Infrastructure Development Sub-project Data (Fifth Round) as on 31/03/2024

No. District Upazila ID ID ID Name Approved Budget
1 Sylhet Zakiganj INF5-2020-21-609194-01 Supply of high and law bench of various school of Zakiganj Upazila 4870500
2 Sylhet Sylhet Sadar INF5-2020-21-609162-02 Science Lab setup for Abdus samad memorial academy & Johiria M A high school under Sylhet Sadar Upazila. 1219631
3 Sylhet Sylhet Sadar INF5-2020-21-609162-01 Construction of Barid Pipe Network System at Palpur & Badeali under Jalalabad & Kandigaon union of Sylhet Sadar Upazila. 3279265
4 Sylhet Osmani Nagar INF5-2020-21-609160-03 Construction of a Patient Waiting Room at Family & Health Sub Centre and Girls Facilities Room at Rahmotpur High School under, Osmaninagar Upazila, District-Sylhet. 2169041
5 Sylhet Osmani Nagar INF5-2020-21-609160-02 Construction of a Room with Verandha at Madar Bazar F.U Senior Alim Madrasha, Osmaninagar, Sylhet 1117318
6 Sylhet Osmani Nagar INF5-2020-21-609160-01 Construction of a Room with Verandha at Hazrat Shah Jalal ? Fazil Madrasha, Osmaninagar, Sylhet. 1117318
7 Sylhet Kanaighat INF5-2020-21-609159-02 Supply of assembling, fitting, fixing, installation of street light at different roads under Kanaighat Upazila, Sylhet District. 1404441
8 Sylhet Kanaighat INF5-2020-21-609159-01 Supply of high, low combined bench with book shelf for 34 different educational institute under Kanaighat upazila, Sylhet district. 3340000
9 Sylhet Jaintiapur INF5-2020-21-609153-04 The sub project of girls facilities room construction is in Abdul Latif Julaka Girls High School under Joaintapur Upazila 1000000
10 Sylhet Jaintiapur INF5-2020-21-609153-03 The sub project of Class room construction is in Baurbagh High School under Joaintapur Upazila 1000000
11 Sylhet Jaintiapur INF5-2020-21-609153-02 The sub project of RCC Guide Wall Construction in Shapla bill for Agricultural Water Supply 1000000
12 Sylhet Jaintiapur INF5-2020-21-609153-01 The sub project of Central oxygen supply of 50 beds Hospital in Jaintapur upazila 1000000
13 Sylhet Gowainghat INF5-2020-21-609141-02 Sub-project for construction of switchgate at Tarukhal with the aim of increasing the cultivation of agricultural land in East Tarukhal village 2111260
14 Sylhet Gowainghat INF5-2020-21-609141-01 Waste management sub-project in the area near Sadar of Gowainghat upazila. 3351955
15 Sylhet Golapganj INF5-2020-21-609138-01 Construction of School building for Little Star special child School under Golapganj upazila. 4467887
16 Sylhet Fenchuganj INF5-2020-21-609135-02 Girls facilities room for different high school & madrasha under Fenchuganj Upazila. 1500000
17 Sylhet Fenchuganj INF5-2020-21-609135-01 Supply of High-Low Benches at different high Schools & Madrashs under Fenchuganj upazila, Sylhet. 3300000
18 Sylhet Dakshin Surma INF5-2020-21-609131-03 Wash block construction for Pragati & Lalabazar B L high school. 1351856
19 Sylhet Dakshin Surma INF5-2020-21-609131-02 Supply of High-Low Benches at different High School & Madrashs under Dakshin Surma Upazila, Sylhet. 1188000
20 Sylhet Dakshin Surma INF5-2020-21-609131-01 Classroom construction for Anilganj high school. 1992174
21 Sylhet Companiganj INF5-2020-21-609127-01 Supplying and Installation Solar Street Light Equipment at -Paruya road to paruya bazar, Nearby Hiaghaway- road of Toymur Nagar (Alamgir house) to Toymur Nagar Primary school , Daskin dalarpar Hazrad Alis nearby road and Sundhaura roard-of Companiganj Upazila under Sylhet district. 1782246
22 Sylhet Bishwanath INF5-2020-21-609120-03 Construction of Girl?s Facilities room at Hazi Mofiz Ali Girls School & College under Bishwanath UP 1133339
23 Sylhet Bishwanath INF5-2020-21-609120-02 Construction of Drain at Baushi Kashimpur to reduce water logging at Baushi Kashimpur High School & Ashroyon Project under Doshghor UP 1667967
24 Sylhet Bishwanath INF5-2020-21-609120-01 Construction of Drain from Mirzargaon Mosque to reduce water logging of Mirzargaon village, Mirzargaon Gov. Pri. School & Ashroyon Project under Lamakazi UP. 1667967
25 Sylhet Beanibazar INF5-2020-21-609117-03 Installation of solar lights. 2034637
26 Sylhet Beanibazar INF5-2020-21-609117-01 Construction of WAS block in two secondary schools in Beanibazar upazila. 1117318
27 Sylhet Balaganj INF5-2020-21-609108-03 Construction of Market Shed at Boaljur & Bangla Bazar and construction of drain at Kalibari Bazar 1396648
28 Sylhet Balaganj INF5-2020-21-609108-02 Construction of Wash block at Moishasi-Astogram High School and construction of drain at Madrasa Bazar 1613114
29 Sylhet Balaganj INF5-2020-21-609108-01 Reconstruction & Renovation of different community clinics of Balaganj Upazila and Construction of Public Toilet at Balaganj Bazar 1452514
30 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-609089-02 Installation / supply of street lights in various hats-bazar, boat ghats, important places and institutions under sunamganj sadar upazila 2236033
31 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-609089-01 Supply of high and low benches in different educational institutions of sunamganj sadar upazila.16 Institutes 2437500
32 Sunamganj Jamalganj INF5-2020-21-609050-03 Installation of solar lights in various hats, bazaars, public places and rural roads of the upazila. 1267607
33 Sunamganj Jamalganj INF5-2020-21-609050-02 Construction of market shed in Sachna Bazar. 1526736
34 Sunamganj Jamalganj INF5-2020-21-609050-01 Supply of high and low benches ! 12 in different educational institutions of the upazila. 1828125
35 Sunamganj Jagannathpur INF5-2020-21-609047-01 Supply of High-Low Benches at 26 different institutions" (high school ,college & Madrasha)) of Jagannathpur Upazila 4878048
36 Sunamganj Dowarabazar INF5-2020-21-609033-01 Distribution High & Low bench for Different School, College & Madrasha at Dowarabazar Upazila 3633020
37 Sunamganj Dowarabazar INF5-2020-21-609033-02 Supply multimedia projector at different school and madrasha 1055900
38 Sunamganj Dharmapasha INF5-2020-21-609032-04 Supply of Desktop computer as educational materials in different educational institutions of Dharmapasha 1117318
39 Sunamganj Dharmapasha INF5-2020-21-609032-03 Installation of street lights with solar panels at various important places at union level of Dharmapasha upazila 1117318
40 Sunamganj Dharmapasha INF5-2020-21-609032-02 Construction of WASH block in Paikurati Bazar & Jaysree union 1117318
41 Sunamganj Dharmapasha INF5-2020-21-609032-01 Construction of Girls corner in Badshagonj girls high school 1117318
42 Sunamganj Derai INF5-2020-21-609029-01 Construction of wash blocks in different secondary schools and Madrasa of Derai upazila 4429274
43 Sunamganj Dakshin Sunamganj INF5-2020-21-609027-02 Supply delivery bed and other important health equipment in different UFWC and CC under Santiganj Upazila 1340782
44 Sunamganj Dakshin Sunamganj INF5-2020-21-609027-01 "Supply of High-Low Benches at 24 different institutions" (high school and college) in Santiganj Upazila 3414634
45 Sunamganj Chhatak INF5-2020-21-609023-01 Distribution High & Low bench for Different School, College & Madrasha at Chhatak Upazila 3278500
46 Sunamganj Chhatak INF5-2020-21-609023-02 Fish shed at dolarbazar in dolarBazar Union, Chhatak, Sunamganj 1463715
47 Moulvibazar Sreemangal INF5-2020-21-605883-01 Construction of Multi Purpose Centre for Ethnic Community under Sreemangal Upazila. 4469274
48 Moulvibazar Rajnagar INF5-2020-21-605880-02 Supplying, assembling, fitting, fixing, installation of Street Light, Solar Panel and Pol at different Roads/Bazars in 8 Unions under Rajnagar Upazila. 4433338
49 Moulvibazar Rajnagar INF5-2020-21-605880-01 Supply of medical equipment to Union Sub-Health Center, Community Clinic and Community Clinic Delivery Center. 1153254
50 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF5-2020-21-605874-02 Construction of Blooming Roses Intellectual Disability and Autistic School building in Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila. 4469274
51 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF5-2020-21-605874-01 Construction of Hygiene Corner for female students at Sadhuhati Abdul Bari High School in Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila. 1117318
52 Moulvibazar Kulaura INF5-2020-21-605865-02 (A) Construction of multipurpose shed at Amtail Bazar under Sharifpur Union. (B) Construction of multipurpose shed at Bijoya Bazar under Joychandi Union 1132080
53 Moulvibazar Kulaura INF5-2020-21-605865-01 Construction of EPI Center at Health Complex under Kulaura Upazila 3337194
54 Moulvibazar Kamalganj INF5-2020-21-605856-02 (a) Construction of fish shed at Adampur market under Kamalganj Upazila. (b) Construction of drains to remove water logging in Adampur Bazar. 1364480
55 Moulvibazar Kamalganj INF5-2020-21-605856-01 Supplying, assembling, fitting, fixing, installation of Street Light, Solar Panel and Pol at Shamshernagar road in Shamshernagar and Alinagar nions under KamalganjUpazila. 3100375
56 Moulvibazar Juri INF5-2020-21-605835-04 Supply of high and low benches in different educational institutions of Juri upazila. 1219512
57 Moulvibazar Juri INF5-2020-21-605835-03 Construction of 2 hygiene corners for secondary school girls in Juri Upazila.(1) Hoson Ali High School (2) Kochurgul High School 1848763
58 Moulvibazar Juri INF5-2020-21-605835-02 Supply of health equipment to Juri Upazila Health Complex and various community clinics. 1207821
59 Moulvibazar Juri INF5-2020-21-605835-01 Bhogtera Community Clinic renovation and construction of a new delivery room in Juri Upazila. 1412576
