Infrastructure Development Sub-project Data (Sixth Round) as on 31/03/2024

No. District Upazila ID ID ID Name Approved Budget
1 Sylhet Zakiganj INF6-2021-22-609194-02 Supply of Hi-low Bench of various high school 1875500
2 Sylhet Zakiganj INF6-2021-22-609194-01 Repair and maintainance pirerchalk flood center 2996997
3 Sylhet Sylhet Sadar INF6-2021-22-609162-01 Construction of Primary School Building and Supplying of Benches(High & Low) in ChamauraKandi, at 8No. Kandigaon Union of Sylhet Sadar Upazila under Sylhet District, Sylhet. 4480864
4 Sylhet Osmani Nagar INF6-2021-22-609160-01 Construction of Fish Shed & Surface Drain at Tajpur & Burunga Bazar 2028049
5 Sylhet Osmani Nagar INF6-2021-22-609160-02 Construction of Cattle Shed at Goalabazar Cattle Market 2441000
6 Sylhet Kanaighat INF6-2021-22-609159-03 Supply of high, low combined bench with book shelf for 34 different educational institute under Kanaighat upazila, Sylhet district. 2330829
7 Sylhet Kanaighat INF6-2021-22-609159-02 Supply of solar streetlight at different roads in Kanaighat Upazila. 1206885
8 Sylhet Kanaighat INF6-2021-22-609159-01 Supply of medical equipments in Kanaighat upazila health complex. 1126881
9 Sylhet Jaintiapur INF6-2021-22-609153-04 Class room construction of Hamu Tinpara high Jaintiapur Upazial under Sylhet division 1117318
10 Sylhet Jaintiapur INF6-2021-22-609153-03 Class room construction of Amina Halali Technical Institute of Jaintapur Upazila under Sylhet division. 1117318
11 Sylhet Jaintiapur INF6-2021-22-609153-02 Supply of School bench (High and Low) to Secondary School in Jaintiapur Upazila under Sylhet district. 1219512
12 Sylhet Jaintiapur INF6-2021-22-609153-01 The name of sub project construction of girl?s facilities room and supply of materials in Central Jainta High School at Jaintapur Upazila under Sylhet District. 1117318
13 Sylhet Gowainghat INF6-2021-22-609141-02 The name of sub-project to install buried pipes in networking system at different places in Gowainghat Upazila with the aim of increasing agricultural production 2234637
14 Sylhet Gowainghat INF6-2021-22-609141-01 Class room construction of Faruk Ahmed Khunkiri high school at Gowanghat Upazila under Sylhet district 2234637
15 Sylhet Golapganj INF6-2021-22-609138-02 Constructions of connecting rcc road for little star school for special child. 1117319
16 Sylhet Golapganj INF6-2021-22-609138-01 01.Maintenance of Dhaka dakshmin govt.primary school, 02.Installation of sanitary items of Little star school for special children, 03.Supplying of high low bench for different educational institute of Golapganj upazila. 1177151
17 Sylhet Fenchuganj INF6-2021-22-609135-03 Construction of Community Toilet with 50 Users at Isakiya Dakhil Madrash and Manikkuna Darul Kerat Dakhil Madrash Under Fenchuganj Upazila Parishad, Sylhet. 1247176
18 Sylhet Fenchuganj INF6-2021-22-609135-02 Estimate for Supplying of Operation Theater Equipment's( OT Light, Multipurpose Operating Table, Diathermy, Patient Monitor, Air Conditioner and Suction Apparatus under Fenchugonj Upazila, Sylhet. 1205889
19 Sylhet Fenchuganj INF6-2021-22-609135-01 Estimate for Supplying of Ultrasonography Machine with UPS and Printer Under Fenchugonj Upazila, Sylhet. 2016201
20 Sylhet Dakshin Surma INF6-2021-22-609131-01 Supplying of Medical and Non-Medical equipment's in 14 Community Clinics and construction of Breast Feeding Corner in 8 Community Clinics 1867351
21 Sylhet Dakshin Surma INF6-2021-22-609131-02 Installation of Solar panel in 14 Community Clinics and Installation of water filters in 7 Community Clinics, 11 in Jalapur High School & 10 in Abdul Ahad High School 1695366
22 Sylhet Dakshin Surma INF6-2021-22-609131-03 Supplying of Multimedia Equipment's in Jalalpur High School and Abdul Ahad High School at Dakshin Surma Upazila under Sylhet District 1119530
23 Sylhet Companiganj INF6-2021-22-609127-02 Supply of School bench (High and Low) to Secondary School in Companiganj Upazila under Sylhet district. 1219512
24 Sylhet Companiganj INF6-2021-22-609127-01 Supplying and Installation Solar Street Light Equipment different public demanded important place of Comnpaniganj upazila under Sylhet district. 3351955
25 Sylhet Bishwanath INF6-2021-22-609120-01 Supply of Bench in 24 different educational institutions of Biswanath Upazila under Sylhet District 4875800
26 Sylhet Beanibazar INF6-2021-22-609117-02 wash block 1670500
27 Sylhet Beanibazar INF6-2021-22-609117-01 Instalment of solar street light 2887500
28 Sylhet Balaganj INF6-2021-22-609108-03 Supply of Ultra sonogram Machine at Upazila Health Complex & maintenance of Upazila Muktijoddha Complex Memory Preservation 1200000
29 Sylhet Balaganj INF6-2021-22-609108-01 Construction of class room at Banglabazar High School at Poschim Gouripur Union, under Balaganj Upazila 2101022
30 Sylhet Balaganj INF6-2021-22-609108-02 Construction of drain at Boaljur Bazar & Kalibari Bazar 1167903
31 Sunamganj Tahirpur INF6-2021-22-609092-02 (a) Installation of Submergible Tube well and water supply through pipe line at Chanpur Tila & Razai Village (b) Construction of Community Toilet at Chanpur Tila Village 1299990
32 Sunamganj Tahirpur INF6-2021-22-609092-01 "Supply of High-Low Benches at 15 different institutions" (high school, college & Madrasha) in Tahirpur Upazila 3459156
33 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-609089-01 Supply of high and low benches in different educational institutions of sunamganj sadar upazila. (34 institutions) 4878049
34 Sunamganj Sullah INF6-2021-22-609086-02 Provision of high and low benches in various educational institutions (primary, secondary, madrasa and college) of Shalla upazila. 2431000
35 Sunamganj Sullah INF6-2021-22-609086-01 Digital x-ray machine provided to Shalla Upazila Health Complex 2241989
36 Sunamganj Shantiganj* INF6-2021-22-609027-02 "Supply of High-Low Benches at 10 different institutions" (high school and college) in Santiganj Upazila 1276220
37 Sunamganj Shantiganj* INF6-2021-22-609027-01 "Supply of High-Low Benches at 36 different institutions" (Primary school) in Santiganj Upazila 3601829
38 Sunamganj Jamalganj INF6-2021-22-609050-02 Constriction of RCC Drain (Polok Road To Nuton Bazer - 203.720 Mitter) Sachna Bazer of the Jamalganj upazila. 2576912
39 Sunamganj Jamalganj INF6-2021-22-609050-01 Supply of high and low benches in different 11 educational institutions of the Jamalganj upazila. 2065442
40 Sunamganj Jagannathpur INF6-2021-22-609047-01 Establish Salubrious corner and construction wash block in different High school & college (5 nos.) of Jagannathpur Upazila. 4469270
41 Sunamganj Dowarabazar INF6-2021-22-609033-01 Distribution high-low bench at different school , College and madrasa in dowarabazar, sunamganj 4870500
42 Sunamganj Dharmapasha INF6-2021-22-609032-03 Medical equipment supply at community clinic, union health Centre and Upazila Health complex 1117318
43 Sunamganj Dharmapasha INF6-2021-22-609032-02 Bench supply among different educational institute 2422500
44 Sunamganj Dharmapasha INF6-2021-22-609032-01 Construction of vegetable/fish shed at Tuker bazar & Gashtola bazar under Dharmapasha Upazila 1132458
45 Sunamganj Derai INF6-2021-22-609029-01 Providing high and low benches in various primary, secondary schools and madrasas of Dirai Upazila 4878049
46 Sunamganj Chhatak INF6-2021-22-609023-03 Multipurpose shed at jawabazar, chhatak, 1117468
47 Sunamganj Chhatak INF6-2021-22-609023-02 Distribution High & Low bench for Different School, College & Madrasha at Chhatak Upazila 1219512
48 Sunamganj Chhatak INF6-2021-22-609023-01 new building for lakeshwar dakhil madrasha at chhatak 2234637
49 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur INF6-2021-22-609018-04 Constriction of 05 U Drain Culvart Under the Biswambarpur upazila.( 01 Pipe Culvart & 04 culvart of U Drain) 1117319
50 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur INF6-2021-22-609018-03 Supply of 05 (Five) Power Tiller in different Farmers Organization Under Bishwampur upazila.Sunamganj. 1117319
51 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur INF6-2021-22-609018-02 Constriction of 02 (TWO) community Clinic Delivery Room (Majher tech & Miyarchar) Under Bishwamvarpur Upazila,sunamganj. 1675977
52 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur INF6-2021-22-609018-01 Supply of high and low benches in different 16 educational institutions of the Bishwamverpur upazila.Sunamganj 1829268
53 Moulvibazar Sreemangal INF6-2021-22-605883-01 Establish of science park for the different schools students for practically development of education under Sreemangal Upazila Parishad. 4469274
54 Moulvibazar Rajnagar INF6-2021-22-605880-01 Construction of Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) at Health Complex under Rajnagar Upazila 4469274
55 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF6-2021-22-605874-02 Vertical extension of classrooms of Moulvibazar Town Kamil Madrasha. 1214190
56 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF6-2021-22-605874-01 Supply of high and low benches in various primary schools, High schools and madrashas of Moulvibazar sadar uupazila. 3552807
57 Moulvibazar Kulaura INF6-2021-22-605865-03 (A) Construction of Public Toilet at Pakur Bazar under Kadipur union. (B)Construction of drains to remove water logging at Nachirganj Bazar under Sharifpur Union. 1345650
58 Moulvibazar Kulaura INF6-2021-22-605865-02 Construction of stairs for the group of small ethnographic communities at Meghatila capitals. 1768516
59 Moulvibazar Kulaura INF6-2021-22-605865-01 Renovation work of Hygiene Corner for Female Students at secondary, higher secondary and degree educational institutions under Kulaura upazila. 1355108
60 Moulvibazar Kamalganj INF6-2021-22-605856-01 Construction of Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) at Health Complex under Kamalganj Upazila 4469274
61 Moulvibazar Juri INF6-2021-22-605835-03 Construction and renovation of four hygiene corners for female students of secondary schools and madrashas in Juri upazila. 1130571
62 Moulvibazar Juri INF6-2021-22-605835-02 Construction of two stairs for easy movement at Elbin tila and Kochurgul Khashia punji of Juri upazila. 1449412
63 Moulvibazar Juri INF6-2021-22-605835-01 High-low bench supply of 12 nos educational Institution of Juri upazila. 2061726
64 Moulvibazar Borolekha INF6-2021-22-605814-03 Supply of medical equipment to 21 community clinics and 1 sub-health center in Baralekha upazila. 1117318
65 Moulvibazar Borolekha INF6-2021-22-605814-02 Supply of agricultural and irrigation equipment to 30 farmers associations of different unions in Baralekha upazila. 1206704
66 Moulvibazar Borolekha INF6-2021-22-605814-01 Supply of high-low benches to 10 secondary schools and madrasas in Baralekha upazila. 2338810
67 Habiganj Shaistaganj INF6-2021-22-603687-01 Construction and Installation of Solar Street Light on Road Side of Three Union Under Shayestaganj Upazila Parishad. 4469274
68 Habiganj Nabiganj INF6-2021-22-603677-01 Supplying, Assembling, fitting, fixing & installation of Solar Street Light, Solar Panel and poll at different important roads/ Bazars of Nabiganj Upazila. 4455337
69 Habiganj Madhabpur INF6-2021-22-603671-02 : Supply bench to different Secondary level educational Institute of Madhabpur Upazila. 1946500
70 Habiganj Madhabpur INF6-2021-22-603671-01 A) Construction of Classroom at Sultanpur High School. B) Construction of a Fish shade at Jogodishpur Bazar of Madhabpur Upazila under Habiganj district. 2685864
71 Habiganj Lakhai INF6-2021-22-203668-02 A. Construction of RCC road for the student of SEDP Model High School of Muriauk Union of Lakhi Upazila . B. Construction of RCC Drain for drainage of Water from the south of the house of Kayyaim Bhuiyan of Muriauk Bazer of Lakhi Upazila to khal in front of Badar mia house . 1973506
72 Habiganj Lakhai INF6-2021-22-203668-01 Construcktion of RCC Drain from the market of Muriauk Villeage of Muriauk Union of Lakhi Upazila to Abdul Kayyum Bhuiyans house. 2494536
73 Habiganj Habiganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-603644-03 (A)Supply bench in 7 secondari school and Madrasha (B) Supply Sircollar,solar pannel and msdical equipment in Union health and family welfare center 1778171
74 Habiganj Habiganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-603644-02 Constraction 2 wash block in Kalni Noabad high school and Darul Huda Islamia Dhakil madrasha 1117318
75 Habiganj Habiganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-603644-01 Constraction 3 Fish shade in Joynogor Bazar,Isankona mosjid market and Boiddo bazar in Habiganj Sadar upazila 1675177
76 Habiganj Chunarughat INF6-2021-22-603626-02 Installation of Solar Street Light, Solar Panel and poll at different important roads/ Bazars of Chunarughat Upazila. 1980780
77 Habiganj Chunarughat INF6-2021-22-603626-01 A) Construction of Drain at Durgapur Bazar under Ubahata UP of Chunarughat Upazila. B) Construction of 01 (One) fish shade at Amtoli Bazar under Deurgach UP of Chunarughat. C) Construction of a wash block at Sutang Bazar under Paikpara UP of Chunarughat Upazila. 2488494
78 Habiganj Baniyachong INF6-2021-22-603611-03 (A)Constraction of meat shade in Baniyachong Boro bazar (B) Constraction RCC drain in Alompur village Masuk Mia house to Faruk Mia house 1671462
79 Habiganj Baniyachong INF6-2021-22-603611-02 Constraction RCC road in Chaturango Rayer para Moti Mia rice mill to Darul Hikma Madrasha 1182512
80 Habiganj Baniyachong INF6-2021-22-603611-01 (A) Constraction of delivery room in 4 no Baniyachong uttor purbo Union sub-health center (B) Supply medical equipment in Union health and Family welfare center 1615300
81 Habiganj Bahubal INF6-2021-22-603605-02 Supply of High Low Benches at 03 no's Different High School under Bahubal Upazila. 1829268
82 Habiganj Bahubal INF6-2021-22-603605-01 Construction and Installation of Solar Street Light on Road Side Under Bahubal Upazila. 2793296
83 Habiganj Ajmiriganj INF6-2021-22-603602-01 Constraction 2 Girls facility room in Miadhon mia Girls high school and Shib Pasha high school 4469723
84 Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Sadar INF6-2021-22-559494-02 Supply deskstop all in one model in different Secondary School and Madrasha 2569832
85 Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Sadar INF6-2021-22-559494-01 Supply a gramin ambulance at Ruhia sub-health centre 3016760
86 Thakurgaon Ranisankail INF6-2021-22-559486-01 Supplying 573 nos high-low benches to various examination centers and educational institutions of Ranisankail Upazila 4870500
87 Thakurgaon Pirganj INF6-2021-22-559482-03 Supply High & Low Bench at 15 nos different Secondary level Educational Institutions under Pirganj Upazila,Thakurgaon 2519253
88 Thakurgaon Pirganj INF6-2021-22-559482-02 Street Light Solar Panel Installation at Khangaon and Pirganj Union under Pirganj,Thakurgaon 1710000
89 Thakurgaon Pirganj INF6-2021-22-559482-01 Construction of 2 nos WASH Block for female teachers and girls at Dostompur girls high school and S.N.Adarsha girls high School 1568451
90 Thakurgaon Haripur INF6-2021-22-559451-02 Supply plastic high and low bench in Secendary School and Madrasha 2431000
91 Thakurgaon Haripur INF6-2021-22-559451-01 RCC Box Drain construction at Haripur Bazar 3359307
92 Thakurgaon Baliadangi INF6-2021-22-559408-02 Supply deskstop all in one model in Secondary School and Madrasha 1237654
93 Thakurgaon Baliadangi INF6-2021-22-559408-01 Supply Solar light at different main road of Baliadangi 4348938
94 Rangpur Taraganj INF6-2021-22-558592-02 a)supplying of Dewlivery Bed,Spot Light,Oxygen Cylender,Flow-meter Oxygen,Solar IPS System,Thermal Schanner and pulse oxymeter at Union Health & Family welfare Centre at Taraganj Upazila.b) Supplying of High & Low Bench at different educational Institute under Taraganj Upazila. 1194430
95 Rangpur Taraganj INF6-2021-22-558592-01 Supplyf of Bench of different educational institutions at Taraganj Upazila.(23 nos.School) 2777211
96 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-558549-01 Installation of solar panels in the remote areas of different unions of Rangpur sadar upazila street junctions, haat bazaars and public place. 1657500
97 Rangpur Pirganj INF6-2021-22-558576-03 Construction of Wash Block in Kumedpur Kaderia Umor Uddin Di-Mukhi Fajil Madrasa. 1364500
98 Rangpur Pirganj INF6-2021-22-558576-02 Construction of Classroom in Harinsing Bazar High school,Construction of common room of pirganj womens college and construction of class room in jafarpara High school. 3315000
99 Rangpur Pirganj INF6-2021-22-558576-01 Supplying of Medical Delivery Equepment in Rangamati community clinic,Sanerhat health Sub-center,Vendabari Health Sub-center,Khejmatpur Health Sub-center,Tuknipara Health sub-center, and jafarpara health sub-center. 1117319
100 Rangpur Pirgachha INF6-2021-22-558573-03 Supplying Generator,ECG machaines and Analyzer at Pirgacha upazila health complex under Pirgacha Upazila district Rangpur 1229050
101 Rangpur Pirgachha INF6-2021-22-558573-02 Construction of wash block and hygiene corner at Pirgacha multi Language Short hand training Academy under pirgacha upazila district Rangpur 1117374
102 Rangpur Pirgachha INF6-2021-22-558573-01 Supplying polimar Hi-Low bench at 11 nos.different Secondary and higher Secondary level institutions examination centers under Pirgacha upazila district Rangpur 3527500
103 Rangpur Mithapukur INF6-2021-22-558558-02 Supplying of High-Low Benches at 15 Educational Institutions under Mithapukur Upazila 4163203
104 Rangpur Mithapukur INF6-2021-22-558558-01 Construction of ICT Lab Room at Shathibari Girls High School, Mithapukur 1772258
105 Rangpur Kaunia INF6-2021-22-558542-01 Suppling polimar hi-low bench 9 nos.secondary and higher secondary level institutions examination centers of Kaunia upazila district Rangpur 4870500
106 Rangpur Gangachara INF6-2021-22-558527-01 Supplying of Bench at different educational Institution at Gangachara Upazila.(Bench 38 Nos. School) 3658536
107 Rangpur Badarganj INF6-2021-22-558503-01 Construction of Badarganj Multipurpose Training Center (BMTC) and Public Library 4469274
108 Panchagarh Tetulia INF6-2021-22-557790-02 Construction of RCC drain from Doyel Scale of Banglabanda Union of Tetulia Upazila to Tama Factory and construction of RCC drain from Bhajanpur Bazar Noor Ukil's house of Bhajanpur Union to Anwar BDR's house 2234637
109 Panchagarh Tetulia INF6-2021-22-557790-01 Supply of High-low benches at 16 nos different educational institutions, 2493024
110 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar INF6-2021-22-557773-02 Construction of Was Block of Sasmera Majhipara Karatoya Ardash High School of Satmera Union of Panchagarh Sadar Upazila and Dhangi Pukuri Two-way High School of Harivasa Union 1117320
111 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar INF6-2021-22-557773-01 Construction of WAS Blocks in 05 High Schools and 01 Dakhil Madrasa of Panchagarh Sadar Upazila 3351955
112 Panchagarh Debiganj INF6-2021-22-557734-01 Supplying 573 nos high-low benches to various examination centers and educational institutions of Debiganj Upazila 4870500
113 Panchagarh Boda INF6-2021-22-557725-02 Supply of High-low benches at 23 nos different educational institutions, 2677500
114 Panchagarh Boda INF6-2021-22-557725-01 Construction of RCC drain for water drainage from fish market to meat market in Sakoya Bazar of Ward No. 06 of Sakoya Union of Boda Upazila and construction of RCC drain in Hat Bazar in Panchpir Union 2012071
115 Panchagarh Atwari INF6-2021-22-557704-02 Supply and installation of medical equipment to Atwari Upazila Health Complex. 1120559
116 Panchagarh Atwari INF6-2021-22-557704-01 Supplying 430 nos high-low benches to various examination centers and educational institutions of Atwari Upazila. 3655000
117 Nilphamari Saidpur INF6-2021-22-557385-03 Construction of a Drain from Hazarihat Bazar to back side of College under Sayedpur Upazila, Nilphamari 1887031
118 Nilphamari Saidpur INF6-2021-22-557385-02 (A) Supplying of Medical Equipment at Hazarihat Health Sub center and (B) Supplying of ICT equipment at 07 educational institutions for the establishment of Computer Lab for the Students under Sayedpur Upazila 1769969
119 Nilphamari Saidpur INF6-2021-22-557385-01 Supplying of High-Low Benches at 21 Educational Institutions under Sayedpur Upazila 2129007
120 Nilphamari Nilphamari Sadar INF6-2021-22-557364-03 Supply solar street light Sadar upazila Ramnagar , kundupukur & chowra barogasa road. 1117319
121 Nilphamari Nilphamari Sadar INF6-2021-22-557364-02 construction Of three delivery room under three union 2540111
122 Nilphamari Nilphamari Sadar INF6-2021-22-557364-01 Sadar Upazila 16 High school supply High Low branch under sadar upazila. 2074000
123 Nilphamari Kishoreganj INF6-2021-22-557345-02 A) Construction of Wash Block in Uttar Kalikapur Muslim Shahi Dakhal Madrasha under Putimari UP, Kishoreganj, Nilphamari B) Installation of Tubewell at Kelturs House for the supplying of safe water in community level at Paschim Daliram Paharipara, Ward No. 05, in Garagram UP, Kishoreganj, Nilphamari 1269324
124 Nilphamari Kishoreganj INF6-2021-22-557345-01 Installation of Solar Street Light on important roads of different union under Kishoreganj Upazila, Nilphamari 3199949
125 Nilphamari Jaldhaka INF6-2021-22-557336-02 Construction of Wash Block with Hygiene Corner for Girls Student at Purbo Balagram Sokinia Bohumukhi Dakhil Madrasha, Taluk Golna Rashidul Chowdhury Dakhil Madrasha and Uttor Deshibai High School under Jaldhaka Upazila, District: Nilphamari 2792898
126 Nilphamari Jaldhaka INF6-2021-22-557336-01 Construction of Wash Block with Hygiene Corner for Girls Student at Golna Kaliganj Shahid Smriti High School, Bhabonchur Mora Tista Sifun High School and Goplajhar Di-Mukhi High School under Jaldhaka Upazila, District: Nilphamari 2792898
127 Nilphamari Domar INF6-2021-22-557315-02 Supplying of High-Low Bench at different Educational Instituton under Domar Upazila, District-Nilphamari 3910000
128 Nilphamari Domar INF6-2021-22-557315-01 Construction of Common Room with Attached Toilet/Wash Room for Girls Student at Gomnati High School under Domar Upazila, District: Nilphamari 2004021
129 Nilphamari Dimla INF6-2021-22-557312-02 Installation of solar street light from Baburhat GC to Dangarhat GC of Dimla upazila. 1117319
130 Nilphamari Dimla INF6-2021-22-557312-01 Construction Of five girls hygiene corner different High school . 4382263
131 Lalmonirhat Patgram INF6-2021-22-555270-01 Provision of ambulance for use in Upazila Health Complex under the control of Patgram Upazila parishad and waiting chairs for patients in various community clinics. 4518327
