Infrastructure Development Sub-project Data (Second Round) as on 31/10/2023

No. District Upazila ID ID ID Name Approved Budget
1 Thakurgaon Ranisankail INF2-2017-18-559486-04 Vornia Higher Secondary School ICT Building Construction. 1000000
2 Thakurgaon Ranisankail INF2-2017-18-559486-03 Boropukur Nackmorod Faridpara Higher Secondary School ICT Building Construction. 1000000
3 Thakurgaon Ranisankail INF2-2017-18-559486-02 Bolancha N A-C Higher Secondary School ICT Building Construction 1000000
4 Thakurgaon Ranisankail INF2-2017-18-559486-01 Gogor Abdul Jabbar Higher Secondary School ICT Building Construction. 1000000
5 Thakurgaon Baliadangi INF2-2017-18-559408-02 Construction of 02 nos. class room at Kalomegh R. Ali high school & college and Vanor N. H. high school. 2213219
6 Thakurgaon Baliadangi INF2-2017-18-559408-01 Construction of 02 nos. class room at Rantnai Girls high school and Dogachi Islamia Dakhil madrasha 2205749
7 Tangail Mirzapur INF2-2017-18-309366-02 Construction of RCC Drain at Deohata A.J.M High School and Primary School for removing water logging from School Field 1263980
8 Tangail Mirzapur INF2-2017-18-309366-01 Supplying of Plastic bench of different educational institution of Primary & High school . 4761904
9 Tangail Gopalpur INF2-2017-18-309338-04 constraction of building Char Chatila Alim Madrasah of Nagda Shimla Union 1110000
10 Tangail Gopalpur INF2-2017-18-309338-03 Construction of buildings at Alamnagar Union High School under Gopalpur Upazila 1110000
11 Tangail Gopalpur INF2-2017-18-309338-02 Construction of the sub-health center at Hemnagar union under Gopalpur upazila 1110000
12 Tangail Gopalpur INF2-2017-18-309338-01 Contruction of the sub-health centre at Jhawail Union under Gopalpur Upazila. 1110000
13 Tangail Dhanbari INF2-2017-18-309325-03 Construction of classroom of P. T.S high school. 1564361
14 Tangail Dhanbari INF2-2017-18-309325-02 Construction of classroom of borompur gono high school. 1454166
15 Tangail Dhanbari INF2-2017-18-309325-01 Construction of classroom of dupakhali technical college. 1454528
16 Tangail Basail INF2-2017-18-309309-03 Multimedia equipment delivery in 10 secondary schools in the upazila (laptop, multimedia projector, screen) 1123596
17 Tangail Basail INF2-2017-18-309309-02 Multimedia class room on the second floor of Aisara High School and build libraries 1685394
18 Tangail Basail INF2-2017-18-309309-01 Construction of Operation Theater and post-operated room at the health complex of Basail upazila 1516633
19 Sylhet Gowainghat INF2-2017-18-609141-04 RCC Road construction from Darirpar Treemukhi to Kodamtola. 1011235
20 Sylhet Gowainghat INF2-2017-18-609141-03 Class room construction at Rustampur college 1011235
21 Sylhet Gowainghat INF2-2017-18-609141-01 ICT Digital lab Equipment distribution in various high schools. 1038752
22 Sylhet Gowainghat INF2-2017-18-609141-02 Class room construction at Toakul college 1038752
23 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar INF2-2017-18-609089-01 Construction of Deep Tube Well of Haor Area 3370787
24 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar INF2-2017-18-609089-02 Supplies of High and Low bench various school 12 Institutes 1216600
25 Sunamganj Jagannathpur INF2-2017-18-609047-03 Supply of High-Low Benches at 09 different institutions" (primary school, high school ,college & Madrasha)) of Jagannathpur Upazila 1615849
26 Sunamganj Jagannathpur INF2-2017-18-609047-02 Multimedia class room & supply of laptop, projector with fitting & fixing. 1453333
27 Sunamganj Jagannathpur INF2-2017-18-609047-01 Construction of additional class room & electric work for Sayedpur Sahajalal High School. 1360988
28 Sunamganj Dowarabazar INF2-2017-18-609033-01 Supplying of furniture different educational institute under Dowarabazar Upazila. 4712059
29 Sunamganj Dharmapasha INF2-2017-18-609032-02 Constraction of WASH block in Secondari school 2004520
30 Sunamganj Dharmapasha INF2-2017-18-609032-01 Supply of bench to Secondari school and Madrasha 2494720
31 Sunamganj Derai INF2-2017-18-609029-01 Bench supply (16) in different high schools and madrash of Derai Upazila 4870800
32 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur INF2-2017-18-609018-02 Bench and materials of multimedia classroom teaching of 13 Institutions 3333333
33 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur INF2-2017-18-609018-01 Academic building of Katakhali High School 1318381
34 Sirajganj Ullahpara INF2-2017-18-508894-01 Water Treatment Plant installation 4494380
35 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar INF2-2017-18-508878-02 Supplying of Ambulance for Upazila Health & Family planning . 2775000
36 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar INF2-2017-18-508878-01 Supplying of bench at different educational institution 1725000
37 Sirajganj Kazipur INF2-2017-18-508850-03 Class room construction at school, Construction of livestock welfare center and Construction of satellite clinic cum immunization center 1222222
38 Sirajganj Kazipur INF2-2017-18-508850-02 Proproline High-low Bench supply at secondary school 2070000
39 Sirajganj Kazipur INF2-2017-18-508850-01 Labtop and Multimedia projector supply at School/College 1209890
40 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF2-2017-18-508811-02 "Construction of Class room at GSKL high school of Belkuchi Upazila. " 1761111
41 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF2-2017-18-508811-01 Supplying & Installation of community based 03 nos. water treatment plant at Health Complex,Tamai & Chala Adalotpara of Belkuchi Upazila. 2713483
42 Sherpur Sherpur Sadar INF2-2017-18-458988-02 Construction of boira Paranpur Dakhil Madrasa ,Choitoinokhila Bazar & Pirganj Bazar wash block of Sherpur Sadar Upazila . 2346369
43 Sherpur Sherpur Sadar INF2-2017-18-458988-01 Supply of high and low branches in various educational instutions of Sherpur Sadar Upazila . 2248521
44 Shariatpur Zajira INF2-2017-18-308694-02 Supply of Computer Equipment's at 19 nos of different educational Institutions (Laptop-13 pieces , Printer- 06 Pieces, Projector-15 Pieces & Sound System-08 pieces computer, printer, sound system) . 1502294
45 Shariatpur Zajira INF2-2017-18-308694-01 Supply of High-low benches at 20 nos of different educational institutions. 2700000
46 Shariatpur Damudya INF2-2017-18-308625-02 Construction of Two Fish Shade. 1732496
47 Shariatpur Damudya INF2-2017-18-308625-01 Construction of Passenger Shade and Attest Public Toilet 2696717
48 Satkhira Shyamnagar INF2-2017-18-408786-03 Nakipur Pilot Girl School Class Room Vertical Extension 1110000
49 Satkhira Shyamnagar INF2-2017-18-408786-02 Bench and Furniture supply at Kalabari Neckgania High school ,Patakhali High school ,Dhomgat Ideal High school & Katalbaria High school of Shyamnagar Upazila 1190000
50 Satkhira Shyamnagar INF2-2017-18-408786-01 1.Shyamnagar Modern School Class Room Repair And Modernization 2.Shyamnar Central Library Repair & Furniture supply 1122851
51 Satkhira Debhata INF2-2017-18-408725-02 Vertical extension of Komorpur Dakhil Madrasha & Repair roof slab of Shokhipur High School. 3402366
52 Satkhira Debhata INF2-2017-18-408725-01 Construction of irrigation drain. 1143088
53 Satkhira Assasuni INF2-2017-18-408704-02 Supply of Bench 1185294
54 Satkhira Assasuni INF2-2017-18-408704-01 Construction of class room & wash block 3349040
55 Rangpur Taraganj INF2-2017-18-558592-04 Supplying of Solar Street Light for different Road & Place at Taraganj Upazila under Rangpur Unspend money 2017-18 FY (25.Nos.) 1117318
56 Rangpur Taraganj INF2-2017-18-558592-01 Supplying of Bench & Fan at different educational Institution at Taraganj Upazila.(Bench 33 Nos. School & Fan 11 Nos. School) 2352941
57 Rangpur Taraganj INF2-2017-18-558592-03 Construction of Classroom at different educational Institution of Taraganj Upazila. 1098901
58 Rangpur Taraganj INF2-2017-18-558592-02 Supplying of multimedia set at different education Institute of Taragonj Upazila (6 nos. School) 1075269
59 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar INF2-2017-18-558549-02 Construction of Wash Block at different School. 2129184
60 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar INF2-2017-18-558549-01 Construction of classroom and supply of high & low bench at different School in Rangpur Sadar Upazila 2324254
