Capacity Development Sub-project Data (Second Round) as on 30/06/2023

No. District Upazila CD ID CD Name Approved Budget
1 Thakurgaon Ranisankail CD-2017-18-559486-6 For the purpose of ensuring employment opportunities for the YOUTH age group of 18-35 years, under the Department of Youth Development, the training of Warm clothes (blanket), Mats, Wall mats and Floor mats/ Handicraft training projects 163,470.00
2 Thakurgaon Ranisankail CD-2017-18-559486-5 Farmers training on monosex tilapia, Shing and Magur with carp mix culture 154,780.00
3 Thakurgaon Ranisankail CD-2017-18-559486-4 Vulnerable and unemployed women training on Block, Batic and Butic. 181,800.00
4 Thakurgaon Ranisankail CD-2017-18-559486-3 Training on Dairy and Poultry Vaccinator to ensure vaccination in rural level 159,010.00
5 Thakurgaon Ranisankail CD-2017-18-559486-2 Training about the role of ICT skilled teachers as well as the president of the institution managing committee, head of the institution for activation multimedia class and 163,220.00
6 Thakurgaon Ranisankail CD-2017-18-559486-1 Farmers training on vermi compost for soil health 177,720.00
7 Thakurgaon Baliadangi CD-2017-18-559408-7 Training on promoting women leadership and capacity building for empowering the women. 113,180.00
8 Thakurgaon Baliadangi CD-2017-18-559408-6 Capacity building training on household based goat rearing for poor people to enhance inc 141,180.00
9 Thakurgaon Baliadangi CD-2017-18-559408-5 Capacity building training on block-batik for unemployed youth women for employment generati 135,280.00
10 Thakurgaon Baliadangi CD-2017-18-559408-4 Capacity building training for asst. teacher in secondary level education institutions on multimedia content develop and utilizing the MMC App . 152,410.00
11 Thakurgaon Baliadangi CD-2017-18-559408-3 Training on increasing awareness and capacity for village doctors and pharmacy personnel to control over the mal treatment and use of irrational drug 140,430.00
12 Thakurgaon Baliadangi CD-2017-18-559408-2 Training on Increasing Awareness and Strengthening Capacity of Meat Seller for selling & ensuring safe me 141,180.00
13 Thakurgaon Baliadangi CD-2017-18-559408-1 Capacity Building Training for Office Assistant from different Offices of Upazila level on Office Management ,ICT and National Integrity Strategy Pa 175,330.00
14 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2017-18-309366-07 Skill Training on Dairy Farmers 139,000.00
15 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2017-18-309366-06 Awareness Training on school going adolescents about their reproductive health, population, nutrition, & environment. 114,890.00
16 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2017-18-309366-05 Upazila level officers & subordinate slill training on ICT & national web portal. 121,020.00
17 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2017-18-309366-04 Farmers training on pesticide free and safe crop production. 148,600.00
18 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2017-18-309366-03 Organize Training session for secondary school teachers on their computer skill. 160,200.00
19 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2017-18-309366-02 Organize Training session about child survey & admission, attendance increasing, dropout reduce, standard of education, with SMC, Female member, primary head teacher 170,400.00
20 Tangail Mirzapur CD-2017-18-309366-01 Organize Training session against early marriage & eivetising with participating with adolescent club member, public Representatives, pear leaders, Imam, marriage register & Head teacher. 145,800.00
21 Tangail Gopalpur CD-2017-18-309338-06 Awarness campaign to stop early marriage, Drug, Drowry system, Women abasement and terrorism. 160,000.00
22 Tangail Gopalpur CD-2017-18-309338-05 Training for the headmasters and SMCS to enhance their responsibilities and awareness. 160,000.00
23 Tangail Gopalpur CD-2017-18-309338-04 Training on Disaster Risk Reduction and disaster Management (Earthquake, Thundering, Tornado) for the umion Disaster Management committee (UDMC), volunteer, Robber, scout and te member of the red crescent. 170,000.00
24 Tangail Gopalpur CD-2017-18-309338-03 Training on sewing to creat self employment for the Distress and marginal women 170,000.00
25 Tangail Gopalpur CD-2017-18-309338-02 Inception work shop of the land owners and general people on modernization of land management 175,000.00
26 Tangail Gopalpur CD-2017-18-309338-01 Training of the Officers/staff on e-filling and web-portal 165,000.00
27 Tangail Dhanbari CD-2017-18-309325-06 Awareness build up of primary school teacher for WASH 175,000.00
28 Tangail Dhanbari CD-2017-18-309325-05 Creat of earning source by cow rearing 150,000.00
29 Tangail Dhanbari CD-2017-18-309325-04 Awareness build up of civil society for early marriag 175,000.00
30 Tangail Dhanbari CD-2017-18-309325-03 Awareness build up for transport driver 175,000.00
31 Tangail Dhanbari CD-2017-18-309325-02 Training on ICT for Unemployee yout 175,000.00
32 Tangail Dhanbari CD-2017-18-309325-01 Computer training for school teacher 150,000.00
33 Tangail Basail CD-2017-18-309309-07 Training on women and child development and child marriage prevention 158,726.00
34 Tangail Basail CD-2017-18-309309-06 Training to the Primary Head Teacher and SMC for build up their responsibility and Awareness about Qualitative Primary Education 133,394.00
35 Tangail Basail CD-2017-18-309309-05 Science related Training to the Secondary and Madrassa Teachers. 109,100.00
36 Tangail Basail CD-2017-18-309309-04 Capacity Development training on Cooperative members (Regarding Organizational and Agriculture 109,100.00
37 Tangail Basail CD-2017-18-309309-03 Skill Development training to make Vaccinator for unemployed Youth to prevent livestock diseases 186,340.00
38 Tangail Basail CD-2017-18-309309-02 Skill Development training to the Mason (Ordinary and Skill labor at Basail Upazila. 117,220.00
39 Tangail Basail CD-2017-18-309309-01 Skill development training on Computer for unemployed you 186,120.00
40 Sylhet Gowainghat CD-2017-18-609141-07 Training on Office Management of Secondary School 100,448.00
41 Sylhet Gowainghat CD-2017-18-609141-06 Training on Creative Education and questioning at secondary level. 100,431.00
42 Sylhet Gowainghat CD-2017-18-609141-05 Training on Beef flattering, Cow rearing and fish culture for farmer 179,949.00
43 Sylhet Gowainghat CD-2017-18-609141-04 Training on Learning and Earing (Free Launching) to youth 111,043.00
44 Sylhet Gowainghat CD-2017-18-609141-03 Training on life skill development and reproductive health for Secondary level Student/ Adolescents 150,950.00
45 Sylhet Gowainghat CD-2017-18-609141-02 Awareness Training on Traffic Rules and Capacity Development for Drivers. 191,242.00
46 Sylhet Gowainghat CD-2017-18-609141-01 Training on Capacity Development, Rules & Responsibilities to Tourist Guide and Photographer 165,937.00
47 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar CD-2017-18-609089-08 Capacity development training for community service provider (CSP) 101,340.00
48 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar CD-2017-18-609089-07 Special training for secondery level teachers of mathematics, english and multimedia for the quality enhancement of education 192,280.00
49 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar CD-2017-18-609089-06 Nursery training for employment generation as an income growing program for youth 101,810.00
50 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar CD-2017-18-609089-05 Farmers training for organic fertilizer production and maintainance 104,670.00
51 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar CD-2017-18-609089-04 Skill development training for the Upazila parishad council employee (ICT) 104,670.00
52 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar CD-2017-18-609089-03 Employment creation through block- boutique for helpless women 116,090.00
53 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar CD-2017-18-609089-02 Training for primary head teacher and president of school management committee (SMC) for the quality enhancement of education 179,140.00
54 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar CD-2017-18-609089-01 Training for the prevention of early marriage, oppression of women & children abuse and action 100,000.00
55 Sunamganj Jagannathpur CD-2017-18-609047-04 About content develop & educational website uses. 136,920.00
56 Sunamganj Jagannathpur CD-2017-18-609047-07 Training for road security. 103,340.00
57 Sunamganj Jagannathpur CD-2017-18-609047-05 Training for adolescent health. 114,260.00
58 Sunamganj Jagannathpur CD-2017-18-609047-03 Rules & liabilities among institution head & committee head. 165,280.00
59 Sunamganj Jagannathpur CD-2017-18-609047-01 Training for sanitation. 114,280.00
60 Sunamganj Jagannathpur CD-2017-18-609047-06 Production of Trico compost soil management. 186,560.00
61 Sunamganj Jagannathpur CD-2017-18-609047-02 Income increase by production of crystal goods. 179,360.00
62 Sunamganj Dowarabazar CD-2017-18-609033-08 Training on fish production through commercial method for fisheries. 133,000.00
63 Sunamganj Dowarabazar CD-2017-18-609033-07 Training on maternity and child health for community health care provider & expert midwifes. 133,000.00
64 Sunamganj Dowarabazar CD-2017-18-609033-06 Training on vegetables production through bio-technologies. 133,000.00
65 Sunamganj Dowarabazar CD-2017-18-609033-05 Training on sewing and cloth naris for women 138,000.00
66 Sunamganj Dowarabazar CD-2017-18-609033-04 Training on multimedia class and IT for primary teaches. 121,500.00
67 Sunamganj Dowarabazar CD-2017-18-609033-03 Training on Web-portal, e-file and Data communication for upzila various office employee. 121,500.00
68 Sunamganj Dowarabazar CD-2017-18-609033-02 Training on land services, land settlement and Digital land preparation. 110,000.00
69 Sunamganj Dowarabazar CD-2017-18-609033-01 Training on service rules & management for Secondary and Higher secondary head of institution and management committee chairman. 110,000.00
70 Sunamganj Dharmapasha CD-2017-18-609032-06 Training on public procurement rules 152,140.00
71 Sunamganj Dharmapasha CD-2017-18-609032-05 Mother and child health, nutrition and family planning awareness trainin 162,000.00
72 Sunamganj Dharmapasha CD-2017-18-609032-04 Sewing Training 171,840.00
73 Sunamganj Dharmapasha CD-2017-18-609032-03 Training on Poultry rearing and beef fattening 176,320.00
74 Sunamganj Dharmapasha CD-2017-18-609032-02 Capacity building training of fish farmer and fishermen and management of open water body 174,700.00
75 Sunamganj Dharmapasha CD-2017-18-609032-01 Training on Rice and Vegetable cultivation through modern technologies 163,000.00
76 Sunamganj Derai CD-2017-18-609029-07 Training for Fish farmers on Carp poly culture along with indigenous fish species as Pals crop 113,940.00
77 Sunamganj Derai CD-2017-18-609029-06 Orientation course for School Management Committee (SMC) members of primary school on their role & responsibiliti 192,470.00
78 Sunamganj Derai CD-2017-18-609029-05 Training for unemployed youth women on Beautification 158,510.00
79 Sunamganj Derai CD-2017-18-609029-04 Training for unemployed youth women on Block and Batik printin 165,910.00
80 Sunamganj Derai CD-2017-18-609029-03 Training for CSBA on Safe motherhood and Essential Health care of new born baby 104,880.00
81 Sunamganj Derai CD-2017-18-609029-02 Orientation Course for Primary School teachers on Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) 124,120.00
82 Sunamganj Derai CD-2017-18-609029-01 Training for Adolescent girls on Health awareness & Hygiene during teen-age perio 140,170.00
83 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur CD-2017-18-609018-06 Training for primary school teachers about multimedia class room activities. 179,543.00
84 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur CD-2017-18-609018-05 Capacity building through training of mushroom cultivation, shopping bags and pickle making. 176,824.00
85 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur CD-2017-18-609018-04 Management of mixed cultivation of carp fish and use of sex pheromones trap for poison free safe vegetable production 176,947.00
86 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur CD-2017-18-609018-03 Capacity development basic training of family planning, mother & child health and nutrition for Women UP member of all UP of upazila, midwife, women teacher and girl students 182,186.00
87 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur CD-2017-18-609018-02 Training for secondary school teachers about multimedia class room activities. 170,177.00
88 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur CD-2017-18-609018-01 Capacity development training of e-filling management and ICT (web-portal)for officers , staff of upazila parishad and up UDC directors. 162,958.00
89 Sirajganj Ullahpara CD-2017-18-508894-10 Training of driver to improve capacity/skill & awareness on use of safety road and journey 103,600.00
90 Sirajganj Ullahpara CD-2017-18-508894-09 Training on women empowerment, rights and reproductive health. 103,940.00
91 Sirajganj Ullahpara CD-2017-18-508894-08 Awareness training of marginalized people on sanitation, safe water and health education. 103,600.00
92 Sirajganj Ullahpara CD-2017-18-508894-07 Training on school management committee to capacity buildup. 103,634.00
93 Sirajganj Ullahpara CD-2017-18-508894-06 Training of health worker on prevention Uterus and breast cancer and ANC & PNC 103,506.00
94 Sirajganj Ullahpara CD-2017-18-508894-05 Training on beff fattening 103,506.00
95 Sirajganj Ullahpara CD-2017-18-508894-04 Training on pest management of Boro crop insecticide past management of Small and marginalized farmer. 103,652.00
96 Sirajganj Ullahpara CD-2017-18-508894-03 Training on cage culture 103,506.00
97 Sirajganj Ullahpara CD-2017-18-508894-02 Training on Notify and awareness build up on land law, documentation and survey among the civil population. 103,600.00
98 Sirajganj Ullahpara CD-2017-18-508894-01 Training on Anti-Corruption and awake purity of elected body (UP chairmen) and Gob officers. 103,600.00
99 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar CD-2017-18-508878-06 Training on Safe food 170,900.00
100 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar CD-2017-18-508878-05 Training on ICT 191,480.00
101 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar CD-2017-18-508878-04 Training on Cow Rearing 149,600.00
102 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar CD-2017-18-508878-03 Training on Dress Making 170,820.00
103 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar CD-2017-18-508878-02 Training on Shing, Magure& Monosex Telapia Culture 148,600.00
104 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar CD-2017-18-508878-01 Training on Homestead Vegetables Cultivation 168,600.00
105 Sirajganj Kazipur CD-2017-18-508850-07 Capacity development training on meson 127,325.00
106 Sirajganj Kazipur CD-2017-18-508850-06 Training on Catfish culture and environmental health 149,400.00
107 Sirajganj Kazipur CD-2017-18-508850-05 Training on Electrical house wiring. 108,090.00
108 Sirajganj Kazipur CD-2017-18-508850-04 Capacity development training on Block batique and stich handwork for young girls 183,160.00
109 Sirajganj Kazipur CD-2017-18-508850-03 Training on commercial fruit cultivation. 175,245.00
110 Sirajganj Kazipur CD-2017-18-508850-02 Training on Cow & Goat rearing and cow fattening 149,400.00
111 Sirajganj Kazipur CD-2017-18-508850-01 Training arrange for Govt. officers, public representatives and Journalist on information right act and integrity strategy 107,380.00
112 Sirajganj Belkuchi CD-2017-18-508811-06 03 days PPR training for govt. officials of upazila Parishad, chairman & secretaries of the parishad under Belkuchi Upazila. 111,570.00
113 Sirajganj Belkuchi CD-2017-18-508811-05 Training on preparation of nutritional meals at home for pregnant women and children (04 Batch, 30 Participants in each batch, 04 Days) 143,600.00
114 Sirajganj Belkuchi CD-2017-18-508811-04 Provide swing training to 28 members of two cooperative societies to make them economically self-reliant (21Days). 189,730.00
115 Sirajganj Belkuchi CD-2017-18-508811-03 Provide training to the Mason, Color masonry and related labors to maintain the quality of infrastructure construction (25 Participants in each batch, 03 Batch) 191,300.00
116 Sirajganj Belkuchi CD-2017-18-508811-02 Capacity development training on production of various organic manure and its use at farmers level (25 Participants in each batch,03 Batches for 06 day 191,300.00
117 Sirajganj Belkuchi CD-2017-18-508811-01 Provide Para-vat training to selected 26 people of Belkuchi Upazila to extend veterinary treatment services (5 Days 172,500.00
118 Shariatpur Zajira CD-2017-18-308694-6 Training on Family Planning and Maternal & Child Health Service for mothers 155,300.00
119 Shariatpur Zajira CD-2017-18-308694-5 Training on increase knowledge on different Laws to Prevent women torturing, early marriage and eve teaching & dowry for elected personnel 171,960.00
120 Shariatpur Zajira CD-2017-18-308694-4 Awareness build up orientation for religious leader and guardian to stop Terrorism, Violence & crime 190,400.00
121 Shariatpur Zajira CD-2017-18-308694-3 Awareness build up Training on Food, nutrition, health awareness & personal hygiene for primary and high school student 180,420.00
122 Shariatpur Zajira CD-2017-18-308694-2 Training for capacity development of entrepreneurship & ICT business holder 149,910.00
123 Shariatpur Zajira CD-2017-18-308694-1 Training on reproductive health & Nutrition for adolescents girl 152,010.00
124 Shariatpur Damudya CD-2017-18-308625-6 Modern Cultivation & Management System of Fisheries. 155,750.00
125 Shariatpur Damudya CD-2017-18-308625-5 Nutrition and Online Reporting for Health Assistance. 164,320.00
126 Shariatpur Damudya CD-2017-18-308625-4 Modern Cow Rearing System and Management for Farmers. 155,750.00
127 Shariatpur Damudya CD-2017-18-308625-3 Primary Education quality Development for The SMC & PTA 191,400.00
128 Shariatpur Damudya CD-2017-18-308625-2 Web Portal Training for NBD, Staff & Union Secretary. 165,200.00
129 Shariatpur Damudya CD-2017-18-308625-1 Secure Vegetable Production Art Guide for Farmers. 167,580.00
130 Satkhira Shyamnagar CD-2017-18-408786-7 Seminar on Eve-teasing & Early marriage prevention and Stop Drug & military. 119,662.00
131 Satkhira Shyamnagar CD-2017-18-408786-6 Training on capacity development on ICT for Head teacher of high school level 190,870.00
132 Satkhira Shyamnagar CD-2017-18-408786-5 Training on Nokshe Khatha and Phothe for women 182,836.00
133 Satkhira Shyamnagar CD-2017-18-408786-4 Training on capacity development of poultry vaccinator 134,584.00
134 Satkhira Shyamnagar CD-2017-18-408786-3 Basic Training on Land service for collage going students 102,716.00
135 Satkhira Shyamnagar CD-2017-18-408786-2 Training on reproductive health for adolescent girls and boys 103,416.00
136 Satkhira Shyamnagar CD-2017-18-408786-1 Training on Proper uses of Organic Fertilizer and Pesticide in Agriculture 165,916.00
137 Satkhira Debhata CD-2017-18-408725-07 Training block boutique for social beneficaries. 147,900.00
138 Satkhira Debhata CD-2017-18-408725-06 Training on vegetable production for co-peratives beneficarie's 141,110.00
139 Satkhira Debhata CD-2017-18-408725-05 Training on ICT to increase the capablity of the office assistants to provide information smoothly. 145,900.00
140 Satkhira Debhata CD-2017-18-408725-04 Training on awarness about adolescence period amid the students. 139,240.00
141 Satkhira Debhata CD-2017-18-408725-03 Training on high yielding fodder cultivation on more milk production & cow rearing. 139,140.00
142 Satkhira Debhata CD-2017-18-408725-02 Training on good aqua-culture practice and food safety. 138,900.00
143 Satkhira Debhata CD-2017-18-408725-01 Training on safe mango production management. 147,810.00
144 Satkhira Assasuni CD-2017-18-408704-06 Training on school management, ICT and overall teaching performance to secondary school level teachers. 160,300.00
145 Satkhira Assasuni CD-2017-18-408704-05 Training on good aquaculture practice and food safety 131,190.00
146 Satkhira Assasuni CD-2017-18-408704-04 Training on Family Planning, Maternal & Child Health and Nutrition 141,635.00
147 Satkhira Assasuni CD-2017-18-408704-03 Training on development of farmers efficacy in modern practice to increase crop productio 184,035.00
148 Satkhira Assasuni CD-2017-18-408704-02 Training on basic ICT to officers/employee of handed over 17 department under Upazila Parishad & Upazila Land office. 193,340.00
149 Satkhira Assasuni CD-2017-18-408704-01 Training on child protection, criminal ratification and rehabilitation to increase awareness of local people 189,500.00
150 Rangpur Taraganj CD-2017-18-558592-07 Training on digital content preparing at classroom 106,360.00
151 Rangpur Taraganj CD-2017-18-558592-06 Training on Elevation Journalism to Journalist. 116,000.00
152 Rangpur Taraganj CD-2017-18-558592-05 Modern training on Veermi compost, Fish culture & Animal Nourishment. 108,560.00
153 Rangpur Taraganj CD-2017-18-558592-04 Training on cap weaving to develop women leadership by creating income generating activities. 146,200.00
154 Rangpur Taraganj CD-2017-18-558592-03 Training on prepared database from village/school to prevent child marriage 185,120.00
155 Rangpur Taraganj CD-2017-18-558592-02 Training on ICT to Head teacher/ Assistant teacher. 169,000.00
156 Rangpur Taraganj CD-2017-18-558592-01 Training on E-filing to departmental officer 168,760.00
157 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar CD-2017-18-558549-06 Training on show peach making by liquid colour. 180,000.00
158 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar CD-2017-18-558549-05 Efficiency enhancement of farmer on online-based agriculture and public service. 180,000.00
159 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar CD-2017-18-558549-04 Increasing skill of Gladiolus & Tuberose flower cultivatio 180,000.00
160 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar CD-2017-18-558549-03 Teaching competency Development Training for Assistant Teacher of Secondary education. 100,000.00
161 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar CD-2017-18-558549-02 Trainig on Family planning,Safe motherhood and Nutritionfor the newl 180,000.00
162 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar CD-2017-18-558549-01 Training on Computer Graphics design programme. 180,000.00
163 Rangpur Badarganj CD-2017-18-558506-06 Training to educated unemployed youth on basic computer knowledge . 185,560.00
164 Rangpur Badarganj CD-2017-18-558503-05 Training to educated on unemployed youth on learning refrigerator reparing. 170,400.00
165 Rangpur Badarganj CD-2017-18-558503-04 Training to educated on unemployed youth on driving learning 180,425.00
166 Rangpur Badarganj CD-2017-18-558503-03 Training to poor and handicapped women on cap making 144,100.00
167 Rangpur Badarganj CD-2017-18-558503-02 Training to educated unemployed on high quality sanitary pip- fit -in and water suppl 151,875.00
168 Rangpur Badarganj CD-2017-18-558503-01 Training of women on craft work 167,640.00
169 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar CD-2017-18-208487-06 Training on uses of safe drinking water, sanitation, health education, uses and maintenance of water source to people in order to increase awareness. 170,000.00
170 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar CD-2017-18-208487-05 Training for preparing jem, jely and sauce by mango, pineapple, jackfruit, tomato etc. to manager/members of the primary women cooperative society under BRDB. 149,000.00
171 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar CD-2017-18-208487-04 Training on family planning methods for newly married couple and having 1 (one) child couple. 170,000.00
172 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar CD-2017-18-208487-03 Training on fish culture (fish culture in cage, fish culture in creek & nursery puna culture). 140,000.00
173 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar CD-2017-18-208487-02 Farmer training on environment friendly cultivation method. 180,000.00
174 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar CD-2017-18-208487-01 Training on computer and ICT in order to increase skills in class conduction of the teachers of the laptop & multimedia got primary schools. 191,000.00
175 Rangamati Langadu CD-2017-18-208458-7 Leadership development training to the teachers. 140,920.00
176 Rangamati Langadu CD-2017-18-208458-6 Training to existing Fruit garden owners, caretakers and maintainers to increase technical knowledge and skill. 132,770.00
177 Rangamati Langadu CD-2017-18-208458-5 Training on dairy and poultry farming through applying modern methodology. 145,880.00
178 Rangamati Langadu CD-2017-18-208458-4 Training to the Scouts on Extremism-Terrorism, Early Marriage Prevention and Disaster Management. 116,100.00