132 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar INF6-2021-22-555255-02 Construction of RCC drain for drainage from shingadara mouza H/O Rofiqul to south side of bridge under Mohendranagar UP, Lalminirhat Sadar. 1148404
133 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar INF6-2021-22-555255-01 Supply of 461 pairs of high and low benches in 21 educational institutions of lalmonirhat sadar upazila. 3618850
134 Lalmonirhat Kaliganj INF6-2021-22-555239-01 Kaliganj Upazila Sub-project for nstallation of Solar lights/streel lights on various important roads. 4469274
135 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha INF6-2021-22-555233-01 Instolation of solar street llight at doikhowa bazer to burirhat bazer under hatibandha Upazila. 3317039
136 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha INF6-2021-22-555233-02 Supply of 160 pairs of high and low benches in 08 educational institutions of lalmonirhat sadar upazila. 1257000
137 Lalmonirhat Aditmari INF6-2021-22-555202-01 Installation of Solar street lights in different places of Aditmari Upazila,Lalmonirhat. 4464824
138 Kurigram Ulipur INF6-2021-22-554994-02 Installation of Solar Street light at different road under Ulipur Upazila 1120559
139 Kurigram Ulipur INF6-2021-22-554994-01 Supplying of Bench for different Educational Institute Under Ulipur Upazila.. 3655000
140 Kurigram Raumari INF6-2021-22-554979-01 Solar street light install various public important place in Rowmari Upazila. 4416500
141 Kurigram Rajarhat INF6-2021-22-554977-02 Solar street light installation at different road of Rajarhat Upazila. 3209124
142 Kurigram Rajarhat INF6-2021-22-554977-01 Supply multimedia projector and screen at different institution 1260150
143 Kurigram Phulbari INF6-2021-22-554918-05 High-Low bench supply to Secondary Educational Institute at Phulbari, Kurigram 1219513
144 Kurigram Phulbari INF6-2021-22-554918-04 Construction of two room Sami pacca building at Nawdanga D S Dakhil Maddrsha. 1117319
145 Kurigram Phulbari INF6-2021-22-554918-03 Construction of two room Sami pacca building at Phulbari Jashimahia High School. 1117319
146 Kurigram Phulbari INF6-2021-22-554918-02 Construction of two room Sami pacca building at Kholarhat College. 1117319
147 Kurigram Phulbari INF6-2021-22-554918-01 Construction of two room Sami pacca building at Kanshipur High School. 1117319
148 Kurigram Nageshwari INF6-2021-22-554961-04 Repiaring and development of Upazola administration School and college. 1117319
149 Kurigram Nageshwari INF6-2021-22-554961-03 Solar street light installation project on Difrents important roads of Nageshwari upazila 1728000
150 Kurigram Nageshwari INF6-2021-22-554961-02 Ceiling fan distribution project in various educational institutions of Nageswari upazila. 1288759
151 Kurigram Nageshwari INF6-2021-22-554961-01 High-low bench supply project to overcome the shortage seats of secondary educational institute. 1700000
152 Kurigram Kurigram Sadar INF6-2021-22-554952-02 Supplying various materials to 32 community clinics to provide better services to the poor through telemedicine services. 1219500
153 Kurigram Kurigram Sadar INF6-2021-22-554952-01 Construction of two class room in three educational institution in kurigram sadar upazila. 4469000
154 Kurigram Chilmari INF6-2021-22-554909-03 Supplying of Power Tiller at Different Farmers group Under Chilmari Upazila.. 1232474
155 Kurigram Chilmari INF6-2021-22-554909-02 Solar street light installation at different road of Chilmari Upazila. 1165269
156 Kurigram Chilmari INF6-2021-22-554909-01 Supply high -low Bench distribution at different institution 2261000
157 Kurigram Char Rajibpur INF6-2021-22-554908-02 Central solar panel install for emergency power supply in Rajibpur Upazila Health Complex.. 2228159
158 Kurigram Char Rajibpur INF6-2021-22-554908-01 Solar street light install various public important place in Rajibpur Upazila. 2226500
159 Kurigram Bhurungamari INF6-2021-22-554906-02 Construction of wash block & and maintenance work of common room and Classroom building. 1583296
160 Kurigram Bhurungamari INF6-2021-22-554906-01 Construction of Drain/Canal for agriculture development relieves congestion. 2885977
161 Gaibandha Sundarganj INF6-2021-22-553291-02 Supply Digital Ultrasound machine and Genaretor for continue electricity and patients healthcare on Upazila Health Complex Under Sundorganj Upazilla. 1293476
162 Gaibandha Sundarganj INF6-2021-22-553291-01 Construction of Storied Academic/Science Building with Storied Foundation for Belka Degree College at Belka Union under Sundorganj Upazila. 3175798
163 Gaibandha Saghata INF6-2021-22-553288-02 A) Construction of hygiene corner at Kachuahat Shaheed H.R.M girls high school. B) Construction of class room at Saghata Pilot high school 2403634
164 Gaibandha Saghata INF6-2021-22-553288-01 Supply of Ultrasonogram machine at Kamalerpara Hosneara mother and child welfare center in Saghata 2063265
165 Gaibandha Sadullapur INF6-2021-22-553282-01 A) Construction of classroom in Ambagan Abaytullah Mondol Girls High School. B) Construction of Rasulpur Union Sub center at Rasulpur Union. 3723315
166 Gaibandha Sadullapur INF6-2021-22-553282-02 2)a) Supplying of High and Law bench in Niamotnogor M.U High school ,Dhaperhat priobala Girls School and college,Lokkhipur Rahima High School,Mohipur bazarGirls High School,Torof Kamal Adorso Dakhil Madrasa,Modhopara Di-Mukhi Dakhil Madrasa,,Sadullapur Girls Dakhil Madrasa,,Khordoruhua Darul ulum Dakhil Madrasa,Boro Jamalpur Senior Madrasa,Torof bajit Dakhil Madrasa,Sadullapur Gov K>M girls High School,.2)b) Supplying of ultrasonography machine in Sadullapur Health Comple and Supplying of Cell counter in Sadullapur Diabetics Hospital. 1946194
167 Gaibandha Palashbari INF6-2021-22-553267-03 Supply of benches to 28 diffarent secondary schools and madrasas of Palashbari upazila. 2422500
168 Gaibandha Palashbari INF6-2021-22-553267-02 Supply of medical equipment to Palashbari Upazila Health Complex and Palashbari Diabetic Society. 1128449
169 Gaibandha Palashbari INF6-2021-22-553267-01 Construction of Classroom at Monoharpur Girls High School. 1117319
170 Gaibandha Gobindaganj INF6-2021-22-553230-04 Installation of solar street lights on Kumidanga road from Hirak cinema via Mahimaganj. 1117319
171 Gaibandha Gobindaganj INF6-2021-22-553230-03 Supply of high and low benches to defferent educational institutions of Gobindganj upazila. 1219512
172 Gaibandha Gobindaganj INF6-2021-22-553230-02 Construction of classrooms at Akramul Haque Ideal and Computer Science College. 1117319
173 Gaibandha Gobindaganj INF6-2021-22-553230-01 Construction of classrooms at Haripur Sharvaniya Dakhil Madrasah. 1117319
174 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar INF6-2021-22-553224-02 Supply of high and low benches to various primary schools of Gaibandha Sadar Upazila 1252800
175 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar INF6-2021-22-553224-01 Supply of high and low benches to various secondary schools and madrasa educational institutions of Gaibandha Sadar Upazila 4844160
176 Gaibandha Fulchhari INF6-2021-22-553221-03 Supply and instalation of Solar street light at different important road in Fulchhari upazila 1526514
177 Gaibandha Fulchhari INF6-2021-22-553221-02 Construction of hygiene corner at N.H.A girls high school and Burail Adarsha Dakhil Madrasha 1690661
178 Gaibandha Fulchhari INF6-2021-22-553221-01 Supply of necessary equipment to increase the quality of health service of Fulchhari Upazila Health Complex 1250962
179 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF6-2021-22-552777-03 Construction of Operation Theater, Animal Shed and Vaccination Shed at Upazila Live Stokes Office under Parbatipuri Upazila under Dinajpur District 1961798
180 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF6-2021-22-552777-02 Supply of Medical Equipmrnt & Instrument at Upazila Health Complex and Family Planning Welfare Centre under Parbatipur Upazila under Dinajpur 1410124
181 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF6-2021-22-552777-01 Supply of Fan and Bench at different institution under Parbatipur Upazila under Dinajpur. 1221248
182 Dinajpur Khansama INF6-2021-22-552760-02 Construction of WASH block in zamir Uddin shah Girls High School & College and construction of Public toilet at Paker hat Shishu Park. 2210000
183 Dinajpur Khansama INF6-2021-22-552760-01 Supply of pairs benches for 24 educational institutions of secondary level Under Khansama Upazila 2431000
184 Dinajpur Kaharole INF6-2021-22-552756-02 Construction of Classrooms for Sundorpur lower secondary school students and construction of classrooms for 6th to 8th grade students in Isail Government Primary School. 2234633
185 Dinajpur Kaharole INF6-2021-22-552756-01 Supply of pairs benches for 16 educational institutions of secondary level under Kaharole Upazila 2431000
186 Dinajpur Hakimpur INF6-2021-22-552747-02 Supply Comuter and Fan at different school and Madrasha and Medical equipment suply at UHC 2231537
187 Dinajpur Hakimpur INF6-2021-22-552747-01 High-Low bench supply at different school 2481233
188 Dinajpur Ghoraghat INF6-2021-22-552743-03 Supply Solar IPS,Fan,Cardiac monitor and High-Low bences 1542770
189 Dinajpur Ghoraghat INF6-2021-22-552743-02 Construction washblock at Damudarpur high school 1340800
190 Dinajpur Ghoraghat INF6-2021-22-552743-01 Construction Digital classroom at Jalalabad high school 1700000
191 Dinajpur Fulbari INF6-2021-22-552738-02 Construction of Operation Theater, Animal Shed and Vaccination Shed at Upazila Live Stokes Office under Fulbari Upazila under Dinajpur District 1499133
192 Dinajpur Fulbari INF6-2021-22-552738-01 Supply of Fan and Bench at different institution under Fulbari Upazila under Dinajpur. 3241800
193 Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-552764-02 Supply of ICT Ecuiptment at Different School at Dinjpur Sadar 2753859
194 Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-552764-01 Supply of medical ecuiptment of 7th union sub center and 35 Community Clinic at Dinajpur Sadar 1715414
195 Dinajpur Chirirbandar INF6-2021-22-552730-01 Supply of solar streat light at different place in chirirbandar upazila dinajpur 4469273
196 Dinajpur Bochaganj INF6-2021-22-552721-03 Supply of High & Low bench for different level secondary educational Institutions under Bochaganj,Dinajpur 2016000
197 Dinajpur Bochaganj INF6-2021-22-552721-02 Construction of 2 nos WASh Block for female teacher,girls student at Baro Sultanpur girls high school and Atgaon girls high school under Bochaganj,Dinajpur 1569581
198 Dinajpur Bochaganj INF6-2021-22-552721-01 Installation Street Light Solar Panel in road side at Chatail and Rangaon Union under Bochaganj,Dinajpur 2166000
199 Dinajpur Birganj INF6-2021-22-552712-02 Supply high-low bench at 25 different school under Birganj upazila 2574800
200 Dinajpur Birganj INF6-2021-22-552712-01 To build two (02) semi paca class room at Amena Karim girls school under Birganj upazila. 2110239
201 Dinajpur Birampur INF6-2021-22-552710-02 Distribution Celling Fans at 66 various educational Institution. 1221906
202 Dinajpur Birampur INF6-2021-22-552710-01 Distribution Bench (high and low) 47 various educational Institution. 3655000
203 Dinajpur Biral INF6-2021-22-552717-01 Distribution of bench in 22 various educational institution in Biral upazila, Dinajpur. 2431000
204 Dinajpur Biral INF6-2021-22-552717-03 Construction of RCC Surface drain Gogonpur Boro bridge to Gogonpur Chourasta via H/O Aminul Under 04 Shohorgam union,Biral, Dinajpur 1117318
205 Dinajpur Biral INF6-2021-22-552717-02 Construction of Hygiene corner at Munshipara High school. 1117318
206 Sirajganj Ullahpara INF6-2021-22-508894-03 Supply of high-low benches in secondary and higher secondary educational institutions. 1219512
207 Sirajganj Ullahpara INF6-2021-22-508894-01 Honey Refinery Machine Supply 1475000
208 Sirajganj Ullahpara INF6-2021-22-508894-02 Construction of common room cum library for female students of Ullapara Pilot Model Mercant High School and Technical College 2994274
209 Sirajganj Tarash INF6-2021-22-508889-01 Construction of a Class room at Tarash Degree College and Construction a semi pacca classroom at Zaforikbal Technical Girls High School. 3342057
210 Sirajganj Tarash INF6-2021-22-508889-02 Supplies of High-low bench for the students of different school and Colleges of Tarash upazila. 1230000
211 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-508878-03 Syedabad UH&FWC repearing for increase normal delivery and Construction of public toilet at Ratankandihat and Kandaparahat under Sirajganj Sadar Upazila 1811768
212 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-508878-02 construction of Cow maternal sheed, AI Sheed and connecting road at Ratankandihat under Sirajganj sadar upazila 1540187
213 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-508878-01 High-Low Brench supply different high school and college under sirajganj sadar upazila for esuring quality education 1219512
214 Sirajganj Shahjadpur INF6-2021-22-508867-02 Supply of AC Ambulance to Upazila Health Complex to increase medical services. 3036335
215 Sirajganj Shahjadpur INF6-2021-22-508867-01 Provision of High-Low Benches in Secondary and Higher Secondary Educational Institutions in Education 1564000
216 Sirajganj Royganj INF6-2021-22-508861-02 Supplies of High-low bench for the students of different schools of Royganj upazila. 1219511
217 Sirajganj Royganj INF6-2021-22-508861-01 Construction of Pipe drain to reduce water logging of Bap mora bil for the Agriculture development. 4469057
218 Sirajganj Kamarkhanda INF6-2021-22-508844-02 Construction of Connecting Road of Raydoulatepur MCWC and Furniture supply for Adolescence Hygiene Corner difference school under Kamarkhanda Upazila 1150000
219 Sirajganj Kamarkhanda INF6-2021-22-508844-01 Construction of Wash block and Passerby waiting room adjacent of kamarkhada central park and Repearing & Development jhaul UH&;FWC for normal delivery center. 4469274
220 Sirajganj Chauhali INF6-2021-22-508827-03 Supply of High and Low Benches in Secondary Schools (Public Examination Centres). 1264660
221 Sirajganj Chauhali INF6-2021-22-508827-02 Construction of additional three class room ( Kodalia Girls High School, Charsalimabad Muslimia DakhilaMadrasha & Dharusalam Dakhil Madrasha 1655148
222 Sirajganj Chauhali INF6-2020-21-508827-01 Construction of additional three class room ( Khas Kswlia Girls High School, Chowhali Woman Kamil madrasha & char Dhitpur Dakhil Madrasha 1655148
223 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF6-2021-22-508811-04 High low brench supply different school under belkuch upazila for quality education 1219512
224 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF6-2021-22-508811-03 Construction & Repearing Jidhury community clinic for normal delivery under Belkuchi upazila 1552130
225 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF6-2021-22-508811-02 Medical equipment supply upazila health complex & Jidhury community clinic under Belkuchi upazila 1349818
226 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF6-2021-22-508811-01 High-low brench Supply different educational institution for quality education under belkuchi upazila 1710679
227 Rajshahi Tanore INF6-2021-22-508194-03 High-low Brenches Sypply Under tanoer Upazila at Educational institute 1219512
228 Rajshahi Tanore INF6-2021-22-508194-02 Construction of class Room at khaligong dregge collage 1675978
229 Rajshahi Tanore INF6-2021-22-508194-01 Construction of class Room at sharanjoy dregge collage 1675978
230 Rajshahi Puthia INF6-2021-22-508182-02 Supply of High and Low Benches at 09 Secondary Level Educational Institutes(Palopara High School, Chatagacha High School, Domadi High School, Shahabazpur High School, Puthia Model School & College, Pangue Shisu Niketon Sommonnito Oboytonik High School, Tatolia High School, High School & Fulbaria High School) under MPO High School of Puthia Upazila 1219512
231 Rajshahi Puthia INF6-2021-22-508182-01 Installation of Solar Street Lights at importance public places, Hat-Bazar, Roads and Highways of Puthia Upazila 4469273
232 Rajshahi Paba INF6-2021-22-508172-03 1. Construction of Common room for Girls at Bilnepalpara Chasi Rahim Boxs Academy under Darshanpara Union and 2. Animal Shade at Upazila Live-stoke office and Veterinary Hospital. 2457180
233 Rajshahi Paba INF6-2021-22-508172-02 Construction of science Lab room at Dakmura Hat High School under Damkura Union, Paba 1689515
234 Rajshahi Paba INF6-2021-22-508172-01 Construction of Science Lab Room at Kharkhari Girls' High School under Parila Union, Paba 1439897
235 Rajshahi Mohanpur INF6-2021-22-508153-02 Construction of class Room at mohabbadpur alim madrasha 2618312
236 Rajshahi Mohanpur INF6-2021-22-508153-01 Garameen ambulanch mohanpur upazila 1850000
237 Rajshahi Godagari INF6-2021-22-508134-03 Construction of Classrooms at Ghanashyampur High School Under Godagari, Rajshahi 1117319
238 Rajshahi Godagari INF6-2021-22-508134-02 Construction of Classrooms at Ujan para Islamia Dakhil Madrasa Under Godagari, Rajshahi 2234636
239 Rajshahi Godagari INF6-2021-22-508134-01 Construction of Classrooms at Kadma High School Under Godagari, Rajshahi 2234636
240 Rajshahi Durgapur INF6-2021-22-508131-02 Construction of Washblock at Durgapur Fazil Madrasa 1000000
241 Rajshahi Durgapur INF6-2021-22-508131-01 Construction of Classrooms at Durgapur Girls High School 4469273
242 Rajshahi Charghat INF6-2021-22-508125-04 Construction of 2 nos of Hygiene corner at Bangabandhu Mor Girls' High School and Sardhah Girls' High School, Charghat. 2234614
243 Rajshahi Charghat INF6-2021-22-508125-03 Construction of Hygiene corner at Nandangachi Girls' High School, Charghat. 1117326
244 Rajshahi Charghat INF6-2021-22-508125-02 Construction of Hygiene corner at Siraj Uddin Shah Girls' High School, Charghat. 1117326
245 Rajshahi Charghat INF6-2021-22-508125-01 Construction of Hygiene corner at Charghat Girls' High School, Charghat. 1117326
246 Rajshahi Baghmara INF6-2021-22-508112-02 High-low Brenches Sypply Under baghmara Upazila at Educational institute 1570000
247 Rajshahi Baghmara INF6-2021-22-508112-01 Construction of class Room at mochmol hichy school 3030000
248 Rajshahi Bagha INF6-2021-22-508110-02 Construction 3 wash block. 2678910
249 Rajshahi Bagha INF6-2021-22-508110-01 Construction Class room of a Disabled School. 1788995
250 Pabna Sujanagar INF6-2021-22-507683-01 Construction of School building at Poradanga Haji Ezem Uddin High School and a Wash block at Chinakhora School and College 4469115
251 Pabna Santhia INF6-2021-22-507672-02 Providing medical equipment to community clinics to increase medical services and ensure safe motherhood. Provision of high-low and single benches in educational institutes for the standardization of education 1531251
252 Pabna Santhia INF6-2021-22-507672-01 Installation of water purification plants in secondary and higher secondary educational institutions. 3000000
253 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF6-2021-22-507655-03 Supplying of Power Tiller under pabna sadar. 1461609
254 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF6-2021-22-507655-02 Supply of High Low Bench at Different Institute under pabna .. 2057000
255 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF6-2021-22-507655-01 Supply Of Solar Street Light Dapunia Main Road To Hotora MosQue 1119100
256 Pabna Ishwardi INF6-2021-22-507639-03 Construction of Drain Dultin Dulti Bazar under Ishwardi pabna. 1139665
257 Pabna Ishwardi INF6-2021-22-507639-02 Construction of wash block at Airpot Academy under Ishwardi pabna. 1664804
258 Pabna Ishwardi INF6-2021-22-507639-01 Construction of wash block at Gopalpur B.M and Technical Colleage aganist Ishwardi pabna. 1664804
259 Pabna Faridpur INF6-2021-22-507633-02 (A)Construction of surface drain Kashipur bazar, dhanuaghata bazar, near raton pur GPS and Nesrapara bazar under upazila faridpur dist pabna (B)Construction of BL bari Bangabandhu shishu park and Demra Bazar Public toilet under fardipur upazila 2680975
260 Pabna Faridpur INF6-2021-22-507633-01 (A) Supplying for high & law bench in different educational institute at Faridpur upazila in Pabna dist. (B) Supplying for Dental Unit of faridpur Health Complex under faridpur upazila in Pabna Dist. 1681206
261 Pabna Chatmohar INF6-2021-22-507622-02 Supplying for Hospital bed at chatmohar upazila Health complex under chatmohar, Pabna 1121430
262 Pabna Chatmohar INF6-2021-22-507622-01 Supplying of Digital x-ray machine at chatmohar Diabetic Hospital under chatmohar, Pabna. 3347843
263 Pabna Bhangura INF6-2021-22-507619-02 Supply High & low Bench for different high school in bhangura upazila, Dist. Pabna 1232500
264 Pabna Bhangura INF6-2021-22-507619-01 Construction of RCC drain char bhangura fosoly field swamp mitigation under upazila bhangura 3339091
265 Pabna Bera INF6-2021-22-507616-02 Supplying Benches 12nos. high schools & Madrasa and Medical equipments(Bio ch. Analyzer, Hemoto Analyzer and ECG) in Bera Upazila Health Complex 2824900
266 Pabna Bera INF6-2021-22-507616-01 Construction of 2 nos. WASH Block at Bera Fazil Madrasa and Al hera Academy School and College. 1811467
267 Pabna Atgharia INF6-2021-22-507605-03 Construction of Drain Shibpur Hat Mohammad Ali House To Ishamoti River aganist Atgharia 1233916
268 Pabna Atgharia INF6-2021-22-507605-02 Construction of Class Room Parkhidirpur Degree College aganist Atgharia 1233916
269 Pabna Atgharia INF6-2021-22-507605-01 Supply of High Low Bench different Institute under atghoria . 2184500
270 Natore Singra INF6-2021-22-506991-03 Supply of Medical Equipment for Singa Upazila Health Complex Under Singra Upazila, District: Natore 1117318
271 Natore Singra INF6-2021-22-506991-02 Installation of Street light for Different Hat-Bazar, Institute and Road Side under Singra Upazila, District: Natore 2234637
272 Natore Singra INF6-2021-22-506991-01 Supply of High & Low Bench at Different Educational Institution under Singra Upazila, District: Natore, 1219512
273 Natore Natore Sadar INF6-2021-22-506963-01 Supply of High & Low Bench at 11 Different Educational Institution under Natore Sadar Upazila, District: Natore, 1829268
274 Natore Naldanga INF6-2021-22-506955-01 (A) Construction of Girls Common Room at Moninpur High School under Biprobelghoria Union & (B) Construction of Community Latrine at Rayshingopur Shah Alom Bazar under Piprul Union, Naldanga Upazila , Dist: Natore. 1675978
275 Natore Naldanga INF6-2021-22-506955-02 (A) Construction of WASH BLOCK at Khajura Islamia Alim Madrasa Under Khajuar Union, Naldanga Upazila, Dist: Natore & (B) Construction of WASH BLOCK at Bashila Dakhil Madrasa Under Madhnagar Union, Naldanga Upazila, District: Natore 1675978
