Infrastructure Development Sub-project Data (First Round) as on 31/12/2020

No. District Upazila ID ID ID Name Approved Budget
1 Maulavibazar Maulavibazar Sadar INF-2016-17-605847-04 Construction of admin building in Amtoil School 1,000,000.00
2 Maulavibazar Maulavibazar Sadar INF-2016-17-605847-03 Construction of one Madrasha Building 1,000,000.00
3 Maulavibazar Maulavibazar Sadar INF-2016-17-605847-02 Construction of School Building 1,000,000.00
4 Maulavibazar Maulavibazar Sadar INF-2016-17-605847-01 Construction of water treatment plant 1,000,000.00
5 Maulvibazar Kamalganj INF-2016-17-605856-03 Community Clinic building repair, boundary wall & supply safe water. 1,085,842.00
6 Maulvibazar Kamalganj INF-2016-17-605856-02 Reformation of building, extension of class room & connecting road. 1,818,175.00
7 Maulvibazar Kamalganj INF-2016-17-605856-01 Repair and reformation of Community clinic. 1,095,983.00
8 Sunamganj Jamalganj INF-2016-17-609050-03 Construction of new classroom at Vimkhali High School 1,000,000.00
9 Sunamganj Jamalganj INF-2016-17-609050-02 Construction of new classroomat Beheli High School 1,000,000.00
10 Sunamganj Jamalganj INF-2016-17-609050-01 Construction of new classroom and an academic building 2,000,000.00
11 Sylhet Gowainghat INF-2016-17-069141-04 Establishing solar light 1,000,000.00
12 Sylhet Gowainghat INF-2016-17-069141-03 Construction of College classroom 1,000,000.00
13 Sylhet Gowainghat INF-2016-17-069141-02 Construction of washblock 1,000,000.00
14 Sylhet Gowainghat INF-2016-17-069141-01 Construction of classroom in school 1,000,000.00
15 Sunamganj Derai INF-2016-17-609029-02 Establishing primary school entertainment equipments 2,052,000.00
16 Sunamganj Derai INF-2016-17-609029-01 Construction of washblock 1,946,889.00
17 Sunamganj Bishwambharpur INF-2016-17-609018-04 Construction of new classroom for a college 1,000,000.00
18 Sunamganj Bishwambharpur INF-2016-17-609018-03 Construction of new classroom for high school 1,000,000.00
19 Sunamganj Bishwambharpur INF-2016-17-609018-02 Construction of new classroom for technical college 1,000,000.00
20 Sunamganj Bishwambharpur INF-2016-17-609018-01 Construction of new classroom for girls school 1,000,000.00
21 Habiganj Bahubal INF-2016-17-603605-04 Construction of RRC drain on Shostipur bridge to Khachaputa from ch. 00-138.00m under Snanghat Union , Bahubal, Habigonj . 1,000,000.00
22 Habiganj Bahubal INF-2016-17-603605-03 Construction of Guide wall from Bahubal Mirpur road to (st. in front of Noor Uddin house) Highway road in zangalia village under Bahubal upazila , Habigon 1,000,000.00
23 Habiganj Bahubal INF-2016-17-603605-02 Repair & Renovation work of 07 nos Community clinic & 3 nos Health & Family welfare center & Installation of 5nos Tube well 1,000,000.00
24 Habiganj Bahubal INF-2016-17-603605-01 Supplying and Installation ICT Equipment laptop & Multimedia Equipment at Deferent High School and Madrasha under bahubal Upazila , Habigonj 1,000,000.00
25 Panchgarh Tentulia INF-2016-17-557790-02 Construction of wash block and class room at different school. 1,600,000.00
26 Panchgarh Tentulia INF-2016-17-557790-01 Patient waiting room construction in different Community Clinic. 1,000,000.00
27 Panchgarh Tentulia INF-2016-17-557790-03 Construction of RCC drain, water reserver and guide wall. 1,400,000.00
28 Rangpur Taraganj INF-2016-17-558292-02 Supply of solar lights at highways 1,000,000.00
29 Rangpur Taraganj INF-2016-17-558292-01 Construction of digital classroom at different Schools 3,000,000.00
30 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar INF-2016-17-558549-02 Construction of wash-block and extension of classroom 1,278,350.00
31 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar INF-2016-17-558549-01 Construction of mini park for children, wash-block & Supply of weight mechine, laptop, Scanner 2,721,650.00
32 Lalmonirhat Patgram INF-2016-17-555270-02 Supply of Furniture for Educational Institute under Patgram, Lalmonirhat, 1,093,490.00
33 Lalmonirhat Patgram INF-2016-17-555270-01 Supply of F( X-ray Machine with computed Radiography Syestem and Safe Delivery Instruements) for Upazila Health complex and Community Clinc, Patgram,Lalmonirhat. 2,906,510.00
34 Kurigram Nageshwari INF-2016-17-554961-03 Supply of high low bech in schools 1,454,463.00
35 Kurigram Nageshwari INF-2016-17-554961-02 Community clinic repairing in 7 unions 1,189,940.60
36 Kurigram Nageshwari INF-2016-17-554961-01 Community clinic repairing in 6 unions 1,355,596.40
37 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar INF-2016-17-555255-04 Construction of Surface /Cross Drain at Panchagram & Razpur UP 1,000,000.00
