Infrastructure Development Sub-project Data (Second Round) as on 31/12/2020

No. District Upazila ID ID ID Name Approved Budget
1 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar INF-2017-18-609089-02 Supply of high and low benches at primary and high schools 1,000,000.00
2 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar INF-2017-18-609089-01 Construction of deep tubewell for pure drinking water 3,000,000.00
3 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF-2017-18-605874-04 Construction of 2 room in a Akatuna Barobari Primary School 1,000,000.00
4 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF-2017-18-605874-03 Construction of 2 room in a Primary school. 1,000,000.00
5 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF-2017-18-605874-02 Construction of over head tank with water supply 1,000,000.00
6 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF-2017-18-605874-01 Construction of Delivery room and supply equipments in Community Clinic. 1,000,000.00
7 Moulvibazar Kamalganj INF-2017-18-605856-03 Repairing class room for school bhaban, construction of school guide wall & wash block 1,215,000.00
8 Moulvibazar Kamalganj INF-2017-18-605856-02 Repairing health & family planning centres, construction of public toilet & supply of safe drinking water 1,085,000.00
9 Moulvibazar Kamalganj INF-2017-18-605856-01 Construction of Stairs & Calvert 1,700,000.00
10 Sunamganj Jagannathpur INF-2017-18-609047-03 Suppling benches for class room 1,373,472.00
11 Sunamganj Jagannathpur INF-2017-18-609047-02 Construction of multimedia class room 1,322,533.00
12 Sunamganj Jagannathpur INF-2017-18-609047-01 Construction of extra class room with multimedia. 1,238,499.00
13 Sylhet Gowainghat INF-2017-18-609141-04 Construction of RCC road 1,000,000.00
14 Sylhet Gowainghat INF-2017-18-609141-03 Construction of class room at college 1,000,000.00
15 Sylhet Gowainghat INF-2017-18-609141-02 Construction of class room at college 1,000,000.00
16 Sylhet Gowainghat INF-2017-18-609141-01 Distribution of laptop, projector, printer, screen & scanner for school/madrasha digital class 1,000,000.00
17 Sunamganj Dowarabazar INF-2017-18-609033-01 Supply of bench in schools and madrasa 4,000,000.00
18 Sunamganj Dharmapasha INF-2017-18-609032-02 Building of washblock in school 1,806,430.00
19 Sunamganj Dharmapasha INF-2017-18-609032-01 Supplying benches in secondary school and madrasa 2,193,570.00
20 Sunamganj Derai INF-2017-18-609029-01 Supply of laptops in 30 schools and multimedia in 50 schools 4,000,000.00
21 Hobiganj Chunarughat INF-2017-18-603626-02 Supplying of bench in secondary schools and providing celling fan and fittings 1,186,327.00
22 Hobiganj Chunarughat INF-2017-18-603626-01 Building fish shade for 02 markets and one class room 2,813,673.00
23 Sunamganj Bishwambharpur INF-2017-18-609018-02 Supply of bench and equipments for multimedia classroom and classroom 2,800,000.00
24 Sunamganj Bishwambharpur INF-2017-18-609018-01 Building new school building 1,200,000.00
25 Habiganj Bahubal INF-2017-18-603605-04 Supplying of multimedia sets in 21 schools 1,000,000.00
26 Habiganj Bahubal INF-2017-18-603605-03 Building school classroom 1,000,000.00
27 Habiganj Bahubal INF-2017-18-603605-02 Establishing street solar light 1,000,000.00
28 Habiganj Bahubal INF-2017-18-603605-01 Building of 3 class rooms 1,000,000.00
29 Habiganj Ajmiriganj INF-2017-18-6036012-03 Supplying Multimedia in Secondary Schools 1,071,006.00
30 Habiganj Ajmiriganj INF-2017-18-6036012-02 Suppling of benches in Senondary School & Madrasa 1,684,211.00
31 Habiganj Ajmiriganj INF-2017-18-6036012-01 Construction of Washblock in Secondary schools 1,238,884.00
32 Panchagraph Tetulia INF-2017-18-557790-03 a.Construction of classrooms at different schools. b.Construction of passenger shade.. c.Supplyof benches at different schools. 1,746,593.00
33 Panchagraph Tetulia INF-2017-18-557790-02 a. Construction of Patient shade for resting. B. Repairing work od a community clinic 1,200,517.00
34 Panchagraph Tetulia INF-2017-18-557790-01 Constructon of drain at Market place 1,052,890.00
35 Rangpur Taraganj INF-2017-18-558592-03 Construction of Classromms 1,000,000.00
36 Rangpur Taraganj INF-2017-18-558592-02 Supply of multimeda at different schools 1,000,000.00
37 Rangpur Taraganj INF-2017-18-558592-01 Supply of benches and fan at different schools 2,000,000.00
38 Gaibandha Saghata INF-2017-18-553288-02 Supply of high-low benches at different schools 1,068,287.00
39 Gaibandha Saghata INF-2017-18-553288-01 Construction of ddrain for water logging 2,931,713.00
40 Thakurgoan Ranishonkail INF-2017-18-559486-04 Construction of computer lab 1,000,000.00
41 Thakurgoan Ranishonkail INF-2017-18-559486-03 Construction of computer lab 1,000,000.00
42 Thakurgoan Ranishonkail INF-2017-18-559486-02 Construction of computer lab 1,000,000.00
43 Thakurgoan Ranishonkail INF-2017-18-559486-01 Construction of computer lab 1,000,000.00
44 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar INF-2017-18-558549-02 Reconstruction of school classroom 1,639,905.00
45 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar INF-2017-18-558549-01 Expansion and reconstruction of classroom and building washblock 2,360,095.00
46 Lalmonirhat Patgram INF-2017-18-555270-01 Supply of solar light in important places of 3 union. 4,000,000.00
47 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF-2017-18-552777-03 Construction of Irrigation Drain near Highway 1,126,694.00
48 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF-2017-18-552777-02 Construction fo wash block at Jurai Fazil Madrasha for Girls 1,044,707.00
49 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF-2017-18-552777-01 Supply of Polymar High-Low brenches in 33 educational institutions. 1,828,598.00
50 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar INF-2017-18-557773-02 Supply of High-Low brenches in educational institutions. 2,504,597.76
51 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar INF-2017-18-557773-01 Constraction of wash block in 4 educational institutions. 1,495,402.03
52 Kurigram Nageswari INF-2017-18-554961-01 Supply of brenchs in schools 4,000,000.00
53 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar INF-2017-18-555255-01 Constraction of wash block in eight schools. 4,000,000.00
54 Dinajpur Khansama INF-2017-18-552760-02 Supply of dual brench in primary and secondary level educational institutions. 1,492,920.00
55 Dinajpur Khansama INF-2017-18-552760-01 Supply of ceiling fan in primary and secondary level educational institutions. 2,499,640.00
