Infrastructure Development Sub-project Data (Third Round) as on 30/06/2022

No. District Upazila ID ID ID Name Approved Budget
1 Thakurgaon Ranisankail INF-2018-19-559488 Suply of High-Low benches at Different Schools at ranisankail upazila. 1,354,640.00
2 Thakurgaon Ranisankail INF-2018-19-559487 Installation of solar light at diffenent road side in ranisankail upazila. 1,384,565.00
3 Thakurgaon Ranisankail INF-2018-19-559486 Installation of a solar pump in ranisankail at sathgharia. 1,200,030.00
4 Thakurgaon Pirganj INF-2018-19-559482-01 Suply of High-Low benches(fiber glass) at Different Schools 3,999,997.00
5 Thakurgaon Haripur INF-2018-19-559451-01 Supply of High-low benches at different Secondary & High Schools 3,999,999.00
6 Thakurgaon Baliadangi INF-2018-19-559408-02 Construction of Wash-Block at Lahiri Fazil Madrasha & Choto Lahiri Jauniya Dakhil Madrasha 2,000,000.00
7 Thakurgaon Baliadangi INF-2018-19-559408-01 Construction of Wash-Block at Farabari Kushumuddin High School & Bara Palashbari High School 2,000,000.00
8 Tangail Tangail Sadar INF-2018-19-309395-03 Construction of one stored English language learning centre at Baghil High School 1,000,000.00
9 Tangail Tangail Sadar INF-2018-19-309395-02 Construction of sanitary Public toilets at Korotia hat 1,205,004.00
10 Tangail Tangail Sadar INF-2018-19-309395-01 Construction of Wash-Block at 3 Secondary School students 1,794,866.00
11 Tangail Mirzapur INF-2018-19-309366-01 Construction of pucca (RCC) drainage project to remove waterlogging of Echail and Dullamunsur beels. 4,000,000.00
12 Tangail Madhupur INF-2018-19-309357-02 Construction of Wash block in Madhupur Hatkhola Bazar Madrasa & Banorgachi Kowmi Madarasa 1,335,780.00
13 Tangail Madhupur INF-2018-19-309357-01 Construction of Building in Gangair Nazmul Islam Fajil Madrasa 2,664,220.00
14 Tangail Gopalpur INF-2018-19-309338-03 Construction of Class room at Maharani Hemonto Kumari High School 1,999,950.00
15 Tangail Gopalpur INF-2018-19-309338-02 Construction of building at Shajanpur Dakhil Madrasha 1,000,025.00
16 Tangail Gopalpur INF-2018-19-309338-01 Construction of Fakir Mariam Girls High School building under Gopalpur upazila 1,000,025.00
17 Tangail Dhanbari INF-2018-19-309325-03 Construction of Pacca Building at GovindoCharan Secondary School. 1,454,280.00
18 Tangail Dhanbari INF-2018-19-309325-02 Construction of Pacca Building at Vaighat High School. 1,454,280.00
19 Tangail Dhanbari INF-2018-19-309325-01 Development of near Narilla High School RCC Road. 1,091,439.96
20 Tangail Bhuapur INF-2018-19-309319-03 Supply of Laptop & Multimedia Projector at different secondary School 1,000,025.00
21 Tangail Bhuapur INF-2018-19-309319-02 Supply of High-Low benches at different educational institute of Bhuapur Upazila. 1,502,243.00
22 Tangail Bhuapur INF-2018-19-309319-01 Construction of Classrooms at Gobindodasi High School 1,497,732.00
23 Tangail Basail INF-2018-19-309309-03 Construction of surface drain and U drain in adjunct Kendria Saheed Minar playground 1,000,000.00
24 Tangail Basail INF-2018-19-309309-02 Construction of 2 rooms classroom in Sunna Abbasia High School & Patkhaguri bilkis Mannan Girl's High School 2,000,000.00
25 Tangail Basail INF-2018-19-309309-01 Construction of bathuli Sadi Bazar drain for water logging 1,000,000.00
26 Sylhet Zakiganj INF-2018-19-609194-03 Construction of mordern wash-Block Kaliganj Growth Centre 1,237,664.00
27 Sylhet Zakiganj INF-2018-19-609194-02 Supply of High-Low benches at Secondary School 1,606,650.00
28 Sylhet Zakiganj INF-2018-19-609194-01 Supply of Laptop & Multimedia Projector at Secondary School 1,116,136.00
29 Sylhet Sylhet Sadar INF-2018-19-609162-03 Supply of plastic benches at differet secondary schools in sylhet sadar. 1,294,911.00
30 Sylhet Sylhet Sadar INF-2018-19-609162-02 Construction of a classroom at Kurshid Ali High School. 1,307,837.00
31 Sylhet Sylhet Sadar INF-2018-19-609162-01 Construction of a classroom at Molla Gao High School. 1,356,511.00
32 Sylhet Gowainghat INF-2018-19-609141-01 a.Upward expansion of Salutikar College classrooms b.Upward expansion of Toyakul Bazar High School c.Construction of Class room in Chowgram High School d. Construction of Class room in Dowbari High School 4,000,000.00
33 Sylhet Fenchuganj INF-2018-19-609135-01 Suppling benches in different educational institution in Fenchuganj Upazila 4,000,000.00
34 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar INF-2018-19-609089-02 Construction of 3 classroom at Secondary School and Madrasa 3,000,000.00
35 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar INF-2018-19-609089-01 Supply of High-Low benches at Secondary School 1,000,000.00
36 Sunamganj Jagannathpur INF-2018-19-609047-02 a. Construction of Wash-Block at Brojendranath High School b. Construction of Wash-Block at Syedpur Pilot High School c. Construction of Wash-Block at Shahjalal High School d. Construction of Wash-Block at 62no Megharkandi Govt.Primary School 2,774,500.00
37 Sunamganj Jagannathpur INF-2018-19-609047-01 Construction of Shahjalal College classrooms 1,177,857.00
38 Sunamganj Dowarabazar INF-2018-19-609033-01 Supply of benches at different School & Madrasa 3,992,170.00
39 Sunamganj Dharmapasha INF-2018-19-609032-03 Installation of street lights connected to solar panels at different Road and Bazar. 1,005,700.00
40 Sunamganj Dharmapasha INF-2018-19-609032-02 Construction of wash-Block at two different High School. 1,373,133.00
41 Sunamganj Dharmapasha INF-2018-19-609032-01 Construction of Girls Corner at Gachtola High School. 1,545,665.00
42 Sunamganj Derai INF-2018-19-609029-02 Installation of solar lamp post at three different important places at Derei Upazila. 3,000,000.00
43 Sunamganj Derai INF-2018-19-609029-01 Supply of plastic benches (High & Low) at differet secondary schools in sylhet sadar. 1,000,000.00
44 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur INF-2018-19-609018-03 Supply of High-Low benches at diffiernt educational institution 1,600,000.00
45 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur INF-2018-19-609018-02 Construction of new School Building at Shaktiarkhola High School 1,200,000.00
46 Sunamganj Bishwamvarpur INF-2018-19-609018-01 Construction of new School Building at Hazi Mazid Ullah Public High School 1,200,000.00
47 Sirajganj Ullahpara INF-2018-19-508894-1 Establishment of washblock cum Hygine corner in secondary girls schools and mardashas. 3,999,177.00
48 Sirajganj Tarash INF-2018-19-508889-03 Construction of class room at Lido Junior School in Upazila. 1,031,479.00
49 Sirajganj Tarash INF-2018-19-508889-02 A)Construction of wash block in 3 education institutes in Tarash Upazila. B)Construction of wash block in 2 different markets in Tarash Upazila. 1,965,445.00
50 Sirajganj Tarash INF-2018-19-508889-01 Supply of ceiling fan in different education institute and supply of waiting chair,solar panel,solar street lights, ceiling fan in Upazila Health Complex. 1,003,067.00
51 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar INF-2018-19-508878-03 Supply medical equipments for ensuring healthcare to 44 community clinic and 7 sub-heath care center in Sirajganj Sadar. 1,137,144.00
52 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar INF-2018-19-508878-02 Supply of High-Low benches in 10 education institutes in Sirajganj Sadar Upazila. 1,393,646.00
53 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar INF-2018-19-508878-01 Construction of washblock in 2 education institute in Sirajganj Sadar. 1,460,776.00
54 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF-2018-19-508811-02 Construction of 03 nos. Wash Block ( Tamai, Kamarpara and Garamasi Girls high Shool ) in Belkuchi Upazila. " 1,576,194.00
55 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF-2018-19-508811-01 Installation of community based 03 nos. water treatment plant at ( Mukondagati, Sohagpur and KhamarUllahpara) of Belkuchi Upazila. 2,423,200.00
56 Sirajganj Kazipur INF-2018-19-438850-02 Construction of Wash-Block in Seven Different Educational Institutes. 3,000,000.00
57 Sirajganj Kazipur INF-2018-19-438850-01 Supply of high-low benches in different educational institute in Kazipur Upazila. 1,000,000.00
58 Sherpur Sreebardi INF-2018-19-308990-02 Construction of Girl's Facility/ common room at kharia Kajir Char High School 1,337,234.00
59 Sherpur Sreebardi INF-2018-19-308990-01 Construction of Drain to solve water logging 2,508,616.00
60 Shariatpur Zajira INF-2018-19-308694-02 Construction of a classroom at Chalikandi Abu-Taheer dakhil Madrasha. 2,334,419.00
61 Shariatpur Zajira INF-2018-19-308694-01 Installation of solar street lights at different important road and bazar. 1,608,938.00
62 Shariatpur Damudya INF-2018-19-308625-03 Supply of Solar Lights at different places from Damudya Breeze to Char Voira New Bazar Roads 1,000,526.00
63 Shariatpur Damudya INF-2018-19-308625-02 Supply of Computer, Printer, Sound system, Multimedia projector and IPS at different Secendary School and Madrasa 1,000,378.00
64 Shariatpur Damudya INF-2018-19-308625-01 Construction of wash-Block at two different Dakhil Madrasha 1,999,095.00
65 Sathkhira Shyamnagar INF-2018-19-408786-01 Upward expansion on the 3rd floor of the 2nd floor facilities building at the Shyamnagar Atarjan Women's College. 4,000,000.00
66 Sathkhira Kalaroa INF-2018-19-408743-01 Construction of water treatment plan for providing safe drinking water to people 4,000,000.00
67 Sathkhira Debhata INF-2018-19-408725-02 Construction of drainage channel. 2,058,500.00
68 Sathkhira Debhata INF-2018-19-408725-01 Construction of a pipe line for minaral drinking water with RO plant. 1,899,326.00
69 Sathkhira Assasuni INF-2018-19-408704-3 Sully of benches in seven different secondary school. 1,000,777.00
70 Sathkhira Assasuni INF-2018-19-408704-2 Construction of class room at Bichat New Model secondary school. 1,307,117.00
71 Sathkhira Assasuni INF-2018-19-408704-1 Construction of RCC drain at Chapapara village in Budhata Union. 1,692,104.00
72 Rangpur Taraganj INF-2018-19-558592-01 Supply of High- Low benches at Primary,Secondary & High Schools 3,999,947.00
73 Rangpur Pirganj INF-2018-19-558576-02 Re-construction of 04 Community Health Centers -Sarala Community Health Center, Chak Karim Community Health Center, Barudah Community Health Center & Haripur Community Health Center. 1,000,000.00
74 Rangpur Pirganj INF-2018-19-558576-01 Construction of water treatment plant to solve pure drinking water problem at Pirgabj Upazila 3,000,000.00
75 Rangpur Pirgachha INF-2018-19-558573-02 Construction of commonroom and wash-block at Pirgachha High school & Pirgachha college 1,791,786.00
76 Rangpur Pirgachha INF-2018-19-558573-01 Supply of Medical equipments at different medical centrs 2,208,214.00
77 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar INF-2018-19-558549-02 Construction of classroom at Katabari Secondary School & Fajil kha Darul Ulum Mohius Sunnah Madrasha & one room for horidebpur Health Complex 1,960,050.00
78 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar INF-2018-19-558549-01 Construction of Washblock at Paglapi Bazar, Upazila Health complex & Katabari Secondary School 2,039,950.00
79 Rangpur Badarganj INF-2018-19-558503-01 Construction of wash-blocks at 08 different schools of Badarganj Upazila 4,000,000.00
80 Rangpur Kaunia INF-2018-18-558542-03 Supply of Solar Lights from Takbil Bazar to Bus stand Bazar Road of Kaunia Upazila 1,022,469.00