61 Rangpur Badarganj INF2-2017-18-558503-04 Manufacturing and supply (23 nos) -supply laptop for different education place under badarganj 1204819
62 Rangpur Badarganj INF2-2017-18-558503-03 Supplying (20nos) of Multimedia to different educational institutions under Badarganj Upazila 1204819
63 Rangpur Badarganj INF2-2017-18-558503-02 Supplying (113 nos) high -low benches to different educational institutions under Badarganj upazila 1204819
64 Rangpur Badarganj INF2-2017-18-558503-01 Supplying of (297nos) of celling fan for different Primary educational institutions under Badarganj Upazila 1204819
65 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar INF2-2017-18-208487-02 Repair of Boradom Surobala shriti Bidyapit Semi pakka tinshed building 2126135
66 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar INF2-2017-18-208487-01 Class room constraction of jeeptoli junior high school and four deep tubewell instalation at sapchari union under saadr upazilla 2125957
67 Rangamati Langadu INF2-2017-18-208458-02 Construction of class rooms at first floor of Langadu Model College. 3059000
68 Rangamati Langadu INF2-2017-18-208458-01 Complete incomplete works of Daner Langadu, Maini Mukh Model and Ugalchari High School. 1403430
69 Rangamati Kawkhali INF2-2017-18-208425-03 Furniture supply at 7 educational instiotution of Kawkhali Upazila 1025536
70 Rangamati Kawkhali INF2-2017-18-208425-02 A)Repair of Dabua Brikkha Vanupur School Hostel B)Construction of RCC box Culvart in Navanga Dobakata Chara 1112282
71 Rangamati Kawkhali INF2-2017-18-208425-01 Construction of wash block at Moinul ulum Rezvia Sayedia Madrasha and Tarabunia Junior School 1959142
72 Rangamati Belaichhari INF2-2017-18-208429-03 Construction of protection wall of Kengrachari Junior high School . 1403401
73 Rangamati Belaichhari INF2-2017-18-208429-02 Construction of Aguijyachari Jangbil Paka irrigation drain under Farua Union 1491386
74 Rangamati Belaichhari INF2-2017-18-208429-01 Re-Construction of Belaichari Model govt high school girls? hostel at Belaichari Upazila 1505211
75 Rajshahi Puthia INF2-2017-18-508182-01 Multimedia & Digital Attendance Machines & Equipment Supply at MPO High School 4480000
76 Rajshahi Paba INF2-2017-18-508172-03 Water Supply by Submersible pump & Construction works Kupakandi VIllage near the house of Surat Ali under Darshanpara UP 1104973
77 Rajshahi Paba INF2-2017-18-508172-02 High-low Brenches Sypply Under Paba Upazila 2366860
78 Rajshahi Paba INF2-2017-18-508172-01 Water Supply by Submersible pump & water clear drain of Harupur Village near the House of Badesh Under Horipur Union 1104973
79 Rajshahi Durgapur INF2-2017-18-508131-03 Multimedia set up at classroom 1613118
80 Rajshahi Durgapur INF2-2017-18-508131-02 School Building Construction at Aroil High School 1149746
81 Rajshahi Durgapur INF2-2017-18-508131-01 Commonroom Construction for Female student 1592356
82 Rajshahi Charghat INF2-2017-18-508125-03 Supply of High & Law Benches for 16 nos of Educational Institutions. 1763150
83 Rajshahi Charghat INF2-2017-18-508125-02 Construction Cattle Shed & School Room. 1234577
84 Rajshahi Charghat INF2-2017-18-508125-01 Construction public Toilet 2247120
85 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF2-2017-18-308276-03 Suppling high & low bench Difrent high school & Nadrasha under Rajbari sadar upazila Rajbari. 2225625
86 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF2-2017-18-308276-02 construction of a science labratory room & a washblock kola sadar uddin & atdapuniya hifh school under rajbari sadar upazila. 1167179
87 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF2-2017-18-308276-01 construction of a Drain Alipur up to indronarayanpur khal under rajbari sadar upazila. 1136364
88 Rajbari Baliakandi INF2-2017-18-308207-01 Construction of First floor tin shad building at Tetulia Dakhil madrasha and Bounara high school 4400000
89 Pirojpur Nesarabad INF2-2017-18-107987-01 Wash block construction in different secondary level schools. 4440000
90 Patuakhali Rangabali INF2-2017-18-107897-03 Supply of High-Low Bench 25 at different High School, Madrasha and Primary School 1596000
91 Patuakhali Rangabali INF2-2017-18-107897-02 Supply of Laptop, Multimedia Projector and Screen at different 20 High School and Madrasha 1780083
92 Patuakhali Rangabali INF2-2017-18-107897-01 Repair of Community Clinic & Installation of Deep Tube Well 1129354
93 Patuakhali Mirzaganj INF2-2017-18-107876-02 To Construction Upward Building for Examination Centre at Subidkhali Rokeya Khanom Girls Pilot High School under Mirzaganj Upazila in Patuakhali District. 2520104
94 Patuakhali Mirzaganj INF2-2017-18-107876-01 Drain Construction for Drainage System at Subidkhali Bazar under Mirzaganj Upazila in Patuakhali District. 2011522
95 Patuakhali Kalapara INF2-2017-18-107866-02 Installation of Deep Tube well at 13 (Thirteen) community Clinic under Kalapara Upazila 1114536
96 Patuakhali Kalapara INF2-2017-18-107866-01 Maintenance work of 07 (Seven) Community Clinic in 06 (Six) Union under Kalapara Upazila 3354800
97 Patuakhali Dumki INF2-2017-18-107855-03 Construction of Lebukhali Bazar Slab Drain 1544081
98 Patuakhali Dumki INF2-2017-18-107855-02 Construction of Pirtola Matsya Bazar Slab Drain 1697355
99 Patuakhali Dumki INF2-2017-18-107855-01 Construction of 13 Agriculture Irrigation Cross Drain 1209006
100 Patuakhali Dashmina INF2-2017-18-107852-02 Construction of labour room at Jomir Mrida community clinic, Public Toilet and beautification at Ronogopaldi bridge area; Public toilet at Char Gurni Bazar and Atimkhana area 2274775
101 Patuakhali Dashmina INF2-2017-18-107852-01 Construction of RCC Road works from Hazir Hat High School to Bazar & Launch Ghat road under Dashima Upazila, Patuakhali. 2146063
102 Patuakhali Bauphal INF2-2017-18-107838-02 Construction of Community Latrine 2063380
103 Patuakhali Bauphal INF2-2017-18-107838-01 Installation of 6 No. Deep Hand Tube Well (DHTW) 2336620
104 Panchagarh Tetulia INF2-2017-18-557790-03 Supply of High-low benches at 4 nos different educational institutions,paglidangi H S D P Modal high school, Cpaypara di muki girls high school,Cpaypara di muki high school,Banglabanda Dakil madrasa 1947312
105 Panchagarh Tetulia INF2-2017-18-557790-02 (A) Construction of restrooms at Fakirpara, Buraburi Kalipara, Majhipara, Sataramagach, Kuranugach and Ranchandi Community Clinics to accommodate the waiting patients. (B) Repair work at Fakirpara Community Clinic 1348915
106 Panchagarh Tetulia INF2-2017-18-557790-01 Construction of drains for drainage of wastewater at Tetulia Chowrasta Bazar 1168708
107 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar INF2-2017-18-557773-02 Supply of High-low benches at 10 nos different educational institutions,Dasmail girls high school,maladam high school,panchagarh high school,mirgar mynuddin high school,hafigabad darikamari di muki high school, zloy nawnibriz di muki high school,kamlapur 2504598
108 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar INF2-2017-18-557773-01 WASH block for 04 girl?s schools 1663332
109 Pabna Sujanagar INF2-2017-18-507683-01 Construction of 6 nos. WASH Block at different High School. 4044158
110 Pabna Santhia INF2-2017-18-507672-01 Construction of pump house at Paikusha Bill and setting up of water purification plant at Atarshova village 1675977
111 Pabna Santhia INF2-2017-18-507672-02 Construction of wash blocks in five secondary schools and colleges 2793296
112 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF2-2017-18-507655-03 Construction of new school building at two school under pabna Sadar Upazila. 1117318
113 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF2-2017-18-507655-02 Construction of new wash block at two (02) school/Madrasha and a market under pabna Sadar Upazila. 2111731
114 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF2-2017-18-507655-01 Construction of new wash block for the disable as well as service receiver at outside of Upazila Parishad building under pabna Sadar Upazila. 1340782
115 Pabna Ishwardi INF2-2017-18-507639-03 Cnstruction of Two class room at Muladuli college Ishwardi ,pabna 1229050
116 Pabna Ishwardi INF2-2017-18-507639-02 Cnstruction of Two class room at Pakuria High school and college Ishwardi ,pabna 2011173