38 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar INF-2016-17-555255-03 New building (Classroom) construction of Ashrafpur Adarsha Girls Dakhil Madrasa 1,000,000.00
39 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar INF-2016-17-555255-02 High-low Bench and Chair-Table supply in different Secondary School of the Upazila. 1,000,000.00
40 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar INF-2016-17-555255-01 Renovation of Community Clinic 1,000,000.00
41 Dinajpur Ghoraghat INF-2016-17-552743-02 Supplying of Ambulance at Ghoraghat Upazilla Helth Complex Ghoraghat, Dinajpur 2,500,000.00
42 Dinajpur Ghoraghat INF-2016-17-552743-01 Constraction Of Semi PaccaDigital Class Room at Balahar Dakhil Madrasha &Ghoraghat RC Pilot Girls High School, Ghoraghat, Dinajpur 1,500,000.00
43 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar INF-2016-17-553224-02 Supply of medical equipments in 8 community clinics 1,000,000.00
44 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar INF-2016-17-553224-01 Supply of high low bech in schools 3,000,000.00
45 Nilphamary Domar INF-2016-17-887315-02 Construction of digital classroom 1,000,000.00
46 Nilphamary Domar INF-2016-17-887315-01 Construction of digital classroom 3,000,000.00
47 Thakurgaon Baliadangi INF-2016-17-559408-03 Construction of 2 nos multimedia class room at Dhonirhat&Gandikery Adorsho high school & Construction of Surface Drain of BaliadangiBazer from Kakoli Cosmetics Godown to Tofayel's laundry Shop adjucent of Shahid Minar at Baliadangi Chowrasta. 1,466,100.00
48 Thakurgaon Baliadangi INF-2016-17-559408-02 Construction of 2 nos multimedia class room at Dhontala Islamia Dakhil madrasa and Machkhuira Kaldanga Dakhil madrsa 1,013,400.00
49 Thakurgaon Baliadangi INF-2016-17-559408-01 Construction of 3 nos multimedia class room at Bhotpara Junior Secondary school,Balia Belsara Dakhil madrasa and Rotnai Udaypur dakhil madrasa 1,520,100.00
50 Rangpur Badarganj INF-2016-17-558503-04 Conostraction of 4 nos saftey shed different place on badarganj rongpur. 1,000,000.00
51 Rangpur Badarganj INF-2016-17-558503-03 Unit estimate installation of shallow tube -weel 6 no hand pump under upazila badarganj rongpur 1,000,000.00
52 Rangpur Badarganj INF-2016-17-558503-02 Manufacturing and supplying(108 n0s) high-low benches for for different education. 1,000,000.00
53 Rangpur Badarganj INF-2016-17-558503-01 Supplying celling fan (294 nos) for different place on education under badarganj rongpur 1,000,000.00
54 Pabna Sujanagar INF-2016-17-507683-04 Construction of RCC sit benches shed also Solar street lump (Both side of Khayran bridge at Khayran- Chinekhara road (b)Satbaria-Najirgonj road Kanchon park. 1,000,000.00
55 Pabna Sujanagar INF-2016-17-507683-03 Construction of Passenger waiting shed (Zatrisawni)a) Satbaria Khayran road at SutkarMore (b) Dulai bazar RHD road side. (c) Vaina union road side (West side of Ashrayan Kendraw) 1,000,000.00
56 Pabna Sujanagar INF-2016-17-507683-02 Medical equipment & Associated instrument supply (VX-ray Machine-01, Ultrasonogram Machine-1, Air Conditioner (AC), Dental Unit, Soundless air compressor (35 Liter), Hand Piece, Scalar machine, Suction Machine, Diamond Bur, Labour Table-1. Fatal Doppler, 1,000,000.00
57 Pabna Sujanagar INF-2016-17-507683-01 Construction of WASH Block at Tatiband high School and Shahid Dulal Girls High School 1,000,000.00
58 Bogra Sonatola INF-2016-17-501095-02 Solar lamp post installation on the important road island, markets in different Unions under Sonatola Upazila. 2,942,550.00
59 Bogra Sonatola INF-2016-17-501095-01 Multimedia classroom equipments for 11 numbers of secondary level schools and Madrashas, Library equipments supply for Abdul Mannan high school & college and total 33 numbers of Nebulizer machine for 26 Community clinics & 07 for Union health centers of S 1,057,540.00
60 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF-2016-17-506460-02 A. Supplying ofMedical Instrument Nebulizer Machine, Blood Pressure Machine,& Diabetics Measuring Machine of Union Community Clinic under Naogaon Sadar Upazila, Naogaon and 2- B. Improvement of Ekdala Community Clinic Connecting Road Cement Concrete CC 1,000,000.00
61 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF-2016-17-506460-01 Supplying of High and Low Bench, Chair- Table, Filecabinet & Celling Fan for different Educational Institutions of Naogaon Sadar Upazila, Naogaon 3,000,000.00
62 Chapai Nababganj Nachole INF-2016-17-507056-04 Construction of classroom for Sonaichandi High School & Baipur High School. 1,000,000.00