81 Rangpur Kaunia INF-2018-18-558542-02 Supply of Laptop & Multimedia Projector at different Secondary Schools 1,105,710.00
82 Rangpur Kaunia INF-2018-18-558542-01 Construction of Delivery Room at Upazila Health Complex & Re-construction of Upazila Animal Husbandry Office 1,871,661.00
83 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar INF-2018-19-208487-01 Supply of High Low benches at 24 different Schools 3,999,262.00
84 Rangamati Langadu INF-2018-19-208458-03 Construction of Bent box Culvert at Korolachora 1,022,629.00
85 Rangamati Langadu INF-2018-19-208458-02 Supply of Street lights from Longadu to Maini 1,954,626.00
86 Rangamati Langadu INF-2018-19-208458-01 Construction of Irrigation Drain at Korallachori 1,022,644.00
87 Rangamati Kaptai INF-2018-19-208436-03 Supply of furnitures at diferent schools of Kaptai 1,052,241.00
88 Rangamati Kaptai INF-2018-19-208436-02 Extension of classroom at Kaptai High School 1,272,736.00
89 Rangamati Kaptai INF-2018-19-208436-01 Construction of Safety wall at KRC Govt. Primary School 1,674,163.00
90 Rangamati Belaichhari INF-2018-19-208429-02 Construction of Deep tube well and one wash block at school 1,868,165.00
91 Rangamati Belaichhari INF-2018-19-208429-01 Construction of Drain with GSF pipe for drinking water 2,112,734.00
92 Rangamati Barkal INF-2018-19-208421-02 Supply of pure drinking water Sub-project at Pittichara village 2,373,540.00
93 Rangamati Barkal INF-2018-19-208421-01 Supply of Multimedia Equipments at 07 different Schools 1,599,999.00
94 Rangamati Kawkhali INF-2018-18-208425-03 Supply of Solar Lights at different important places of Kawkhali 1,019,030.00
95 Rangamati Kawkhali INF-2018-18-208425-02 Supply of furnitures at different schools of Kawkhali 1,915,753.00
96 Rangamati Kawkhali INF-2018-18-208425-01 Construction of washblok at Kawkhali Girls High School 1,065,217.00
97 Rajshahi Tanore INF-2018-19-508194-01 Supply of Medicalequipments at Upazila Health Complex 3,999,900.00
98 Rajshahi Puthia INF-2018-19-508182-03 Construction of Jamira College building 1,000,000.00
99 Rajshahi Puthia INF-2018-19-508182-02 Construction of science lab and supply of science equipments in Pachamaria Degree College 1,000,000.00
100 Rajshahi Puthia INF-2018-19-508182-01 Construction of washblock in MPO enplisted school and butcher shop with shed in Baneshwari Bazar 2,000,000.00
101 Rajshahi Mohanpur INF-2018-19-508172-3 Construction of two classrooms on the second floor at Keshorhaat Degree College. 1,320,250.00
102 Rajshahi Mohanpur INF-2018-19-508172-2 Construction of Hygiene Corner cum washroom at Islamia Girls Dakhil Madrasha in Dhurail. 1,050,000.00
103 Rajshahi Mohanpur INF-2018-19-508172-1 Supply of Hi-Low Benches in different Education Institutions in Mohanpur Upazila. 1,629,750.00
104 Rajshahi Paba INF-2018-19-508172-01 Supply of medical equipment in Paba Upazila Health Complex. 3,999,941.00
105 Rajshahi Godagari INF-2018-19-508134-02 Construction of Class room at Matikata Adarshaw Degree College. 1,000,852.00
106 Rajshahi Godagari INF-2018-19-508134-01 Construction of class room at Gunigram Secondary school . 2,999,145.00
107 Rajshahi Durgapur INF-2018-19-508131-2 Construction of classroom in Amgachi Sohar Banu High School. 2,000,000.00
108 Rajshahi Durgapur INF-2018-19-508131-1 Construction of classroom in Palsha High School. 2,000,000.00
109 Rajshahi Charghat INF-2018-19-508125-01 Supply of high & low benches at differet secondary schools in Charghat Upazila. 4,000,000.00
110 Rajshahi Bagha INF-2018-19-508110-02 Supply of high and low benches in the secondary schools of the upazila. 1,000,000.00
111 Rajshahi Bagha INF-2018-19-508110-01 Construction of wash block in educational institutions 3,000,000.00
112 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF-2018-19-308276-02 Construction of Classroom/Bhaban at 34 no Chandpur Govt.Primary School 1,404,884.00
113 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF-2018-19-308276-01 Construction of two Storied Building/Room at Rajarpur Yasin institute 2,595,116.00
114 Rajbari Baliakandi INF-2018-19-308207-01 Completion of unfinished work and upward extension of one storey building of Zillul Hakim Academic Building of Mir Mosharraf Hossain Degree College 3,991,700.00
115 Pirojpur Nesarabad INF-2018-19-107987-01 Construction of Washblock 3,973,800.00
116 Pirojpur Nazirpur INF-2018-19-107976-03 Construction of girls common room in Barbunia Secondary School 1,482,129.00
117 Pirojpur Nazirpur INF-2018-19-107976-02 Construction of classroom in Pakuria Secondary School 1,482,129.00
118 Pirojpur Nazirpur INF-2018-19-107976-01 Supplying furniture/medical equipement to enhance institutional delivery services 1,000,672.00
119 Pirojpur Mathbaria INF-2018-19-107958-02 Supply of furniture and bench in different educational institute 1,387,542.00
120 Pirojpur Mathbaria INF-2018-19-107958-01 Construction of drains in the community adjacent to Sapleja Bazar and construction of washbask at Badura DSH Dakhil Madrasa and installation of community based deep tube well adjacent to JKH Model Secondary School to ensure health facilities. 2,570,155.00
121 Patuakhali Mirzaganj INF-2018-19-107876-01 Construction of sewerage drain at Shubidhkhali market 4,000,000.00
122 Patuakhali Rangabali INF-2018-19-107866-03 Supply of Benchs at different educational institutions 1,356,600.00
123 Patuakhali Rangabali INF-2018-19-107866-02 Supply of Multimedia equipments at different educational institutions 1,516,862.00
124 Patuakhali Kalapara INF-2018-19-107866-02 Construction of computer lab & common room building in Laloya Jonota Secondary School 1,565,642.00
125 Patuakhali Rangabali INF-2018-19-107866-01 Reconstruction of community clinic and setting a deep tubewell 1,216,420.00
126 Patuakhali Patuakhali Sadar INF-2018-19-107866-01 Digital Smart School Network. 3,999,934.00
127 Patuakhali Kalapara INF-2018-19-107866-01 Supply of high low plastic bench in different Education Institutes (Secondary schools/madrasa) 2,434,358.00
128 Patuakhali Galachipa INF-2018-19-107857-02 Reconstruction of three community clinics 1,439,040.00
129 Patuakhali Galachipa INF-2018-19-107857-01 Supply of Plastic Bench for Public Exam Centres 2,509,650.00
130 Patuakhali Dumki INF-2018-19-107855-02 Construction of multi-purpose fish and meat sales outlets with drainage system at Hajirhat, Pangashia Union 1,819,157.00
131 Patuakhali Dumki INF-2018-19-107855-01 Construction of ghats on the river adjacent to Patabunia Bazar and supply of Dustbin and Bed for Upazila Health Complex 2,178,118.00
132 Patuakhali Dashmina INF-2018-19-107852-01 Construction of Semi Pacca Building at Mardona PMS Secondary School 1,892,856.00
133 Patuakhali Dashmina INF -2018-19-107852-03 a.Construction of Wash-Block with Tubewell at Primary School and different Bazar Roads area. B. Construction of Ghat near Charshahjalal Bazar at Charborhan Union 1,105,585.00
134 Patuakhali Dashmina INF -2018-19-107852-02 a.Supply of plastic Benches at 10 Secondary High School b. Supply of necessary equipment for waste management in Dashmina Upazila c. Supply of Medical Equipement at Upazila Health Complex, Community Clinic and FWC Clinic 1,001,308.00
135 Panchagarh Tetulia INF-2018-19-557790-02 Supply of Solar Lights at different places of Tetulia Upazila 2,019,293.00
136 Panchagarh Tetulia INF-2018-19-557790-01 Supply of High-low benches at different Educational Institutions of Tetulia Upazila 1,979,611.00
137 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar INF-2018-19-557773-01 Supply of High-low benches at different Secondary Schools of Panchagarh Sadar 3,901,257.00
138 Pabna Sujanagar INF-2018-19-507683-02 Supply of high low benches in different education institutes in Sujanagar Upazilas 1,456,452.00
139 Pabna Sujanagar INF-2018-19-507683-01 Construction of washblock in Poradanga haji Ajem Uddin High School, Dariapur High School and Bilgajna School & College 2,543,500.00
140 Pabna Santhia INF-2018-19-507672-04 Supply of benches at Secondary schools 1,000,000.00
141 Pabna Santhia INF-2018-19-507672-03 Construction of Public Wash-block 1,000,000.00
142 Pabna Santhia INF-2018-19-507672-02 Construction of Hygine corner cum wash-block at Secondary School 1,000,000.00
143 Pabna Santhia INF-2018-19-507672-01 Construction of Culvert & Drain for water logging 1,000,000.00
144 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF-2018-19-507655-03 Supply of 20 Computer (Desktop), 20 Computer Table, Multimedia Projector, Screen and Sound System at Dublia High School in Pabna Sadar, Pabna. 1,000,000.00
145 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF-2018-19-507655-02 Construction of a new Wash Block cum Hygiene Corner at Dublia High School under Pabna Sadar, Pabna. 1,200,000.00
146 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF-2018-19-507655-01 Construction of a new ICT Building at Dublia High School in Pabna Sadar, Pabna. 1,800,000.00
147 Pabna Atgharia INF-2018-19-507639-3 Supply of High-low benches in 6 secondary education institutes in Atgharia Upazila. 1,000,000.00
148 Pabna Atgharia INF-2018-19-507639-2 A) Construction of washblock cum hygiene corner in Vocational Majpara Senior Madrasha. B)Construction of washblock cum hygiene corner in Motijhil Ucca Biddalay. 1,000,000.00
149 Pabna Atgharia INF-2018-19-507639-1 Construction of a new class building for Koirabari Bohumukhi High School in Atgharia upazila. 2,000,000.00
150 Pabna Ishwardi INF-2018-19-507639-03 Supply of digital skin, smart LED TV, table and educational materials in 12 secondary education institutions of Ishradi upazila. 1,233,200.00
151 Pabna Ishwardi INF-2018-19-507639-02 Construction of wash block in Barichara Government Primary School under Ishradi Upazila. 1,383,400.00
152 Pabna Ishwardi INF-2018-19-507639-01 Construction of public toilet adjacent to the market place of late Idris Ali at Dashuria traffic intersection in Dashuria union under Ishradi upazila. 1,383,400.00
153 Pabna Bera INF-2018-19-507616-01 Construction of Hygiene Corner in 5 different high school, one women college and Bera collge. 3,999,996.00
154 Noakhali Sonaimuri INF-2018-19-217583-02 Supply of multimedia Projectors & Laptops at different educational Institutions 3,000,000.00
155 Noakhali Sonaimuri INF-2018-19-217583-01 Supply of High-low benches at different educational Institutions 1,000,000.00
156 Noakhali Senbagh INF-2018-19-217580-03 Construction & Repair work of Union Health & Family Planning Center 1,000,000.00
157 Noakhali Senbagh INF-2018-19-217580-02 Construction of Irrigation Drain at Fatong Union 1,000,000.00
158 Noakhali Senbagh INF-2018-19-217580-01 Supply of High Low Benches at different Secondary & High Schools 2,000,000.00
159 Noakhali Noakhali Sadar INF-2018-19-207587-01 Construction of Science Building at Ahmodiya Model High School 4,000,000.00
160 Noakhali Hatiya INF-2018-19-207536-01 Supply of High-low benches at 17 Educational Institutions 3,997,188.00
161 Noakhali Companiganj INF-2018-19-207521-03 Supply of furniture for Mother & Child at hospital 1,343,894.00
162 Noakhali Companiganj INF-2018-19-207521-02 Reconstruction of Govt. Primary Schools 1,581,258.00
163 Noakhali Companiganj INF-2018-19-207521-01 Supply of Medical equipments for Mother & child care at Upazila Health complex & community clinic 1,074,461.00
164 Noakhali Chatkhil INF-2018-19-207510-01 Construction of Community Wash-blocks at 08 Different Bazars 4,000,000.00