60 Moulvibazar Borolekha INF5-2020-21-605814-02 Supply and installation of solar street lights at important roads of different union under Borolekha Upazila. 2324952
61 Moulvibazar Borolekha INF5-2020-21-605814-01 Construction of stairs at hilly area and construction of culvert for eliminate water logging and irrigation. 3236283
62 Habiganj Shaistaganj INF5-2020-21-603687-02 A) Construction of drain for water reducing at Shahajibazar Prokashito Sutang Bazar under Shayestaganj Upazila. B)Construction of drain for water reducing at 4 no Morora Village Jitu Mia Sardar land to Guamuri Khal under Shayestaganj Union. 2354726
63 Habiganj Shaistaganj INF5-2020-21-603687-01 Construction of new wash block at a secondary school, a higher secondary school and a market under Shayestaganj Upazila. 2114547
64 Habiganj Nabiganj INF5-2020-21-603677-01 Installation of Solar Street Light at different important Bazars of Nabiganj Upazila under Habiganj. 4469273
65 Habiganj Madhabpur INF5-2020-21-603671-01 Supply of High-low benches at 36 nos different primary educational?institutions. 3240000
66 Habiganj Lakhai INF5-2020-21-603668-03 Drain construction from Mahbubur Rahman's house (North Bara Bari) to Mara Gathar Khal at Karab Union in Lakhai Upazila 1674716
67 Habiganj Lakhai INF5-2020-21-603668-02 A) Construction of room at Murakari Darul Arkam Ibtadayi Madrasa B) Supply and installation of street lights at various important places of rural roads at Tegharia villege in Muriauk Union. 1349970
68 Habiganj Lakhai INF5-2020-21-603668-01 Construction of Hygiene Corner for female students at Kalauk High School in Lakhai Upazila 1118442
69 Habiganj Habiganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-603644-03 Constraction of ghatla in Borak river and Noajhal river ghat under Habiganj sadar upazila 1117318
70 Habiganj Habiganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-603644-02 (A)Set up solar street light in main road to Vadoi village (B) Supply of laptop and multimedia goods in 5 secondary schools and Madrasha under Habiganj Sadar upazila 1117318
71 Habiganj Habiganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-603644-01 Constaction RCC drain in Bamkandi and Bakiteka village under Habiganj sadar upazila 2234634
72 Habiganj Chunarughat INF5-2020-21-603626-02 Installation of Solar Street Light at different important place of Chunarughat Upazila. 2430168
73 Habiganj Chunarughat INF5-2020-21-603626-01 A )Construction of a Fish Shade at Mirashi Haji Bazar under Chunarughat Upazila. B) Construction of two wash blocks at Mirashi Notun Bazaar & Chondi Tea garden. 2033391
74 Habiganj Baniyachong INF5-2020-21-603611-03 Constaction RCC road in Sheikh Samsul Haque college in Baniyachong upazila 1330457
75 Habiganj Baniyachong INF5-2020-21-603611-02 Constraction Fish shade in Shahajalal Bazar in Baniyachong upazila 1352607
76 Habiganj Baniyachong INF5-2020-21-603611-01 Constaction RCC drain in front of Dolai mia house to Mosuk Mia house in Alompur village of Baniyachong upazila 2903141
77 Habiganj Bahubal INF5-2020-21-603605-02 Construction of RCC drain at Rajapur Bazar under Bahubal upazila,Habigonj. 1117318
78 Habiganj Bahubal INF5-2020-21-603605-01 Supplying and Installation of Solar road lamp at different important place of Bahubal Upazila under Habiganj district. 1652514
79 Habiganj Ajmiriganj INF5-2020-21-603602-02 Supply and installation solar street light in Ship pasha to Ajmiriganj road 1675978
80 Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Sadar INF5-2020-21-559494-04 Construction 03 nos Hygiene coner 1675977
81 Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Sadar INF5-2020-21-559494-03 Supply ICT related materials at School or Madrasha 1675977
82 Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Sadar INF5-2020-21-559494-02 Supply plastic high and low bench in Secendary School and Madrasha 1219511
83 Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Sadar INF5-2020-21-559494-01 Delivery bed sypply at Community Clinic 1117318
84 Thakurgaon Ranisankail INF5-2020-21-559486-03 Supplying of computer equipment in labs of 02 (two) educational institutions at the secondary level of Ranishankail Upazila 1000000
85 Thakurgaon Ranisankail INF5-2020-21-559486-02 Installation of Solar Street Lights at Important Places on Main Road from East Gogar Crossroads to Abadtakia Madrasa 1800000
86 Thakurgaon Ranisankail INF5-2020-21-559486-01 Construction of ICT classrooms and computer labs at Rautnagar High School 1200000
87 Thakurgaon Pirganj INF5-2020-21-559482-03 Supply & Installation of Street Light Solar Panel at Zaborhat and Khangaon Union ,Pirganj Thakurgaon 1420765
88 Thakurgaon Pirganj INF5-2020-21-559482-02 Construction of RCC Drain 182 meter at Boderhat of Hazipur Union and Panihata Hindupara of Saidpur Union under Pirganj Upazila,Dist-Thakurgaon 2886371
89 Thakurgaon Pirganj INF5-2020-21-559482-01 Construction of 2 nos WASH Block at Shinua girls high school and Jongaon girls high school under Pirganj Upazila,Dist-Thakurgaon 1279123
90 Thakurgaon Haripur INF5-2020-21-559451-02 Supply of High-Low bench for Secondary/Higher Secondary level School at Horipur upazila 1445121
91 Thakurgaon Haripur INF5-2020-21-559451-01 Central Oxygen Syatem supply in 30 beds at Upazila Health Complex to protect covid/19 3145251
92 Thakurgaon Baliadangi INF5-2020-21-559408-02 Wash block construction at Lahiri Bahumukhi school 1802760
93 Thakurgaon Baliadangi INF5-2020-21-559408-01 Supply of High-Low bench for Secondary/Higher Secondary level School at Baliadangi upazila 4129914
94 Rangpur Taraganj INF5-2020-21-558592-02 Construction of Women Development Training Centre. 3910614
95 Rangpur Taraganj INF5-2020-21-558592-01 Supplying of Ambulance at Ecorchali Union Health & Family Welfare Centre at Taraganj Upazila under Rangpur District. 2793296
96 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-558549-01 Installation of solar panels in the remote areas of different unions of Rangpur Sadar upazila, street junctions, haat bazaars and public place 2793294
97 Rangpur Rangpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-558549-02 Supply High and Low Bench for secondry school exam center under Rangpur Sadar upazilla. 1829267
98 Rangpur Pirganj INF5-2020-21-558576-02 Supplying of High and Law bench in Different School. 1180172
99 Rangpur Pirganj INF5-2020-21-558576-01 1)Construction of wash block at Raipur high School 2) Construction of Common room at Matharpur high school.3) Construction of Classroom at Mothurapur High school. 3336488
100 Rangpur Pirgachha INF5-2020-21-558573-02 Construction of Drains for drainage from Kafi fakir's house to end of pond via Samad and bodi house at SawlaUP (CharJoyan village) of Pirgacha Upazila 2177488
101 Rangpur Pirgachha INF5-2020-21-558573-01 Construction of wash basin at different schools and wash Block of 2nos schools of pirgacha Upazila 3347512
102 Rangpur Mithapukur INF5-2020-21-558558-02 Installation of Solar Panel in different street of Mithapukur Upazila 1782123
103 Rangpur Mithapukur INF5-2020-21-558558-01 Supplying of High-Low Benches at Different Educational Institutions under Mithapukur Upazila 2932927
104 Rangpur Kaunia INF5-2021-21-558542-01 Construction work of 199 meters RCC Drain for Irrigation and water logging of Tepamodhupur UP under Kauniaupazila, Dinajpur district 4469274
105 Rangpur Gangachara INF5-2020-21-558527-03 Supplying of Fan at different Secondary School & Madrasha at Gangachara Upazila. (34 nos.School) 1119324
106 Rangpur Gangachara INF5-2020-21-558527-02 a)construction of a Class Room at Betgari High School,Gangachara,Rangpur.(01nos.) b) Installation of Solar Street light from Serazul Market to Kasiabari Hat Road & kasiabari Hat.(33 nos.) 2307011
107 Rangpur Gangachara INF5-2020-21-558527-01 a) Construction of Collectorate Public Library at Gangachara Upazila. (01 nos.) b) Construction of Kancha Bazar Shed at Gangachara Bazar.(01 nos) 2160255
108 Rangpur Badarganj INF5-2020-21-558503-02 Installation of Street Solar Panel under Badarganj Upazila 4469274
109 Rangpur Badarganj INF5-2020-21-558503-01 Construction of Wash Block at different Educational Institutions under Badarganj Upazila 2201952
110 Panchagarh Tetulia INF5-2020-21-557790-04 Supply of High-low benches at 21 nos different educational institutions ,burimutki gov primaryschool,tetulia modal gov primary school,shayaljot gov primary school, BCBgov primary school, Vdrasor gov primary school, volajotgov primary school, maligsgov primary school, kalandigang gov primary school, vojonpur debnagar gov primary school, fakirpara gov primary school, amzuyani gov primary school, noyapara gov primary school, kmlapara gov primary school, goyalgs gov primary school, chandamari gov primary school, shopagas gov primary school, jamriguri gov primary school, matafata gov primary school, khagatpara gov primary school, vozonpurgov primary school, brodluyagas gov primary school, 1100000
111 Panchagarh Tetulia INF5-2020-21-557790-03 RCC Drain construction at Shalbahab UP Shalbahan bajar near Munigas GPH to Sugarcollect center Road. 1400000
112 Panchagarh Tetulia INF5-2020-21-557790-02 RCC Drain contruction at Sadar UP to Shahebjot bajar to Hospital Gate to Brac Office infront Road 1500000
113 Panchagarh Tetulia INF5-2020-21-557790-01 Tetulia Upazilas (A) RCC Road construction at Banglabandha UP near jharuapara village and (B) Drain construction at Paglidangi Haat 1000000
114 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar INF5-2020-21-557773-05 Panchagarh Sadar Upazila (a) Construction of a new classroom at Kamalapur High School (b) Construction of a classroom at Haribhasa Girls High School 2000000