63 Chapai Nababganj Nachole INF-2016-17-507056-03 Construction of classroom for Kholshi Dimukhi High School & Shanpur High School. 1,000,000.00
64 Chapai Nababganj Nachole INF-2016-17-507056-02 Supply of Plastic Low bench Hich bench for differnt educational Institution of koshba Union & Supply of Computer Lab instrument for Uzirpur Golabari Islamia Dakhil Madrasa & Paharpur High School. 1,000,000.00
65 Chapai Nababganj Nachole INF-2016-17-507056-01 Construction of classroom at Nachole Protibondi School & Gholgholia ESK Alim Dakhil Madrasa 1,000,000.00
66 Sirajganj Kazipur INF-2016-17-508850-03 Construction of semi pacca Tin shed class Room at (1) Beltoil High school (2) Maizbari High school (3) Khasrajbari Dhakhil Madrasha (4) Kobihar Junior High school & (5) Supplying fitting and fixing in position of CI sheet on Gandhail Hat. 1,399,999.00
67 Sirajganj Kazipur INF-2016-17-508850-02 1.Supply of High bench & low bench(Polypropylene impact copolymer Plastic ) in different High Schools &2. Supply of Books, Book shelf for Munsur Ali Govt. College under Upazila Kazipur, District Sirajganj 1,000,000.00
68 Sirajganj Kazipur INF-2016-17-508850-01 Construction of one semi pacca Tin shed class room in 7 Govt. Primary School and reconstruction of one primary school. ( 1. Fulzor,2.Beshurigacha,3.Mohimapur,4.Char Aditpur,5.Nischentapur Maddapara,6.Shalgram,7.Chair Borboria & Sharatnagor GPS) under Kazi 1,599,998.00
69 Rajshahi Durgapur INF-2016-17-508131-02 Classroom construction 1,504,408.00
70 Rajshahi Durgapur INF-2016-17-508131-01 Protection wall construction 2,494,863.00
71 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF-2016-17-508811-03 A) Construction of Wash Block at Sholoshato Jangalia high school under Bordhul UP of under Belkuchi Upazila. B) Construction of Toilet at Belkuchi Purbapara Govt. Primary School under Belkuchi UP of Belkuchi Upazila. C) Construction of Class room at Somes 1,000,500.00
72 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF-2016-17-508811-02 Supply of furniture at Belkuchi Purbapara Govt. Primary School under Belkuchi UP and Someshpur high school under Rajapur UP of Belkuchi Upazila. 1,000,000.00
73 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF-2016-17-508811-01 Supplying & Installation of community based water treatment plant at Pestok Gov. Primary School 1,999,500.00
74 Naogaon Atrai INF-2016-17-506403-04 Repairing work of Upazila Health Complex. Atrai, Naogaon 1,000,000.00
75 Naogaon Atrai INF-2016-17-506403-03 Improvement of Shahebgong Bazar ( 1 nos Fish Shed and 2 nos Multipurpose shed ) Atrai, Naogaon 1,000,000.00
76 Naogaon Atrai INF-2016-17-506403-02 Improvement of Atrai Horijan Polli (5.nos CC Road)), Arai, Naogaon 1,000,000.00
77 Naogaon Atrai INF-2016-17-506403-01 Estimate for Improvement of Atrai Harizon Polli( 1no.Community Center & Latrine) 1,000,000.00
78 Rajshahi Paba INF-2016-17-508172-04 Extension of roof and construction of 1 wash-block 1,000,000.00
79 Rajshahi Paba INF-2016-17-508172-03 Construction of drain- Nabadanga 1,000,000.00
80 Rajshahi Paba INF-2016-17-508172-02 Supply of safe and pure drinking water wit sub-mersibale pump 1,000,000.00
81 Rajshahi Paba INF-2016-17-508172-01 Supply of safe and pure drinking water wit sub-mersibale pump 1,000,000.00
82 Pabna Ishwardi INF-2016-17507639-04 Re-construction of an educational institution 1,000,000.00
83 Pabna Ishwardi INF-2016-17507639-03 Convert rugular classroom to a digital classromms 1,000,000.00
84 Pabna Ishwardi INF-2016-17507639-02 Supply of Multimedia equipment at Educational Institutons 1,000,000.00
85 Pabna Ishwardi INF-2016-17507639-01 Supply of Digital Equipment at Hospitals 1,000,000.00
86 Tangail Bashail INF-2016-17-309309-03 Construction of 4 latrines for four girls schools 1,382,405.00
87 Tangail Bashail INF-2016-17-309309-02 Construction of water supply plant for 7 education isntitutes 1,314,434.00
88 Tangail Bashail INF-2016-17-309309-01 Construction of multimedia classroom 1,282,631.00
89 Natore Bagatipara INF-2016-17-506909-03 Construction of washblock and toilets 1,709,043.00
90 Natore Bagatipara INF-2016-17-506909-02 Supplying of 05 recharchable modified ambulence to Union Parishad 1,000,000.00
91 Natore Bagatipara INF-2016-17-506909-1 Construction of new school for deaf 1,289,103.00
92 Naogaon Badalgachi INF-2016-17-506406-02 Construction of Solar Street Lamp 2,174,866.00
93 Naogaon Badalgachi INF-2016-17-506406-01 Construction of drain and supplying high low beches in exam centers 1,825,134.00
94 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF-2016-17-503813-03 Construction of classrooms in two primary schools 1,202,122.00