117 Pabna Ishwardi INF2-2017-18-507639-01 Construction of one class room at Muladuli High school Ishwardi pabna 1229050
118 Noakhali Sonaimuri INF2-2017-18-207583-03 Supply of High and Low Benches in 15 t Schools of Sonaimuri Upazila. 1345405
119 Noakhali Senbagh INF2-2017-18-207580-02 Equipment supply to the community clinics & educational institutes. 1486861
120 Noakhali Senbagh INF2-2017-18-207580-03 Supply High Low Bench for develop Primary Education 10 institutions 1703808
121 Noakhali Senbagh INF2-2017-18-207580-01 Community Clinic and UH&FWC building repair and development. 1306173
122 Noakhali Noakhali sadar INF2-2017-18-207587-02 Construction of West Char Uria High School's Science Building. 2272540
123 Noakhali Noakhali sadar INF2-2017-18-207587-01 Construction of Saidul Haque High School's Science Building. 2272540
124 Noakhali Hatiya INF2-2017-18-207536-01 28 Educational Institutions for High and Low Bench supply 4492190
125 Noakhali Companiganj INF2-2017-18-207521-03 Increase productivity and Adapt modern technology Purchase Agriculture equipment's & Distribution among the two CAG farmer group. 1114281
126 Noakhali Companiganj INF2-2017-18-207521-02 Seven Govt. Primary School Furniture Supply of of Companigonj Upazila and Estalish Reproductive Health Corner at Secondary School of Companigonj Upazila 2122315
127 Noakhali Companiganj INF2-2017-18-207521-01 Companigonj Upazila Health Complex Reapering 1323978
128 Nilphamari Jaldhaka INF2-2017-78-557336-02 Supply High & Low Bench in 15 Nos. Education Institute Under Jaldhaka Upazila of Nilphamari District 3002400
129 Nilphamari Jaldhaka INF2-2017-18-557336-01 Construction of Class Room of Kazirhat Pathapara Alim Madrasha under Jaldhaka Upazila of Nilphamari District 1641757
130 Nilphamari Dimla INF2-2017-18-557312-02 High secondary school three Girls wash-block 1418576
131 Nilphamari Dimla INF2-2017-18-557312-01 Supply high & low benches 17 school and Madrasha of Dimla upozila 2773370
132 Netrokona Mohanganj INF2-2017-18-457263-03 Set up of solar panel connected streetlights at different important places of the union 1000000
133 Netrokona Mohanganj INF2-2017-18-457263-02 Construction of underground pipes and groundwater irrigation drains for effective use of irrigation water 1600000
134 Netrokona Mohanganj INF2-2017-18-457263-01 Supply of education materials at 12 govt. primary and secondary level institutions at different union of the upazila 1465025
135 Netrokona Kendua INF2-2017-18-307247-03 Construction an additional class room at Abdur Rahman Vuiya Memorable School. 1023894
136 Netrokona Kendua INF2-2017-18-307247-02 Construction of a training center for nation building department 2222222
137 Netrokona Kendua INF2-2017-18-307247-01 Supplying Bench and Multimedia Projector to different educational institution 1176470
138 Natore Singra INF2-2017-18-506991-02 A. Construction of Latrine at Gutia Bazar, Biash Bazar & Joykuri Bazar, (B) Construction of Drain for Water Drainees at Bildahar Fisheripara 2197802
139 Natore Singra INF2-2017-18-506991-01 (A)Supplinig of Instruments & Digital Machinne atUHC, Sub-Health Centre & Different CC, (B) Suppling of Different Educational Institution under Singra Uoazila, Dist. Natore 2354982
140 Natore Lalpur INF2-2017-18-506944-01 Supply and Installation of Digital x-ray machine. 22346367
141 Natore Lalpur INF2-2017-18-506944-02 High and Low Bench Supply at secondary Schools 2366864
142 Natore Bagatipara INF2-2017-18-506909-02 Science Lab reform in the Secondary School 2738094
143 Natore Bagatipara INF2-2017-18-506909-01 Supplying x-ray machine for Bagatipara Health Complex 1847826
144 Narsingdi Shibpur INF2-2017-18-306876-01 Supply bench to different school of upazila and supply BP machine, Nebulizer and plasticchair to different community Clinic and FWC 4791280
145 Narsingdi Palash INF2-2017-18-306863-03 constraction of additional classroom at Alinagar govt primary school 1123200
146 Narsingdi Palash INF2-2017-18-306863-02 constraction of conference room/Training center 2150000
147 Narsingdi Palash INF2-2017-18-306863-01 constraction of STW irrigation Drain 1110897
148 Narsingdi Manohardi INF2-2017-18-306852-02 Extension of primary school (construction of new room), wash block construction and incomplete Ghatla construction 3000000
149 Narsingdi Manohardi INF2-2017-18-306852-01 Supply of furniture and dustbin at different schools and community clinic of upazila 1785714
150 Narsingdi Belabo INF2-2018-19-306807-02 Supply Laptop, Printer & Smart TV to 10 High School. 1087320
151 Narsingdi Belabo INF2-2018-19-306807-01 Supply a modern ambulance to Belabo Upazila Health Complex. 3296403
152 Narayanganj Sonargaon INF2-2017-18-306704-02 Maintenance of family welfare center of six unions of Sonargaon 1098901
153 Narayanganj Sonargaon INF2-2017-18-306704-01 Supply of medical equipment of all community clinic & installation of solar street light for all ten union 3370788
154 Narayanganj Rupganj INF2-2017-18-306768-02 Supply of x-ray machine 2038687
155 Narayanganj Rupganj INF2-2017-18-306768-01 Construction of RCC Drain 2266097
156 Narayanganj Araihazar INF2-2017-18-306702-03 Construction to CC Road upto Kaium Member's house at the village of Kallandi at Mahmudpur Union. 1509806
157 Narayanganj Araihazar INF2-2017-18-306702-02 Construction of 600.00 m RCC drain at the village of Bazbi at Duptara Union to remove water logging. 1570044
158 Narayanganj Araihazar INF2-2017-18-306702-01 Construction of fish shed at Klibari bazzar at Duptara Union and public toilet at Bishnandi bazaar at Bishnandi Union.2018 1360657
159 Narail Narail Sadar INF2-2017-18-406576-02 Supply of School Bench (06 High school, 01 Madrasa and 05 Primary school). 1384344
160 Narail Narail Sadar INF2-2017-18-406576-01 A) ghat Const. at Goailbari village, Kolora B) Classroom Const. at Baliadanga Jun. Girls school, Bashgrabm. 3143254
161 Narail Lohagara INF2-2017-18-406552-03 Supplying, Fitting High & Low Bench for13 different Educational Institutions under Lohagara Upazila 1555200
162 Narail Lohagara INF2-2017-18-406552-02 Supplying, Fitting and Fixing Ceiling Fan, Laptop and Multimedia Projector for 13 different Educational Institutions under Lohagara Upazila 1853204
163 Narail Lohagara INF2-2017-18-406552-01 Supplying of Medical Equipment for 33 Community Clinic under Lohagara Upazila 1163173
164 Naogaon Raninagar INF2-2017-18-506485-02 Supplying of a digital x-ray machine (CR System) at Raninagar Upazila Health Complex 1650000
165 Naogaon Raninagar INF2-2017-18-506485-01 Supplying high low bench for 04 (four) educational institutions (Exam Center) of Raninagar upazila 2473928
166 Naogaon Niamatpur INF2-2017-18-506469-02 Supply of pure drinking water by submersible pump with overhead tank-02 2222127
167 Naogaon Niamatpur INF2-2017-18-506469-01 Supply of pure drinking water by submersible pump with overhead tank-01 2222127
168 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF2-2017-18-506460-02 Supply of High-Low Bench at 16 schools in Naogaon Sadar 1260920
169 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF2-2017-18-506460-01 Construction of 03 Wash-Block at 03 High School in Naogaon Sadar 3233430
170 Naogaon Manda INF2-2017-18-506447-03 Construction of Post-operative Mother care room at Tetulia Union Health & Family planning center. 1226461
171 Naogaon Manda INF2-2017-18-506447-02 Supply of white board, Smart board, Laptop & Multimedia projector at different High school, College & madrasah in Manda Upazila. 1412000
172 Naogaon Manda INF2-2017-18-506447-01 Supply of Ceiling fan at different GPS in Manda Upazila. 2023570
173 Naogaon Mahadebpur INF2-2017-18-506450-01 Installation of Solar Street Light 4494382
174 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF2-2017-18-506428-04 Installation of Solar Panel for use of people at different important places 1110800
175 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF2-2017-18-506428-03 Construction of market shed for collecting and whole sale of agriculture product at Isabpur bazar 1109595
176 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF2-2017-18-506428-02 Construction of Drain for removing water logging of agriculture field 1110422
177 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF2-2017-18-506428-01 Extension of academic Bhaban of Verom Bi Lateral High School 1110959