115 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar INF5-2020-21-557773-04 Panchagarh Sadar Upazila (a) Construction of Was Block at Amarkhana Kazirhat Girls High School (b) Construction of Was Block at Hat High School of Kajal Digi Tuni 1000000
116 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar INF5-2020-21-557773-03 Supply of High-low benches at 2 nos different educational institutions,Bisiknagar Technical & BM College , Mithapukur Technical & BM Colleg 1000000
117 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar INF5-2020-21-557773-02 Construction of WAS block in Haji Azimullah Gaypani Dakhil Madrasa of Panchagarh Sadar Upazila (b) Construction of WAS block in new Chaklahat two-way high school. 1000000
118 Panchagarh Panchagarh Sadar INF5-2020-21-557773-01 Construction of RCC drains for drainage on both sides of the main road at Tunir Hat Bazar in Panchagarh Sadar Upazila 1000000
119 Panchagarh Debiganj INF5-2020-21-557734-02 Supplying of Central Oxygen Supply System in 20 (twenty) beds in Debiganj Upazila Health Complex to prevention of Covid-19. 1660268
120 Panchagarh Debiganj INF5-2020-21-557734-01 Supply & Construction of Debiganj ICT building and online freelance training center 4339732
121 Panchagarh Boda INF5-2020-21-557725-02 Construction of RCC drain for drainage of waterlogged water to protect agricultural land in Kalibari Barua Para village, new hat bazaar of ward no. 08 of Jhalai Shalshiri union of Boda upazila. 1000000
122 Panchagarh Boda INF5-2020-21-557725-01 Supply of High-low benches at 22 nos different educational institutions,drdra adarso high school,Sakoya high school and college ,maraya zongli high school, nayadigi di muki high school,shakoya girls high l,nutun hat adorso girls high school,kazoldigi sohid booy high school,tapuria di muki high school,chanddnbari di muki high school,baganbari high school, brososi eden girlshigh school,nababgong bir muktizodda sirazul islam high school, moydandigi girls high school,balabir high school,mergong mohni mon high school, bayrati high school, zalzali adroso high school, manikpir di muki high school,An b fulltla girls high school,damer gat di muki high school,salsiri girls high school,promanik para adroso high school, ful 3000000
123 Panchagarh Atwari INF5-2020-21-557704-01 Establishment of ICT Corners in 21 secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions of Atwari Upazila for acquiring practical skills in information technology 4000000
124 Nilphamari Saidpur INF5-2020-21-557385-02 Sanitary and Electrical Works at Hazarihat Health Sub-Centre under Sayedpur Upazila 1417615
125 Nilphamari Saidpur INF5-2020-21-557385-01 Construction of a bulding at Hazarihat Health Sub-Centre under Sayedpur Upazila 4168298
126 Nilphamari Nilphamari Sadar INF5-2020-21-557364-01 Eight Delivery room construction at community clinic 5548913
127 Nilphamari Kishoreganj INF5-2020-21-557345-01 Supplying of Furniture at different educational institute under kishoreganj 4860000
128 Nilphamari Jaldhaka INF5-2020-21-557336-02 Construction of Hall Room cum Class Room at Alhaj Mobarok Hossain Anirban Bidyatirtho High School under Jaldhaka upazila Dist-Nilphamari 2183450
129 Nilphamari Jaldhaka INF5-2020-21-557336-01 Construction of 2 no. Class Room at Singria Bala Danga High Scool under Jaldhaka upazila Dist-Nilphamari 2033971
130 Nilphamari Domar INF5-2020-21-557315-03 Construction of Common Room with Attached Toilet/Wash Room for Girls Student at Bakdogra Model High School under Domar Upazila, District: Nilphamari 1921000
131 Nilphamari Domar INF5-2020-21-557315-01 Supplying, Fitting and Fixing of Central Oxygen Systems at Domar Health Complex under Domar Upazila of Nilphamari District 1744205
132 Nilphamari Dimla INF5-2020-21-557312-02 Construction 315 meter RCC drain construction dimla baburhat to TNT Road. 4719000
133 Nilphamari Dimla INF5-2020-21-557312-01 Dimla Upazila Different High school supply High Low branch 2145000
134 Lalmonirhat Patgram INF5-2020-21-555270-02 SUPPLY OF HIGH -LOW BENCHES TO VARIOUS SCHOOL IN pATGRAM . 1219513
135 Lalmonirhat Patgram INF5-2020-21-555270-01 Installation of streel lights on important road from patgram DC road to Burimari DC, Lalmonirhat District 4469273
136 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar INF5-2020-21-555255-02 Supply of 215 pairs of high and low benches in 08 educational institutions of lalmonirhat sadar upazila 1612500
137 Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar INF5-2020-21-555255-01 Construction of 1 drain each for drainage at Razpur and Kunaigush union. 2991900
138 Lalmonirhat Kaliganj INF5-2020-21-555239-02 Supply of high-low benches to various Schopol in Kaliganj Upazila,Lalmonirhat. 1219513
139 Lalmonirhat Kaliganj INF5-2020-21-555239-01 Installation of streel lights important roads from kakina College to Bhotmari Eidgaon ground in chair borati ,aminganj in Kaliganj,Lalmonirhat. 4469274
140 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha INF5-2020-21-555233-02 Supply of 43 pairs of high and low benches at Gaddimari Bidirectional High School to continue quality education,Supply of Necessary Materials for Normal Delivery and Emergency Services at 10 Health and Family Welfare Centers in Hatibandha Upazilato cured corona 1276500
141 Lalmonirhat Hatibandha INF5-2020-21-555233-01 Installation of 96 Solar Street Lights from Hatibandha Upazila's Doi Khawa mor to Doi Khawa Bazaar for safe movement of public. 3193133
142 Lalmonirhat Aditmari INF5-2020-21-555202-02 Construction of drains for agricultural development through waterlogging. 1119150
143 Lalmonirhat Aditmari INF5-2020-21-555202-01 Installation of Solar street lights in different places of Aditmari Upazila,Lalmonirhat. 3350000
144 Kurigram Ulipur INF5-2020-21-554994-02 Supplying of High low Bench for Secondary Edcational Institute Under Ulipur Upazila.. 2475000
145 Kurigram Raumari INF5-2020-21-554979-01 a) Installation of Solar Street light at various place of Tura road , b) Construction of Wash Block at Fuljan Bosiria Dakhil Madrasah 1132838
146 Kurigram Rajarhat INF5-2020-21-554977-03 Maintenance of Common Room & Installation of Hizenic corner at different High School and College Under Rajarhat Upazila of Kurigram District 1314952
147 Kurigram Rajarhat INF5-2020-21-554977-02 Hi Low bench distribution at different school 2010000
148 Kurigram Rajarhat INF5-2020-21-554977-01 Solar street light installation at different road of Rajarhat Upazila. 2430076
149 Kurigram Phulbari INF5-2020-21-554918-02 Construction of Semi-finished two classroom and Wash Block project at Balarhat school& College and Boyalvir Technical& BM College. 2070670
150 Kurigram Phulbari INF5-2020-21-554918-01 Construction of Semi-finished two classroom project at Uttar Simulbari high school and Madha Kansipur Dakhil Madrasah. 2384000
151 Kurigram Nageshwari INF5-2020-21-554961-01 Installed Solar Street Light at Rural road at Nageswari, Kurigram. 2877680
152 Kurigram Nageshwari INF5-2020-21-554961-02 High-Low Bench supply to Secondary Educational Institute at Nageswari, Kurigram. 2955000
153 Kurigram Bhurungamari INF5-2020-21-554906-04 Construction of farmers shelter center to protect thunderstorm and repair school building. 1641002
154 Kurigram Bhurungamari INF5-2020-21-554906-03 High-Low Bench supply to Secondary Educational Institute at Bhrungamari, Kurigram. 1222500
155 Kurigram Bhurungamari INF5-2020-21-554906-02 Construction of drain for water logging 1705960
156 Kurigram Bhurungamari INF5-2020-21-554906-01 Installed Solar Street Light at Rural road at Bhurungamari, Kurigram. 1001574
157 Gaibandha Sundarganj INF5-2020-21-553291-01 Installation of solar street lights at important places on the road from hat cemetery of chaforhati union of upazila to shobhaganj market via mondal junction. 2234631
158 Gaibandha Sundarganj INF5-2020-21-553291-02 Supply High and Low Bench for secondry school exam center under sundorgonj upazilla. 2431000
159 Gaibandha Saghata INF5-2020-21-553288-02 A) Construction of RCC drain ?at Saghata bazar to eliminate waterlogging 2958024
160 Gaibandha Saghata INF5-2020-21-553288-01 Construction of room at Bharatkhali Autism & Buddi Protibondhi School 1511250
161 Gaibandha Sadullapur INF5-2020-21-553282-02 Supplying of High and Law bench at different School in Sadullapur Upazila 2092500
162 Gaibandha Sadullapur INF5-2020-21-553282-01 Construction of Wash Block of Vangamore-Di-Mukhi High School 1460928
163 Gaibandha Palashbari INF5-2020-21-553267-04 Supply of computers (desktop) to 20 various educational institutions of Palashbari upazila 1117319
164 Gaibandha Palashbari INF5-2020-21-553267-03 Construction and installation of pipe drain to alleviate waterlogging of Natagari beel of Pabnapur union. 1117319
165 Gaibandha Palashbari INF5-2020-21-553267-02 Construction of classrooms in Moradateya (Dakshin Para) Government Primary School. 1117319
166 Gaibandha Palashbari INF5-2020-21-553267-01 Construction of outpatient care room at Palashbari Upazila Health Complex. 1117319
167 Gaibandha Gobindaganj INF5-2020-21-553230-03 Construction of wash block at Kamdia Darul Uloom Siddiquiya Aleem Madrasa. 1117319
168 Gaibandha Gobindaganj INF5-2020-21-553230-02 Construction of drainage drains to alleviate waterlogging in Kamdia Bazar and Srimukh villages. 1117319
169 Gaibandha Gobindaganj INF5-2020-21-553230-01 Construction of classrooms at Puntair Junior Secondary School, Sapmara Daruchchalam Dakhil Madrasa and Golapbag Alim Madrasa. 3351956
170 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar INF5-2020-21-553224-02 Construction of RCC drain ?at Tulshighat bazar jame mosque to end of the bazar Gaibandha sadar upazila to eliminate waterlogging 1964540
