivery, maternal health and nutrition with pregnant mothers and gurdians. 150,780.00
1956 Barguna Betagi CD-2018-19-100447-02 Capacity development training on ICT for secondary level school teachers 177,585.00
1957 Barguna Betagi CD-2018-19-100447-01 Capacity development training on implement quality primary education (SDG-4) for primary level school teachers 187,845.00

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