179 Rangamati Langadu CD-2017-18-208458-3 Skill development training to the Midwives. 130,520.00
180 Rangamati Langadu CD-2017-18-208458-2 Training on Vermi Compost, Light Trap developing techniques, its field of application and household vegetable gardening. 156,160.00
181 Rangamati Langadu CD-2017-18-208458-1 ICT Training to the School, College and Madrasa Teachers. 177,650.00
182 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2017-18-208425-08 Training on making busket and showpieces(Women empowerment) 140,400.00
183 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2017-18-208425-07 Training on building consiousness on safe motherhood 104,970.00
184 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2017-18-208425-06 Training for watersource caretakers for maintenance 104,970.00
185 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2017-18-208425-05 Multimedia training for Secondary Teacher 139,180.00
186 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2017-18-208425-04 Training for SMC(Primary School) 140,240.00
187 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2017-18-208425-03 Training on Spicces cultivation in advanced technology 108,600.00
188 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2017-18-208425-02 Training on mix cultivation of curp fish in hilly waterareas 108,600.00
189 Rangamati Kawkhali CD-2017-18-208425-01 Workshop on Drug,Terrorism,Eve teasing,Early Marriage etc 153,040.00
190 Rangamati Belaichhari CD-2017-18-208429-8 Training workshop on Forest act and community forest management. 105,280.00
191 Rangamati Belaichhari CD-2017-18-208429-7 Training to the Youths on Fashion designing. 170,000.00
192 Rangamati Belaichhari CD-2017-18-208429-6 Training to the famers on Fruits and crops farming with natural compost fertilizer (free from chemical). 111,956.00
193 Rangamati Belaichhari CD-2017-18-208429-5 Training on Child and pregnancy Mother care to the Midwives 106,075.00
194 Rangamati Belaichhari CD-2017-18-208429-4 Training to the Ring well and Tube well mechanic on Ring well and Tube well repairmen. 105,088.00
195 Rangamati Belaichhari CD-2017-18-208429-3 Training on cow and pig rearing through applying modern methodology. 109,958.00
196 Rangamati Belaichhari CD-2017-18-208429-2 ICT Training to the Primary and secondary School Teachers. 135,054.00
197 Rangamati Belaichhari CD-2017-18-208429-1 Pickle/jam (achar) and chips making process 156,589.00
198 Rajshahi Tanore CD-2017-18-508194-06 Training for aids, nipah virus 117,600.00
199 Rajshahi Tanore CD-2017-18-508194-05 Training for primary smc 117,600.00
200 Rajshahi Tanore CD-2017-18-508194-04 Training for begger rehibilities 191,200.00
201 Rajshahi Tanore CD-2017-18-508194-03 Web portal training for upazilla parishad officers/employe 191,200.00
202 Rajshahi Tanore CD-2017-18-508194-02 Training for ethnic minor(bamboo, bet.) 191,200.00
203 Rajshahi Tanore CD-2017-18-508194-01 Farmer training on Vermi compost 191,200.00
204 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2017-18-508182-10 Capacity Development Training on Agriculture Farming, Fish Farming & Co-operative and Rule 100,000.00
205 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2017-18-508182-09 Capacity Development Training on Utilize The Local Resources for Poor Peoples Life Style Developme 100,000.00
206 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2017-18-508182-08 One day-long awareness workshop on drugs, terror, militancy and anti-dowry among the youth society 100,000.00
207 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2017-18-508182-07 Awareness Development Training on Prevention Child Marriage & Violence against Women 100,000.00
208 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2017-18-508182-06 Capacity Development Training on Disaster Management for Union Disaster Management Committee 100,000.00
209 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2017-18-508182-05 Capacity Development Training on General People about Customers Rig 100,000.00
210 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2017-18-508182-04 Capacity Development Training on ICT for Office Management of Educational Institution Secondary leve 100,000.00
211 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2017-18-508182-03 Capacity Development Training on Safe Road Management to ensure the Quality of Road, Bridge Culvert & Maintenance to Increase Awarenes 100,000.00
212 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2017-18-508182-02 Capacity Development Training on Safe Fish Production Through Good Aquaculture Practice 100,000.00
213 Rajshahi Puthia CD-2017-18-508182-01 Capacity Development Training on TB, Napa Virus, AIDS, Dengue & Diabetics Disease 100,000.00
214 Rajshahi Paba CD-2017-18-508172-07 Training of cow and goat keeping 150,000.00
215 Rajshahi Paba CD-2017-18-508172-06 Cattle management related feeding training 100,000.00
216 Rajshahi Paba CD-2017-18-508172-05 Fisheries farmers advanced fisheries cultivation & management. 100,000.00
217 Rajshahi Paba CD-2017-18-508172-04 Scout Advance & skill related Training of Scondery Education Teaher 175,000.00
218 Rajshahi Paba CD-2017-18-508172-03 Web portal training for upazilla and union parishad officers/employee 150,000.00
219 Rajshahi Paba CD-2017-18-508172-02 Training for unemployed youth self-unemployment creation sewing training. 175,000.00
220 Rajshahi Paba CD-2017-18-508172-01 Farmer training in organic technology for the production of Vegetables & Fruits. 150,000.00
221 Rajshahi Durgapur CD-2017-18-508131-06 Training on School management for Head Teacher and SMC president 190,000.00
222 Rajshahi Durgapur CD-2017-18-508131-05 Training on produce digital content for Teacher 112,000.00
223 Rajshahi Durgapur CD-2017-18-508131-04 Training on protect child marriage and violence against women for the member of clu 190,000.00
224 Rajshahi Durgapur CD-2017-18-508131-03 Training on production of toxic free Vegetable and Mango for Farmer 148,000.00
225 Rajshahi Durgapur CD-2017-18-508131-02 Training on Vermin compost production and use for Farmer 190,000.00
226 Rajshahi Durgapur CD-2017-18-508131-01 Training on Office management for Office assistant 170,000.00
227 Rajshahi Charghat CD-2017-18-508125-07 Innovation training of upazila level officers 108,490.00
228 Rajshahi Charghat CD-2017-18-508125-06 Traning on multemedia education & E-Primary School system to ensure Standard Primary education. 114,333.00
229 Rajshahi Charghat CD-2017-18-508125-05 Skill training for administrative work in educational institutions 155,377.00
230 Rajshahi Charghat CD-2017-18-508125-04 Embroidery and index design sewing training 175,000.00
231 Rajshahi Charghat CD-2017-18-508125-03 e-GP Training 157,900.00
232 Rajshahi Charghat CD-2017-18-508125-02 Cow observes and earning Program 100,000.00
233 Rajshahi Charghat CD-2017-18-508125-01 Shoes made training 188,900.00
234 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar CD-2017-18-308276-8 Training on block, batik and printing. 153,380.00
235 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar CD-2017-18-308276-7 Training on Tailoring 193,400.00
236 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar CD-2017-18-308276-6 Training on ICT and Multimedia for the Secondery school & Madrasah teachers. 112,020.00
237 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar CD-2017-18-308276-5 Training on grass farming for firm owner use of modern technology. 100,340.00
238 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar CD-2017-18-308276-4 Training on adolescent health care and mentorship 109,200.00
239 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar CD-2017-18-308276-3 Training on Environment friendly cultivate. vermin compost,sexferomone,IPM 101,240.00
240 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar CD-2017-18-308276-2 Training on land law and services 118,220.00
241 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar CD-2017-18-308276-1 Training on Union parisad chairman & Secretory for planning, project proposal implementation & SMART office management. 112,200.00
242 Rajbari Baliakandi CD-2017-18-308207-06 Training on Making Various Things by Bamboo and Raton for creating self-employment for the Cooperative Organisations 147,600.00
243 Rajbari Baliakandi CD-2017-18-308207-05 Training on Beautification to create Self-employment for the Women 134,000.00
244 Rajbari Baliakandi CD-2017-18-308207-04 Training on Cultivation of Jute and Production of Safe and Poison free Fruits to Create Self-employment for the Rural Farmers. 149,600.00
245 Rajbari Baliakandi CD-2017-18-308207-03 Training on Capacity Enhancement of e- filing and Web Portal Management of Various Govt. Offices 188,100.00
246 Rajbari Baliakandi CD-2017-18-308207-02 Training on Duck-Hen and Dairy Rearing with a view to Creating Self-employment for the Physically Disabled Person 191,100.00
247 Rajbari Baliakandi CD-2017-18-308207-01 Training on Primary School Teacher's Capacity Enhancement of ICT 189,600.00
248 Pirojpur Nesarabad CD-2017-18-107987-06 Training on Motor Vehicles act and enforcing rules for the Motorized vehicles drivers. 135,040.00
249 Pirojpur Nesarabad CD-2017-18-107987-05 Education and Health awareness campaign for the students of primary schools 162,740.00
250 Pirojpur Nesarabad CD-2017-18-107987-04 Awareness Workshop on prevention of Narcotics, Early Marriage, Dowry, Eve-teasing 167,600.00
251 Pirojpur Nesarabad CD-2017-18-107987-03 Awareness workshop on Family planning and Mother & Child health 170,600.00
252 Pirojpur Nesarabad CD-2017-18-107987-02 Training on Malta and Safe Vegetables production 172,720.00
253 Pirojpur Nesarabad CD-2017-18-107987-01 Training on Poultry Farm Management 191,300.00
254 Patuakhali Rangabali CD2017-18-107897-06 Capacity development training on Beautification to self employment of poor womwn 159,580.00
255 Patuakhali Rangabali CD2017-18-107897-05 Fundamental training on professional skill development of local massion 162,950.00
256 Patuakhali Rangabali CD2017-18-107897-04 Fundamental training on use of Laptop computer and multimedia in secondary school and madrasha 174,590.00
257 Patuakhali Rangabali CD2017-18-107897-03 Fundamental training on consciousness enhance about cooking food, serve and mobile court 169,070.00
258 Patuakhali Rangabali CD2017-18-107897-02 Training on web portal of Government Office and Union in Upazila 165,910.00
259 Patuakhali Rangabali CD2017-18-107897-01 Training on use of compost technology in agriculture 167,900.00
260 Patuakhali Mirzaganj CD-2017-18-107876-08 Training on Cage Fish Culture 100,015.00
261 Patuakhali Mirzaganj CD-2017-18-107876-07 Training on Safe and Clean School, Hygiene Sanitation Management affairs Training for Primary Head Teacher 100,015.00
262 Patuakhali Mirzaganj CD-2017-18-107876-06 Legislation for women and women legal right affairs training 100,015.00
263 Patuakhali Mirzaganj CD-2017-18-107876-05 To ensure multimedia lesson study at institute level and to enter in membership of Teachers Portal (Shikkha Batayan 100,015.00
264 Patuakhali Mirzaganj CD-2017-18-107876-04 Training on Home Stead Vegetables Garden & Fruit cultivation to meet up family nutrition 100,015.00
265 Patuakhali Mirzaganj CD-2017-18-107876-03 Training on Capacity Development of adolescent girl reproductive health 135,475.00
266 Patuakhali Mirzaganj CD-2017-18-107876-02 Training on Disaster Capacity Development /self -relient of DMC's member at Upazila & Union leve 182,850.00
267 Patuakhali Mirzaganj CD-2017-18-107876-01 To employment of women through Dress Making /Tailoring Training. 181,600.00
268 Patuakhali Kalapara CD-2017-18-107866-06 Training of Farmer on high yielding cow rearing 168,790.00
269 Patuakhali Kalapara CD-2017-18-107866-05 Training of Youth & Youth women about seasonal business. 161,450.00
270 Patuakhali Kalapara CD-2017-18-107866-04 Training of women for self employing by Beautification 159,580.00
271 Patuakhali Kalapara CD-2017-18-107866-03 Training of Field Staff about health care of pregnant mother 171,220.00
272 Patuakhali Kalapara CD-2017-18-107866-02 Training of Head teacher & Principal of Institute on Multimedia Class room 158,340.00
273 Patuakhali Kalapara CD-2017-18-107866-01 Training of Farmer on use of Modern Agricultural Equipments 180,620.00
274 Patuakhali Dumki CD-2017-18-107855-7 Animal & Poultry Husbandry training in proper scientific methods for Safety meat production 125,920.00
275 Patuakhali Dumki CD-2017-18-107855-6 Workshop with Secondary/ College teachers on encouraging Family Planning & Nutritional Consumption Motivation 140,070.00
276 Patuakhali Dumki CD-2017-18-107855-5 Fish Farmers Training on Profitable & Sustainable Fish Culture through Modern Technology 125,920.00
277 Patuakhali Dumki CD-2017-18-107855-4 Trained up Secondary School Teachers on Information Technology Skill Development 145,360.00
278 Patuakhali Dumki CD-2017-18-107855-3 Trained up Young Volunteers in Employment of Extreme poor/Poor in Disaster Overcome 181,000.00
279 Patuakhali Dumki CD-2017-18-107855-2 Trained up members of Cooperative Societies on Income Generating Activities (Block/ Screen Print on commodities, Small business etc.) 124,920.00
280 Patuakhali Dumki CD-2017-18-107855-1 Farmers Training on Quality & safety vegetable production through Modern Technology 156,810.00
281 Patuakhali Dashmina CD-2017-18-107852-06 The training for girls about mentality, practice & hygiene in puberty level 129,680.00
282 Patuakhali Dashmina CD-2017-18-107852-05 The training for farmer & unemployment youth about Cow fattening 183,100.00
283 Patuakhali Dashmina CD-2017-18-107852-04 The training of Fisherman about Curb & fish in modern wa 183,100.00
284 Patuakhali Dashmina CD-2017-18-107852-03 Awareness program for pregnancy women about institutional delivery 164,520.00
285 Patuakhali Dashmina CD-2017-18-107852-02 The training about advanced ICT for teachers in higher secondary level 156,500.00
286 Patuakhali Dashmina CD-2017-18-107852-01 The training for farmer about deploy fruits garden for business purpose 183,100.00
287 Patuakhali Bauphal CD-2017-18-107838-06 Training of Masons related to construction works, Painting works and Mechanic of Electric works for skill development on their jobs 187,100.00
288 Patuakhali Bauphal CD-2017-18-107838-05 Basic Training course for High School and Madrasha Teachers on operating multimedia class 187,150.00
289 Patuakhali Bauphal CD-2017-18-107838-04 Basic Training course for Primary School Teachers on using laptop computer and multimedia for conducting multimedia class 187,150.00
290 Patuakhali Bauphal CD-2017-18-107838-03 Basic Training Course for new married couple, FWA, FWV and FPI staffs on their responsibilities and service scope of Family Planning 178,600.00
291 Patuakhali Bauphal CD-2017-18-107838-02 Awareness Raising training for 10 to 19 years old girls to health care during menstrual period 124,200.00
292 Patuakhali Bauphal CD-2017-18-107838-01 Training of one crops land Farmers for creating fruit garden by using Sarjan System 135,800.00
293 Panchagarh Tetulia CD-2017-18-557790-06 Training on protect of consumer rights 159,052.00
294 Panchagarh Tetulia CD-2017-18-557790-05 Training on Adolescent reproductive health care 131,646.00
295 Panchagarh Tetulia CD-2017-18-557790-04 Training on fish culture use of modern technology mango production, preservation and marketing. 165,320.00
296 Panchagarh Tetulia CD-2017-18-557790-03 Training on Tea cultivation use of modern technology at Tetulia Upazila 165,118.00
297 Panchagarh Tetulia CD-2017-18-557790-02 Training on Social responsibilities of Primary schools head teach 191,530.00
298 Panchagarh Tetulia CD-2017-18-557790-01 Training on Quality Education and use of ICT 187,334.00
299 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2017-18-557773-08 Training on Block and Boutique for Youth woman 102,725.00
300 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2017-18-557773-07 Local and Hybride Cow raring Training 102,150.00
301 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2017-18-557773-06 Training on Fish Farming in modern method 102,070.00
302 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2017-18-557773-05 Training on Production and marketing of summer tomatoes 102,200.00
303 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2017-18-557773-04 Workshop Disaster management and EGPP at Upazila level 102,500.00
304 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2017-18-557773-03 Adolescent Reproductive Health Campaign in Secondary School 102,850.00
305 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2017-18-557773-02 Training on capacity building of computer/printer related hardware maintenance and network operation to the Union Digital centre entrepreneur and others employee of Upazila administration 192,505.00
306 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar CD-2017-18-557773-01 Seminar of the role of Imam (religious leader), Nikah register, priests and local elites to prevent Eve-teasing, militancy, terrorism and social disorder, dowry, child marriage, drug abuse, women and child trafficki 193,000.00
307 Pabna Sujanagar CD-2017-18-507683-07 Training on modern technique of fish cultivation among the fish farmers. 100,000.00
308 Pabna Sujanagar CD-2017-18-507683-06 The quality of developing secondary education by using multi-media among the teachers. 124,700.00
309 Pabna Sujanagar CD-2017-18-507683-05 Training on increasing production for beef fattening farmers. 100,000.00
310 Pabna Sujanagar CD-2017-18-507683-04 Training on the method of increasing production of Aus among Farmers. 167,900.00
311 Pabna Sujanagar CD-2017-18-507683-03 Training on Poison free vegetable cultivation and using tolerable measure of pesticides among Farmers. 168,200.00
312 Pabna Sujanagar CD-2017-18-507683-02 Training on increasing awareness about sanitation, safe water and hygiene education among Primary Schools head teacher 175,300.00
313 Pabna Sujanagar CD-2017-18-507683-01 Training on stopping early marriage and broadcast its demerits with Madrasa & Secondary School head teachers, Imam, Journalist and Public representative. 163,900.00
314 Pabna Santhia CD-2017-18-507672-08 Training to the public representative to stop early Marriage and raising awareness among the mass 103,300.00
315 Pabna Santhia CD-2017-18-507672-07 Training to the women teachers on girls learners preparation for puberty and its management (Later the teachers will conduct twice this session in their school every yea 101,474.00
316 Pabna Santhia CD-2017-18-507672-06 Training to the primary Head teachers to make capacitated to conduct classes using multimedia 175,500.00
317 Pabna Santhia CD-2017-18-507672-05 Training to the women farmers on cow rearing 109,276.00
318 Pabna Santhia CD-2017-18-507672-04 Training to the farmers on the importance of water hyacinth compost manure in increasing fertility of soil and crop production and how to prepare it. 104,660.00
319 Pabna Santhia CD-2017-18-507672-03 Training to the farmers on onion and garlic cultivation 121,180.00
320 Pabna Santhia CD-2017-18-507672-02 Training to the officials and other relevant staff on ICT 100,070.00
321 Pabna Santhia CD-2017-18-507672-01 4 days Campaign against militancy and child marriage in the educational institutions of Santhi 184,540.00
322 Pabna Pabna Sadar CD-2017-18-507655-07 Capacity building training on ICT development for the head teacher of high school/college under the Upazila. 155,600.00
323 Pabna Pabna Sadar CD-2017-18-507655-06 Capacity building training on ICT development for the teacher of primary school under the Upazila. 120,480.00
324 Pabna Pabna Sadar CD-2017-18-507655-05 Capacity building training on vegetables cultivation on the floating bed. 175,070.00
325 Pabna Pabna Sadar CD-2017-18-507655-04 Capacity building training on early marriage reduction. 129,750.00
326 Pabna Pabna Sadar CD-2017-18-507655-03 Capacity building training on Cattle fattening by modern method. 152,400.00
327 Pabna Pabna Sadar CD-2017-18-507655-02 Carp fish culture with local fish & fish harvest rules and regulation. 152,400.00
328 Pabna Pabna Sadar CD-2017-18-507655-01 Pesticide/Chemical free vegetables production 114,300.00
329 Pabna Ishwardi CD-2017-18-507639-06 Training on sewing to the poor, young and interested members of PDBF 169,800.00
330 Pabna Ishwardi CD-2017-18-507639-05 Training on awareness building against drug 124,650.00
331 Pabna Ishwardi CD-2017-18-507639-04 Training on safe production of milk and meat 173,700.00
332 Pabna Ishwardi CD-2017-18-507639-03 Training on computer to the unemployed youths 185,850.00
333 Pabna Ishwardi CD-2017-18-507639-02 Training on making digital contents in the classroom 165,200.00
334 Pabna Ishwardi CD-2017-18-507639-01 Training on Developing skills in English Language 180,800.00
335 Noakhali Sonaimuri CD-2017-18-207583-07 Drivers road safety traffic law training 175,000.00
336 Noakhali Sonaimuri CD-2017-18-207583-06 Training on ICT ( web portal and E filing) of upzila porishod officers and employees . 106,240.00
337 Noakhali Sonaimuri CD-2017-18-207583-05 Increasing skill of settlement of land disputes by informing local public representatives about land related issues. 136,650.00
338 Noakhali Sonaimuri CD-2017-18-207583-04 Students awareness meeting on prevention of child marriage, prevention of women and child abuse, prevention of eve-teasing and militan 124,460.00
339 Noakhali Sonaimuri CD-2017-18-207583-03 Fish farming training in modern methods. 137,050.00
340 Noakhali Sonaimuri CD-2017-18-207583-02 raining of rearing poultry and cow nutrition training 164,600.00
341 Noakhali Sonaimuri CD-2017-18-207583-01 Increasing competence of midwives training 156,000.00
342 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2017-18-207580-08 Capacity development Training of construction workers. 112,560.00
343 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2017-18-207580-07 Training of youth women on beads craft and bag making. 178,940.00
344 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2017-18-207580-06 Capacity development training of farm owners on Dairy farm management. 107,940.00
345 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2017-18-207580-05 Capacity development training on artificial breeding and develop bovine assemblage 114,560.00
346 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2017-18-207580-04 Training of fish fry/fingerlings farmer on modern fishing technology. 123,260.00
347 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2017-18-207580-03 Capacity development training of local public representatives orients on land issue and land related conflict solution at local level. 125,060.00
348 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2017-18-207580-02 Capacity development training of CSBA and TBA of Senbag Upazila for safe motherhood program. 125,120.00
349 Noakhali Senbagh CD-2017-18-207580-01 Training on fertilizer managements and bio-agriculture of farmer capacity development 112,560.00
350 Noakhali Noakhali sadar CD-2017-18-207587-06 Training on E-File Management for Secretaries of Union Parishads and Staffs of Government Offices under Noakhali sadar Upazila Parishad. 166,000.00
351 Noakhali Noakhali sadar CD-2017-18-207587-05 Driving Training Course for the Skill Development and Employment Generation of Unemployed Youth. 189,000.00
352 Noakhali Noakhali sadar CD-2017-18-207587-04 Vaccinators Training to Provide Union Level Intensive Livestock Healthcare Services. 160,000.00
353 Noakhali Noakhali sadar CD-2017-18-207587-03 Training on Nutrition, Autism, Arsenicosis and Neo-Emergent Disease (NED). 160,000.00
354 Noakhali Noakhali sadar CD-2017-18-207587-02 Training on ICT and Office Management for Office Assistants of Secondary Schools and Madrasas. 165,000.00
355 Noakhali Noakhali sadar CD-2017-18-207587-01 Training on Safe Vegetable Production Techniques and Cultivation of High Value Crops. 160,000.00
356 Noakhali Hatiya CD-2017-18-207536-06 Training of Masons related to construction works and Mechanic of Electric works for skill development on their jobs 187,100.00
357 Noakhali Hatiya CD-2017-18-207536-05 Basic Training course for High School and Madrasha Teachers on operating multimedia class 187,150.00
358 Noakhali Hatiya CD-2017-18-207536-04 Basic Training course for Primary School Teachers on using computer and multimedia for conducting multimedia class 187,150.00
359 Noakhali Hatiya CD-2017-18-207536-03 Basis Training on Livestock and Poultry 178,600.00
360 Noakhali Hatiya CD-2017-18-207536-02 Awareness raising training for 10 to 19 years old girls to health care during menstrual period 124,200.00
361 Noakhali Hatiya CD-2017-18-207536-01 Training of one crops land Farmers for creating fruit garden by using Sarjan System 135,800.00
362 Noakhali Companiganj CD-2017-18-207521-10 Income generating activiting training to the member of Coppreative socities 100,000.00
363 Noakhali Companiganj CD-2017-18-207521-09 Intensive and Semi intensive fish culture management 100,000.00
364 Noakhali Companiganj CD-2017-18-207521-08 Farmer Training on increasing productivity reduce post harvest loss and use of eco friendly tecnology 100,000.00