171 Gaibandha Gaibandha Sadar INF5-2020-21-553224-01 Supply of High and law Bench in Different educational institute under Sadar Upazila 2730000
172 Gaibandha Fulchhari INF5-2020-21-553221-03 Supply and instalation of solar street light at different important places under Fulchari upazila 1291702
173 Gaibandha Fulchhari INF5-2020-21-553221-02 Supply of High and law Bench in Different educational institute under Fulchari upazila 1987500
174 Gaibandha Fulchhari INF5-2020-21-553221-01 Supply of medical equipment at different community clinic and upazila health complex under Fulchari upazila 1352215
175 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF5-2020-21-552777-05 Construction on Post Operative room at Mominpur Union Health and Family Planning welfareHospital 1378369
176 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF5-2020-21-552777-04 Drain Construction Extension near PIO Bridge at the West side at Singimari Kazipara Gram 1675978
177 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF5-2020-21-552777-03 Solar Street light installation and supply at Parbatipur to Rangpur District 1296071
178 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF5-2020-21-552777-02 Fan distribution at different institution at Parbatipur Upazila 1231708
179 Dinajpur Parbatipur INF5-2020-21-552777-01 Lab construction at Nurul Major High School. 1225000
180 Dinajpur Nawabganj INF5-2020-21-552769-02 Distribution of Computers and multimedia in 19 secondary level educational institutions. 2517922
181 Dinajpur Nawabganj INF5-2020-21-552769-01 Distribution of benches (high and low) in 26 secondary level educational institutions. 3349288
182 Dinajpur Khansama INF5-2020-21-552760-02 provision of pair benches for various secondary level 15 educational institutions. 3652685
183 Dinajpur Khansama INF5-2020-21-552760-01 Establishment of a supply of central oxygen system 25 (Ten beds) at Khansama Upazila Health Complex for the prevention of COVID-19 1117318
184 Dinajpur Kaharole INF5-2020-21-552756-03 Construction of internal RCC road of Kaharole pilot girls high school and Construction of classroom of Rasulpur Intellectual disability School. 1369850
185 Dinajpur Kaharole INF5-2020-21-552756-02 Supply of high and low benches for 23 Secondary and Primary school under Kaharole Upazila 1628415
186 Dinajpur Kaharole INF5-2020-21-552756-01 Establishment of a supply of central oxygen system 36 (Thirty Six Bed) at kaharole upazila health complex for the prevention of COVID-19 1606972
187 Dinajpur Hakimpur INF5-2020-21-552747-02 Supplying of High & Low Bences at Different School & Madrasha at Hakimpur 2844900
188 Dinajpur Hakimpur INF5-2020-21-552747-01 Supply Desktop Computer,Fan,Chair,Water Filter and Construction Waiting Room 2980086
189 Dinajpur Ghoraghat INF5-2020-21-552743-02 Construction of wash block at Ranigonj mohila college and asia khatun madrasa,Ghoraghat 2226678
190 Dinajpur Ghoraghat INF5-2020-21-552743-01 Construction of wash block at Balghari High School and UHC,Ghoraghat 2226678
191 Dinajpur Fulbari INF5-2020-21-552738-01 Construction of U-Drain for Reducesing water logging Baraipara Village Under Khayerbari - Doulotpur Union Under Fulbari Upazila Dinajpur District. 1145419
192 Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-552764-01 ICT equipment of school under Dinajpur sadar upazila 4000000
193 Dinajpur Chirirbandar INF5-2020-21-552730-02 ICT equipment supply to school under chirirbandar upazila 3300622
194 Dinajpur Chirirbandar INF5-2020-21-552730-01 Central Oxygen supply installation chirirbandar health complex under chirirbandar upazila 1168652
195 Dinajpur Bochaganj INF5-2020-21-557221-03 Supply of medical equipment for Bochaganj Upazila Health complex under Bochaganj Upzila. 1117500
196 Dinajpur Bochaganj INF5-2020-21-557221-02 Construction of Hat Shed (Multipurpose ) Shed at Hatmadhabpur under Atgaon Union and Preetir Bazar under Mushidhat Union under Bochaganj Upazila 1117348
197 Dinajpur Bochaganj INF5-2020-21-557221-01 Supply high & low bench at 15 nos secondary level educational institutions under Bochaganj Upazila,Dist. Dinajpur 2438780
198 Dinajpur Birganj INF5-2020-21-552712-04 Supply high and low bench 20 different school under birganj upazila 1312427
199 Dinajpur Birganj INF5-2020-21-552712-03 suppying medicle equipment nijpara & sotogram sub center birganj 1389813
200 Dinajpur Birganj INF5-2020-21-552712-02 Construction of korimpur pulhat madrasha & paltapur high school under birganj upazilla 2260000
201 Dinajpur Birganj INF5-2020-21-552712-01 Construction of labour room under birganj upazila 1851482
202 Dinajpur Birampur INF5-2020-21-552710-01 Distribution of Computers and multimedia in 20 secondary level educational institutions. 2119488
203 Dinajpur Birampur INF5-2020-21-552710-02 Distribution of Benches ( high &; low) on various secondary level educational institutions. 4997960
204 Dinajpur Biral INF5-2020-21-552717-02 Construction of RCC road from Bishnupur Ansar VDP Club to Mansur Master's house under 10 no Ranipukur Union. 1229050
205 Dinajpur Biral INF5-2020-21-552717-01 Supply of high-low benches to 16 Nos secondary and primary schools of Birol Upazila and supply and distribution of spray machines to farmers of Birol Upazila 3470762
206 Sirajganj Ullahpara INF5-2020-21-508894-02 Supply medical equipments and high-low benches to secondary and higher secondary educational institutions 3581819
207 Sirajganj Ullahpara INF5-2020-21-508894-01 Construction of classrooms in primary, higher secondary educational institutions 3338814
208 Sirajganj Tarash INF5-2020-21-508889-02 a) Supply and Installation of Solar street light at different important roads and Govt. Institutions of Tarash upazila b) Installation of a Water Treatment Plant at Tarash Upazila Health Complex 1248133
209 Sirajganj Tarash INF5-2020-21-508889-01 Construction of wash blocks at Six different institutions of Tarash upazila ( Dobila Islampur Senior Fazil madrasa, Ambaria Dakhil madrasa, Boldipara Dakhil madrasa, Bostul Technical School and College, Kaurail Isahak Tofer ali Technical College)q Tofer ali Technical College) il 3221140
210 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-508878-03 Construction of 8 nos Ai (Artificial Insanitation) center different Union in Sirajganj Sadar upazila 1437889
211 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-508878-02 Wash block established at Shimanta bazar women college in Sirajganj Sadar 1483735
212 Sirajganj Sirajganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-508878-01 New Class room established in Chilagasa saharbanu Girls school & Khaga High scholl under Sirajgang Sadar Upazila 2664968
213 Sirajganj Shahjadpur INF5-2020-21-508867-02 Supply desktop computers to educational institutes for imparting education (30) 2517280
214 Sirajganj Shahjadpur INF5-2020-21-508867-01 Construction of Community Clinic Delivery Room (02) 1951994
215 Sirajganj Royganj INF5-2020-21-508861-03 Construction of Pipe drain to reduce the water logging of Agricultural land from Dadpur to Malotinagor via Betua Canal. 2641963
216 Sirajganj Royganj INF5-2020-21-508861-02 Construction of Pipe drain to reduce the water logging of Agricultural land from Shimla to Fulzore river 1347434
217 Sirajganj Royganj INF5-2020-21-508861-01 Construction of Pipe drain to reduce water logging of Agricultural land from Purbo atghoria Shomoy beel to Fulzore canal. 1556266
218 Sirajganj Kazipur INF5-2020-21-508850-02 a) Supplies and Installation of solar streetlight at different remote roads of kazipur upazila. 2752000
219 Sirajganj Kazipur INF5-2020-21-508850-01 Supplies of High-low benches for the students of different schools of kazipur upazila. 1598000
220 Sirajganj Kamarkhanda INF5-2020-21-508844-03 Supply of High low Bench in different educational institution 2728093
221 Sirajganj Kamarkhanda INF5-2020-21-508844-02 RCC drain establish for Pikasha Market Development at Kamarkhanda 1833084
222 Sirajganj Kamarkhanda INF5-2020-21-508844-01 Generator & Medical Equipment supply at Kamarkhanda Upazila Health Complex 1254025
223 Sirajganj Chauhali INF5-2020-21-508827-02 Construction of a Class Room Chauhali Adarsha High school. 1123552
224 Sirajganj Chauhali INF5-2020-21-508827-01 Development of Enayetpur (KG Moor) CNG station including construction of public toilets and passenger Shed 3344838
225 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF5-2020-21-508811-03 Construction of 3 nos water plant in Belkuchi 2400000
226 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF5-2020-21-508811-02 Construction of class room at chala islamia dakhil madrasha & Class room repairing at sen bhangabari GPS in Belkuchi 1239286
227 Sirajganj Belkuchi INF5-2020-21-508811-01 Construction of Fish market shed at Kandapara & Daulatpur bazar in Belkuchi upazila 1947296
228 Rajshahi Tanore INF5-2020-21-508194-01 ICT CONER 2234400
229 Rajshahi Puthia INF5-2020-21-508182-05 Construction of RCC U Safe Covered Drain from Mollapara Hatt to Chandrabati Khal to alleviate waterlogging of Mollapara Hatt 1117318
230 Rajshahi Puthia INF5-2020-21-508182-04 Construction of Delivery Room with Fresh Room at Agla Community Clinic. 1117318
231 Rajshahi Puthia INF5-2020-21-508182-03 Construction of WASH-Block at Baneswar Hatt 1117318
232 Rajshahi Puthia INF5-2020-21-508182-02 Construction of WASH-Block at Hazir Hatt and construction of shed for sale of meat at Dhopapara Hatt 1117318
233 Rajshahi Puthia INF5-2020-21-508182-01 Supply of medical equipment and materials at community clinics 1117318