56 Nilphamari Jaldhaka INF-2017-18-557336-02 Supply of high-low benches in different educational institution 2,522,016.00
57 Nilphamari Jaldhaka INF-2017-18-557336-01 Construction of new building (room) for madara 1,477,581.30
58 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha INF-2017-18-555233-03 Building wash block for different high school & madrasha 1,488,023.93
59 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha INF-2017-18-555233-02 Supply of fan for school, college & madrasha 1,290,025.88
60 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha INF-2017-18-555233-01 Supply of high-low benches for school, college & madrasha 1,221,949.80
61 Dinajpur Hakimpur INF-2017-18-552747-02 Construction of wash block, class room & boundary wall for high school 2,376,679.40
62 Dinajpur Hakimpur INF-2017-18-552747-01 Supply of different equipment for upazila health complex labour room & toilet, purchase laptop & projector for differnet school 1,623,320.80
63 Dinajpur Ghoraghat INF-2017-18-552743-02 Supply of High low benches at different Schools & supply of computers at Raniganj Mahila Degree College 1,452,692.00
64 Dinajpur Ghoraghat INF-2017-18-552743-01 Construction of Digital Computer lab at Raniganj Mahila Degree College & Construction of wash-block at Deuga Rahmania Fazil madrasha 2,503,315.00
65 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar INF-2017-18-553224-02 Supply of solar panel, fan & ceiling for different educational institution 1,133,474.00
66 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar INF-2017-18-553224-01 Construction of wash block for different school 2,867,440.00
67 Dinajpur Fulbari INF-2017-18-552738-02 Supply of electric fan to schools and madrasa 1,000,000.00
68 Dinajpur Fulbari INF-2017-18-552738-01 Supply of bench to schools 3,000,000.00
69 Nilphamari Dimla INF-2017-18-557312-02 Construction of 03 wash-blocks for girls at different Schools/ Madrashas 1,417,061.00
70 Nilphamari Dimla INF-2017-18-557312-01 Suppling high & low benches for 17 education institutes (exem centres) 2,582,939.00
71 Dinajpur Birol INF-2017-18-552717-03 Supply of high low bench 1,954,506.00
72 Dinajpur Birol INF-2017-18-552717-02 Building of school hallroom 1,022,747.00
73 Dinajpur Birol INF-2017-18-552717-01 Building of school class room 1,022,747.00
74 Thakurgaon Baliadangi INF-2017-18-559408-02 Building 2 classrooms 2,000,000.00
75 Thakurgaon Baliadangi INF-2017-18-559408-01 Building 2 classrooms in madrasa 2,000,000.00
76 Rangpur Badarganj INF-2017-18-558603-04 Supplying of laptops in school 1,000,000.00
77 Rangpur Badarganj INF-2017-18-558603-03 Supplying of multimedia and laptops in school 1,000,000.00
78 Rangpur Badarganj INF-2017-18-558603-02 Supplying of bench in schools 1,000,000.00
79 Rangpur Badarganj INF-2017-18-558603-01 Supplying of celling fan in schools 1,000,000.00
80 Sirajganj Ullapara INF-2017-18-508894-01 Water treatment plant 3,999,998.00
81 Barisal Wazirpur INF-2017-18-100694-02 Supply of different furnitures (high and low benches) at diffetent Schools/Madrasha 1,137,721.00
82 Barisal Wazirpur INF-2017-18-100694-01 Construction of Ujirpur Children welfare School bulding 2,861,910.00
83 Pabna Sujanagar INF-2017-18-507683-01 Construction of washblock at different schools 3,999,223.00
84 Bagura Sonatola INF-2017-18-501095-02 A.Construction of Irrigation drain. B. Construction of palasiding near roads 1,003,370.00
85 Bagura Sonatola INF-2017-18-501095-01 a. Placement of solar lights at different roads. b. Supply of ultrasonogram at hospital. c. Supply of high and low benches 2,996,630.00
86 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar INF-2017-18-508878-02 Supply of 1 ambulance at health complex 2,500,000.00
87 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar INF-2017-18-508878-01 Supply of high and low benches at schools 1,500,000.00
88 Natore Singra INF-2017-18-506991-02 a. Construction of latrin at market place. of drain for water clooging 2,000,000.00
89 Natore Singra INF-2017-18-506991-01 a. Supply of medical equipments at different community clinics. B. Supply of benches at different schools 2,000,000.00
90 Pabna Santhia INF-2017-18-507672-02 Construction hy for female students in 5 secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions 2,500,000.00
91 Pabna Santhia INF-2017-18-507672-01 a. Construction of pump house to alleviate the waterlogging of Paiksha Bill b. Construction of water purification plant 1,500,000.00
92 Nagoan Raninagar INF-2017-18-506485-02 Supply of Digital X-ray at upazila health complex 1,477,500.00
93 Nagoan Raninagar INF-2017-18-506485-01 Supply of high-low benches for 4 exam centers. 2,473,928.16
94 Rajshahi Puthia INF-2017-2018-508182-01 Supply of multimedia and digital class attendence system installation 4,000,000.00
95 Joypurhat Panchbibi INF-2017-18-503874-01 Supply of Pre-Propylene school brenches in educational institutions. 3,991,680.00
96 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF-2017-18-507655-03 Construction of two new scholl building. (Semi paka) 1,000,000.00
97 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF-2017-18-507655-02 Constraction of wash block in 3 educational institutions. 1,800,000.00
98 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF-2017-18-507655-01 Constraction of wash block in upazila parishad campus. 1,200,000.00
99 Rajshahi Paba INF-2017-18-508172-04 Construction of protection wall in the bank of 2 pond. 1,000,000.00
100 Rajshahi Paba INF-2017-18-508172-03 Install a submercible pump for water supply. 1,000,000.00
101 Rajshahi Paba INF-2017-18-508172-02 Construction of protection wall in the bank of a pond. 1,000,000.00
102 Rajshahi Paba INF-2017-18-508172-01 Construction of drain & water supply tank and install a submercuble pump. 1,000,000.00
103 Naogaon Niamotpur INF-2017-18-506469-02 Supply of submersible pump and over head water tank. 2,000,000.00
104 Naogaon Niamotpur INF-2017-18-506469-01 Supply of submersible pump and over head water tank. 2,000,000.00
105 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF-2017-18-506460-02 Supply of High-Low brenches in 16 educational institutions. 1,087,000.00
106 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF-2017-18-506460-01 Constraction of wash block in 3 school. 2,913,000.00
107 Chapainawabganj Nachol INF-2017-18-507056-02 Supply of ceiling fan, plastic high-low brench in schools, equipments in computer lab and nebulizar machine in diabetics association. 2,500,000.00
108 Chapainawabganj Nachol INF-2017-18-507056-01 Constraction of a new class room for each 3 school. 1,500,000.00