165 Noakhali Begumganj INF-2018-19-207507-03 Construction of washblock for Girls at Chayani Girl's High School 1,000,000.00
166 Noakhali Begumganj INF-2018-19-207507-02 Supply of multimedia Projectors & Laptops at different educational Institutions 1,200,000.00
167 Noakhali Begumganj INF-2018-19-207507-01 Supply of High-low benches at different educational Institutions 1,800,000.00
168 Nilphamari Saidpur INF-2018-19-557385-03 Construction of 02 washblocks at Paschim belpukur Majh para girl's school & Shashkandor majhpara lower secondary school 1,291,878.00
169 Nilphamari Saidpur INF-2018-19-557385-02 Construction of Semipacca Building(o3 rooms) atDarul Arkam Ibatedio Madrasha 1,354,061.00
170 Nilphamari Saidpur INF-2018-19-557385-01 Construction of 03 Semipacca Classrooms at Bottole Gari Girl's School 1,354,061.00
171 Nilphamari Jaldhaka INF-2018-19-557336-02 Supply of High-low benches at 15 different schools 2,755,924.00
172 Nilphamari Jaldhaka INF-2018-19-557336-01 Construction of wash blocks for girl students & Female teachers at Rajarhat Kabadi Rahmania Alim Madrasha & Cherenga Jharpara lower Secondary schools 1,238,950.00
173 Nilphamari Domar INF-2018-19-557315-02 Construction of classroom at 03 different Schools?Madrasha 2,631,043.00
174 Nilphamari Domar INF-2018-19-557315-01 Construction of 01 Classroom & 01 wash-block at Sonaroya Farmhat Secondary School 1,349,368.00
175 Nilphamari Dimla INF-2018-19-557312-01 Construction of Wash-blocks for Girls at different Secondary Schools and madrashas 3,842,878.00
176 Netrokona Mohanganj INF-2019-20-457263-02 Supply of high & low benches at differet secondary schools at Mohanganj Upazila. 1,176,471.00
177 Netrokona Mohanganj INF-2019-20-457263-01 Installation of solar street lights at different important road and bazar. 2,823,529.00
178 Netrokona Kendua INF-2018-19-307247-01 Supply of high & low benches at 13 differet educational institutes in Matlab Uttar Upazila. 3,280,000.00
179 Netrokona Durgapur INF-2018-19-307218-02 Construction of a class room. 2,553,899.00
180 Netrokona Durgapur INF-2018-19-307218-01 Supply of medical equipments at upazila health complex. 1,446,101.00
181 Natore Singra INF-2018-19-506991-02 Supply of benches at diffent schools 1,000,000.00
182 Natore Singra INF-2018-19-506991-01 Construction of 02 Wash-blocks at 01 college and 01 school & classsroom construction 3,000,000.00
183 Natore Natore Sadar INF-2018-19-506963-02 Construction of Wash-blocks at 02 different Places 1,134,906.00
184 Natore Natore Sadar INF-2018-19-506963-01 Construction of Labour Shed at 03 Community Clinics 2,865,094.00
185 Natore Lalpur INF-2018-19-506944-01 Construction of drain and reconstruction of old drain in Lalpur Hat 4,000,000.00
186 Natore Bagatipara INF-2018-19-506909-02 Construction of hygienic wash block in secondary level educational institutions in Bagatipara upazila. 2,796,027.00
187 Natore Bagatipara INF-2018-19-506909-01 Construction of Science lab in secondery level Educational Institutes in Bagatipara Upazila. 1,203,973.00
188 Narsingdi Shibpur INF-2019-20-306876-02 Construction of a classroom at 3 different educational institutes at Shibpur Upazila. 2,401,770.00
189 Narsingdi Shibpur INF-2019-20-306876-01 Construction of fish sheds at two differet bazar at shibpur Upazila. 1,598,230.00
190 Narsingdi Shibpur INF-2018-19-306876-01 Supply of benchs at different schools and supply medical equipments at community clinics 4,000,000.00
191 Narsingdi Palash INF-2018-19-306863-02 Supply of High-Low benches at different educational institute of Palash Upazila. 2,000,000.00
192 Narsingdi Palash INF-2018-19-306863-01 Construction of drain to sove water logging from Taltoli Bazar to Charsindur Sugar Mill Boundary 2,000,000.00
193 Narsingdi Manohardi INF-2018-19-306852-03 Construction of Panchkandi College water supply pipe drain from the graveyard of Kasba Fakir Ahmed's house to the west of Mannan Bhuiyan's house. 1,000,000.00
194 Narsingdi Manohardi INF-2018-19-306852-02 Modernization and supply of materials to Shukundi, Barachapa and Ekduaria Union Health and Family Welfare Center Delivery Centers. 1,002,017.00
195 Narsingdi Manohardi INF-2018-19-306852-01 Supply of furniture in different institution, school & library 1,997,983.00
196 Narsingdi Belabo INF-2018-19-306807-04 Construction of Washblock at educational institute of Belabo Upazila 1,000,000.00
197 Narsingdi Belabo INF-2018-19-306807-03 Supply of High-Low benches at different educational institute of Belabo Upazila. 1,000,000.00
198 Narsingdi Belabo INF-2018-19-306807-02 Construction of a multipurpose Classrooms at Bajnab Girls High School. 1,000,000.00
199 Narsingdi Belabo INF-2018-19-306807-01 Reconstruction of Union Health Complex at Patuli & Bajnab Union and Supply of medical equipments 1,000,000.00
200 Narayanganj Rupganj INF-2018-19-306768-01 Supply of bench in high schools and madrasa in Rupganj Upazila 4,000,000.00
201 Narayanganj Sonargaon INF-2018-19-306704-01 Construction of Washblock in two education institutes (Charkishoreganj Girl's High School, Nunertek High School) and in 5 important bazar (Kaikartek bazar, Noyapur bazar, Dhandir Bazar, Mograpara Bazar, Anandabazar) 4,000,000.00
202 Narayanganj Araihazar INF-2018-19-306702-02 Construction of drain in Manohardi village 1,331,617.00
203 Narayanganj Araihazar INF-2018-19-306702-01 Supply of Bus for Students of Gopaldi Nazrul Islam Babu College 2,668,353.00
204 Narail Narail Sadar INF-2018-19-406576-03 Construction of 04 wash-blocks at 04 different schools 1,639,973.00
205 Narail Narail Sadar INF-2018-19-406576-02 Construction of 03 Mini computer labs for schools 1,095,321.00
206 Narail Narail Sadar INF-2018-19-406576-01 Construction of 02 Delivery room for 02 Community Clinics 1,234,448.00
207 Narail Lohagara INF-2018-19-406552-02 Supply of high low plastic benches in different secondary school . 1,468,874.00
208 Narail Lohagara INF-2018-19-406552-01 Construction of wash-Block in different educational institute. 2,442,339.00
209 Narail Kalia INF-2018-19-406528-01 Supply high low benches in different secondery educational institute in Kalia Upazila 3,881,653.00
210 Naogaon Sapahar INF-2018-19-506486-1 Supply of Hi-Low Benches in different Secondary and higher secondary Education Institutions in Sapahar Upazila. 3,996,483.00
211 Naogaon Raninagar INF-2018-19-506485-01 Supply of high low benches in 10 different secondary education institutes in Raninagar. 3,968,537.00
212 Naogaon Patnitala INF-2018-19-506475-03 Supply of high-low benches in different educational institutes in Patnitala Upazila. 1,302,473.00
213 Naogaon Patnitala INF-2018-19-506475-02 Construction of latrines with rest room in Upazila Health Complex. 1,149,897.00
214 Naogaon Patnitala INF-2018-19-506475-01 Construction of latrines in S.K Girls School. 1,547,630.00
215 Naogaon Niamatpur INF-2018-19-506469-2 Supply of Medical equipments to the Upazila Health Complex. 1,000,000.00
216 Naogaon Niamatpur INF-2018-19-506469-1 Installation of Solar Street light to deal with the effects of climate change. 3,000,000.00
217 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF-2018-19-506460-02 1) Supply and substitution of 200 ceiling fans in different Secondery Schools and Madrashas in Rupsa Upazila. 2) Supply of benches (200 pairs) in different Secondery Schools and Madrashas in Rupsa Upazila. 3)Supply of autistic goods to the Disability Development Agency. 2,944,993.00
218 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF-2018-19-506460-01 Construction a passenger sade, public toilet and a deep tube-well in Hasaigari Road. 1,000,000.00
219 Naogaon Mahadebpur INF-2018-19-506450-3 Supply of Benches in different Education Institutions in Mahadebpur Upazila. 1,000,000.00
220 Naogaon Mahadebpur INF-2018-19-506450-2 Construction of washblock and supply safe drinking water. 1,368,000.00
221 Naogaon Mahadebpur INF-2018-19-506450-1 Construction of drain to reduce waterlogging at Chagarpur Bazar and Uraopara. 1,632,000.00
222 Naogaon Manda INF-2018-19-506447-03 A) Establishment of hygiene corner cum washroom for female students in 2 higher secondary level educational institutes. B)Construction of waiting room for guardians to sit in Prasadpur Government Primary School. 1,491,691.00
223 Naogaon Manda INF-2018-19-506447-02 Re-construction of various community clinics in Manda Upazila. 1,000,000.00
224 Naogaon Manda INF-2018-19-506447-01 Construction of multimedia classrooms in P.K.A High School. 1,491,633.00
225 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF-2018-19-506428-03 Construction of 20 Solar light stand in different important places 1,000,000.00
226 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF-2018-19-506428-02 Expansion of Chak Islam Durgapur Primary School and construction of washblock 1,500,000.00
227 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF-2018-19-506428-01 Expansion of kazipur Primary School and construction of washblock 1,500,000.00
228 Naogaon Badalgachhi INF-2018-19-506406-2 Supply of ceiling fans in different Education Institutions and supply of steel chair and almirah at upazila health complex and community clinic center in Badalgachhi upazila. 2,276,086.00
229 Naogaon Badalgachhi INF-2018-19-506406-1 Construction an open drain project at Baluvara village and Chakrail Village in Badalgachhi Upazila. 1,723,914.00
230 Naogaon Atrai INF-2018-19-506403-01 Construction a hygin corner and a wash block for girls student in different secondery educational institute in Atrai 4,000,000.00
231 Mymensingh Gaffargaon INF-2018-19-456122-01 Construction of School building at Kandi High School 3,999,999.00
232 Mymensingh Trishal INF-2018-19-306194-02 Supply of High- Low benches at 24 different Secondary Schools 2,433,233.00
233 Mymensingh Trishal INF-2018-19-306194-01 Construction of a Libirary and 01 Lab at Rampur High School 1,559,540.00
234 Mymensingh Nandail INF-2018-19-306172-01 Construction of One Stored Building (2 rooms) for Diabetic Hospital at Nandail 3,995,637.00
235 Mymensingh Haluaghat INF-2018-19-306124-03 Supply of Benches at different Secondary Schools & Madrashas 1,000,000.00
236 Mymensingh Haluaghat INF-2018-19-306124-02 Construction of 2 classrooms at Bilaidora Master Idris Ali Talukdar High School 1,000,000.00
237 Mymensingh Haluaghat INF-2018-19-306124-01 Re-construction of Community center at Shakuiya Union & Construction of classroom cum flood center at Purbasamaniya para- Gajirvita Union 2,000,000.00
238 Mymensingh Gauripur INF-2018-19-306123-03 Supply of Benches at different Secondary Schools 1,000,000.00
239 Mymensingh Gauripur INF-2018-19-306123-02 Construction of Girls Facility Room at Gauripur Pilot Girl's School 1,000,000.00
240 Mymensingh Gauripur INF-2018-19-306123-01 Construction of one building (Scince room) at Baruamari High School 2,000,000.00
241 Mymensingh Bhaluka INF-2018-19-306113-03 Construction of Classrooms at Bahuli Dakhil Madrasha & Tungripara K G M High School 1,200,000.00
242 Mymensingh Bhaluka INF-2018-19-306113-02 Construction of washblock for Girls at Batajor High School & Jhalpabja High School 1,000,000.00
243 Mymensingh Bhaluka INF-2018-19-306113-01 Supply of Benches at different Schools 1,746,745.00
244 Munshiganj Tongibari INF-2018-19-305994-02 Supplying furniture for different educational institute 1,311,096.00
245 Munshiganj Tongibari INF-2018-19-305994-01 Upward expansion of Banari Multipurpose High School in Hasail Union in Tongibari Upazila. 2,688,577.00