234 Rajshahi Paba INF5-2020-21-508172-03 Construction of 'Class Room' at Bagshoil Dhakhil Madrasha under Darshanpara Union, Paba Upazila 1776163
235 Rajshahi Paba INF5-2020-21-508172-02 Construction of Class Room at Kharkhari High School under Parila Union, Paba Upazila 1770691
236 Rajshahi Paba INF5-2020-21-508172-01 Construction of Computer Lab Room attached toilet at Darshanpara Shahid Kamarujjam College under Darshanpara Union, Paba Upazila 2834385
237 Rajshahi Mohanpur INF5-2020-21-508153-04 High-low Brenches Sypply Under tanore Upazila at Educational institute 1867229
238 Rajshahi Mohanpur INF5-2020-21-508153-01 Construction of class Room at dhopaghatta dregge collage 1804369
239 Rajshahi Mohanpur INF5-2020-21-508153-02 Construction of class Room at dhopaghata s k high school . 1508397
240 Rajshahi Mohanpur INF5-2020-21-508153-03 Construction of class Room at mougachhi high school . 1675980
241 Rajshahi Godagari INF5-2020-21-508134-03 Classroom construction at Rahi High school under Godagari Upazila. 1920544
242 Rajshahi Godagari INF5-2020-21-508134-02 Vertical two Classroom and two Horizontal Reparring of Bishonathpur High school under Godagari Upazila. Rajshahi. 2169603
243 Rajshahi Godagari INF5-2020-21-508134-01 Supply of 01 Ambulance for 31 Bed Godagari Medical Hospital at Godafari Upazila. 2613696
244 Rajshahi Durgapur INF5-2020-21-508131-02 High-low Brenches Sypply Under Durgapur Upazila at Educational institute 2070000
245 Rajshahi Durgapur INF5-2020-21-508131-01 Classroom construction at Durgaur Fazil (Degree) Madrasa 3689998
246 Rajshahi Charghat INF5-2020-21-508125-01 Supply of Multimedia sets for Educational Institutions under Charghat Upazila, Rajshahi 4469271
247 Rajshahi Baghmara INF5-2020-21-508112-03 Construction of class Room at maschmol dregge collage Baghmara 2234637
248 Rajshahi Baghmara INF5-2020-21-508112-02 High-low Brenches Sypply Under baghmara Upazila at Educational institute 1219513
249 Rajshahi Baghmara INF5-2020-21-508112-01 ICT CONER 1117319
250 Rajshahi Bagha INF5-2020-21-508110-01 Supply of Desktop and Projector set of 25 Secondary Educational Institutions 4469262
251 Pabna Sujanagar INF5-2020-21-507683-02 Construction a Hygiene corner and two Wash block at 2 Junior High School 1703088
252 Pabna Sujanagar INF5-2020-21-507683-01 Construction School building at Abul Kasem Junior High School 4999912
253 Pabna Santhia INF5-2020-21-507672-02 Boalmari Kamil Madrasa Classrooms vertically Extension 2619357
254 Pabna Santhia INF5-2020-21-507672-01 05 Secondary Educational Institutions of Santhia Upazila (1) Karamja Munjur Quader Girls High School (2) Khairbaria Shahid Ahmed Rafique High School (3) Upazila Parishad High School (4) Dhopadah High School (5) Hatbaria Boalmari High School Wash Block cum Hygiene Corner construction 2648672
255 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF5-2020-21-507655-03 Wash block washim patshala pabna sadar 1117318
256 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF5-2020-21-507655-02 Wash block Unus ali high school pabna sadar 1117318
257 Pabna Pabna Sadar INF5-2020-21-507655-01 Construction of Younus Ali high School class room Building at Papna Sadar 2234637
258 Pabna Ishwardi INF5-2020-21-507639-03 Supplying of high-low bench DIifferent High school under Ishwardi, pabna 1219512
259 Pabna Ishwardi INF5-2020-21-507639-02 Constraction of drain muladuli union baharpur bazar under iswardi pabna. 1117318
260 Pabna Ishwardi INF5-2020-21-507639-01 Constraction of ( 69 nos) solar panel street light diffirent road under iswardi pabna. 2234637
261 Pabna Faridpur INF5-2020-21-507633-02 Construction of rooms for students at Nazrul and Afzal School and College and construction of Sona Hara (Bathan Ghat) ghatla on Baral river in Banwari Nagar Union 2238143
262 Pabna Faridpur INF5-2020-21-507633-01 Construction of wash blocks in 4 secondary educational institutions of Faridpur upazila in Pabna. 3348449
263 Pabna Chatmohar INF5-2020-21-507622-02 Supply High & low Bench for different high school in chatmohar upazila, Dist. Pabna 2936706
264 Pabna Chatmohar INF5-2020-21-507622-01 Supply for 4D Color Dopplar Ultra sound machine upazila health complex, under chatmohar upazila Dist. Pabna. 1778661
265 Pabna Bhangura INF5-20-2120-507619-01 Construction of new wash block 6th various secondary/madrasha and higher secondary schools under Bhangura Upazila Parishad, Pabna. 4469274
266 Pabna Bera INF5-2020-21-507616-02 Supplying Benches at examination center ?and different high schools & colleges (14 nos. Institutions) in Bera Upazila 2377500
267 Pabna Bera INF5-2020-21-507616-01 Construction Classroom at Suptoshikha Protibondhi School 2284288
268 Pabna Atgharia INF5-2020-21-507605-02 Supplying of high-low bench dIifferent institute under atghoria, pabna. 2439024
269 Pabna Atgharia INF5-2020-21-507605-01 Constraction of ( 69 nos) solar panel street light chadva bazar to gorrir hat road under atghoria pabna.. 2234637
270 Natore Singra INF5-2020-21-506991-01 (A) C0ns. of Drain from Sarupara Osman House Khal Sukash Union, (B) Instillation of uPVC pipe for Pachticori village Beel water dranage Lalore union, (C) Instillation of uPVC pipe for Saiol Hazipara Beel at Hatiandah union, (D) Cons. of Latrine at Thelkur Bazar, Nolbata bazar, Malkur bazar & BoroBari Bazar Under Singra Upazila Dist. Natore 3391955
271 Natore Singra INF5-2020-21-506991-04 Construction of Physiotherapy Room at UHC & Construction of Emergency WASH Shed for Stomach poisonous drunk patient under Singra Upazila, Dist. Natore 1117318
272 Natore Singra INF5-2020-21-506991-03 Construction of Veterinary Operation Theater Shed at Upazila livestock Office & Cons. of Artificial Insemination Shed at Chamari Union Under Singra Upazila, Natore District 1117318
273 Natore Singra INF5-2020-21-506991-02 Supply of High, Low combined Bench with Book shelf at 06 different Secondary Educational Institutions under Singra Upazila Dist. Natore. 1219512
274 Natore Natore Sadar INF5-2020-21-506963-03 Supply of Agricultural equipment to registered farmer society under Natore Sadar Upazila District Natore 1500000
275 Natore Natore Sadar INF5-2020-21-506963-02 Supply of 01 (One) no. Ambulance for health service of marginal people under Natore Sadar Upazila, District: Natore 2793296
276 Natore Natore Sadar INF5-2020-21-506963-01 Installation of street light at different important hat-bazar, educational institution & important road junctions under Natore Sadar Upazila District : Natore 2234637
277 Natore Naldanga INF5-2020-21-506955-04 (A) Construction of WASH BLOCK at Ramsar Kazipur Dr. Nasir Uddin Talukder High School & (B) Construction of WASH BLOCK at Horida Kholsi High School, Biprabelghoria Up, Under Naldanga Upazila, Dist. Natore 1117318
278 Natore Naldanga INF5-2020-21-506955-03 Construction of WASH BLOCK at Halti beal Motsoovayasrom & Porjoton Centre at Piprul Up, Under Naldanga Upazila, Dist. Natore. 1117318
279 Natore Naldanga INF5-2020-21-506955-02 (A) Construction of WASH BLOCK at Sorkutia School & Collage & (B) Construction of WASH BLOCK at Shakhari Para Darul Huda Fazil Madrasa, Bramapur Up, Under Naldanga Upazila, Dist. Natore 1117318
280 Natore Naldanga INF5-2020-21-506955-05 Construction of WASH BLOCK at Surzo Bari Bongram Dhakhil Madrasa, Piprul Up and Construction of WASH BLOCK at Korergram High School, Khazura Up Under Naldanga Upazila, Dist. Natore 1117318
281 Natore Naldanga INF5-2020-21-506955-01 Maintenace Work of Ramsar Kazipur Dakhil Madrasa Bhaban,Under Naldanga Upazila 1117318
282 Natore Lalpur INF5-2020-21-506944-02 Supplying for Hi-Low Banach 32 Educational Institute. 2439024
283 Natore Lalpur INF5-2020-21-506944-01 2 Education Institute Wash block Contraction And Bazzar Drain Constraction 2227166
284 Natore Gurudaspur INF5-2020-21-506941-03 Construction of 300 miter drain along the road in Nazirpur Union ( Dudgari Abed Ali House to Nandakuja river). 2234632
285 Natore Gurudaspur INF5-2020-21-506941-02 Supplying for 154 set provide high-low benches for 4 educational institutions. 1000080
286 Natore Gurudaspur INF5-2020-21-506941-01 Construction of new library and science building at Dhamura Girls High School. 2234552
287 Natore Baraigram INF5-2020-21-506915-03 Installation of Solar Street Lights in importance public places, Hat-Bazar, Roads and Highways of Baraigram Upazila 2234637
288 Natore Baraigram INF5-2020-21-506915-02 Construction of WASH-Block at Hat-Bazars and important public places 2234636
289 Natore Baraigram INF5-2020-21-506915-01 Supply of medical equipment & materials at community clinics. 1117318
290 Natore Bagatipara INF5-2020-21-506909-02 Construction irrigation drains. 2458101
291 Natore Bagatipara INF5-2020-21-506909-01 Construction wash block & class room of different Schools. 4245759
292 Naogaon Sapahar INF5-2020-21-506486-02 (a) Construction of Class Room at Sapahar Technical and Business Management Collage Under Sapahar Upzila Dist. Naogaon 2022340
293 Naogaon Sapahar INF5-2020-21-506486-01 (a) Construction of Wash Block For Maipur Nasharia Dakhil Madrasa Under SapaharUpzila Dist. Naogaon. (b) Construction of Wash Block For Umail Mohamadia Dakhil Madrasa Under SapaharUpzila Dist. Naogaon (c) Construction of Drain at Khanjonpur Khalak sarkar house towards Siddik Member house Under SapaharUpzila Dist. Naogaon. 2446595
294 Naogaon Raninagar INF5-2020-21-506485-02 RCC Open Drain at Borogasa UP in laxmikola Village & Ekdala UP Sarisha Eidgha from Hamidul Shop under Raninagar Upazilla at Naogaon District. 1719000