276 Natore Naldanga INF6-2021-22-506955-03 Supply of High & Low Bench at 09 Different Educational Institution under Naldanga Upazila, District: Natore. 1219512
277 Natore Lalpur INF6-2021-22-506944-03 Construction of 237 meter drain Lalpur (from Dafadar junction to Six Matar junction in front of Old Bazar and Upazila Parishad Gate), 1716536
278 Natore Lalpur INF6-2021-22-506944-02 Supply of Ultrasonography Machine for Lalpur Health Complex. 1117318
279 Natore Lalpur INF6-2021-22-506944-01 Supply of 210 pairs of hilo braces to six educational institutes. 1785000
280 Natore Gurudaspur INF6-2021-22-506941-03 Supply of 144 sets of hi-lobes for 8 educational institutions. 1224000
281 Natore Gurudaspur INF6-2021-22-506941-02 Construction of a two-storied science building of Chanchkor Nazimuddin School and College. 1347843
282 Natore Gurudaspur INF6-2021-22-506941-01 Construction of a common room in Begum Rokeya Girls School and College. 2000000
283 Natore Baraigram INF6-2021-22-506915-02 Supply of High and Low Benches at 07 Secondary Level Educational Institutes under MPO High School of Baraigram Upazila 1219512
284 Natore Baraigram INF6-2021-22-506915-01 Installation of Solar Street Lights in importance public places, Hat-Bazar, Roads and Highways of Baraigram Upazila 4469273
285 Natore Bagatipara INF6-2021-22-506909-02 Supply High & Law Benches of 5 High School & Coll?ge. 2133500
286 Natore Bagatipara INF6-2021-22-506909-01 Construction 2 wash block & 1 Hatshed.. 2510983
287 Naogaon Sapahar INF6-2021-22-506486-02 Construction of Wash Block at Jaboi Bil More Under SapaharUpzila Dist. Naogaon. 1194687
288 Naogaon Sapahar INF6-2021-22-506486-01 Supply of High Low combined Bench with Book shelf at different High School UnderSapaharUpzila Dist. Naogaon 1587506
289 Naogaon Raninagar INF6-2021-22-506485-02 Supplying of pro-propylene high and low benches of different (04) Four Educational Institutions Under Raninagar Upazila Naogaon.1.Raninagar pilot High School,2.sher-e-bangla College,3.Raninagar Womens College,4.Adad Pukur High School 1219512
290 Naogaon Raninagar INF6-2021-22-506485-01 Construction for the RCC Open Drain from Ataurs House to the Junction of Three Road in Chalk Parul Village of Parul Union And RCC Open Drain in Damuya Village of Ekdala Union Under Raninagar Upazila, Nagoan. 4469000
291 Naogaon Porsha INF6-2021-22-506479-02 Construction of Solar Street Light at Different Road under Porsha Upazila, District: Naogahon 1117318
292 Naogaon Porsha INF6-2021-22-506479-01 1) Construction of Extra class room at Koridoho High School under Porsha Upazila, District: Naogahon 2) Construction of Extra class room at Barinda shekpara Islamia Fajil Madrasha under Porsha Upazila, District: Naogahon 3) Construction of Jatri Chauni at Sohorondo Boro ronail main road More under Porsha Upazila, District: Naogahon 4) Construction of Jatri Chauni at Fakirer More under Porsha Upazila, District: Naogahon 3351955
293 Naogaon Patnitala INF6-2021-22-506475-01 Ambulance supply with medical equepment in patnitala upazila complex under patnitala Upazila 4469270
294 Naogaon Niamatpur INF6-2021-22-506469-02 High low branch supply in different school at Niamatpur Upazila under Naogaon District 1309000
295 Naogaon Niamatpur INF6-2021-22-506469-01 Vertical extension 2nd floor of 4 stores building at Niamatpur row bazar under Niamatpur Upazila Dist Naogaon 3263212
296 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF6-2021-22-506460-02 Supply of High-Low Bench at different schools in Naogaon Sadar 2210000
297 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF6-2021-22-506460-01 Construction of RCC drain to control waterlogging under Boalia UP, Naogaon Sadar Upazila. 3561788
298 Naogaon Manda INF6-2021-22-506447-02 Supplying of High-Low Bench at Different High School, College & Madrasah Under Manda, Naogaon. 3655000
299 Naogaon Manda INF6-2021-22-506447-01 Supplying of Computer, Mulimedia Projector & Furniture at Different High School, College & Madrasah 2273240
300 Naogaon Mahadebpur INF6-2021-22-506450-03 Constriction farmer shed in different place of Mohadevpur Upazila Under Naogaon Dist 1117318
301 Naogaon Mahadebpur INF6-2021-22-506450-02 (A) Supplying, Fitting & fixing Projector, Desktop computer , Screen at Mortojapur High school, (B) Supply Solar System and AC at Mohadevpur Health Complex under Naogaon District 1285826
302 Naogaon Mahadebpur INF6-2021-22-506450-01 (A) Construction Drain cum road from library to Bridge more Mohadevpur, Naogaon (B) Construction Drain from Omor Ali house to Japan`s House at Mohadevpur Bazer, Naogaon 3183446
303 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF6-2021-22-506428-01 Constructions of surface drain for water drainage on Gangra, Farsipara, Saitunkuni & Chankuni under Dhamoirhat Upazila, 4469274
304 Naogaon Badalgachhi INF6-2021-22-506406-01 High and low bench supply in S.S.C & H.S.C examination centre and diffrent school, college under Badalgacchi upazila 4870500
305 Naogaon Atrai INF6-2021-22-506403-03 Supplying of pro-propylene high and low benches of different (11) Eleven Educational Institutions Under Atrai Upazila ,Naogaon 1219512
306 Naogaon Atrai INF6-2021-22-506403-02 Supplying of pro-propylene high and low benches of different Twelve(12) Educational Institutions, Under Atrai Upazila Naogaon 1513000
307 Naogaon Atrai INF6-2021-22-506403-01 Construction for the RCC Drain (With Cover) of Sutkighasa Hat to Remove Water logging of Ahasangonj Union (240 Meter) Under Atrai Upazila, Nagoan. 3077132
308 Joypurhat Panchbibi INF6-2021-22-503874-01 Supply of high-low benches to 41 educational institutions of Panchbibi Upazila. 4878047
309 Joypurhat Khetlal INF6-2021-22-503861-03 A) Construction of 05 Nos. passenger shade at different places of khetlal upazila, B). Construction of 02 Nos. Thunder proof shelter home for the farmers at Billerghat of Tulsi ganga union and Shivpur of Alampur union. 1893644
310 Joypurhat Khetlal INF6-2021-22-503861-02 Construction of new class room at West Durgapur Government Primary School of Khetlal Upazila. 1452514
311 Joypurhat Khetlal INF6-2021-22-503861-01 Supply of high low benches at different educational institutions of Khetlal of Joypurhat district. 1219512
312 Joypurhat Kalai INF6-2021-22-503858-02 Sub project for Construction of Hygiene corner in Kalai Degree College under Kalai Upazila . 1118308
313 Joypurhat Kalai INF6-2021-22-503858-01 Supplying of provide Pro-Propylene High-low benches in class room of different Educational Institutions Under Kalai Upazila 3655000
314 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF6-2021-22-503847-03 Sub-Project for supply of medical equipment to health and family welfarae centers of different unions of Joypurhat Sadar Upazila and sanitary napkin vending machine to Bel Amla High School. 1119817
315 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF6-2021-22-503847-02 Sub-Project to Extension Classroom of Banshkata High School in Vadsha union of Joypurhat Sadar Upazila. 2228010
316 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF6-2021-22-503847-01 Supplying of provide Pro-Propylene High-low benches in class room of different Educational Institutions Under Joypurhat Sadar Upazila 1224000
317 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF6-2021-22-503813-02 Supply of high low benches at different educational institutions of Akkelpur of Joypurhat district. 1500600
318 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF6-2021-22-503813-01 Construction of a public toilet at Deol Bazar of Akkelpur upazila under Joypurhat district. 1117318
319 Chapainawabganj Shibganj INF6-2021-22-507088-04 Construction of classroom at Babupur Idris Islamia technical Dakhil Madrasa under Shibganj Upazila, Chapainawabganj 117318
320 Chapainawabganj Shibganj INF6-2021-22-507088-03 Supply of Selling Fan at forty three education institute under Shibganj upazila, Chapainawabganj 1221906
321 Chapainawabganj Shibganj INF6-2021-22-507088-02 Supply of high & low benches at ten education institute under Shibganj upazila, Chapainawabganj 1700000
322 Chapainawabganj Shibganj INF6-2021-22-507088-01 Construction of classroom at Kanshat union & Mahidur Rahman girls High School 1792218
323 Chapainawabganj Nachole INF6-2021-22-507056-03 Supply of high & low benches at 13 education institute under Nachole upazila 1219512
324 Chapainawabganj Nachole INF6-2021-22-507056-02 Construction of class room at Nachole upazila School under Nachole upazila 2000000
325 Chapainawabganj Nachole INF6-2021-22-507056-01 Installation of solar street light (seventy) at eight road side under Nachole upazila 2468900
326 Chapainawabganj Gomastapur INF6-2021-22-507037-03 Installation Solar Light at Public important Road/Bazar in Gomastapur Upazila 1117318
327 Chapainawabganj Gomastapur INF6-2021-22-507037-02 Construction of Wash Block at Radhanagar Barandra College 1179803
328 Chapainawabganj Gomastapur INF6-2021-22-507037-01 Construction of common room for female students at Brozonathpur High School 1673572
329 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-507066-03 Supply of high & low benches at 09 education institute under Chapainawabganj Sadar upazila 1219512
330 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-507066-02 Construction of classroom at Debinagar girls High School (Verticaly extension) 2469200
331 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-507066-01 Construction of classroom at Kalinagar High School 2000000
332 Chapainawabganj Bholahat INF6-2021-22-507018-04 Supply medical equipment at Upazila Health Complex, Bholahat, Chapainawabgonj 1117318
333 Chapainawabganj Bholahat INF6-2021-22-507018-03 Construction of drain for remove water logging of agriculture field at Kasmirpara 1117318
334 Chapainawabganj Bholahat INF6-2021-22-507018-02 Construction of drain for remove water logging at near Gohalbari UP 1117318
335 Chapainawabganj Bholahat INF6-2021-22-507018-01 Supplying High-Low bench for different High School at Bholahat Upazila, Chapainawabgonj 2431000
336 Bogura Sonatola INF6-2021-22-501095-04 Supplying of high low bench in different school at sonatola upazila 1219512
337 Bogura Sonatola INF6-2021-22-501095-03 constuction of water drain at pakulla union at sonatola upazila 1117318
338 Bogura Sonatola INF6-2021-22-501095-02 supplying of street solar at jogasa union at sonatola upazila 1117319
339 Bogura Sonatola INF6-2021-22-501095-01 construction of hat shade at balua hat at sonatola upazila 1117318
340 Bogura Shibganj INF6-2021-22-501094-02 Construction of RCC drain at chander mor to karotoa river under roynagor Union & passenger shed at sangsardighi bazar under bihar union Shibganj Upazila Bogura 1665284
341 Bogura Shibganj INF6-2021-22-501094-01 supplying of High & Low bench in secondary level 17 educational institution under shibganj Upazila Bogura 3059998
342 Bogura Sherpur INF6-2021-22-501088-01 Construction of RCC drain of Krishnapur Namapara village at sherpur Bogura 4469125
343 Bogura Shajahanpur INF6-2021-22-501085-03 Supplying furniture and other items for comfort zone of secondary level educational inatitution under shajahanpur upazila Bogura 1301810
344 Bogura Shajahanpur INF6-2021-22-501085-02 Construction of RCC drain in poalgacha village Gohail Union under Shajahanpur Upazila Bogura 1988850
345 Bogura Shajahanpur INF6-2021-22-501085-01 supplying of High & Low bench in secondary level 16 nos educational institution under shajahanpur Upazila Bogura 2624955
346 Bogura Sariakandi INF6-2021-22-501081-02 Supply of 186 Pair high and low benches at Secondary level educational institutions of Sariakandi upazila 1581000
347 Bogura Sariakandi INF6-2021-22-501081-01 Procurement of Ambulances for Patient transport at low cost under the supervision of Sariakandi Upazila Parishad and Supply of materials at Girl's Comfort zone 4184431
348 Bogura Nandigram INF6-2021-22-501067-02 Construction of Number of 02 RCC drains at Bhatra Union to alleviate waterlogging 2234637
349 Bogura Nandigram INF6-2021-22-501067-01 Construction of Class Room at Kumira Panditpukur High School under Bhatara Union 2234637
350 Bogura Kahaloo INF6-2021-22-501054-02 A) Construction of Public Toilet at Kallanpur Bazar B) Construction of Passenger Shade at Dargahat & Kajipara under Kahaloo Upazila. 1393418
351 Bogura Kahaloo INF6-2021-22-501054-01 A) Construction of Classroom at Kahaloo Technical & Commerce College B) Construction of Classroom at Lohajol Dakhil Madrasha 3075160
352 Bogura Gabtali INF6-2021-22-501040-01 Supplying of high low bench in different school at gabtali upazila 4870500
353 Bogura Dhupchanchia INF6-2021-22-501033-02 Supplying & Installation of Solar Street Light at different hat bazar in Dhupchanchia Upazila 2641509
354 Bogura Dhupchanchia INF6-2021-22-501033-01 Supplying of High-Low Bench in (15 Number of different Secondary Level Educational Institutions) in Dhupchanchia Upazila. 1994471
355 Bogura Dhunat INF6-2021-22-501027-03 construction of rcc road at chikasi tecnical college at dhunat upazila 1144797
356 Bogura Dhunat INF6-2021-22-501027-02 Supplying of computer in different school at dhunat upazila 1129267
357 Bogura Dhunat INF6-2021-22-501027-01 Supplying of high low bench in different school at Dhanut upazila 2395590
358 Bogura Bogura Sadar INF6-2021-22-501020-01 Construction of RCC drain from Erfan,s Land of Chalkjhopu Dakkhin para to Chalkjhopu Dakkhin para Jame Moaque under Sabgram Union to alleviate water logging 4469274
359 Bogura Adamdighi INF6-2021-22-501006-03 Supplying of celling fans at various educational institutions in Adamdighi Upazila 1219513
360 Bogura Adamdighi INF6-2021-22-501006-02 Construction of Wash Block cum Hygiene Corner at Adamdighi Pilot Girls High School & College 1799671
361 Bogura Adamdighi INF6-2021-22-501006-01 Supplying of High-Low Bench in different Secondary Level Educational Institutions (22 number of Educational Institutions) in Adamdighi Upazila. 2911760
362 Sherpur Sreebardi INF6-2021-22-458990-04 To supply high and low benches in different educational institute in Sreebardi Upazilla 1219512
363 Sherpur Sreebardi INF6-2021-22-458990-03 To supply high and low benches in different educational institute in Sreebardi Upazilla 1258000
364 Sherpur Sreebardi INF6-2021-22-458990-02 construction of girls Common room of Mamdamari Dahkil Madrasa . 1665007
365 Sherpur Sreebardi INF6-2021-22-458990-01 To supply medical equepment for oparetion theatre in Sreebardi Upazilla health complex. 1651500
366 Sherpur Sherpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-458988-03 Construction of Wash Block in Kamarchar Bazar of Sherpur Sadar Upazila 1275450
367 Sherpur Sherpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-458988-02 Installation of solar street lights on main roads/markets/important places of Sherpur Sadar Upazila 1610000
368 Sherpur Sherpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-458988-01 Sherpur Sadar Upazila provides ILO benches to Various examination centers and educational institutions of Secondary level 1725500
369 Sherpur Nalitabari INF6-2021-22-458970-02 Supply of medical equipment and materials at Nalitabari Upazila Health Complex 1117319
370 Sherpur Nalitabari INF6-2021-22-458970-01 Ambulance supply to Nalitabari Upazila Health Complex 4469273
371 Sherpur Nakla INF6-2021-22-458967-02 Supply of high and low branches in various educational instutions of Nakla Upazila . 2473500
372 Sherpur Nakla INF6-2021-22-458967-01 Construction a room for computer Lab in Loikha Novo High School. 2187985
373 Sherpur Jhenaigati INF6-2021-22-458937-03 To supply fiting & fixing solar street light at different hat-bazar & important places. 2234636
374 Sherpur Jhenaigati INF6-2021-22-458937-02 To supply high and low benches in different educational institute in Jhenaigati Upazilla 1946303
375 Sherpur Jhenaigati INF6-2021-22-458937-01 To supply Medicale Euipments for Operation Theatre in Jhenaigati Upazilla Health Complex . 1568750
376 Netrokona Purbadhala INF6-2021-22-457283-02 Supplying of Power Tillers at various Farmers Association, Purbadhala, Netrakona. 1675977
377 Netrokona Purbadhala INF6-2021-22-457283-01 Supplying of Digital X-ray Machine at Upazila Health Complex, Purbadhala Upazila, Netrakona. 2793296
378 Netrokona Netrokona Sadar INF6-2021-22-457274-02 Distribution of medical equipment to Upazila Health and Family welfare centers.. 1117318
379 Netrokona Netrokona Sadar INF6-2021-22-457274-01 Supply of high and low benches in various educational institutions of the Upazila. 4870500
380 Netrokona Mohanganj INF6-2021-22-457263-04 Bench supply among 10 different educational institute 1219512
381 Netrokona Mohanganj INF6-2021-22-457263-03 Bench supply in different Educational Institute 1224000
382 Netrokona Mohanganj INF6-2021-22-457263-02 Installation of Solar powered Irrigation Pump for low cost cultivation 2229999
383 Netrokona Mohanganj INF6-2021-22-457263-01 Supply of Solar System at Union Health Centre, Community Clinic And ECG Machine at UZP Health Complex 1117400
384 Netrokona Kendua INF6-2020-21-457247-02 Construction of classrooms at Ramnagar High School and Vaishyapatta model Academy. 3351964
385 Netrokona Kendua INF6-2021-22-457247-01 Supply of Desktop computers to various educational institutions. 2234636
386 Netrokona Kalmakanda INF6-2021-22-457240-02 Construction of additional class room at Kalmakanda Model Govt. Primary School, Kalmakanda Sadar, Netrakona. 1675977
387 Netrokona Kalmakanda INF6-2021-22-457240-03 Construction of Science Lab at Udoypur Mitali High School. 1675977
388 Netrokona Kalmakanda INF6-2021-22-457240-01 Supplying of Physio Therapy equipment and Therapy Room Renovation at Kalmakanda Upazila Health Complex. 1117318
389 Netrokona Durgapur INF6-2021-22-457218-02 Supplying of high & low benches at secondary and higher secondary institutions. 2439025
390 Netrokona Durgapur INF6-2021-22-307218-01 Construction of additional class room at Krishner Char High School 2234637
391 Netrokona Barhatta INF6-2021-22-457209-03 Distribution of Medical equipment at Upazila Health Complex. 1170962
392 Netrokona Barhatta INF6-2021-22-457209-02 Power Tiller Supply Infrastructure sub-project. 2187900
393 Netrokona Barhatta INF6-2021-22-457209-01 Supply of high and low benches in various educational institutions. 2456500
394 Netrokona Atpara INF6-2020-21-457204-04 Atpara thana shaheed Memorial Girls High School Ghagra High school Nazirganj High School construction of separate commom room for Girls. 1561305
395 Netrokona Atpara INF6-2020-21-457204-03 Supply of necessary equipment to operation theater of upazila health complex. 1117319
396 Netrokona Atpara INF6-2020-21-457204-02 Supply of hi law benchches and vanding machines for reproductive health protection of girls in various educational institutions. 1527600
397 Netrokona Atpara INF6-2021-22-457204-01 Installation of solar street light in various hat bazar health centers and educational institutions of the upazila 1508380
398 Mymensingh Trishal INF6-2021-22-456194-02 Construction of Academic Bhaban for Rampur Kakchar Girls? Dakhil Madrasha Under Trishal Upazila. 2519343
399 Mymensingh Trishal INF6-2021-22-456194-01 Construction of Irrigation Drain for Cultivation of land of Balidia Under Trishal Upazila. 1205784
400 Mymensingh Trishal INF6-2021-22-456194-03 Supplying Aquaculture Modern Equipment for Developing Existing Fish production to Fishery Department of Trishal,Upazila, Mymensingh 1860800
401 Mymensingh Tarakanda INF6-2021-22-456188-04 Construction of high-low bench supply in various educational institutions of Tarakanda Upazila. 1810500
402 Mymensingh Tarakanda INF6-2021-22-456188-03 Construction of RCC road from Habibur Rahman shop to Abul Kalam shop in Tarakanda South Bazaar. 1385819
403 Mymensingh Tarakanda INF6-2021-22-456184-02 Construction of a room in Kashiganj sub health center. 1267879
404 Mymensingh Tarakanda INF6-2021-22-456188-01 Construction of a girls facilities room at Ghitwari Wahedia Balika Dakhil Madrasa. 1267879
405 Mymensingh Phulpur INF6-2022-23-456181-02 Construction of Additional Class Room At Sanchur Girls Dhakhil madrasha 1117319
406 Mymensingh Phulpur INF6-2022-23-456181-01 Supply Solar street light in the important place road mor,and market in Phulpor Upazila 3351956
407 Mymensingh Nandail INF6-2021-22-456172-02 Suppling of high-low benches as educational materials at 4 educational institutions of Nandail Upazila 1224000
408 Mymensingh Nandail INF6-2021-22-456172-01 Installation of street lights with solar panels at important places on the main road from Nandail Upazila Bypass to Chanpur Eidgah ground to Merakona Uluchar and from municipal boundary to Singhdai Mridhabari Government Primary School. 4464000
409 Mymensingh Mymensingh Sadar INF6-2021-22-456152-02 Construction of culvert for water drainage on the road adjacent to Shoshamala Government Primary School of Dapunia Union and construction of RCC drain for water drainage of Aulia Bazar of Bhavkhali Union. 1571592
410 Mymensingh Mymensingh Sadar INF6-2021-22-456152-01 Installation of solar panel connected street lights in various rural market/roads of 11 Union under Mymensingh Sadar Upazila to ensure social security. 4015000
411 Mymensingh Haluaghat INF6-2022-23-456124-02 Supply Solar street light in the important place and Gabrakhali Muja in Haluaghat Upazila 2205000
412 Mymensingh Haluaghat INF6-2022-23-456124-01 Supply High and low bench for the different primary and high school in Haluaghat upazila 3684600
413 Mymensingh Gaffargaon INF6-2021-22-456122-03 Construction of Operation Theater Room at Upazila Livestock Hospital in Gafargaon Upazila, Mymensingh. District 1257625
414 Mymensingh Gaffargaon INF6-2021-22-456122-02 Construction of Additional Class Room at Char Macholonda Girls High School in Gafargaon Upazila, Mymensingh. District 3210092
415 Mymensingh Gaffargaon INF6-2021-22-456122-01 Supplyiny Hig-Low Bench at 13 Secondary School and Madrasha 1221201
416 Mymensingh Fulbaria INF6-2021-22-456120-03 3. Supplying scientific Apparatus & Furniture for Laboratory of Keshorgong Degree College & Shahbuddin Deree College , Cilling Fans for Different School & Smart TV for Different GPS Under Upazila Fulbaria, Dist-Mymensingh. 2315652
417 Mymensingh Fulbaria INF6-2021-22-456120-02 Construction Work of Patient Waiting Shed in Upazila health complex Under Upazila Fulbaria, Dist-Mymensingh. 1200000
418 Mymensingh Fulbaria INF6-2021-22-456120-01 Installation of Solar Street Light from Radhakanai Bazar to Andhariapara BDS Madrasha Via Andhariapara Bazar Under Upazila Fulbaria, Dist-Mymensingh. 2226500