109 Naogaon Mohadevpur INF-2017-18-506450-01 Supply of solar light in important places of upazila. 4,000,000.00
110 Naogaon Manda INF-2017-18-506447-03 Construction of maternity care room in union health and family care center. 1,079,285.68
111 Naogaon Manda INF-2017-18-506447-02 Supply of white board, projector, laptop & smart board in high school, college and madrasa. 1,200,200.56
112 Naogaon Manda INF-2017-18-506447-01 Supply of ceiling fan in govt. primary schools. 1,720,034.50
113 Natore Lalpur INF-2017-18-506944-02 Supply of new digital X-Ray machine (CR) in Upazila Helth Center and repairing room. 1,700,000.00
114 Natore Lalpur INF-2017-18-506944-01 Constraction of new drain and repair the old one. 2,300,000.00
115 Shirajganj Kazipur INF-2017-18-508850-03 Construction of class room for schools, livelihood welfare centres & vaccination centers for satallite cline 1,112,222.00
116 Shirajganj Kazipur INF-2017-18-508850-02 Supplying high & low benches for scecondary schools 1,759,500.00
117 Shirajganj Kazipur INF-2017-18-508850-01 Supply of 10 multimedia projector & 12 laptop for high schools 1,125,198.00
118 Joypurhat Kalai INF-2017-18-503858-03 Setting safe dinking water supply tubewell for different educational institution & growth centres 1,000,000.00
119 Joypurhat Kalai INF-2017-18-503858-02 Construction of wash block project in school & college rest house 1,000,000.00
120 Joypurhat Kalai INF-2017-18-503858-01 Supply of high-low benches at different educational institution & supply medical instrument of different community clinc 1,999,342.00
121 Bogura Kahaloo INF-2017-18-501054-02 Supply of high-low benches at different primary & secondery school 2,702,000.00
122 Bogura Kahaloo INF-2017-18-501054-01 Supply & establish medical equipement at health complex 1,298,000.00
123 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF-2017-18-503847-03 Construction of two part semi pacca class room in high school 1,991,000.00
124 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF-2017-18-503847-02 Supply of quality health care equipment at vaccination centre, family planning centre,community clinic & satallite clinic 1,007,740.00
125 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF-2017-18-503847-01 Supply of multimedia projector, laptop, white board, pro-propilin high-low benches, file cabinet for secondery school teachers class room. 1,001,260.00
126 Pabna Ishwardi INF-2017-18-507639-03 Construction of two stored building for college 1,189,189.00
127 Pabna Ishwardi INF-2017-18-507639-02 Construction of class room of school 1,801,802.00
128 Pabna Ishwardi INF-2017-18-507639-01 Construction of two class room in high school 1,009,009.00
129 Rajshahi Durgapur INF-2017-18-508131-03 Supplying Multimedia in education institutions 1,489,590.00
130 Rajshahi Durgapur INF-2017-18-508131-02 Building of school class room 1,040,772.00
131 Rajshahi Durgapur INF-2017-18-508131-01 Construction of girls common room in high School 1,446,410.00
132 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF-2017-18-506428-04 Establishing 20 solar street light 1,000,000.00
133 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF-2017-18-506428-03 Construction of agriculture infrastrucre 1,000,000.00
134 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF-2017-18-506428-02 Construction of drain for iradicating water clogging 1,000,000.00
135 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF-2017-18-506428-01 Expansion of school classroom 1,000,000.00
136 Rajshahi Charghat INF-2017-18-508125-03 Supply of benches in different Educational Institute 1,200,000.00
137 Rajshahi Charghat INF-2017-18-508125-02 (A) Construction of classrooms at Jafarpur Girls High School, Shalua UP. (B) Construction of cattle shed at Charghat Upazila Livestock Office. 1,000,000.00
138 Rajshahi Charghat INF-2017-18-508125-01 Construction of toilets at Vyalakshmipur UP, Kaluhati Bazar of Nimtala EFP, Malekar turn of Shalua UP & Chaumuhani Bazar in Yousufpur UP 1,800,000.00
139 Chapainawabganj Bholahat INF-2017-18-507018-01 Supplying of high-low benches in different educational institute 4,000,000.00
140 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF-2017-18-508811-02 Construction of unfinished school building 1,585,000.00
141 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF-2017-18-508811-01 Establishing 3 water treatment plant 2,415,000.00
142 Natore Bagatipara INF-2017-18-506909-02 Repairing science laboratory of schools 2,300,000.00
143 Natore Bagatipara INF-2017-18-506909-01 Supply of x-ray machine in Upazila Health Complex 1,700,000.00
144 Naogaon Badalgachi INF-2017-18-506406-01 Supplying of bench in schools 4,000,000.00
145 Naogaon Atrai INF-2017-18-506403-02 Building swearage drain 1,440,000.00
146 Naogaon Atrai INF-2017-18-506403-01 Building drain 2,559,996.00
147 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF-2017-18-503813-03 Supplying of Bench and building new class room 1,385,880.00
148 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF-2017-18-503813-02 Building washblocks for one girl's school and college 1,268,960.00
149 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF-2017-18-503813-01 Building Common room for students and delivery room in hospital for pregnant woman 1,345,160.00
150 Mymansingh Trishal INF-2017-18-306194-01 Construction of Exam Center at Trishal 4,000,000.00
151 Sherpur Sherpur Sadar INF-2017-18-458988-02 Construction of wash-blocks at (1) Boyra paranpur dakhil madrasha, (2) Choitonkhola Baza & (3) Pirganj bazar 2,100,000.00
152 Sherpur Sherpur Sadar INF-2017-18-458988-01 Supply of High low benches at different Schools of Sherpur Sadar Upazila 1,843,787.00
153 Mymensingh Nandail INF-2017-18-306172-01 Constraction of a school building with multi stored foundation. 3,999,931.00
154 Netrokona Mohanganj INF-2017-18-457263-03 Supply of solar light in important places of union parishad. 1,000,000.00
155 Netrokona Mohanganj INF-2017-18-457263-02 Construction of drain and install deep surfece pipe 1,600,000.00
156 Netrokona Mohanganj INF-2017-18-457263-01 Supply of education equipment at different Institute under Upazila. 1,400,000.00
157 Netrokona Kendua INF-2017-18-307247-03 Construction of extra class room in schools 1,000,000.00
158 Netrokona Kendua INF-2017-18-307247-02 Construction of training centres for NBD 2,000,000.00
159 Netrokona Kendua INF-2017-18-307247-01 Supply of benches & multimedia for different educational institution 1,000,000.00
160 Jamalpur Islampur INF-2017-18-303929-02 Supply of nebulizer, weight machine, celling fan & chair for 47 Community clinic 1,001,017.00