246 Munshiganj Serajdikhan INF-2018-19-305974-01 Construction of Class room at Satiantali High School 3,987,874.00
247 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF-2018-19-305956-02 Supply of Multimeddia Equipments at different edducational institutes at Munshiganj Sadar Upazila. 1,111,010.00
248 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF-2018-19-305956-01 Supply of high & low benches at differet secondary schools & Madrashas at Munshiganj Sadar Upazila. 2,876,576.00
249 Munshiganj Gazaria INF-2018-19-305924-03 Supply of High-Low Benches at different School of Gazaria Upazila. 1,399,431.00
250 Munshiganj Gazaria INF-2018-19-305924-02 Construction of passenger Camp at Bhaberchar bus stand 1,350,222.00
251 Munshiganj Gazaria INF-2018-19-305924-01 Construction of RCC U drain at Bhoberchar Bazar 1,250,347.00
252 Moulvibazar Juri INF-2019-20-605835-02 Supply High Low benches at different educational institutes at chunarughat Upazila. 1,000,000.00
253 Moulvibazar Juri INF-2019-20-605835-01 Installation of solar lights at differet important places in the upazila. 3,000,000.00
254 Moulvibazar Sreemangal INF-2018-19-605883-01 Construction of classroom building of Satgaon school in Srimangal upazila 4,000,000.00
255 Moulvibazar Rajnagar INF-2018-19-605880-01 Supply of Solar light at important places in different Union under Rajnagar Upazila 4,000,000.00
256 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF-2018-19-605874-03 Construction of a surface drain at Mostafapur Union. 1,000,000.00
257 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF-2018-19-605874-02 Supply of High-Low benches at different educational institute in Kamalpur Union. 1,000,000.00
258 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF-2018-19-605874-01 Installation of solar street light at important places at Akhailkura & Chadnighat Union in Moulvibazar Sadar. 2,000,000.00
259 Moulvibazar Kulaura INF-2018-19-605865-02 Construction fo Classrooms at Pallakandi Longla Junior High School 1,000,000.00
260 Moulvibazar Kulaura INF-2018-19-605865-01 Installation of solar street lights at important junctions and hat-bazaars at different union levels 3,000,000.00
261 Moulvibazar Kamalganj INF-2018-19-605856-02 Supply of solar light in 3 Union road/Hatbazar under Kamalganj Upazila 1,620,000.00
262 Moulvibazar Kamalganj INF-2018-19-605856-01 Supply of plastic high-low benches in 8 secondary school & Madarasa under Kamalganj Upazila 2,379,000.00
263 Moulvibazar Borolekha INF-2018-19-605814-03 Construction of stairs and culvert 1,249,995.00
264 Moulvibazar Borolekha INF-2018-19-605814-02 Construction of rain water reservoirs in remote hilly areas, installation of submersible pumps with water supply in government hospitals, tea workers community and Khasia Pungi. 1,750,000.00
265 Moulvibazar Borolekha INF-2018-19-605814-01 Supply of high-low benches in 7 secondary school/Madarasa & College 1,000,000.00
266 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF-2018-19-405787-2 A) Construction of RCC road from Zialapara village towards Baikanthapur Government Primary school at Kutubpur Union. B) Construction of RCC road from Shalika Ahale Hadis Zame Masjid (jolpara) towards Shalika Government boy's Primary School. 1,592,333.00
267 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF-2018-19-405787-1 Construction of ICT lab in to different education institutes. 2,407,667.00
268 Meherpur Mujibnagar INF-2018-19-405760-03 Construction of a drain from Insan house to Mosque and from harar house to icharul house. 1,582,032.00
269 Meherpur Mujibnagar INF-2018-19-405760-03 Construction of pakka drain from house of Monakhali Dakshinpara Inshan to mosque and from Harar house of Anandabas village in ward 6 of Bagoan union to Icharul's house under Mujibnagar upazila. 1,582,032.00
270 Meherpur Mujibnagar INF-2018-19-405760-02 Supply of high low plastic benches in 4 different secondary school . 1,004,457.00
271 Meherpur Mujibnagar INF-2018-19-405760-02 A) Monakhali Secondary School b) Mujibnagar Government Secondary School c) Anandabas Mia Mansur Academy d) Supply of plastic benches to Komarpur Secondary School. 1,004,457.00
272 Meherpur Mujibnagar INF-2018-19-405760-01 A) Installation of modern Interactive Multi-Touch Learning Led Panel-65" in 5 different secondary level school. B) Supply of Nebulizer in different community clinic in muzibnagar. 1,395,753.00
273 Meherpur Mujibnagar INF-2018-19-405760-01 1) A) Monakhali Secondary School B) Dariapur Secondary Girls School C) Anandabas Mia Mansur Academy D) Komarpur Secondary School E) Establishment of modern Interactive Multi-Touch learning Led Panel-65 "in Mujibnagar Government Secondary School. 2) Supply of nebulizers in various community clinics and upazila health complexes of Mujibnagar upazila. 1,395,753.00
274 Meherpur Gangni INF-2018-19-4057474-02 Supply of plastic benches to various secondary schools under Gangni upazila. 2,000,000.00
275 Meherpur Gangni INF-2018-19-4057474-01 Supply of operation room equipment at Upazila Health Complex and nebulizer machine to various community clinics under Gangni Upazila. 2,000,000.00
276 Manikganj Singair INF-2018-19-305682-02 Construction of Commonroom at Talebpur Ideal High School and supply of furniture for commonroom. 1,596,925.00
277 Manikganj Singair INF-2018-19-305682-01 Construction of slaughter house at Joymontop market 2,403,075.00
278 Manikganj Shivalaya INF-2018-19-305678-03 Construction of 2 sheds for market place and 1 parents shed at Dashchira Primary School. 1,134,723.00
279 Manikganj Shivalaya INF-2018-19-305678-02 Construction of Commonroom at Shakrail High School and leisure benches for public and visitors at Teota Jafarganj Ferry Crossing 1,136,428.00
280 Manikganj Shivalaya INF-2018-19-305678-01 Construction of sanitary toilets at 5 important places of the upazila 1,722,875.00
281 Manikganj Saturia INF-2018-19-305670-03 Establishment of hygienic safety corners in three high schools of Saturia upazila 1,006,136.00
282 Manikganj Saturia INF-2018-19-305670-02 Supply of Ambulence at Saturia two Union 1,303,200.00
283 Manikganj Saturia INF-2018-19-305670-01 Construction of roof at Saturia Pilot Girls High School 1,689,760.00
284 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar INF-2018-19-305646-03 Construction of Waiting Room cum Breastfeeding Corner at different Union Health and Family Welfare Center. 1,000,000.00
285 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar INF-2018-19-305646-02 Construction of Classroom at 90 no Jahid Malek Govt. Primary School. 1,000,000.00
286 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar INF-2018-19-305646-01 Construction of drain and Fish shade at Chandhar & Ukiara Market 1,977,950.00
287 Manikganj Ghior INF-2018-19-305622-02 Construction of Wash-Block at different hat bazar and educational Institution in Ghior Upazila 2,194,816.00
288 Manikganj Ghior INF-2018-19-305622-01 Construction of pipe drains to alleviate waterlogging in Baliakhora Union agricultural land. 1,805,184.00
289 Manikganj Harirampur INF-2018-19-......-01 Construction of a livestock diagnostic lab cum training center at Harirampur Upazila. 3,994,447.00
290 Magura Sreepur INF-2018-19-405595-03 Supply of Multimedia at different Educational Institutions 1,483,426.00
291 Magura Sreepur INF-2018-19-405595-02 Construction of Science Lab at Secondary school 1,200,000.00
292 Magura Sreepur INF-2018-19-405595-01 Construction of Drain at Langolbad Bazar 1,300,000.00
293 Magura Mohammadpur INF-2018-19-405566-2 Installation of Solar Street light in different streets in Mohammadpur. 3,000,000.00
294 Magura Mohammadpur INF-2018-19-405566-1 Construction of multimedia classrooms in Mohammad Adarsha Technical and Business Management college. 1,000,000.00
295 Magura Magura Sadar INF-2018-19-405557-02 Construction of drain in Ichakhada Bazar and shed in fish market with drain in Gangnalia Fish Market 1,113,367.00
296 Magura Magura Sadar INF-2018-19-405557-01 Supply of bench in high schools and madrasa of Magura Sadar Upazila 2,886,633.00
297 Magura Shalikha INF-2018-19-4015585-02 Installation of Solar Street Light DahnnserGati Union road/Bazar. 1,000,000.00
298 Magura Shalikha INF-2018-19-4015585-01 1) Construction of RCC drain for drainage from Arpara Bazar to Munshir Bridge. 2) Construction of Drain in Bunagati Bazar For drainage. 2,988,950.00
299 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar INF-2018-19-305454-03 Supply of high-low benches at different Secondary School & Madrasa 1,000,000.00
300 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar INF-2018-19-305454-02 Construction of pipe drain for irrigation work at Dudhkhali & Bahadurpur Union 1,500,000.00
301 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar INF-2018-19-305454-01 Construction of pipe drain for drainage at Mostafapur market 1,500,000.00
302 Lalmonirhat Patgram INF-2018-19-555270-01 Supply of Solar Lights at Different important places of Srirampur, Burimari Jongra & Patgram Union 4,000,000.00
303 Lalmonirhat Kaliganj INF-2018-19-555239-02 Construction of wash-blocks at different Schools & Madrashas 2,770,212.00
304 Lalmonirhat Kaliganj INF-2018-19-555239-01 Supply of Generator, Seating Chair for Patients, Nebulizer & Delivery bed at Upazila Health complex 1,229,167.00
305 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha INF-2018-19-555233-02 Installation of solar street lights at different important road and bazar. 1,560,000.00
306 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha INF-2018-19-555233-01 A) Construction of a classroom at saradubi Government primary school. B) Construction of a pakka road at shalban. 2,440,000.00
307 Lakhsmipur Ramgati INF-2018-19-205173-03 Supply of Medical Equipments at Ramgati Upazila Health Complex 1,000,000.00
308 Lakhsmipur Ramgati INF-2018-19-205173-02 Construction of Classroom cum Hallroom at Char Afjal Azad Memorial High School 1,800,000.00
309 Lakhsmipur Ramgati INF-2018-19-205173-01 Construction of Classroom cum Hallroom at Char Abdullah Al Madrashatul Jamiyatul Islamia Fazil Madrasha 1,200,000.00
310 Lakhsmipur Roypur INF-2018-19-205158-04 Construction of washblock at Halima ( Ra) Female Dakhil Madrasha 1,000,000.00
311 Lakhsmipur Roypur INF-2018-19-205158-03 Construction of Charpata Majibul Haq academic building 1,000,000.00
312 Lakhsmipur Roypur INF-2018-19-205158-02 Re-construction of Shahesta Nagar Islamia Dakhil Madrasha Classrooms 1,000,000.00
313 Lakhsmipur Roypur INF-2018-19-205158-01 Re-construction of L.K.H High School Classrooms 1,000,000.00
314 Lakhsmipur Lakshmipur Sadar INF-2018-19-205143-02 Construction of wash-blocks at 02 schools and construction of rcc road at Janata Degree College 2,217,349.00
315 Lakhsmipur Lakshmipur Sadar INF-2018-19-205143-01 Construction of wash-blocks at 02 schools 1,738,728.00
316 Lakhsmipur Kamalnagar INF-2018-19-205133-02 Construction of classroom at Haji Para Al Arafah Darul Ulum Madrasha 2,000,000.00
317 Lakhsmipur Kamalnagar INF-2018-19-205133-01 Construction of classroom at West Lorenge Female Dakhil Madrasha 2,000,000.00
318 Kushtia Mirpur INF-2018-19-405094-02 Construction of classrooms for obstructed child in mirpur Upazila. 2,276,780.00
319 Kushtia Mirpur INF-2018-19-405094-01 Supply of Computer,Smart Projector and Furniture at Rahima Afsar Digital Computer Lab in Mirpur 1,685,700.00