365 Noakhali Companiganj CD-2017-18-207521-07 Awareness training on Repoductive health and Training on Maternal, Newnatal & new couple 100,000.00
366 Noakhali Companiganj CD-2017-18-207521-06 Training of the Farmer about new & improved technology of dairy management & etc 100,000.00
367 Noakhali Companiganj CD-2017-18-207521-05 Training on Disaster management, Beneficiary selection and Identification of demage amount 100,000.00
368 Noakhali Companiganj CD-2017-18-207521-04 Training on basic knowledge of computer, Conduct Online baise different software management, Communication different department by Internet/Facebook 100,000.00
369 Noakhali Companiganj CD-2017-18-207521-03 Computer training for Upazila and Union level different department and Shekh Rashel digital lab teacher 100,000.00
370 Noakhali Companiganj CD-2017-18-207521-02 Campaign on Protection early marriage, Dowry, Eveteging and Trafficking 100,000.00
371 Noakhali Companiganj CD-2017-18-207521-01 Financial management training for Secondary, Higher Secondary and Upazila parishad Office Assistant 100,000.00
372 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2017-18-303929-09 Training on Improved socio-economic condition and skilled through Show-pieces and Cane product making for rural women 117,540.00
373 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2017-18-303929-08 Training on ICT and E-Primary System for Primary Teachers 101,200.00
374 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2017-18-303929-07 Training on Hormone and steroid free safe Meat production for meat producer and its related stakeholders 101,600.00
375 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2017-18-303929-06 Training ICT and Multimedia Classroom for Secondary Teachers 101,200.00
376 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2017-18-303929-05 Improved training on Non Communicable Diseases for Health Service Provider 101,660.00
377 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2017-18-303929-04 Capacity Development Training on Commercialization Fish Culture and motivational awareness increase and planning for farm owner 103,200.00
378 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2017-18-303929-03 Training on Environmental Friendly Agriculture 100,200.00
379 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2017-18-303929-02 Capacity Development Training on Public Procurement Management and E-GP for different Stakeholder 162,080.00
380 Nilphamari Jaldhaka CD-2017-18-303929-01 Training on Web Portal and its updating process for Govt. officia 111,320.00
381 Nilphamari Dimla CD-2017-18-557312-06 Training on sanitation & Hygiene 188,500.00
382 Nilphamari Dimla CD-2017-18-557212-05 Training on keeping cattle in modern time 173,600.00
383 Nilphamari Dimla CD-2017-18-557212-04 Training on women entrepreneurs block & bati 164,100.00
384 Nilphamari Dimla CD-2017-18-557312-03 Training On ICT multimedia class room 181,200.00
385 Nilphamari Dimla CD-2017-18-557312-02 ICT training for Upazila level Government officer 104,900.00
386 Nilphamari Dimla CD-2017-18-557312-01 Training on expansion of modern agricultural technology 187,700.00
387 Netrokona Mohanganj CD-2017-18-307263-06 Campaign on health awareness of primary school students 162,600.00
388 Netrokona Mohanganj CD-2017-18-307263-05 Information on prevention and awareness training on drug, eve-teasing, child marriage, dowry and acid-throwing laws. 160,600.00
389 Netrokona Mohanganj CD-2017-18-307263-04 Awareness training on mother and child health, nutrition and family planning 164,850.00
390 Netrokona Mohanganj CD-2017-18-307263-03 Training on advanced techniques for the production of rice and vegetables 160,100.00
391 Netrokona Mohanganj CD-2017-18-307263-02 Sewing Training 181,450.00
392 Netrokona Mohanganj CD-2017-18-307263-01 ICT training for the employees of the upazila parishad and the officials of the union parishad. 170,400.00
393 Netrokona Kendua CD-2017-18-307247-06 Training on the development of fish farming capabilities and the creation of self-employment. 170,000.00
394 Netrokona Kendua CD-2017-18-307247-05 Training on skill development and self-employment training through block and batik training to miserable and helpless women 165,000.00
395 Netrokona Kendua CD-2017-18-307247-04 Day long training for creating awareness on preventing child marriage among religious leader, civil society representatives, elected personnel and to the school or college level stude 185,000.00
396 Netrokona Kendua CD-2017-18-307247-03 Training on the production, preparation and use of vermi composts and the production of safe vegetables in the use of pheromone trap and increasing agricultural production. 165,000.00
397 Netrokona Kendua CD-2017-18-307247-02 Training on morality education, child marriage, drug and eve teasing awareness among school cabinet members (students). 165,000.00
398 Netrokona Kendua CD-2017-18-307247-01 Computer training to increase the skills of unemployed youth and youth women and to create self-employment. 150,000.00
399 Natore Singra CD-2017-18-506991-08 Awareness about health risk training on Non Communicable Diseases (Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Symptoms, Cancer, Breathing, Ulcer, Brain Stoke etc.) 110,000.00
400 Natore Singra CD-2017-18-506991-07 The proper feeding practices along with management of different diseases and risks in aquaculture. 124,020.00
401 Natore Singra CD-2017-18-506991-06 Training of self-employed people in Singra Upazila in duck and poultry 128,440.00
402 Natore Singra CD-2017-18-506991-05 Training on cow/ goat rearing and Beef Fatteni 125,010.00
403 Natore Singra CD-2017-18-506991-04 Training on Capacity Development of Community Group member 128,560.00
404 Natore Singra CD-2017-18-506991-03 Training on ICT to the Upazila Secondary Education Office and third class employees of Secondary School 120,000.00
405 Natore Singra CD-2017-18-506991-02 Safe crop production by using sex pheromone 125,000.00
406 Natore Singra CD-2017-18-506991-01 Training on Prevent child marriage, dowry and violence against women 138,970.00
407 Natore Lalpur CD-2017-18-506944-07 Social awareness training on Child Marriage, Eve teasing, Dowry system and violence against women. 103,240.00
408 Natore Lalpur CD-2017-18-506944-06 Awareness building workshop on Land Law and its Implementations. 117,720.00
409 Natore Lalpur CD-2017-18-506944-05 Farmers Training on Beef Fattening in safe way & Efficiency Development of Butchers in safe meat Production. 127,160.00
410 Natore Lalpur CD-2017-18-506944-04 Training of Farmers on Production & Use of Organic Fertilizer to maintain Soil Health. 142,610.00
411 Natore Lalpur CD-2017-18-506944-03 Efficiency development Training on Maternal health protection and to increase normal delivery at Govt. Health Facility of govt. health workers. 167,280.00
412 Natore Lalpur CD-2017-18-506944-02 Secondary Level HMs Efficiency Development in ICT & Its Administrative uses. 156,520.00
413 Natore Lalpur CD-2017-18-506944-01 Capacity Building Training on using Multimedia & Subject base digital content of government primary school teachers. 183,150.00
414 Natore Bagatipara CD-2017-18-506909-08 Menstruation and Hygiene health care, child marriage and dowry awareness raising rally and discussion meeting. 158,897.00
415 Natore Bagatipara CD-2017-18-506909-07 Freelancing training of educated unemployed youth in Bagatipara upazila. 161,000.00
416 Natore Bagatipara CD-2017-18-506909-06 Training on livestock and poultry farming (Native chicken, turkey, duck) management of unemployed youth and youth women. 106,120.00
417 Natore Bagatipara CD-2017-18-506909-05 Creating Digital Content and Multimedia Classroom Management 126,920.00
418 Natore Bagatipara CD-2017-18-506909-04 Academic & Official Management of Educational Institutions. 158,800.00
419 Natore Bagatipara CD-2017-18-506909-03 Training workshop on inspiration in innovative activities of officials to simplify the service process and reach the people's doorstep servi 119,750.00
420 Natore Bagatipara CD-2017-18-506909-02 Training on land Management 120,700.00
421 Natore Bagatipara CD-2017-18-506909-01 Training on making awareness of the rules of pesticides, safe and proper use of pesticides for SAAO, pesticide dealers and peasant representatives 104,935.00
422 Narsingdi Shibpur CD-2017-18-306876-06 Training on various types of laws to control women harrasment and early marriage 155,000.00
423 Narsingdi Shibpur CD-2017-18-306876-05 Training on Family planning mother and baby health service. 154,040.00
424 Narsingdi Shibpur CD-2017-18-306876-04 Training of crops producing technology by safe method. 169,170.00
425 Narsingdi Shibpur CD-2017-18-306876-03 Traning of goat and sheep upbringing in modern ways. 169,170.00
426 Narsingdi Shibpur CD-2017-18-306876-02 Fundamental midwife training. 183,340.00
427 Narsingdi Shibpur CD-2017-18-306876-01 Training of rendering National Anthem properly,measurement and lifting of National flag Properly. 169,280.00
428 Narsingdi Palash CD-2017-18-306863-08 Training on health care of mother and child and family planning 125,000.00
429 Narsingdi Palash CD-2017-18-306863-07 Training on awareness building road safety for vehicle owner, driver and pedestrians 125,000.00
430 Narsingdi Palash CD-2017-18-306863-06 Training on child marriage, women violence and prevent dowry 125,000.00
431 Narsingdi Palash CD-2017-18-306863-05 Training on safe egg, milk and meat 125,000.00
432 Narsingdi Palash CD-2017-18-306863-04 Training on increasing peoples awareness to face the natural disast 125,000.00
433 Narsingdi Palash CD-2017-18-306863-03 Training about controlling of the use of formalin in Pisciculture and motivation in Pisciculture 125,000.00
434 Narsingdi Palash CD-2017-18-306863-02 Training on implementation about standard language in classroom of High School teacher. 125,000.00
435 Narsingdi Palash CD-2017-18-306863-01 Training on Techniques of cultivating and maintaining Safe vegetables and fruits 125,000.00
436 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2017-18-306852-07 Training Program on job oriented education (Mobile Repair, Driving, Carpenter, Car Repair) to the Physically Challenged and Orphan children 190,000.00
437 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2017-18-306852-06 Training Program for Farmers and Unemployed youths on the management of Commercial Fish Farming (Shing, Koi, Magura, Pabda, Gulasa). 110,000.00
438 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2017-18-306852-05 Training Program on keeping Turkeys, Pigeons and Broiler Chickens for the Farmers and Unemployed youths 120,000.00
439 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2017-18-306852-04 Training Program on Computer Management (Office Management Software) for the third class employees of different offices of upazila 170,000.00
440 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2017-18-306852-03 Farmers' Training program for Production, Processing and Marketing of Paan in Modern and Safe manner. 130,000.00
441 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2017-18-306852-02 Workshop on Terrorism and Militancy prevention, Women Empowerment and Child Marriage prevention and quality education 180,000.00
442 Narsingdi Manohardi CD-2017-18-306852-01 Training Programs on Prevention and Treatment of Antimicrobial Resuscitation and Neonatal Infant and Autism to increase Public awareness 100,000.00
443 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2017-18-306807-07 Training program on self-skill development for participants under social safety program. 131,510.00
444 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2017-18-306807-06 Training program on stopping child marriage & eve teasing and increase public awareness on adolescent health. 159,680.00
445 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2017-18-306807-05 Training program on pond preparation and fish cultivation management in modern method and good aqua culture practice. 107,120.00
446 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2017-18-306807-04 Training program on Family planning, better reproductive health and safe delivery to obstruct mother and child death. 131,150.00
447 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2017-18-306807-03 Training program for teachers on correctly rising national flag, singing national anthem and giving teaching with digital content. 137,157.00
448 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2017-18-306807-02 Training program on non-communicable diseases (Hypertension, diabetics, cancer, AIDS, anemia, asthma, arsenicosis and lack of iodine) for increase the public awareness. 160,680.00
449 Narsingdi Belabo CD-2017-18-306807-01 Training program for farmers on Vegetable cultivation in non-toxic and eco-friendly system. 172,703.00
450 Narayanganj Sonargaon CD-2017-18-306704-07 Training on motor vehicles ordinance 1983 for motor vehicle driver of Sonargaon Upazil 190,000.00
451 Narayanganj Sonargaon CD-2017-18-306704-06 Training on teaching improvement of Mathematics and English at secondary level. 190,000.00
452 Narayanganj Sonargaon CD-2017-18-306704-05 Training on beef fattening and safety meet. 100,000.00
453 Narayanganj Sonargaon CD-2017-18-306704-04 Training on national web portal and E-failing. 125,863.00
454 Narayanganj Sonargaon CD-2017-18-306704-03 Training on best harvesting of vegetable and fruit through agricultural process. 100,000.00
455 Narayanganj Sonargaon CD-2017-18-306704-02 Training on woman empowerment and gender discrimination through vocational training like Nakshi katha 100,000.00
456 Narayanganj Sonargaon CD-2017-18-306704-01 Training on Disaster management like Earthquake, Thunderbolts and Affray 194,137.00
457 Narayanganj Rupganj CD-2017-18-306768-07 Training on Act for Women and Family violence, Child right, reduce Early Marriage and reduce Pornography. 124,471.00
458 Narayanganj Rupganj CD-2017-18-306768-06 Social awareness and capacity development training on cyclone, flood, earthquake and thunder storm for disaster management committee and school teachers. 106,458.00
459 Narayanganj Rupganj CD-2017-18-306768-05 Training on dairy management for upazila level small entrepreneurs 123,415.00
460 Narayanganj Rupganj CD-2017-18-306768-04 E-filing training for the officials of Upazila parished. 141,042.00
461 Narayanganj Rupganj CD-2017-18-306768-03 Capacity Development training on multimedia class and daily assembly. 164,252.00
462 Narayanganj Rupganj CD-2017-18-306768-02 Training on chemical free vegetable cultivation for farmers. 171,952.00
463 Narayanganj Rupganj CD-2017-18-306768-01 Training on Capacity Development of Skill Birth Attendant. 168,410.00
464 Narayanganj Araihazar CD-2017-18-306702-06 Safe delivery Training program to prevent maternal and child mortality 139,494.00
465 Narayanganj Araihazar CD-2017-18-306702-05 Capacity Development Training for teachers related to ICT 160,107.00
466 Narayanganj Araihazar CD-2017-18-306702-04 Training on Primary school students about pre-health service and teeth cleaning program 160,787.00
467 Narayanganj Araihazar CD-2017-18-306702-03 Capacity Development Training about animal husbandry 172,722.00
468 Narayanganj Araihazar CD-2017-18-306702-02 Refresher Training on Non-communicable disease and primary health service 181,440.00
469 Narayanganj Araihazar CD-2017-18-306702-01 Training on Alternative Income Generating (AIG) program for fishermen during stopping catch fish season 185,450.00
470 Narail Narail Sadar CD-2017-18-406576-06 Camp. on Protect Early marriage, Dowry, Viol. against women 174,855.00
471 Narail Narail Sadar CD-2017-18-406576-05 Basic Training on Outsourcing for unemployed youth. 166,902.00
472 Narail Narail Sadar CD-2017-18-406576-04 Farmers Training for Production of Safe Fruits and Vegetab 179,787.00
473 Narail Narail Sadar CD-2017-18-406576-03 Training on using modern technology for cow rearing. 179,600.00
474 Narail Narail Sadar CD-2017-18-406576-02 ICT Training for Upazila level official staff. 131,856.00
475 Narail Narail Sadar CD-2017-18-406576-01 Training on Block, Batik and Nokshi Katha swing . 167,000.00
476 Narail Lohagara CD-2017-18-406552-09 Adolescence period health service awareness training of adolescent 133,420.00
477 Narail Lohagara CD-2017-18-406552-08 Capacity building training of National Woman Development Forum with Union Parishad woman member 105,840.00
478 Narail Lohagara CD-2017-18-406552-07 Training on Carp polyculture of Fisherman 105,840.00
479 Narail Lohagara CD-2017-18-406552-06 Training on Cultivation techniques, Technology Transfer, Climate Smart Agriculture and Safe Food of Farmers 108,000.00
480 Narail Lohagara CD-2017-18-406552-05 Life Skill base training of secondary education institution, Madrasha teachers & Imams 106,325.00
481 Narail Lohagara CD-2017-18-406552-04 Training on Mathematic at Secondary level teachers 106,325.00
482 Narail Lohagara CD-2017-18-406552-03 Training on E-Filing, Web portal and ICT of handed over departments of Upazila & Union parishad employee 107,640.00
483 Narail Lohagara CD-2017-18-406552-02 Training on Cow Rearing 120,770.00
484 Narail Lohagara CD-2017-18-406552-01 Training on Awareness of Early Marriage Control 105,840.00
485 Naogaon Raninagar CD-2017-18-506485-07 Training on production and use of vermin compost (Earthworm fertilizer) for the purpose of increasing organic agriculture and income. 136,700.00
486 Naogaon Raninagar CD-2017-18-506485-06 Awareness training for prevention of violence against women. 136,700.00
487 Naogaon Raninagar CD-2017-18-506485-05 Training on safe meat production with chicken and turkey farming techniques 136,700.00
488 Naogaon Raninagar CD-2017-18-506485-04 Cultivation of fish in the cages and mixed fish of pond with the carp fish in Gulsha, Pabda and Tengra fishery training. 136,700.00
489 Naogaon Raninagar CD-2017-18-506485-03 Skill development training for president, organization head and office assistants for the development of office management of secondary education institution. 146,700.00
490 Naogaon Raninagar CD-2017-18-506485-02 Capacity development training for midwives / health workers to increase child and maternal health care and normal delivery 120,300.00
491 Naogaon Raninagar CD-2017-18-506485-01 Training on law and order, child marriage prevention and drug eradication. 186,200.00
492 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2017-18-506469-10 Training on local journalists to enhance their skill and integrity 100,000.00
493 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2017-18-506469-09 Training on awareness building on health risk of uncontaminated diseases and strengthening online reporting system 100,000.00
494 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2017-18-506469-08 Training on small enterprise for the unemployed young ladies 100,000.00
495 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2017-18-506469-07 Ideal Farmer Training on uses of surface water 100,000.00
496 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2017-18-506469-06 Workshop on Advocacy Regarding Raising Awareness and Awakening against Early Marriage and Dowry System. 100,000.00
497 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2017-18-506469-05 Training for the teachers of target orientated Primary Schools to enhance their English Language competency 100,000.00
498 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2017-18-506469-04 Training on eligible couple for building happy family 100,000.00
499 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2017-18-506469-03 Training on the carp polly culture in the way of modern eco-friendly method and food safety 100,000.00
500 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2017-18-506469-02 Training on Commercial farming system of Turkey and Pigeon. 100,000.00
501 Naogaon Niamatpur CD-2017-18-506469-01 Farmers training on production of water saving crops by conserving underground water 100,000.00
502 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar CD-2017-18-506460-08 CD Training on Making Showpiece & Self Employment ( Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry, Grapes, Kad 147,230.00
503 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar CD-2017-18-506460-07 CD Training on Dairy Cow rearing and preventive treatment 114,102.00
504 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar CD-2017-18-506460-06 CD Training on about the Role and Responsibilities of CNG and Auto Rickshaw Driver to Ensure Road Safet 153,556.00
505 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar CD-2017-18-506460-05 CD Training for Couple to Make a Happy Family 105,325.00
506 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar CD-2017-18-506460-04 CD Training on Modernization of Land Management by Digital System 105,325.00
507 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar CD-2017-18-506460-03 CD Training on The Role of Leader of the religious congregation and Registers of Marriages to Blocked Earl 105,385.00
508 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar CD-2017-18-506460-02 CD Training of Farmers on Modern Crop Production Technologies 115,420.00
509 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar CD-2017-18-506460-01 CD Training on Conduct of Class by Multi Media and Technic of National Nature of Virtu 198,188.00
510 Naogaon Manda CD-2017-18-506447-07 Training on Eco-Friendly Agricultural Technology & CIG Management 115,039.00
511 Naogaon Manda CD-2017-18-506447-06 Training on Disaster Management of Students 115,039.00
512 Naogaon Manda CD-2017-18-506447-05 Training on Safe and Healthy Fisheries 115,039.00
513 Naogaon Manda CD-2017-18-506447-04 Training on Sewing of youth women 115,613.00
514 Naogaon Manda CD-2017-18-506447-03 Training on Law & Order, Early Marriage, Drug Abolition etc. 164,410.00
515 Naogaon Manda CD-2017-18-506447-02 ICT training on Office Assistant 187,430.00
516 Naogaon Manda CD-2017-18-506447-01 Fundamental Training of Untrained Midwive 187,430.00
517 Naogaon Mahadebpur CD-2017-18-506450-07 ICT Training for Upazila & Union Parishad Personnel 142,000.00
518 Naogaon Mahadebpur CD-2017-18-506450-06 Culture of various species of fish using modern technology; diseases and health management 135,000.00
519 Naogaon Mahadebpur CD-2017-18-506450-05 Training of adolescent on health management during puberty 135,000.00
520 Naogaon Mahadebpur CD-2017-18-506450-04 Training of unemployed youth on Electric Wearing 108,000.00
521 Naogaon Mahadebpur CD-2017-18-506450-03 Training of farmers on Poultry Rearing adopting improved technology & safe meat production 185,000.00
522 Naogaon Mahadebpur CD-2017-18-506450-02 Training of Teachers of Secondary level education on English Languag 150,000.00
523 Naogaon Mahadebpur CD-2017-18-506450-01 Training of farmers on Production of Vegetables and Fruits using bio-technology 145,000.00
524 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2017-18-506428-09 Training on Imam, Moulavi, Fathers for prevent early marriage and Drug control. 102,680.00
525 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2017-18-506428-08 Training on ICT for School Teachers 116,980.00
526 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2017-18-506428-07 Orientation on health care for Old man 108,740.00
527 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2017-18-506428-06 Orientation on menstrual Hygine Behaviour for School girls 108,740.00
528 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2017-18-506428-05 Training on Prevention of Disasters for Volunteers 116,980.00
529 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2017-18-506428-04 Training on made small enterpreneurs on Agriculture 116,980.00
530 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2017-18-506428-03 Training on Safe meat, Milk and Egg Production 116,980.00
531 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2017-18-506428-02 Training on Vegetable cultivation and nursery develop for village women 105,960.00
532 Naogaon Dhamoirhat CD-2017-18-506428-01 Training on Road Safety 105,960.00
533 Naogaon Badalgachhi CD-2017-18-506406-07 Training of BRDB Member about Cow Fattering for Reducing Poverty 150,400.00
534 Naogaon Badalgachhi CD-2017-18-506406-06 Consciousness Training of Local Motor Driver for Reducing Road Accident 113,775.00
535 Naogaon Badalgachhi CD-2017-18-506406-05 For Improving the Quality of Education Training of Secondary School Teacher of English, Math, Physics and Chemistry 147,000.00
536 Naogaon Badalgachhi CD-2017-18-506406-04 Training of Vatenary Village Doctor and Poultry Farmer for Making of Ideal Farm 126,770.00
537 Naogaon Badalgachhi CD-2017-18-506406-03 Training of Handicraft for Unemployed Youth Women 124,200.00
538 Naogaon Badalgachhi CD-2017-18-506406-02 Champaign at Secondary School Level for Increasing awarness and reducing early marriage, Drugs and Terroris 180,240.00
539 Naogaon Badalgachhi CD-2017-18-506406-01 Farmers Training on Producing Vermi Compost and Organic Agriculture 157,615.00
540 Naogaon Atrai CD-2017-18-506403-08 Training on capacity development in ICT for the head of educational institutions. 111,760.00
541 Naogaon Atrai CD-2017-18-506403-07 Chemical pesticide free vegetable cultivation training for farmers. 109,230.00