419 Mymensingh Dhobaura INF6-2022-23-456116-01 Supply Solar street light in the important place for enhance security in Dhobaura Upazila 4468000
420 Mymensingh Bhaluka INF6-2021-22-456113-04 Supply of Desktop Computer and Smart Board to increase the capacity of the Computer Lab's of the Apollo Technical Institute at Bhaluka,Mymensingh 1117319
421 Mymensingh Bhaluka INF6-2021-22-456113-03 Construction of Additional Class Room at Purura Dakhil Madrasa 1668035
422 Mymensingh Bhaluka INF6-2021-22-456113-02 Construction of Additional Class Room at Dthitpur Ennus Khan Darus Sunnah Dakhil Madrasa 1668036
423 Mymensingh Bhaluka INF6-2021-22-456113-01 Supply High-Low Bench at 06 Secondary School and Madrasha under Bhaluka Upazila,Mymensingh 1236850
424 Jamalpur Sarishabari INF6-2021-22-453985-03 installation of Solar Street Light 2016581
425 Jamalpur Sarishabari INF6-2021-22-453985-02 Supply of Law and High Bench in different Educational institutions (Secondary School-10, Madrasha-8 and Primary School-5) 1829268
426 Jamalpur Sarishabari INF6-2021-22-453985-01 Construction of RCC Drain 1894034
427 Jamalpur Melandaha INF6-2021-22-453961-02 Suppying of Computer (Desktop) with Others Equipment for Computer Lab Melandah Mohila Technical College. 1422382
428 Jamalpur Melandaha INF6-2021-22-453961-01 Construction of Class Room at Jahanara Latif Mohila College, Melandah Upazila, Jamalpir 4164210
429 Jamalpur Madarganj INF6-2021-22-453958-03 Installation of Solar Street Light to Increase security & reduce electricity consumption in 07 Markets of 07 unions in Madarganj upazila 2234637
430 Jamalpur Madarganj INF6-2021-22-453958-02 Supplying High & Low Benches in Various Educational Institute at the Secondary Level (School/Madrasha) 2439024
431 Jamalpur Madarganj INF6-2021-22-453958-01 Installation of Solar Powered Irrigation Pump for South Mirzapur Vegetable Farmers of Balijuri union under Madarganj Upazila, Dist: Jamalpur 1117318
432 Jamalpur Jamalpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-453936-04 Installation of Solar Street Light 1117317
433 Jamalpur Jamalpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-453936-03 Construction of Fish Shed 1119952
434 Jamalpur Jamalpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-453936-02 Construction of Fish Shed 1119953
435 Jamalpur Jamalpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-453936-01 Construction of RCC Drain 2229368
436 Jamalpur Islampur INF6-2021-22-453929-02 Supply bench for the high school and College students Islampur, Jamalpur (02 istitutions 1004514
437 Jamalpur Islampur INF6-2021-22-453929-01 Supply and fittings of Solar street at different Road, Bazar, Institution and others places under Islampur, Jamalpur. 4419689
438 Jamalpur Bakshiganj INF6-2o21-22-453907-01 Construction of wash block at Dotterchar Dakhil Madrasha under under Battajor UP, Bakshiganj, Jamalpur 1510052
439 Jamalpur Bakshiganj INF6-2021-22-453901-01 Supplying Ambulance at Bakshiganj health complex under Bakshiganj, Jamalpur. 2943296
440 Satkhira Tala INF6-2021-22-408790-02 Construction of Wash-Block at Patkelghata bazar under Sorulia union, at Dolua bazar under Khaliskhali union,at Pollismrity High School under Zalalpur union, at Aladipur Zatpur Danganolta Panchrokhi(AZDP) girls School under Tala union under Tala upazila 2561025
441 Satkhira Tala INF6-2021-22-408790-01 Construction of Class room at Khaliskhali Shoibo Girls School at Khaliskhali union under Tala upazila 1908250
442 Satkhira Shyamnagar INF6-2021-22-408786-04 Construction of Cover Drain and RCC Cross Drain from Iswaripur UP to Jabakhali Hat for Removing Waterlogging. 1117319
443 Satkhira Shyamnagar INF6-2021-22-408786-03 1st Floor Vertical Extension of Gumantoli Fajil (Degree) Madrasa at Shymnagar Upazila 1341410
444 Satkhira Shyamnagar INF6-2021-22-408786-02 Supplying Bench at Fourteen (14) Educational Institutions of Shyamnagar Upazila 1885900
445 Satkhira Shyamnagar INF6-2021-22-408786-01 Construction of Culvert for Removing Water Logging Problem at Various (07 Places) Agricultural Field in Shyamnagar Upazila 1400000
446 Satkhira Satkhira Sadar INF6-2021-22-408782-02 Construction of Bazar Shed 1226912
447 Satkhira Satkhira Sadar INF6-2021-22-408782-01 Construction of class room at Goalpota, Gaca, Khariadanga & Satani Vadra School & College 3242363
448 Satkhira Kaliganj INF6-2021-22-408747-03 Installation of Central Solar System at Upazila Health Complex Kaliganj, Satkhira 1117319
449 Satkhira Kaliganj INF6-2021-22-408747-01 Construction of Adolescents Health Education Room and Refreshment Corner at Four (04) Educational Institution of Kaliganj Upazila. 2904501
450 Satkhira Kaliganj INF6-2021-22-408747-02 Construction of U-Drain for Removing Water Logging Problem at Ganopoti Village of Kaliganj Upazila 1564773
451 Satkhira Kalaroa INF6-2021-22-408743-01 Construction of class room at Hotatgonj high school and Helatola Ideal High School. 4469274
452 Satkhira Debhata INF6-2021-22-408725-01 Construction of Over Head Tank with pipe line to supply pure drinking water at village Majhshokhipur at Shokhipur Union, at Gholgholia village at Debhata union and at village Caltetola at Parulia union under Debhata upazila 4469274
453 Satkhira Assasuni INF6-2021-22-408704-01 Establishment of Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO) 4469274
454 Narail Narail Sadar INF6-2021-22-406576-03 Construction of Hygiene Corner in Tularampur Adarsh Secondary Girls School 1117318
455 Narail Narail Sadar INF6-2021-22-406576-02 Supply of high-low benches to various Secondary level educational institutions. 2439024
456 Narail Narail Sadar INF6-2021-22-406576-01 Construction of new building in Narail Municipal Special education Institution (for the disabled). 2234637
457 Narail Lohagara INF6-2021-22-406552-03 Construction of Shed at Lahuria Bazar under Lohagara upazila 1117319
458 Narail Lohagara INF6-2021-22-406552-02 Supply of Medical Equipment as High Quality Bed at Lohagara upazila health complex 1120000
459 Narail Lohagara INF6-2021-22-406552-01 Supply of Educational Equipment (Plastic High Low Bench) in 12 Nos different Secondary Level Educational institutes 3646500
460 Narail Kalia INF6-2021-22-406528-04 Supplying for Medical Equipment as High Quality Bed of Kalia Upazila Health Complex 1117319
461 Narail Kalia INF6-2021-22-406528-03 Supplying Education Equipment for High and Low Combined Plastic Bench at 8 Nos Different Institute ,Under Kalia Upazila 1219513
462 Narail Kalia INF6-2021-22-406528-02 Construction of Jatri Chauni with Tube well at Bordia Ferighat Under Kalia Upazila 1117319
463 Narail Kalia INF6-2021-22-406528-01 Installation of Solar Street light from Baoisona Dutkura to Fulbadina and naragati bazar to Joynagar Bazar via nayonpur, under kalia upazila 1117319
464 Meherpur Mujibnagar INF6-2021-22-405760-03 Construction of RCC road from Monakhali RHD to Monakhali Secondary School gate and from House of Mohor to Dariapur primary girls School gate under Mujibnagar Upazila. 1117318
465 Meherpur Mujibnagar INF6-2021-22-405760-02 Construction of Pacca Drain at 2 no ward Joterpurfrom Idris house to Aiyub house, Joterpur Village in Mujibnagar Upazila. under Meherpur district. 1117318
466 Meherpur Mujibnagar INF6-2021-22-405760-01 Construction of Two Classroom Building with ICT room at An-nur Technical & Business Management College, Bagoan Village in Mujibnagar Upazila. under Meherpur district. 3351955
467 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-405787-02 Installation of Solar Street Light in different Villages under Meherpur Sadar Upazila. 2239998
468 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-405787-01 Construction of Two Classroom Building at Meherpur Intellectually Disable and Autistic School under Meherpur Sadar Upazila.. 2229190
469 Meherpur Gangni INF6-2021-22-405747-02 Installation of solar lights from (a-i) Bamondi towards Kazipur (a-ii) Bamondi towards Tetulbaria internal roads of 3 Unions under Gangni Upazila. 2762177
470 Meherpur Gangni INF6-2021-22-405747-01 Room construction of Baot Badhagrotho school for suborno students including therapy equipment's. 1690681
471 Magura Sreepur INF6-2121-22-405595-04 Constitution for developed of Sreepur Bazar Bus/CNG Stand Platform by RCV Works 1117318
472 Magura Sreepur INF6-2121-22-405595-02 Supply low-high bench at different educational Institute at sreepur upazila, magura 1487500
473 Magura Sreepur INF6-2021-22-405595-03 Supply Digital Smart Board Touch Screen Display at Three GPS Under Sreepur Upazila, Magura 1156424
474 Magura Sreepur INF6-2021-22-405595-01 Thunder Protected Farmer Shelter Center at Different( 3no) Union Parishad under Sreepur Upazila, Magura 1950000
475 Magura Shalikha INF6-2021-22-405566-03 Extension of Education Park and Supply of Smart Board in Different Model School 1894631
476 Magura Shalikha INF6-2021-22-405585-02 Construction of Delivery room and Patient Sheed at Shalikha health complex and Sub health center 1117319
477 Magura Shalikha INF6-2021-22-405585-01 Construction of Drain and and RCC pipe at Bunagati,Sonadanga,Ciledanga, Sangra and Dighi and Construction of Wash bock at Pathor ghata Comminity Clinic 2574642
478 Magura Mohammadpur INF6-2021-22-405566-04 Fitting and fixing of Solar light 1787710
479 Magura Mohammadpur INF6-2021-22-405566-02 Fitting and supply of Smart board at three Govt Primary School 1564245
480 Magura Mohammadpur INF6-2021-22-405566-01 construction of Common room at BK High School, Farmers sheed at Iscvamoti bill and Habulla baou and Passenger sheed at Jhama Khweya Ghat 2234637
481 Magura Magura Sadar INF6-2021-22-405557-03 Supply low-high bench at different educational Institute at Magura Sadar upazila, magura 1219512
482 Magura Magura Sadar INF6-2021-22-405557-01 Thunder protection farmer shelter Center at different union parishad under Magura sadar Upazila 2165712
483 Magura Magura Sadar INF6-2021-22-405557-02 Supply Digital Smart Board Touch Screen Display at Six GPS Under Magura Sadar Upazila 2303562
484 Kushtia Mirpur INF6-2021-22-405094-03 Supply of Benches (high and low) at different (15nos.) educational institutes of Primary level under Mirpur Upazila, Kushtia. 1699408
485 Kushtia Mirpur INF6-2021-22-405094-02 Supply of Benches (high and low) at different (25nos.) educational institutes of secondary level including examination center under Mirpur Upazila, Kushtia. 3177893
486 Kushtia Mirpur INF6-2021-22-405094-01 Construction of RCC Open Drain for water drainage of KOBORBARIA village from KOBORBARIA towards Running KHAL under Mirpur Upazila. 1118001
487 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF6-2021-22-405079-02 supply of High law bench for 22 educational institute under kushtia sadar upazila 3658536
488 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF6-2021-22-405079-01 Supply of Medical Equipment i& furniture At sub center ,H&FWC and Community clinic different places in kushtia sadar upazila 1171640
489 Kushtia Kumarkhali INF6-2021-22-405071-02 Supply of Modern hospital bed in Kumarkhali Upazila Health complex 1117318
490 Kushtia Kumarkhali INF6-2021-22-405071-01 Supply of Plastic high and low Bench to 30 educational institutions of Kumarkhali upazila 3658536
491 Kushtia Khoksa INF6-2021-22-405063-02 Construction of agriculture shed at Phulbari bazar and maintainance of Amlabari Secondary school building under khoksa upazila. 1217032
492 Kushtia Khoksa INF6-2021-22-405063-01 Construction of two room 1 stored building of Bangram secondary school under khoksa upazila 3252240
493 Kushtia Daulatpur INF6-2021-22-405039-02 Supply of high and low benches 16 educational institutions (including examination centers) of Daulatpur Upazila. 2456500
494 Kushtia Daulatpur INF6-2021-22-405039-01 Supply of upazila health complex equipment to improve health services. 2211175
495 Kushtia Bheramara INF6-2021-22-405015-02 Supply of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine at 10 nos. and Ceiling Fan at 7nos. High School under Bheramara Upazila, Kushtia. 1223229
496 Kushtia Bheramara INF6-2021-22-405015-01 Supplying of Bench at different (24 nos.) Educational Institutes (Primary-10nos. & High School-14nos.) under Bheramara Upazila, Kushtia. 3654820
497 Khulna Terokhada INF6-2021-22-404794-02 Supply of School Bench (High-Low) in Different Educational Institution of Terokhada Upazila, Khulna. 1223065
498 Khulna Terokhada INF6-2021-22-404794-01 Construction of Iron Bridge on the Chitra River Near Terokhada Govt. Primary School Under Terokhada, Khulna. 3348701
499 Khulna Rupsa INF6-2021-22-404775-02 Installation of Water Treatment Plant in front of Belfulia Islamia High School at 01 No. Aichgati Union Parishad under Rupsha Upazila, Khulna. 2750856
500 Khulna Rupsa INF6-2021-22-404775-01 Supply high & low bench & ceiling fan in the different school, College & Madrasa of Rupsa Upazila under Rupsa ,Khulna. 1875591
501 Khulna Phultala INF6-2021-22-404769-01 Construction of RCC drain from Phultola Bazar mor towards upazila parishad complex under Damodor union, Phultola, Khulna. 4469273
502 Khulna Paikgachha INF6-2021-22-404764-02 Construction of Sheds for Parents to sit in 02 educational Institutions Of Paikgacha Upazila 1117318
503 Khulna Paikgachha INF6-2021-22-404764-01 High & Low Bench Supply Of 28 Nos. Different Educational Institution Of Paikgachha Upazila 4878048
504 Khulna Koyra INF6-2021-22-404753-02 Installation of rain water harvest plant in 05 educational institutions to solve the shortage of drinking water 1117318
505 Khulna Koyra INF6-2021-22-404753-01 Installation of rain water harvest plant in different educational institutions to solve the shortage of drinking water 4469274
506 Khulna Dumuria INF6-2021-22-404730-03 Construction of Wash block in the Secondary School & Madrasah under Dumuria Upazila. 1675978
507 Khulna Dumuria INF6-2021-22-404730-02 Construction of Water Treatment Plant (RO System) 1899442
508 Khulna Dumuria INF6-2021-22-404730-01 Construction of Class Room at Betagram Secondary School 2011173
509 Khulna Dighalia INF6-2021-22-404740-03 Construction of Surface Drain & RRC slab for the village people of Digholia sadar from Model Mosque toward Nagkathi khal under Digholia U.P. Dighalia,Khulna. 1117318
510 Khulna Dighalia INF6-2021-22-404740-02 Improvement of Sewerage system to improve the health of the Habitants adjacent to Hazigram Sheikh Russel mini stadium under Digholia upazila, Khulna. 1117318
511 Khulna Dighalia INF6-2021-22-404740-01 Construction of additional classroom at Brammagati Moddhyapara Islamia Hafezia Madrasa to improve education under Dighalia Upazila,Khulna. 2234636
512 Khulna Dacope INF6-2021-22-404717-03 Supply of Medical Equipment (Manual Bed & Celling Fan) at Dacope Upazila Health Complex under Dacope Upazila, Khulna. 1141214
513 Khulna Dacope INF6-2021-22-404717-02 Construction of Passenger Shed at Pankhali and Poddargonj Ferry Ghat Under Dacope Upazila, Khulna. 2072153
514 Khulna Dacope INF6-2021-22-404717-01 Construction of Delivery Room at Hoglabunia Community Clinic under Pankhali union, Dacope, Khulna. 2395605
515 Khulna Batiaghata INF6-2021-22-404712-02 Supply of Selling Fan in Different Educational Institution of Batiaghata, Khulna. 1337045
516 Khulna Batiaghata INF6-2021-22-404712-01 Supply of School Bench (High-Low) in Different Educational Institution of Batiaghata, Khulna. 2680344
517 Jhenaidah Shailkupa INF6-2021-22-404480-03 Establishment of fresh water (purification) plant at Madinatul Ulum Madrasa adjacent to Hatfazilpur Bazar, Bhatai Bazar and Chermalithiya Bazar of Shailkupa Upazila. 1327263
518 Jhenaidah Maheshpur INF6-2021-22-404471-01 Installation of 04 nos. Water Treatment Plant at 4 nos. Institution under Maheshpur Upazila, Jhenaidah 2231788
519 Jhenaidah Kotchandpur INF6-2021-22-404442-02 a) Supply of High -Low Plastic Bench and celeang Fan in different education Institutions under Kotchandpur Upazila. b) Supply of Plastic Chair for Patient waiting room in different Community Ckinic under Kotchandpur. C) Supply of 4 D colour dopler Ultrasound machine due to improve health service in Kotchandpur Health Complex under Kotchandpur Upazila, Jhenaidah. 2741376
520 Jhenaidah Kotchandpur INF6-2021-22-404442-01 a) Installation of 02 no's Safe drinking Water plants in Pashpatila Bazar, Elangi union and Kotchandpur Pilot High School at kotchadpur upazila, Jhenaidah b) Construction of 05 no's Vermi compost dertilizer production center among the merginal fermers for produce organic vegetables and fruits under all union of Kotchandpur c) Reconstruction of Fish sell center of Talsar Bazar due to safe and hygine environment under Kushna union, Kotchandpur. 1818959
521 Jhenaidah Kaliganj INF6-2021-22-404433-02 a) For Safe drinking water instalation Water Treatment Plant in Subornosara Village under Barobazar Union, Kaliganj b) Construction of Thunder protected Farmers Shed in Crops Field of Sudarpur- Durgapur and Raygram Union ,Kaliganj c) Construction of 02 no's Community Toilet in Gipsy village of Mohishahati, Barobazar, Kaliganj d) Construction of a Classroom in Manderbaria- Chandpara High School under Rakhalgachi union, Kaliganj 2692326
522 Jhenaidah Kaliganj INF6-2021-22-404433-01 For improve the health service ,Supply of 4D Colour Dopler Ultrasound machine, Air Condition in labor room, Celeang fan in Patient ward under Kaligonj Upazila Health Complex 1778952
523 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar INF6-2021-22-404419-02 Construction of a Delivery Room along with Medical Equipments at Raotail Community Clinic under Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila, Jhenaidah 1137338
524 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar INF6-2021-22-404419-01 Construction of 5 nos Hygiene Corner at 5 nos Educational Institute under Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila, Jhenaidah 4444263
525 Jhenaidah Harinakunda INF6-2021-22-404414-03 Construction of 5 farmer shelters and installation of tube wells in 5 fields of Raghunathpur, Kapashhatia and Falsi Union under Harinakundu Upazila of Jhenaidah District. 1117318
526 Jhenaidah Harinakunda INF6-2021-22-404414-02 Construction/expansion of classrooms in Mandiya Secondary School under Harinakundu Upazila of Jhenaidah District. 1675977
527 Jhenaidah Harinakunda INF6-2021-22-404414-01 Supply and installation of solar lights on the GC Harinakudu Hallbazar road to GC Charpara in Harinakundu upazila. 2793296
528 Jashore Sharsha INF6-2021-22-404190-02 Supply of High-low bench at different educational institution in Sharsha Upazila, jashore 1219512
529 Jashore Sharsha INF6-2021-22-404190-01 Installation of water treatment plant at different place of Sharsha Upazila. 4469274
530 Jashore Manirampur INF6-2021-22-404161-03 Construction of RCC drain at Rajgonj Bazar 1119940
531 Jashore Manirampur INF6-2021-22-404161-02 Supplying of benches at different school under manirampur Upazilla 2388500
532 Jashore Manirampur INF6-2021-22-404161-01 Supplying of banches Medical equipment at upazilla health complex 1156000
533 Jashore Keshabpur INF6-2021-22-404138-03 Supply of Ceiling fan (192) & Water Filter (20) for different Secondary School & Madrasa under Keshabpur Upazila 1117319
534 Jashore Keshabpur INF6-2021-22-404138-02 Construction of Wash block at different Bazar & School under Keshabpur Upazila, Jashore 2480437
535 Jashore Keshabpur INF6-2021-22-404138-01 a). Supply of Desktop & Multimedia Projector in different Secondary School under Keshabpur Upazila. b).Supply of Medical Equipment at Upazla Health Complex, Keshabpur, Jashore. 1988829
536 Jashore Jashore Sadar INF6-2021-22-404147-03 Supplay of 131 pears bench for School and collage 1117319
537 Jashore Jashore Sadar INF6-2021-22-404147-01 Supply of Bench for different Schoo. Madrasa and Collage, Total Bench- 573 4870500
538 Jashore Chaugachha INF6-2021-22-404111-01 Supplying of banches at different school and establishing of computer Lab At chougacha Lyciam School 2348778
539 Jashore Abhaynagar INF6-2021-22-404104-03 Pasenger sheet and wash block 1117319
540 Jashore Abhaynagar INF6-2021-22-404104-02 Passenger sheet and Wash Block consultation 1117319
541 Jashore Abhaynagar INF6-2021-22-404104-01 Construction of Femel Common room cum Hygiene center, 3351956
542 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar INF6-2021-22-401855-03 Supply of Celling Fan among Upazila Health Complex, Community Clinics at Union level and different educational institutions under upazila 1219512
543 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar INF6-2021-22-401855-02 Supply of Celling Fan among different educational institutions under upazila. 1219512
544 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar INF6-2021-22-401855-01 Supply of Plastic Bench (Pair consisting of high & low bench) among different Primary School under Upazila. Jibannagar Upazila, Chuadanga District. 3658536
545 Chuadanga Damurhuda INF6-2021-22-401831-03 Construction of Common Room with Attached Toilet at Karpasdaga Scondaary Girls School, Damurhuda, Chuadanga. 2234637
546 Chuadanga Damurhuda INF6-2021-22-401831-02 Supply of Celling Fan among different educational institutions under upazila. 1219512
547 Chuadanga Damurhuda INF6-2021-22-401831-01 Supply of Plastic Bench (Pair consisting of high & low bench) among different primary school under Upazila. 2439025
548 Chuadanga Chuadanga Sadar INF6-2021-22-401823-02 Supplying of Plastic high & law bench for different Secondary School and Mardrasa under Chuadanga Sadar Upazila. 2731572
549 Chuadanga Chuadanga Sadar INF6-2021-22-401823-01 Construction of Passenger Shade with Solar panel including separate wash room for male and female at Sorogonj Bazar under Chuadanga Sadar Upazila. 1966602
550 Chuadanga Alamdanga INF6-2021-22-401807-02 Supply of Celling Fan among different educational institutions under upazila, Alamdanga, chuadanga 1219512
551 Chuadanga Alamdanga INF6-2021-22-401807-01 Supply of Plastic Bench (Pair consisting of high & low bench) among different educational institutions under Upazila. Alamdanga, Chuadanga. 4878048
552 Bagerhat Rampal INF6-2021-22- 400173-1 Construction of extension building of Rampal Sub- Health center and Delivery Center under Rampal Upazila, Bagerhat 4469200
553 Bagerhat Morrelganj INF6-2021-22-400160-02 Build on new academic or classroom (ka) Boloyaibunia Secondar high school under the Boloyaibunia union (kha) Ambikacharan laha-AC Laha Secondary High School under the Morelganj sadar union for creating enabling environment as well as SMART Bangladesh new vision of HEPM in Morelganj upazila, Bagerhat district. 2831483
554 Bagerhat Morrelganj INF6-2021-22-400160-01 Build on Iron bridge nearby (ka) Buruzbari govt primary School Mollarjhoar canal (kha) Khalkulia or khalkula canal under Doibogyanhati union. 2755109