320 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF-2018-19-405079-02 Construction of RCC drain from Ziarkhi market towards Ziarkhi field 2,000,000.00
321 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF-2018-19-405079-01 Construction of RCC Drain to Government Primary School along LGD Road adjacent to Pakbaria Union Land Office. 2,000,000.00
322 Kushtia Kumarkhali INF-2018-19-405071-02 Construction of shade for saleing of agricultural products in the market. 1,000,000.00
323 Kushtia Kumarkhali INF-2018-19-405071-01 Construction of a hygin corner at 5 different educational institues in Kumarkhali Upazila. 3,000,000.00
324 Kushtia Bheramara INF-2018-19-405015-02 A) Supply medical equipment to Upazila Health Complex. B) Digital education equipment multimedia, projector supply project in various educational institutions at the secondary level of the upazila. 2,000,021.00
325 Kushtia Bheramara INF-2018-19-405015-01 Project to set up water purification plants to supply pure water to the people at various important places of the upazila. 1,999,641.00
326 Kurigram Rajarhat INF-2018-19-554977-02 Supply of benches at different Secondary Educational Institutions 1,000,000.00
327 Kurigram Rajarhat INF-2018-19-554977-01 Construction of Classroom at Fulkhar Chakla High School & Rajarhat Pailot High School 3,000,000.00
328 Kurigram Nageshwari INF-2018-19-554961-02 Construction of 02 classrooms at Ramkhana Ekramia Dakhil Madrasha & Fakirer Hat Bajlar Rahman Adarsha High School 2,053,496.00
329 Kurigram Nageshwari INF-2018-19-554961-01 Construction of animal operation theatre at Upazila Livestock & construction of 02 classrooms at Char Luchni Dakhil Madrasha 1,946,424.00
330 Kurigram Kurigram Sadar INF-2018-19-554952-03 Supply of High Low benchs at Schools & Furnitures at Satelite Health Complex 1,018,809.00
331 Kurigram Kurigram Sadar INF-2018-19-554952-02 Construction of washblocks at 02 Madrashas 1,001,035.00
332 Kurigram Kurigram Sadar INF-2018-19-554952-01 Construction of Delivery room at Upazila Health Complex Construction of Classroom at Sadekia Dakhil Madrasha 1,669,000.00
333 Kishoreganj Pukundia INF-2018-19-304879-04 Supply of power spray machine among CIG Group Farmer 1,000,000.00
334 Kishoreganj Pukundia INF-2018-19-304879-03 Supply of Generator, AC and Dental Chair at Pukundia Health Complex 1,000,000.00
335 Kishoreganj Pukundia INF-2018-19-304879-02 Construction of Class room at Lakkhiya High School 1,000,000.00
336 Kishoreganj Pukundia INF-2018-19-304879-01 Suppy of high low benches at SSC exam hall and Secondary School 1,000,000.00
337 Kishoreganj Nikli INF-2018-19-304876-01 Construction of drain from Jabbar master house to kamarhati thana mosque, construction of market shed in rodar podda market and rcc road, construction of ghat (noyahati) in Moshlishpur, construction of waiting shed in front of sub-register office for attendee 3,999,560.00
338 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar INF-2018-19-304854-02 Supply of benches and science laboratory equipment to various educational institutions 1,482,455.00
339 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar INF-2018-19-304854-01 Construction of Science lab at Laksmipur Technical College 2,500,000.00
340 Kishoreganj Itna INF-2018-19-304833-01 Establishment of 01 washing and refreshment center for passengers 3,989,578.00
341 Kishoreganj Hossainpur INF-2018-19-304827-02 Supply of Solar Lights at different places from Rampur bazar to Galachipa Bazar via Shahedul Union Office 2,380,700.00
342 Kishoreganj Hossainpur INF-2018-19-304827-01 Construction of Irrigation drain at Sidla Union, Harenja village 1,558,195.00
343 Kishoreganj Bhairab INF-2018-19-304811-02 Supply of medical equipements at Upazila Health Complex 1,075,207.00
344 Kishoreganj Bhairab INF-2018-19-304811-01 1. Construction of commonroom at High School 2. Repair works for two classroom at High School 3. Construction of washblock at Hazi Asmat College 2,679,369.00
345 Kishoreganj Austagram INF-2018-19-304802-03 Supply of benches in different secondary school & Madarasa 2,000,000.00
346 Kishoreganj Austagram INF-2018-19-304802-02 Establishment of Breastfeeding Corners in various important offices of Ashtagram Upazila 1,000,000.00
347 Kishoreganj Austagram INF-2018-19-304802-01 Supply of necessary equipment, construction and renovation project of Ashtagram Rashida Hamid special needs children's school 'Hasimukh' 1,000,000.00
348 Khulna Paikgachha INF-2018-19-404764-01 Construction of Salubrius Center and Refreshment Corner (Including Autism Students) in the secondary level educational institutions of the upazila. 4,000,000.00
349 Khulna Koyra INF-2018-19-404753-01 Construction of salubrious centre and refreshment corner (including autism students) in secondary school 4,000,000.00
350 Khulna Dighalia INF-2018-19-404740-03 Construction of pakka drain for water drainage. 1,000,000.00
351 Khulna Dighalia INF-2018-19-404740-02 Construction of pakka drain for irrigation. 1,000,000.00
352 Khulna Dighalia INF-2018-19-404740-01 Construction of pakka drain for waterlogging. 2,000,000.00
353 Khulna Rupsa INF-2018-19-404730-03 Supply of medical equipment and equipment for the operation theaters (05) for the family planning office of Rupsa Upazila. 1,064,387.00
354 Khulna Rupsa INF-2018-19-404730-02 1) Supply and substitution of 200 ceiling fans in different Secondery Schools and Madrashas in Rupsa Upazila. 2) Supply of benches (200 pairs) in different Secondery Schools and Madrashas in Rupsa Upazila. 1,220,045.00
355 Khulna Rupsa INF-2018-19-404730-01 Construction of 1 semi-Pacca school house for Rupsa Disability School and Rehabilitation Center. 1,670,929.00
356 Khulna Dumuria INF-2018-19-404730-01 Construction of safe Vegetables and sales corner cum training center for distressed women at Dumuria bazar,school adjacent to market and bus stand. 3,955,900.00
357 Khulna Dacope INF-2018-19-404717-2 Construction of hostel for the sex-workers children in Amaltala Banishanta Secondary High School . 2,000,000.00
358 Khulna Dacope INF-2018-19-404717-1 Construction of classs room for the sex-workers children in Banishanta Government Primary School. 2,000,000.00
359 Khulna Batiaghata INF-2018-19-404712-02 Supply high low benches in different secondery educational institute in Batiaghata Upazila. 1,978,390.00
360 Khulna Batiaghata INF-2018-19-404712-01 Construction of Salubrious center and refreshment corner in 4 different secondary school and Madrashas in Batiaghata Upazila. 2,012,216.00
361 Khagrachhari Ramgarh INF-2018-19-204680-01 Construction of water Reserver with Solar power and Deep tubewell (Inaccessible place) 3,999,456.00
362 Khagrachhari Panchhari INF-2018-19-204677-02 Supply of Deep Tubewell (solar) at Khoransing & Moddhonogor Para 1,060,858.00
363 Khagrachhari Panchhari INF-2018-19-204677-01 Supply of High- low benches at different Secondary & Primary Schools 2,933,425.00
364 Khagrachhari Matiranga INF-2018-19-204670-02 Supply of LED Solar Lights at different places 2,000,000.00
365 Khagrachhari Matiranga INF-2018-19-204670-01 Supply of High low benches at primary & Seondary Schools 2,000,000.00
366 Khagrachhari Lakshmichhari INF-2018-19-204661-04 Construction of Agriculture Drain at 02 no. Dutali Union 1,000,000.00
367 Khagrachhari Lakshmichhari INF-2018-19-204661-03 Construction of water supply Tank with sub mersibale pump , with the healp of Solar pannel 1,000,000.00
368 Khagrachhari Lakshmichhari INF-2018-19-204661-02 Supply of Pure drinking water and construction of wash-block at Hudukchhari Junior High School 1,000,000.00
369 Khagrachhari Lakshmichhari INF-2018-19-204661-01 Construction of one classroom at Suknachhari Junior School 1,000,000.00
370 Khagrachhari Dighinala INF-2018-19-204643-03 1. Construction of drain at Babuchara Union, 2. Construction of drain and culvert at backside of Hachinpur High school of Kabakhali union, 3. Construction of drain near graveyard of Boalkhali Union. 1,979,226.00
371 Khagrachhari Dighinala INF-2018-19-204643-02 Supply of Solar Lights at different places of Dighinala Upazila 1,018,125.00
372 Khagrachhari Dighinala INF-2018-19-204643-01 Construction of Butcher Shop at Boalkhali Bazar of Boalkhali Union. 1,002,071.00
373 Khagrachhari Manikchhari INF-2018-18-204667-02 Construction of Agricultural Drain at 03 different Spots of Upazila 2,750,876.00
374 Khagrachhari Manikchhari INF-2018-18-204667-01 Supply of medical equipments at Delivery room and reconstruction of roof at Upazila Health Complex 1,249,101.00
375 Joypurhat Panchbibi INF-2018-19-503874-02 Supply of medical equipments to 7 Union Health and Family Welfare Centers and Municipal Health Centers. 1,000,206.00
376 Joypurhat Panchbibi INF-2018-19-503874-01 Installation of solar lights on office roads at Shimultali Birnagar via Kashpur road and Shimultali RHD-Shalpara GC via Aymarshulpur UP office . 2,999,552.00
377 Joypurhat Kalai INF-2018-19-503858-02 Construction of building at Nandail Dighi College, Kalai Upazila. 1,500,915.00
378 Joypurhat Kalai INF-2018-19-503858-01 Supply of high and low benches to various educational institutions of the upazila. 2,494,202.00
379 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF-2018-19-503847-03 Construction of Animal operation center at Upazila Livestock & Supply of Refrigeraton to preserve medicines 1,000,000.00
380 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF-2018-19-503847-02 Supply of Multimedia Projector to 05 different schools 1,000,000.00
381 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF-2018-19-503847-01 Supply of High low benches , white Boards & Celling fan at different Secondary Schools 2,000,000.00
382 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF-2018-19-503813-02 1) Construction of a Multimedia classroom in Akkelpur women's Degree College. 2)Construction of two class rooms in Kalanz girls high school. 3)Reparation of School Library in F.U Pilot High School. 2,045,702.00
383 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF-2018-19-503813-01 Construction of Wash-Block in three different educational institute in Akkelpur Upazila. 1,954,298.00
384 Jhenaidah Maheshpur INF-2018-19-404471-03 Construction of classrooms at Alfatunnesa College, Maheshpur Upazila, Jhenaidah Educational Institution. 1,120,491.00
385 Jhenaidah Maheshpur INF-2018-19-404471-02 Construction of fish landing center at Baganmath village under Banshbaria Union. 1,236,483.00
386 Jhenaidah Maheshpur INF-2018-19-404471-01 Supply of multimedia (laptop, projecto, projector screen and sound system) in 14 educational institutions. 1,637,859.00
387 Jhenaidah Kaliganj INF-2018-19-404433-03 Supply of digital class room equipments in 14 different educational institutes. 1,285,517.00
388 Jhenaidah Kaliganj INF-2018-19-404433-02 1) Construction of class room floor, Plaster and Construction of tin tents ?at Dighiar Para secondery school in Kaliganj. 2) Construction of artificial breeding center in Hat Bar Bazar Union 1,096,234.00
389 Jhenaidah Kaliganj INF-2018-19-404433-01 1) Construction of a science lab in Kathvanga girls school. 2) Construction of a drain for drainage in crop fields. 1,567,642.00
390 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar INF-2018-19-404419-01 Construction of classroom in 4 different education institutes. 3,795,731.00
391 Jhenaidah Harinakunda INF-2018-19-404414-01 Construction of old age home showroom. 1,000,000.00