542 Naogaon Atrai CD-2017-18-506403-06 Training on awareness raising about Child Marriage Act-2017 176,000.00
543 Naogaon Atrai CD-2017-18-506403-05 Training on fisheries law and mix fish farming on carp and Gulsha, Pabda 115,280.00
544 Naogaon Atrai CD-2017-18-506403-04 Training on Neonatal and Pregnant mother care for Health Assistant, CSBA and Nurse. 124,960.00
545 Naogaon Atrai CD-2017-18-506403-03 Training on Road Safety for Tricycle van and Auto Rickshaw Driver. 106,860.00
546 Naogaon Atrai CD-2017-18-506403-02 Training for teachers on Multimedia Use in class room at Primary school level. 146,680.00
547 Naogaon Atrai CD-2017-18-506403-01 Training for improvement of huge milk producing dairy farmers on health, nutrition and housing of their high yielding dairy cows. 109,230.00
548 Mymensingh Trishal CD-2017-18-306194-07 Training on Office management for Office Assistants of Upazila Porishad and secretaries of Union parishad. 133,100.00
549 Mymensingh Trishal CD-2017-18-306194-06 Training on to be aware for teachers of secondary school and madrasa to build society free from marriage portion, child marriage, sexual harassment and terror 180,000.00
550 Mymensingh Trishal CD-2017-18-306194-05 Training on cultivation of safe vegetables and application practice of insects killer for poor vegetable farmers 120,000.00
551 Mymensingh Trishal CD-2017-18-306194-04 Training on vaccination to domestic poultry for poor village women to do them self-employed and self-depended 120,000.00
552 Mymensingh Trishal CD-2017-18-306194-03 Training on Good Aquaculture Practice (GAP) for poor Fish Farmers. 120,000.00
553 Mymensingh Trishal CD-2017-18-306194-02 Training on Public Procurement Rules (PPR)-2008 for Office-in- charge and Office assistant at Upazila Porishad and UP secretaries of Trishal. 141,200.00
554 Mymensingh Trishal CD-2017-18-306194-01 Training on early marriage act, counsel to guardians and implementation of work plan for Child Marriage Resistance Brigade to prevent child marriage. 185,700.00
555 Mymensingh Nandail CD-2017-18-306172-06 Training program on stopping child marriage public awareness 178,610.00
556 Mymensingh Nandail CD-2017-18-306172-05 Rearing of cattle,poultry and their management.. 128,424.00
557 Mymensingh Nandail CD-2017-18-306172-04 Training program on Family planning, better reproductive health and safe delivery to obstruct mother and child death. 160,380.00
558 Mymensingh Nandail CD-2017-18-306172-03 Capacity buildup of educational institution management system 187,056.00
559 Mymensingh Nandail CD-2017-18-306172-02 Traning on safe fish production for nutritional security 189,650.00
560 Mymensingh Nandail CD-2017-18-306172-01 Training program for farmers on Vegetable cultivation in non-toxic and eco-friendly system 155,880.00
561 Mymensingh Haluaghat CD-2017-18-303080-06 Computer training for second and third class employees for the (e-Filling and web portal update) simplification of upazila level services for purposes of common people 186,620.00
562 Mymensingh Haluaghat CD-2017-18-303080-05 Beef fattening training for local needs to meet the demand for meat and nutritional needs at local poor people. 137,600.00
563 Mymensingh Haluaghat CD-2017-18-303080-04 Training to increase carp fish cultivation and to meet the nutritional needs at local level peoples and the creation of employments Youth 129,360.00
564 Mymensingh Haluaghat CD-2017-18-303080-03 The health of the mother newborn babies, who are under the age of 5 years, is under the care of the mother's health condition and the child's care training. 181,760.00
565 Mymensingh Haluaghat CD-2017-18-303080-02 Training to ensure nutritional growth of pregnant women in rural areas and to ensure safe deployment. 181,760.00
566 Mymensingh Haluaghat CD-2017-18-303080-01 For the development of science education at the secondary level, the training of science teachers for creating practical concepts of science and exporting science learning techniques. 182,900.00
567 Mymensingh Gaffargaon CD-2017-18-306122-06 Training to increase the skill of the mason and construction workers 123,690.00
568 Mymensingh Gaffargaon CD-2017-18-306122-05 Awareness training for prevention of women 182,300.00
569 Mymensingh Gaffargaon CD-2017-18-306122-04 Training on ICT the office management of employees of different departments of Upazila Parishad 164,920.00
570 Mymensingh Gaffargaon CD-2017-18-306122-03 Safe drinking water and sanitation related awareness training 176,330.00
571 Mymensingh Gaffargaon CD-2017-18-306122-02 Training on improvement of education for the President of School Management Committee and head of the institution 187,600.00
572 Mymensingh Gaffargaon CD-2017-18-306122-01 Eco-friendly agricultural technology training for increasing crop production 165,160.00
573 Munshiganj Tongibari CD-2016-17-305994-06 Awareness workshop on road safety and traffic signal for Auto drivers. 192,125.00
574 Munshiganj Tongibari CD-2016-17-305994-05 Awareness campaign on control of drug with mass people of 13th union. 179,945.00
575 Munshiganj Tongibari CD-2016-17-305994-04 Orientation workshop on different scheduled Acts under mobile court Act, 2009 with the businessmen. 129,000.00
576 Munshiganj Tongibari CD-2016-17-305994-03 Sewing training for poor Madrasha students 188,100.00
577 Munshiganj Tongibari CD-2016-17-305994-02 Vermi compost fertilizer production management and potato relay crops with Maze. 119,320.00
578 Munshiganj Tongibari CD-2016-17-305994-01 Awareness raising workshop on disaster management for UDMC member. 191,510.00
579 Munshiganj Serajdikhan CD-2017-18-305974-8 Training for new electric maker practical on modern electricity 102,000.00
580 Munshiganj Serajdikhan CD-2017-18-305974-7 Mordarn office management,update webportal & innovation training for Government servise holders in this upazil 121,000.00
581 Munshiganj Serajdikhan CD-2017-18-305974-6 Litarate unemployer nursing on improvement for weak &workless senior citiz 147,000.00
582 Munshiganj Serajdikhan CD-2017-18-305974-5 seceondery school teachers skill improve make digital conten 143,000.00
583 Munshiganj Serajdikhan CD-2017-18-305974-4 One day workeshop direction for HSC &Bachelor degree students own in future workplane &implementetio 133,000.00
584 Munshiganj Serajdikhan CD-2017-18-305974-3 Traing for awarness praimary health tips for mother healt 112,000.00
585 Munshiganj Serajdikhan CD-2017-18-305974-2 workeshop for nul girls about awarness health t 127,000.00
586 Munshiganj Serajdikhan CD-2017-18-305974-1 42 female member of 14 union parisad training capacity development & awarness right legal la 115,000.00
587 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2017-18-305956-06 Training on Modernization in Land Service & Basic Concept of Land 111,000.00
588 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2017-18-305956-02 Training on Cattle fattening and Cow Rearing 108,380.00
589 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2017-18-305956-08 Seminar on duties for protecting Early Marriage, Family Breaking, Social degradation 100,100.00
590 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2017-18-305956-09 Training of Primary Teachers on Service Rules & Curriculum 111,000.00
591 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2017-18-305956-05 Training of farmers on production of Pop Corn in Potato field as Reele crop and Farm fertilizer/Compost fertilizer/Varmi Compost production to protect the soil 110,000.00
592 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2017-18-305956-01 Training of untrained Midwives 137,320.00
593 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2017-18-305956-04 Training on Handicrafts (different kinds of ladies bag and show piece making) 112,000.00
594 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2017-18-305956-03 Training on Modern Aqua Culture and Fisheries act for alternative employment of fishermen 110,000.00
595 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar CD-2017-18-305956-07 Training on e-filing & Office Management 100,200.00
596 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2017-18-305924-08 Awarness training about protecting child marriage. 100,000.00
597 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2017-18-305924-07 Training on workshop of Head masters and Chairman of school management committee to ensure the quality of primary schools. 150,000.00
598 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2017-18-305924-06 Multimedia class room management related training for teachers to increase capacity. 150,000.00
599 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2017-18-305924-05 Training on Turkey keeping 100,000.00
600 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2017-18-305924-04 Eco friendly technology based cage training on fish farming. 125,000.00
601 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2017-18-305924-03 Training on Vermi compost for the protection of soil health . 150,000.00
602 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2017-18-305924-02 Training on E -filing and Web portal of officer and office assistant. 100,000.00
603 Munshiganj Gazaria CD-2017-18-305924-01 For sustainable management of safe drinking water and decent sanitation regarding the capacity and awarness of Watson Committee. 125,000.00
604 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar CD-2017-18-605874-07 Basic Computer training for the unemployed youth 186,200.00
605 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar CD-2017-18-605874-06 Sewing Training 166,840.00
606 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar CD-2017-18-605874-05 Cultivating rice, growing profitable vegetables & soil health treatment 103,440.00
607 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar CD-2017-18-605874-04 Poultry and vegetables cultivation training for the poor women 112,700.00
608 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar CD-2017-18-605874-03 Training for the english teachers of high school leavel on English teaching 154,620.00
609 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar CD-2017-18-605874-02 Computer Office application & freelancing 175,400.00
610 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar CD-2017-18-605874-01 Office & Economy Management, ICT for Govt.officers and employee 100,800.00
611 Moulvibazar Kamalganj CD-2017-18-605856-07 Income Generating training of rootless and backward people. 107,040.00
612 Moulvibazar Kamalganj CD-2017-18-605856-06 Motivation training of farmer on poison free veggies. 100,740.00
613 Moulvibazar Kamalganj CD-2017-18-605856-05 Photography and tourist guide training. 104,000.00
614 Moulvibazar Kamalganj CD-2017-18-605856-04 Self-employment creating training of short educated young boys and girls. 106,220.00
615 Moulvibazar Kamalganj CD-2017-18-605856-03 Awareness training child-bearing of girls those who are at risk of child marriage 194,500.00
616 Moulvibazar Kamalganj CD-2017-18-605856-02 Training on nutrition and life skills development of adolescent girl. 194,500.00
617 Moulvibazar Kamalganj CD-2017-18-605856-01 Teachers training on English in secondary level. 193,000.00
618 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar CD-2017-18-405787-06 Training on the Trade of "Dress Making " for the Poor Young Women. 156,820.00
619 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar CD-2017-18-405787-05 Training on Fisheries and Agriculture by using Surface Water and to create self reliance through organizing Sustainable Coooperative Farm. 154,540.00
620 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar CD-2017-18-405787-04 Training on awarness of social protection and prevention against Social Crimes like Abuse of Drugs,Early Marriage,Eve Teasing etc for the role of SCouts Teachers and Students. 186,315.00
621 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar CD-2017-18-405787-03 Training on ICT based capacity development for the Assistant Teachers of Secondary High Scool 195,385.00
622 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar CD-2017-18-405787-02 Training on ICT based capacity development for the stuff of 17 Departments under Upazila Parishad 198,580.00
623 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar CD-2017-18-405787-01 Awarness Training on Non communicable diseases like Diebetes. Hyper tention, Heart Strokes, Cancer, for Local Govt. Representatives, Lawers, Teachers and Union Workers. 159,540.00
624 Meherpur Gangni CD-2017-18-405747-06 Training on Internet & Computer trouble shooting 170,680.00
625 Meherpur Gangni CD-2017-18-405747-05 The training on Electrical & house wiring course. 179,146.00
626 Meherpur Gangni CD-2017-18-405747-04 Training on Increase the awareness of Farmers for Safe crops production 146,533.00
627 Meherpur Gangni CD-2017-18-405747-03 Livestock & poultry raring training course 158,283.00
628 Meherpur Gangni CD-2017-18-405747-02 The training about the signs of Arsenicocis syndrome & its protection, the utility of surface water and low cost & Environment friendly latrine construction 159,228.00
629 Meherpur Gangni CD-2017-18-405747-01 Training on Tailoring 186,130.00
630 Manikganj Singair CD-2017-18-305682-07 Training on livestock rearing for the President and Managers of Akti Bari Akti Khamar Project. 145,820.00
631 Manikganj Singair CD-2017-18-305682-06 Training on Modern and Digital Technology with Agricultural Services for the farmers along with Sub Assistance Agriculture Officers 146,340.00
632 Manikganj Singair CD-2017-18-305682-05 Training on Mobile Servicing for young people from rural areas for developing their self-employment with improve income generation 195,600.00
633 Manikganj Singair CD-2017-18-305682-04 Capacity Building Training for the Skill Birth Attendance and Family Welfare Visitor in Union Level 100,770.00
634 Manikganj Singair CD-2017-18-305682-03 Capacity Building Training on Steps Towards Protecting Child Marriage for the Marriage Register and Local Government Representatives 151,640.00
635 Manikganj Singair CD-2017-18-305682-02 Campaign on Anti-Drug and Drug Resistance issues 109,200.00
636 Manikganj Singair CD-2017-18-305682-01 Capacity building training for the Head Teachers and Subsidiary Committee Members of Union level Primary Schools 150,630.00
637 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2017-18-305678-9 Training on improved variety of cows by modern 105,000.00
638 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2017-18-305678-8 Preventative & Awareness Development Training on child marriage, drug abuse, womens torture & militanc 140,000.00
639 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2017-18-305678-7 LGED RMP womens income generating Traini 101,000.00
640 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2017-18-305678-6 Training on Unemployed Youth Youth womens Computer rel 114,500.00
641 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2017-18-305678-5 Capacity & Awareness building Training regarding responsibilities, duties and rights of the members of the Womens Development Foru 100,500.00
642 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2017-18-305678-4 Training on Updating ICT & National web portal for the staff of Upazila Parishad employe 102,000.00
643 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2017-18-305678-3 Farmers Training to increase farming in organic method & public awareness of environmentally friendly agricultural Technolog 105,000.00
644 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2017-18-305678-2 Campaigns related to health care during adolescence 112,000.00
645 Manikganj Shivalaya CD-2017-18-305678-1 Training on Secondary & Primary School Teachers ICT related for ensuring multimedia in classrooms 120,000.00
646 Manikganj Saturia CD-2017-18-305670-08 Training on Safe livestock and productin, cow rearing & fish cultivation 100,400.00
647 Manikganj Saturia CD-2017-18-305670-07 Training on capacity build up making bamboo basket, Paper packet and envelope for self-Income generating activities of Widow & diverse women. 165,059.00
648 Manikganj Saturia CD-2017-18-305670-06 Campaign on disaster protection role of elected local bodies and Govt. employee. 106,000.00
649 Manikganj Saturia CD-2017-18-305670-05 Training on Mobile Servicing for self-income generating activities of unemployed youth 108,060.00
650 Manikganj Saturia CD-2017-18-305670-04 Introduce Early marriage Act 2017, Protection Early. Capacity buildup & Role of Marriage register & local elected body. 108,360.00
651 Manikganj Saturia CD-2017-18-305670-03 Training on Updating ICT & Made Digital contain uses multimedia Projector for the school teacher. 143,090.00
652 Manikganj Saturia CD-2017-18-305670-02 Training on Awareness Build up Harmful of tobacco & discourage tobacco cultivation of the former. 102,848.00
653 Manikganj Saturia CD-2017-18-305670-01 Training on fundamental ICT & Update filing system (i.e.) E- filing system for the staff of Upazila Parishad employee. 166,183.00
654 Manikganj Harirampur CD-2017-18-305628-06 Train fishermen to save juvenile and egg carrying Hilsha fish 170,440.00
655 Manikganj Harirampur CD-2017-18-305628-05 Training on making cloths to empower youth women 163,200.00
656 Manikganj Harirampur CD-2017-18-305628-04 Training on block printing to sovereign youth women 153,520.00
657 Manikganj Harirampur CD-2017-18-305628-03 Training for the women on maternity period health care and child health care 177,160.00
658 Manikganj Harirampur CD-2017-18-305628-02 Campaign on Disaster preparedness in the school and college 176,000.00
659 Manikganj Harirampur CD-2017-18-305628-01 Improve soil condition using vermin compos 159,680.00
660 Manikganj Ghior CD-2017-18-305622-06 Orientation on Traffic Rules for CNG-run auto Rickshwa Drivers 155,820.00
661 Manikganj Ghior CD-2017-18-305622-05 Advanced Computer Application Training for Office Staff 187,868.00
662 Manikganj Ghior CD-2017-18-305622-04 Orientation of Students on Career Guideline. 188,490.00
663 Manikganj Ghior CD-2017-18-305622-03 Orientation on contamination of Arsenic, Iron and Chloride in the water and role of the local people 152,180.00
664 Manikganj Ghior CD-2017-18-305622-02 Orientation on awareness raising on Autism management and increasing institutional delivery 123,300.00
665 Manikganj Ghior CD-2017-18-305622-01 Training on tailoring skill development for the youth women of rural areas 192,342.00
666 Magura Shalikha CD-2017-18-405585-10 Capacity building training of youth in mobile servicing for creating income generation options & remove unemployment. 100,000.00
667 Magura Shalikha CD-2017-18-405585-09 Capacity building training of Head teacher, Guardian & SMC for promoting quality education & good management. 100,000.00
668 Magura Shalikha CD-2017-18-405585-08 Fish cultivation in modern method 100,000.00
669 Magura Shalikha CD-2017-18-405585-07 Duck & hen reading in family level 100,000.00
670 Magura Shalikha CD-2017-18-405585-06 Training for protecting child marriage,ive teaching &VA 100,000.00
671 Magura Shalikha CD-2017-18-405585-05 Training on road safety 100,000.00
672 Magura Shalikha CD-2017-18-405585-04 Agriculture management trainingfor producing safe fruits & vegetab 100,000.00
673 Magura Shalikha CD-2017-18-405585-03 Goat rearing training 100,000.00
674 Magura Shalikha CD-2017-18-405585-02 Training of Polli Chikitsok for health improvement of child &mothe 100,000.00
675 Magura Shalikha CD-2017-18-405585-01 ICT training for Upazila level govt.officials and Secondary teachers 100,000.00
676 Magura Mohammadpur CD-2017-18-405566-06 Training on Pulse, Oils crops and Summer Tomato modern production technology. 148,700.00
677 Magura Mohammadpur CD-2017-18-405566-05 Training on Black Bengal goat rearing and farm establishment in scientific way. 148,700.00
678 Magura Mohammadpur CD-2017-18-405566-04 Training on Carp nursery management, Carp mixed culture management, monosex tilapia culture management, and Pabda fish culture management. 148,700.00
679 Magura Mohammadpur CD-2017-18-405566-03 Training Workshop of Headmaster and Chairman of School Managing Committee to ensure the quality primary education. 192,140.00
680 Magura Mohammadpur CD-2017-18-405566-02 Training on out sourcing to create job scope of unemployed youth. 182,160.00
681 Magura Mohammadpur CD-2017-18-405566-01 Training on e-Filing and Web portal of Officer and Office Assistant. 179,600.00
682 Magura Magura Sadar CD-2017-18-405557-07 Training on Maternal Health, Child, Reproductive Health, Family Planning, Prevention of Early Marriage and anti-drugs 136,950.00
683 Magura Magura Sadar CD-2017-18-405557-06 Discourage begging profession and improvement of Socio-Economic Development through Training on Poultry, Fisheries and Home state Gardening 115,500.00
684 Magura Magura Sadar CD-2017-18-405557-05 Community Members Orientation for the Enhancing of Better Service Delivery of Community Clinic. 110,900.00
685 Magura Magura Sadar CD-2017-18-405557-04 Training on ICT for the Computer Teachers of High School Level 160,170.00
686 Magura Magura Sadar CD-2017-18-405557-03 Training on E-filing and Web-portal for the Upazila Based Staff 149,000.00
687 Magura Magura Sadar CD-2017-18-405557-02 Awarness Campaign on Prevention of Early Marriage and Child Protection 153,300.00
688 Magura Magura Sadar CD-2017-18-405557-01 Training on Freelancing for the Entrepreneur for Union Digital Centre 174,180.00
689 Madaripur Shibchar CD-2017-18-305487-07 ICT training for the development of classroom teachers capacity to manage classes through multimedia 144,510.00
690 Madaripur Shibchar CD-2017-18-305487-06 Training on keeping poultry (turkey, pigeon, poultry and broiler) in modern methods 142,000.00
691 Madaripur Shibchar CD-2017-18-305487-05 Training on fish farming and management in modern methods 131,080.00
692 Madaripur Shibchar CD-2017-18-305487-04 Early Marriage, Drugs, Women's Torture and Terrorism Training 150,200.00
693 Madaripur Shibchar CD-2017-18-305487-03 Training to increase capacities in CHCP non-communicable diseases. 146,200.00
694 Madaripur Shibchar CD-2017-18-305487-02 School management training for the chairmen of the primary school head and the school managing committee. 144,530.00
695 Madaripur Shibchar CD-2017-18-305487-01 For the production and use of organic fertilizers for the protection of soil fertility and health Farmer Training 141,480.00
696 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar CD-2017-18-305454-06 Training on skill birth attendant to reduce child and maternal death rate 181,812.00
697 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar CD-2017-18-305454-05 Training on Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Office Management for Upazila level NBD Officers and Office Assistaants. 138,475.00
698 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar CD-2017-18-305454-04 Training on sewing / stitching for distressed woman to be self dependent. 187,232.00
699 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar CD-2017-18-305454-03 Professional capacity building training for Auto Car Driver. 154,700.00
700 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar CD-2017-18-305454-02 Training for fishermen and small traders to increase awareness and skill for reducing Jhatka (Small Hilsha Fish) destruction. 168,400.00
701 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar CD-2017-18-305454-01 Training on fruits and vegetable gardening without pasticide and the role of organic fartilizer to keep sound health of soil. 169,381.00
702 Madaripur Kalkini CD-2017-18-305440-06 Block and But tick Training Course to make self dependant the young women. 186,600.00
703 Madaripur Kalkini CD-2017-18-305440-05 Training on implementation of fisheries protection Act to save Zatka and Maa Hilsha. 186,600.00
704 Madaripur Kalkini CD-2017-18-305440-04 Training on firming vegetables and fruit garden adjacent to living house to meet the family nutritional demand. 146,734.00
705 Madaripur Kalkini CD-2017-18-30544o-03 Training course to aware the family members about the nursing to the mother during pregnancy, delivery and post delivery period through family planning assistant 146,732.00
706 Madaripur Kalkini CD-2017-18-305440-02 Training to inform the young generation through public Representatives about the adverse effect of drug addiction. 146,734.00
707 Madaripur Kalkini CD-2017-18-305440-01 Training Course for the teaches of secondary level educational institute to enhance the teaching capacity of English and Mathematics for the improvement the standard of education. 186,600.00
708 Lalmonirhat Patgram CD-2017-18-555270-06 Awareness Campaign to prevent child marriage of Secondary School Level. 173,520.00
709 Lalmonirhat Patgram CD-2017-18-555270-05 Training on Computer Capacity building Development for Unemployed youth. 188,065.00
710 Lalmonirhat Patgram CD-2017-18-555270-04 Disasters management Training for youth 164,830.00
711 Lalmonirhat Patgram CD-2017-18-555270-03 Training on Math, Science, Bangladesh& global studies Subject related ITC & pedagogy integrated Digital Content develop and use in classroom for Govt. primary School teacher. 164,830.00