161 Jamalpur Islampur INF-2017-18-303929-01 Suppling high & low benches for 26 exam centres 2,994,867.00
162 Mymensingh Haluaghat INF-2017-18-306124-02 Supply of Computer & printer for high school & madrasha 1,000,000.00
163 Mymensingh Haluaghat INF-2017-2018-306124-01 Supply of ambulance for providing general health services 3,000,000.00
164 Mymensingh Gaffargaon INF-2017-18-306122-02 Construction of deep tubewell in schools 1,000,033.58
165 Mymensingh Gaffargaon INF-2017-18-306122-01 Construction of irrigation drain. 2,999,965.90
166 Jamalpur Dewanganj INF-2017-18-303915-02 Supplying of bench in different schools and construction of one class room in one college 2,136,946.00
167 Jamalpur Dewanganj INF-2017-18-303915-01 Construction of calvert 1,857,206.00
168 Bagerhat Sharonkhola INF-2017-18-400177-04 Supply of benches at different schools 1,000,000.00
169 Bagerhat Sharonkhola INF-2017-18-400177-03 A.Construction of public toilet at market. B .Constructon of passenger shade 1,000,000.00
170 Bagerhat Sharonkhola INF-2017-18-400177-02 Construction of new building at madrasha 1,000,000.00
171 Bagerhat Sharonkhola INF-2017-18-400177-01 Construction of new building at school 1,000,000.00
172 Satkhira Shamnagar INF-2017-18-408786-04 Modernization of upazila health complex and supply of furniture 1,000,000.00
173 Satkhira Shamnagar INF-2017-18-408786-03 extension of building at nakipur pilot school 1,000,000.00
174 Satkhira Shamnagar INF-2017-18-408786-02 Supply of furnitures at different chools 1,000,000.00
175 Satkhira Shamnagar INF-2017-18-408786-01 a. Repairing of classrooms b. Repairing of library 1,000,000.00
176 Magura Shalikha INF-2017-18-405585-02 Construction of RCC drain 1,000,000.00
177 Magura Shalikha INF-2017-18-405585-01 Construction of an exam center 3,000,000.00
178 Khulna Paikgacha INF-2017-18-404764-01 Construction of new class room in a school. 3,999,947.43
179 Narail Narail Sadar INF-2017-18-406576-02 Supply of brenches in 12 educational institutions. 1,190,536.00
180 Narail Narail Sadar INF-2017-18-406576-01 a) Constraction of shade and ghatla. b) Constraction of school room. 2,797,496.00
181 Bagerhat Morrellganj INF-2017-18-400160-02 Constraction of drain. 2,000,000.00
182 Bagerhat Morrellganj INF-2017-18-400160-01 Supply of furniture in schools. 2,000,000.00
183 Magura Mohammadpur INF-2017-18-405566-03 Constraction of wash block in college. 1,000,000.00
184 Magura Mohammadpur INF-2017-18-405566-02 Install a hand tubewell. 1,000,000.00
185 Magura Mohammadpur INF-2017-18-405566-01 Construction of class room in educational institutions. 2,000,000.00
186 Kushtia Mirpur INF-2017-18-405094-02 Supply of laptop, projector and screen in 16 schools. 1,462,641.00
187 Kushtia Mirpur INF-2017-18-405094-01 Construction of modern digital computer lab in a school. 2,537,359.00
188 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF-2017-18-405787-03 Construction of water treatment plant 1,000,801.00
189 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF-2017-18-405787-02 Construction of Science Lab and ICT lab in schools. 1,817,457.00
190 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF-2017-18-405787-01 Completion of uncomple work of restroom of DC Park 1,181,742.00
191 Magura Magura Sadar INF-2017-18-405557-01 Construction of washblock in school 4,000,000.00
192 Narail Lohagara INF-2017-18-406552-03 Supply of high low bench in schools 1,321,920.00
193 Narail Lohagara INF-2017-18-406552-02 Supply of celling fan, laptop and multimedia projectors in schools 1,677,751.00
194 Narail Lohagara INF-2017-18-406552-01 Supply of Medical equipments in 33 clinics 1,000,329.00
195 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF-2017-18-405079-04 Constraction of market drain. 1,000,000.00
196 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF-2017-18-405079-03 Construction of irrigation drain. 1,000,000.00
197 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF-2017-18-405079-02 Constraction of market shade. 1,000,000.00
198 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF-2017-18-405079-01 Supply of Plastic brenches in 3 educational institutions. 1,000,000.00
199 Kushtia Kumarkhali INF-2017-18-405071-02 Building two-room new school with furniture. 2,475,185.00
200 Kushtia Kumarkhali INF-2017-18-405071-01 Supply sergical equipments in three Community Clinic & building three labor room. 1,524,814.00
201 Khulna Koyra INF-2017-18-404753-03 Building of solar panel in cyclone shelter 1,011,984.00
202 Khulna Koyra INF-2017-18-404753-02 Establish exam center/academic building. 1,985,256.00
203 Khulna Koyra INF-2017-18-404753-01 Supply of medical equipments in Community Clinics, Upazila Health Complex, Union Health & Family Welfare Center and satelite center. 1,002,760.00
204 Chuadanga Jibannagar INF-2017-18-401855-01 Construction of drain & guide wall for water irrigation in different union 3,999,988.00
205 Jessore Jhikargachha INF-2017-18-404123-03 Construction of water riverse osmosis plant in different educational institutions 1,300,000.00
206 Jessore Jhikargachha INF-2017-18-404123-02 Setting Solar Street Light in different important public places 1,400,000.00
207 Jessore Jhikargachha INF-2017-18-404123-01 Provide quality medical services through modern medical equipment in upazila health complex 1,300,000.00
208 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar INF-2017-18-404419-02 Supply of laptop, multimedia screen in 11 educational institution 1,127,400.00
209 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar INF-2017-18-404419-01 Construction of multimedia class room of 6 educational institution 2,871,788.00
210 Jhenaidah Harinakundu INF-2017-18-404414-02 Supply & setting of solar light 2,000,000.00
211 Jhenaidah Harinakundu INF-2017-18-404414-01 Construction of old home in village 2,000,000.00
212 Meherpur Gangni INF-2017-18-405747-01 Enhancement class room of secondary schools 3,951,600.00
213 Khulna Dumuria INF-2017-18-404730-01 Construction of a combined exam hall 4,000,000.00
214 Satkhira Debhata INF-2017-18-408725-02 Vertical expansion (floor) of school classroom and repairing rooftop 2,994,082.00
215 Satkhira Debhata INF-2017-18-408725-01 Construction of agriculture irrigation drain 1,005,918.00
216 Khulna Batiaghata INF-2017-18-404712-04 Supply of laptop, multimedia projector, screen, multiplug for multimedia class room. 1,000,000.00
217 Khulna Batiaghata INF-2017-18-404712-03 Supply of fan in different schools 1,000,000.00
218 Khulna Batiaghata INF-2017-18-404712-02 Supply of high low benches in schools. 1,000,000.00