295 Naogaon Porsha INF5-2020-21-506479-02 1) Improvement road by RCC work at Kusumkoli school road at Nithpur Union under Porsha Upazila 2) Construction of Drain at Nithpur Union ward No.-7 H/o of Rasu-H/o of Liakoth member under Porsha Upazila 3) Construction of Drain at Nithpur Poschim Dieara para under Porsha Upazila 1709966
296 Naogaon Porsha INF5-2020-21-506479-01 1) Construction of Ganguria Collage(2nd Floor) under Porsha Upazila 2)Construction of Mollapara High School Class room under Porsha Upazila 2759308
297 Naogaon Patnitala INF5-2020-21-506475-03 high and low bench supply in 17 nos schools of patnitala upazila 1841463
298 Naogaon Patnitala INF5-2020-21-506475-02 supply of Multimedia projector and all in one pc for 15 nos for primary & high school under Patnitala Upazila 1530000
299 Naogaon Patnitala INF5-2020-21-506475-01 street light (100 nos ) supply for development of law and order of patnitala upazila 3240223
300 Naogaon Niamatpur INF5-2020-21-506469-02 Supplying, Fitting & fixing (Projector, Laptop, Screen and Multi Plug) =1 set in 09 (Nine) High school 1136313
301 Naogaon Niamatpur INF5-2020-21-506469-01 Constriction public toilet in Gugudanga Taltpli Bazer and Belpur Bazer of Niamotpur Upazila Under Naogaon Dist 3332105
302 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF5-2020-21-506460-03 Supply of High-Low Bench at different schools in Naogaon Sadar 1829268
303 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF5-2020-21-506460-02 Construction of CI shed at different hat under Naogaon sadar upazila. 2793299
304 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF5-2020-21-506460-01 Construction of RCC drain to control waterlogging under Naogaon Sadar Upazila. 2234637
305 Naogaon Manda INF5-2020-21-506447-03 Supplying of High-Low Bench at 31 High School, College & Madrasah Under Manda, Naogaon 2195122
306 Naogaon Manda INF5-2020-21-506447-02 Construction of Wash Block at 03 Bazar & 01 High School & College Under Manda, Naogaon. 3240224
307 Naogaon Manda INF5-2020-21-506447-01 Supplying & Installation of Central Oxygen Supply System 15 (Fifteen ) Beds & Medical Equipment at Manda Upazila Health Complex. 1452514
308 Naogaon Mahadebpur INF5-2020-21-506450-02 Construction of Surface Drain at post office mor to Dakbangla up to Atrai river Mohadevpur, Naogaon 4200000
309 Naogaon Mahadebpur INF5-2020-21-506450-01 Supply of high & low bench at 17 different educational institutions 2732926
310 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF5-2020-21-506428-02 Constructions of Class Rooms for Uttor Chak Rahamat Siddikia Bi-lateral Fazil madrasha Under Dhamoirhat Union at Dhamoirhat Upazilla , Naogaon. 2366697
311 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF5-2020-21-506428-01 Estimate for the Internal Surface Drain ( With Cover) of Agradigun Hat to Remove The Stagnancy of Water Within it Under Dhamoirhat Upazila,naogaon. 2550689
312 Naogaon Atrai INF5-2020-21-506403-02 Construction of rcc drain from Modhugurnoi to atrai river 1997393
313 Naogaon Atrai INF5-2020-21-506403-01 Construction of rcc drain from pathailjhara school Para via shahebgonj Bazar to atrai river 4653538
314 Joypurhat Panchbibi INF5-2020-21-503874-02 Supply of high and low benches at 12 different high schools and madrasas of Panchbibi Upazila. 1852984
315 Joypurhat Panchbibi INF5-2020-21-503874-01 A) Construction of examination center in Panchbibi Degree College. And b) Construction of Adolescent Friendly Common Room at Piara Chhatinali High School. 5006190
316 Joypurhat Khetlal INF5-2020-21-503861-03 Installation of Solar Light on Vasila-Fooldighi Road.of Khetlal of Joypurhat District. 2437435
317 Joypurhat Khetlal INF5-2020-21-503861-02 Supply of high low benches at different educational institutions of Khetlal of Joypurhat district 3068500
318 Joypurhat Kalai INF5-2020-21-503858-03 Construction of Building at nandail dgighi college (1st floor ) under kalai Upazila 1041142
319 Joypurhat Kalai INF5-2020-21-503858-02 Construction of Class room at Khataher roufia Dhakil Madrasha under kalai Upazila 1461109
320 Joypurhat Kalai INF5-2020-21-503858-01 Supplying of provide Pro-Propylene High-low benches in class room of different Educational Institutions Under Kalai Upazila 3811423
321 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF5-2020-21-503847-02 Supplying of provide Computer equipments for Upgrading Multimedia Class room of 20 (Twenty) Educational Institutions of secondary Equivelent or Higher Secondary level under Joypurhat sadar Upazila. 3137657
322 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF5-2020-21-503847-01 Supplying of provide Pro-Propylene High-low benches in class room of different Educational Institutions Under Joypurhat Upazila. 2545400
323 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF5-2020-21-503813-02 Supply of high low benches at different educational institutions of Akkelpur upazila of Joypurhat district. 3604000
324 Joypurhat Akkelpur INF5-2020-21-503813-01 Supply of Fans at different educational institutions of Akkelpur upazila of Joypurhat district. 1273995
325 Chapainawabganj Shibganj INF5-2020-21-507088-01 Supply of plastic high & low benches at 13 education institute under Shibganj upazila. 4878000
326 Chapainawabganj Nachole INF5-2020-21-507056-02 Supply of high & low benches at 07 education institute under Nachole upazila 1219512
327 Chapainawabganj Nachole INF5-2020-21-507056-01 Construction of class room at various School & Madrasa under Nachole Upazila 4469273
328 Chapainawabganj Gomastapur INF5-2020-21-507037-04 Construction of Delivery/Labour Room and purchase equipment for Basnoil Community Clininc 1628996
329 Chapainawabganj Gomastapur INF5-2020-21-507037-03 Construction of common room for students at Gomostapur Girls Academy 1562898
330 Chapainawabganj Gomastapur INF5-2020-21-507037-02 Construction of Wash Block at Nayadibari Hazi Yakub Ali Mondol High School 1539000
331 Chapainawabganj Gomastapur INF5-2020-21-507037-01 Construction of Artificial Insemination centre & operation room at Upazila Livestock Office Premises 1464708
332 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-507066-04 Construction of Drain at Charbagdanga Hat, high School, Madrasa & Union land office under Capainawabganj Sadar upazila 2113910
333 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-507066-03 Construction of Common room with Wash Block at Sharzan Adorsho High School 1530000
334 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-507066-02 Construction of Common room with Wash Block at Chak Jhagru High School 1530000
335 Chapainawabganj Chapainawabganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-507066-01 Construction of Common room with Wash Block at Jadupur Durgapur High School 1530000
336 Chapainawabganj Bholahat INF5-2020-21-507018-02 Construction of Drain for remove water logging of agriculture field at Bil Chatra under Daldali UP in Bholahat Upazila 2234637
337 Chapainawabganj Bholahat INF5-2020-21-507018-01 Construction of Drain for remove water logging at Khaspara under Zambaria UP in Bholahat Upazila 4469274
338 Bogura Sonatola INF5-2020-21-501095-03 Construction of wash block at bogus technical and bm college 1117318
339 Bogura Sonatola INF5-2020-21-501095-02 Construction of wash block at korpur high school 1117318
340 Bogura Sonatola INF5-2020-21-501095-01 Supplying of computer and multimedia of different school 4469274
341 Bogura Shibganj INF5-2020-21-501094-03 supply of hyzine corner equipment in different school at shibganj upazila. 1219512
342 Bogura Shibganj INF5-2020-21-501094-02 supply of high low bench in 26 nos different school at shibganj upazila 2432000
343 Bogura Shibganj INF5-2020-21-501094-01 construction of wash block at shobdaldhighi high school at shibganj upazila Bogura 1117318
344 Bogura Sherpur INF5-2020-21-501088-03 Supplying and installation of street solar light solarpanel & pol on jamail bazar,bhabanipur bazar & khamarkandi bazar under sherpur upazila Bogura 1154844
345 Bogura Sherpur INF5-2020-21-501088-02 Supplying High & Low Bench 07 nos different school under sherpur upazila,Bogura 1976400
346 Bogura Sherpur INF5-2020-21-501088-01 community 02 nos school toilet under sherpur upazila,Bogura 1500000
347 Bogura Shajahanpur INF5-2020-21-501085-01 Construction of RCC drain in Kharna, Madla, Gohail, Aria, Ashekpur Union under Shajahanpur Upazila,Bogura 4469000
348 Bogura Sariakandi INF5-2020-21-501081-04 Installation of 31 Solar Street Lights on various important rural roads of Sariakandi Upazila 1117319
349 Bogura Sariakandi INF5-2020-21-501081-03 Construction of 02 RCC drain to alleviate water logging 2300000
350 Bogura Sariakandi INF5-2020-21-501081-02 Supply of 296 pair High and Low benches in various educational institution of Sariakandi Upazila 2367683
351 Bogura Sariakandi INF5-2020-21-501081-01 Supply of Various Health Equipment at Sariakandi Upazila Health Complex 1117319
352 Bogura Nandigram INF5-2020-21-501067-03 Installation of 46 Solar Street Lights at important place on the road 1675977
353 Bogura Nandigram INF5-2020-21-501067-02 Construction of WASH Bloc at Deota Dhakhil Madrasa and Pathan A.S.A High School under Nandigram Upazila 1117319
354 Bogura Nandigram INF5-2020-21-501067-01 Construction of UPVC Pipe drain for argi-friendly irrigation under Chaudighi Krishak Samabay Samiti of Chaudighi village in 03 No Bhatra Union of Nandigram Upazila 1675977
355 Bogura Kahaloo INF5-2020-21-501054-01 A. Construction of Wash Block at Sidlai Siddikia Dakhil Madrasha and Kallapara Anowarul Ulum Fazil Madrasha B. Construction of Passenger Shade at Bibirpukur Bazar and Panisara More C. Construction of RCC Drain at Bhugoil Kalitola Bazar 3620403
356 Bogura Kahaloo INF5-2020-21-501054-02 Construction of Hall Room at Bibirpukur Girls High School 3077508