712 Lalmonirhat Patgram CD-2017-18-555270-02 Socio-economic safety capacity enhancement training for ANSER- VDP members 180,800.00
713 Lalmonirhat Patgram CD-2017-18-555270-01 Capacity building development Training on English Subject for the teacher of secondary level . 127,955.00
714 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar CD-2017-18-555255-06 Beef fattening training on modern method 148,420.00
715 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar CD-2017-18-555255-05 Training on Duck & Chiken rearing 165,100.00
716 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar CD-2017-18-555255-04 Aqua Culturre training on modern method 177,100.00
717 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar CD-2017-18-555255-03 Campaign on safe food law, prevention of dowry, early marriage & women torch 169,080.00
718 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar CD-2017-18-555255-02 Training on awereness of adolescent health care 167,880.00
719 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar CD-2017-18-555255-01 Capacity Development Training on ICT for Upazila Emplyee 172,420.00
720 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2017-18-555233-07 Hotel Owners and Workers awareness training on food preparation institute for preparing and serving safe food 127,340.00
721 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2017-18-555233-06 Skillness Training for the Workers of Construction Workers 116,920.00
722 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2017-18-555233-05 Awareness campaign to prevent Child marriage and Eve-Teasing at Secondary School Level. 100,660.00
723 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2017-18-555233-04 Training on informing Fish Farmers about Carp nursery/ Carp polycultur 143,400.00
724 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2017-18-555233-03 Early treatment of Cattle and vaccine application related skill development Training 172,800.00
725 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2017-18-555233-02 Skill Enhancing on ICT in different Secondary School Teachers of the Upazila 157,000.00
726 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha CD-2017-18-555233-01 Training on Safe vegetable cultivation and Vermi compost producing techniques method 181,880.00
727 Lakshmipur Ramganj CD-2017-18-205165-06 Development of institutional delivery by Community, to eradicate deaths of New born baby & Maternity 182,700.00
728 Lakshmipur Ramganj CD-2017-18-205165-05 Training on Poultry with Advance system 160,840.00
729 Lakshmipur Ramganj CD-2017-18-205165-04 Training on Stop Early Marriage for Guardians, Students and different professi 140,760.00
730 Lakshmipur Ramganj CD-2017-18-205165-03 Training on Fisheries Law for the f 152,600.00
731 Lakshmipur Ramganj CD-2017-18-205165-02 Capacity Development of Teachers on how to use multimedia at classrooms 184,500.00
732 Lakshmipur Ramganj CD-2017-18-205165-01 Cultivation of planned and safe Vegetables at floating bed 178,600.00
733 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar CD-2017-18-205133-06 Training on Community role acceleration for institutional delivery for mortality decreasion of mother and newborn 180,600.00
734 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar CD-2017-18-205133-05 Training on poultry and cattle rearing through modern method. 161,840.00
735 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar CD-2017-18-205133-04 Awareness generation to the Students, Imam on Early marriage, Protection and Child torture and exploitation. 139,760.00
736 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar CD-2017-18-205133-03 Provide Basic ideas to the fishermen on Fisheries Act. 150,600.00
737 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar CD-2017-18-205133-02 Capacities acceleration on duties and awareness for the members of School managing committee in high school level 186,600.00
738 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar CD-2017-18-205133-01 Planwise safe vegetable gardening in the homestead . 180,600.00
739 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2017-18-405094-08 Training on honey cultivation and Safe Vegetable Production to the farmers. 100,420.00
740 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2017-18-405094-07 Training on Handicraft to the under privileged women of the society to make them self-employed for the development of the socio-economy. 101,880.00
741 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2017-18-405094-06 Training on uses of ICT to the head (principal, head master, super) of the secondary educational institutions. 148,780.00
742 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2017-18-405094-05 Upazila based Training on capacity building of School Managing Committee (SMC) members of the Government Primary School. 163,100.00
743 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2017-18-405094-04 Training on packet making with paper to be self-employment to the beneficiaries of co-operative society of Housing project. 103,625.00
744 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2017-18-405094-03 Training on adolescence issues, personal hygiene, demerits of child marriage, risk of early pregnancy, danger of drug and nutrition to the adolescent. 124,985.00
745 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2017-18-405094-02 Training on Tailoring for unemployed women who received the sewing machine from Upazila Parishad to make them self-employment. 151,050.00
746 Kushtia Mirpur CD-2017-18-405094-01 Training on demerits of social disorder like child marriage to the local representatives, Kazi, Imam and local elites. 106,160.00
747 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar CD-2017-18-405079-06 Capacity Build up Training on self-employment through RSS Program at upazila Level 162,520.00
748 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar CD-2017-18-405079-05 Training on Carp fish cultivation in modern Technology 162,340.00
749 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar CD-2017-18-405079-04 Training on Self-employment of skill development for unemployment youth women(Out Sourcing 163,120.00
750 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar CD-2017-18-405079-03 Training on Preventing of Cervical Cancer 177,020.00
751 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar CD-2017-18-405079-02 Training on ensuring quality primary education to achieve skill on learning English 163,280.00
752 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar CD-2017-18-405079-01 Training of pesticide Retailers on rules and regulation of pesticide sell out 161,720.00
753 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2017-18-405071-09 Training on E -Mutation for Union Land Assistant Officers and Entrepreneurs of Union Digital Centre 102,715.00
754 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2017-18-405071-08 Training on "Beef fattening among the Farmers" 104,650.00
755 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2017-18-405071-07 Training on '' Safe crop production and nutrient management" 104,250.00
756 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2017-18-405071-06 Training on Advanced Aquaculture Management 104,250.00
757 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2017-18-405071-05 Training on ensuring food safty; the role of food producer,stockist,supplier and seller" 104,150.00
758 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2017-18-405071-04 Training on swing for unemployed young women 103,555.00
759 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2017-18-405071-03 Training on Cristal Showpiece Making for women Cooperatives 106,175.00
760 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2017-18-405071-02 Campaign Against Early child marriag 100,260.00
761 Kushtia Kumarkhali CD-2017-18-405071-01 ToT on Adolescent period: Healthy, safely and Hygienic environment 169,995.00
762 Kurigram Nageshwari CD-2017-18-554961-07 Training on E-filing 101,750.00
763 Kurigram Nageshwari CD-2017-18-554961-06 Driver training on road saftyness 167,100.00
764 Kurigram Nageshwari CD-2017-18-554961-05 Campain on pure water & hygiene 144,640.00
765 Kurigram Nageshwari CD-2017-18-554961-04 Training on fish culture with case syestem 144,250.00
766 Kurigram Nageshwari CD-2017-18-554961-03 Training on crop diversification and maiz cultivation 167,600.00
767 Kurigram Nageshwari CD-2017-18-554961-02 Campaign on adolescent helth 102,900.00
768 Kurigram Nageshwari CD-2017-18-554961-01 Campaign on Combat Early Marriage 171,760.00
769 Kishoreganj Tarail CD-2017-18-304892-7 The training of food, madicin & Butchers in controlling value of livestock 104,555.00
770 Kishoreganj Tarail CD-2017-18-304892-06 The training about hygiene and health awareness of the food hendelar of food institution 173,810.00
771 Kishoreganj Tarail CD-2017-18-304892-05 The workshop of implementing strategy, morality and virtuousness 115,998.00
772 Kishoreganj Tarail CD-2017-18-304892-04 The training about Information Communication Technology ICT of Head Teacher 190,379.00
773 Kishoreganj Tarail CD-2017-18-304892-03 The training about land of the students of school & college 121,620.00
774 Kishoreganj Tarail CD-2017-18-304892-02 The training about traffic low of CNG driver 161,618.00
775 Kishoreganj Tarail CD-2017-18-304892-01 The workshop of terror, militancy, intoxicating,carambola & child marriage 132,020.00
776 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2017-18-304876-09 Training on crop diversification and cultivation of fruits and vegetables following best practices for ensuring nutritional status for marginal household 100,120.00
777 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2017-18-304876-08 Awareness raising seminar on early marriages, terrorism and anti-drug operation for freedom fighters, journalists, elite person and teacher 100,000.00
778 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2017-18-304876-07 Organization of awareness raising training on institutional delivery services, reproductive health services of adolescents, prevention of child marriage and maternal mortality for the teacher, imam of mosque and marriage registrar 120,080.00
779 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2017-18-304876-06 Organization of skill development training for ensuring the effective participation of students cabinet in different activities of the scho 105,600.00
780 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2017-18-304876-05 Organization to increase life skill related awareness seminarfor studen 110,700.00
781 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2017-18-304876-04 Organization of awareness raising seminar on protection of bio-diversity and development of bird hamle 117,350.00
782 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2017-18-304876-03 To increase awareness on safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene for health emplotee. 134,950.00
783 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2017-18-304876-02 Training on improving the capacity of local peoples ( school base teenage brigade) for reducing the risk of disaster due to climate change 105,600.00
784 Kishoreganj Nikli CD-2017-18-304876-01 Training on improving livelihood for people with disability through awarness raising and income generation 105,600.00
785 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2017-18-304854-08 Training on Block boutique for women 100,000.00
786 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2017-18-304854-07 Campaign on voluntary blood donation and data base preparation for young group 111,000.00
787 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2017-18-304854-06 Awareness building Campaign on Drug, Eve teasing , Reproductive health, Early Marriage in different School 150,000.00
788 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2017-18-304854-05 Training on ICT and English to trained up skill full teacher of primary school. 150,000.00
789 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2017-18-304854-04 Training on sustainable modern technology of agriculture . 100,000.00
790 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2017-18-304854-03 Awareness building Workshop on non-communicable diseases (Hypertension, diabetics, cancer, anemia, asthma, arsenicosis and lack of iodine) for increase the public awareness 100,000.00
791 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2017-18-304854-02 Training on law of fisheries and quality production of dry fishes. 100,000.00
792 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar CD-2017-18-304854-01 Training on ICT for all line department of Upazila parished 189,000.00
793 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar CD-2017-18-304849-06 Daylong seminar for drivers on driving laws and regulation 172,400.00
794 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar CD-2017-18-304849-05 Women's gathering as awareness campaign titled "Women's Empowerment, Child Marriage and Family Violence Prevention Act and its Applications" to establish women's rights. 172,400.00
795 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar CD-2017-18-304849-04 Training for youths on "Outsourcing Training on Digital Marketing" aiming to earn by online activities. 172,100.00
796 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar CD-2017-18-304849-03 Teacher training on "Teaching in digital content and multimedia mode" in secondary education. 111,000.00
797 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar CD-2017-18-304849-02 (a) Training on the Transfer of modern agricultural technolo" to micro credit based co-operative farmers. 191,000.00
798 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar CD-2017-18-304849-01 Training on "Swing with APLIK design" for the woman aiming to income generating activities. 181,100.00
799 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2017-18-304827-09 Training on sewing among unemployed woman for self employment 100,000.00
800 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2017-18-304827-08 Training on different budding system for improved fruit plant production 108,860.00
801 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2017-18-304827-07 Training on road safety among the driver 100,000.00
802 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2017-18-304827-06 Production of animal protein use environment friendly weather 100,000.00
803 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2017-18-304827-05 Training on ICT among Upazila officers and office staff 187,200.00
804 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2017-18-304827-04 Seminar on use/ awareness of antibiotic in community people 100,000.00
805 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2017-18-304827-03 Training/seminar on awareness of Talasamia diseases among different stakeholders & community people. 100,000.00
806 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2017-18-304827-02 Training on school management among the school management committee 103,940.00
807 Kishoreganj Hossainpur CD-2017-18-304827-01 Training on woman rights & empower and protect early marriage 100,000.00
808 Kishoreganj Austagram CD-2017-18-304802-06 Day long health and hygiene training on management and cleanliness during the menstruation as well as enhancing awareness onadolescence period of secondary level female student 170,000.00
809 Kishoreganj Austagram CD-2017-18-304802-05 A day long training program on the production, uses and usefulness of Varmi Comp 165,000.00
810 Kishoreganj Austagram CD-2017-18-304802-04 Day long training for creating awareness on preventing child marriage among religious leader, civil society representatives, elected personnel and to the school or college level stude 185,000.00
811 Kishoreganj Austagram CD-2017-18-304802-03 Training for teachers on management of multimedia class and developing content for ensuring and implementing modern as well as digitalized education sy 165,000.00
812 Kishoreganj Austagram CD-2017-18-304802-02 Free-lancing training to make unemployed youth fit for earning through onl 165,000.00
813 Kishoreganj Austagram CD-2017-18-304802-01 Deliver computer training amongst (12th -16th Grade) govt. officials to ensure better service for citizen and enhancing skill of govt. 150,000.00
814 Khulna Paikgachha CD-2017-18-404764-07 Training to Field Level Health Worker to Attain SDG Goal on Health Service 150,650.00
815 Khulna Paikgachha CD-2017-18-404764-06 Training on Roles Responsibilities and Awareness raising of Social Forestry Beneficiaries 118,950.00
816 Khulna Paikgachha CD-2017-18-404764-05 Training on Safe Food Production to Farmer 192,890.00
817 Khulna Paikgachha CD-2017-18-404764-04 Training on Disaster Risk Reduction to Disaster Management Committee 175,770.00
818 Khulna Paikgachha CD-2017-18-404764-03 Classroom Based Orientation of Adolescent Girl about Awareness of Reproductive Health 126,210.00
819 Khulna Paikgachha CD-2017-18-404764-02 Training on Production Increase and Safe Marketing of Fisheries to Stakeholder 118,950.00
820 Khulna Paikgachha CD-2017-18-404764-01 Training on Safe Meat Production and Cow Fattening to Livestock Farmer 116,580.00
821 Khulna Koyra CD-2017-18-404753-07 Training on caretaking of new born baby and reproductive health for the family planning staff and foster-mother 101,260.00
822 Khulna Koyra CD-2017-18-404753-06 Anti-Drug awareness campaign to restrain the decline of youth community. 143,800.00
823 Khulna Koyra CD-2017-18-404753-05 Teacher Training on Multimedia Classroom Management 163,320.00
824 Khulna Koyra CD-2017-18-404753-04 Training on committee execution and roles and responsibility of safe water source and technology management committee. 101,260.00
825 Khulna Koyra CD-2017-18-404753-03 Training on National Integrity Strategy, Office management and E-information service providing process for the respective members of Upazlia parisad and Union Parisad 173,460.00
826 Khulna Koyra CD-2017-18-404753-02 Training on income increase of the members of BRDB cooperatives through vermi compost production and environment protection. 139,780.00
827 Khulna Koyra CD-2017-18-404753-01 Orientation of Cyclone Shelter Management Committee on Cyclone shelter management to reduce risk of disaster 177,120.00
828 Khulna Dumuria CD-2017-18-404730-07 Training on Dress Making of Educated Young Woman for their self Employment. 163,100.00
829 Khulna Dumuria CD-2017-18-404730-06 Training on Turkey Poultry Farming & Management of Educated Young. 168,750.00
830 Khulna Dumuria CD-2017-18-404730-05 Training on Eletrical House Wiring of Educated young for self Employment. 168,750.00
831 Khulna Dumuria CD-2017-18-404730-04 Training on Outsourcing of Educated Young for their Self Employment. 178,700.00
832 Khulna Dumuria CD-2017-18-404730-03 Training on The Role of Teacher for the Dev. Of Quality Education. 100,300.00
833 Khulna Dumuria CD-2017-18-404730-02 Training on Proper Use of Solar Panel & its Preservation. 112,200.00
834 Khulna Dumuria CD-2017-18-404730-01 Training on CD of Reg. Journalist in the Dumuria Upazilz. 108,200.00
835 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2017-18-404712-08 Training Program for Head master and Chairman of SMC of Primary School to improve the quality of primary education 100,025.00
836 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2017-18-404712-07 Training Program for unemployed women on Handicrafts to self-employment. 133,660.00
837 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2017-18-404712-06 Training Program on safely Fish Culture with improved Method 125,225.00
838 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2017-18-404712-05 Training Program on Cow Rearing and management of the Firm 125,225.00
839 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2017-18-404712-04 Training Program for responsibilities to take care of the health of Mother and Infant. 125,225.00
840 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2017-18-404712-03 Training Program for unemployed women on tailoring to self-employment 122,190.00
841 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2017-18-404712-02 Training Program for Organically (Pesticide free) Production of Mango. 125,225.00
842 Khulna Batiaghata CD-2017-18-404712-01 Awareness Training for implement the Safety road and against Drug/Narcotics. 143,225.00
843 Khagrachhari Matiranga CD-2017-18-204670-06 Training of Quazi,Imam and Elected Public Representatives on preventionof child marriage and related issues . 192,560.00
844 Khagrachhari Matiranga CD-2017-18-204670-05 Mother and child Health ,Nutrion ,Food Training For Women Empowerment 141,520.00
845 Khagrachhari Matiranga CD-2017-18-204670-04 Farmers Training on Safe Vegetable Production Techique 100,000.00
846 Khagrachhari Matiranga CD-2017-18-204670-03 Agriculture Marketing ,Fruit Cultivators Training 190,160.00
847 Khagrachhari Matiranga CD-2017-18-204670-02 The idea of Primary Care Of Cattle and Training Of Poultry Vaccination 184,260.00
848 Khagrachhari Matiranga CD-2017-18-204670-01 Basic Computer training Course 191,500.00
849 Khagrachhari Manikchhari CD-2017-18-204667-07 Training on nutrition in the period of antenatal 142,900.00
850 Khagrachhari Manikchhari CD-2017-18-204667-06 Training on pisiculture,animal husbandry and fattering of cattle for youth 128,000.00
851 Khagrachhari Manikchhari CD-2017-18-204667-05 Training on the crop production with natural composed fertilizer free from chemical to the farmers 66,600.00
852 Khagrachhari Manikchhari CD-2017-18-204667-04 Training on Basic ICT for secondary and junior secondary schools office assistant- 142,850.00
853 Khagrachhari Manikchhari CD-2017-18-204667-03 Training on Leadership, hygeine and adolescent health for Class leaders of Junior and High schools 132,780.00
854 Khagrachhari Manikchhari CD-2017-18-204667-02 Training on ICT- E-Nothi for Nations Building Departments staf 142,460.00
855 Khagrachhari Manikchhari CD-2017-18-204667-01 Training on ICT Digital Learning for Primary Schools Head Teach 179,010.00
856 Joypurhat Panchbibi CD-2017-18-503874-06 TRAINING ON AWARNESS 123,500.00
857 Joypurhat Panchbibi CD-2017-18-503874-05 TRAINING ON FISH 165,380.00
858 Joypurhat Panchbibi CD-2017-18-503874-04 TRAINING ON BUILDING & ROAD CONSTRACTION 188,800.00
859 Joypurhat Panchbibi CD-2017-18-503874-03 ICT training of primary school teachers. 188,850.00
860 Joypurhat Panchbibi CD-2017-18-503874-02 ICT training of secondary school and madrasa teachers. 188,210.00
861 Joypurhat Panchbibi CD-2017-18-503874-01 TRAINING ON POULTRY 145,260.00
862 Joypurhat Kalai CD-2017-18-503858-07 Tanning on cross cultivation of Crop fish and nursery management 114,000.00
863 Joypurhat Kalai CD-2017-18-503858-06 Training workshop for capacity building of the village midwives on reproductive health service and primary health care. 138,000.00
864 Joypurhat Kalai CD-2017-18-503858-05 Training on Mass awareness regarding ned effect of durg addicted adolescent early marriage. eve-teasing, terrorism and sestruction 101,000.00
865 Joypurhat Kalai CD-2017-18-503858-04 A workshop for the secondary & higher secondary girls student on adolescent repoductive health care and bad effect of early marriage 101,000.00
866 Joypurhat Kalai CD-2017-18-503858-03 The training on enhancing skills of the respective subject teachers on english , mathematics and science 192,000.00
867 Joypurhat Kalai CD-2017-18-503858-02 Tranning on cattle fattening and animal husbandry throughj modern technology, food management and beef production 163,000.00
868 Joypurhat Kalai CD-2017-18-503858-01 Web portal and e-filing training of upozila porishod officials and employees of selected departments 191,000.00
869 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2017-18-503847-08 Capacity development training on block-batique and Nokshi Puthir Bag for young girls. 141,260.00
870 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2017-18-503847-07 Capacity development training on family planning, mother and child health care and nutrition services for field level health staff and their associates. 100,090.00
871 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2017-18-503847-06 Capacity development training on quality health service, vaccination, neat and cleaning for field level health staff. 100,090.00
872 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2017-18-503847-05 Secondary Educational institutions teacher teaching capacity increase training on Mathematics, Science, English and IC 113,920.00
873 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2017-18-503847-04 Farmers training on Soil health conservation and toxic free vegetable cultivatio 103,300.00
874 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2017-18-503847-03 Workshop arrange for awareness raising on Sustainable development goal implementation for different stakeholders like different departments, social worker and local elected bodies. 105,580.00
875 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2017-18-503847-02 Workshop arrange for awareness raising on early marriage protection law-2017 for the local elected bodies, Legal marriage register and unregistered marriage register. 152,410.00