95 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF-2016-17-503813-02 Construction of Washblocks for 3 Secondary Schools 1,755,000.00
96 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF-2016-17-503813-01 Reconstruction of 3 Community Clinics and 1 primary School 1,042,877.00
97 Mymenshing Haluaghat INF-2016-17-303081-04 Supply of agriculte equipments 1,000,000.00
98 Mymenshing Haluaghat INF-2016-17-303081-03 Construction of 4 classrooms in 4 education institutes 1,000,000.00
99 Mymenshing Haluaghat INF-2016-17-303081-02 Construction of 4 classrooms in 4 education institutes 1,000,000.00
100 Mymenshing Haluaghat INF-2016-17-303081-01 Construction of 4 classrooms in 4 education institutes 1,000,000.00
101 Sherpur Sherpur Sadar INF-2016-17-308988-01 Supply of High-low benches at different schools 4,000,000.00
102 Netrokona Kendua INF-2016-17-307247-1 Construction of Semi Pakka Building at Parvin Siraj College and One cc road 4,000,000.00
103 Khulna Paikgachha INF-2016-17-404764-02 Rain Water Harvest Plant establish to Secondary School. 2,000,000.00
104 Khulna Paikgachha INF-2016-17-404764-01 Bench Supply to Secondary Examination center 2,000,000.00
105 Magura Mohammadpur INF-2016-17-405566-02 Construction of sanitary latrine at 10 govt. Primary school. 1,500,000.00
106 Magura Mohammadpur INF-2016-17-405566-01 Construction of Surface drain at Mohammadpur, Nohata and Razapur Bazar. 2,500,000.00
107 Kushtia Mirpur INF-2016-17-405094-02 Class room extension and Repair of existing building of Halsa Secondary School 1,652,955.00
108 Kushtia Mirpur INF-2016-17-405094-01 Construction Work completion Project at Balidapara Secondary Girls School 2,347,045.00
109 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF-2016-17-405787-03 Arsenic and Iron Removal Water Treatment plant (SIDDkO) at Gohorpur and (AIRP ) at Islam nagar under Pirojpur & Amjhupi Union Parishad respectively. 1,311,640.62
110 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF-2016-17-405787-02 ICT Digital Lab at Pirojpur Hihg Scool under Pirojpur Union Parishad. 1,131,380.00
111 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF-2016-17-405787-01 Rest House at Amjhupi DC Eco-Park 1,991,216.66
112 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF-2016-17-405079-04 Supply of furniture in Five Primary Schools (Plastic Bench) 1,000,000.00
113 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF-2016-17-405079-03 Shade build at Madhupur IT Vata (Pashu Hat) Bazar 1,000,000.00
114 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF-2016-17-405079-02 Supply of furniture in Four High Schools (Plastic Bench) 1,000,000.00
115 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF-2016-17-405079-01 Supply of Medical Equipment in different places of health centre 1,000,000.00
116 Jessore Keshobpur INF-2016-17-404138-03 Development of different schools(Affected by flood) 1,001,939.00
117 Jessore Keshobpur INF-2016-17-404138-02 Construction of Wash blocks at different places 1,749,968.00
118 Jessore Keshobpur INF-2016-17-404138-01 Supply of School Equipments 1,247,532.00
119 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar INF-2016-17-401855-03 Construction of Drain,paelasaiding and a toilet some union at upazila. 1,381,818.00
120 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar INF-2016-17-401855-02 Supply of multi-media projector and screens,and Furniture for secondary school 1,181,818.00
121 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar INF-2016-17-401855-01 Construction of market rehabilitation of social for begger life 1,363,636.00
122 Jhinahdah Jhinahdah Sadar INF-2016-17-40419-03 Supply of Solar pannel 1,000,000.00
123 Jhinahdah Jhinahdah Sadar INF-2016-17-40419-02 Construction of Passenger Shade, Latrin & Construction of a delivery room at health complex 1,000,000.00
124 Jhinahdah Jhinahdah Sadar INF-2016-17-40419-01 Construction of drain, Class room, Toilet 2,000,000.00
125 Khulna Dumuria INF-2016-17-404730-02 Reconstruction of multimedia classroom and supplying beches 1,921,705.00
126 Khulna Dumuria INF-2016-17-404730-01 Construction of washblock in schools and supplying water jar and deep tubewell 2,078,118.00
127 Satkhira Debhata INF-2016-17-405566-03 Construction of deep tubewell and supply of overhead tank for pure drinking water 1,206,986.00
128 Satkhira Debhata INF-2016-17-405566-02 Vertical expansion of school classroom and roof repairing 1,757,766.00
129 Satkhira Debhata INF-2016-17-405566-01 Construction of brick made irrigation system for agriculture 1,035,248.00
130 Bagerhat Chitalmari INF-2016-17-400114-03 Construction of sand pond filter for pure drinking water 1,000,000.00