219 Khulna Batiaghata INF-2017-18-404712-01 Supply of high low benches in different primary schools. 1,000,000.00
220 Satkhira Assasuni INF-2017-18-408704-02 Supplying of benches in school 1,019,352.84
221 Satkhira Assasuni INF-2017-18-408704-01 Construction of Classroom and Washblock in schools 2,980,645.60
222 Chuadanga Alamdanga INF-2017-18-401807-02 Supplying Computer Lab equipments in union parishads 2,918,300.00
223 Chuadanga Alamdanga INF-2017-18-401807-01 Supply of medical equipments to community clinics 1,081,700.00
224 Jessore Abhaynagar INF-2017-18-404104-03 Supply of Medical Equipments in Community Health Clinics & Upazila Health Complex 1,005,100.00
225 Jessore Abhaynagar INF-2017-18-404104-02 Supplying of Computer,Multimedia Classroom, Computer lab to Schools & Madrasa 1,613,659.00
226 Jessore Abhaynagar INF-2017-18-404104-01 Supplying of Bench, table and Chair to Schools & Madrasa 1,377,976.00
227 Shariotpur zajira INF-2017-18-308694-02 Supplying of computer, multimedia, sound system, printerto Schools & Madrasa 1,493,949.00
228 Shariotpur zajira INF-2017-18-308694-01 Supplying of high-low benches in Secondary & Madrasha 2,501,174.00
229 Goplalganj Tungipara INF-2017-18-303591-02 Constructon of Benches at Barnibaor Baour 1,002,999.00
230 Goplalganj Tungipara INF-2017-18-303591-01 Supply of benches at Govt. Primary and High Schools 2,996,976.00
231 Munsiganj Tongibari INF-2017-18-305994-02 a. Construction of classroom at Hoadda Govt. Primary School. b.Extension of Rongmeher Govt. Primary School building. 1,500,000.00
232 Munsiganj Tongibari INF-2017-18-305994-01 Construction of classroom at Betaka Union High School 2,500,000.00
233 Kishorganj Tarail INF-2017-18-304892-01 Constructionof irrigation System and Shade 3,991,235.00
234 Narayanganj Sonargoan INF-2017-18-6704-02 Repairing work at Union health complex & family center 1,000,000.00
235 Narayanganj Sonargoan INF-2017-18-6704-01 Supply of Solar panel And Medical equipments 3,000,000.00
236 Munsiganj Sirajdikhan INF-2017-18-305974-02 A.Supply of Solar lights at different important places. B.Construction of drain to solve water logging. 1,949,310.00
237 Munsiganj Sirajdikhan INF-2017-18-305974-01 Construction of School building 1,969,000.00
238 Manikganj Singair INF-2017-18-305682-04 Supply of laptopl, printer and multimedia at different chools 1,000,000.00
239 Manikganj Singair INF-2017-18-305682-03 Construction of common room for girls 1,000,000.00
240 Manikganj Singair INF-2017-18-305682-02 Construction of common room for girls 1,000,000.00
241 Manikganj Singair INF-2017-18-305682-01 Construction of common room for girls 1,000,000.00
242 Narsingdi Shibpur INF-2017-18-306876-01 Supply of benches at schools and supply of BB machine, Nebulizer, Benches at health complex 4,000,000.00
243 Madaripur Shibchar INF-2017-18-305487-03 Supply of white board at different Schools 1,015,000.00
244 Madaripur Shibchar INF-2017-18-305487-02 Supply of white board at different Schools 1,010,000.00
245 Madaripur Shibchar INF-2017-18-305487-01 Supply of Digital sound system at different schools 1,975,000.00
246 Manikganj Shibalay INF-2017-18-305678-02 a. Construction of toilet & Passenger shade. b.Construction of toilet & Parents shade 2,391,306.00
247 Manikganj Shibalay INF-2017-18-305678-01 Supply of ICT amterials at AT 5 different schools and Scince equipments at one school 1,605,811.00
248 Manikganj Saturiya INF-2017-18-305670-02 Supply of high-low benches at different schools 2,000,000.00
249 Manikganj Saturiya INF-2017-18-305670-01 Construction of drain for water clooging 2,000,000.00
250 Naryanganj Rupganj INF-2017-18-306768-02 Supply of X-ray machine at upazila health complex 1,738,170.00
251 Naryanganj Rupganj INF-2017-18-306768-01 Construction of drain for water clogging 2,242,800.00
252 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF-2017-18-308276-03 Supply of bench in schools 1,958,550.00
253 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF-2017-18-308276-02 Building of washblock in school 1,041,450.00
254 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF-2017-18-308276-01 Building of calvert 1,000,000.00
255 Narsingdi Palash INF-2017-18-306863-03 Construction of new class room in a school. 1,022,476.00
256 Narsingdi Palash INF-2017-18-306863-02 Construction of conference room/training center. 1,935,000.00
257 Narsingdi Palash INF-2017-18-306863-01 STW irrigation scheme in a union. 1,010,916.27
258 Kishorgonj Nikli INF-2017-18-304876-01 Supply of High-Low brenches in 15 educational institutions. 3,998,412.00
259 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF-2017-18-303929-02 Constraction of new room and wash block in school. 2,954,979.00
260 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF-2017-18-303929-01 Supply of High-Low brenches in 11 educational institutions. 1,034,850.00
261 Narsingdi Monohardi INF-2017-18-306852-02 Expansion of school building & building washblock 2,500,000.00
262 Narsingdi Monohardi INF-2017-18-306852-01 Supply of dustbin and furnitures in schools and community clinics 1,500,000.00
263 Tangail Mirzapur INF-2017-18-309366-01 Supply of high low benches in schools. 4,000,000.00
264 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar INF-2017-18-305454-01 Construction of washblocks in 5 schools 4,000,000.00
265 Kishorganj Kuliarchor INF-2017-18-304854-01 Biuilding day care center. 4,000,000.00
266 Gopalganj Kotalipara INF-2017-18-303551-02 Supply of labaratory equipments in 14 schools 1,298,343.00
267 Gopalganj Kotalipara INF-2017-18-303551-01 Supply of necessary eqipments in all community clinic and health service center. 2,701,657.00
268 Kishoreganj Kishorganj Sadar INF-2017-18-304849-01 Supply of bench to schools and plastic chair to 88 satellite clinics 1,000,000.00
269 Kishorganj Kishorganj Sadar INF-2017-18-304849-03 Building new class room in two school. 2,000,000.00
270 Kishorganj Kishorganj Sadar INF-2017-18-304849-02 Supply of multimedia in priority based educational institutions. 1,000,000.00
271 Dhaka Keraniganj INF-2017-18-302638-01 Supply of High-Low brenches in seven educational institutions. 3,998,469.00
272 Gopalganj Kashiani INF-2017-18-303543-02 Construction of computer lab in different education institutes 2,882,860.00
273 Gopalganj Kashiani INF-2017-18-303543-01 Construction of washblock in Kashiani Shishu Niketon 1,014,717.00
274 Madaripur Kalkini INF-2017-18-305440-04 Construction of wash block for govt primary school & estublishing 6 street solar panel 1,000,000.00
275 Madaripur Kalkini INF-2017-18-305440-03 Building drain for irrigation & wash block for high school 1,000,000.00