555 Bagerhat Mongla INF6-2021-22-400158-02 Supplying of High-Low Bench at Secodary School Level. 1219512
556 Bagerhat Mongla INF6-2021-22-400158-01 Supplying & Installation of Central Oxygen System, Digital X-Ray machine and Medical bed at Mongla Upazila Helth Complex. 4469272
557 Bagerhat Mollahat INF6-2021-22-400156-01 Supplying of High-Low Bench at different Secondary Educational Institutions. 4870500
558 Bagerhat Kachua INF6-2021-22-400138-01 Construction Classroom of Baruikhali High School (Vertical extension) and supply high-low bench under Kachua upazila , Bagerhat 2740560
559 Bagerhat Kachua INF6-2021-22-400138-02 Construction of Higyne corner at BC Vasa High School,Padmanagar junior High School and Kachua Dakhil Madara under Kachua upazial, Bagerhat 2868300
560 Bagerhat Fakirhat INF6-2021-22-400134-01 Construction of New Building at Shirin Haque Pilot Girls High School Under Fakirhat Upazila. 4469271
561 Bagerhat Chitalmari INF6-2021-22-400114-02 Supplying of Dalivery Equipment at Chairbaniari, Hizla and Kalatala Union Helth and Family Welfare Cenrte under Chitalmari Upazila. 1212816
562 Bagerhat Chitalmari INF6-2021-22-400114-01 Maintanance and Repairing 09 nos. of Community Clinic under Chitalmari Upazila. 3248496
563 Bagerhat Bagerhat Sadar INF6-2021-22-400108-02 Construction of Delivery Center at Kafurpura Community Clinic and equipment districbuion of UHWFC under Bagerhat Sadar Upazila, Bagerhat 1762192
564 Bagerhat Bagerhat Sadar INF6-2021-22-400108-01 Construction of Higyne corner at BC Sayera Modhudia Collegiate school, Kodla High School, KM Badhokhali High School and Dema Karamotia Fazil Madrasa under Bagerhat Sadar upazial, Bagerhat 3828400
565 Tangail Tangail Sadar INF6-2021-22-309395-03 Construction of one Wash Block at Jinai Govt. Primary School as well as Construction & Installation of 29 Solar street light in different Hat/ Bazar and Institution 1781168
566 Tangail Tangail Sadar INF6-2021-22-309395-02 Supply of Furniture (Pro-pylene benches) in 7 Secondary Institutions and one Disabled/ Autism school 1350000
567 Tangail Tangail Sadar INF6-2021-22-309395-01 Construction of U-Drain west side of Korotia Mahila College Hostel to Korotia Sadat College more for disperse water logging in hat areas under Korotia union 2568553
568 Tangail Sakhipur INF6-2021-22-309385-03 a) Construction of semi-pacca rooms for residential girls in Sakhipur Pilot Girls High School b) Construction of Washblocks for PM Pilot Model Govt: Schools and Colleges 2000000
569 Tangail Sakhipur INF6-2021-22-309385-02 a) Construction of Wash Block in Taktarchala Bazar b) Construction of Wash Block in Hamidpur Bazar c) Construction of RCC Drain in Taktarchala Bazar 2097239
570 Tangail Sakhipur INF6-2021-22-309385-01 a) Construction of wash block for residential girls in Namdarpur Fazil Madrasa b) ?Construction of wash block in Dariyapur Abadi Bazar 1487063
571 Tangail Nagarpur INF6-2021-22-309376-03 Constriction of a drain at Gayhata Bazer & a class room (CI Sheet) Extenuation at Piksha Mijahil GPS. 1192030
572 Tangail Nagarpur INF6-2021-22-309376-02 Supply of High & Low Bench at different High school & Madrasa at Nagarpur Upazila under the District of Tangail. 1219512
573 Tangail Nagarpur INF6-2021-22-309376-01 Construction of Wash block at different markets and Education institutions ( Salimabad Tebaria Islamia High School, Paikail Inauddin High School & Chachuajani T.Ins.) Nagarpur under the District of Tangail. 2159925
574 Tangail Mirzapur INF6-2021-22-309366-03 Construction of Hygenic vegetable selling shed adjacent of Bastail union Parishad and Installation Solar street Lamp in 3 important Market under Bastail UP, Mirzapur, Tangail 1610402
575 Tangail Mirzapur INF6-2021-22-309366-02 Estimate of Furniture supply (Pro-pylene benches) in Different High schools( Four nos. use as SSC center) under Mirzapur upazila, Tangail 1440000
576 Tangail Mirzapur INF6-2021-22-309366-01 Construction of Link road, Ramp & Guardian waiting Shed at Tarar Mela songho Autism/ Disable school under Gorai union, Mirzapur, Tangail 4589944
577 Tangail Madhupur INF6-2021-22-309357-03 Construction a market shade and a washblock at kakraid bazer in Madhupur upazila 2089272
578 Tangail Madhupur INF6-2021-22-309357-02 Installation the solar street light at bazer & important place in Madhupur upazila. 1190000
579 Tangail Madhupur INF6-2021-22-309357-01 Construction a market shade for the development of Garobazer at Madhupur upazila 1190000
580 Tangail Kalihati INF6-2021-22-309347-04 Supply desktop computer,UPS and multimedia at secondary level educational institution for the quality education of Kalihati upazila 1117319
581 Tangail Kalihati INF6-2021-22-309347-03 Construction a waiting room for patient at Upazila Health Complex in Kalihati upazila 1141134
582 Tangail Kalihati INF6-2021-22-309347-02 Supply and installation solar street light various hat bazar and public important place at Kalihati upazila 1680000
583 Tangail Kalihati INF6-2021-22-309347-01 Supply high and low bench at secondary level educational institution students in Kalihati upazila under Tangail district. 1798884
584 Tangail Gopalpur INF6-2021-22-309338-03 Construction of Fish shed and public toilet sunamui bazar under Gopalpur upazila. 2120000
585 Tangail Gopalpur INF6-2021-22-309338-02 Construction of Fish shed mahmudpur Bazar under Gopalpur upazila. 1123512
586 Tangail Gopalpur INF6-2021-22-309338-01 Construction of Fish shed hemnagar Bazar under Gopalpur upazila. 1225761
587 Tangail Ghatail INF6-2021-22-309328-02 Installation of solar panel street lights in important places of various union. 2199900
588 Tangail Ghatail INF6-2021-22-309328-03 Provides benches Infront of 10 nos secondary school of Ghatail upajila. 1249500
589 Tangail Ghatail INF6-2021-22-309328-01 Construction Of public toilet in dhalapada market under Ghatail upajila. 1124580
590 Tangail Dhanbari INF6-2021-22-309325-02 Supply and installation solar street light at bazer and pulic important place in Dhanbari upazila under Tangail district. 1680000
591 Tangail Dhanbari INF6-2021-22-309325-01 Supply high and low bench to the secondary level educational institution at Dhanbari upazila. 3044390
592 Tangail Delduar INF6-2021-22-309323-04 Construction of Fish Shade & a Rain water Drain at Deuli Bazer at Delduar, Tangail 1117318
593 Tangail Delduar INF6-2021-22-309323-03 Construction of multipurpose shade at Patrail Bazer ( Multipurpose & Milk Shead) 1222536
594 Tangail Delduar INF6-2021-22-309323-02 Constriction of Market Shed at Alasin Bazer ( Fish & meet) 1614383
595 Tangail Delduar INF6-2021-22-305622-01 Supply of High & Low Bench at different High school & Madrasa at Delduar Upazila under the District of Tangail. 1781665
596 Tangail Bhuapur INF6-2021-22-309319-03 Provide benches in front of 10 nos various secondary schools of bhuapur upajila. 1224000
597 Tangail Bhuapur INF6-2021-22-309319-02 Construction of extention building at lokman fakir womens degree college of bhuapur upajila. 2050000
598 Tangail Bhuapur INF6-2021-22-309319-01 Construction of girls school building at falda sarifunnesa in bhuapur upajila. 1297844
599 Tangail Basail INF6-2021-22-309309-03 Construction of classrooms in Kanchanpur Balika Dakhil Madrasa and construction of wash block in Mujeeb Habib Islamia Dakhil Madrasa. 2596852
600 Tangail Basail INF6-2021-22-309309-02 Construction of classrooms at Khandkar Abul Hossain Memorial Girls School 1494364
601 Tangail Basail INF6-2021-22-309309-01 Construction of classrooms in Balia Lower Secondary School 1494364
602 Shariatpur Zajira INF6-2021-22-308694-01 Construction of Zajira University College Building and Supply Smart TV, Computer (Desktop) & Printer for Smart Library at Zajira Upazila under Shariatpur District. 4463984
603 Shariatpur Shariatpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-308669-03 Dhalikandi bil of Rudrakar village of Rudrakar union waterlogging relief at Shariatpur Sadar Upazila under Shariatpur District. 1843757
604 Shariatpur Shariatpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-308669-02 To construction of Shoulpara Bazar/Market Shed and Chikondi constructions of RCC drains for Market drainage at Shariatpur Sadar Upazila under Shariatpur District. 2573565
605 Shariatpur Shariatpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-308669-01 Supply of Computers (Desktop),Printers & Projector at 26 nos of different educational institutions at Shariatpur Sadar under Shariatpur district. 1154430
606 Shariatpur Naria INF6-2021-22-308665-02 Construction of two wash Block at Panditsar Bazar and Naopara Launchghat of Naria,Shariatpur. 2543052
607 Shariatpur Naria INF6-2021-22-308665-01 Supplying High and Low Combined Bench with Book Shelf(247 pair) of 13 Secondary Educational institutions under Naria, Shariatpur 2099500
608 Shariatpur Gosairhat INF6-2021-22-308636-03 Installation of street solar lights at 82 nos important places (Roads, Launch Ghat,Stands Haats & Markets Etc. ) of various unions under Gosairhat Upazila. 2967482
609 Shariatpur Gosairhat INF6-2021-22-308636-02 Supply of Interactive Boards at 03 (three) nos of different educational institutions under the Gosairhat upazila . 1213290
610 Shariatpur Gosairhat INF6-2021-22-308636-01 To supply of health care equipment (Diathermy machine, Ultra sonogram machine, ECG Machine, Air Cooler ,Generator, Motor, BP Machine, Weight Machine, Pulse Oxy Meter Etc.) to increase the dynamics of health and family planning activities. 1391965
611 Shariatpur Damudya INF6-2021-22-308625-02 Construction of Bazar Shed at Kailara Bazar & Char Pathalia Bazar of Damudya Upazilla. 2633580
612 Shariatpur Damudya INF6-2021-22-308625-01 Construction of Adolescent friendly common room at Idris Ali High School of Damudya Upazilla. 1823583
613 Shariatpur Bhedarganj INF6-2021-22-308614-02 Construction of RCC road and Bazar Shed at Molla Bazar of Char Kumaria Union.. 2645687
614 Shariatpur Bhedarganj INF6-2021-22-308614-01 Construction of Adolescent friendly common room in at Bhedarganj govt. pilot high School. 1823583
615 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF6-2021-22-308276-02 Construction of a public toilet at Baniboho bazar at Rajbari sadar upazila 1715934
616 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF6-2021-22-308276-01 Construction of laboratory and livestock treatment center 2753194
617 Rajbari Pangsha INF6-2021-22-308273-03 The construction of toilet and Bazar Shed Bahadurpur union kalitala Bazar in Pangsha Upazlia 1117319
618 Rajbari Pangsha INF6-2021-22-308273-02 Construction of Class room enhancing reading at Nowpara Madrasa under Kalukhali Upazila, Maspara Union 1117319
619 Rajbari Pangsha INF6-2021-22-308273-01 The supply of Bench at the Pangsha Upazila level under High schools and Madrasa 2439026
620 Rajbari Kalukhali INF6-2021-22-308247-03 The construction of Public toilet Under Harinbaria Madabpur Bazar Ratondia unio Kalukhali Upazlia 1117319
621 Rajbari Kalukhali INF6-2021-22-308247-02 The construction of irrigation drain under Mohonpur village Maspara union Kalukhali Upazlia 1117319
622 Rajbari Kalukhali INF6-2021-22-308247-01 Construction of Class room enhancing reading at Kalukhali Dakhil Madrasa under Kalukhali Upazila, Ratondia Union 2234638
623 Rajbari Goalanda INF6-2021-22-308229-02 Supplying Smart Class Room equipment at 5 No High School at Goalanda Upazila 2370000
624 Rajbari Goalanda INF6-2021-22-308229-01 Construction of Solar Street light at different importance place in Goalanda Upazila 2094400
625 Rajbari Baliakandi INF6-2021-22-308207-01 Construction of Academic building at Amtola Ideal School, Baliakandi 4465573
626 Narsingdi Shibpur INF6-2021-22-306076-03 3. Installation of streetlights in Lakhpur Beridabadh, Lakhpur Bazar and Kamrabo Bazar 1787710
627 Narsingdi Shibpur INF6-2021-22-306076-02 2. Supply of high-low benches in various ten educational institutions and construction of hygiene corner for female students in two schools. 1707318
628 Narsingdi Shibpur INF6-2021-22-306076-01 1. Construction of Lightning-proof shelters for sheltering farmers during thunderstorms and wash blocks at lakhpur female madrasha. 2234638
629 Narsingdi Roypura INF6-2021-22-306864-02 supply of high & low bench at different school 1219512
630 Narsingdi Roypura INF6-2021-22-306864-01 Supplying computers in ten different Schools in Raypura Upazila 1117318
631 Narsingdi Palash INF6-2021-22-306863-03 Supplying smart monitor in different school of palash upazila 1564246
632 Narsingdi Palash INF6-2021-22-306863-02 Supplying computers in different Schools in Palash Upazila 1565084
633 Narsingdi Palash INF6-2021-22-306863-01 supply of high & low bench at different school in palash upazila 1462500
634 Narsingdi Narsingdi Sadar INF6-2021-22-306860-03 Construction of fish shed in Chengatali market of Narsingdi Sadar Upazila. 1404812
635 Narsingdi Narsingdi Sadar INF6-2021-22-306860-02 Supply of high and low benches to various educational institutions of Narsingdi Sadar Upazila and supply of furniture for girls' common room in two schools. 1224487
636 Narsingdi Narsingdi Sadar INF6-2021-22-306860-01 Construction of three classrooms through upward expansion at Bagargot Government Primary School. 1942585
637 Narsingdi Manohardi INF6-2021-22-306852-03 Modernization of five (Rampur CC, Syedpur CC, Baramirzapur CC, Chalakchar CC) community clinics of Manohardi Upazila through necessary renovations. 1184492
638 Narsingdi Manohardi INF6-2021-22-306852-02 Construction of Ghatla at Dighi of Kahetergaon and Noakandi Four Road Junction of Lebutala Union and renovation of Pond Ghat of Dasdona Madrasa. 1340782
639 Narsingdi Manohardi INF6-2021-22-306852-01 Installation of Solar Street Light from Hetemdi to Sagardi New Road (Bypass). 1944000
640 Narsingdi Belabo INF6-2021-22-306807-04 supply of high & low bench at ten different school in belabo upazila 1219512
641 Narsingdi Belabo INF6-2021-22-306807-03 construction of washblock at narayonpur sarfat ullah high school 1117319
642 Narsingdi Belabo INF6-2021-22-306807-02 Construction of guardian shed in belabo No-1 primary school 1117319
643 Narsingdi Belabo INF6-2021-22-306807-01 Construction of girls common room come hygiene corner in botessor high school 1117319
644 Narayanganj Sonargaon INF6-2021-22-306704-01 Supply of benches to different schools of Sonargaon Upazila. 4878050
645 Narayanganj Rupganj INF6-2021-22-306768-02 Supply Medical equeptment at Rupganj Upazila Health complex. 1117318
646 Narayanganj Rupganj INF6-2021-22-306768-01 Supply High low banch at secondary educational instituations. 4870500
647 Narayanganj Narayanganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-306785-01 Construction of Class room in Govt. primary school in 78 no. Pilkuni under Narayanganj sadar UZP.(02) Supplying of bench in different primary school. 4647687
648 Narayanganj Bandar INF6-2021-22-306706-02 Supply of furniture to different schools of Bandar Upazila. 1894780
649 Narayanganj Bandar INF6-2021-22-306706-01 Supply of X-Ray and Ultra Sound Machine to Upazila Health Complex of Bandar Upazila 3850593
650 Narayanganj Araihazar INF6 2021-22-306702-01 construction of drain at binayer char of Duptara union of Araihazar upazila 4469272
651 Munshiganj Sreenagar INF6-2021-22-305984-05 To build a wash block beside the road of north side at chak bazer jame moszid under sreenagar union parishad 1117318
652 Munshiganj Sreenagar INF6-2021-22-305984-04 Supply of bench at different primary school 1219512
653 Munshiganj Sreenagar INF6-2021-22-305984-03 Repairing of hasara sub health center 1117319
654 Munshiganj Sreenagar INF6-2021-22-305984-02 Construction of wash block at kukutia komola kanta institute 1117319
655 Munshiganj Sreenagar INF6-2021-22-305984-01 construction of public toilet at patabhog transection of three roads 1117319
656 Munshiganj Serajdikhan INF6-2021-22-305974-02 Construction of new room of Rajdia girls' high school under Serajdikhan upazila 2137215
657 Munshiganj Serajdikhan INF6-2021-22-305974-01 Construction of vertical extension-first floor at Chatiantoli high school under Serajdikhaan upazila 2332059
658 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-305956-03 Installation of RO (Reverse Osmosis) drinking water plant for students of various primary schools in Munshiganj Sadar Upazila 1136304
659 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-305956-02 Supply of desktop computer and TV skin for classrooms of students in different primary schools of Munshiganj Sadar Upazila. 1668568
660 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-305956-01 Construction of fish sheds in Bajrayogini Bazar, Bangla Bazar and Bagerhat Bazar of Charkewar in Munshiganj Sadar Upazila. 2800706
661 Munshiganj Lohajang INF6-2021-22-305944-01 Installation of solar street lights in various streets/markets of 10 unions under Lauhjong upazila of Munshiganj district. 4469272
662 Munshiganj Gazaria INF6-2021-22-305924-01 Establishing Street Solar light to Baluakandi union to Baushia N.H road & Guagacia Union to Baushia union Under Gazaria UZP,Munshiganj. 4469247
663 Manikganj Singair INF6-2021-22-305682-03 Supplying of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine in 15 Educational Institutions under Singair Upazila. 1117318
664 Manikganj Singair INF6-2021-22-305682-01 Digitalization of X-ray Machine, Supplyt of portable Ultrasound Machine and Heavy Duty Generator for Singair Upazila Health complex 3240224
665 Manikganj Singair INF6-2021-22-305682-02 Supplying of Multimedia Projector in Various Educational Institutions under Singair Upazila. 1229050
666 Manikganj Shivalaya INF6-2021-22-305678-04 Supply High & Low Bench for High and Primary School under Shivalaya Upazila 1219512
667 Manikganj Shivalaya INF6-2021-22-305678-03 Construction Ghatla at Entajgonj Bazar, Choto Sakrail near Hafiz Uddin House the bank of Esamoti River & Construction Wash Block at Diarchar Bazar Under Shimulia Union. 1469274
668 Manikganj Shivalaya INF6-2021-22-305678-02 Construction Class Room under Tawta autistic school 1500000
669 Manikganj Shivalaya INF6-2021-22-305678-01 Construction Class Room under Doshchir Govt. Primary school 1500000
670 Manikganj Saturia INF6-2021-22-305670-02 Construction Class Room at Gopalpur High School 1321045
671 Manikganj Saturia INF6-2021-22-305670-04 Construction RCC Road at Dorgram Bazar Under Saturia 1121600
672 Manikganj Saturia INF6-2021-22-305670-03 Construction Hygiene safety Corner at Digholia Govt. Primary School & Construction Public toiled at Hargaz Cow Hat Under Saturia 1129512
673 Manikganj Saturia INF6-2021-22-305670-01 Construction Class Room at Abdul Mozid Phato Adrosha High School. 2014435
674 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-305646-03 Construction RCC Drain at Tara Bilto Siriti Hat 1278329
675 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-305646-02 Construction RCC Road at Jagir Kacha Bazar & Jattri Chawni at near Atigram UP 1420464
676 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-305646-01 Supply High & Low Bench & Smart Board of High & Primary School. 1839039
677 Manikganj Harirampur INF6-2021-22-305628-03 Installation of Solar Street Lights at 1.5 kilometer roads from Boira Union Parishad 1353598
678 Manikganj Harirampur INF6-2021-22-305628-02 Construction of three Vegetable shades in Lesraganj, Horihardai and Vogobanchar Bazar 1994013
679 Manikganj Harirampur INF6-2021-22-305628-01 Supply of High-Low Benches in six secondary level schools in Harirampur 1224000
680 Manikganj Ghior INF6-2021-22-309323-01 Construction of Fish shed & Animals Treatment Shade at Ghior Upazila Under the District of Manikganj 1805758
681 Manikganj Ghior INF6-2021-22-305622-02 Construction of 4 Multipurpose Market Shed at Different Bazer at Ghior Upazila 2290194
682 Manikganj Ghior INF6-2021-22-305622-03 Installation of solar street light & Constration of a RCC road krishanapur Govt. primary school to Khalque Mollik house at Ghior Sadar Union. 1490640
683 Manikganj Daulatpur INF6-2021-22-305610-04 Construction of a shed in Charkatari Bazar and construction of a community clinic in Baghutia Bazar 1117318
684 Manikganj Daulatpur INF6-2021-22-305610-03 Construction of parent shed in Daulatpur Pilot Girls High School Construction of common room for girls in Ulail Model High School 1242457
685 Manikganj Daulatpur INF6-2021-22-305610-02 Constriction of shed for sale of daily necessities (Charkatari Bhot Bazar, Subuddhi Bazar, Daulatpur Bhor Bazar, and Nirali Fish Bazar) 2103158
686 Manikganj Daulatpur INF6-2021-22-305610-01 Supply of high and low benches in secondary schools including Amtali FS High School Examination Centre 1226160
687 Madaripur Shibchar INF6-2021-22-305487-02 Supply Medical equipment's at different union health complex & family wealfare center under shibchar upazila. 1117319
688 Madaripur Shibchar INF6-2021-22-305487-01 Suppy Ambulance at upazila porishad under shibchar upazila. 3351956
689 Madaripur Rajoir INF6-2021-22-305480-03 Supplying of Smart LED TV for 15 nos High Schools. 1257536
690 Madaripur Rajoir INF6-2021-22-305480-02 Construction of Public Toilet in Damerchor Bazar & Amgram Bazar. 1378364
691 Madaripur Rajoir INF6-2021-22-305480-01 Construction of Multipurpose Hall Room & Wash Block in Rajoir Pilot Girls High School. 1833362
692 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar INF6-2021-22-305454-02 Supplying of Furniture at High Bench Low Bench at 10 nos Different Educational Institutions, Madaripur Sadar. 1258000
693 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar INF6-2021-22-305454-01 a) Construction of Vertical Extension Classroom in Taltola Islamia Dakhil Madrasa. b) Construction work of Ghatla in Housdi Bazar. 3316393
694 Madaripur Kalkini INF6-2021-22-305440-03 Supplying of Patient Bed at Kalkini Upazila Health Complex, Kalkini, Madaripur. 1412402
695 Madaripur Kalkini INF6-2021-22-305440-02 Construction of Public Toilet at Kaligonj Bazar. 1626202
696 Madaripur Kalkini INF6-2021-22-305440-01 Construction of Hygiene Corner at Kalkini Govt. Pilot High School. 1430600
697 Kishoreganj Tarail INF6-2021-22-304892-02 Supply Desk Bench set 2790000
698 Kishoreganj Tarail INF6-2021-22-304892-01 Supply ,AC, Generator and Hydraulic bed in Tarail Upazila Health Complex 1906888
699 Kishoreganj Pukundia INF6-2021-22-304879-03 Supply Desk Bench set 17 different schools of Pakundia upazilla 3213000
700 Kishoreganj Pukundia INF6-2021-22-304879-02 Set up 38 solar light for public safety in agarosindu UP road 1486625
701 Kishoreganj Pukundia INF6-2021-22-304879-01 Supply ultrasound machine, AC, and compressor machine 1150000