357 Bogura Gabtali INF5-2020-21-501040-02 supply of high low bench in different school at gabtali upazila 2195122
358 Bogura Gabtali INF5-2020-21-501040-01 Delivery of medical equipment of gabtali upazila health complex 2458101
359 Bogura Dhupchanchia INF5-2020-21-501033-03 Installation of Solar Street Light with Solar Panel & Pole at Different Places Under Dupchanchia Upazila. 1902035
360 Bogura Dhupchanchia INF5-2020-21-501033-02 Construction of Wash Block at Six Different Secondary Level Educational Institutions 3327876
361 Bogura Dhunat INF5-2020-21-501027-01 Supplying High & Low Bench different school under dhunat upazila,Bogura 4876200
362 Bogura Adamdighi INF5-2020-21-501006-02 Supplying fitting and fixing of Solar Street light in different places of Adamdighi Upazila under Adamdighi Upazila 2216760
363 Bogura Adamdighi INF5-2020-21-501006-01 Supplying fiber glass fitted High & Low Benches in 11 different educational institution under Adamdighi Upazila 2449865
364 Sherpur Sreebardi INF5-2020-21-458990-02 Construction washblock for Jhograrchar bazar & viadanga bazar in sreebardi upazila. 1627355
365 Sherpur Sreebardi INF5-2020-21-458990-01 Established solar strite light (Balijury from soytan bazar & Motherpur from west kuroa pacca road &important places. 2825124
366 Sherpur Sherpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-458988-01 Construction of new building at Boyra Paranpur Dakhil Madrasa 4469274
367 Sherpur Nalitabari INF5-2020-21-458970-02 Constraction of waiting room for outpatients at Nalitabari Upazila Health Complex in public interst and Construction of room for washing stomachs of poisoned patients 1675977
368 Sherpur Nakla INF5-2020-21-458967-01 Contraction of Class room for Pachkahoniya Alim Madrasha including Furniture supply. 4521529
369 Sherpur Jhenaigati INF5-2020-21-458937-03 To supply high and low benches in different high schools &colleges in Upazilla 1224999
370 Sherpur Jhenaigati INF5-2020-21-458937-02 To supply oxygen concentrator in Jhenaigati Upazilla health complex 1264949
371 Sherpur Jhenaigati INF5-2020-21-458937-01 To establish solar strite light (chenguria bazar-kalibari from Rangtia bazar via jhenaigati bazar road & important places. 3180000
372 Netrokona Netrokona Sadar INF5-2020-21-457274-02 High and low bench supply of various educational, supply of wheel chairs and white needles stick for the disabled 2500000
373 Netrokona Netrokona Sadar INF5-2020-21-457274-01 Construction of Women's training centre 1500000
374 Netrokona Mohanganj INF5-2020-21-457263-02 construction of iirigation drain in panur namapara & construction of fish shed in gaglajur bazar 1163633
375 Netrokona Mohanganj INF5-2020-21-457263-01 construction of khalua dakhil madrasa & repairing of Borantor Adorsho High school 3305610
376 Netrokona Khaliajuri INF5-2020-21-457238-02 Fitting &fixing of Solar Pnnel(Street Light) under Khaliajuri Upazil otrers ariea. 1358684
377 Netrokona Khaliajuri INF5-2020-21-457238-01 Building &inhancethe quality of Health Care of Krishnopur Community Clinic Under Khaliajuri Upazilz 3110590
378 Netrokona Kendua INF5-2020-21-457247-02 Construction of drains for drainage 1342902
379 Netrokona Kendua INF5-2020-21-457247-01 Supply and instaiiation of solar street lights 2657098
380 Netrokona Kalmakanda INF5-2020-21-457240-03 High and low benches supply at secondary level educational institutions. 1822424
381 Netrokona Kalmakanda INF5-2020-21-457240-02 Science Lab building construction at Kalmakanda Pilot Govt. High School. 1675978
382 Netrokona Kalmakanda INF5-2020-21-457240-01 Solar light installation in various important places. 2234637
383 Netrokona Durgapur INF5-2020-21-457218-02 Construction of animal shed at Upazila livestock office, Durgapur,Netrakona. 1117319
384 Netrokona Durgapur INF5-2020-21-457218-01 Supplying of Solar street light at Birishiri Jhanjail road, Durgapur, Netrakona. 3351950
385 Mymensingh Trishal INF5-2020-21-456194-03 Establishing ICT Lab (01 no) at Guium Amirabari High School 1155180
386 Mymensingh Trishal INF5-2020-21-456194-02 Supplying Smart Televisions to secondary Schools for creating digital Smart School Network. 2566011
387 Mymensingh Trishal INF5-2020-21-456194-01 Supplying an Ambulance for emergency Health Service for the patients of Upazila Health Complex and Mass people of Trishal Upazila. 2990550
388 Mymensingh Tarakanda INF5-2020-21-456188-05 Construction of Girls Facilities Room at Paguli Alim Madrasha Tarakanda Mymensingh 1117319
389 Mymensingh Tarakanda INF5-2020-21-456188-04 Supplying Computer at Different Educational Institute under Tarakanda Upazila, Mymensingh District 1117319
390 Mymensingh Tarakanda INF5-2020-21-456188-03 I). Construction of RCC Drain at Kashiganj Bazar under Kamaria Union of Mymensingh District. ii) Repiear and Maintenance of Met shed at Tarakanda Bazar, Mymensingh District 1117318
391 Mymensingh Tarakanda INF5-2020-21-456188-02 Construction of Girls Facilities Room at Tilatia Mohammadia Dakhil Madrasha, in Tarakanda Upazila, Mymensingh. District 1117319
392 Mymensingh Tarakanda INF5-2020-21-456188-01 Construction of Girls Facilities Room at Batta Bhatpars S.C High School, in Tarakanda Upazila, Mymensingh. District 1117319
393 Mymensingh Phulpur INF5-2020-21-456181-02 Supply of high and low branches in various educational instutions of Fulpur Upazila . 1286120
394 Mymensingh Phulpur INF5-2020-21-456181-01 Installation of solar street lights in various important markets and roads of Fulpur Upazila. 4407895
395 Mymensingh Nandail INF5-2020-21-456172-02 Supplying of high and low benches as educational materials at 4 educational institutions of Nandail Upazila, Nandail. 1353000
396 Mymensingh Nandail INF5-2020-21-456172-01 Vertical Extension of Nandail Diabetic Hospital 3637404
397 Mymensingh Mymensingh Sadar INF5-2020-21-456152-03 Supplying Emergency Medical Instruments and Equipment for Charitable Health Service Center at Upazila Parishad, Mymensingh Sadar Upazila. 1675978
398 Mymensingh Mymensingh Sadar INF5-2020-21-456152-02 Supplying Benches (High and Low) for 05 (five) nos primary School and 10 (ten) nos Ebtedayee Madrasa at Mymensingh Sadar Upazila. 1829268
399 Mymensingh Mymensingh Sadar INF5-2020-21-456152-01 Supplying and Installation of submersible pumps for 05 (five) nos primary school and Construction emergency toilet for 02 nos primary schools at Mymensingh Sadar Upazila. 1117319
400 Mymensingh Ishwarganj INF5-2020-21-306131-02 Construction Girls Facility room in Khalbolla Girls High School 1000000
401 Mymensingh Ishwarganj INF5-2020-21-306131-01 (a) Construction Classroom in Pikura Secondary School (B) Repair Classroom in Bisheshwari Pilot High School 2931419
402 Mymensingh Haluaghat INF5-2020-21-456124-01 Construction of Additional Class Room At Achkipara Ninmo Maddomoik Biddaloy 1856665
403 Mymensingh Haluaghat INF5-2020-21-456124-03 Supply Solar street light in the important place road mor,and market in Haluaghat Upazila 1862198
404 Mymensingh Haluaghat INF5-2020-21-456124-02 Construction of Flood Shelter Cum Additional Class Room At Maheshlathi Dhakhil Madrasha 1862198
405 Mymensingh Gauripur INF5-2020-21-306123-02 Supply High-Low bench in different high schools and madrasa 1577040
406 Mymensingh Gauripur INF5-2020-21-456123-01 Supply ambulance to Gouripur Upazilla Health Complex 3024390
407 Mymensingh Gaffargaon INF5-2020-21-456122-03 Construction of Girls Facilities Room at Kawraid-Gayeshpur Degree College in Gafargaon Upazila, Mymensingh. District 1861099
408 Mymensingh Gaffargaon INF5-2020-21-456122-02 Construction of Girls Facilities Room at Rustam Ali Golandaj High School, in Gafargaon Upazila, Mymensingh. District 1859246
409 Mymensingh Gaffargaon INF5-2020-21-456122-01 Construction of Girls Facilities Room at Altaf Golandaj College, in Gafargaon Upazila, Mymensingh. District 1860033
410 Mymensingh Fulbaria INF5-2020-21-456120-02 Construction of Building a Class Room and Wash block for Assim Patoli Balika Dakhil Madrasha at Assim Patoli Union under Fulbaria, Mymensingh. 1999998
411 Mymensingh Fulbaria INF5-2020-21-456120-01 Construction of Building a Girls? Common Room and Wash block for Dabardasta Amina Chawdhury High School at Radhakanai Union under Fulbaria, Mymensingh. 1999998
412 Mymensingh Dhobaura INF5-2020-21-456116-03 Supply High and low bench for the different school in Dhobaura upazila 1518293
413 Mymensingh Dhobaura INF5-2020-21-456116-02 Supply Solar street light From Upozila HQ to Purakandulia Road And Upozial HQ To Monsirhat Sorok 1076515
414 Mymensingh Dhobaura INF5-2020-21-456116-01 Construction of Additional Class Room At Rajibpur High School 1862198
415 Mymensingh Bhaluka INF5-2020-21-456113-03 Construction of Girls Facilities Room at Angargara United High School 1117319
416 Mymensingh Bhaluka INF5-2020-21-456113-02 Construction of Girls Facilities Room at Shirirchala Rahmania Dakhil Madrasha 1117319
417 Mymensingh Bhaluka INF5-2020-21-456113-01 Construction of RCC Pipe Drain at Seedstore Bazar, Under Hobirbari Union, in Bhaluka Upazila, Mymensingh. District 3351955
418 Jamalpur Sarishabari INF5-2020-21-453985-01 Isolation ward of Upazila Health Complex at Sarishabari, Jamalpur 4469273
419 Jamalpur Melandaha INF5-2020-21-453961-02 Construction of Class Room at SM Mukhlesur Rahman Secondary School 1340782
420 Jamalpur Melandaha INF5-2020-21-453961-01 Construction of Class Room (2nd Floor) at Mirza Azam Institute of Medical Technology 4245810
421 Jamalpur Madarganj INF5-2020-21-453958-03 Installation of Solar Powered Irrigation Pumps at Mirzapur and Navya Char (two in Balijuri and Char Pakerdaha two unions) villages to encourage farmers to produce agricultural products at bulb cost. 1736275