178 Naogaon Badalgachhi INF2-2017-18-506406-01 Supply of High and Low Bench for 20 Nos Different Educational Institution 4761904
179 Naogaon Atrai INF2-2017-18-506403-02 Construction of Drain with Slab from Boro Kalikapur Foot Bridge towards Purbo Kalikapur GPS. (240.0 m) 1600000
180 Naogaon Atrai INF2-2017-18-506403-01 Construction of Drain with Slab from Bandaikhara House of Ayub towards Boropukur. (450.0 m) 2876400
181 Mymensingh Trishal INF2-2017-18-306194-01 Trishal Exam and Training center 4545455
182 Mymensingh Nandail INF2-2017-18-306172-01 Construction of additional class room for Nandail Pilot Girls high School including Furniture supply. 4494286
183 Mymensingh Haluaghat INF2-2017-18-456124-02 Provide computers and printers in high schools and madrasas for modern and digitizing secondary and madrasa education at Haluaghat upazila level 1000000
184 Mymensingh Haluaghat INF2-2017-18-456124-01 Provide an ambulance for services of delivery and others patients at upazila level 3000000
185 Mymensingh Gaffargaon INF2-2017-18-306122-02 Installation of arsenic free deep tubewell at different educational institutions of gafargaon upazila 1120000
186 Mymensingh Gaffargaon INF2-2017-18-306122-01 Construction of surface irrigation drain for proper and effiective uses at different unions of gafargaon upazila 3314962
187 Munshiganj Tongibari INF2-2017-18-305994-02 Construction Horizontal Extension of a) Noadda GPS & b) Rang Maher GPS 1656667
188 Munshiganj Tongibari INF2-2017-18-305994-01 Construction Classroom at Betka Union High School 2808989
189 Munshiganj Serajdikhan INF2-2017-18-305974-02 a)Installation of solar light Nimtola bus stand to upazila mor.b) Construction of Rcc Drain in Serajdikhan bazar 2178000
190 Munshiganj Serajdikhan INF2-2017-18-305974-01 Construction of Bhobanipur School Under joisar union 2200000
191 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF2-2017-18-305956-02 Extension of classroom and Construction of Wash Block 3320201
192 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF2-2017-18-305956-01 Supply of High and Low bench for 11 educational institutions 1203314
193 Munshiganj Gazaria INF2-2017-18-305924-01 Construction of Drain at Jamaldi-Hossaindi Bazar road under Gazaria Munshiganj. 4044944
194 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF2-2017-18-605874-04 Two rooms construction of Ekatuna Borobari primary school 1104972
195 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF2-2017-18-605874-03 Two rooms construction of Niteswar tea garden pre-primary school at Giasnagar 1104972
196 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF2-2017-18-605874-02 Overhead water tank installation and water supply at Gobindopur Bazar under Nazirabad Union 1104972
197 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF2-2017-18-605874-01 Delivery room construction of Shadhuhati Community clinic 1104972
198 Moulvibazar Kamalganj INF2-2017-18-605856-03 Construction on Wash block, guide wall and class room extension at different schools. 1335165
199 Moulvibazar Kamalganj INF2-2017-18-605856-02 a) Repair on Health and family planning welfare center union level. b) Construction on public toilet at Munshibazar union c) Supply safe water at Daloi Tea Garden. 1192308
200 Moulvibazar Kamalganj INF2-2017-18-605856-01 Construction on Culvert and Stair under Kamalganj upazila. 1888889
201 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF2-2017-18-405787-03 Construction of Arsenic and Iron removal treatment plant (SIDDKO) at Uzulpur shahajipara under Kutubpur UP & AIRP at the fieid of Govipur High School under Buripota UP. Meherpur Sadar. 1112001
202 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF2-2017-18-405787-02 Construction of ICT Lab and Science Lab at Amjhupi Secondary School under Amjhupi UP as well as Pirojpur High school under Pirojpur UP, Meherpur. 2019397
203 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF2-2017-18-405787-01 Construction of Rest House at DC Eco-Park ( Incomplete works) Amjhupi , Meherpur. 1313046
204 Meherpur Gangni INF2-2017-18-405747-01 Construction of additional classroom Hijolbaria Secondary School and Baot Adarsha Secondary Girls School. 4440000
205 Manikganj Singair INF2-2017-18-305682-04 Supply of Laptop, Printer and Multimedia Projector in Various High School und Singair Upazilla, Manikganj. 1136364
206 Manikganj Singair INF3-2017-18-305682-03 Construction of Ladies Common Room in Khasherchar Mahmudia Alia Madrasha Under Singair, Manikganj. 1098898
207 Manikganj Singair INF2-2017-18-305682-02 Construction of Ladies Common Room in Charigram S.A Khan High School Under Singair, Manikganj. 1098898
208 Manikganj Singair INF2-2017-18-305682-01 Construction of Ladies Common Room in Dholla Union Council High School Under Singair, Manikganj. 1098898
209 Manikganj Shivalaya INF2-2017-18-305678-02 Construction of 03 Public Toilet/Wash block & Public shade/ parents Waiting room & Construction of One common room (secondary school) 2686860
210 Manikganj Shivalaya INF2-2017-18-305678-01 Supply of Multi media equipment in ICT lab of five High School & Scientific equipment and materials for one High School 1784234
211 Manikganj Saturia INF2-2017-18-305670-02 Supply high and low banch various Educational Institute of Saturia 2352941
212 Manikganj Saturia INF2-2017-18-305670-01 Constract saturia Bazar internal drain 2303988
213 Manikganj Harirampur INF2-2017-18-305628-02 Supply of High-low benches at different Schools in Harirampur Upazila 1814400
214 Manikganj Harirampur INF2-2017-18-305628-01 Construction of toilets in eight primary schools in Harirampur Upazila 2696574
215 Manikganj Ghior INF2-2017-18-305622-02 High & Low Bench suply at different education institutions in Ghior Upazila 2983842
216 Manikganj Ghior INF2-2017-18-305622-01 Construction of Delivery Room with furniture supply at Kakjore and Mouhali Community Clinics. 1652126
217 Magura Shalikha INF2-2017-18-405585-01 Construction of Examcenter 3370786
218 Magura Shalikha INF2-2017-18-405585-02 Construction of RRC Drain In Arpara Bazar to Fotki Nodi 1098901
219 Magura Mohammadpur INF2-2017-18-405566-03 Construction of Wash block at Polash Bariya School and Colleage 1000000
220 Magura Mohammadpur INF2-2017-18-405566-02 Supply of Bench at Different Govt School and College of Mohammadpur Upazilzia 1162791
221 Magura Mohammadpur INF2-2017-18-405566-01 Construction of Class room in Mdpur Girls School, Coubaria High School and Bororiya Gopalpur Gorib Hosen Ibtadayee Madrasha 2222223
222 Magura Magura Sadar INF2-2017-18-405557-01 Construction of Washblock in Various Schools and Madrasha Level Institutions 4483431
223 Madaripur Shibchar INF2-2017-18-305487-03 Supplying of Whiteboard under Secondary and Primary School. (5'.00''-3'.00'') 1208333
224 Madaripur Shibchar INF2-2017-18-305487-02 Supplying of Whiteboard under Secondary and Primary School. (6'.00''-4'.00'') 1202381
225 Madaripur Shibchar INF2-2017-18-305487-01 Supplying of Digital Sound System under Secondary and Primary School. 2219101
226 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar INF2-2017-18-305454-01 Construction of 5 Wash Block under Secondary Institution 4469274
227 Madaripur Kalkini INF2-2017-18-305440-04 Construction of Wash Block in Mirakandi govt primary school and Installation of solar street light in Gopalpur Hat. 1098902
228 Madaripur Kalkini INF2-2017-18-305440-03 Construction of Irri Block Drainaige in Laxmipur UP and construction of Wash Block in Laxmipur High School. 1098902
229 Madaripur Kalkini INF2-2017-18-305440-02 Construction of Irri Block Drainaige in west khanduli and Installation of solar street light in Boyati Bazar. 1098902
230 Madaripur Kalkini INF2-2017-18-305440-01 Construction of digital lab in Nobarun High School in 2no ward Underchor. 1098902
231 Lalmonirhat Patgram INF2-2017-18-555270-01 Supplying & Instalation of Solar Street For Jagotber Union,Kuchlibari Union,Baura uninon & Dahagram Uion Under patgram upazila,District :Lalmonirhat 4761905
232 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar INF2-2017-18-555255-01 Construction of wash blocks in 8 secondary schools of Lalmonirhat Sadar Upazila 4494382
233 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha INF2-2017-18-555233-02 Supply of Fan for different Educational Institution 1501489