276 Madaripur Kalkini INF-2017-18-305440-02 Construction of irri block drain & establishing of street solar panel 1,000,000.00
277 Madaripur Kalkini INF-2017-18-305440-01 Building digital lab bhaban beside high school 1,000,000.00
278 Gazipur Kaliakair INF-2017-18-303332-03 Establishing 21 street solar panel for 9 Union of Upazila 1,079,523.00
279 Gazipur Kaliakair INF-2017-18-303332-02 Supply of 150 pair high-low benches in 15 educational institution 1,357,722.00
280 Gazipur Kaliakair INF-2017-18-303332-01 Supply of 21 laptop in 21 educational institution & 21 multimedia projector in 15 educational institution 1,522,416.00
281 Kishoreganj Hossainpur INF-2017-18-304827-03 Construction of wall & door, window for upazila health complex 1,000,000.00
282 Kishoreganj Hossainpur INF-2017-18-304827-02 Construction of calvert & supply of bences, multimedia, laptop for different high school, madrasha 1,500,000.00
283 Kishoreganj Hossainpur INF-2017-18-304827-01 Construction of calvert & supply of bences, laptop & multimedia for different high school & madrasha 1,500,000.00
284 Manikganj Harirampur INF-2017-18-305628-02 Supply of funrniture for school 1,542,240.00
285 Manikganj Harirampur INF-2017-18-305628-01 Construction of toilet in 8 primary school 2,399,951.00
286 Tangail Gopalpur INF-2017-18-309338-04 Construction works of Madrasha building 1,000,000.00
287 Tangail Gopalpur INF-2017-18-309338-03 Construction of high school building 1,000,000.00
288 Tangail Gopalpur INF-2017-18-309338-02 Construction of sub health centre building 1,000,000.00
289 Tangail Gopalpur INF-2017-18-309338-01 Construction of two room ground floor in union sub health centre 1,000,000.00
290 Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar INF-2017-18-303532-02 Construction of Shed, Ghatla, washblock & Tubewell and Repairing work of Union Health Complex 1,467,192.00
291 Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar INF-2017-18-303532-01 Supply of Benches at Different Schools 2,516,505.00
292 Manikganj Ghior INF-2017-18-305622-02 Construction of 250 metre drain 2,347,875.00
293 Manikganj Ghior INF-2017-18-305622-01 Construction of Maternity room & supply of furniture for community clinic 1,652,125.00
294 Munshiganj Gazaria INF-2017-18-305924-01 Construction of drain for roads 4,000,000.00
295 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar INF-2017-18-302947-02 Supply of bench to schools 1,215,901.00
296 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar INF-2017-18-302947-01 Construction of drain in school to eradicate water clogging 2,784,099.00
297 Dhaka Dohar INF-2017-18-302618-02 Supplying furniture in education institutions 1,300,000.00
298 Dhaka Dohar INF-2017-18-302618-01 Construction of hall room at education institute 2,670,000.00
299 Tangail Dhanbari INF-2017-18-309325-3 Construction of school academic building 1,400,000.00
300 Tangail Dhanbari INF-2017-18-309325-2 Construction of tin shade building for schools 1,300,000.00
301 Tangail Dhanbari INF-2017-18-309325-1 Construction of tin shade for college 1,300,000.00
302 Dhaka Dhamrai INF-2017-18-302614-03 Supplying of benches for primary and secondary schools 1,000,000.00
303 Dhaka Dhamrai INF-2017-18-302614-02 Construction of new classroom 1,000,000.00
304 Dhaka Dhamrai INF-2017-18-302614-01 Construction og additional classroom 2,000,000.00
305 Shariatpur Damuddya INF-2017-18-308625-02 Construction of two fish shades 1,559,246.00
306 Shariatpur Damuddya INF-2017-18-308625-01 Construction of public shade with washblock in public place and washblock for school 2,400,078.00
307 Faridpur Boalmari INF-2017-18-302918-02 Supplying of bench in 11 schools 1,976,392.00
308 Faridpur Boalmari INF-2017-18-302918-01 Building washblock for 5 schools 2,023,608.00
309 Narsingdi Belabo INF-2017-18-306807-01 Supply of laptop, multimedia projectors, photocopy machine and smart tv to 10 schools 1,000,000.00
310 Narsingdi Belabo INF-2017-18-306807-01 Supply of ambulence to Upazila Health Complex 3,000,000.00
311 Tangail Basail INF-2017-18-309309-03 Supplying of Multimedia projectors and screens 1,000,000.00
312 Tangail Basail INF-2017-18-309309-02 Building multimedia classroom and library for school 1,500,000.00
313 Tangail Basail INF-2017-18-309309-01 Building operation theater and post operative room for upazila health complex 1,500,000.00
314 Rajbari Baliakandi INF-2017-18-308207-02 Building tin shade roof on madrasa 1,743,336.00
315 Rajbari Baliakandi INF-2017-18-308207-01 Building tin shade roof on school 2,172,664.00
316 Kishoreganj Austagram INF-2017-18-304802-01 Building exam hall and class room for school 4,000,000.00
317 Narayanganj Araihajar INF-2017-18-306702-03 Building RCC Road 1,328,223.00
318 Narayanganj Araihajar INF-2017-18-306702-02 Building swearage drain 1,405,189.00
319 Narayanganj Araihajar INF-2017-18-306702-01 Building Market Shade and Public Toilet in bazar area 1,217,788.00
320 Coxsbazar Ukhiya INF-2017-18-202294-08 a. Supply of Solar Panel at 14 schools b.Scouting Drum at 21 different schools 1,010,682.00
321 Coxsbazar Ukhiya INF-2017-18-202294-07 Supply of benches at different schools. 1,484,869.00
322 Coxsbazar Ukhiya INF-2017-18-202294-06 Supply of multimedia at 20 different schools 1,286,208.00
323 Coxsbazar Ukhiya INF-2017-18-202294-05 Supply of science materials at 5 different schools 1,000,000.00
324 Coxsbazar Ukhiya INF-2017-18-202294-04 Construction of Hamedia Darusshunnah Dakhil Madrasha 2,274,090.00
325 Coxsbazar Ukhiya INF-2017-18-202294-03 Construction of Shahid ATM Jafar Alam School building 1,137,045.00
326 Coxsbazar Ukhiya INF-2017-18-202294-02 Extension of Thaingkhali High School Building 1,142,396.00
327 Coxsbazar Ukhiya INF-2017-18-202294-01 Construction of Farirbil Minhajul Quran Wasunnah Alim Madrasha Bulding 1,946,799.00
328 Cumilla Titash INF-2017-18-201994-02 a.Construction of wash bolck at Madrasha b. Supply of solar ligh at different roads 1,734,517.00
329 Cumilla Titash INF-2017-18-201994-01 Supply of High and low benches 2,263,083.00
330 Coxsbazar Teknaf INF-2017-18-202290-04 RCC road construction 2,710,572.00
331 Coxsbazar Teknaf INF-2017-18-202290-03 Supply of 432 benches at 25 different schools 3,989,478.00
332 Coxsbazar Teknaf INF-2017-18-202290-02 Supply of Multemedia at 25 different schools 2,921,850.00
333 Coxsbazar Teknaf INF-2017-18-202290-01 Repairing work of a RCC road 1,441,655.00
334 Noakhali Sonaimuri INF-2017-18-207583-02 Supply of High and low benches 1,000,000.00
335 Noakhali Sonaimuri INF-2017-18-207583-01 Supply of medical equipments at Blind welfare socity 3,000,000.00