702 Kishoreganj Nikli INF6-2021-22-304876-02 Extensions of RCC drain on both sides from Kaibartahati to Suaijony River in Sadar Union of Nikli upazila and Extensions of internal RCC road near market shed of Majlishpur Bazar. 1117318
703 Kishoreganj Nikli INF6-2021-22-304876-01 Construction of rest room and WASH Block for tourists at Catirchor Union and Construction of internal RCC road near market shed of Majlishpur Bazar. 4466890
704 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar INF6-2021-22-304854-03 Construction of wash block in Dumrakanda Bazer . 1117318
705 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar INF6-2021-22-304854-02 Supply plastic high and law branch for primary & High school. 1707318
706 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar INF6-2021-22-304854-01 Supply of medical equipment to OT room at kuliarchar Upazila health complex.( Ultrasonography machine, Diathermy machine, generator, Ac and other equipment) 2905028
707 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-304849-02 Construction of Market Shed in Lakshiganj Bazar in Latibabad Union. 1186350
708 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-304849-01 Construction of wash block and Passenger sheed at Maria Union Binnati intersection 4338650
709 Kishoreganj Katiadi INF6-2021-22-304845-03 Supply and repair of furniture to one sub health center in achmita union and one in Jalalpur union under Katiadi upazila 1340782
710 Kishoreganj Katiadi INF6-2021-22-304845-02 Construction of animal sheed for safe treatment of cattle inside Katiadi upazila and construction of market sheed in upazila and co-operative Dhuldia union. 2234638
711 Kishoreganj Katiadi INF6-2021-22-304845-01 Construction of lightning -proof shelters to shelter famers during lightning. 2011173
712 Kishoreganj Karimganj INF6-2021-22-304842-02 Supplying of High & Low Benches as Educational Materials at 7 Govt. Primary School under Karimganj Upazila 1219512
713 Kishoreganj Karimganj INF6-2021-22-304842-01 Supplying of high-low benches as educational materials at 10 High School, 10 Primary School & 7 Madrasah of examination centers and educational institutions under Karimganj Upazila 4870500
714 Kishoreganj Itna INF6-2021-22-304833-01 Supply of high-low benches to 10 secondary schools and 4 Alia Madrashas in Itna Upazila 4877200
715 Kishoreganj Hossainpur INF6-2021-22-304827-01 Construction of diabetic corner at Hossainpur Upazila Health Complex 4469274
716 Kishoreganj Bhairab INF6-2021-22-304811-03 Construction of RCC drain from Mukul,s house in Nobipur village of Aganagar union to pond side of Nobipur Govt. primary school 1117318
717 Kishoreganj Bhairab INF6-2021-22-304811-02 Contruction of RCC Drain to remove waterlogging in Akbornagar village of Kalikaproshad Union 1120559
718 Kishoreganj Bhairab INF6-2021-22-304811-01 Installation of solar street lights at important places on Bhairab Mymenshingh Highway Road( Pakkar matha to Akbarnagar mirarchor) in Shibpur and Kalikaproshas Unions. 3299441
719 Kishoreganj Bajitpur INF6-2021-22-304806-03 A) Construction of connecting road of 88no west kukrai government primary school, Bajithpur,kishoreganj. B) Repair of Nagaon Nilokhi & kailag- puri community clinics under Bajithpur Upazila. 1793501
720 Kishoreganj Bajitpur INF6-2021-22-304806-02 Supply of benches to various educational institution, Bajitpur, Kishoreganj. 1700995
721 Kishoreganj Bajitpur INF6-2021-22-304806-01 Supply of medical equipment and furniture to Bajithpur Upazila Health complex & Community clinic. 117319
722 Kishoreganj Austagram INF6-2021-22-304802-01 Construction of branding product sells Centre at Austagram upazila 4469272
723 Gopalganj Tungipara INF6-2021-22-303591-02 Supply of medical equipment at Sheikh Shahera khatun Hospital and Upazila Health Complex centre in Tungipara 1711722
724 Gopalganj Tungipara INF6-2021-22-303591-01 Construction of RCC-U drain at Gahardanga madrasa and Local area of Tungipara Upazila 2756408
725 Gopalganj Muksudpur INF6-2021-22-303558-02 Construction of 3 nos of Ghatla at Guyabahara, khanjapur and Uzani canal and also Rater treatment plant at Nanikhir Union of Muksudpur Upazila 2808530
726 Gopalganj Muksudpur INF6-2021-22-303558-01 Constrauction of 2 Ghatla at River side of Jalirpar and Gohala santipur area 1649956
727 Gopalganj Kashiani INF6-2021-22-303543-02 Supply of walking type rice transplanter in 3 farmers co-operatives under Kashiani Upazilla. 1290000
728 Gopalganj Kashiani INF6-2021-22-303543-01 Installation of street solar light 5 roads in 3 unions under Kashiani Upazilla 3179274
729 Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-303532-02 Supply of medical equipment to Gopalganj Upazila Diabetic Hospital 1150262
730 Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar INF6-2021-22-303532-01 Supply of high and low benches to various educational institutions under Gopalganj Sadar Upazila 3621000
731 Gazipur Sreepur INF6-2021-22-303386-03 Construction of Irrigation Drain (168 M) in Charbohor Village of Bormi UP under Sreepur Upazila. 1123310
732 Gazipur Sreepur INF6-2021-22-303386-02 Supply of medical Equipments in Sreepur Health Complex. 1165266
733 Gazipur Sreepur INF6-2021-22-303386-01 Supply of 280 pair high-low bench in 18 educational institution under Sreepur upazila Gazipur. 2380000
734 Gazipur Kapasia INF6-2021-22-303336-04 Construction of Fish Shed at Pakhrir Bazar of Uttorkhamer of Torga Union 1117318
735 Gazipur Kapasia INF6-2021-22-303336-03 Construction of Fish Shed of Beltoli Bazar at Barishabo union 1452514
736 Gazipur Kapasia INF6-2021-22-303336-02 Construction of Irrigation Drain from Norottopur Fedly Bill to Chibar khal at Barishabo Union 1564246
737 Gazipur Kapasia INF6-2021-22-303336-01 Supply of Desktop Computer (All In One) in different High School at kapasia Upazila, Gazipur. 1452514
738 Gazipur Kaliganj INF6-2021-22-303334-01 Supplying,Assembling,Fitting,Fixing and installation of Street Light, Solar Panel Pole for Tumulia Misson Road to Nagori (Matir Ghor) Road Under Kaliganj Upazila, at Gazipur 4000000
739 Gazipur Kaliakair INF6-2021-22-303332-02 a) Construction of 3 guardian waiting shed in 3 GPS b) Supply of 130 pair of high low bench in 10 educational institute 2605000
740 Gazipur Kaliakair INF6-2021-22-303332-01 a) Construction of OT Room in kaliakair veterinary hospital b)Repair of Sutrapur FWC in Kaliakair upazila 1956855
741 Gazipur Gazipur Sadar INF6-2021-22-303330-02 a) Construction of wash block in Rafiq market at pirujali union under Gazipur Sadar upazila b) Repair of Mirzapur FWC and Construction of guardian waiting shed in monipur high school under gazipur sadar 2378925
742 Gazipur Gazipur Sadar INF6-2021-22-303330-01 a) Construction of Hygiene Corner at Dogori high School in Mirzapur Union under Gazipur Sadar b) Supply of 129 pair high low bench in 10 educational institute of Gazipur Sadar 2181048
743 Faridpur Saltha INF6-2021-22-302990-03 Construction of Multi-Shade at Putia Bazar and Toilet at Bahirdia Bazar. 1533665
744 Faridpur Saltha INF6-2021-22-302990-02 Supply and Establishment of Solar Street light. 1124692
745 Faridpur Saltha INF6-2021-22-302990-01 Establishment of 03 nos Water Treatment Plant. 1800000
746 Faridpur Sadarpur INF6-2021-22-302988-02 Supply High-Law Bench to eight Primary and eight High School 2299678
747 Faridpur Sadarpur INF6-2021-22-302988-01 Construction washblock at Sadarpur bazar and beside sadarpur Upazila in Sadarpur, Faridpur 2362306
748 Faridpur Nagarkanda INF6-2021-22-302962-02 Supply of high-low bench for the different govt. primary school of Nagarkanda upazilla 1225008
749 Faridpur Nagarkanda INF6-2021-22-302962-01 A) Construction of Fish shed and drain at Binkdia Bazar Under Nagarkanda Upazilla B) Repair of market shed, drain nd making a urinal at Chadhat Bazar Under Nagarkanda Upazilla C) Installation a water treent plant at Rasulpur Under Nagarkanda Upazilla 3338679
750 Faridpur Madhukhali INF6-2021-22-302956-02 Construction of Ghatla beside Khodabashpur Primary School at Korokdi Union under Madhukhali Upazila in Faridpur District 1203467
751 Faridpur Madhukhali INF6-2021-22-302956-01 Construction of Market Shed at Kamarkhali & Bangabaria Bazar under Madhukhali upazila in Faridpur district. 3265806
752 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-302947-03 Supply of Multimedia (Anroid Smart Wall TV) at different educational Institutions under Faridpur Sadar Upazila in Faridpur district 1340782
753 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-302947-02 Supplying and assembling of Solar Street Light at different important roads and places under Faridpur Sadar upazila in Faridpur district 1117318
754 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-302947-01 Supply of Furniture (High and Low Bench) at different educational Institutions under Faridpur Sadar Upazila in Faridpur district 2195122
755 Faridpur Charbhadrasan INF6-2021-22-302921-02 Construction solar street light in charbhadrashan Upazila under Charbhadrasan, Faridpur 3351955
756 Faridpur Charbhadrasan INF6-2021-22-302921-01 Construction washblock at hajigoang bazar in Gazirtech Union, Charbhadrashan, Faridpur 1117318
757 Faridpur Boalmari INF6-2021-22-302918-02 Supply of High-Low Bench at 20 educational institutions. 3420304
758 Faridpur Boalmari INF6-2021-22-302918-01 Establishment of Solar Street light 1335588
759 Faridpur Bhanga INF6-2021-22-302910-02 Supply Medical equipment's at different union health complex & family wealfare center under Bhanga upazila. 2293862
760 Faridpur Bhanga INF6-2021-22-302910-01 Wash block construction at different school & madrasa under Bhanga upazila. 2175335
761 Faridpur Alfadanga INF6-2021-22-302903-02 Establishment of 02 nos Water Treatment Plant at Health Complex and Alfadanga Union 1200000
762 Faridpur Alfadanga INF6-2021-22-302903-01 Establishment of Solar Street light 3269263
763 Dhaka Savar INF6-2021-22-302672-03 Supplying of 06 All in one Pc, Printer, Scaner and UPS in Various Educational Institutions under Savar Upazila. 1117318
764 Dhaka Savar INF6-2021-22-302672-01 Supplying Medical Equipment for Upazila Health Complex, Savar, Dhaka 1229050
765 Dhaka Savar INF6-2021-22-302672-02 Supplying Bench in various Educational Institution 3536585
766 Dhaka Nawabganj INF6-2021-22-302662-02 Supply of high-low benches to 05 primary educational institutions under Nawabganj upazila 1224000
767 Dhaka Nawabganj INF6-2021-22-302662-01 Supply of high-low benches to 22 secondary educational institutions under Nawabganj upazila 4870500
768 Dhaka Keraniganj INF6-2021-22-302638-02 Construction of 02 sheds for selling fish in Atti market of Shakta Union under Keraniganj upazila 3285482
769 Dhaka Keraniganj INF6-2021-22-302638-01 Supply of high-low benches to 14 primary educational institutions under Keraniganj upazila 2511040
770 Dhaka Dohar INF6-2021-22-302618-01 Construction RCC pipe drain for logged water from zabed khalifas house to Anowar hossain's house of sutarpara union at Dohar upazila, Dhaka 4465007
771 Dhaka Dhamrai INF6-2021-22-302614-04 Renovation of Pathology room and Equipment supply at Upazila Health Complex 1124130
772 Dhaka Dhamrai INF6-2021-22-302614-03 Equipment Supply in 10 Union Health and Family Welfare Centers 1203486
773 Dhaka Dhamrai INF6-2021-22-302614-02 Supply of classroom equipment and materials in three Inclusive Schools under the Department of Social Service 1185138
774 Dhaka Dhamrai INF6-2021-22-302614-01 Construction of Classroom at Hizolikhola Govt. Primary School and Bench supply 2224771
775 Rangamati Rajasthali INF6-2021-22-208478-02 Safe water supply from deep tubewell and bathroom construction at Taitong para, Rajasthali Boudhha shishu sadan and O Tejawanta shishu sadan . 1787709
776 Rangamati Rajasthali INF6-2021-22-208478-01 Safe water supply from deep tubewell through solar panel system at Boli para O Kamalchari para . 2681564
777 Rangamati Naniarchar INF6-2021-22-208475-02 Supply powethillar to Different farmers sommitee in naniarchar Upazila 2234637
778 Rangamati Naniarchar INF6-2021-22-208475-01 Construction of pasenger shed ( Mordarn) upazila boatghat under Naniarchar upazila 2234637
779 Rangamati Langadu INF6-2021-22-208458-04 Construction of wash Block at Daner Langadu High School under 7 no Langadu Union 1117318
780 Rangamati Langadu INF6-2021-22-208458-03 Construction of wash Block at Mainimukh High School 1117318
781 Rangamati Langadu INF6-2021-22-208458-02 Construction of class Room at Ugolchari Mohajan Para High School 1117318
782 Rangamati Langadu INF6-2021-22-208458-01 Construction of class Room at uttor Yaringchari Senamoitry High School 1117318
783 Rangamati Kawkhali INF6-2021-22-208425-04 Supply High-Low beanch for Different School of Kawkhali Upazila 1219512
784 Rangamati Kawkhali INF6-2021-22-208425-03 supplying Street light in deferent important place of kawkhali upazila 2012485
785 Rangamati Kawkhali INF6-2021-22-208425-02 Construction of wash bolck Taheria Rashida Sunniiya Madrasha 1228394
786 Rangamati Kawkhali INF6-2021-22-208425-01 Construction of wash bolck in Nalyachari High School 1228394
787 Rangamati Kaptai INF6-2021-22-208436-02 Installation of solar street light (95) 3351955
788 Rangamati Kaptai INF6-2021-22-208436-01 Disribuion of All in one PC , Multimedia projector, Screen and pritner for various educational instituions 1117319
789 Rangamati Juraichhari INF6-2021-22-208447-02 Power supply to the remotest primary schoosl through solar panel of various unions of the upazilla 2011173
790 Rangamati Juraichhari INF6-2021-22-208447-01 Power Tiller supply to the Farmer cooperative sammittee at the union level 2458101
791 Rangamati Belaichhari INF6-2021-22-208429-03 Construction of Water supply line by GPS system at Agosjhychori Village. 1675978
792 Rangamati Belaichhari INF6-2021-22-208429-02 Power Tillar Distribution of Farmers group at Orachori Village( Purbo para & Poschim Para) 1564246
793 Rangamati Belaichhari INF6-2021-22-208429-01 Supply of Solar street light at Dhupheyrchar to PaltanGhat & CBC Machin supply at Upazilla health complex 1229050
794 Rangamati Barkal INF6-2021-22-208421-02 Supply of furniture (High-Low Bench) to various educational institutions of Barkal Upazila. 1441396
795 Rangamati Barkal INF6-2021-22-208421-03 Installation of solar street lights in various important markets and public places of upazila Sadar in Barkal Upazila. 1122330
796 Rangamati Barkal INF6-2021-22-208421-01 Supply of Agricultural Machinery (Power Tiller) to various Farmer Cooperative Societies/Groups of Barkal Upazila. 1604750
797 Rangamati Baghaichhari INF6-2021-22-208407-03 Installation of Solar Panel at Upazila Health Complex under Baghaichari Upazila Parishad, Rangamati District 1117319
798 Rangamati Baghaichhari INF6-2021-22-208407-02 Supply of Educational materials ( Desktop-Computer ) in several school under Baghaichari Upazila Parishad, Rangamati District 1117319
799 Rangamati Baghaichhari INF6-2021-22-208407-01 Construction of irrigation drain at Mgban and Khedarmara village in Rupakari and Khedarmara UP under Baghaichari Upazila Parishad, Rangamati District. 3351901
800 Noakhali Subarnochar INF6-2021-22-207585-02 Construction of Women Friendly Washblock at Char Baishakhi Thanar Hat Dakhil Madrasa under Subarnachar Upazila, District-Noakhali 1152203
801 Noakhali Subarnochar INF6-2021-22-207585-01 Installation of Solar Street Lights in important Roads/ Places at Different Unions under Subarnachar Upazila, District Noakhali. 4434389
802 Noakhali Sonaimuri INF6-2021-22-207583-01 Repair of building of Sonapur Ali Akbar High School, Borpeet Dakhail Madrasa of Sonaimuri Upazila and Construction of public toilets in two markets under Sonaimuri Upazila 2681449
803 Noakhali Sonaimuri INF6-2021-22-207583-02 Supply of Altrasonogram Machine to Sonaimuri Upazila Health Complex and Medical equipment at 06 health and family welfare centers. 1787768
804 Noakhali Senbagh INF6-2021-22-207580-04 Repair of Mohammadpur Union health and family welfare center and normal delivery center of Senbagh Upazila and construction of public toilet at khalil mier hat bazar Bijbagh Union 1117318
805 Noakhali Senbagh INF6-2021-22-207580-03 Repair of Nabipur Union Health and Family Welfare Center of Senbag Upazila and Construction of Agricultural Irrigation Drains and Culverts for Agricultural Development of Upazila 1675998
806 Noakhali Senbagh INF6-2021-22-207580-02 Establishment of hygiene corner in 7 secondary educational institutions of Senbag upazila 1219512
807 Noakhali Senbagh INF6-2021-22-207580-01 Providing benches to 10 educational institutions of Senbag Upazila to improve the quality of education 1829220
808 Noakhali Noakhali sadar INF6-2021-22-207587-02 Construction of Obidia Sultania Durur Sunnat Alim Madrasha at Dharmapur Union under Sadar Upazila, Noakhali. (3 Storied Foundation at 1st Floor). 1644399
809 Noakhali Noakhali sadar INF6-2021-22-207587-01 Installation of Solar Street Lights in Important Roads/ Places at Different Unions under Noakhali Sadar Upazila, District-Noakhali. 3942193
810 Noakhali Kabirhat INF6-2021-22-207547-02 Supply of high and low benches to 19 educational institutions of Kabirhat Upazila, District-Noakhali. 2439024
811 Noakhali Kabirhat INF6-2021-22-207547-01 Installation of Solar Street Lights in important Roads/ Places at Different Unions under Kabirhat Upazila, District Noakhali. 3351955
812 Noakhali Hatiya INF6-2021-22-207536-02 Construction of Delivery Building at no-01 Horni Union Health & Family welfare Centre on Hatiya Upazila . 1117318
813 Noakhali Hatiya INF6-2021-22-207536-01 Supply Naval Ambulance in health complex in Hatiya upazila 4420000
814 Noakhali Companiganj INF6-2021-22-207521-03 a)Construction of hall rooms of Zaytun Nahar Quader Women's College b)Construction of passenger Shade at river ghats. 1709258
815 Noakhali Companiganj INF6-2021-22-207521-02 Installation of Solar panels for street lights in various roads and markets 2246229
816 Noakhali Companiganj INF6-2021-22-207521-01 Union Health and Family Welfare Center repair and development 1630628
817 Noakhali Chatkhil INF6-2021-22-207510-03 Construction of wash block in different market at Chatkhil upzila 2093937
818 Noakhali Chatkhil INF6-2021-22-207510-02 Construction of Korihat Bazar drain to alleviate waterlogging 1243944
819 Noakhali Chatkhil INF6-2021-22-207510-01 Three water treatment projects for clean drinking water of Chatkhil Upazila 2248161
820 Noakhali Begumganj INF6-2021-22-207507-01 Supply of High & Low Bench to 10 educational institutions of Begumganj upazila 1530000
821 Noakhali Begumganj INF6-2021-22-207507-02 Supply of ultrasonogram and General Anesthesia machine to Begumganj Upazila Health Complex 1950167
822 Noakhali Begumganj INF6-2021-22-207507-03 Supply of Multimedia Equipment to 07 educational institutions of Begumganj upazila 1117318
823 Lakshmipur Roypur INF6-2021-22-205158-05 Construction of wash block in Sunamganj Bazar Under Raipur Upzila. 1117318
824 Lakshmipur Roypur INF6-2021-22-205158-04 Construction of Rakhalia. High school Science Lab (Vertical extansion) 1117318
825 Lakshmipur Roypur INF6-2021-22-205158-03 Construction of Char Ababil SC. High school classroom extansion. 1117318
826 Lakshmipur Roypur INF6-2021-22-205158-02 Constraction of Upazila Administration Art School Upward Classroom Extansion. 1117318
827 Lakshmipur Roypur INF6-2021-22-205158-01 Construction of irrigation drain from Pakka Road adjacent to Maulana Muslim House of Ward No. 4, Charpata UP. 1117318
828 Lakshmipur Ramgati INF6-2021-22-205173-02 Sufirhat Bazar Road RCC Rigid Pavement under Ramgati Upazila. 2456479
829 Lakshmipur Ramgati INF6-2021-22-205173-01 Supply of furniture (high-low plastic benches) to listed 30 educational institutions of Ramgati upazila. 3416403
830 Lakshmipur Ramganj iNF6-2021-22-205165-04 Supply of high and low benches for the students of 12 (twelve) Education Institutions of Ramganj Upazila 1219512
831 Lakshmipur Ramganj INF6-2021-22-205165-03 Supply of 160 pair high low bench for 10 Education Institutions of Ramganj Upazila (Joypura SRMS GPS, Noagaon GPS, Vadur GPS, Shreerampur GPS, Moddho Machimpur GPS, Kalikapur GPS, Dorbespur GPS, Gazipur GPS, Noapara GPS and Chandipur Surerbag GPS) 1360000
832 Lakshmipur Ramganj INF6-2021-22-205165-02 Supply of 15 Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine for 12 Education Institutions of Ramganj Upazila (Ramganj Pilot Girls High School, Ramganj High School, Noagaon Jonokollan High School, Athakora High School, Panpara School and College, Dolta High School, Machimpur High School, Teeury High School, Vatra High School, Modhupur Union Govt. High School, Chandipur Sadessory Girls High School and Ramganj Rabbania Kamil Madrasa) 1920720
833 Lakshmipur Ramganj INF6-2021-22-205165-01 Supply of 13 Smart TV for 13 Education Institutions of Ramganj Upazila (Ramganj Pilot Girls HIgh School, Daspara High School, Vatra High School, Station Model GPS, Ramganj Girls GPS, Gazipur GPS, Jafornagar GPS, Vaskobpur GPS, Dokkhin Chandipur GPS, Joypura SRSM GPS, Pochhim Angarpara GPS, Nagmud bazar GPS and Tamta GPS) 1597317
834 Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar INF6-2021-22-205143-05 Construction of smart classroom and supply of equipment in Lakshmipur Government Girls High School. 1117318
835 Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar INF6-2021-22-205143-04 Construction of ICT class room of Charmandal Abdur Rashid Chowdhury High School. 1117318
836 Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar INF6-2021-22-205143-03 Construction of Class Room in Bangakha. High school. 1117318
837 Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar INF6-2021-22-205143-02 Construction of classrooms in D. Abdul Haque Adarsha High School. 1117318
838 Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar INF6-2021-22-205143-01 Construction of classrooms in Bhabaniganj Karamtia Fazil Madrasa. 1117318
839 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar INF6-2021-22-205133-01 Supply of multimedia projectors and laptops to 07 educational institutions of Kamalnagar upazila 1163400
840 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar INF6-2021-22-205133-02 15 educational institutions of Kamalnagar upazila 2146702
841 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar INF6-2021-22-205133-03 Supply of ultrasonogram and cell counting machine to Kamalnagar Upazila Health Complex 1339000
842 Khagrachhari Ramgarh INF6-2021-22-204680-02 Supply high and low bench (241 pairs) at different secondary schools in Ramgarh Upazila 2252868
843 Khagrachhari Ramgarh INF6-2021-22-204680-01 Installation of Solar Panel Street Lights at Different Important Places in Ramgarh Upazila 2405000
844 Khagrachhari Matiranga INF6-2021-22-204670-03 Installation of solar panels in Various educational institutions and health family welfare center of Matiranga upazila . 1117318