876 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar CD-2017-18-503847-01 Secondary Educational Institutions Students guardians mass gathering on Protect drugs addiction, Inviting, early marriage, domestic violence against woman and do 183,350.00
877 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2017-18-503813-08 Practical Training on self-employment of women through making potato chips, Shopping and paper Bags. 132,660.00
878 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2017-18-503813-07 Training on Strengthening Community policing preventing on necrotic and Eve teasing and awareness raising on Motor vehicle Ordinance 1983. 132,660.00
879 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2017-18-503813-06 Training for Awareness raising on Non Communicable Diseases (Diabetes, Heart diseases, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, and Cancer) and Health Risk factors. 132,660.00
880 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2017-18-503813-05 Training on E-Monitoring for primary school teachers. 102,020.00
881 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2017-18-503813-04 Training on Capacity Development of Science Teachers of secondary school. 102,020.00
882 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2017-18-503813-03 Farmers training on Healthy Poultry and Egg production improving Biodiversity using probiotic and Dumping pit settings. 132,660.00
883 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2017-18-503813-02 Fisheries Training on Good Aqua culture Practices. 132,660.00
884 Joypurhat Akkelpur CD-2017-18-503813-01 Farmers training on Poison free Safety vegetables cultivation using Feromen trap. 132,660.00
885 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar CD-2017-18-404419-06 Training on Development of Quality Education for Teachers and SMC Members 138,650.00
886 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar CD-2017-18-404419-05 Training on Naturul Fertilizer and Vermi Compost Production for Land Fertility. 190,380.00
887 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar CD-2017-18-404419-04 Training on Income Generation for Social Welfare activities and Disabled People. 190,380.00
888 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar CD-2017-18-404419-03 Training on Self Employment to protect early marriage and swicide Training 189,100.00
889 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar CD-2017-18-404419-02 Training on Modern Flower Cultivation, Marketing and Capacity Development of the Organization 139,750.00
890 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar CD-2017-18-404419-01 Training on Making Nokshikatha 151,740.00
891 Jhenaidah Harinakunda CD-2017-18-404414-07 Training on Vegetable Cultivation & goat farming on Unemployed young men and women as Upz leve 185,280.00
892 Jhenaidah Harinakunda CD-2017-18-404414-06 Technology Transfer Training about Beef Fattening. 143,200.00
893 Jhenaidah Harinakunda CD-2017-18-404414-05 A training on health & nutration of adolescent girls and ANC & PNC of pregnant mother 143,260.00
894 Jhenaidah Harinakunda CD-2017-18-404414-04 Computer Training of Teachers. 143,160.00
895 Jhenaidah Harinakunda CD-2017-18-404414-03 Training on export quality mango and betel leaf production among the agricultural Department employee and F 100,070.00
896 Jhenaidah Harinakunda CD-2017-18-404414-02 Training on export quality mango and betel leaf production among the farmer 100,100.00
897 Jhenaidah Harinakunda CD-2017-18-404414-01 Training on updating Webportal services of officials for government officers, chairman, secretary of the Union Parishad and Land officer employees at the Upazila level 184,930.00
898 Jhalokati Rajapur CD-2017-18-104284-06 Training on soil health protection and fertility management 178,510.00
899 Jhalokati Rajapur CD-2017-18-104284-05 Training on ICT for high school teacher 152,203.00
900 Jhalokati Rajapur CD-2017-18-104284-04 Training on terrorism, eveteasing, autism and early marriage reducing 168,143.00
901 Jhalokati Rajapur CD-2017-18-104284-03 Training on ICT for primary school teacher 147,919.00
902 Jhalokati Rajapur CD-2017-18-104284-02 Training on early marriage, women violence and dowry reducing projec 168,143.00
903 Jhalokati Rajapur CD-2017-18-104284-01 Training on ICT and web portal handeling for upazila officer and staff 185,082.00
904 Jhalokati Kathalia CD-2017-18-104243-07 Capacity building training program for the journalist on the present context 100,430.00
905 Jhalokati Kathalia CD-2017-18-104243-06 Bulid up a child marriage free Bangladesh trough conducting training by participating Marriage register, LG representative and GoB relevant employee. 142,060.00
906 Jhalokati Kathalia CD-2017-18-104243-05 Public health protection as well as ensuring food standarity following personal hygiene , health policies for the hotel & restaurant owner, cooker,cleaner and supplier in the campus of the nearby Upazila surrounding through conducting training program. 122,250.00
907 Jhalokati Kathalia CD-2017-18-104243-04 Capacity developemnt training for the protection as well as preservation of fishwealth to the fisherman & fish culture people 142,060.00
908 Jhalokati Kathalia CD-2017-18-104243-03 Capacity development for the public leader or elected representative of the local government on mobile court law & Land management law through training program 142,060.00
909 Jhalokati Kathalia CD-2017-18-104243-02 Capacity development for theyouth through training program on Electrical waring 175,570.00
910 Jhalokati Kathalia CD-2017-18-104243-01 Capacity development for the woman through training program on tailorin 175,570.00
911 Jashore Jhikargachha CD-2017-18-404123-10 Tailoring training for the Beneficiary Member of Cooperative society of Jhikargacha Upazilla. 100,000.00
912 Jashore Jhikargachha CD-2017-18-404123-09 Training for the unemployed youth about "ICT and Computer." 100,000.00
913 Jashore Jhikargachha CD-2017-18-404123-08 Training on "Brest feeding and care of new born baby." 100,000.00
914 Jashore Jhikargachha CD-2017-18-404123-07 Stakeholders training for "Gender equity in women empowerment and to eliminate early marriage." 100,000.00
915 Jashore Jhikargachha CD-2017-18-404123-06 Training for the farmers about "Gulsha and Pabda fish mixed cultivation." 100,000.00
916 Jashore Jhikargachha CD-2017-18-404123-05 Training for the farmers on "Safe milk and meat production." 100,000.00
917 Jashore Jhikargachha CD-2017-18-404123-04 Training on "Making vermin compost and to produce poison free vegetables by using sex pheromone trap." 100,000.00
918 Jashore Jhikargachha CD-2017-18-404123-03 School campaign to encourage students to build corruption free, Drug free Eve-teasing free society. 100,000.00
919 Jashore Jhikargachha CD-2017-18-404123-02 Training on "ICT, administration and ethics for the head teachers to ensure quality education." 100,000.00
920 Jashore Jhikargachha CD-2017-18-404123-01 Training on building awareness among the women of Jhikargacha Upazila for "Health Care and Communicable non communicable diseases." 100,000.00
921 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2017-18-404104-07 Training on Act for Women and Family violence, Child right, reduce Early Marriage and reduce Pornography 119,594.00
922 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2017-18-404104-06 Training on Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) Hart Attract, Haipertaintion, Diabetics, Stroke, Ca 112,064.00
923 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2017-18-404104-05 Training on Digital content for Secondary School and Collage institute head 162,560.00
924 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2017-18-404104-04 Training on ICT for UPs Secretary Upazila Office Assistant 128,918.00
925 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2017-18-404104-03 Training on Freelancing for Adolescent 161,761.00
926 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2017-18-404104-02 Trg. on Home stead gardening for land less farmers use in waste lan 123,023.00
927 Jashore Abhaynagar CD-2017-18-404104-01 Training on how to increase latest Patel leaf cultivation 192,080.00
928 Jamalpur Islampur CD-2017-18-303929-06 Training on Maintenances of Sources of Water and Development of Sanitation Manag 141,465.00
929 Jamalpur Islampur CD-2017-18-303929-05 Training on increase of Fish Producing and Good Plough Fish Management for Food Security 162,600.00
930 Jamalpur Islampur CD-2017-18-303929-04 Training on Skill Development of Construction work for Contractor and Construction Worker who are engaged on Infrastructure Development 168,120.00
931 Jamalpur Islampur CD-2017-18-303929-03 Training on Principles of correct pronunciation of English Subject and Lesson presentation according to Curriculum for Five class to the Government Primary School Teach 168,120.00
932 Jamalpur Islampur CD-2017-18-303929-02 Training on Education for Adolescent and Duties and Responsibilities of Managing Committee for Head of Institution and Members of Managing Committee /Governing Bo 168,120.00
933 Jamalpur Islampur CD-2017-18-303929-01 Training on Tailoring for Insolvent Disabilities Wome 191,575.00
934 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2017-18-303915-08 Training on Income generating activities of Ekti Bari Ekti Khamar samiti members 142,670.00
935 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2017-18-303915-07 Training on Beef fattening among cooperative samiti members 110,970.00
936 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2017-18-303915-06 Training on tailoring for the marginal women 112,520.00
937 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2017-18-303915-05 Training on national building code among elite and advance people 112,415.00
938 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2017-18-303915-04 Training on land related law among head teacher, public representatives, immam, purohit 121,535.00
939 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2017-18-303915-03 Training on ICT for primary school teacher 143,100.00
940 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2017-18-303915-02 Training on increase knowledge and capacity on maternal health care of community volunteer 112,020.00
941 Jamalpur Dewanganj CD-2017-18-303915-01 Training on culture management techniques of carp-fish through semi intensive culture 144,770.00
942 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2017-18-603626-08 Training of village doctor and Medicine seller of Pharmacy on prevention of non-communicable diseases. 108,000.00
943 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2017-18-603626-07 Campaign of creating awareness about the reproductive health of secondary school students (Adolescent). 102,000.00
944 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2017-18-603626-06 E-file system contact training. 103,000.00
945 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2017-18-603626-05 Training on Mathematics subject for the 46 secondary level educational institute Teachers. 177,000.00
946 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2017-18-603626-04 Training on English subject for the 46 secondary level educational institute Teachers. 177,000.00
947 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2017-18-603626-03 Primary Association/ Group members skill development trainin 117,000.00
948 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2017-18-603626-02 Training on Turkey chickens and advanced technology management in the modern system. 108,000.00
949 Habiganj Chunarughat CD-2017-18-603626-01 Training on production techniques of Poison free Safe Vegetables, Crop production, Seed production and Cash crop production. 108,000.00
950 Habiganj Bahubal CD-2017-18-603605-06 Training of income generating activities on poultry rearing and making compost fertilizer for RERMP-2 Phase-out projects women member 151,600.00
951 Habiganj Bahubal CD-2017-18-603605-05 Training on beef fatting and fodder cultivation 153,900.00
952 Habiganj Bahubal CD-2017-18-603605-04 Awareness building Training on Arsenic and WATSAN for community leader of village people. 184,048.00
953 Habiganj Bahubal CD-2017-18-603605-03 Training on capacity building of UPs members about disaster management and social safety net program. 183,500.00
954 Habiganj Bahubal CD-2017-18-603605-02 Training on goat rearing for developing livelihoods of ethnic community who are member of cooperative society. 147,032.00
955 Habiganj Bahubal CD-2017-18-603605-01 Training on Child marriage, Dowry and agonist Women Violence for Voluntary and Upazila women forum member 179,920.00
956 Habiganj Ajmiriganj CD-2017-18-603602-06 Training on public procurement rules 147,650.00
957 Habiganj Ajmiriganj CD-2017-18-603602-05 Sewing Training 161,400.00
958 Habiganj Ajmiriganj CD-2017-18-603602-04 Mother and child health,nutrition,family planing and early marrige awareness training 174,550.00
959 Habiganj Ajmiriganj CD-2017-18-603602-03 Training on Poultry rearing and beef fattening 158,200.00
960 Habiganj Ajmiriganj CD-2017-18-603602-02 Training on ICT and road safety for the office assistant and the head of the school(10 school) Training about English those who teach English subject in the school and training for principle of S.M.C committee and head of the institution about the dire 181,600.00
961 Habiganj Ajmiriganj CD-2017-18-603602-01 Farmer training on producing and use of compost fertilizer for protecting health of soil. 176,600.00
962 Gopalganj Tungipara CD-2017-18-303591-06 Training on Eco-friendly Bio-gas plant placing . 186,600.00
963 Gopalganj Tungipara CD-2017-18-303591-05 Training on homestead cropping (space planning). 149,100.00
964 Gopalganj Tungipara CD-2017-18-303591-04 Training on Beef fattening. 185,400.00
965 Gopalganj Tungipara CD-2017-18-303591-03 Training on safety vegetables and fruits productions. 185,100.00
966 Gopalganj Tungipara CD-2017-18-303591-02 Capacity developed of advanced ICT ( E-filing and Web-portal) Of Upazila staffs. 141,000.00
967 Gopalganj Tungipara CD-2017-18-303591-01 Improvement of income by the production of minor crop grain (spices: onion, garlic, zinger, turmeric, mustard etc) to the poverty peoples. 152,800.00
968 Gopalganj Kotalipara CD-2017-18-303551-07 Poverty reduction and unemployment eradication through training of turkey, Pigeon and koyel. 191,200.00
969 Gopalganj Kotalipara CD-2017-18-303551-06 Poverty reduction and unemployment will be eliminated by training on Beef Fattening. 185,300.00
970 Gopalganj Kotalipara CD-2017-18-303551-05 Pregnant mother's health and nutrition workshops. 123,160.00
971 Gopalganj Kotalipara CD-2017-18-303551-04 Pond fishery management of Pabda fish. 186,500.00
972 Gopalganj Kotalipara CD-2017-18-303551-03 Administrative Skills Training of the Head Teacher of Secondary School 105,750.00
973 Gopalganj Kotalipara CD-2017-18-303551-02 Health awareness building workshop among the students at secondary school level. 100,960.00
974 Gopalganj Kotalipara CD-2017-18-303551-01 Administrative Skills Training of the Head Teacher of Primary School. 123,160.00
975 Gopalganj Kashiani CD-2017-18-303543-06 Poverty reduction and unemployment eradication through training of turkey, Pigeon and koyel farming. 191,200.00
976 Gopalganj Kashiani CD-2017-18-303543-05 Block & Batik training of unemployed youth women 145,456.00
977 Gopalganj Kashiani CD-2017-18-303543-04 Basic skill development training on computer for primary teachers 169,488.00
978 Gopalganj Kashiani CD-2017-18-303543-03 Breed Development under artificial insemination and technology for increase milk production. 135,872.00
979 Gopalganj Kashiani CD-2017-18-303543-02 Good Aquaculture Practice (GAP): A scientific way to increase aquaculture production and ensure better food security. 178,992.00
980 Gopalganj Kashiani CD-2017-18-303543-01 Production of Vermi compost and its application in fruit & vegetable cultivat 178,992.00
981 Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar CD-2017-18-303532-06 Campaign on stopping anti-drugs and terrorism among the student. 183,060.00
982 Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar CD-2017-18-303532-05 Training on Seed process and preserve, safe vegetable production in house and free land among the women 144,700.00
983 Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar CD-2017-18-303532-04 Training on capacity development of member of Coordinate Development Initiative (CDI). 177,100.00
984 Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar CD-2017-18-303532-03 Campign on stop child marriage among the school student 153,650.00
985 Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar CD-2017-18-303532-02 Training on office management among the Upazila level staff. 167,850.00
986 Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar CD-2017-18-303532-01 Training on Mobile servicing among the Youth men and women. 173,640.00
987 Gazipur Sreepur CD-2017-18-303386-10 Training of the field level health assistant for identifying ovary and breast cancer of the womens 100,000.00
988 Gazipur Sreepur CD-2017-18-303386-09 Training of the young womens about Block,Batick to remove provertyness and creat self -employment. 100,000.00
989 Gazipur Sreepur CD-2017-18-303386-08 Training of the trainers of the primary schools teachers for sanitation hygiene and water supply management. 100,000.00
990 Gazipur Sreepur CD-2017-18-303386-07 Training of the co-operative members about honey cultivation for removing povertyness and create self employment 100,000.00
991 Gazipur Sreepur CD-2017-18-303386-06 Training of the secondary school management committee about their activities and duties. 100,000.00
992 Gazipur Sreepur CD-2017-18-303386-05 Training of the students to increase public awareness of early marriage,dowry,prevent womens harrassment and re-production health. 100,000.00
993 Gazipur Sreepur CD-2017-18-303386-04 Training of basic computer of the son/potters of the freedom fighters. 100,000.00
994 Gazipur Sreepur CD-2017-18-303386-03 Training of pond owner about fish cultivation in a modern method. 100,000.00
995 Gazipur Sreepur CD-2017-18-303386-02 Training about cultivation of vegetables and fruits in a poisonless process for the marginal farmers. 100,000.00
996 Gazipur Sreepur CD-2017-18-303386-01 Training for the farmers to raise the cowsby modern method,expand artificial re-production and increase milk production. 100,000.00
997 Gazipur Kaliakair CD-2017-18-303332-06 Fisheries training in modern methods, Upazila Fisheries office 166,667.00
998 Gazipur Kaliakair CD-2017-18-303332-05 Production of vegetables and fruits in the homestead and ensuring family nutrition, Upazila Rural development office 166,667.00
999 Gazipur Kaliakair CD-2017-18-303332-04 Training of team members to keep poultry and self employed, Upazila Youth Development office 166,665.00
1000 Gazipur Kaliakair CD-2017-18-303332-03 Introduction on institutional heads ICT and management, Upazila Secondary office 166,667.00
1001 Gazipur Kaliakair CD-2017-18-303332-02 Training of the production and use of organic fertilizer for the improvement of soil fertility, Upazila Agriculture office 166,667.00
1002 Gazipur Kaliakair CD-2017-18-303332-01 By training acquire practical knowledge in cow rearing, Upazila Livestock office 166,667.00
1003 Gaibandha Saghata CD-2017-18-553388-07 A half day awareness kormosal in 10 unions of upazilla about Child Marriage prote 144,700.00
1004 Gaibandha Saghata CD-2017-18-553388-06 Training on skill development of co-operatives on cow husbandry and Fish Breedin 147,348.00
1005 Gaibandha Saghata CD-2017-18-553388-05 Training about national portal frame work update, monitoring and technical skill development 118,907.00
1006 Gaibandha Saghata CD-2017-18-553388-04 Training about E-filling for government officers and stuffs in upazilla. 106,960.00
1007 Gaibandha Saghata CD-2017-18-553388-03 Training on local fish breeding (Sing, Magur, Koi, Gulsha and Pabda 158,050.00
1008 Gaibandha Saghata CD-2017-18-553388-02 Training on beef fettering 107,520.00
1009 Gaibandha Saghata CD-2017-18-553388-01 Training to the teachers and institutional head to develop their capacity about teaching on Multimedia 188,350.00
1010 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD-2017-18-553224-08 Tailoring training for suffering women in Gaibandha sadar upazila 200,000.00
1011 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD-2017-18-553224-07 Awareness training for teachers, guardians and managing committee for the development of management in primary educational institutions. 100,000.00
1012 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD-2017-18-553224-06 The school of health Awareness Camp for school students 100,000.00
1013 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD-2017-18-553224-05 Awareness training for teachers, guardians and managing committee for the development of management in educational institutions 150,000.00
1014 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD-2017-18-553224-04 Training on safe crop production using modern technology. 100,000.00
1015 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD-2017-18-553224-03 Training in the field of cultivation of carp, caiyang, horn and Gulas fish in modern methods. 100,000.00
1016 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD-2017-18-553224-02 Capacity building training of Union Disaster Management committees and teachers to combat flood, river erosion, earthquake and thunder storms, awareness and capacity building. 100,000.00
1017 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar CD-2017-18-553224-01 Skill Development Training on updating the ICT,E-Filing(documents),and web portals of the employees of various departments of the Upazila Parishad. 150,000.00
1018 Feni Fulgazi CD-2017-18-203041-09 Training on early marriage, child health, nutrition and environmental . 101,020.00
1019 Feni Fulgazi CD-2017-18-203041-08 Training on advanced fish farming. 101,020.00
1020 Feni Fulgazi CD-2017-18-203041-07 Training on the production of containers using multimedia,it is important to learn about teaching lessons for the teachers. 101,020.00
1021 Feni Fulgazi CD-2017-18-203041-06 Youth Development department self employed income-generating training. 101,020.00
1022 Feni Fulgazi CD-2017-18-203041-05 Training on family planning, mother and child health and nutrition for couples of one or two children 101,020.00
1023 Feni Fulgazi CD-2017-18-203041-04 Training on dairy based livestock training in a scientific manner 101,020.00
1024 Feni Fulgazi CD-2017-18-203041-03 Training on sew training for poor women 188,280.00
1025 Feni Fulgazi CD-2017-18-203041-02 Training to enhance the capacity of land service providers using ICT. 104,580.00
1026 Feni Fulgazi CD-2017-18-203041-01 Training on poison-free and safe growing vegetables andfruits for farmer-harness. 101,020.00
1027 Feni Feni Sadar CD-2017-18-203029-08 Training on cow fatalization, risk of using steroid & intensive technology transfer of cow fatalizatio 143,830.00
1028 Feni Feni Sadar CD-2017-18-203029-07 Training on crystal Show piece of Unemployed young women 100,520.00
1029 Feni Feni Sadar CD-2017-18-203029-06 Training on improvement of teachers through making content using multi media 136,840.00
1030 Feni Feni Sadar CD-2017-18-203029-05 Training on ICT headmasters of secondary leve 136,840.00
1031 Feni Feni Sadar CD-2017-18-203029-04 Training on before pregnancy & after pregnancy women 128,640.00
1032 Feni Feni Sadar CD-2017-18-203029-03 Training on fish cultivation & preservation at small & extreme farmer of fish at union level 130,640.00
1033 Feni Feni Sadar CD-2017-18-203029-02 Training on planning way of plantation of vegetable at household 119,250.00
1034 Feni Feni Sadar CD-2017-18-203029-01 Basic training PPR, e-GP,& e-filing,& right to information act 103,440.00
1035 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar CD-2017-18-302947-06 Training for protecting child marriage, ive teaching, dowry & VA 161,980.00
1036 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar CD-2017-18-302947-05 Creating opportunity of employment of youth through Duck & hen reading trainin 160,540.00
1037 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar CD-2017-18-302947-04 After early marriage pregnancy and its demerits and prevention, Family planning services & awareness of servicle Cance 161,480.00
1038 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar CD-2017-18-302947-03 Training on Fish cultivation and Fish law & polic 160,850.00
1039 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar CD-2017-18-302947-02 Training on installation of Agriculture service center and Agricultural Club in Block level 171,710.00
1040 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar CD-2017-18-302947-01 Training on awareness of Natural Disaster 183,440.00
1041 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2017-18-302918-08 Subjective training (English) for assastant teacher. 125,000.00
1042 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2017-18-302918-07 ICT trainning for assistant teacher. 125,000.00