336 Chandpur Shaharasti INF-2017-18-201395-02 Construction of hostel building 2,550,740.00
337 Chandpur Shaharasti INF-2017-18-201395-01 Construction of washblock for girls 1,449,188.00
338 Noakhalli Senbagh INF-2017-18-207580-03 Supply of high-low benches 1,448,237.00
339 Noakhalli Senbagh INF-2017-18-207580-02 Supply of medical equipments at health center 1,353,044.00
340 Noakhalli Senbagh INF-2017-18-207580-01 Repairing of community health complex building 1,188,618.00
341 Chuttagram Sandip INF-2017-18-201578-03 Construction of 15 tubewells 1,109,700.00
342 Chuttagram Sandip INF-2017-18-201578-02 Supply of Nebulizer machine, ECG machine and some wheel-chairs at different health complex 1,078,010.00
343 Chuttagram Sandip INF-2017-18-201578-01 Supply of 2 human hauler at 2 colleges 1,812,000.00
344 Bandarban Ruma INF-2017-18-200391-03 A. Construction of water resourver for safe drinking water. B. Construction of toilet 1,154,287.00
345 Bandarban Ruma INF-2017-18-200391-02 Construction of RCC stairs And Construction of RCC drain 1,323,156.00
346 Bandarban Ruma INF-2017-18-200391-01 Construction of pipenine with water resourver for water supply 1,522,557.00
347 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar INF-2017-18-208497-02 Building of teenshade building for school 1,981,933.00
348 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar INF-2017-18-208497-01 Expansion of school classroom and building 4 deep tubewells 1,969,661.00
349 Noakhali Noakhali Sadar INF-2017-18-207587-02 Construction of science building in a school. 1,999,835.00
350 Noakhali Noakhali Sadar INF-2017-18-207587-01 Construction of science building in a school. 1,999,835.00
351 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar INF-2017-18-201290-03 Supply of ceiling fan & multimedia monitor in upazila, 3 van in union and 2 fridge in upazila health complex. 1,001,795.00
352 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar INF-2017-18-201290-02 Supply of brenches in educational institutions. 1,513,205.00
353 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar INF-2017-18-201290-01 Supply of solar light in important places of upazila. 1,485,000.00
354 Cumilla Nangalkot INF-2017-18-201987-02 Supply of High-Low brenches in 6 educational institutions. 1,196,324.00
355 Cumilla Nangalkot INF-2017-18-201987-01 Constraction of wash block in 5 school. 2,803,500.00
356 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF-2017-18-201285-04 Constraction of wash block in 3 school. 1,000,000.00
357 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF-2017-18-201285-03 Constraction of wash block in 3 school. 1,000,000.00
358 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF-2017-18-201285-02 Building of delivery room 1,000,000.00
359 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF-2017-18-201285-01 Constraction of ICT room by extention. 1,000,000.00
360 Chadpur Matlab Uttar INF-2017-18-201379-03 Supply of necessary eqipments in Upazila Health Complex. 1,011,140.00
361 Chadpur Matlab Uttar INF-2017-18-201379-02 Building of wash blocks in 2 schools. 1,395,748.00
362 Chadpur Matlab Uttar INF-2017-18-201379-01 Construction of passenger shade in a CNG station. 1,592,668.00
363 Khagrachari Matiranga INF-2017-18-204670-02 Construction of 2 class room. 2,000,000.00
364 Khagrachari Matiranga INF-2017-18-204670-01 Construction of 2 class room. 2,000,000.00
365 Khagrachari Manikchari INF-2017-18-204667-03 Supply of High-Low brenches at High Schools 1,002,417.00
366 Khagrachari Manikchari INF-2017-18-204667-02 Supply of Solar Lights at different important locations 1,018,125.00
367 Khagrachari Manikchari INF-2017-18-204667-01 Construction of Manikchhari Islamia Madrasha Building 1,979,456.00
368 Rangamati Langadu INF-2017-18-208458-02 Construction of school classroom in 2nd floor 2,722,510.00
369 Rangamati Langadu INF-2017-18-208458-01 Construction of unfinished work of 3 schools 1,277,121.00
370 Bandarban Lama INF-2017-18-200351-04 Supply of projector, sound systems and seat breanchs in thirteen schools. 1,000,000.00
371 Bandarban Lama INF-2017-18-200351-03 Supply of semi auto nebulizer & ultrasonogram machine in Upazila Helth Center. 1,000,000.00
372 Bandarban Lama INF-2017-18-200351-02 Building of wash blocks in high school 1,000,000.00
373 Bandarban Lama INF-2017-18-200351-01 Building of wash blocks in high school 1,000,000.00
374 Rangamati Kawkhali INF-2017-18-208425-03 Supplying furniture for different high school 1,000,722.00
375 Rangamati Kawkhali INF-2017-18-208425-02 Reconstruction student hostel for high school & construction of calvert 1,039,983.00
376 Rangamati Kawkhali INF-2017-18-208425-01 Construction of wash block for Primary & secondary school 1,959,142.00
377 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar INF-2017-18-205133-01 Construction of class room for different high school & madrasha 3,952,236.00
378 Chandpur Haziganj INF-2017-18-201349-01 Construction of Toilet for 8 educational institution 3,951,600.00
379 Noakhali Hatiya INF-2017-18-207536-01 Supply of high-low benches for 28 educational 3,999,475.46
380 Feni Fulgazi INF-2017-18-203041-04 Enhancement of primary school building 1,000,000.00
381 Feni Fulgazi INF-2017-18-203041-03 Repairing in high school building 1,000,000.00
382 Feni Fulgazi INF-2017-18-203041-02 Enhancement of school building 1,000,000.00
383 Feni Fulgazi INF-2017-18-203041-01 Enhancement of primary school building 1,000,000.00
384 Feni Feni Sadar INF-2017-18-203029-04 Construction of washblock for school 1,000,000.00
385 Feni Feni Sadar INF-2017-18-203029-03 Reconstruction of community centre 1,000,000.00
386 Feni Feni Sadar INF-2017-18-203029-02 Recnstruction of school building 1,000,000.00
387 Feni Feni Sadar INF-2017-18-203029-01 Building of Washblock 1,000,000.00
388 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin INF-2017-18-201933-02 Supply of multimedia equipments in 11 schools 1,194,084.00
389 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin INF-2017-18-201933-01 Installing 5 washblocks in schools 2,774,746.00
390 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF-2017-18-201967-03 Repairing 5 community clinics and installing water supply system 1,409,210.91
391 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF-2017-18-201967-02 Repairing work of two schools 1,295,795.52
392 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF-2017-18-201967-01 Construction of washblock in two schools 1,294,993.57
393 Noakhali Companiganj INF-2017-18-207521-03 Supply of Agricultural equipments at 02 CIG Farmers group 1,008,424.00