131 Bagerhat Chitalmari INF-2016-17-400114-02 Supply of furniture in schools 1,200,000.00
132 Bagerhat Chitalmari Construction and reconstruction of classroom 1,800,000.00
133 Khulna Batiaghata INF-2016-17-404712-03 Construction of school toilet and four primary school shades 1,335,479.00
134 Khulna Batiaghata INF-2016-17-404712-02 Reconstruction of 2 high schools 1,582,700.00
135 Khulna Batiaghata INF-2016-17-404712-01 Construction of school toilet, reconstruction of Girls high school and girls college 1,080,853.00
136 Chuadanga Alamdanga INF-2016-17-401807-03 Supplying of benches for exam centres 1,087,000.00
137 Chuadanga Alamdanga INF-2016-17-401807-02 Supplying od Laptops for Schools 1,452,000.00
138 Chuadanga Alamdanga INF-2016-17-401807-01 Supplying of multimedia projector and screen for schools 1,461,000.00
139 Shariotpur Zanjira INF-2016-17-308694-02 Supply of an ambulance (battery powered) 1,053,750.00
140 Shariotpur Zanjira INF-2016-17-308694-01 Supply of laptop, printer, modem & router at different schools 2,943,250.00
141 Gopalganj Tungipara INF-2016-17-303591-03 Construction of Computer lab at Bashbaria Zanzania high School and build a toilet at Senpara Talukder market in Gopalpur Union. 1,036,299.00
142 Gopalganj Tungipara INF-2016-17-303591-02 Construction of irrigation drainage of various places in Tungipara Upazila. 1,223,152.00
143 Gopalganj Tungipara INF-2016-17-303591-01 Supply of necessary bench and furniture for the govt. primary and high school 1,704,301.00
144 Munshiganj Tongibari INF-2016-17-305994-03 A) Construction of Netraboty GPS B) Construction of West Aldi GPS 1,900,000.00
145 Munshiganj Tongibari INF-2016-17-305994-02 Construction of Kaich Maldha GPS 1,000,000.00
146 Munshiganj Tongibari INF-2016-17-305994-01 Construction of Uttor Marialoi GPS 1,100,000.00
147 Manikganj Singair INF-2016-17-305682-02 Construction of Joymontop Bazar Milk Shed and Sirajpur Hat Fish Shed Under Singair, Manikganj. 1,809,600.00
148 Manikganj Singair INF-2016-17-305682-01 Construction of Two New Classroom in Joilla Government Primary School, Supply of High and Low Bench for Vum Dakshin & Baira High School and Construction of Artificial Insemination Shed in Maniknogor Bazar Under Singair, Manikganj. 2,190,400.00
149 Madaripur Shibchar INF-2016-17-305487-03 Supply of laptop at secondary school 1,025,000.00
150 Madaripur Shibchar INF-2016-17-305487-02 Supply of digital sound system at different educational institutions 1,711,000.00
151 Madaripur Shibchar INF-2016-17-305487-01 Supply of white-board at secondary school 1,264,000.00
152 Narayanganj Rupganj INF-2016-17-306768-01 Construction Drain at Rupganj village to improve water-logging 3,558,946.00
153 Narsingdi Palash INF-2016-17-306863-04 Supply of furniture at different Education institute under Palsh Upazila 1,000,000.00
154 Narsingdi Palash INF-2016-17-306863-03 Construction of LLP Irrigation Scheme Drain at Shantanoara under Danga Union 1,000,000.00
155 Narsingdi Palash INF-2016-17-306863-02 Supply of Operation Theater Accessories of Upazila Health Complex 1,000,000.00
156 Narsingdi Palash INF-2016-17-306863-01 Construction of Additional Class Room at Joynagor girls High SAchool under Danga union 1,000,000.00
157 Kishorganj Nikli INF-2016-17-304876-02 Construction of Market shed & drain 1,753,100.00
158 Kishorganj Nikli INF-2016-17-304876-01 Construction of Additional Classroom 2,222,172.00
159 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF-2016-17-305956-02 (a) Construction of Computer Lab, Computer Supply, Accessories supply on Mohakali Union High School (b) High and Low Bench Supply on different Schools under Sadar Upazila Parishad, Munshiganj 1,551,385.00
160 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF-2016-17-305956-01 (a) Construction of Class Room (Extension) on 43 No. Shishu Kallyan Primary School (2) Construction of Class Room (Extension) on Dokhin Char Moshura High School (3) Construction of Wash Block on Sheloy Hazi Moniruddin High School under Sadar Upazila P 2,448,615.00
161 Narsingdi Manohardi INF-2016-17-306852-03 Construction of Public Toilet and Tube-well, Drain, Box-Culvert and Ghatla 2,000,000.00
162 Narsingdi Manohardi INF-2016-17-306852-02 Canal excavation and construction of guide wall/pala-siting at road side 1,000,000.00
163 Narsingdi Manohardi INF-2016-17-306852-01 Provide furnitures at different schools and community clini 1,000,000.00
164 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar INF-2016-17-305454-03 Construction of Irrigation drain at Moddho Housdi Village. 1,011,600.00
165 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar INF-2016-17-305454-02 Construction of Hall Room and WASH Block at Asmot Ali Khan High School 1,980,400.00