234 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha INF2-2017-18-555233-01 Supply High and Low Bench in Different Educational Institute under Hatibandha Upazila 1416290
235 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha INF2-2017-18-555233-03 Construction work of Wash Block at Borokhata High School, Doani High School and Nij Sheikh Sundor Dakhil Madrashah 1505725
236 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar INF2-2017-18-205133-01 Construction of class room Islamgonj Rahmania Dahil Madrasa, Patowarir Hat Mohila Dahil Madrasa, Udayan high school and Kadir Ponditerhat high school . 4440720
237 Kushtia Mirpur INF2-2017-18-405094-02 Supply Of Laptop, Multi-media Projector and Screen at different educational institute under Mirpur Upazila, kushtia. 1632000
238 Kushtia Mirpur INF2-2017-18-405094-01 Construction of Modern Digital Computer Lab at Amla sadarpur high School under Mirpur upazila, Kushtia. 2850965
239 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF2-2017-18-405079-04 RCC Pacca Drain for removing water of harinarayanpur bazar at Harinarayanpur Union . 1111111
240 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF2-2017-18-405079-03 RCC Pacca Drain for agriculture of Durbacara at Ujangram Union 1111111
241 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF2-2017-18-405079-02 Shade build at Monohordia Bazar 1111111
242 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF2-2017-18-405079-01 Supply of Plastic Bench for Three High School (Exam center) 1176471
243 Kushtia Kumarkhali INF2-2017-18-405071-02 Construction of Mohendrapur High school`s 2 (Two) class room with Furniture. 2781107
244 Kushtia Kumarkhali INF2-2017-18-405071-01 To Reduce maternal and child mortality rate through ensuring safe delivery at the community level establishing construction of 3 Community clinic?s 3 labor room with medical equipment .(1. Sadarpur CC 2) Kushlibasha CC 3) Mahendrapur CC) 1694238
245 Kurigram Nageshwari INF2-2017-18-554961-01 Bench distribution at High School level under Nageswari Upazila 4761905
246 Kishoreganj Tarail INF2-2017-18-304892-01 Construction of lightning sheds including solar panels for farmers in four unions. 4484533
247 Kishoreganj Nikli INF2-2017-18-304876-01 Supply plastic furniture (High &low bench) 3998412
248 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar INF2-2017-18-304854-01 Construction of Day care center. 4494382
249 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar INF2-2017-18-304849-03 New class room construction at Patdha High School in Baulai Union and Chauddasata High School in Chauddasata Union of Kishoreganj Sadar Upazila. 2222222
250 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar INF2-2017-18-304849-02 Multimedia equipment supply to the priority based educational institute. 1098901
251 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar INF2-2017-18-304849-01 1. (a) Plastic benches supplies to the priority based educational institutes. 1. (b) Plastic chair-tables supplies for the 88 nos Satellite Clinics at Kishoreganj Sadar Upazila. 1162791
252 Kishoreganj Hossainpur INF2-2017-18-304827-03 Supply of ECG machine and Ultrasound machine at Hosssainpur Upazila health complex 1076000
253 Kishoreganj Hossainpur INF2-2017-18-304827-02 Set up Different places Irrigation drain,school baban repair and culvert at Hossainpur upazila 2121500
254 Kishoreganj Hossainpur INF2-2017-18-304827-01 Supplying of bench at different educational institution 1285750
255 Kishoreganj Austagram INF2-2017-18-304802-01 Construction a school building for President Abdul Hamid School, Austagram 4494382
256 Khulna Paikgachha INF2-2017-18-404764-01 Construction of Additional Class Room in Secondary School 4494322
257 Khulna Koyra INF2-2017-18-404753-03 Install Solar System at Cyclone shelter 1011984
258 Khulna Koyra INF2-2017-18-404753-02 Construct exemination center cum accademic building at Sunderban Girls High School 1985256
259 Khulna Koyra INF2-2017-18-404753-01 Supply medical instrument at Upazila Health Complex, UHCP, Community Clinic and Satelite Clinic 1002760
260 Khulna Dumuria INF2-2017-18-404730-01 Construction of a Combined Examination Hall in the Upazila Center 4437916
261 Khulna Batiaghata INF2-2017-18-404712-04 Supply of Projector, Laptop, Screen and Multi Plug (1 set) in 09 (Nine) Primary school 1104972
262 Khulna Batiaghata INF2-2017-18-404712-03 Supply of fan in different primary school 1104972
263 Khulna Batiaghata INF2-2017-18-404712-02 Supply of High and Low Bench at different High school and Primary School of 5no. Vandarcourt UP, 6no. BaliaDanga UP and 7no Amiairpur UP Under Batiaghata Upazila, Khulna. 1169592
264 Khulna Batiaghata INF2-2017-18-404712-01 Supply of High and Low Bench at different High school and Primary School 1169592
265 Khagrachhari Matiranga INF2-2017-18-204670-02 .Construction of two class room Tabalchhari Tk high School. 2200000
266 Khagrachhari Matiranga INF2-2017-18-204670-01 Construction of two class room Banashree Biddaniketon School. 2200000
267 Khagrachhari Manikchhari INF2-2017-18-204667-03 Supply high and low bench at 8(Eight) secondary schools in Manikchari Upazila. 1172417
268 Khagrachhari Manikchhari INF2-2017-18-204667-02 Solar street light installation at different important places in Manikchari Upazila 1125000
269 Khagrachhari Manikchhari INF2-2017-18-204667-01 Construction of Manikchari Islamia Dakhil Madrasa building. 2211683
270 Joypurhat Panchbibi INF2-2017-18-503874-01 Supply of school benches made of polypropylene to 47 non- Government secondary schools and madrasas 3991680
271 Joypurhat Kalai INF2-2017-18-503858-01 (a) Supply of furniture High & Low bench Made for Polypropylene Educational Institute under Kalai Upazila. (b) Supply of medical Equipment for Different Community Clinic as per list under Kalai Upazila. 2094784
272 Joypurhat Kalai INF2-2017-18-503858-03 Supply and installation of arsenic free Hand Tube well with vertical set for supply pure water at different Educational Institute & Growth Center (As per list) under Kalai Upozila. 1134815
273 Joypurhat Kalai INF2-2017-18-503858-02 Construction of wash block for kalai Kakoli Junior School and Wash block for Nandail dighi College under Kalai Upozilla. 973377
274 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF2-2017-18-503847-03 Jamalpur and Dogachi Schools students teaching activities limitations removed by construction of semi-concrete building 21900099
275 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF2-2017-18-503847-02 Ensure and strengthening quality health service, health service equipments in Community clinic,Sub-centre,Union health and family planning centre and satellite clinic. 1150703
276 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF2-2017-18-503847-01 Enhancing secondary educational institutions by supplying Educational materials like Multimedia projector. Laptop, White board,pro-propyline high low bench and file cabinet for Joypurhat Sadar Upazilla 937170
277 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF2-2017-18-503813-03 Construction works of new class room for the students of Gonipur dakhil Madrasa under Akkelpur upazila. 1572091
278 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF2-2017-18-503813-02 Construction works of two new wash blocks for the students of Gopinathpur girls high school and Tilokpur degree college under akkelpur upazila. 1268960
279 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF2-2017-18-503813-01 A) Construction work of a new common room for the students of Jamalgonj high school and Construction works of a new dilivery room for the service of pregnant women at katalbari community clinic undr akkelpur. 1345160
280 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar INF2-2017-18-404419-02 Supply Of Multimedia Equipment?s (Laptop, Multi-media Projector with Screen and Sound System) at 11 Educational Institutions under Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila, Jhenaidah. 1242208
281 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar INF2-2017-18-404419-01 Construction of 6 nos Multimedia Class Room in 06 nos School. 3226428
282 Jhenaidah Harinakunda INF2-2017-18-404414-02 Suppiying & installation of solar panel 2222223
283 Jhenaidah Harinakunda INF2-2017-18-404414-01 Home for elderly women (Old home) 2222223