394 Noakhali Companiganj INF-2017-18-207521-02 Supply of Benches at 07 Different Schools & Construction of 01 room at High School for kids 1,793,355.00
395 Noakhali Companiganj INF-2017-18-207521-01 Reconstruction of Upazila Health Complex 1,198,200.00
396 Cumilla Chouddagram INF-2017-18-201931-01 Supplying of high-low bench and book shelf for schools 3,996,213.00
397 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar INF-2017-18-201322-01 Building school and electrical wearing work for Physically challenged students and supplying of furnitures 3,999,999.13
398 Chottogram Chandanaish INF-2017-18-201518-02 Supplying of 244 sets of benches in different schools 2,182,589.05
399 Chottogram Chandanaish INF-2017-18-201518-01 Establishing 24 deep tubewells in schools and in public places 1,769,977.44
400 Cox's bazar Chakaria INF-2017-18-202216-03 Supplying of medical equipments 1,010,100.00
401 Cox's bazar Chakaria INF-2017-18-202216-02 Building agriculture irrigation drain 1,021,587.02
402 Cox's bazar Chakaria INF-2017-18-202216-01 Supplying of bench in 20 schools 1,887,000.34
403 Cumilla Burichang INF-2017-18-201918-04 Construction of irrigation drain for West Jagatpur farmar's Cooperative Socity 1,000,000.00
404 Cumilla Burichang INF-2017-18-201918-03 Establishing solar lamp street on road 1,000,000.00
405 Cumilla Burichang INF-2017-18-201918-02 Buildig drain to eradicate road water logging 1,000,000.00
406 Cumilla Burichang INF-2017-18-201918-01 Supply of IT equipments (laptop, multimedia etc.) in school 1,000,000.00
407 Rangamati Belaichari INF-2017-18-208429-03 Building Protection wall for Kengrachari Secondary school 1,256,044.00
408 Rangamati Belaichari INF-2017-18-208429-02 Building of agricultural drain at Aguichhari Jang bill 1,355,806.00
409 Rangamati Belaichari INF-2017-18-208429-01 Rebuilding girl's hostel for school 1,368,374.00
410 Brahminbaria Bancharampur INF-2017-18-201204-03 Supplying high low benches in schools 1,000,000.00
411 Brahminbaria Bancharampur INF-2017-18-201204-02 Building classroom 1,000,000.00
412 Brahminbaria Bancharampur INF-2017-18-201204-01 Establishing street solar light 2,000,000.00
413 Brahmanbaria Ashuganj INF-2017-18-201233-03 Building road 1,000,000.00
414 Brahmanbaria Ashuganj INF-2017-18-201233-02 Building border wall for pond 2,000,000.00
415 Brahmanbaria Ashuganj INF-2017-18-201233-01 Building RCC Drain 1,000,000.00
416 Brahmanbaria Akhaura INF-2017-18-201202-03 Supply of 01 van for Disabled Kids, 61 Silling fans, 2 IPS and Solar Lightsat Upazila 1,018,320.00
417 Brahmanbaria Akhaura INF-2017-18-201202-02 Supply of 24 multimedia projector & 10 laptop at different educational Institutions 1,050,480.00
418 Brahmanbaria Akhaura INF-2017-18-201202-01 Supply of 84 benches at different educational Institutions 1,931,200.00
419 Bhola Tajumuddin INF-2017-18-100991-02 Construction of a computer lab 2,000,000.00
420 Bhola Tajumuddin INF-2017-18-100991-01 Construction of RCC road 2,000,000.00
421 Patuakhali Rangabali INF-2017-18-107887-03 Supply of bench in schools and madrasa 1,356,600.00
422 Patuakhali Rangabali INF-2017-18-107887-02 Supply of multimedia in school 1,516,862.00
423 Patuakhali Rangabali INF-2017-18-107887-01 Construction of deep tubewell in clinic 1,016,420.00
424 Jhalokati Rajapur INF-2017-18-104284-03 Building of school class room 1,000,000.00
425 Jhalokati Rajapur INF-2017-18-104284-02 Building of school class room 1,000,000.00
426 Jhalokati Rajapur INF-2017-18-104284-01 Building of college commonroom 2,000,000.00
427 Pirojpur Nesarabad INF-2017-18-107987-01 Construction of Washblock in school 3,996,000.00
428 Patuakhali Mirzaganj INF-2017-18-107876-02 Construction to extend a building in school's examination center. 2,189,630.00
429 Patuakhali Mirzaganj INF-2017-18-107876-01 Constraction of market drain. 1,810,370.00
430 Bhola Lalmohon INF-2017-18-100954-02 Construction of RCC Road 3,000,000.00
431 Bhola Lalmohon INF-2017-18-100954-01 Supply brench and white board in schools and madrasa. 1,000,000.00
432 Jhalokati Kathalia INF-2017-18-104243-02 Construction of academic bhaban for secondary school 2,000,000.00
433 Jhalokati Kathalia INF-2017-18-104243-01 Construction of new school building for vocational institution 2,000,000.00
434 Patuakhali Kalapara INF-2017-18-107866-02 Setting deep tubewell for 13 community clinic 1,014,228.00
435 Patuakhali Kalapara INF-2017-18-107866-01 Reformation of 7 community clinic in 06 Union 2,985,772.00
436 Patuakhali Dumki INF-2017-18-107855-03 Construction of drain to irridicate water logging at Lebu Bazar 1,381,952.00
437 Patuakhali Dumki INF-2017-18-107855-02 Construction of drain to irridicate water logging at Pirtala Fish market 1,519,133.00
438 Patuakhali Dumki INF-2017-18-107855-01 Construction of X Drain for agriculture and to solve water logging 1,094,150.00
439 Bhola Doulatkhan INF-2017-18-100929-02 Construction of swearage drain in bazar 2,022,472.00
440 Bhola Doulatkhan INF-2017-18-100929-01 Supply of education equipment at different Institute under Upazila (Laptop, Multimedia Projector, Projector Screen & Bench) 1,976,743.00
441 Patuakhali Dashmina INF-2017-18-107852-02 Construction of labour ward , and two public toilets in public place 2,047,297.50
442 Patuakhali Dashmina INF-2017-18-107852-01 Construction of RCC road 1,931,456.70
443 Bhola Charfasson INF-2017-18-100925-01 Building exam hall and academic building for school 4,000,000.00
444 Barguna Betagi INF-2017-18-100447-02 Supply of infrastructure and furniture for washblock 1,593,141.00
445 Barguna Betagi INF-2017-18-100447-01 Infrastructure of school Building 2,406,859.00
446 Patuakhali Bauphal INF-2017-18-107838-02 Construction of Public Toilet 1,875,800.00
447 Patuakhali Bauphal INF-2017-18-107838-01 Establishing deep hand-tubewell for safe drinking water 2,124,200.00
448 Barisal Barishal Sadar INF-2017-18-100651-02 supplying multimedia sets in 10 schools and madrasa 1,113,063.00
449 Barisal Barishal Sadar INF-2017-18-100651-01 Supplying benches in schools and madrasa 2,886,937.00
450 Barisal Bakerganj INF-2017-18-100607-02 Repairing 26 deep tubewells and establishing 2 new 2,961,283.50
451 Barisal Bakerganj INF-2017-18-100607-01 Supplying furnitures in 43 clinics 1,018,685.00
452 Barisal Agailijhara INF-2017-18-100602-03 Construction of wash blocks at 07 schools 1,589,288.00
453 Barisal Agailijhara INF-2017-18-100602-02 Repairing 04 secondary Schools 1,344,203.00
454 Barisal Agailijhara INF-2017-18-100602-01 Repairing 9 community clinics 1,066,509.00

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