166 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar INF-2016-17-305454-01 Construction of CI sheet class room at kalikapur High School 1,008,000.00
167 Gopalganj Kotalipara INF-2016-17-303551-02 Construction of Passenger Shade & wash-block 1,590,000.00
168 Gopalganj Kotalipara INF-2016-17-303551-01 Supply of Plastic benches at different schools 2,352,823.00
169 Dhaka Keraniganj INF-2016-17-302638-02 Keraniganj Upazila Teghoria Union Baghor High School Library Bhahon 1,977,549.00
170 Dhaka Keraniganj INF-2016-17-302638-01 Keraniganj Upazila Health Complex Baby Corner. 1,972,643.00
171 Gopalganj Kashiani INF-2016-17-303543-02 Improvement of Kasiani Vatiapara Road Kasiani Bazar Via Ac land office connecting road under Kasiani upazila, Dist-Gopalgan 1,200,465.00
172 Gopalganj Kashiani INF-2016-17-303543-01 Construction of Ramdia Bazar RCC drain work under Bethuri union Parishad at upazila: Kasiani, Dist: Gopalganj. 2,799,532.00
173 Madaripur Kalkini INF-2016-17-305440-03 Construction of additional Two class room for Alipur Dakhil Madrasha (Two storied Foundation semi pakaTin shed Building without stair) C. Financial status 1,300,000.00
174 Madaripur Kalkini INF-2016-17-305440-02 Supply and Installation of solar panel Different place at Kayaria Union Market 1,300,000.00
175 Madaripur Kalkini INF-2016-17-305440-01 Construction of additional Two class room for Baghoriy High school (Two storied Foundation Tin shed Building without stair) 1,400,000.00
176 Gazipur Kaliakair INF-2016-17-303332-02 2.(a)Submersible pump with toilet(7) 3,000,000.00
177 Gazipur Kaliakair INF-2016-17-303332-01 1.(a) Altrasonogram machine (1) 1,000,000.00
178 Jamalpur Islampur INF-2016-17-303929-01 Installation of 62 Nos. Shallow Tube Well with 6 No. hand pump 1,000,000.00
179 Jamalpur Islampur INF-2016-17-303929-02 manufacturing and Supplying of High and Low Bench for difference Educational Institution 3,000,000.00
180 Manikganj Harirampur INF-2016-17-305628-03 Construction of irrigation drain in gala, chala and bayra union parishad 1,101,646.00
181 Manikganj Harirampur INF-2016-17-305628-02 Supplying furniture in the school and colleges of Harirampur Upazila 1,075,848.00
182 Manikganj Harirampur INF-2016-17-305628-01 Construction of toilets in primary school in Harirampur Upazila 1,822,506.00
183 Tangail Gopalpur INF-2016-17-309338-03 Extention of Classroom at Borshila High School 2,000,000.00
184 Tangail Gopalpur INF-2016-17-309338-02 Constraction of Alamnagar High School 1,000,000.00
185 Tangail Gopalpur INF-2016-17-309338-01 Constraction of SL High School 1,000,000.00
186 Faridpur Faridpur sadar INF-2016-17-302947-02 Construction of school library 2,013,337.80
187 Faridpur Faridpur sadar INF-2016-17-302947-01 Construction of drain 1,966,255.00
188 Tangail Dhanbari INF-2016-17-309325-02 Supplying of equipments ins chools 2,122,000.00
189 Tangail Dhanbari INF-2016-17-309325-01 Construction of school classroom 1,878,000.00
190 Jamalpur Dewanganj INF-2016-17-303915-02 Provided solar panel to the community clinic 1,000,000.00
191 Jamalpur Dewanganj INF-2016-17-303915-01 Provided solar panel to the educational institute 3,000,000.00
192 Rajbari Baliakandi INF-2016-17-308207-02 Construction of Incomplete Two Storied Building at Nolia Shamamohon Institute. 1,882,533.00
193 Rajbari Baliakandi INF-2016-17-308207-01 Construction of Tin-shed Room on the first floor at Majbari High School. 2,117,467.00
194 Kishoreganj Austagram INF-2016-17-304802-02 Construction of adjucent road from temple to river bank 1,535,200.00
195 Kishoreganj Austagram INF-2016-17-304802-01 Supply of multimedia in education institutes and medical equipments in hospitals 2,464,800.00
196 Narayanganj Araihazar INF-2016-17-306702-03 Construction of RCC drain 1,522,712.00
197 Narayanganj Araihazar INF-2016-17-306702-02 Construction of RCC drain and supply of laptop & multimedia projector 1,392,736.00
198 Narayanganj Araihazar INF-2016-17-306702-01 Construction of Pipe Drain 1,084,552.00
199 Feni Fulgazi INF-2016-17-203041-04 Construction of irrigation pump 1,000,000.00
200 Feni Fulgazi INF-2016-17-203041-03 Extension of school building 1,000,000.00
201 Feni Fulgazi INF-2016-17-203041-02 Expansion of school building 1,000,000.00
202 Feni Fulgazi INF-2016-17-203041-01 Construction of school building 1,000,000.00
203 Coxbazar Chakaria INF-2016-17-202216-02 Construction of irrigation pump 2,066,527.00
204 Coxbazar Chakaria INF-2016-17-202216-01 Reconstruction of science lab in 4 schools and supply of furnitures 1,932,722.00