284 Jhalokati Rajapur INF2-2017-18-104284-03 To build in classroom at Sonargaon (Aruya) Hasania Dakhil Madrasha,Rajapur, Jhalokati 1000000
285 Jhalokati Rajapur INF2-2017-18-104284-02 To build in classroom at Charakhali Secondary School, Rajapur, Jhalokati 1000000
286 Jhalokati Rajapur INF2-2017-18-104284-01 To build in common room at Boroiya University College, Rajapur, Jhalokati 2000000
287 Jhalokati Kathalia INF2-2017-18-104243-02 Build up classroom of Ghosherhat high school, Amua Union 2240000
288 Jhalokati Kathalia INF2-2017-18-104243-01 Build up classroom of SheikhFazilatunessa vocational institution,Amua bazar Uttorpar. 2240000
289 Jashore Jhikargachha INF2-2017-18-404123-03 Construction of reverse osmosis plant for safe drinking water at different educational institute. 1444444
290 Jashore Jhikargachha INF2-2017-18-404123-02 Establishing Solar street light at different place of the Upazilla 1555556
291 Jashore Jhikargachha INF2-2017-18-404123-01 Ensure quality health service by establishing medical equipment at Upazilla Health Complex. 1444444
292 Jashore Abhaynagar INF2-2017-18-404104-03 Supply of Medical equipment for Upazila Health Complex 1092500
293 Jashore Abhaynagar INF2-2017-18-404104-02 Supply of Computer and Multi media class 1854781
294 Jashore Abhaynagar INF2-2017-18-404104-01 Supply of Furniture for School and Collage , Total Bench 134 1497800
295 Jamalpur Islampur INF2-2017-18-303929-02 Supply of Medical Equipment (Nebulizer, Weight Machine, Celling Fan,& Chair) To Community Clinic 1120315
296 Jamalpur Islampur INF2-2017-18-303929-01 Supply Furniture of High low Brench to 26 Nos. Educational Institute (Exam. Hall) 3363820
297 Jamalpur Dewanganj INF2-2017-18-303915-02 Construction of Class room for Dewanganj Girls School & Bagar Char College and Bench Supply of Various Educational Institutions 2434770
298 Jamalpur Dewanganj INF2-2017-18-303915-01 Construction of Culvert on the Canal of Char Bhabosur Shahabuddin High Entrance Way. 2086748
299 Habiganj Chunarughat INF2-2017-18-603626-02 A)Supply of High-low benches at 06 nos different educational?institutions, A) Supply and fitting celling fan at 14 nos different educational?institutions. 1355145
300 Habiganj Chunarughat INF2-2017-18-603626-01 Construction a fish shed at sundorpur Bazar, Construction a fish shed at Vularjum Bazar, A new class room Construction at kalikapur high school. 3161429
301 Habiganj Bahubal INF2-2017-18-603605-04 Supply and installation multimedia equipment in 21 primary school 1075268
302 Habiganj Bahubal INF2-2017-18-603605-03 Const of 2 nos sami Pacca Aditional class room of Kisoly Junior High School under irction of Bahubal Upazila adminitrati. 1098901
303 Habiganj Bahubal INF2-2017-18-603605-01 Const of 3 Nos sami Pacca Aditional Class Room of Vadasor Junior High School. 1098901
304 Habiganj Bahubal INF2-2017-18-603605-02 Supplying and Installation of Solar road lamp of ahal Upazila`s importance pla 1098901
305 Gopalganj Tungipara INF2-2017-18-303591-02 Construction for Wash block for Zamia Islamia Darul Ulum Khademul Islam Ghahordanga madrasa 1194426
306 Gopalganj Tungipara INF2-2017-18-303591-01 Supply of bench and furniture for the govt. primary and high school 3556695
307 Gopalganj Kotalipara INF2-2017-18-303551-01 Supply of health care equipment to all community clinics and health care centers. 3087608
308 Gopalganj Kotalipara INF2-2017-18-303551-02 Supply of equipment used in science labs in 14 secondary schools located in the upazila. 1483821
309 Gopalganj Kashiani INF2-2017-18-303543-02 Computer Lab Established at secondary level institution under Kashiani Upazila 3244873
310 Gopalganj Kashiani INF2-2017-18-303543-01 WASH Bloc Installation at Kahiani Shishu Niketon under Kashiani Upazial 1121234
311 Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar INF2-2017-18-303532-02 a) construction on Ghatla, Tubewell, Sheds and Toilet in Karpara Union b) Repair of Suktail, kathi and Nizra Union Health complexes. 1630213
312 Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar INF2-2017-18-303532-01 Supply of High Loa bench (furniture) to various educational institutions under Gopalganj Sadar Upazila 2995840
313 Gazipur Kaliakair INF2-2017-18-303332-03 Installation of Solar streetlight in different up area of Kaliakair 1186290
314 Gazipur Kaliakair INF2-2017-18-303332-02 Supply of high-low bench in different educational institution 1597320
315 Gazipur Kaliakair INF2-2017-18-303332-01 Supply of Laptop & multimedia projector in different Educational institution 1654800
316 Gaibandha Saghata INF2-2017-18-553288-02 Supply of High and Low Bench different Educational Institute 1242194
317 Gaibandha Saghata INF2-2017-18-553288-01 Construction of surface drain for drainage system of Bonnarpara Gross Center to Housing area to Railway Road near H/O M.Titu 3331492
318 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar INF2-2017-18-553224-02 Supplying of Solar Panal Light/Fan system of Different School Kamarjani UP under Sadar Upazila 1234490
319 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar INF2-2017-18-553224-01 Construction of wash block at Lakshmipur Girls High School, South Kamarjani High School, Ghaghoa MB High School, Gorodhghi Islamia Dakhil Madrasa, Rahima Khatun Siddiki Memorial Girls High School, Baguria High school, Kamarjani Marchent High School 3221843
320 Feni Fulgazi INF2-2017-18-203041-04 Two Room Extention at Shahi Nagar GPS 1098501
321 Feni Fulgazi INF2-2017-18-203041-03 Repair of Bosontopur high school 1098901
322 Feni Fulgazi INF2-2017-18-203041-02 Room Extention at Noapur high school 1098901
323 Feni Fulgazi INF2-2017-18-203041-01 Two Room Extention at Ali azam GPS 1098901
324 Feni Feni Sadar INF2-2017-18-203029-04 Construction of Wash Block beside of Purba Fazilpur Government Primary School under Feni Sadar Upazila, Feni 1104975
325 Feni Feni Sadar INF2-2017-18-203029-03 Maintenance of Dhormapur Asroyon Community Center Under Dharmapur Union, Feni Sadar, Feni 1104975
326 Feni Feni Sadar INF2-2017-18-203029-02 Construction of Semi Pucca Building at Panchagachia Girls High School Under Panchgachia Union, Feni Sadar, Feni 1101000
327 Feni Feni Sadar INF2-2017-18-203029-01 Construction of Wash Block in Sharisadi Bazar under Feni Sadar Upazila, Feni 1104975
328 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar INF2-2017-18-302947-02 Furniture supplying different school under Sadar Upazila, Dist-Faridpur 1413838
329 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar INF2-2017-18-302947-01 Construction of RCC drain purposes water remove at Kanaipur High School & Primary School field under Sadar Upazila, Faridpur. 3128201
330 Faridpur Boalmari INF2-2017-18-302918-02 Supplying of High and Low Bench in 11 School at Boalmari Upazila, Faridpur 2352848
331 Faridpur Boalmari INF2-2017-18-302918-01 Construction of Wash Block in 05 School at Boalmari Upazila. 2246205
332 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF2-2017-18-552777-03 RCC Irrigation and Drainage constrution Sundaripara village under Rampur up of Parbatipur Upazila., unspent money 1120469
333 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF2-2017-18-552777-02 construction of Jurai Fazil Madrasha Girls Common room at 6 No Mominpur union Under Parbatipur From unspent money 1038934
334 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF2-2017-18-552777-01 polimar brench supply 33nos. to the high school and madrasha 2229999
335 Dinajpur Khansama INF2-2017-18-552760-01 Ceiling Fan perches and distribution in the various primary and higher secondary educational Institutions. 2777371
336 Dinajpur Khansama INF2-2017-18-552760-02 High Low bench purches and distribution in the various primary and higher 15 secondary educational Institutions. 1756377
337 Dinajpur Hakimpur INF2-2017-18-552747-02 Construction of the boundary wall of Gohara Dimukhi High School, Construction of two classrooms and separate wash block for the girls students of Bishapara Adarsha High School 2670426
338 Dinajpur Hakimpur INF2-2017-18-552747-01 Supply of various materials and modernization of the lobour room and toilets of the upazila health complex, Distribution of laptops and projectors for different schools 2670426
339 Dinajpur Ghoraghat INF2-2017-18-552743-02 Supply high and low benches at different school under Ghoraghat upazila and supply computer at Ranigonj Mohila Degree 1713154