1043 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2017-18-302918-06 Skill development training to construction labour. 191,208.00
1044 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2017-18-302918-05 Awareness training on antydrug using. 127,216.00
1045 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2017-18-302918-04 Training on ecofriendly safety fruits and vegetables through using agricultural technology 100,000.00
1046 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2017-18-302918-03 Training on early marrige protection and law. 112,000.00
1047 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2017-18-302918-02 Skill development training to cattle breddings farmers. 100,000.00
1048 Faridpur Boalmari CD-2017-18-302918-01 workshop on safty food making , preservation and presentation to hotel owners and its staff. 119,576.00
1049 Dinajpur Parbatipur CD-2017-18-552777-06 Farmers training to increse competency on Turkey and 129,800.00
1050 Dinajpur Parbatipur CD-2017-18-552777-05 Training on ICT of third class employee Upazila parishad 173,167.00
1051 Dinajpur Parbatipur CD-2017-18-552777-04 Training on capacity building for Masons/Head masons 142,346.00
1052 Dinajpur Parbatipur CD-2017-18-552777-03 Awarness and capacity development training on protection of early marriage, sexual harassment and narcotics for leading student of secondary school, headmasters, Imam, Marriage registers, UP chairman and members. 188,994.00
1053 Dinajpur Parbatipur CD-2017-18-552777-02 Awarness building training of the farmers for increasing 176,699.00
1054 Dinajpur Parbatipur CD-2017-18-552777-01 Training on Safe crop production by sex pheromone trap 188,994.00
1055 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2017-18-552760-08 Capacity Development Training on safe drinking water supply, sanitation and health education. 100,000.00
1056 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2017-18-552760-07 Training on the production and marketing of Agricultural Products for the creation of Self employment through Cooperatives 100,000.00
1057 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2017-18-552760-06 Capacity Development Training of primary school management committee member 100,000.00
1058 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2017-18-552760-05 Capacity Development Training on education management and learning using education technology 140,000.00
1059 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2017-18-552760-04 Capacity Development Training on leadership development for secondary level adolescent girls to present early marriage/ child marriage 100,000.00
1060 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2017-18-552760-03 Capacity Development Training of poultry farmers on safe broiler production. 100,000.00
1061 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2017-18-552760-02 Capacity Development Training of farmers on adaptation of modern Agriculture Technolog 170,000.00
1062 Dinajpur Khansama CD-2017-18-552760-01 Capacity Development Training on office management and ICT for sectors under Upazila Parishad and UP Staffs. 190,000.00
1063 Dinajpur Hakimpur CD-2017-18-552747-07 Beef Fattening training 124,100.00
1064 Dinajpur Hakimpur CD-2017-18-552747-06 Training of peasants to produce high value crops 123,055.00
1065 Dinajpur Hakimpur CD-2017-18-552747-05 Training on soil health protection through organic fertilizer production and use 116,800.00
1066 Dinajpur Hakimpur CD-2017-18-552747-04 Training to ensure better health care for pregnant and maternal mothers 120,200.00
1067 Dinajpur Hakimpur CD-2017-18-552747-03 Basic computer, Internet troubleshooting, web portal and filing training for upazila parishad employees 164,495.00
1068 Dinajpur Hakimpur CD-2017-18-552747-02 Capacity development training for creative questions creating of secondary school teachers 157,350.00
1069 Dinajpur Hakimpur CD-2017-18-552747-01 Shatranji training of rural women 194,000.00
1070 Dinajpur Ghoraghat CD-2017-18-552743-06 Increasing awareness of training of pharmacies and pharmaceutical merchants not to sell their medicines 128,000.00
1071 Dinajpur Ghoraghat CD-2017-18-552743-05 Skill training in English and mathematics for primary school teachers 185,970.00
1072 Dinajpur Ghoraghat CD-2017-18-552743-04 Capacity building training to conduct ingormation through intermediate school/madrassa teacher's ICT and to conduct classes through multimedia 186,170.00
1073 Dinajpur Ghoraghat CD-2017-18-552743-03 Auto rickshaw/van driver awareness prevention training and skill development training 170,784.00
1074 Dinajpur Ghoraghat CD-2017-18-552743-02 E-filing computer training of officials and employees of government offices at upazila level 139,330.00
1075 Dinajpur Ghoraghat CD-2017-18-552743-01 Awareness workshop on the prevention of drug addiction and child marriage in secondary and higher secondary level 189,746.00
1076 Dinajpur Fulbari CD-2017-18-552738-07 ICT training for the 0fficers and employees of the upazila parishad 100,800.00
1077 Dinajpur Fulbari CD-2017-18-552738-06 Workshop on health awareness, child marriage and drug trafficking 129,680.00
1078 Dinajpur Fulbari CD-2017-18-552738-05 Capacity building training of masons (Raj Mistri)and electricians to ensure quality construction at local level 129,640.00
1079 Dinajpur Fulbari CD-2017-18-552738-04 Various types of fish cultivation, fish farming of Kai-horn-magu fish, production of pisa of Gulsha-Pabda fish and monocca tilapia cultivation in modern methods. 162,320.00
1080 Dinajpur Fulbari CD-2017-18-552738-03 Khamari training for the production of safe and healthy poultry mea 139,220.00
1081 Dinajpur Fulbari CD-2017-18-552738-01 Modern Rice Production and its Technology 163,280.00
1082 Dinajpur Fulbari CD-2017-18-552738-01 Capacity Development with ICT of Government Primary School teacher 175,060.00
1083 Dinajpur Biral CD-2017-18-552717-08 Capacity Development Training of Mason to ensure qualitative infrastructure construction works at local area. 100,125.00
1084 Dinajpur Biral CD-2017-18-552717-07 Capacity Development Training of Road transport and vehicles driver to raise awareness on road safety to reduce road acciden 100,175.00
1085 Dinajpur Biral CD-2017-18-552717-06 Capacity Development Training of Farmers for Orange development and extended. 105,050.00
1086 Dinajpur Biral CD-2017-18-552717-05 Capacity Development Training for SMC member to ensure quality primary education 186,900.00
1087 Dinajpur Biral CD-2017-18-552717-04 Capacity Development Training for Imam, Purohit, Kazi and Hindu marriage register to raise mass awareness on sanitation, remove early marriage and terrorism. 105,050.00
1088 Dinajpur Biral CD-2017-18-552717-03 Mass awareness campaign at UP level for the implementation of beggar rehabilitation program and prevention of begging. 114,900.00
1089 Dinajpur Biral CD-2017-18-552717-02 Capacity Development Training on Freelancing and Outsourcing for unemployed youth and youth women. 186,100.00
1090 Dinajpur Biral CD-2017-18-552717-01 Capacity Development Training for Government Employees and Public Representatives to raise awareness on Integrity. 101,700.00
1091 Dhaka Keraniganj CD-2017-18-302638-06 Training on Beautification for apprenticeship women 125,266.00
1092 Dhaka Keraniganj CD-2017-18-302638-05 Training on Beef fattening for co-operative 165,118.00
1093 Dhaka Keraniganj CD-2017-18-302638-04 Training on Freelancing for the co-operative member through keraniganj freelancer (ICT) co-operative ltd 159,052.00
1094 Dhaka Keraniganj CD-2017-18-302638-03 Training on computer operation using internet and E-filling management of the Official of 17 Department under upazila parishad 171,700.00
1095 Dhaka Keraniganj CD-2017-18-302638-02 Awarness training on combat early Marriage through inbolvement of local elected member guardian and Imam 187,334.00
1096 Dhaka Keraniganj CD-2017-18-302638-01 Training on Adolescent reproductive health care 191,530.00
1097 Dhaka Dohar CD-2017-18-302618-06 Training to the Students, Guardians, Journalists and Elite Peoples of the locality on prevention of Drug Abuses, Dowry, Early Marriage and Torture of Women. 186,988.00
1098 Dhaka Dohar CD-2017-18-302618-05 Training of Teachers & Managing Committee Members of School on technique to move drop out children to school. 158,400.00
1099 Dhaka Dohar CD-2017-18-302618-04 Training to Marginalized Population for raising Entrepreneurs on Aquaculture through implementation of technology. 160,600.00
1100 Dhaka Dohar CD-2017-18-302618-03 Training on Orientation of Modern Agricultural Technologies to the Farmers. 168,652.00
1101 Dhaka Dohar CD-2017-18-302618-02 Training of CNG Auto Rickshaw Drivers to reduce road accidents through implementation of Traffic Rules. 154,680.00
1102 Dhaka Dohar CD-2017-18-302618-01 Campaign for simplification of the services of Union Parishod. 170,680.00
1103 Dhaka Dhamrai CD-2017-18-302614-07 Planting vegetables, poultry and cows and goats in the house premises 117,190.00
1104 Dhaka Dhamrai CD-2017-18-302614-06 CNG Drivers' awareness Orientation to prevent road accidents 141,460.00
1105 Dhaka Dhamrai CD-2017-18-302614-05 Farmer training workshop for the production of safe vegetables. 132,200.00
1106 Dhaka Dhamrai CD-2017-18-302614-04 Training on High technology in Cow rearing and Foddering program 128,650.00
1107 Dhaka Dhamrai CD-2017-18-302614-03 Training on Good Aquaculture Prohibition and Food Safety and Gulshan Pabda Farming Management. 134,700.00
1108 Dhaka Dhamrai CD-2017-18-302614-02 Training on the role of different classes / professionals in society to prevent terrorism, militancy, drug abuse, women's torture and child marriage. 189,100.00
1109 Dhaka Dhamrai CD-2017-18-302614-01 Upazila Government Department Web Portal (National Information Desk) and strengthening of e-document related activities 156,700.00
1110 Cumilla Titas CD-2017-18-201994-06 Vendor and farmers training of safe meat and milk production and sales 189,850.00
1111 Cumilla Titas CD-2017-18-201994-05 Training of imam, kazi, UP member, local organization and teacher to prevent child marriage. 113,430.00
1112 Cumilla Titas CD-2017-18-201994-04 Land act and land survey awareness training for land owner 162,832.00
1113 Cumilla Titas CD-2017-18-201994-03 Carp nursery / carp mixed farming and monosex tilapia cultivation management 152,990.00
1114 Cumilla Titas CD-2017-18-201994-02 Providing sewing training for widows employme 191,048.00
1115 Cumilla Titas CD-2017-18-201994-01 Farmers training of making vegetable cultivation and rice seed bed in floating method. 189,850.00
1116 Cumilla Nangalkot CD-2017-18-201987-07 Training on awareness of Adolescents & Reproductive Health, protection of Eve Teasing, Dowry and Early Marriage for Imams/Purohito, Marriage Registers, UP Charimen and Teachers. 189,960.00
1117 Cumilla Nangalkot CD-2017-18-201987-06 Professional Efficiency Development Training on English for Secondary level School Teachers to improve English Teaching Standards' 101,300.00
1118 Cumilla Nangalkot CD-2017-18-201987-05 Training for the beneficiaries of the 'Eaktee Bari Eaktee Khamar' project on using of modern technology for livestock rearing 136,700.00
1119 Cumilla Nangalkot CD-2017-18-201987-04 Training on Block, Batiks, Boutiques' for women to generate self-employment 127,180.00
1120 Cumilla Nangalkot CD-2017-18-201987-03 Professional Efficiency Development Training on Mathematics for Secondary level School Teachers to improve Mathematics Teaching Standards' 101,200.00
1121 Cumilla Nangalkot CD-2017-18-201987-02 Stiching/Sewing training for the persons of Capable disabilities(Golden Citizens) 194,650.00
1122 Cumilla Nangalkot CD-2017-18-201987-01 Basic Computer training for the UP Secretaries, the Entrepreneurs and the Upazila level govt. Officials 149,010.00
1123 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin CD-2017-18-201933-07 Training on Dashboard Entry in Multimedia Class with MMC Apps to the secondary level teachers. 160,960.00
1124 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin CD-2017-18-201933-06 Farmers Training on Pesticide free Vegetable (Cucurbit) Production Techniques. 119,200.00
1125 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin CD-2017-18-201933-05 Awareness Training on anti-Narcotics and anti-Extremists. 108,700.00
1126 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin CD-2017-18-201933-04 Training on ICT to the Government Officers and related staff of Upazila Parishad. 100,000.00
1127 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin CD-2017-18-201933-03 Training on Adolescents Reproductive Health to the School Teachers. 175,200.00
1128 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin CD-2017-18-201933-02 Campaign on Narcotics, Dowry, Early Marriage and VAW Protection with Imam, Marriage Register, Students, Guardians, Journalists and Local Elite. 145,440.00
1129 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin CD-2017-18-201933-01 Workshop on Quality Development of English and Mathematics Learning with Teachers, Guardians and Students. 190,500.00
1130 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar CD-2017-18-201967-06 Training on tailoring for registered farmers/their family members 186,450.00
1131 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar CD-2017-18-201967-05 Training for secondary school teachers how to input Multimedia Class in dash board by using MMC apps 147,500.00
1132 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar CD-2017-18-201967-04 Training on beef fattening for farmers 138,250.00
1133 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar CD-2017-18-201967-03 Training on edible and environment friendly crops growing 168,900.00
1134 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar CD-2017-18-201967-02 Training on Mobile Servicing for Unemployed Youth 188,900.00
1135 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar CD-2017-18-201967-01 Training on dress making and block batik for unemployed yout 170,000.00
1136 Cumilla Chauddagram CD-2017-18-201931-07 Livelihood training to RERMP-2 women members 188,980.00
1137 Cumilla Chauddagram CD-2017-18-201931-06 Women leadership training to young raising leaders 143,910.00
1138 Cumilla Chauddagram CD-2017-18-201931-05 ICT and office management trainging to officials of UZP 101,050.00
1139 Cumilla Chauddagram CD-2017-18-201931-04 Skill development training to high school math teachers 143,910.00
1140 Cumilla Chauddagram CD-2017-18-201931-03 Awareness Campaign against Drug, early marriage, dowry 153,240.00
1141 Cumilla Chauddagram CD-2017-18-201931-02 Turky rearing training to farmers 124,910.00
1142 Cumilla Chauddagram CD-2017-18-201931-01 Skill development training to high school english teachers 143,910.00
1143 Cumilla Burichang CD-2017-18-201918-07 Training on RTI act 2009 119,600.00
1144 Cumilla Burichang CD-2017-18-201918-06 Training on Multimedia lessons on classroom for teachers of madrasa and secondary schools 174,000.00
1145 Cumilla Burichang CD-2017-18-201918-05 Training on Batik & Block Printing 166,050.00
1146 Cumilla Burichang CD-2017-18-201918-04 Training of Farm owners to protect livestock, duck, chicken health and life security 160,100.00
1147 Cumilla Burichang CD-2017-18-201918-03 Training on Summer Vegetable Cultivation Strategy 102,200.00
1148 Cumilla Burichang CD-2017-18-201918-02 Training on Local (Deshi) fisheries and management (Kai/Shing/ Tilapia) 161,600.00
1149 Cumilla Burichang CD-2017-18-201918-01 Training on awareness of Dowry, Child Marriage and Anti-Drug. 116,450.00
1150 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2017-18-202294-08 Training on livestock and hen-duck rearing to the marginal farm owners 105,040.00
1151 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2017-18-202294-07 Training on multimedia classroom with using digital content to the teachers (secondary) 106,140.00
1152 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2017-18-202294-06 Training to the public representatives and staffs of land office on land law and land management 100,560.00
1153 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2017-18-202294-05 Training on fruit and vegetable cultivation by using poison free organic technology 101,340.00
1154 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2017-18-202294-04 Roles and responsibilities of village police on repatriation, reduction of crime and social safety of forcibly displaced Myanmar Nationals/Rohingyas 100,140.00
1155 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2017-18-202294-03 Training to the drivers and assistance (CNG Auto, auto richshaw, tomtom, tempo) on trafic and vehicle law 101,540.00
1156 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2017-18-202294-02 Training to the SCOUT students on Disaster management and prevention of social crime 189,240.00
1157 Cox's Bazar Ukhia CD-2017-18-202294-01 Livelihood development for distressed women through tailong and block-boutique 196,000.00
1158 Cox's Bazar Teknaf CD-2017-18-202290-08 Training on Bagda Shrimp Cultivation in a Developed Elaborate System 119,500.00
1159 Cox's Bazar Teknaf CD-2017-18-202290-07 Basic Computer Training for the Primary School Teachers 124,910.00
1160 Cox's Bazar Teknaf CD-2017-18-202290-06 Production of Safe and Organic Vegetables 122,000.00
1161 Cox's Bazar Teknaf CD-2017-18-202290-05 Training for the Local Representatives, Madrsa Teachers and Imams for prevention of Child Marriage, Violence against Women and prevention of Eve-Teasing 125,100.00
1162 Cox's Bazar Teknaf CD-2017-18-202290-04 Training for the Secondary School Teachers on Digital content Preparation and Multi-Media class conduction 121,925.00
1163 Cox's Bazar Teknaf CD-2017-18-202290-03 Training for Local Representative, Imam, Club Organization and School Teachers on Social Protection 119,050.00
1164 Cox's Bazar Teknaf CD-2017-18-202290-02 To Create Self Employment a 2 Months Long Computer Training Course for the Educated Unemployed Youths of the Upazila. 161,515.00
1165 Cox's Bazar Teknaf CD-2017-18-202290-01 Training on to Ensure Fidelity and Accountability of the Civil Society and Local Representatives 106,000.00
1166 Cox's Bazar Chakaria CD-2017-18-202216-07 Outsourcing training course to create self-employment for the unemplyment yuong peoples of Chakaria upazila. 150,925.00
1167 Cox's Bazar Chakaria CD-2017-18-202216-06 Training and concerned parants on refrain students or children from anti social work as Militancy, terrorism and drug addiction and encourage their children for study attentively 145,760.00
1168 Cox's Bazar Chakaria CD-2017-18-202216-05 Training on corp mix farm to fisheries farmers on basis of Good Acuaculture Practies 153,480.00
1169 Cox's Bazar Chakaria CD-2017-18-202216-04 Training about produce varmicompost by using organic compost. 146,135.00
1170 Cox's Bazar Chakaria CD-2017-18-202216-03 Livestyle development of poor women by the training of block batik and fabric work . 141,500.00
1171 Cox's Bazar Chakaria CD-2017-18-202216-02 Training about how to make cow food and preserve it at the disaster time.. 125,280.00
1172 Cox's Bazar Chakaria CD-2017-18-202216-01 Training about CPP( Cyclone Preparedness Programme ) 136,920.00
1173 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar CD-2017-18-401855-06 Trainning to the upazila fish farmers on skill development of fish farming for producing safe fish to provide balanced nutrients. 162,600.00
1174 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar CD-2017-18-401855-05 Skill development training for Head of the Managing Committee & Head teacher of the Upazila Secondary Level School on their Duties and Responsibilities. 142,350.00
1175 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar CD-2017-18-401855-04 Training for Cooperatives self employment creation through poltry,chicken and cattle rearing. 168,950.00
1176 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar CD-2017-18-401855-03 Awareness campaign for preventing drugs, militancy, child marriage, eve-teasing and dowry. 181,200.00
1177 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar CD-2017-18-401855-02 Trainning for Midwives,CHAP, FAWA, HA on safe maternity care to pregnant mothers. 187,700.00
1178 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar CD-2017-18-401855-01 Trainning to the Upazila Parishad officers and computer operators on developing the web portal maintaining skills to have the upazila web portal updated all day lon 157,200.00
1179 Chuadanga Alamdanga CD-2017-18-401807-06 Training for modern fattening methods of Carp Fishes 125,930.00
1180 Chuadanga Alamdanga CD-2017-18-401807-05 Training of improve methods for rearing of livestocks and poultry bir 188,300.00
1181 Chuadanga Alamdanga CD-2017-18-401807-04 Capacity development training on computer of the employee for the office of UNO and other departments 187,946.00
1182 Chuadanga Alamdanga CD-2017-18-401807-03 Training on awareness building for adolescent boys and girls against reproductive health 113,040.00
1183 Chuadanga Alamdanga CD-2017-18-401807-02 Capacity development training for English Teachers for secondary schools and colleges 192,380.00
1184 Chuadanga Alamdanga CD-2017-18-401807-01 Training on making digital content and multi-media uses for class teachers of secondary schools and college 192,404.00
1185 Chattogram Sandwip CD-2017-18-201578-07 Awareness Training on different on going Social Safety Net program/services of Social Service and Women Affairs department for concerned 108,900.00
1186 Chattogram Sandwip CD-2017-18-201578-06 Training on Native Chicken-Duck and Pigeon rearing, Prevention of diseases and Primary treatment 148,550.00
1187 Chattogram Sandwip CD-2017-18-201578-05 Training on Ensuring best utilization of surplus fishes through proper application of Fish processing techniques/methods 148,550.00
1188 Chattogram Sandwip CD-2017-18-201578-04 Training on Modern Production Technologies of Crops for Farmers 105,480.00
1189 Chattogram Sandwip CD-2017-18-201578-03 Awareness Training on Health Education for increasing capacity of overll Public Health for local Elected Representatives and Social leaders 105,480.00
1190 Chattogram Sandwip CD-2017-18-201578-02 Awareness Training on Early Marriage and Dowry, Eve Teasing, Drug and Militancy for concerned 191,520.00
1191 Chattogram Sandwip CD-2017-18-201578-01 Awareness Training on Trafic law for concerned 191,520.00
1192 Chattogram Chandanaish CD-2017-18-201518-06 Training on healthy domestic animal for farm owners and Production of high quality grass. 153,880.00
1193 Chattogram Chandanaish CD-2017-18-201518-05 Training on Production of Organic fertilizer, Fertile seed and Cultivation of high quality fruits and mushrooms. 153,880.00
1194 Chattogram Chandanaish CD-2017-18-201518-04 Training on Beatification course for Local wome 174,420.00
1195 Chattogram Chandanaish CD-2017-18-201518-03 Training on Basic Computer course for unemployed Educated participants. 191,040.00
1196 Chattogram Chandanaish CD-2017-18-201518-02 Training on Secondary School teacher conducted class by Multimedia. 164,140.00
1197 Chattogram Chandanaish CD-2017-18-201518-01 Training on Primary High School teacher Build up Awareness on health and Education. 162,640.00
1198 Chapainawabganj Nachole CD-2017-18-507056-06 Multimedia training for the class teacher at the secondary & higher secondary education institutions level 169,050.00
1199 Chapainawabganj Nachole CD-2017-18-507056-05 Social Safety Net training 186,000.00
1200 Chapainawabganj Nachole CD-2017-18-507056-04 Safe mango production and marketing system 189,180.00
1201 Chapainawabganj Nachole CD-2017-18-507056-03 Awareness campaign to prevent early marriage between secondary and higher secondary students 150,240.00
1202 Chapainawabganj Nachole CD-2017-18-507056-02 Internet & web portal training for the Upazila govt. staff 119,420.00
1203 Chapainawabganj Nachole CD-2017-18-507056-01 Fishfarming by using Modern Metho 186,110.00
1204 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2017-18-507018-08 Workshop on road rules for the auto drivers 164,385.00
1205 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2017-18-507018-07 ICT refresher training for high school teachers 100,000.00
1206 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2017-18-507018-06 Training on WATSAN for safe water source and usages 100,000.00
1207 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2017-18-507018-05 Training for women forum members stop violence and EM 100,000.00
1208 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2017-18-507018-04 Training on safe mango cultivation 100,000.00
1209 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2017-18-507018-03 TBA training to reduce Mother and child death 161,740.00
1210 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2017-18-507018-02 Anti drug awareness workshop 100,000.00
1211 Chapainawabganj Bholahat CD-2017-18-507018-01 Early marriage restrain campaign high school level 173,875.00
1212 Chandpur Shahrasti CD-2017-18-201395-06 Training for Kowmi Madrasha teachers on teaching in the classes. 136,158.00
1213 Chandpur Shahrasti CD-2017-18-201395-05 Mat weaving training for widow, devorcee and poor woman 192,332.00