392 Jhenaidah Harinakunda INF-2018-19-404414-01 Expensiton of class room at Science & business management college . 1,500,000.00
393 Jhenaidah Harinakunda INF-2018-19-404414-01 Expensiton of class room at secondary school and college . 1,500,000.00
394 Jhalokathi Rajapur INF-2018-19-104284-02 Setting deep tubewells at different institution and places 1,000,000.00
395 Jhalokathi Rajapur INF-2018-19-104284-01 Construction of classrooms at 03 different schools 3,000,000.00
396 Jhalokathi Kathalia INF-2018-19-104243-01 Construction of New School Building at Sheikh Fajilatunnesa Vocational Institute of Amua Union 4,000,000.00
397 Jashore Sharsha Inf-2018-19-404190-04 Supply of necessary medical equipments to the upazila health comlex and upazila community clinic. 1,000,000.00
398 Jashore Sharsha Inf-2018-19-404190-03 Supply of benches in different educational Institutes. 1,000,000.00
399 Jashore Sharsha Inf-2018-19-404190-02 Construction of Digital Computer Lab at Fazilatun-nesa women's college. 1,000,000.00
400 Jashore Sharsha Inf-2018-19-404190-01 Construction of public toilets at Bagamchara seven-mile cattle market. 1,000,000.00
401 Jashore Manirampur INF-2018-19-404161-3 Infrustructe Development and Construction for the facilities of Education of Durgapur High School. 1,327,586.00
402 Jashore Manirampur INF-2018-19-404161-2 Ghat Construction project in Bagerali Para of Hanawar village adjacent to zhapa Baor in zhapa Union. 1,486,511.00
403 Jashore Manirampur INF-2018-19-404161-1 Supply of medical equipments to Manirampur Upazila Health Complex. 1,185,903.00
404 Jashore Keshabpur INF-2018-19-404138-03 Supply of medical equipment at the Upazila Health Center and seating benches for the patients at the community clinic. 1,150,000.00
405 Jashore Keshabpur INF-2018-19-404138-02 Construction of toilets in educational institutions and markets and supply of chairs for patients in Union Health Family Welfare Center. 1,550,000.00
406 Jashore Keshabpur INF-2018-19-404138-01 Supply of benches in educational institutions. 1,300,000.00
407 Jashore Jhikargachha INF-2018-19-404123-02 Supply of benches to various educational institutions of the upazila. 2,890,726.00
408 Jashore Jhikargachha INF-2018-19-404123-01 Supply of modern medical equipment in Upazila Health Complex. 1,109,274.00
409 Jashore Bagher Para INF-2018-19-404109-2 Construction of RCC drain for reduction waterlogging in the field of Bolorampur at Darazhat Union in Baghar para Upazila and construction of irrigation drain in the field of Nittanandanpur at Zamdia Union. 1,978,534.00
410 Jashore Bagher Para INF-2018-19-404109-1 Supply of new equipments at Bager Para Upazila Helth Complex, re-construction of Operation theater and supply of equipments in family planning department and supply of equipments in science lab at Sukhdevpur School. 2,021,466.00
411 Jashore Abhaynagar INF-2018-19-404104-02 Supply of Education Equipments (computer lab) in high schools and madrasa 1,499,141.00
412 Jashore Abhaynagar INF-2018-19-404104-01 Supply of an Ambulence at Upazila Health Complex 2,499,735.00
413 Jamalpur Islampur INF-2018-19-453929-01 Supply of Solar Lights at different Important places of Upazila 4,000,000.00
414 Jamalpur Dewanganj INF-2018-19-303915-04 Construction of classroom at Kholabari Govt. Primary School 1,000,000.00
415 Jamalpur Dewanganj INF-2018-19-303915-03 Construction of classroom at Kholabari High School 1,000,000.00
416 Jamalpur Dewanganj INF-2018-19-303915-02 Construction of classroom at Pollakandi Rahmania Dakhil Madrasha 1,000,000.00
417 Jamalpur Dewanganj INF-2018-19-303915-01 Supply of Benches at different Schools 1,000,000.00
418 Habiganj Chunarughat INF-2019-20-603626-02 A) Supply High Low benches at different educational institutes at chunarughat Upazila. B) Supply ceilling fan at different educational institutes. 1,584,010.00
419 Habiganj Chunarughat INF-2019-20-603626-01 Construction of fish sheds at three differet bazar at Chunarughat Upazila. 2,415,633.00
420 Habiganj Nabiganj INF-2018-19-603677-01 a.Construction of drain development sub-project in Kajirgaon Bazar under Nabiganj Upazila b.Construction of Inner road (platform) at Kazirgaon Bazar under Nabiganj upazila. 4000000
421 Habiganj Madhabpur INF-2018-19-603671-02 Construction of Classroom in Madhabpur Pilot High School 1,693,324.00
422 Habiganj Madhabpur INF-2018-19-603671-01 Supply of benches in different educational institute for students 2,306,209.00
423 Habiganj Lakhai INF-2018-19-603668-03 Construction of 120 m RCC open drain from Baro Goptar canal to Ajdar Miah's house in Karab union 1,000,000.00
424 Habiganj Lakhai INF-2018-19-603668-02 Supply of Medical equipements at Upazila Health Complex 1,000,000.00
425 Habiganj Lakhai INF-2018-19-603668-01 Supply of Computer, Table and Chairs in 2 High School for setting up Digital Lab 2,000,000.00
426 Habiganj Bahubal INF-2018-19-603605-03 Installation of solar light at bahubal upazila hospital road via Islamabad road and snanghat bazar. 1,018,211.00
427 Habiganj Bahubal INF-2018-19-603605-02 Construction of a RCC drain from Ranu Mia house to Mastafa house. 1,331,328.00
428 Habiganj Bahubal INF-2018-19-603605-01 Construction of two classroom. 1,650,460.00
429 Gopalganj Tungipara INF-2018-19-303591-03 Supply of benches in Govt. Primary School & Secondary school. 1,007,589.00
430 Gopalganj Tungipara INF-2018-19-303591-02 Installation of barid pipes on agricultural land in the southern part of Gimadanga 1,002,514.00
431 Gopalganj Tungipara INF-2018-19-303591-01 Supply of Solar light in different places of Tungipara upazila 1,988,260.00
432 Gopalganj Kotalipara INF-2018-19-303551-03 Construction of a public toilet cum passenger shade. 1,005,967.00
433 Gopalganj Kotalipara INF-2018-19-303551-03 Construction of a public toilet com passenger shade. 1,205,967.00
434 Gopalganj Kotalipara INF-2018-19-303551-02 Construction of two ghatla in the pond adjacent to the college. 1,243,216.00
435 Gopalganj Kotalipara INF-2018-19-303551-02 Construction of a Ghatla along with two high school and a college. 1,243,261.00
436 Gopalganj Kotalipara INF-2018-19-303551-01 Construction of a public toilet at Bhangarhat Bazar. 1,538,125.00
437 Gopalganj Kotalipara INF-2018-19-303551-01 Construction of a public toilet along with Bhangarhat bazar. 1,538,125.00
438 Gazipur Kaliakair INF-2018-19-303332-03 A) Construction of a Irrigation sheds at shifaltali Union. B) Construction of a shed for the guardian at two different educational institutes. C) Construction of 5 hand washing basin & shed at 5 different educational institutes. 1,787,706.00
439 Gazipur Kaliakair INF-2018-19-303332-02 A) Renovation of Union health complex building at Mouchak & Fulbari Union. B) Construction of a waiting room for the patients at union health complex. 1,193,275.00
440 Gazipur Kaliakair INF-2018-19-303332-01 Supply 144 pairs of high low benches at different primary and secondary educational institutes at Kaliakair Upazila. 1,015,920.00
441 Gazipur Gazipur Sadar INF-2018-19-303330-02 a.Re-construction of Building at Ahsan Ullah Mastar Govt. Primary School b. Construction of Building at Pirujali Ideal High School 2,108,504.00
442 Gazipur Gazipur Sadar INF-2018-19-303330-01 Upward extension of the one-storey science building at Pirujali High School. 1,891,493.00
443 Gazipur Kapasia INF-2018-19- 303336-03 Supply of High-low benches in different educational institution 1,000,000.00
444 Gazipur Kapasia INF-2018-19- 303336-02 Supply of various equipement in Upazila Health Complex 2,000,000.00
445 Gazipur Kapasia INF-2018-19- 303336-01 Construction of RCC drain along Matikata Road from Ismail Hossain's house on the west side of Ikuria canal under Kapasia upazila. 1,000,000.00
446 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar INF-2018-19-553224-01 Supply of High-Low benches at Different Educational Institutions 3,994,822.00
447 Feni Fulgazi INF-2018-19-203041-03 Construction of RCC Drain to solve water logging at Noapur Battala 1,000,000.00
448 Feni Fulgazi INF-2018-19-203041-02 Construction of Scince Lab at Koraia Kalikapur High School 1,000,000.00
449 Feni Fulgazi INF-2018-19-203041-01 Supply of Benches at 09 Educational Institutions 1,951,950.00
450 Feni Feni Sadar INF-2018-19-203029-01 Maintenance and repair of 13 community clinics. 4,000,000.00
451 Feni Daganbhuiyan INF-2018-19-203025-04 Supply of medical equipments and Solar street lights 1,000,000.00
452 Feni Daganbhuiyan INF-2018-19-203025-03 Supply of benches at different schools of Daganbhuiyan 1,000,000.00
453 Feni Daganbhuiyan INF-2018-19-203025-02 Re-construction of school floors at Dakshin Jagatpur Govt. Primary School & Fatema girl's dakhil madrasha 1,000,000.00
454 Feni Daganbhuiyan INF-2018-19-203025-01 Construction of 02 washblocks at Atartuk govt primary school & Darbesh Hat Public college 1,000,000.00
455 Faridpur Saltha INF-2018-19-302990-03 Construction of a fish shed at Balia Bazaar. 1,088,638.00
456 Faridpur Saltha INF-2018-19-302990-02 Provide necessary furniture and equipment to community clinics and union health centers. 1,419,506.00
457 Faridpur Saltha INF-2018-19-302990-01 Supply of benches at different schools 1,321,250.00
458 Faridpur Madhukhali INF-2018-19-302956-02 Supply High low banches in different school. 2,654,533.00
459 Faridpur Madhukhali INF-2018-19-302956-01 Supply multimedia wall TV and ceiling fan in different school. 1,307,118.00
460 Faridpur Boalmari INF-2018-19-302918-02 Renovation work of 03 Union Health Centers and 01 Upazila Health Centers. 1,300,000.00
461 Faridpur Boalmari INF-2018-19-302918-01 Supply of an Ambulance in Boalmari upazila health development 2,700,000.00
462 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF-2018-19-552777-03 Supply of medical equipments for delivery room at 10 different Union Health complexs. 1,043,481.00
463 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF-2018-19-552777-02 Construction of Roof at Durgapur health complex and one delivery room at Benirhat Health complex 1,221,600.00
464 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF-2018-19-552777-01 Construction of Delivery room, waiting place and toilet at different helth complexes of Parbatipur Upazila(Daglaganj, Darikhamari & Arji Debipur) 1,669,300.00
465 Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar INF-2018-19-552764-02 Supply of High-low benches at different educational Institutions 2,747,398.00
466 Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar INF-2018-19-552764-01 Construction of a computer Lab at Dakshin Kotowali College 1,252,276.00
467 Dinajpur Khansama INF-2018-19-552760-02 Supply of Health equipments at Upazila Health Complex 1,000,000.00
468 Dinajpur Khansama INF-2018-19-552760-01 Construction of 05 wash-blocks at 04 Secondary Schools & 01 community Clinic 3,000,000.00
469 Dinajpur Hakimpur INF-2018-19-552747-02 Supply of Benches at different schools Supply of Covid-19 related Medical equipments at Upazila Health Complex 1,965,171.00
470 Dinajpur Hakimpur INF-2018-19-552747-01 Construction of wash-Block in 02 educational institutes Construction of Stomak Cleaning room at Upazila Health Complex 2,034,449.00
471 Dinajpur Ghoraghat INF-2018-19-552743-03 Supply of electric fan at differet secondary schools and madrashas at Ghoraghat Upazila. 1,020,010.00
472 Dinajpur Ghoraghat INF-2018-19-552743-02 Supply of high & low benches at differet secondary schools at Ghoraghat Upazila. 1,321,610.00