340 Dinajpur Ghoraghat INF2-2017-18-552743-01 ICT Digital computer lab set up at Ranigonj Mohila Degree College and construction Wash block at Dewga Rahamania Fazil Madrasha 2797000
341 Dinajpur Fulbari INF2-2017-18-552738-03 Central Oxygen system (surplus money) at 20 Bed for Covid Prevent at Fulbari Health Complex 1968400
342 Dinajpur Fulbari INF2-2017-18-552738-02 Electric Fan Supply and installation to the School and Madrasha 1000000
343 Dinajpur Fulbari INF2-2017-18-552738-01 Bench supply to the High school and Madrasha 3000000
344 Dinajpur Biral INF2-2017-18-552717-03 Supplying of High & Low bench for Birol Government Pilot Model High School, Birol Pilot Girls High School, Dharmopur UC High School, Dhukurjhari High School and 7 No. Government Primary School under Birol 2299419
345 Dinajpur Biral INF2-2017-18-552717-02 Construction of Class Room at Uttor Madhobpur High School under 9 No. Mongolpur UP of Birol Upazila, Dinajpur 1136386
346 Dinajpur Biral INF2-2017-18-552717-01 Construction of Hall Room at Chokerhat High School under 11 No. UP of Birol Upazila, Dinajpur 1136386
347 Dhaka Keraniganj INF2-2017-18-302638-01 Supplying High-Low Bench At School's Examination Center 4745352
348 Dhaka Dohar INF2-2017-18-302618-02 supply of furniture to Malikanda college, Dohar 1511628
349 Dhaka Dohar INF2-2017-18-302618-01 construction of Hall room at Joypara college, Dohar 3000000
350 Dhaka Dhamrai INF2-2017-18-302614-03 Construction of new classroom and supply of High-Low benches at 67 No Pathantola Model Government Primary School. 1059325
351 Dhaka Dhamrai INF2-2017-18-302614-02 Construction of new class room and Supply of High-low benches at Afajuddin School and College 1065458
352 Dhaka Dhamrai INF2-2017-18-302614-01 Building additional classroom and Supply of High-low benches at Kushura Abbas Ali High School. 2197131
353 Cumilla Titas INF2-2017-18-201994-02 Supplying & installation solar moon light for korikandi, Kolakandi and jiarkandi UP under titas, cumilla and Wash Block for monggolkandiislamia fazil Madrasa Under titas upazila, Cumilla. 1948896
354 Cumilla Titas INF2-2017-18-201994-01 Supply of High & low benches for GPS, Madrasa and High school under titas ,cumilla. 2694146
355 Cumilla Nangalkot INF2-2017-18-201987-01 Construction of WASH Block in 5 Educational Institute under Nangalkot Upazila, Cumilla 3150000
356 Cumilla Nangalkot INF2-2017-18-201987-02 Supplying of High-Low Benches in 6 Educational Institutions under Nangalkot Upazila, Cumilla 1364010
357 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin INF2-2017-18-201933-02 Educational Institute for Multimedia supply to 12 schools 1397078
358 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin INF2-2017-18-201933-01 Educational Institute for 04 Wash block construction 2774746
359 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF2-2017-18-201967-03 Repair and water supply in 05 Community Clinic 1591323
360 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF2-2017-18-201967-02 Repair 02 Govt. Primary School 1466173
361 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF2-2017-18-201967-01 Wash Block Construction in 02 School 1319779
362 Cumilla Chauddagram INF2-2017-18-201931-01 Providing Education Material (High Low Brench) and Library Book Shelf to the different High School and Madrasha to Increase quality education. 4757395
363 Cumilla Burichang INF2-2017-18-201918-01 Supply of laptops, projectors and sound boxes in 10 nos.educational institutions of different unions under Burichang upazila 1189700
364 Cumilla Burichang INF2-2017-18-201918-02 Construction of drains to overcome the waterlogging of road and localities of Burichang Ershad Degree College 1135005
365 Cumilla Burichang INF2-2017-18-201918-03 Installof street light from Latia Garoor Bazar to Showndrom High School 1122040
366 Cumilla Burichang INF2-2017-18-201918-04 Construction of Burried Irrigation drain 1117318
367 Cox's Bazar Ukhia INF2-2017-18-202294-08 (a) Supplying and set up solar system at 14 School (b) Supplying scouting drums to the 21 schools 1055152
368 Cox's Bazar Ukhia INF2-2017-18-202294-07 Supply furniture (high & low poly propylene plastic bench) for different schools at the upazila 1590930
369 Cox's Bazar Ukhia INF2-2017-18-202294-06 Supply of Multimedia TV (Smart Android LED TV) for 20 nos, high school 1378080
370 Cox's Bazar Ukhia INF2-2017-18-202294-05 Supply of Science Instruments at Five Schools 1000000
371 Cox's Bazar Ukhia INF2-2017-18-202294-04 Construction of Hamidia Darussunnah Dakhil Madrasha building 2550000
372 Cox's Bazar Ukhia INF2-2017-18-202294-03 Construction of Shahid ATM Zafar Alam School Building 1137045
373 Cox's Bazar Ukhia INF2-2017-18-202294-02 Construction of Thaingkhali High School building extension 1269329
374 Cox's Bazar Ukhia INF2-2017-18-202294-01 Construction of Farirbil Minhajul Quaran Alim Madrasha Building 2183000
375 Cox's Bazar Teknaf INF2-2017-18-202290-05 Sub-project for construction of 2 rooms of Naikangkhali Junior High School at Teknaf Upazila 3315000
376 Cox's Bazar Teknaf INF2-2017-18-202290-04 "Improvement of Whykong R&H to UP Office Road by RCC under Teknaf Upazila, Cox?s Bazar. " 2744936
377 Cox's Bazar Teknaf INF2-2017-18-202290-03 "Supply of 452 pair High, Low combined Bench with Book Self for 25 Secondary School " 4331931
378 Cox's Bazar Teknaf INF2-2017-18-202290-02 "Supplying Multimedia System (49? TV, Leptop And Sound System) among 25 Secondary School of Tekanaf Upazila, Cox?s Bazar " 3057750
379 Cox's Bazar Teknaf INF2-2017-18-202290-01 "Construction of 2 Vent 3.60m x2.60m RCC Box Culvert On Dargarchara-sagorpara Road at ch.231m. " 1267893
380 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF2-2017-18-202216-04 Medical Equipment supply for protect COVID-19 at Upazila Health Complex, Chakaria, Cox's Bazar 1460000
381 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF2-2017-18-202216-03 Supplying of medical equipments at Upazila Health Complex & 43 (Forty three) Community Clinic at Chakaria, Cox's Bazar 1110100
382 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF2-2017-18-202216-02 Construction agriculture irrigation drain at Shaharbill, Chakaria, Cox's Bazar 1122623
383 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF2-2017-18-202216-01 Supplying of High- Low bench in 20 (Twenty) Govt. Primary School 2220000
384 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar INF2-2017-18-401855-01 Drain and Guide wall construction 4494359
385 Chuadanga Alamdanga INF2-2017-18-401807-02 Supply of computer training lab materials at 7 nos. unions with a view to create self-employment opportunities for unemployed peoples at different union level 3239313
386 Chuadanga Alamdanga INF2-2017-18-401807-01 Supply of different medical equipment's at Upazila Health Complex and 15 Union Family Planning Centers with a view to reach modern treatment methods and health services at the door step of public. 1195277
387 Chattogram Sandwip INF2-2017-18-201578-03 Supply of 15 Tube well at organizational level in different Unions of Sandwip 1233000
388 Chattogram Sandwip INF2-2017-18-201578-02 Supply of Nebulizer, ECG Machine for Community Clinics, Health Sub-centers and Hospitals of Upazila Health and Family Planning Department and Wheelchair for disabled people 1197789
389 Chattogram Sandwip INF2-2017-18-201578-01 Procurement of 2 (two) Human Hauler (college bus) for M R College and Uttar Sandwip College 2131765
390 Chattogram Chandanaish INF2-2017-18-201518-02 Supply High & Low bench in several school . 2598307
391 Chattogram Chandanaish INF2-2017-18-201518-01 Installation of deep tube-well at different school & public places under the Chandanaish upazila. 1966642
392 Chapainawabganj Nachole INF2-2017-18-507056-02 Supply Celling Fan, Plastic Low bench & High bench at 03 educational institution, Computer Lab instrument for differnt educational Institution of Nachole Upazila and Analyzer Machine for Nachole Diabetic Samity. 2800000
393 Chapainawabganj Nachole INF2-2017-18-507056-01 Construction classroom of Vatasa High School,Paharpur High School and Bakoil Girl High School under Nachole Upazila. 1666667
394 Chapainawabganj Bholahat INF2-2017-18-507018-01 Supply plastic high & low bench different education institute in Bholahat Upazila under Chapainawabganj district, 13 High School and College. 4733728