205 Cumilla Burichang INF-2016-17-201918-04 Supply of furnitures in school and health complex 1,000,000.00
206 Cumilla Burichang INF-2016-17-201918-03 Supply of furnitures in schools 1,000,000.00
207 Cumilla Burichang INF-2016-17-201918-02 Reconstruction of 8 community clinics 1,000,000.00
208 Cumilla Burichang INF-2016-17-201918-01 Reconstruction of 6 community clinics 1,000,000.00
209 Noakhali Sonaimuri INF-2016-17-207583-03 1. Construction of class room for abir para Biddaniketon High School & Repair of Barogon Govt Primary School under Barogon up, Sonaimuri, Noakhali. 2.Furniture Supply at two High school and one college. 3. Sinking one Deep Tubewell in front of 1,200,000.00
210 Noakhali Sonaimuri INF-2016-17-207583-02 Repairing and Maintenance of 07 community clinic under Sonaimuri upazila of Noakhali 1,200,000.00
211 Noakhali Sonaimuri INF-2016-17-207583-01 Construction of 5 no,s Sanitary Latrine at different place under Sonaimuri upazila of Noakhali Dist. 1,600,000.00
212 Chandpur Shahrasti INF-2016-17-201395-01 Toilet for girls. 4,000,000.00
213 Noakhali Senbagh INF-2016-17-207580-03 To solve water logging, construction of box-culvert 1,650,593.00
214 Noakhali Senbagh INF-2016-17-207580-02 Reconstruction of community clinic building 1,204,294.00
215 Noakhali Senbagh INF-2016-17-207580-01 Supply of OT equipment & Delivery room equipment 1,029,020.00
216 Chittagong Sandwip INF-2016-17-201578-03 Renovation work of RCC road from Shilgora Masjid to Channodi Road (Start from ch 0.0 m to 328.50 m) under Mogdhara UP 1,607,764.00
217 Chittagong Sandwip INF-2016-17-201578-02 Construction of a One storied Livestock Treatment Center for Upazila Livestock Office, Sandwip 1,226,874.00
218 Chittagong Sandwip INF-2016-17-201578-01 Repair and Renovation work of Cyclone Shelter of Bangladesh Nari Pragati Sangha at Sarikait UP 1,160,266.00
219 Bandarban Ruma INF-2016-17-200391-03 a)Renovation of Water Supply pipeline, Politong Para to Ruma Upazila b) Puchase Laptop, Multimedia Projector, Harmonium etc for Ruma Shangu College and Equipment of Education, Furniture for Ghona Para Primary School. 1,434,133.00
220 Bandarban Ruma INF-2016-17-200391-02 Construction of RCC Stair at 3 ( Three) Places on the way to Ward No- 5,6,7,8,9 of Paindu Union, Ruma Sadar Union, Chiragra Para and Minjhiri Para. 1,092,025.00
221 Bandarban Ruma INF-2016-17-200391-01 Construction of Boundary Wall & R.C.C Road for Ruma Bazar Model Govt. Primary School. 1,473,842.00
222 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar INF-2016-17-208487-03 Construction of horizontal extension (2 class room) at Badalchari Junior High School under Balukhali Union, Sadar, RangamatiHill Tracts. 1,500,000.00
223 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar INF-2016-17-208487-02 Supply of furniture at 10 nos High & Junior High School (Bonduk Bhanga HS, Boradom Surobala Smriti Bidyapith, Rani Doyamoyi HS, Machhyapara HS, Kaindya Doujari para JHS, Tripura Chara JHS, Killamura JHS, Kharikhyong HS, Bosanta JHS, Chungrachari JHS), Sad 1,500,000.00
224 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar INF-2016-17-208487-01 Part-A: Construction of U-drain at Kotukchari Upor para Gogonchara Bil, Kutukchari Union, Sadar, Rangamati Hill Tracts. Part-B: Construction of U-drain at Kotukchari Nichu para Bil, Kotukchari Union, Sadar, Rangamati Hill Tracts 1,000,000.00
225 Noakhali Noakhali Sadar INF-2016-17-207587-02 Supply of electricity and reconstruction of community clinics 1,000,000.00
226 Noakhali Noakhali Sadar INF-2016-17-207587-01 Construction of Science building, drain And wall of a school 3,000,000.00
227 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar INF-2016-17-201290-03 WASH BLOCK FOR SECONDARY SCHOOL AND MADRASHA 2,000,000.00
228 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar INF-2016-17-201290-02 SOLAR STREET LIGHT DELEVARY 1,000,000.00
229 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar INF-2016-17-201290-01 EQUIPMENT BENCH DELEVERY TO HEALTH COMPLEX AND SECONDARY SCHOOL 1,000,000.00
230 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF-2016-17-201285-03 A construction works on WASH BLOCK in the2 high school and one Madrasha in the upazila 1,000,000.00
231 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF-2016-17-201285-02 A construction work on Fatehpur Irrigrassion Drain in the upazila. 1,000,000.00
232 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF-2016-17-201285-01 A Constraction work on ICT Building at Kalghara Hafiz Ullah High School 2,000,000.00
233 Khagrachari ManikChari INF-2016-17-206447-02 Extension of Classroom- Garitana lower Secondary School 1,999,995.00