1214 Chandpur Shahrasti CD-2017-18-201395-04 Fiheries training for poor people and farmers. 143,564.00
1215 Chandpur Shahrasti CD-2017-18-201395-03 Traininig on Turkey, Gunea fowl and Quail rearing for poor people and marginal farmers. 143,564.00
1216 Chandpur Shahrasti CD-2017-18-201395-02 Training on adolescent health for school girls. 192,445.00
1217 Chandpur Shahrasti CD-2017-18-201395-01 ICT Training for Govt. primary school teachers. 191,937.00
1218 Chandpur Matlab Uttar CD-2017-18-201379-07 Awareness Training on Road Usage for Local Road User 170,000.00
1219 Chandpur Matlab Uttar CD-2017-18-201379-06 Awareness Training againest Child Marriage for Emam, Kazi and Teachers 143,600.00
1220 Chandpur Matlab Uttar CD-2017-18-201379-05 Training on School Management Committee 141,440.00
1221 Chandpur Matlab Uttar CD-2017-18-201379-04 Training on Safe Crop Production by Using Environmental Friendly Agriculture Technolog 124,800.00
1222 Chandpur Matlab Uttar CD-2017-18-201379-03 Training on Conduct on Multimedia Classroom in the Secondary and Higher Secondary Leve 172,000.00
1223 Chandpur Matlab Uttar CD-2017-18-201379-02 Training for Capasity Development on Cow Rearing for Farm Owners of the Upazila 124,300.00
1224 Chandpur Matlab Uttar CD-2017-18-201379-01 Awareness Training on Land Development Tax,GOB Lease Renew and Land Dismisses 123,860.00
1225 Chandpur Hajiganj CD-2017-18-201349-07 Training on the activities of Head teachers & SMC chairman of primary schoo 106,000.00
1226 Chandpur Hajiganj CD-2017-18-201349-06 Training on primary knowledge of land law for College student ,teachers civil society 105,560.00
1227 Chandpur Hajiganj CD-2017-18-201349-05 Environment friendly & pesticide free fruits & vegetables cultivation 105,460.00
1228 Chandpur Hajiganj CD-2017-18-201349-04 Training program of farmers for modern dairy cow rearing 124,140.00
1229 Chandpur Hajiganj CD-2017-18-201349-03 National web portal & E- filing related training for upzila parishad officers and staf 185,520.00
1230 Chandpur Hajiganj CD-2017-18-201349-02 Training on to prevent early marriage, militancy, toxination and terrorism, amalgamate with union chairman, marriage register, religious leader sensitize and awareness build up 187,240.00
1231 Chandpur Hajiganj CD-2017-18-201349-01 Training on ante natal care, delivery service and post natal care of pregnant mother 186,080.00
1232 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD-2017-18-201322-07 A workshop on Hilsha Fishery, Sustainable harvest of Jatka and Brood fish. 114,600.00
1233 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD-2017-18-201322-06 A training on sewing for ultra poor women in Hanarchar union. 152,500.00
1234 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD-2017-18-201322-05 Training on vegetable cultivation by DB method for increasing diversification. 125,000.00
1235 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD-2017-18-201322-04 A training on Livestock for poor female & male in Ashikati and Kollyanpur union. 174,400.00
1236 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD-2017-18-201322-03 A training on Web portal & E-file for all line department office assistance and UP secretary. 148,500.00
1237 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD-2017-18-201322-02 A follow-up training on Multi Media Class for secondary school teacher in different schools of chandpur sadar upazila.. 157,000.00
1238 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar CD-2017-18-201322-01 Two (02) days awareness training for prevention & control of Non Communicable Disease. 128,000.00
1239 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2017-18-201290-10 Training on manageing committee of gov. primary school about their responsibility and duties 100,000.00
1240 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2017-18-201290-09 Farmer co-operatives Chairman and managersTraining on Poultry rearing 100,000.00
1241 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2017-18-201290-08 Confecsanari and Bekari 5days long Trainig for Destress village Women 100,000.00
1242 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2017-18-201290-07 Traing on chain , showpcs , bag production by Puth 100,000.00
1243 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2017-18-201290-06 ICT Training for secondery school Teacher 100,000.00
1244 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2017-18-201290-05 Farmers training on Beef fattening to produce safe meet 100,000.00
1245 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2017-18-201290-04 Farmers traiiing on vegatable and Spice production 100,000.00
1246 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2017-18-201290-03 Training on fisherman and fish farmer To increase fish productio 100,000.00
1247 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2017-18-201290-02 CNG and Micro Bus Drivers Training on Trafic rules and , road rules and behaviour 100,000.00
1248 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar CD-2017-18-201290-01 Development of meternal Health during Pregnancy in antenatal , Prenatal , and post nata 100,000.00
1249 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar CD-2017-18-201285-06 A Workshop of awareness all on using Internet virtual virus Resistant. 177,060.00
1250 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar CD-2017-18-201285-05 A Capacity building increase land Reformation of e-Mutation traning of Unioun land assistant officers 143,978.00
1251 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar CD-2017-18-201285-04 A Workshop of social Deprication Awareness increase on Child Marriage, Carambo; a,Drug Pedder and Dowery Opposed. 144,240.00
1252 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar CD-2017-18-201285-03 A Traning of Potters Capacity Develompent Building of Potteries Industry . 180,810.00
1253 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar CD-2017-18-201285-02 traning for the English Teachers of Secondary level of Nabinagar Upazila to make more skilled on English 191,132.00
1254 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar CD-2017-18-201285-01 A workshop of capacity building for Aware of puberty female young student of Secondary level. 162,780.00
1255 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur CD-2017-18-201204-06 A campaign program on rural transport such as the Korimon, Noshimon, Votboti, CNG, Easibike and motor cycle driver at motor driving law-1983. 162,110.00
1256 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur CD-2017-18-201204-05 An awareness campaign for students and community on Militancy, drug, Carambola, childhood marriage, women harassment, dowry of different union of Bancharampur upazila. 164,970.00
1257 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur CD-2017-18-201204-04 A training program on skill develop of creativities lesion on mathematic for (secondary/madrasha) teachers in the upazila 186,680.00
1258 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur CD-2017-18-201204-03 A training on secure meats production and need fill-up of protein to skill develop of pullorum farmers. 162,080.00
1259 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur CD-2017-18-201204-02 A training on safe delivery and reduce to mortality rate of new born child for field level staff of health and family planning department. 162,080.00
1260 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur CD-2017-18-201204-01 A training on crops production increase & addressing to technology with farmer different union in Bancharampur upazila 162,080.00
1261 Brahmanbaria Ashuganj CD-2017-18-201233-06 Training on use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Administrative efficiency development for secondary school teachers to optimize their professional standard. 146,400.00
1262 Brahmanbaria Ashuganj CD-2017-18-201233-05 Training on animal husbandry (livestock) and grass farming technologies. 183,640.00
1263 Brahmanbaria Ashuganj CD-2017-18-201233-04 Training on the issue of ensuring appropriate application of Antibiotic and not selling or distributing Antibiotic without prescription of registered doctors. 150,400.00
1264 Brahmanbaria Ashuganj CD-2017-18-201233-03 Beautification training for women's self-employment 189,280.00
1265 Brahmanbaria Ashuganj CD-2017-18-201233-02 Training on Capacity Development of office operation for staff of Upazila Parishad. 179,640.00
1266 Brahmanbaria Ashuganj CD-2017-18-201233-01 Awareness training on child marriage with public representatives, Imam, Moazzem and teachers. 150,640.00
1267 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2017-18-201202-08 Training on awareness built up during the adolescent period & awareness built up among the scouts for minimizing the electricity los 100,000.00
1268 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2017-18-201202-07 Training on upbringing milking cow 100,000.00
1269 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2017-18-201202-06 Training on web portal and web portal updates among the different organization staffs of upazila parisha 175,000.00
1270 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2017-18-201202-05 Training on best agriculture production and awareness about Nutritio 100,000.00
1271 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2017-18-201202-04 Training on increase duck-hen production in domestic leve 100,000.00
1272 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2017-18-201202-03 Training on Hand crafted Nakhsi Katha sewin 125,000.00
1273 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2017-18-201202-02 Awareness built up Orientation on Road accident among the CNG driver 150,000.00
1274 Brahmanbaria Akhaura CD-2017-18-201202-01 Training on ICT Digital Content Development for secondary school Head teachers & Effective English teaching of secondary level school students 150,000.00
1275 Bogura Sonatola CD-2017-18-501095-07 Skill development training for ensuring lawful marriage and adoloscent club formation in educational institutions 174,650.00
1276 Bogura Sonatola CD-2017-18-501095-06 Computer MS Excel, Internet, Adobe photoshp & out sourcing training for creating self employment source of unemployment youth. 136,170.00
1277 Bogura Sonatola CD-2017-18-501095-05 During & post disaster preparedness training. 136,620.00
1278 Bogura Sonatola CD-2017-18-501095-04 Training on 'Maternal health security during & post pregnancy period' 136,940.00
1279 Bogura Sonatola CD-2017-18-501095-03 Training on 'Beef fattening & health management'' 136,620.00
1280 Bogura Sonatola CD-2017-18-501095-02 Mobile phone servicing training for creating self employment source of unemployment youth. 139,500.00
1281 Bogura Sonatola CD-2017-18-501095-01 Training on 'Culture & health management of environmentally toleramt Cat fishes' 139,500.00
1282 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2017-18-501054-08 Awareness training for prevention of child marriage, dowry and women repression. 100,360.00
1283 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2017-18-501054-07 Good aquaculture system practice & training of safe food, fish production, marketing and its use. 122,320.00
1284 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2017-18-501054-06 Tailoring training for female members of co-operative societies. 123,900.00
1285 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2017-18-501054-05 Technological practices and safe food processing and training on quality production marketing and use beef in the modern method. 122,640.00
1286 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2017-18-501054-04 IT Skills Enhancing Training of Heads of Schools and Madrasa Institutes at the secondary Level. 110,160.00
1287 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2017-18-501054-03 Training on women's empowerment workshops and block printing. 112,600.00
1288 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2017-18-501054-02 Eco-friendly technology and climate change adaptation technology Training. 121,700.00
1289 Bogura Kahaloo CD-2017-18-501054-01 All Government Departments and Union Parishads using ICT facilitate government services, update web portals And Training Programs related to the concept of e-noth 186,320.00
1290 Bhola Tazumuddin CD-2017-18-100991-08 Mobile Phone repair Training for unemployed youth 100,000.00
1291 Bhola Tazumuddin CD-2017-18-100991-07 Training on Fish reservation act and IGA during forbidden fishing season for fishermen 100,000.00
1292 Bhola Tazumuddin CD-2017-18-100991-06 Training on safety vegetable production and harvesting for general farmers 100,000.00
1293 Bhola Tazumuddin CD-2017-18-100991-05 Basic Training on poultry and Cattle rearing 100,000.00
1294 Bhola Tazumuddin CD-2017-18-100991-04 Training on Fishery following modern method 145,000.00
1295 Bhola Tazumuddin CD-2017-18-100991-03 Training Patrol Leader (Cub Leader) regarding Scouting for Primary School Teachers 150,000.00
1296 Bhola Tazumuddin CD-2017-18-100991-02 Training on Tailoring 155,000.00
1297 Bhola Tazumuddin CD-2017-18-100991-01 Training on IT for Teachers of different Secondary Education Institutions in Tazumuddin, Upazila 150,000.00
1298 Bhola Lalmohan CD-2017-18-100954-07 Training for the Head of the Head of the Institution & SMC Member . 130,700.00
1299 Bhola Lalmohan CD-2017-18-100954-06 Training for the Women Entrepreneur & Business Management 149,780.00
1300 Bhola Lalmohan CD-2017-18-100954-05 Training on Modern Technique of Rice Cultivation 146,580.00
1301 Bhola Lalmohan CD-2017-18-100954-04 Fundamental Training for Poultry Rearing to the young Girls/Boys 149,780.00
1302 Bhola Lalmohan CD-2017-18-100954-03 Training for the awareness on Disaster 132,080.00
1303 Bhola Lalmohan CD-2017-18-100954-02 Training on updated Land Management (e-Mutation). 142,960.00
1304 Bhola Lalmohan CD-2017-18-100954-01 Training to the Staff on e-Filing 148,120.00
1305 Bhola Daulatkhan CD-2017-18-100929-06 Training on roles of Imam & Kazi for prevention of early marriage & dowry system and society formation 150,770.00
1306 Bhola Daulatkhan CD-2017-18-100929-05 Training on Technical Skill Development for Construction Laborer (Infrastructural) under Daulatkhan Upazila 166,600.00
1307 Bhola Daulatkhan CD-2017-18-100929-04 Training on Web portal for the Staffs of different Department of Upazila Parishad 189,900.00
1308 Bhola Daulatkhan CD-2017-18-100929-03 Training on Technical Skill Development of Farmers 150,020.00
1309 Bhola Daulatkhan CD-2017-18-100929-02 Training on ICT in Education using Digital Technology for Teachers of Primary School 153,600.00
1310 Bhola Daulatkhan CD-2017-18-100929-01 Orientation for the secondary level teachers on signup teachers portal, use of digital content and multimedia classroom related top 189,110.00
1311 Bhola Charfasson CD-2017-18-100925-06 Training for Kazi and Imaam to prevent dowry and child marriage 180,832.00
1312 Bhola Charfasson CD-2017-18-100925-05 Training on vegetable gardening in advanced technology for the beneficiaries under social safety net program 167,273.00
1313 Bhola Charfasson CD-2017-18-100925-04 Training on using pesticide in agriculture and its safeti 186,833.00
1314 Bhola Charfasson CD-2017-18-100925-03 Campaign with High school students mother and local public leaders for Prevention of dowry and child marria 194,300.00
1315 Bhola Charfasson CD-2017-18-100925-02 Training on e-filing and web portal activities of upazila parishad 173,605.00
1316 Bhola Charfasson CD-2017-18-100925-01 Basic training on Poultry raring for young people of poor families 155,183.00
1317 Barisal Wazirpur CD-2017-18-100694-06 Training on Womens law and legal rights for wom 176,820.00
1318 Barisal Wazirpur CD-2017-18-100694-05 Training on skill development on IGA activities of Group Members 174,660.00
1319 Barisal Wazirpur CD-2017-18-100694-04 Training of fish farmers for safe fish management, carp nursery management, improved fish production and Shrimp carp mixed farming. 178,980.00
1320 Barisal Wazirpur CD-2017-18-100694-03 Training on Road safety management and road act 173,475.00
1321 Barisal Wazirpur CD-2017-18-100694-02 Training on Land laws 174,660.00
1322 Barisal Wazirpur CD-2017-18-100694-01 Training for the Directorate of the various departments of the Upazila office and the presentation of the presentation of the documents through computer 121,405.00
1323 Barisal Barisal Sadar CD-2017-18-100651-06 Computer Training on 3rd Class Employees of Upazila Parishad. 160,218.00
1324 Barisal Barisal Sadar CD-2017-18-100651-05 Poultry Rearing Training for Beggars Rehabilitation. 112,948.00
1325 Barisal Barisal Sadar CD-2017-18-100651-04 Vermi Compost Production and Cultivation Modern Technology for Shorter Plant of Coconut. 182,743.00
1326 Barisal Barisal Sadar CD-2017-18-100651-03 Training on Digital Content Prepared for High School and Madrasha Teachers. 176,199.00
1327 Barisal Barisal Sadar CD-2017-18-100651-02 Fish Cultivation on Modern Technology. 185,646.00
1328 Barisal Barisal Sadar CD-2017-18-100651-01 Blok, Batik Printing and Social Awareness. 182,246.00
1329 Barisal Bakerganj CD-2017-18-100607-07 Training on the prevention of voluntary women organizations and workers for the protection of housing, child marriage and the oppression of women. 150,000.00
1330 Barisal Bakerganj CD-2017-18-100607-06 Dietary training on self-sustaining women's organization aimed at keeping cow's milk 150,000.00
1331 Barisal Bakerganj CD-2017-18-100607-05 Self-employment for the co-operatives. Training for poultry keeping 130,000.00
1332 Barisal Bakerganj CD-2017-18-100607-04 Digital content creation and multimedia class management training 150,000.00
1333 Barisal Bakerganj CD-2017-18-100607-03 Training on production of poisonous vegetables for commercial and household growers in an environmentally friendly manner for food security. 150,000.00
1334 Barisal Bakerganj CD-2017-18-100607-02 Adolescent girls training for adolescence health care 150,000.00
1335 Barisal Bakerganj CD-2017-18-100607-01 17 Standing Committee Chairman, Members and Secretaries' Skill, Growth Training 120,000.00
1336 Barisal Agailjhara CD-2017-18-100602-07 Midwife training 136,300.00
1337 Barisal Agailjhara CD-2017-18-100602-06 Campaign against suicide, dowry, child marriage and women violence 106,810.00
1338 Barisal Agailjhara CD-2017-18-100602-05 Mixed cultivation management of carp fishes in modern system 128,120.00
1339 Barisal Agailjhara CD-2017-18-100602-04 women employment though handicraft, cottage industries& show pice making training 182,850.00
1340 Barisal Agailjhara CD-2017-18-100602-03 women employment though tailoring training 181,600.00
1341 Barisal Agailjhara CD-2017-18-100602-02 Poison free crops production method through using sex pheromone trap. 130,120.00
1342 Barisal Agailjhara CD-2017-18-100602-01 Workshop on quality development of learning English and mathematics at secondary level teachers 134,200.00
1343 Barguna Taltali CD-2017-18-100490-06 Training on Office management, Filing management and administrative capacity development for head master and office assistant of high school ,Madrash 173,400.00
1344 Barguna Taltali CD-2017-18-100490-05 Training on operate the seasonal income generating business for yout 175,000.00
1345 Barguna Taltali CD-2017-18-100490-04 Training on Cattle ,poultry rearing and dishes management 182,000.00
1346 Barguna Taltali CD-2017-18-100490-03 Technical Training on crystal show piece preparation 151,400.00
1347 Barguna Taltali CD-2017-18-100490-02 Training on Carp fish cultivation 136,200.00
1348 Barguna Taltali CD-2017-18-100490-01 Training on Vegetable Cultivation without Chemical pesticide 182,000.00
1349 Barguna Betagi CD-2017-18-100447-06 Training to upazila level all officers, OA & UPs secretary on data input/output & information management in the Web Portal 106,368.00
1350 Barguna Betagi CD-2017-18-100447-05 Training to poor community on tailoring for involvement their income generating activities 192,740.00
1351 Barguna Betagi CD-2017-18-100447-04 Training to head teachers of primary education on office management & quality teaching in classroom 170,940.00
1352 Barguna Betagi CD-2017-18-100447-03 Carp poly culture management and fish conservation act 186,638.00
1353 Barguna Betagi CD-2017-18-100447-02 Training to farmers on integrated management of crop for sustainable agriculture production 166,974.00
1354 Barguna Betagi CD-2017-18-100447-01 Capacity development training on ICT for secondary level school teachers 176,340.00
1355 Bandarban Ruma CD-2017-18-200391-09 Honey Bee keeping training for Samabai Members 100,377.00
1356 Bandarban Ruma CD-2017-18-200391-08 Training about Environment & Forest conservation, prevention on social crime and building awareness about taking Govt. facilities. 100,377.00
1357 Bandarban Ruma CD-2017-18-200391-07 Capacity Development Training for the UP Disaster management Committee Member for giving service in disaster period 100,377.00
1358 Bandarban Ruma CD-2017-18-200391-06 Training about Early marriage Child right, Gender Equility, Ive teaching and Hygiene promotion for students of Secondary School 100,377.00
1359 Bandarban Ruma CD-2017-18-200391-05 Workshop on Mashroom production for register self help Women Samit 132,383.00
1360 Bandarban Ruma CD-2017-18-200391-04 Workshop about Modern Management of back yard Poultry,Jaiba Nirapatta and Disease in Upazila 133,534.00
1361 Bandarban Ruma CD-2017-18-200391-03 Workshop on awareness building on tourist guide and Bike driver of Ruma Upazil 119,699.00
1362 Bandarban Ruma CD-2017-18-200391-02 Training about Cycling of Fruits for the village farmer for their economic development 100,377.00
1363 Bandarban Ruma CD-2017-18-200391-01 Workshop on Communication and Social awareness building for the qualitative development of primary education at Ruma Upazila 112,499.00
1364 Bandarban Lama CD-2017-18-200351-08 Livestock Train on cooperative members for livelihood improvement. 122,680.00
1365 Bandarban Lama CD-2017-18-200351-07 workshop on Earlly marriage & sexuale harasment protection 110,180.00
1366 Bandarban Lama CD-2017-18-200351-06 workshop on seasonal vegitable cultivation alternative of tobac 118,560.00
1367 Bandarban Lama CD-2017-18-200351-05 Proffesional t training on Mathmatics, English & multimedia 122,660.00
1368 Bandarban Lama CD-2017-18-200351-04 Training on Handicrafs ( Batique & Show piece making ) 129,120.00
1369 Bandarban Lama CD-2017-18-200351-03 Training on ICT & E filing 100,200.00
1370 Bandarban Lama CD-2017-18-200351-02 Worksop on Nutrition 122,700.00
1371 Bandarban Lama CD-2017-18-200351-01 Training on Antee Natal Care & Post Natal Care 173,900.00
1372 Bagerhat Sarankhola CD-2017-18-400177-09 Gathering on disaster risk reduction of Disaster management committee of upazila porishod 109,236.00
1373 Bagerhat Sarankhola CD-2017-18-400177-08 Training on preparation of Safe water and Sanitation 105,000.00
1374 Bagerhat Sarankhola CD-2017-18-400177-07 Agricultural training on salt tolerate crops due to effect of climate change 109,976.00
1375 Bagerhat Sarankhola CD-2017-18-400177-06 Training on Cow rearing by modern technology and disease control 110,000.00
1376 Bagerhat Sarankhola CD-2017-18-400177-05 Workshop of guardian ,kazi, Imam and honored person about bad effect of early marriage, dowry, sexual harassment ,eve teasing etc. 110,764.00
1377 Bagerhat Sarankhola CD-2017-18-400177-04 Training on health of pregnant Women and birth control 105,000.00
1378 Bagerhat Sarankhola CD-2017-18-400177-03 Good Aquaculture Practices for the self-employment and safe food production 110,000.00
1379 Bagerhat Sarankhola CD-2017-18-400177-02 Training on Role and Responsibilities of Management Committee and teacher of Secondary School 110,024.00
1380 Bagerhat Sarankhola CD-2017-18-400177-01 Training on ICT for all Computer operators and respective personnel of the Upazila Porishod 130,000.00
1381 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2017-18-400160-07 Training of fisheries clown to skill development of Lobster & Shrimp culture. 100,000.00
1382 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2017-18-400160-06 Training on DRR & skill development to Disaster Management Commottee 110,000.00
1383 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2017-18-400160-05 Training on schematic method of safe vegetables production at dwelling house yard to farmers for meet up their family need. 150,000.00
1384 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2017-18-400160-04 Training on health care confirmation of pregnant women and children to mother & would be mother. 150,000.00
1385 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2017-18-400160-03 Training on preventing of child marriage, eve-teasing, drug addiction and other social diseases to social prasida team members. 190,000.00
1386 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2017-18-400160-02 Training on ICT to primary Head teacher/ Assistant teacher. 150,000.00
1387 Bagerhat Morrelganj CD-2017-18-400160-01 Training on secondary school teachers to skill development, standard measure and quality ensure of secondary Education System. 150,000.00

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