395 Chandpur Shahrasti INF2-2017-18-201395-02 Shahrasti Laboratories school for Hostel Construction. 2866000
396 Chandpur Shahrasti INF2-2017-18-201395-01 03 Educational Institute in Toilet for Girls 1628301
397 Chandpur Matlab Uttar INF2-2017-18-201379-03 Supplying fitting fixing necessary equipmentof Upazila Health complex, under matlab uttar. 1201739
398 Chandpur Matlab Uttar INF2-2017-18-201379-02 Construction of wash block at Ludhua school and collage and Siddika begeum gigls high school. 1555978
399 Chandpur Matlab Uttar INF2-2017-18-201379-01 Construction of passenger shad at Galimkha near RHD road under Baganbari Union. 1783769
400 Chandpur Hajiganj INF2-2017-18-201349-01 Construction of hygienic toilets for girls in 8 educational institutions of Hajiganj upazila. 4440000
401 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar INF2-2017-18-201322-01 Construction of school building (SWAPNA) for differently able children 4121691
402 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar INF2-2017-18-201290-02 Supply of High & Low benches at 06 no.s various educational institutions of the Nasirnagar Upazila 1780241
403 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar INF2-2017-18-201290-03 Supply of 146fans for primary school , 5Multimedia monitor for primary school,3 Van under nasirnagar upazil union , and 2freeze for upazila health conplex 1142735
404 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar INF2-2017-18-201290-01 Installation of street light in dark places under solar panels to ensure seceurity in the upazila. 1650000
405 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF2-2017-18-201285-04 Construction is WASH BLOCK at the Shamogram & Shatgou high school, Narayanpur Madrasha in the upazila 1104972
406 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF2-2017-18-201285-03 Construction is Wash Block at Ahmadpur, Shahapur, Mirpur High school. 1104972
407 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF2-2017-18-201285-02 Dental Equipment supply of in the upazila Hospital, Construction is delivery room at the Bitibshra community clinic. 1104966
408 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF2-2017-18-201285-01 A construction works on ICT building high school and on Lapaong in the upazila 1104971
409 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur INF2-2017-18-201204-03 A supply of school bench at different govt.primary school and high school in the upazila 1190475
410 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur INF2-2017-18-201204-02 A construction work on a class room at Dhariadawlat Abdul Goni High School . 1123595
411 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur INF2-2017-18-201204-01 A placing a solar panel (Street light) in the important place setting of Ujanchar,Manikpur and Soyfullakandi union 2469136
412 Brahmanbaria Akhaura INF2-2017-18-201202-03 Installation of a disabled school van, 61 ceiling fans, 2 IPS and 12 solar panels in various dark places of the upazila. 1149637
413 Brahmanbaria Akhaura INF2-2017-18-201202-02 Supply of 24 Laptops and 10 Multimedia Projectors in different educational institutions of Akhaura upazila 1700000
414 Brahmanbaria Akhaura INF2-2017-18-201202-01 Supply of 284 pairs of benches in different educational institutions of the upazila 2285444
415 Bogura Sonatola INF2-2017-18-501095-02 A) Drain construction for Balua Union (Shah Alams house to Goborchapa beel. B) Palisiding construction for Sonatola sadar Union (East side to onwards of Fazal Haques house) 1102604
416 Bogura Sonatola INF2-2017-18-501095-01 A)Solar lamp post installation on the important road island, markets in different Unions under Sonatola Upazila. B) Ultra sonogram machine for Upz health complex C) High & Low bench for primary school 3402184
417 Bogura Kahaloo INF2-2017-18-501054-02 Supplying of High and Low benches in different 42 Educational Institutions (Primary and High School) kahaloo,Bogura 3196905
418 Bogura Kahaloo INF2-2017-18-501054-01 Supplying of Ultrasound Scaner and color doppler for kahaloo Upazila health complex kahaloo,Bogura 1426373
419 Bhola Tazumuddin INF2-2017-18-100991-02 Construction of Library and Computer room, Tazumuddin Hosneara Chowdhury Mohila College under Tazumuddin : Upazila, Dist : Bhola 2210000
420 Bhola Tazumuddin INF2-2017-18-100991-01 Improvement of west Aralia Abul Kalam (Nantu) darbes house ? West Aralia Patoary Kandi GPS via Alhaz Hafez Mowlabi house road, under Tazumuddin : Upazila, Dist : Bhola 2291560
421 Bhola Lalmohan INF2-2017-18-100954-02 Supply of High-Low benches at 03 nos different educational institution, Lalmohan, Bhola. 1176470
422 Bhola Lalmohan INF2-2017-18-100954-01 Lunch ghat connecting road from Mangalsikder Beri badh. 3370784
423 Bhola Daulatkhan INF2-2017-18-100929-02 Construction of Drain at Dalilkhayer Hat Bazar 2247191
424 Bhola Daulatkhan INF2-2017-18-100929-01 Supply of Furniture (High & Low bench) at different (20 nos) Educational Institutions 2325580
425 Bhola Charfasson INF2-2017-18-100925-01 Exam Centre cum Academic Building of Shashivushan High school 4494382
426 Barisal Wazirpur INF2-2017-18-100694-02 Supply of Benches ( High and Low ) to 06 Different Educational Institutions ( High Schools and Madrasha ) 1331100
427 Barisal Wazirpur INF2-2017-18-100694-01 Construction of Wazirpur Shishu Kollayan Primary School Bhaban 3215630
428 Barisal Barisal Sadar INF2-2017-18-100651-01 Supply of High-low bench at 10 nos. Secondary/Higher secondary level institutions under Barishal Sadar upazila, District: Barishal. 3464324
429 Barisal Barisal Sadar INF2-2017-18-100651-02 Supply of Multimedia at 10 nos. Secondary/Higher secondary level institutions under Barishal Sadar upazila, District: Barishal. 1196842
430 Barisal Bakerganj INF2-2017-18-100607-02 Repair of 26 community clinics and deep tube wells in 2 clinics. 3290315
431 Barisal Bakerganj INF2-2017-18-100607-01 Furniture supplies at 43 community clinics. 1184517
432 Barisal Agailjhara INF2-2017-18-100602-03 Construction of 07 no Toilet at Educational Institutions under Agailjhara Upazila 1775474
433 Barisal Agailjhara INF2-2017-18-100602-02 Repair of 04 no High School under Agailjhara Upazila 1491450
434 Barisal Agailjhara INF2-2017-18-100602-01 Repair of 09 no Community Clinic under Agailjhara Upazila 1178462
435 Barguna Betagi INF2-2017-18-100447-02 Bench supply in 11 school & college, Fan supply-12 pcs at Jalisha GPS & DTW-Kzirabt CC & Cndokli bazar 1788000
436 Barguna Betagi INF2-2017-18-100447-01 Education sector Infra-structure sub-project : (Betagi. B.L.B H. school, Fultola nurunesha H. school, Gbtoli arsedia school, Mokamia taheria Mdr. & Sabuj kanon high school) 2701030
437 Bandarban Ruma INF2-2017-18-200391-03 3.Construction of Water Supply of Filtering Resarver at Politong Bethelhem Para&Toilet at Minjhiri Para Primary School 1154287
438 Bandarban Ruma INF2-2017-18-200391-02 Construction of RCC Stair at Munlai Para, Under Ruma Upazila. 1323156
439 Bandarban Lama INF2-2017-18-200351-04 Educational equipment supply of secondary high school 1165200
440 Bandarban Lama INF2-2017-18-200351-03 Supply of medical equipement 1180000
441 Bandarban Lama INF2-2017-18-200351-02 Wash block Construction of Bangabondu high school 1105000
442 Bandarban Lama INF2-2017-18-200351-01 Washblock construction of Gozalia high school 1105000
443 Bagerhat Sarankhola INF2-2017-18-400177-3 3 Ka) Build a newly passenger?s Waiting room nearby rayenda Bazar Busstand Five road moar crossing place. 1095427
444 Bagerhat Sarankhola INF2-2017-18-400177-04 Bench dstribution among the different institutions of the Upazila's for emerging need. 1182379
445 Bagerhat Sarankhola INF2-2017-18-400177-02 Build a class room or academic room of Kontakatha Akandapara Dakhil Madrasha under the Konthakatha Union. 1095112
446 Bagerhat Sarankhola INF2-2017-18-400177-1 1 ) Build a class room or academic room of DN Akota Balika or Girls school under the Dhansagar Union. 1097212
447 Bagerhat Morrelganj INF2-2017-18-400160-02 Construction of U-Drain to Drainage Waterlogging . 2222222
448 Bagerhat Morrelganj INF2-2017-18-400160-01 Supplying furniture for student at different secondary educational institutions of Upazila. 2352941

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