473 Dinajpur Ghoraghat INF-2018-19-552743-01 Construction of a digital classroom and wash block at raniganj girls high school. 1,641,199.00
474 Dinajpur Fulbari INF-2018-19-552738-01 Construction of RCC Drain at Khoerbari Union & Daulatpur Union 4,000,000.00
475 Dinajpur Chirirbandar INF-2018-19-552730-03 Construction of 02 wash-blocks 1,463,109.00
476 Dinajpur Chirirbandar INF-2018-19-552730-02 Supply of 33 Solar Lights at different community clinics, FWC & Market places 1,320,570.00
477 Dinajpur Chirirbandar INF-2018-19-552730-01 Supply of Laptop, Multimedia & Projectors at different schools of Chirirbandar Upazila 1,216,320.00
478 Dinajpur Biral INF-2018-19-552717-04 Construction of classroom at Jinoir High School 1,000,000.00
479 Dinajpur Biral INF-2018-19-552717-03 Supply of Laptop & Multimedia Projector & Sceen at 10 different Educational Institutions 1,000,000.00
480 Dinajpur Biral INF-2018-19-552717-02 Supply of Desktop Computer & Printer at 20 different Educational Institutions 1,000,000.00
481 Dinajpur Biral INF-2018-19-552717-01 Construction of Multipurpose room at Biral Govt. Pailot Model High School 1,000,000.00
482 Dinajpur Birampur INF-2018-19-552710-03 Construction of classroom at Shalbagan Girl's Dakhil Madrasha & Gongapur High School 1,999,991.00
483 Dinajpur Birampur INF-2018-19-552710-02 Construction of waiting room for Upazila Health complex 1,000,000.00
484 Dinajpur Birampur INF-2018-19-552710-01 Supply of High- Low benches at different educational Institutions 1,000,000.00
485 Dhaka Nawabganj INF-2018-19-302662-01 Supply of Benches at different educational institution under Nabiganj Upazila 3,999,947.00
486 Dhaka Keraniganj INF-2018-19-302638-01 Construction of 5 Toilet, 2 Sub-Mersible Tubewell, Community Centre, CC Road at Shikaritola village, Shackta Union 4,000,000.00
487 Dhaka Dohar INF-2018-19-302618-02 Construction of Computer lab in Kartikpur Highschool 1,042,598.00
488 Dhaka Dohar INF-2018-19-302618-01 Construction of drains for swamp drainage to facilitate irrigation in Ramnathpur mouza of Balaspur union. 2,954,372.00
489 Dhaka Dhamrai INF-2018-19-302614-03 Construction of a washblock at amanat nesa girls high school. 1,000,025.00
490 Dhaka Dhamrai INF-2018-19-302614-02 Installation of a ICT lab at hamida afaz high school. 1,930,352.00
491 Dhaka Dhamrai INF-2018-19-302614-01 Supply pure drinking water at bede palli. 1,069,618.00
492 Cumilla Titas INF-2018-19-201994-02 Supply of High-low benches at 04 different secondary schools and 01 Madrasa 2,204,567.00
493 Cumilla Titas INF-2018-19-201994-01 Construction of Drain (with lid) from Titas ghat to Bandarrampur Dakshinpara Govt Primary School in Karikandi Union. 1,789,364.00
494 Cumilla Nangalkot INF-2018-19-201987-03 Supply of High- Low benches at different 11 Educational Institutions 1,261,000.00
495 Cumilla Nangalkot INF-2018-19-201987-02 Supply of laptop, Projector, Sound system & Screen at different 11 Educational Institutions 1,104,042.00
496 Cumilla Nangalkot INF-2018-19-201987-01 Construction of Wash-block at One school and one in a Market Place 1,604,090.00
497 Cumilla Muradnagar INF-2018-19-201981-02 Construction of Drain from Muradnagar Jelepara Bismillah Traders to Hospital culvert to solve water logging 2,372,881.00
498 Cumilla Muradnagar INF-2018-19-201981-01 Construction of Drain from companiganj CNG station to Badiul Alam School to solve water logging 1,583,029.00
499 Cumilla Laksam INF-2018-19-201972-03 Re-construction of A Malek Institution 1,691,297.00
500 Cumilla Laksam INF-2018-19-201972-02 Re-construction and repairing of Community clinic and Union Health Complex 1,001,030.00
501 Cumilla Laksam INF-2018-19-201972-01 Construction of Protection wall at Krishopur Guccho Gram 1,307,671.00
502 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF-2018-19-201967-03 Construction of 03 washblocks Hadukapara rural development cooperation. 1,722,336.00
503 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF-2018-19-201967-02 Construction of barthing room at Amartali union & Pachthubi union health complex. 1,276,065.00
504 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF-2018-19-201967-01 Construction of Irrigation Drain (buried pipe) at Pachmukhi Union for Farmers's village development cooperation 1,001,599.00
505 Cumilla Daudkandi INF-2018-19-201936-03 Supply of Benches at different Secondary Schools 1,000,543.00
506 Cumilla Daudkandi INF-2018-19-201936-02 Construction of Public Toilet at near Amirbad CNG pump, Dhaka-Chattogram Highway 1,017,071.00
507 Cumilla Daudkandi INF-2018-19-201936-01 Construction of drain at Gauripur Bazar 1,982,388.00
508 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin INF-2018-19-201933-02 Supply of Laptop & Multimedia at different Schools 1,000,249.00
509 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin INF-2018-19-201933-01 Construction of 03 washblocks - 02 at Market place and 01 t Educational Institutions. 2,999,751.00
510 Cumilla Chauddagram INF-2018-19-201931-01 Reconstruction of 10 Community Health Complex at Chauddagram Upazila 3,999,512.00
511 Cumilla Burichang INF-2018-19-201918-02 Construction of Drain at Burichang Bazar to solve water logging 1,850,000.00
512 Cumilla Burichang INF-2018-19-201918-01 Supply of Solar Lights at Different Market places 2,150,000.00
513 Cumilla Meghna INF-2018-18-201975-01 Supply of High-low benches at different Primary Schools 4,000,000.00
514 Cox's Bazar Teknaf INF-2019-20-202290-01 Supply of high & low banches at different educational institutes. 1,608,481.00
515 Cox's Bazar Teknaf INF-2019-20-202290-01 Construction of a RCC road from Sabaranj Gov. primary school to Sabaranj high school. 2,336,691.00
516 Cox's Bazar Kutubdia INF-2018-19-202245-02 Construction of 01 washblock at Barajog Islamia Fazil Madrasha 1,191,095.00
517 Cox's Bazar Kutubdia INF-2018-19-202245-01 Construction of new class room at Satar Uddin High School 2,808,904.00
518 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF-2018-19-202216-03 Construction of Agricultural Drain at Chiringa Union 1,483,462.00
519 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF-2018-19-202216-02 Construction of Agricultural Drain at Fasiakhali Union 1,004,550.00
520 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF-2018-19-202216-01 Construction of Agricultural Drain at Surajpur Union 1,483,462.00
521 Chuadanga Damurhuda INF-2018-19-403107-03 Construction of waiting shed in community health clinic for attendee 1,000,000.00
522 Chuadanga Damurhuda INF-2018-19-403107-02 Supply of different medical equipments in different community clinics 1,000,000.00
523 Chuadanga Damurhuda INF-2018-19-403107-01 Supply of high low plastic bench in different Public Exam Institutes (JSC, JDC, Dakhil/SSC) 2,000,000.00
524 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar INF-2018-19-401855-02 Supply high low benches in 13 different Secondery School and Madrashas. 1,217,603.00
525 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar INF-2018-19-401855-01 Constructiom of a Drain and two public tiolet. 2,782,150.00
526 Chuadanga Chuadanga Sadar INF-2018-19-401823-3 Construction of passengers shade with washblock. 1,004,550.00
527 Chuadanga Chuadanga Sadar INF-2018-19-401823-2 Construction of private primary school building. 1,357,500.00
528 Chuadanga Chuadanga Sadar INF-2018-19-401823-1 Supply of Hi-Low Benches and ceiling fans in different Secondary Education Institutions and Madrasha in Chuadanga Sadar Upazila. 1,637,610.00
529 Chuadanga Alamdanga INF-2018-19-401807-2 Supply high and low bences in different secondary level educational institute. 1,000,000.00
530 Chuadanga Alamdanga INF-2018-19-401807-1 Supply of equipments for computer training labs in various unions for self-employment of educated unemployed people. 3,000,000.00
531 Chattogram Sandwip INF-2018-19-201578-02 Construction of Pakka road near Dirghapara Govt. Primary School 1,860,237.00
532 Chattogram Sandwip INF-2018-19-201578-01 Re-construction of Amanullaih Union Health & Famiy Center 2,079,478.00
533 Chattogram Raozan INF-2018-19-201574-03 Construction of wash-block at Raozan RRC Model School 1,017,016.00
534 Chattogram Raozan INF-2018-19-201574-02 Supply of benchs, white board, globe etc at different schools 1,973,618.00
535 Chattogram Raozan INF-2018-19-201574-01 Supply of Nebulizer mechine at union Health Complex and First aid box & wheel-chair at different schools 1,009,000.00
536 Chattogram Patiya INF-2018-19-201561-02 Construction of Irrigation drain at Shovondondi Bill & Hatirghona Bill 1,000,000.00
537 Chattogram Patiya INF-2018-19-201561-01 Upper side extension of Lorihara Govt. Primary School 2,999,975.00
538 Chattogram Fatikchhari INF-2018-19-201533-03 Supply of benches at 05 high schools & 02 primary Schools 1,099,560.00
539 Chattogram Fatikchhari INF-2018-19-201533-02 Construction of Wash-block at 02 different Primary schools 1,697,820.00
540 Chattogram Fatikchhari INF-2018-19-201533-01 Construction of RCC drain & waiting room & Supply of medical equipments at Upazila Health complex , 1,197,580.00
541 Chattogram Chandanaish INF-2018-19-201518-03 Supply of benches at different schools 1,940,803.00
542 Chattogram Chandanaish INF-2018-19-201518-02 Construction of Class room at Shishu Nikaton School 1,059,197.00
543 Chattogram Chandanaish INF-2018-19-201518-01 Construction of Class room at Khandighi High School 1,000,000.00
544 Chattogram Boalkhali INF-2018-19-201512-02 Digital X - Ray machine supply at Upazila Health copmlex 1,517,920.00
545 Chattogram Boalkhali INF-2018-19-201512-01 Construction of wash blocks at schools 2,322,194.00
546 Chattogram Banshkhali INF-2018-19-201508-01 Construction of Wash-blocks a 05 different Schools 3,920,100.00
547 Chattogram Rangunia INF-2018-19-123140-04 Supply of benches at 07 different schools 1,000,000.00
548 Chattogram Rangunia INF-2018-19-123140-03 Construction of irrigation Drain at Ghumai Bill 1,000,000.00
549 Chattogram Rangunia INF-2018-19-123140-02 Construction of Cow/Fis Shed at Ramgati Bazar under Livestock Officer 1,000,000.00
550 Chattogram Rangunia INF-2018-19-123140-01 Supply of Medical Equipments at Upazila Health complex and Solar lights at different places 1,000,000.00
551 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sadar INF-2018-19-507066-02 Supply of Multimedia equipments in 05 Education Institutes for digital classroom in Chapainawabganj Sadar Sadar Upazila medical equipments in 33 community clinics 1,995,000.00
552 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sadar INF-2018-19-507066-01 Supply of Multimedia equipments in 07 Education Institutes for digital classroom in Chapainawabganj Sadar Sadar Upazila 2,005,000.00
553 Chapainawabganj Nachole INF-2018-19-507056-01 Construction of a classroom in Nezampur High School in Nezampur Union, Shibpur Maladanga Dakhil Madrasa in Kasba Union, Baghrail Lower Secondary School in Nachole Union and Madhabpur High School in Fatehpur Union. 4,000,000.00
554 Chapainawabganj Bholahat INF-2018-19-507018-01 Supply of multimedia equipment for digital classes in 15 educational institutions in Bholahat upazila of Chapainawabganj Sadar district. 4,000,000.00
555 Chandpur Shahrasti INF-2018-19-201395-01 Construction of Washblocks at 04 different MarketPlaces 2,416,500.00
556 Chandpur Shahrasti INF-2018-19-201395-01 Supply of High-Low benches for exam hall at 15 Different Educational Institutions 1,574,691.00