845 Khagrachhari Matiranga INF6-2021-22-204670-02 Furniture supply to various Educational institutions in Matiranga upazila;.; 2439024
846 Khagrachhari Matiranga INF6-2021-22-204670-01 Delivery of medical supplies to 24/7 service centers for delivery patients at four health family welfare centers in matiranga upazila. 1117318
847 Khagrachhari Manikchhari INF6-2021-22-204667-01 Pure drinking water supply project through solar panels in seventeen villages of Manikchhari Upazila 4469270
848 Khagrachhari Mahalchhari INF6-2021-22-204665-03 Installation of Solar Street Lights to prevent accident in various important places of Mahalchari Upazila 1152000
849 Khagrachhari Mahalchhari INF6-2021-22-204665-02 Supply of Multimedia equiptment at 7(seven) different educational Institution in Mohachhari Upazila. 1117319
850 Khagrachhari Mahalchhari INF6-2021-22-204665-01 Construction of Paka Irrigation Drain in Jaduganala Agricultural Land of Kyangghat Union 2175701
851 Khagrachhari Lakshmichhari INF6-2021-22-204661-02 Construct irrigation drain (375m) at Mohisskata beel under 1 no. Laxmichari Union for irrigation facilities 1790245
852 Khagrachhari Lakshmichhari INF6-2021-22-204661-01 Construct classroom at Moyurkhil Ebtedayee Dakhil Madrasa 2679025
853 Khagrachhari Khagrachhari Sadar INF6-2021-22-204649-02 Supply of High and Low bench at different high school of Khagrachari Sadar Upazila 2439025
854 Khagrachhari Khagrachhari Sadar INF6-2021-22-204649-01 Construction of irrigation drain beside Chengi River from Ramendu Chakma land to magistrate Para Kongri Marma land, 2234637
855 Khagrachhari Guimara INF6-2021-22-204647-02 Bench supply to different schools in Guimara Upazila . 1000000
856 Khagrachhari Guimara INF6-2021-22-204647-01 Water supply to solar system through submersible pump. 3351955
857 Khagrachhari Dighinala INF6-2021-22-204643-02 Supply of Plastic High-Low Bench in several Schools and College of Dighinala Upazila ,under Khagrachari Hill District 1224000
858 Khagrachhari Dighinala INF6-2021-22-204643-01 Construction of irrigation drain from Purnendu Bikash Chakmas land to Dinabandhu Chakmas land, Hasinsanpur,under Kobakhali Union 4018645
859 Feni Sonagazi INF6-2021-22-203094-03 Construction of culverts in different unions of Sojagazi upazila. 1630056
860 Feni Sonagazi INF6-2021-22-203094-02 Supply of high-low benches in secondary & higher secondary educational institute to improve the quality of education. 1232500
861 Feni Sonagazi INF6-2021-22-203094-01 Installation of solar streetlights at important places & markets of Sonagazi Upazila. 1710000
862 Feni Parshuram INF6-2021-22-203051-03 Supply Celling fan in different education Institutes at Parshuram Upazila 1219512
863 Feni Parshuram INF6-2021-22-203051-02 Construction New Class Room of Khondol School & College 3351956
864 Feni Parshuram INF6-2021-22-203051-01 Construction Hyazine Corner of Kobi Samsunnar Mahmud Pilot Girls School 1117318
865 Feni Fulgazi INF6-2021-22-203041-02 Supply Medical Equipment of Fulgazi Upazila Health Complex 1117318
866 Feni Fulgazi INF6/2021-22/203041/01 Construction RCC Drain for water logging in Fulgazi Upazila, Feni 4469246
867 Feni Feni Sadar INF6-2021-22-203029-03 Building extension work of Fazilpur Walia Fazil (Degree) Madrasa in Fazilpur Union of Feni Sadar Upazila. 1117318
868 Feni Feni Sadar INF6-2021-22-203029-01 Supply of School Bus at Jainal Hazari College for the students. 3281971
869 Feni Feni Sadar INF6-2021-22-203029-02 Construction of RCC drain at Jamia Rashidia Madrasa in Motbi union of Feni sadar Upazila. 1184358
870 Feni Daganbhuiyan INF6-2021-22-203025-01 Construction of new classrooms in Chandpur Government Primary School and Bairagir Bazar Government Primary School to improve the quality of primary education in Daganbhuanya Upazila. 3999999
871 Feni Chhagalnaiya INF6-2021-22-203014-02 Installation of solar street lights at important places in 5 Unions of Chhagalnaiya Upazila. 2122905
872 Feni Chhagalnaiya INF6-2021-22-203014-01 Installation of solar system in Shakh Rasel Digital Lab in various educational institutions of Chhagalnaiya Upazila. 2346369
873 Cumilla Titas INF6-2021-22-201994-02 Supplying, Fitting, Fixing, and assembling of Solar Street Light at Batakandi Raipur via Masimpur via Mohonpur Lanch ghat road 1955307
874 Cumilla Titas INF6-2021-22-201994-01 Providing Digital X-ray Machine at Titas Diabetic Hospital 2513966
875 Cumilla Muradnagar INF6-2021-22-201981-03 Const. of Baby Delivery Room ( Community Clenic ) & Medical Instrument Supply on Ramchanrdrapur (North) B. Chapitala Under Muradnagar Upazila , Cumilla. 1164826
876 Cumilla Muradnagar INF6-2021-22-201981-02 Installation of Solar Street Light on Muradnagar Upazila Health Complex to Eliotgonj. Under Muradnagar Upazila , Cumilla. 1675976
877 Cumilla Muradnagar INF6-2021-22-201981-01 Supply of High & low Bench on Muradnagar Upazila Different Higher School. 1776500
878 Cumilla Monoharganj INF6-2021-22-201974-03 (a) Estimate for Construction of Drainage structure Works I removing the waterloging of the Nater Patua Degree College premises under Monohargang Upazila,Dist : Cumilla.(b)Estimate for Mantenance works of Norhoripur Debpur High School under Monohargang Upazila,Dist : Cumilla.(c)Estimate for Mantenance works of North Hawla High School under Monohargang Upazila,Dist : Cumilla. 1969057
879 Cumilla Monoharganj INF6-2021-22-201974-02 Estimate for Construction of Hasnabad Polli Mongale High School under Monohargang Upazila,Dist : Cumilla. 1378829
880 Cumilla Monoharganj INF6-2021-22-201974-01 Estimate for Digital Lab Equipment Poamgaon High School under Monohargang Upazila,Dist : Cumilla. 1121386
881 Cumilla Meghna INF6-2021-22-201975-03 Constructing RCC U drain from Luterchar river ghat-Vitikandi river ghat via Flood Shelter Center. 1117318
882 Cumilla Meghna INF6-2021-22-201975-02 Assembling street light with solar panel Barkanda- Vaorkhola and Manikarchar- Gobindapur Union 2234637
883 Cumilla Meghna INF6-2021-22-201975-01 Supplying School bench of different Primary School of Meghna Upazila under Cumilla District 1219512
884 Cumilla Lalmai INF6-2021-22-201973-01 supply of bench(high bench and low bench)in 29 educational linstitutions.Lalmai,Cumilla. 4870500
885 Cumilla Laksam INF6-2021-22-201972-02 Establishment of Computer Lab at Borobam Fazil Madrasa 2306334
886 Cumilla Laksam INF6-2021-22-201972-01 Establishment of Menstrual Hygiene Management Corner at 26 nos. Different Educational Institutions 2162940
887 Cumilla Homna INF6-2021-22-201954-03 Power tiller supply among different agricultural club at homna cumilla 1340782
888 Cumilla Homna INF6-2021-22-201954-02 Science lab equipment supply at different educational institute in homna cumilla 1318500
889 Cumilla Homna INF6-2021-22-201954-01 High and low bench supply at exam center of high school level in homna cumila 3187500
890 Cumilla Daudkandi INF2021-2022-201936-03 Supply solar street light at differents road at Daudkandi. 1117318
891 Cumilla Daudkandi INF6-2021-22-201936-02 1.Supply high low banch at GP school.2.Supply madical equiptment at UHC Daudkandi. 3012000
892 Cumilla Daudkandi INF6-2021-22-201936-01 School building vartical extention at Nobogram ideal high school.Daudkandi.Cumilla 1645785
893 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin INF6-2021-22-201933-01 Supplying High -low bench for Educationa Institution Under Cumilla sadar daskhin Upazilla , Dist : Cumilla ( 33 institutions , Bench Pair 574) 4878047
894 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin INF6-2021-22-201933-02 Supplying Patient Waiting Chair for Upazilla health complex and comunity clinic Under Cumilla sadar daskhin Upazilla , Dist : Cumilla 1219512
895 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF6-2021-22-201967-03 Supply of vans for sewage disposal in various unions of Adorsho sadar Upazila 1438481
896 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF6-2021-22-201967-02 Supply Celling Fan at Educational Institutions at Adorsho sadar Upazilla 2236200
897 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF6-2021-22-201967-01 Burioed pipe Extension for Irrigation at dider gramsomittee under Adorsho sadar Upazila, dist Cumilla 2219160
898 Cumilla Chauddagram INF6-2021-22-201931-03 supply of high low benches to seven(7) secondary level educational institutions of Chauddagram upazila 1386893
899 Cumilla Chauddagram INF6-2021-22-201931-02 Supply of multimedia set in 7 educational institutions of chauddagram upazila. 1477930
900 Cumilla Chauddagram INF6-2021-22-201931-01 supply of Digital X-ray machine(CR system) to Upazila health complex chauddagram,cumilla. 1720670
901 Cumilla Chandina INF6-2021-22-201927-02 Medical equipment Supply at Chandina Health Complex 2525140
902 Cumilla Chandina INF6-2021-22-201927-01 Supply of high and low bench at educational institution chandina 2116500
903 Cumilla Burichang INF6-2021-22-201918-03 A. Supply of High Low Bench at 05 nos.different Educational Institution B. Supply of Dental Chair at Upazila Health Complex 1381242
904 Cumilla Burichang INF6-2021-22-201918-02 Construction of Irrigation Drain at Gazipur and Someshpur irrigation scheme 1726721
905 Cumilla Burichang INF6-2021-22-201918-01 Construction of Class room at Kainarayan Girls High School 1477057
906 Cumilla Brahmanpara INF6-2021-22-201915-03 Supplying High -low bench for Primary & High School Under Brahmanpara Upazilla , Dist : Cumilla 1219512
907 Cumilla Brahmanpara INF6-2021-22-201915-02 Supply Multimedia Equipments for Various Educational Institution at Bramanpara Upazilla. ( 19 School/ Madrasa , Set 20 ) 2474600
908 Cumilla Brahmanpara INF6-2021-22-201915-01 Supplying High -low bench for Educationa Institution Under Brahmanpara Upazilla , Dist : Cumilla ( Institutions 13 , Bench Pair 264 ) 2190833
909 Cumilla Barura INF6-2021-22-201909-02 Supply of science lab equipment in various educational Institutions of Barura upazila. 2149587
910 Cumilla Barura INF6-2021-22-201909-01 supply of high low benches to various educational institutions of barura upazila 2531773
911 Cox's Bazar Ukhia INF6-2021-22-202294-01 High-Low bench distribution under different educational institution 2431000
912 Cox's Bazar Teknaf INF6-2021-22-202290-02 Solar street Light installation under Marine drive road of Baharsora union 1117318
913 Cox's Bazar Teknaf INF6-2021-22-202290-01 Supply High-Low bench under different Educational institution 4870500
914 Cox's Bazar Ramu INF6-2021-22-202266-04 Construction of Market Shed in Fokira bazar and Garjoniya Bazar 1270352
915 Cox's Bazar Ramu INF6-2021-22-202266-03 Ramu By pass consturction of Public Toilet 1488713
916 Cox's Bazar Ramu INF6-2021-22-202266-02 Supply of Desktop computer and Multimedia projector in Ramu Upazila Madrasha and Secondary School at 08 1270400
917 Cox's Bazar Ramu INF6-2021-22-202266-01 Consturction of RCC Drain in Garjoniya Market 1534779
918 Cox's Bazar Pekua INF6-2021-22-202256-02 Provision of benches in various high schools & madrassas under pekua upzila 2382566
919 Cox's Bazar Pekua INF6-2021-22-202256-01 Construction of Wash Block on shilkhali high school 2286363
920 Cox's Bazar Maheskhali INF6-2021-22-202249-03 Supply of Medical equipment at Upazila Heath Complex 1280819
921 Cox's Bazar Maheskhali INF6-2021-22-202249-02 Supply of High bench and low bench for 15 Schools 2185313
922 Cox's Bazar Maheskhali INF6-2021-22-202249-01 Supply of Solar Street Light 1253868
923 Cox's Bazar Kutubdia INF6-2021-22-202245-01 Provision of benchs in various high schools and madrasas of kutubdia upzila 3654000
924 Cox's Bazar Cox's Bazar Sadar INF6-2021-22-202224-02 Supply of High bench and low bench at different School 2065500
925 Cox's Bazar Cox's Bazar Sadar INF6-2021-22-202224-01 Supply of School Bus 2554000
926 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF6-2021-22-202216-02 Supplying Hi-Low Benches at Different Primary School under Chakaria, Cox,s Bazar 1219512
927 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF6-2021-22-202216-01 Construction RCC drain in Rampur Jalodaspara at Shaharbill union under Chakaria, Cox?s Bazar 4469060
928 Chattogram Sitakunda INF6-2021-22-201586-03 Supplying Ceiling Fan at twentynine Schools of Sitakunda Upazila. 1219512
929 Chattogram Sitakunda INF6-2021-22-201586-02 Supplying High and Low Benches at 7 Primary Schools of Sitakunda Upazila. 1219512
930 Chattogram Sitakunda INF6-2021-22-201586-01 Supplying Multimedia Equipment at 11 High Schools of Sitakunda Upazila. 2234638
931 Chattogram Satkania INF6-2021-22-201582-03 Construction of Wash Block 1489756
932 Chattogram Satkania INF6-2021-22-201582-02 Construction of washblock 1489756
933 Chattogram Satkania INF6-2021-22-201582-01 Construction of Public Toilet 1489756
934 Chattogram Sandwip INF6-2021-22-201578-02 Supply of Quality Plastic Benches to diffent education institutions of Sandwip Upazila 3440800
935 Chattogram Sandwip INF6-2021-22-201578-01 Supply of ICT materials (AIO PC with Table-chair, Laptop, Projector, Projector Screen and AC) for Computer Lab to Sounth Sandwip College 1313250
936 Chattogram Raozan INF6-2021-22-201574-03 Supply of 241 pairs quality plastic Benches to 11 education instiututes of Raozan upazila 2048500
937 Chattogram Raozan INF6-2021-22-201574-02 Supply of Multimedia items (AIO PC, Projector, Screen, Table-chair) to 7(seven) education institutes of Raozan upazila 1194575
938 Chattogram Raozan INF6-2021-22-201574-01 Procurement of OT Room equipments (10 items) for Raozan Upazila Health Complex (Anesthesia machine, OT light, Diathermy machine, Patient monitor, Suction machine, Double Crank Hospital Bed, Instrument Trolley, Bed Side Partition Screen Stand, 1200 VA IPS Combo Package with Trolley and Air Conditioner). 1397500
939 Chattogram Rangunia INF6-2021-22-201570-04 Construction Water Sewerage drain Gochara Bazar at Hazipara & Nearest of the Aschroyan Prokolpo. 1117318
940 Chattogram Rangunia INF6-2021-22-201570-03 Construction of Irrigation drain at the near of Shilak Rabar Dam. 1117318
941 Chattogram Rangunia INF6-2021-22-201570-02 Construction of irrigation drain at Harniabil village( Rajanagar Union) & Dokkhin Nischintopur Chikon Gopat bill of Hosnabad union. 1117318
942 Chattogram Rangunia INF6-2021-22-201570-01 Supply of high bench & low Bench of various educational institutes. Ten (10) Institutes 1219512
943 Chattogram Patiya INF6-2021-22-201561-03 construction of kelisohor high school and mriral kanti road 1268157
944 Chattogram Patiya INF6-2021-22-201561-02 a. supplying of high & low bench,B,supplying of AC and patoent bed for health complex,C.supplying of ICT equipment patiya upazila 1294803
945 Chattogram Patiya INF6-2021-22-201561-01 supplying of solar street light haidgaon & habilashdip up 1976000
946 Chattogram Mirsharai INF6-2021-22-201553-04 Supplying Solar street light in different unions of Mirsharai Upazila 1117318
947 Chattogram Mirsharai INF6-2021-22-201553-03 Supplying High and Low Benches at 9 High Schools of Mirsharai Upazila. 1526909
948 Chattogram Mirsharai INF6-2021-22-201553-02 Supply of Power Tiller among Different Farmers Association of Mirsharai Upazila. 1117318
949 Chattogram Mirsharai INF6-2021-22-201553-01 Construction of Washblock at khoiyachara wayerfall touristspot 1953000
950 Chattogram Lohagara INF6-2021-22-202216-03 Construction Multipupose Shed at Darbesh Hat Bazar under Lohagara, Chattogram 1117318
951 Chattogram Lohagara INF6-2021-22-201547-02 Supply of high-low benches in 18 (Eighteen) educational institutions and Examination centers at Lohagara Upazila, Chattogram 3403000
952 Chattogram Lohagara INF6-2021-22-201547-01 Installation of tub-wells with submersible pumps in different educational institutions of Lohagara upazila, Chattogram 1348872
953 Chattogram Karnafuli INF6-2021-22-201539-01 Supplying of an ambulance & medicle equipment to the karnafuli hospital 4469274
954 Chattogram Hathazari INF6-2021-22-201537-02 Installation of street lights with solar panels at various places of public importance on the road adjacent to Beribandh on the banks of Halda river declared as Bangabandhu Matsya Heritage. 3351955
955 Chattogram Hathazari INF6-2021-22-201537-01 Supply of high-low benches at 10 high school and 1 madrasha in Hathazari Upazila 1219512
956 Chattogram Fatikchhari INF6-2021-22-201533-03 Supply of medical equipment and renovation of rooms in OT room of Upazila Health Complex of Fatikchari Upazila 1117318
957 Chattogram Fatikchhari INF6-2021-22-201533-02 Supply of high-low benches to 05 primary school, 02 High School and 03 Madrasha of Fatikchari upazila 1219512
958 Chattogram Fatikchhari INF6-2021-22-201533-01 Construction of Science Laboratory in Jahanpur Amjad Ali Abdul Hadi Institution of Fatikchari Upazila 2234637
959 Chattogram Chandanaish INF6-2021-22-201518-02 Construction of irrigation drain, union health and family wellfair center,and RCC road under chandanaish upazila 3182587
960 Chattogram Chandanaish INF6-2021-22-201518-01 construction of washblock candanaish shisuniketon 1286668
961 Chattogram Boalkhali INF6-2021-22-201512-02 Supply of celling fan at 82 different institutions. 2411369
962 Chattogram Boalkhali INF6-2021-22-201512-01 Supply of power tilla at 10 different unions. 2258000
963 Chattogram Banshkhali INF6-2021-22-201508-04 Supply of high-bench-low-bench at education institution, 1219512
964 Chattogram Banshkhali INF6-2021-22-201508-03 Construction of Wash Block 1117317
965 Chattogram Banshkhali INF6-2021-22-201508-02 Construction of Wash Block 1117317
966 Chattogram Banshkhali INF6-2021-22-201508-01 Construction of Wash Block 1117318
967 Chattogram Anowara INF6-2021-22-201504-03 Construction of wash block in parky Beach in Anowara upazila. 2234637
968 Chattogram Anowara INF6-2021-22-201504-02 Supply of celling fan at 28 different institutions. 1219513
969 Chattogram Anowara INF6-2021-22-201504-01 Supply of high-low benches at 22 institutions. 1219512
970 Chandpur Matlab Uttar INF6-2021-22-201379-03 Supplying High and Low Bench to various Educational Institutions of Matlab Uttar Upazila,Chandpur 1219512
971 Chandpur Matlab Uttar INF6-2021-22-201379-02 Supplying High and Low Bench to various Educational Institutions of Matlab Uttar Upazila 2966500
972 Chandpur Matlab Uttar INF6-2021-22-201379-01 Supply of Low Lift Pumps to various farmer groups of Matlab Uttar Upazila for reducing irrigation problems in increasing Agricultural production. 1750000
973 Chandpur Matlab Dakshin INF6-2021-22-201376-02 Supplying Furniture (High and Low Bench) in 20 Educational Institutions of Matlab Dakshin Upazila 2694500
974 Chandpur Matlab Dakshin INF6-2021-22-201376-01 Supplying Furniture (High and Low Bench) in 25 Educational Institutions of Matlab Dakshin Upazila 3400000
975 Chandpur Kachua INF6-2021-22-201358-03 Supplying High and Low Bench to various Educational Institutions of Kachua Upazila, Chandpur 1219512
976 Chandpur Kachua INF6-2021-22-201358-02 Supplying High and Low Bench to Various Educational Institutions of Kachua Upazila, Chandpur (8 primary and 4 Secondary school) 2907000
977 Chandpur Kachua INF6-2021-22-201358-01 Development of Road from 11 no. Gohat South Union Parishad to Sonjib Babus's Pesticide Store under Kachua Upazila by RCC. 1804714
978 Chandpur Hajiganj INF6-2021-22-201349-03 A. Supply of High Low Bench at 20 nos. different Educational Institution 1734000
979 Chandpur Hajiganj INF6-2021-22-201349-02 Construction of WaSH block at Madrasa E Abedia Mozaddedia, 1204603
980 Chandpur Hajiganj INF6-2021-22-201349-01 Construction of Irrigation Drain at Kasimpur dalalbari irrigation scheme 1675976
981 Chandpur Haimchar INF6-2021-22-201347-03 Supplying 75 inch. Smart Monitor/TV for ICT Class Management 1146307
982 Chandpur Haimchar INF6-2021-22-201347-02 Supplying High & Low Bench for educational institutions 1829267
983 Chandpur Haimchar INF6-2021-22-201347-04 Construction of Connection Road/Walk Way 1646989
984 Chandpur Haimchar INF6-2021-22-201347-01 Construction of Wash Block/Hygiene Corner 1117319
985 Chandpur Faridganj INF6-2021-22-201345-02 Supply of Ceiling Fan for the Students of 30 Education Institutions of Faridganj Upazila, Chandpur 1219512
986 Chandpur Faridganj INF6-2021-22-201345-01 Supply of High and Low Bench for the students of 29 Education Institutions of Faridganj Upazila ( Lakhmipur Kasemia Alim Madrasa, Subidpur Oldskim Dakhil Madrasa, Kamta DS Fazil Madrasa, Santospur Darus Sunnat Islamia Alim Madrasa, Uttor Alonia Dakhil Madrasa, Gobindapur Anwara Salehia Mohila Dakhil Madrasa, Bodiuzzampur Meftaul Ulum Mohila Madrasa, Alinur Hossaina Alim Madrasa, Faridganj Majidia Kamil Madrasa, Lohagor Khandokar Ataur Rahman Balika Dakhil Madrasa, Basara Nesaria Siddikia Salehia DS Islamia Dakhil Madrasa, Horni Durgapur Islamia Sr. Alim Madrasa, Sekdi Mansura Kafil Uddin Balika Madrasa, Khajuria Oldskim Dakhil Madrasa, Gojaria Darul Ulum Mohila Madrasa, Sholla Dakhil Madrasa, Rupsa Ahamdia High School, Hasa Girls High School, Gollak Neab Ali High School, Santospur High School, Gobindapur High School, Firozpur Jonokollan High School, Faridganj Pilot Girls High School, Munsirhat G&A Ali High School,Darul Ekhlas Amena Mohila Dakhil Madrasa, Alonia Fazil Degree Madrasa, Paikpara Union Gobinda High School, Kaounia Shaheed Habibullah High School, and Alonia High School) 4878046
987 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-201322-02 Construction of Irrigation Drain 1340758
988 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-201322-01 Supplying Tractor & Power Tiller to Farmers' Associations 4245810
989 Brahmanbaria Sarail INF6-2021-22-201294-03 Supply of Heavy Generator to Sarail Upazila HealthComplex 1648530
990 Brahmanbaria Sarail INF6-2021-22-201294-02 (a) Construction of RCC Drainage drain from Aruail Union Health Center to Western canel .and (B) Construction of RCC Agricultural drain in Mahfuz Mia Agricultaral Irrigation scheme in Kuttapara East field of Sarail Sadar Union . 1518308
991 Brahmanbaria Sarail INF6-2021-22-201294-01 Construction of Pipe Drainage from Shahbazpur Chowraning Bazer from Abdul Khair Masters house to Shahbazpur High School North side canal . 1302403
992 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar INF6-2021-22-201290-02 Water Ambulance to provide fast Medical Services to people of the Haor. 2169254
993 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar INF6-2021-22-201290-01 (a) Construction of RCC drain for drainage from Nasirnagar Bazar sub-Register offices kona to west canal of Bazar (b) Construction of RCC drain for drainage of the Grounds of Ahsutosh Pilot High School 2300019
994 Brahmanbaria Kasba INF6-2021-22-201263-03 Supplying of 245 pairs of high-low combined benches to 13 educational institutions of Kasba Upazila. 2082500