234 Khagrachari ManikChari INF-2016-17-206447-01 Extension of Classroom- Collegeate High School 1,999,995.00
235 Rangamati Langadu INF-2016-17-208458-04 Installation of 10 Wells at various educational institutions / schools under Langadu Upazi 1,000,000.00
236 Rangamati Langadu INF-2016-17-208458-03 Extension of two class room at Ugalchari Mohajan Para High School 1,000,000.00
237 Rangamati Langadu INF-2016-17-208458-02 Extension of two class room at Mainimukh Model School 1,000,000.00
238 Rangamati Langadu INF-2016-17-208458-01 Extension of two class room at Daner Langadu Junior School 1,000,000.00
239 lakshmipur lakshmipur Sadar INF-2016-17-205143-04 Re-construction of Family planning health center 1,000,000.00
240 lakshmipur lakshmipur Sadar INF-2016-17-205143-03 Re-construction of an educational institution 1,000,000.00
241 lakshmipur lakshmipur Sadar INF-2016-17-205143-02 Extension of Classroom 1,000,000.00
242 lakshmipur lakshmipur Sadar INF-2016-17-205143-01 Extension of Classroom 1,000,000.00
243 Rangamati Kawkhali INF-2016-17-208425-03 Furniture supply 1,212,831.00
244 Rangamati Kawkhali INF-2016-17-208425-02 Irrigation Drain and Pipe 1,500,000.00
245 Rangamati Kawkhali INF-2016-17-208425-01 Wash block and Guide wall with rcc road 1,287,151.00
246 Chandpur Hajiganj INF-2016-17-201349-04 Construction of agriculture irrigation drain 1,000,000.00
247 Chandpur Hajiganj INF-2016-17-201349-03 Construction connecting road of community clinic 1,000,000.00
248 Chandpur Hajiganj INF-2016-17-201349-02 Suppply of laptop, projector, multimedia screen,stand to the secondary level educational institution 1,000,000.00
249 Chandpur Hajiganj INF-2016-17-201349-01 Supply of X-ray machine & ultra sonographic machine to upzila helth complex 1,000,000.00
250 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar INF-2016-17-201322-02 Supply of Computer, Laptop, Printer, Scanner, Multimedia projector & Furniture 2,238,079.64
251 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar INF-2016-17-201322-01 Construction of 20 nos. Deep Tube Well, 2 nos. Fish shed & 1 irrigation drain 1,761,911.05
252 Brahmanbaria Banchharampur INF-2016-17-201204-03 A construction work on two class room at Dariarchar Hazi Omar Ali High School. 2,000,000.00
253 Brahmanbaria Banchharampur INF-2016-17-201204-02 A construction works on WASH BLOCK in the one high school and two primary school ground in the upazila 1,000,000.00
254 Brahmanbaria Banchharampur INF-2016-17-201204-01 A placing a solar panel (Street light) in the important place of around Dorikandi union in the upazila 1,000,000.00
255 Barisal Wazirpur INF-2016-17-100694-02 Repair of Community Clinics at Different Unions 1,234,350.00
256 Barisal Wazirpur INF-2016-17-100694-01 Construction of Poschim Rajapur Govt. Primary School Building 2,765,650.00
257 Jhalokati Kanthalia INF-2016-17-104243-01 Drain set up for waterlogging 3,190,663.00
258 Patuakhali Golachipa INF-2016-17-107857-03 Establishing deep water tubwell in 14 community clinics 1,001,915.70
259 Patuakhali Golachipa INF-2016-17-107857-02 Supplying of water ambulence 1,554,210.00
260 Patuakhali Golachipa INF-2016-17-107857-01 Construction of rcc road and guide wall 1,440,281.70
261 Bhola Daulatkhan INF-2016-17-100929-03 Construction of road 1,000,000.00
262 Bhola Daulatkhan INF-2016-17-100929-02 Establishing 6 no tubewells in different schools 1,000,000.00
263 Bhola Daulatkhan INF-2016-17-100929-01 Supply of multimedia and equipments in education institutes 2,000,000.00
264 Barguna Betagi INF-2016-17-100447-03 Sanitation sector related infra-sructure sub-project 1,029,800.00
265 Barguna Betagi INF-2016-17-100447-02 Health sector related infra-sructure sub-project 1,009,998.00
266 Barguna Betagi INF-2016-17-100447-01 Education sector related Infra-structure sub-project 1,900,202.00
267 Patuakhali Bauphal INF-2016-17-107838-03 Nurainpur Launch Ghat connecting Road with 2 Ghatla 1,058,347.00
268 Patuakhali Bauphal INF-2016-17-107838-02 Construction of 11 Nos. Latrine 1,072,357.00
269 Patuakhali Bauphal INF-2016-17-107838-01 Installation of 22 Nos. Deep Hand Tube Well (DHTW) 1,869,296.00
270 Barisal Agailjhara INF-2016-17-100602-02 Setting up 20 deep tubules in different Bazar and community clinic. 1,523,743.00
271 Barisal Agailjhara INF-2016-17-100602-01 03 Primary schools, 02 secondary schools repair and 07 Irrigation drain build/extension. 2,476,257.00
272 Pirojpur Nesarabad INF-2016-17-107987-02 Supply of LED moitor for multimedia class 1,000,000.00
273 Pirojpur Nesarabad INF-2016-17-107987-01 Supply of 10 Electrical Ambulance and 1 Boat Ambulance 3,000,000.00

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