557 Chandpur Matlab Uttar INF-2018-19-201379-01 Supply of high & low benches at 13 differet educational institutes in Matlab Uttar Upazila. 3,997,500.00
558 Chandpur Hajiganj INF-2018-19-201349-02 Construction of wash-blocks at 02 educational institutions' 2,000,000.00
559 Chandpur Hajiganj INF-2018-19-201349-01 Supply of medical Equipments at 11 community Clinics 2,000,000.00
560 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar INF-2018-19-201322-01 Construction of classrooms, electric works & Supply of benches at Uttar Bishnupur Govt. Primary School 3,999,999.28
561 Brahmanbaria Kasba INF-2019-20-201263-02 Extension work at Kuti Girl's School 2,210,000.00
562 Brahmanbaria Kasba INF-2019-20-201263-02 Extension work at Kuti Girl's School 2,210,000.00
563 Brahmanbaria Kasba INF-2019-20-201263-01 Construction of Delivery room at Paniarupa Community Clinic and Supply of medical equipments 1,790,000.00
564 Brahmanbaria Kasba INF-2019-20-201263-01 Construction of Delivery room at Paniarupa Community Clinic and Supply of medical equipments 1,790,000.00
565 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar INF-2018-19-201290-01 Construction of RCC Drain from Officer's club to West side of Upazila & from Datta bari to North side of Upazila 4,000,000.00
566 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF-2018-19-201285-03 Supply of educational furnitures at 10 different schools 1,000,000.00
567 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF-2018-19-201285-02 Construction of Irrigation drain at Nandura Gram 1,000,000.00
568 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF-2018-19-201285-01 Construction of Multi Perpose room at Nabinagar Govt. Pailot High School 2,000,000.00
569 Brahmanbaria Ashuganj INF-2018-19-201233-02 Supply of central Oxygen Supply for 20 beds at Upazila Health Complex to deal with Covid-19 1,446,288.00
570 Brahmanbaria Ashuganj INF-2018-19-201233-01 Supply of Solar Lights from Ashuganj Bazar to Talshahar 2,553,712.00
571 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar INF-2018-19-201213-02 Supply of benches at different schools Supply of Multimedia equipments at different shools Supply of Medical equipments at Union Health & Family Planninf Center 2,583,570.00
572 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar INF-2018-19-201213-01 Construction of Market Shed and washblock at Sultanpur Union & Students counciling center at Majlishpur & Suhalpur Union 1,388,162.00
573 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar INF-2018-19-201207-02 Construction of Science Lab Sripur Fazila Madrasha 1,558,195.00
574 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar INF-2018-19-201207-01 Construction of Classroom at O R M Obaydul Mukdadir School 2,441,805.00
575 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur INF-2018-19-201204-03 Supply of Solar Lights at Fardabad and benches at K asmatunnesa High School 1,089,330.00
576 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur INF-2018-19-201204-02 Supply of Medical Equipments at Upazila Health complex 1,674,000.00
577 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur INF-2018-19-201204-01 Supply of Arsenic free filter at Fardabad Union and construction of wash-block at Sonarampur Bazar 1,236,670.00
578 Brahmanbaria Akhaura INF-2018-19-201202-04 Construction of RCC drain from Radhanagar Shil para to Manik comissoner bari 1,000,000.00
579 Brahmanbaria Akhaura INF-2018-19-201202-03 Development of Moninanda & Akhaura Uttara Health complex 1,000,000.00
580 Brahmanbaria Akhaura INF-2018-19-201202-02 Construction of Classroom at Chottokuri Paika Madrasha 1,000,000.00
581 Brahmanbaria Akhaura INF-2018-19-201202-01 Supply of 146 benches at different Educational Institutions 1,000,000.00
582 Bogura Kahaloo INF-2018-19-501054-03 Supply of multimedia projector and laptop for the capacity development of the teachers in Upazila secondary school. 1,000,000.00
583 Bogura Kahaloo INF-2018-19-501054-02 Construction of passengers shade at Erauil,Durgapur,Baromail in Kahaloo Upazila. 1,660,901.00
584 Bogura Kahaloo INF-2018-19-501054-01 Construction of public toilet at durgapur bazar and construction of washblock at Paikor Sah Zamialia Senior Madrasha in Kahaloo Upazila. 1,339,099.00
585 Bogura Sonatola INF-2018-19-501095-01 Construction of solar street lamp in different important road, hat-bazar area of Sonatola Upazila 4,000,000.00
586 Bogura Shibganj INF-2018-19-501094-1 Supply high and low bence for secondry school exam hall in Shibganj. 3,999,633.00
587 Bogura Shajahanpur INF-2018-19-501085-01 Construction of deep well in Amirul Union along with pipe line to supply arsenic free drinking water 4,000,000.00
588 Bogura Nandigram INF-2018-19-501067-03 Installation of solar street lights in various roads and markets of Nandigram upazila. 1,999,999.00
589 Bogura Nandigram INF-2018-19-501067-02 A) Establishment of common room renovation and hygiene corner for the students of Ranbagha High School. B) Construction of wash books for female students in Damdama High School. 1,000,000.00
590 Bogura Nandigram INF-2018-19-501067-01 Construction of classrooms of Ramkrishtapur Chaudighi Bi-directional High School. 1,000,001.00
591 Bogura Bogura Sadar Inf-2018-19-501020-01 Installation of solar street Light at important places from Barpur to Namuza in Bogura sadar upazila. 4,000,000.00
592 Bogura Adamdighi INF-2018-19-501006-02 1) Construction of a common room in Binhali High School. 2) Construction of a wash-Block at IPJ high school in Adamdighi 1,975,015.00
593 Bogura Adamdighi INF-2018-19-501006-01 Supply of high-low benches in different educational institutes in Adamdighi Upazila. 1,964,704.00
594 Bhola Tazumuddin INF-2018-19-100991-02 Supply of high low benches in different education institutes in Tazumuddin Upazila and reconstruction of Tazumuddin Upazila Administration Building 1,500,000.00
595 Bhola Tazumuddin INF-2018-19-100991-01 Construction of library & computer lab in Tazumuddin Hosneara Women's College (Southern part) 2,500,000.00
596 Bhola Lalmohan INF-2018-19-100954-02 Construction of Common room at Hosneara Begum Pouro Secondary School 1,072,075.00
597 Bhola Lalmohan INF-2018-19-100954-01 Supply of benches in different education institute 2,841,300.00
598 Bhola Daulatkhan INF-2018-19-100929-02 Construction of Labrary cum Computer lab in Azhar Ali Secondary School 2,000,000.00
599 Bhola Daulatkhan INF-2018-19-100929-01 Construction of Labrary cum Computer lab in Khadiza Khanom secondary School 2,000,000.00
600 Bhola Charfasson INF-2018-19-100925-02 Construction of library cum computer Lab in Nilima Jakob College 2,000,000.00
601 Bhola Charfasson INF-2018-19-100925-01 Construction of Academic building in South Aicha Principal Nazrul Islam College 2,000,000.00
602 Barisal Wazirpur INF-2018-19-100694-02 Supply of high low benches in different education institutes 1,104,781.00
603 Barisal Wazirpur INF-2018-19-100694-01 Construction of building in Kurulia Girls Secondary School, Wazirpur 2,895,219.00
604 Barisal Barisal Sadar INF-2018-19-100651-01 Supply of High-low benches in different education institute 3,903,900.00
605 Barisal Banaripara INF-2018-19-100610-01 Construction of additional classrooms at Kachua Madrasa and Hasina Morshed Secondary School, construction of parent camp at Girls Secondary School and supply of digital smart monitors for multimedia classrooms, repair works for Gava Secondary School 4,000,000.00
606 Barisal Bakerganj INF-2018-19-100607-03 Construction of Nalua Abul Kashem High School Hall room 1,396,200.00
607 Barisal Bakerganj INF-2018-19-100607-02 Reconstruction of Moheshpur Govt. Primary School 1,503,600.00
608 Barisal Bakerganj INF-2018-19-100607-01 Construction of dc road ferries ghatla 1,067,634.84
609 Barisal Babuganj INF-2018-19-100603-01 Supply of high-low benches in different education institute in Babuganj Upazilas 3,959,224.00
610 Barguna Taltali INF-2018-19-100490-02 Supply of High-Low benches at different Secondary School & Madrasa 1,007,243.00
611 Barguna Taltali INF-2018-19-100490-01 Construction of 3 classroom at Taltoli Salehia Islamia Alim Madrasa 2,992,757.00
612 Barguna Patharghata INF-2018-19-100485-03 Construction of new passenger shed at different bus stand side. 1,500,000.00
613 Barguna Patharghata INF-2018-19-100485-02 Construction of new community toilet with two room at Hoglapasha bus-stand, Lamua bazar & Fakirhat bazar 1,500,000.00
614 Barguna Patharghata INF-2018-19-100485-01 Supply of high-low benches at different Secondary School & Madrasa 1,000,000.00
615 Barguna Betagi INF-2018-19-100447-02 Construction of Classrooms at 2 Secendary Schools 2,000,000.00
616 Barguna Betagi INF-2018-19-100447-01 Construction of Classrooms at 2 Secendary Schools 2,000,000.00
617 Bandarban Ruma INF-2018-19-200391-02 Construction of agricultural drain, extension of classroom & 02 wash blockat 02 schools 2,417,539.00
618 Bandarban Ruma INF-2018-19-200391-01 Construction of water resourver and pipe line from ruma upazilla to ruma bazar 1,582,461.00
619 Bandarban Lama INF-2018-19-200351-03 Supply of Benches at 08 different Schools 1,976,609.00
620 Bandarban Lama INF-2018-19-200351-02 Construction of Agricultural Drain at Fasiakhali Union 1,000,000.00
621 Bandarban Lama INF-2018-19-200351-01 Construction of Irrigation Drain at Fatong Union 1,000,000.00
622 Bandarban Bandarban Sadar INF-2018-19-200314-02 Supply of educational equipments at Different schools 1,635,371.00
623 Bandarban Bandarban Sadar INF-2018-19-200314-01 Supply of Pure drinking water with water reserver & Sub mersible pump 2,364,629.00
624 Bagerhat Morrelganj INF-2018-19-400160-02 Construction of box culverts for waterlogging. 2,769,130.00
625 Bagerhat Morrelganj INF-2018-19-400160-01 Installation of a rain water harvest in different schools for the solve of drinking water problem of the students. 1,210,890.00
626 Bagerhat Kachua INF-2018-19-400138-01 Establishment of change rooms (hygiene corners) in 5 secondary schools of Kachua upazila. 3,999,998.00
627 Bagerhat Fakirhat INF-2018-19-400134-3 Establishment of farm fertilizer plant and supply of management materials at Fakirhat and Betgram Union. 1,388,137.00
628 Bagerhat Fakirhat INF-2018-19-400134-2 Supply of materials for multimedia class room in 15 different secondary schools in Fakirhat Upazila. 1,002,880.00
629 Bagerhat Fakirhat INF-2018-19-400134-1 Construction a delivery center and supply of medical equipments in Betaga Monorma Dash Community Clinic. 1,608,983.00
630 Bagerhat Bagerhat Sadar INF-2018-19-400108-02 Construction of Delevery room at community clinics at 5 Union in Bagerhat Sadar. 1,711,697.00
631 Bagerhat Bagerhat Sadar INF-2018-19-400108-01 A) Supply of furniture to family welfare centers and community clinics in Bagerhat Sadar Upazila. B) Supply of Medical Equipments to Family welfare centers and community clinics in Bagerhat Sadar Upazila. 2,260,443.00
632 Bagerhat Sarankhola INF-2018-19-104243-2 Establishment of supportive technology for potable water management (Rain water harvesting) for students in different education institutes in sarankhola upazila, Bagerhat. 1,995,850.00
633 Bagerhat Sarankhola INF-2018-19-104243-1 Construction of expanded new school building to impart lessons in the classroom in a smooth and orderly environment at kodomtola Dakhil Madrasha in Sharankhola Union,Bagerhat district. 1,960,050.00

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