995 Brahmanbaria Kasba INF6-2021-22-201263-02 A) Construction of RCC culvert on canal in front of Mahfuz Master's House in Deli village of Kharera Union of Kasba Upazila. B) Construction of RCC culvert on canal in front of Choru Doctor's House in Mehari village of Mehari Union of Kasba Upazila. 1678603
996 Brahmanbaria Kasba INF6-2021-22-201263-01 A) Construction of 110m RCC Surface Drain from front of New Market to Main Road in Chargach Bazar, Mulgram UP, Upazila: Kasba, Dist: Brahmanbaria. B) Construction of 110m RCC Surface Drain from front of Medinova Hospital to Jamal Master Land Westward via Girls School Road in Chargach Bazar, Mulgram UP, Upazila: Kasba, Dist: Brahmanbaria. 2000000
997 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar INF6-2021-22-201213-02 Supply of High-low benches at Brahmanbaria sadar upazilla different institutions 2439024
998 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar INF6-2021-22-201213-01 Construction of Public Toilet at Senda eco park under Ramrail union. 2234636
999 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar INF6-2021-22-201207-03 SOLAR LIGHT SET UP DIFFERENT ROAD AT BIJOYNAGAR UPAZILLA 1271520
1000 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar INF6-2021-22-201207-02 Construction of vegetable shade at AMTOLI BAZAR AND a Class room at 2nd floor at Khatinga gils High school 2062228
1001 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar INF6-2021-22-201207-01 Supply of computer ,monitor, printer,projector to highschool and madrasa under bijoynagar upazilla 1117318
1002 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur INF6-2021-22-201204-01 a) Supply of medical equipment to Bancharampur Upazila Health Complex b) Supply of high-low benches to various educational institutions of Bancharampur Upazila 4553307
1003 Brahmanbaria Akhaura INF6-2021-22-201202-01 A) Construction of 250 meter RCC drain from Aron Mia's house to Nawamura Down Hakka Mia's house in Chandpur village of Akhaura North Union. B) Construction of 69 meter RCC drain from Zaheer Mia's house at Manager para of Bhatamatha village of Dharkhar Union to the north. C) Construction of 69 meter RCC drain from Shamser Ali's house to Nurpur Narayanpur Bridge in Pachimpara of Nurpur village of Akhaura South Union. D) Construction of 70 meter RCC drain from Central Jame Masjid to Anwar Master's house in Nayadil village of Mogra Union. E) Construction of 69 meter RCC drain from Jasim Chowdhury,s house to Chhayar Ali's house in Haripur village of Moniond Union. 4469274
1004 Bandarban Thanchi INF6-2021-22-200395-03 Supply 4 nos. best quality power tiller and 10 nos. foot pump spray machine 1117318
1005 Bandarban Thanchi INF6-2021-22-200395-02 Construction of semi pucca school of Tonghkhyong para primary school 1927375
1006 Bandarban Thanchi INF6-2021-22-200395-01 Installation 3nos.Deep tube well for Thanchi College, Biddyamoni para & Naidary para under thanchi upazila 1424581
1007 Bandarban Ruma INF6-2021-22-200391-02 Construction of RCC reserver for supplying water to different villages in ruma sadar area and installation, commissioning mini water treatment plant at Ruma bazar area and UHC 2710124
1008 Bandarban Ruma INF6-2021-22-200391-01 Supply furniture/educational materials (High-low bench) for different GPS under Ruma Upazila 1929048
1009 Bandarban Naikhongchhari INF6-2021-22-200373-03 Supply of Street Light in School, College, Market etc under the Naikhongcharri 1117318
1010 Bandarban Naikhongchhari INF6-2021-22-200373-02 Supply of Fogger Machine in number 5 Union Parishad 1122000
1011 Bandarban Naikhongchhari INF6-2021-22-200373-01 Hostel(Male) for Colectrorate School and College in Naikhongcharri 3337051
1012 Bandarban Lama INF6-2021-22-200351-03 Reaper Machine distribution at different farmers cooperative groups 1117319
1013 Bandarban Lama INF6-2021-22-200351-02 Public Toilet Construction at Gulistan Bazar 2234637
1014 Bandarban Lama INF6-2021-22-200351-01 Drinking Water Supply at Roaza Para, Bangali Para and Kariyan Para 1117318
1015 Bandarban Bandarban Sadar INF6-2021-22-200314-02 Supply of Power Tiller & construction of shed under Bandarban Sadar Upazila 2681461
1016 Bandarban Bandarban Sadar INF6-2021-22-200314-01 Supply of education materials (bench) to different primary schools in the Upazila 1951220
1017 Bandarban Alikadam INF6-2021-22-200304-02 Supply of Solar System in 06 Govt. Primary Schools 1444801
1018 Bandarban Alikadam INF6-2021-22-200304-01 WASH Block Construction at Mongcha Para GPS and Biddyamoni Para GPS 3024472
1019 Pirojpur Pirojpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-107980-03 Construction of Girls common room at Durgapur Chungapasha Alim Madrasa 1396649
1020 Pirojpur Pirojpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-107980-02 Construction of Girls common room at Harina Abdul Hakim High school 1396649
1021 Pirojpur Pirojpur Sadar INF6-2021-22-107980-01 Supply school bench at different Educational institute of Pirojpur sadar upazila (14 Institutes) 1829268
1022 Pirojpur Nesarabad INF6-2021-22-107987-02 Vending Machine Installation at 20 selected schools for female student's to make easy health and hygiene protection during their reproductive age. 1657100
1023 Pirojpur Nesarabad INF6-2021-22-107987-01 Community /wash block construction at sohaghdal adarsha M. Bidhyalaya, Boya Adarsha M. Bidhyalaya, Baldia central M. Bidhyalaya & Zindakathi Natural Turisom Park (Payara Park) 2761553
1024 Pirojpur Nazirpur INF6-2021-22-107976-04 Construction of Iron bridge over Charghata Bolesswar river in Mativanga union. 1117318
1025 Pirojpur Nazirpur INF6-2021-22-107976-03 Supply of School bench(68 pair) and Ceiling Fans (146 nos.) to different educational institutions of Nazirpur upazila. 1219511
1026 Pirojpur Nazirpur INF6-2021-22-107976-02 Construction of Ghatla at (1) Amtola Kheyaghat in the Bolesswar river Sheikhmatia union and (2) Hoglabunia Taltola river Shakharikathi union. 1117318
1027 Pirojpur Nazirpur INF6-2021-22-107976-01 Construction of Class room at Amtola Islamia Dakhil Madrasa. 1117318
1028 Pirojpur Mathbaria INF6-2021-22-107958-04 Supplying of High Low Bench and Educational Eccessories at 10 Primary and Secondary educational institutions under Mathbaria Upazila. 1219512
1029 Pirojpur Mathbaria INF6-2021-22-107958-03 Construction of Wash Block at Baiaterhat Bazer and Noli Asrafurrahaman Hat under Mathbaria Upazila. 1455409
1030 Pirojpur Mathbaria INF6-2021-22-107958-02 Construction of additional class room at Sobahan Sharif Secondary School under Mirukhali Union. 1814659
1031 Pirojpur Mathbaria INF6-2021-22-107958-01 Supply of High low bench at 5 nos different educational institute Undar Mathbaria and Supply medical equipment at 4 nos Union Health and Family Welfare Center. 1277560
1032 Pirojpur Kawkhali INF6-2021-22-107947-02 Constructions of Class Room in two Secondary Schools 3053189
1033 Pirojpur Kawkhali INF6-2021-22-107947-01 Construction of 200 meters RCC drain 1416085
1034 Pirojpur Bhandaria INF6-2021-22-107914-01 573 pairs Plastic Bench supply at 53 different Secondary level schools & 3 colleges 4870500
1035 Patuakhali Rangabali INF6-2021-22-107897-02 The construction of class room/exan hall at Bahairchor Model high school of Rangabali sador union at Rangabali upazila under Patuakhali district. 1167047
1036 Patuakhali Rangabali INF6-2021-22-107897-01 The construction of class room at sajirhowla Dakil Madrasha of Chotobaisda union at Rangabali upazila under Patuakhali district. 1626187
1037 Patuakhali Patuakhali Sadar INF6-2021-22-107895-01 Supplying & Instalation of solar pannel different primary and secondary school under Patuakhali upazila 4419447
1038 Patuakhali Mirzaganj INF6-2021-22-107876-02 Construction 0f Three (3) Nos Wash Block Cum Refrash room (A) RK Girls Highschool (B) Khataltali High School (Both Boyas & Girls) (C) Hazi Asraf Ali High School (Both Boyas & Girls) Undr Mirzagonj Upazila ,Patuakhali District 3153349
1039 Patuakhali Mirzaganj INF6-2021-22-107876-01 High and Low Banch supply of the Secondary level educational institute under Mirzagonj Upazilas 1436284
1040 Patuakhali Kalapara INF6-2021-22-107866-04 The construction of class room at Govt Mojahar Uddin Bissas Digree college of Kalapara upazila under Patuakhali district. 1117319
1041 Patuakhali Kalapara INF6-2021-22-107866-03 The construction of hall room /class room at Faridganj Secondary school of Kalapara upazila nunder Patuakhali district. 1117319
1042 Patuakhali Kalapara INF6-2021-22-107866-02 Suppling 0f the High & Low plastic Banch to the differeent laggard 27 secondary schools & madrasas at Kalapara Upazila under Patuakhali district. 1219512
1043 Patuakhali Kalapara INF6-2021-22-107866-01 Supplingof the electric Fan to the different laggard 27 secondary schools & madrasas at Kalapara Upazila under Patuakhali district. 1219512
1044 Patuakhali Galachipa INF6-2021-22-107857-03 Supply of Desktop Computer and Furniture at different Education Institutions of Galachipa Upazila under Patuakhali district 1180500
1045 Patuakhali Galachipa INF6-2021-22-107857-02 Installation of Solar Street Light at different unions of Galachipa Upazila under Patuakhali district. 1750000
1046 Patuakhali Galachipa INF6-2021-22-107857-01 Supply of High-Low Plastic Bench at different Education Institutions of Galachipa Upazila under Patuakhali district 1700000
1047 Patuakhali Dumki INF6-2021-22-107855-03 supplying 5 (Five) Power tillers among the group farmers at union level under Dumki Upazila for Boro Paddy Cultivation 1216680
1048 Patuakhali Dumki INF6-2021-22-107855-02 Construction of 10 Agriculture Irrigation U Drain for preventing waterlogging under Dumki upazila 1227634
1049 Patuakhali Dumki INF6-2021-22-107855-01 Initialization Solar street light on important rural street of village for sound and safe passage of Upazila peoples 3142278
1050 Patuakhali Dashmina INF6-2021-22-107852-03 a) Construction of Guardian Shed at Dashmina Govt. Model Secondary School and Begum Arefatunnesa Girls Secondary School, b) Construction of RCC Ghat at Shankipur Telipara Bazar attached canal 1210119
1051 Patuakhali Dashmina INF6-2021-22-107852-02 Construction of Public Toilet consisting of two rooms at different unions of Dashmina Upazila under Patuakhali district 1701048
1052 Patuakhali Dashmina INF6-2021-22-107852-01 Supply of High-Low Plastic Bench at 13 (thirteen) Education Institutions of Dashmina Upazila under Patuakhali district 1700000
1053 Patuakhali Bauphal INF6-2021-22-107838-03 Construction of 32 (thirty two) numbers of Solar Street Light at different unions of Bauphal Upazila under Patuakhali district 1120000
1054 Patuakhali Bauphal INF6-2021-22-107838-02 Construction of 4 (four) Public Toilet consisting of two rooms at different unions of Bauphal Upazila under Patuakhali district 1136620
1055 Patuakhali Bauphal INF6-2021-22-107838-01 Construction of one-storied Building at Dakkhin Hosnabad Girls Dakhil Madrasha at Bauphal Union of Bauphal Upazila under Patuakhali district 2210000
1056 Jhalokati Rajapur INF6-2021-22-104284-05 Construction of Classroom at Putiyakhali Alkayed Orphanage Madrasa Complex 1117318
1057 Jhalokati Rajapur INF6-2021-22-104284-04 Construction of classrooms at North Uttampur Multipurpose Secondary School 1117318
1058 Jhalokati Rajapur INF6-2021-22-104284-03 Supply of ultrasound machine, modern beds and wheelchairs in Upazila Health Complex 1117318
1059 Jhalokati Rajapur INF6-2021-22-104284-02 Construction of upward extension of classrooms at Baraiya Technical School and College 1117318
1060 Jhalokati Rajapur INF6-2021-22-104284-01 Supply of environmentally friendly high-low benches to 14 educational institutions of Rajapur Upazila 1219512
1061 Jhalokati Nalchity INF6-2021-22-104273-02 (a) Sinking a deep tube well in front of Harikhali madrasha, Rajnagar pulerhat bazar, Amirabad bazar and Dapdapia old feryghat, Nalchity (b) Construction of multipurpose market shed at Ukil bazar, Nalchity. 1276558
1062 Jhalokati Nalchity INF6-2021-22-104273-01 Construction of community latrine in front of Harikhali madrasha, Rajnagar pulerhat bazar, Amirabad bazar and Dapdapia old feryghat, Nalchity 4310034
1063 Jhalokati Kathalia INF6-2021-22-104243-02 Supply of 359 Pair High-low benches at 24nos different examination centers and Madrasha in Kathalia upazila 3048780
1064 Jhalokati Kathalia INF6-2021-22-104243-01 Supply of 359 Pair High-low benches at 22nos different examination centers and secondary schools in Kathalia upazila 3048780
1065 Jhalokati Jhalokati Sadar INF6-2021-22-104240-02 Construction of Classroom at Murasata Pilot Secondary School. 3060592
1066 Jhalokati Jhalokati Sadar INF6-2021-22-104240-01 Construction of student common room with dressing and washroom In Akalima Moazzem Hossain Degree College. 2526000
1067 Bhola Tazumuddin INF6-2021-22-100991-03 Supplies of materials to various educational institutions (benches,tables and chairs in 05 schools) 1226534
1068 Bhola Tazumuddin INF6-2021-22-100991-02 Installation of Steet Light, Solar panel at (a) Sashiganj bazar to Chowmohini bzar Lanch Ghat (b) Nuru Islam Chowdhury Bazar under Tzumaddin Upazila, Bhola. 1140582
1069 Bhola Tazumuddin INF6-2021-22-100991-01 Construction of Hosneara Chowdhury girls Collage,Farzana Chwdhory Nimno Mddhomic school and Nicintopure Maddhomic school. 22038854
1070 Bhola Manpura INF6-2021-22-100965-03 Construction 2 (Two) Box Culvert in manpura upazila. 1141345
1071 Bhola Manpura INF6-2021-22-100965-02 Construction 175 Meter RCC Drain Seragjong bazer in Manpura Upazila. 1496305
1072 Bhola Manpura INF6-2021-22-100965-01 Supply Plastic High & Low 218 Pair Bench In Secondary School, Higher Secondary & College by the Number Of 10 . 1962000
1073 Bhola Lalmohan INF6-2021-22-100954-02 Construction of connecting roads and iron deck slabs on bridge in various educational institutions ( Schools, Madrasas and colleges) of the upazila Lalmohan, Bhola. 1788799
1074 Bhola Lalmohan INF6-2021-22-100954-01 Supply of High-Low benches at 12 nos different educational institution, Lalmohan, Bhola. 2925600
1075 Bhola Lalmohan INF6-2021-22-100954-03 Construction of Rcc Irigation Drain adjacent south side Abdul Haque Master house, Char kassaoia, Ward no-09, Badorpure, Lalmohan, Bhola. 1017318
1076 Bhola Daulatkhan INF6-2021-22-100929-01 Supplying of High Low Bench (15 nos) at different Secondary Educational Institutions and supply of Furniture & necessary equipment (04 nos) for Girls Common room at different Educational Institutions in Daulatkhan Upaazila, Dist : Bhola 1439048
1077 Bhola Daulatkhan INF6-2021-22-100929-02 Supply fitting, fixing and Installation 0f Smart Interactive panel (07 nos) including Solar system at different Educational Institutions in Daulatkhan Upazila, Dist: Bhola 3150000
1078 Bhola Charfasson INF6-2021-22-100925-02 Construction of agro-frindly irrigation drains for irrigating agricultural lands in different uniouns of the upazila. 2234264
1079 Bhola Charfasson INF6-2021-22-100925-01 Supply of High-Low benches at 07 nos different educational institutions. 2436000
1080 Bhola Burhanuddin INF6-2021-22-100921-01 Supply of High Low Bench at different High School and Madrasa (37 nos) in Borhanuddin, Bhola 4870500
1081 Bhola Bhola Sadar INF6-2021-22-100918-01 Construction of Water Excavation RCC Drain at Sundarkhali Agricultural Field under Bapta Union, west Pangasia Agricultural Field under Paschim Ilisha Union and Kalikrity village under Shibpur Union in Bhola Sadar, Bhola 3331775
1082 Bhola Bhola Sadar INF6-2021-22-100918-02 Supply of High Low Bench at different High School and Madrasa (13 nos) in Bhola Sadar, Bhola 1241000
1083 Barisal Wazirpur INF6-2021-22-100694-01 Construction of New Class Room at Alhag B N Khan College under Wazirpur Upazila 3347844
1084 Barisal Wazirpur INF6-2021-22-100694-02 Supply of Bench (High & Low Bench) to 07 Different Educational Imstitutions under Wazirpur Upazila. 1224000
1085 Barisal Muladi INF6-2021-22-100669-01 Construction of Agriculture Drain for Water Drainage at Char Laksmipur Village under Muladi Upazila. 1120482
1086 Barisal Muladi INF6-2021-22-100669-02 Supply of Bench (High & Low Bench) to 21 Different Educational Imstitutions under Muladi Upazila. 3655000
1087 Barisal Mhendiganj INF6-2021-22-100662-03 Supplying School Bench ( High & Low ) to Different Educational Institution under Mehendiganj, Barishal. 1895500
1088 Barisal Mhendiganj INF6-2021-22-100662-02 Construction of Ghatla on River/Canal & Wash Block near Education Institution- A.Near Boniker Hat B.Near House of Shahjahan Noli & C. Wash Block Near South-West Vhonga Hafezia Madrasha. 1596844
1089 Barisal Mhendiganj INF6-2021-22-100662-01 Supplying Bench (High & Low) to Selected Primary under Mehendiganj Upazila 1232500
1090 Barisal Hizla INF6-2021-22-100636-03 Construction of Wash Block to Selected High School. A. At Bongbondhu High School B.At Kaoria High SchoolCollege. 1306424
1091 Barisal Hizla INF6-2021-22-100636-02 Supplying of Furniture (High & Low Benc) to Different Selected High School & Madrasha 1487500
1092 Barisal Hizla INF6-2021-22-100636-01 Instalation of Solar Street Light at Government Infrastructure & Important Road 1800000
1093 Barisal Gaurnadi INF6-2021-22-100632-01 Supplying of High and Low Bench in various Secondary School and Madrasa under Gauranadi Upazila (20 Institutions) 4870500
1094 Barisal Barisal Sadar INF6-2021-22-100651-02 Repair of 8 nos. Community Clinic (Gilatoli, Chor Koronji, Lamchori, Potang, Uttor Karapur, Chor Khanam, Asthakathi, & Batna) under Barishal sadar. 3520670
1095 Barisal Barisal Sadar INF6-2021-22-100651-01 Repair of Chormonai Union Health & Family welfare center under Chondromohon union and Kashipur Health & Family welfare center under Kashipur unionof Barishal. 2065922
1096 Barisal Banaripara INF6-2021-22-100610-01 Construction of women common room for women students at Baisary Syed Bazlul Haque College & repairing old Tin shed Bhaban of Banaripara Degree College 4468586
1097 Barisal Bakerganj INF6-2021-22-100607-01 Supplying of high low Bench 30 different primary and secondary school and madrasa under Bakerganj upazila 4870500
1098 Barisal Babuganj INF6-2021-22-100603-01 Repairing of 06 Community Clinics under Babuganj Upazila. 1340763
1099 Barisal Babuganj INF6-2021-22-100603-02 Installation of Solar Street Light with Solar panel at different Roads under Babuganj Upazila. 3128382
1100 Barisal Agailjhara INF6-2021-22-100602-02 Supply of Ultrasonography Machine to Agailjhara Upazila Health Complex. 1120559
1101 Barisal Agailjhara INF6-2021-22-100602-01 Supply of High & Low Bench at different Educational Institutions ( Highschool and Madrasha ) under Agailjhara Upazila (15 Institutions) 3655000
1102 Barguna Taltali INF6-2021-22-100490-03 Construction of wash block beside taltali fish market,borobogi union under taltali upazila. 1457035
1103 Barguna Taltali INF6-2021-22-100490-02 Construction of slughter sheed at taltali fish market,borobogi union under taltoli upazila. 1121598
1104 Barguna Taltali INF6-2021-22-100490-01 Supplying of high and low bench at various school and madrasga under taltoli upazila,barguna. 2063566
1105 Barguna Patharghata INF6-2021-22-100485-04 1.Construction of tall shead at 9 no ward haringhata bazar under patharghata sadar union. 2.Construction of hygienic corner at 9 no ward lemua sayed fazlul haque degree college under raihanpur union,patharghata. 1117318
1106 Barguna Patharghata INF6-2021-22-100485-03 1.C0nstruction of wash block at 08 no ward gutabacha bazar side under kalmegha union,patharghata.2.Construction of wash block at 3no ward beside macher khal bazar under patharghata sadar union. 1117318
1107 Barguna Patharghata INF6-2021-22-100485-02 Construction 0f Rcc drain from 04 no.ward hoglapasa bazar side to canal at charduani union under patharghata upazila. 1117318
1108 Barguna Patharghata INF6-2021-22-100485-01 Construction of wash block at 9 no ward horinghata bazar attached under patharghata sadar union,patharghata,barguna. 1117318
1109 Barguna Betagi INF6-2021-22-100447-03 Supplying of Medical Equipments for Operation Room at Upazila Live Stovk Office and Supplying of High Low Bench and Furniture at 2 educational institutions under Betagi Upazila. 1219512
1110 Barguna Betagi INF6-2021-22-100447-02 Construction of Wash Block at Kathaaltoli Dakhal Madrasha and Construction of Additional Class Room at Betagi Govt. Pilot SS and Vora Kalikabari Arshadia SS. 3046959
1111 Barguna Betagi INF6-2021-22-100447-01 Supplying of High Low Bench, Educational Eccessories and Furniture at 11 educational institutions under Betagi Upazila. 1552405
1112 Barguna Barguna Sadar INF6-2021-22-100428-05 construction of Barguna Shisu kallyan primary school building 117318
1113 Barguna Barguna Sadar INF6-2021-22-100428-04 Supply of high-low benches at different School & Madrasa under barguna sadar upazila, 1219512
1114 Barguna Barguna Sadar INF6-2021-22-100428-03 Construction of Rcc drain from 02 no gourichanna union parishad dokkhin monsatoli nazrul islam house to vutmara mohasorok under barguna sadar,barguna. 1117318
1115 Barguna Barguna Sadar INF6-2021-22-100428-02 Construction of Rcc drain from adv.sanjida khatun house to the agriculture office,02 no gourichanna union,barrguna sadar. 1117318
1116 Barguna Barguna Sadar INF6-2021-22-100428-01 Construction of Rcc drain from badarkhali union fuljuri bazar jame mosjid to westward to the river. 1117318
1117 Barguna Bamna INF6-2021-22-100419-05 Construction of additional class room at Bokabunia Mahamudia Dakhil Madrasha. 1117319
1118 Barguna Bamna INF6-2021-22-100419-04 Supply of modern medical equipment at Bamna Upazila Health Complex 1117319
1119 Barguna Bamna INF6-2021-22-100419-03 Construction of additional class room at North Kakchira Alim Madrasha under Dawatola Union. 1117319
1120 Barguna Bamna INF6-2021-22-100419-02 Construction of additional class room at Nij Amtoli Islamia Dakhil Madrasha under Bamna Sadar Union. 1117319
1121 Barguna Bamna INF6-2021-22-100419-01 Construction of additional class room at Laxmipura Dakhil Madrasha under Bokabunia Union. 1117319
1122 Barguna Amtali INF6-2021-22-100409-03 The construction of class room at Goat khali Amineuddin Mohila Alime Madrasha of Choura union at Amtali upazila under Barguna district. 1117319
1123 Barguna Amtali INF6-2021-22-100409-02 The construction of class room at Kalagachi Dakil Madrasha of Gulisakhali union at Amtali upazila under Barguna district. 1117319
1124 Barguna Amtali INF6-2021-22-100409-01 The construction of class room at Toktabunia Nasaria Dakil Madrasha of Holodia Union at Amtali upazila under Barguna district. 2234636

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