422 Jamalpur Madarganj INF5-2020-21-453958-02 Construction of labor (delivery) rooms and provision of equipment to Hidagari and Fuljor Community Clinics in remote villages of the upazila To reduce the risk of maternal and child mortality. 1732036
423 Jamalpur Madarganj INF5-2020-21-453958-01 Construction of Class cum Common Room at Binodtongi, Mohisbatan & Dolirbon Technical School and College 2118281
424 Jamalpur Jamalpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-453936-03 Construction of Training Room 1756272
425 Jamalpur Jamalpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-453936-02 Construction of Class Room 1420622
426 Jamalpur Jamalpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-453936-01 Construction of RCC Drain 2409697
427 Jamalpur Islampur INF5-2020-21-453929-02 Supply of Digital X-Ray Machine at Islampur Health Complex under Jamalpur District. 1600001
428 Jamalpur Islampur INF5-2020-21-453929-01 Installation of Solar Street Light from Islampur H/Q via PochabolaGC Road to Dighair village. 3489385
429 Jamalpur Bakshiganj INF5-2020-21-453907-03 Supplying Desktop Computer at Ulfatunnesa Govt. Girls High School (Digital Lab) under Bakshiganj, under Jamalpur. 1089223
430 Jamalpur Bakshiganj INF5-2020-21-453907-02 INF5-2020-21-453907-02. 1689903
431 Jamalpur Bakshiganj INF5-2020-21-453907-01 Construction of Wash Block at Bogarchar Adorsho Girls High School 1050743
432 Satkhira Tala INF5-2020-21-408790-02 Construction of Wash-Block near Majhiara Bazar at Tala union and at Modonpur Bazar at Tetulia union in Tala upazila 1122432
433 Satkhira Tala INF5-2020-21-408790-01 Construction of Water Treatment plant at village North Sarsha at Dhandia union,Horinkhola at Nagarghata,Gasha at Kholiskhali, Kolagasi at Khesra,Rothkhola at Zalalpur,Magura Danga at Magura,Raipur at Khalilnagor union 2838682
434 Satkhira Shyamnagar INF5-2020-21-408786-01 Installation of Solar Street Light at Important Public Place of 12 Unions under Shyamnagar Upazila 4469274
435 Satkhira Satkhira Sadar INF5-2020-21-408782-02 Supply of hith-low bench 1601013
436 Satkhira Satkhira Sadar INF5-2020-21-408782-01 Construction of Bazar Shed 3002423
437 Satkhira Kaliganj INF5-2020-21-408747-04 Construction of U-Drain for Removing Water Logging Problem at Mahatpur Village of Kaliganj Upazila 1117318
438 Satkhira Kaliganj INF5-2020-21-408747-02 Supplying Bench at Six (06) Educational Institutions of Kaliganj Upazila 1219512
439 Satkhira Kaliganj INF5-2020-21-408747-03 Construction of Water Treatment Plant for Supplying Pure Drinking Water at Bagmari Village of Ratanpur Union under Kaliganj Upazila 2234637
440 Satkhira Kaliganj INF5-2020-21-408747-01 Construction of Adolescents Health Education Room and Refreshment Corner at 04 Educational Institution of Kaliganj Upazila. 2233077
441 Satkhira Kalaroa INF5-2020-21-408743-02 Construction of drain at different place of Kolaroa Upazila 1117318
442 Satkhira Kalaroa INF5-2020-21-408743-01 Supply and Installation of Water treatment plant at different point of Kolaroa Upazila to ensure pure drinking water. 4469274
443 Satkhira Debhata INF5-2020-21-408725-02 Construction of Classroom at Sangbaria govt Primary School at Nowapara union and Amina Khatun High School at Shokhipur union 3351956
444 Satkhira Debhata INF5-2020-21-408725-01 Construction of Water plant with over head Tank and water pipe line at Village Chalte Tola at Parulia union under Debhata upazila 1117318
445 Satkhira Assasuni INF5-2020-21-408704-03 Construction of Ghatla 2491495
446 Satkhira Assasuni INF5-2020-21-408704-02 Establishment of Reverse Osmosis Plant 2234636
447 Satkhira Assasuni INF5-2020-21-408704-01 Construction of RCC drain (South chapra village - R&H) 1977780
448 Narail Narail Sadar INF5-2020-21-406576-03 Constructed project for hygiene corner at Charikhada Secondary School under Narail Sadar Upazila. 1135214
449 Narail Narail Sadar INF5-2020-21-406576-02 Classroom construction project at Boramara School under Narail Sadar Upazila (Autism and Disabled School) 2765422
450 Narail Narail Sadar INF5-2020-21-406576-01 Supply of 7 mini computer lab at 7 different school at Narail Sadar Upazila 2791830
451 Narail Lohagara INF5-2020-21-406552-03 Construction of Hygiene Corner at Lahuria Azizur Rahman High School 1128951
452 Narail Lohagara INF5-2020-21-406552-02 Supply high low benches 6 different secondary educational institute in Lohagara Upazila 1582972
453 Narail Lohagara INF5-2020-21-406552-01 Supply Fitting and Digital Educational Equipment Desktop & LED Smart TV at 7 Institutions 1890000
454 Narail Kalia INF5-2020-21-406528-03 Supply high low benches in 10 different secondary educational institutes in Kalia Upazila 1901306
455 Narail Kalia INF5-2020-21-406528-02 Construction of Ghatla of Peroli Bazar ,Pakhimara and Bilbaous 2369399
456 Narail Kalia INF5-2020-21-406528-01 Construction of Bazar Shade Built of Barodia and Naragati 1474795
457 Meherpur Mujibnagar INF5-2020-21-405760-02 Construction of Thunder protection shelter and Crops thrashing centre. 1160931
458 Meherpur Mujibnagar INF5-2020-21-405760-01 Construction of RCC road from Health complex to Mujibnagar Technical school & college. 2196931
459 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-405787-02 Construction of RCC Ghatla on the bank of Voirab river near at Kutubpur High School under Kutubpur UP, Meherpur Sadar,Meherpur. 1506778
460 Meherpur Meherpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-405787-01 Construction of RCC Ghatla on the bank of Voirab river at South para of Chakshaymnagar village under Amdah UP, Meherpur Sadar,Meherpur. 4054669
461 Meherpur Gangni INF5-2020-21-405747-02 Supply of plastic benches 18 primary schools under Gangni upazila. 1741960
462 Meherpur Gangni INF5-2020-21-405747-03 Supplying, assembling, fitting, fixing and installation of Street Light, Solar Panel and Pole at different Public Roads/Bazars 1678599
463 Meherpur Gangni INF5-2020-21-405747-01 Establishment of veterinary laboratory for health protection of cattle and poultry to increase the production of animal meat. 2318136
464 Magura Sreepur INF5-2020-21-405595-02 Passengers shed and RCC Drain 1536131
465 Magura Sreepur INF5-2020-21-405595-01 Farmer Shad 4039788
466 Magura Shalikha INF5-2020-21-405585-03 Supply of High and low bench at different school in Dhonessor gati,Shalikha,Shotokhali and Tilkhori 1155210
467 Magura Shalikha INF5-2020-21-405585-02 Construction of Drain at Diponkor Master Bari to Central Mundir and culvert at Arpara Bazar c) Construction of Dust bin at Shalikha Upazela 1621367
468 Magura Shalikha INF5-2020-21-405585-01 A)Construction of Wash block at Exam Center and Deluabari bazar.B)Chandina Ghor at Delua bari and Baulia Bazar C) Hygeinine cornner at Scandra High School. 2378633
469 Magura Mohammadpur INF5-2020-21-405566-02 Construction of wash block, white board, irrigation Drain At mohammadpiur Bazar, mohammadpur bus stand, Jhama High School and Rajapur 1550000
470 Magura Mohammadpur INF5-2020-21-405566-01 Construction of Bus Bay and wash block at Mohammadpur Bus stand 2450000
471 Magura Magura Sadar INF5-2020-21-405557-02 Construction of waiting Room for Students Guardian at 3no Gov. Primary school under Magura sadar, Magura 1940203
472 Magura Magura Sadar INF5-2020-21-405557-01 Construction of drain at AlomKhali, Gangnalia & Jagdal bazar and Multipurpose shed at Jagdal Bazar 3638591
473 Kushtia Mirpur INF5-2020-21-405094-03 Construction of RCC Open Drain from Burapara towards Shagorkhali River under Mirpur Upazila. 1117323
474 Kushtia Mirpur INF5-2020-21-405094-02 Building Construction at Dr. Justic Radhabinod Pal Model School under Mirpur Upazila, Kushtia. 2787426
475 Kushtia Mirpur INF5-2020-21-405094-01 Building Construction at Azompur Jonosheba Disable and Autistic School under Mirpur Upazila, Kushtia. 2787426
476 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF5-2020-21-405079-02 Construction of RCC drain at Ziarokhi Bazar more to ziarokhi field under Kushtia sadar upazila 1426183
477 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF5-2020-21-405079-01 Construction of RCC drain at Ziarokhi Maddrasa more to bazar more under Kushtia sadar upazila 4160409
478 Kushtia Kumarkhali INF5-2020-21-405071-02 Construction of two water treatment plant under Kumarkhali upazila . 1118024
479 Kushtia Kumarkhali INF5-2020-21-405071-01 Establishment of central oxygen system (20 outlets )with oxygen cylinder bank and 3 High flow nozzle canola (HFNC) in Kumarkhali Upazila health complex.(COVID) 3351250
480 Kushtia Khoksa INF5-2020-21-405063-02 Construction of 3 No?s hygiene corner at different educational institute under Khoksha upazila. 1791109
481 Kushtia Khoksa INF5-2020-21-405063-01 Construction of Shomoshpur abu taleb degree college vertical extension under khoksha upazila 2678165
482 Kushtia Daulatpur INF5-2020-21-405039-02 Construction of ICT room in Daulatpur Pilot Girls Secondary School. 1557523
483 Kushtia Daulatpur INF5-2020-21-405039-01 Installation of solar lights from Daulatpur Bazar to Taragunia Bazar towards Shashidharpur and from Hosnobad to Mathurapur along Dangmarka Bazar Road. 2911751
484 Kushtia Bheramara INF5-2020-21-405015-03 Supplying of Bench at different (19nos.) primary educational Institutes under Bheramara Upazila, Kushtia 2155190
485 Kushtia Bheramara INF5-2020-21-405015-02 Supplying of Bench at 13 nos. and Multi-media projector at 2nos. Educational Institutes (High School & College) under Bheramara Upazila, Kushtia 1357302
486 Kushtia Bheramara INF5-2020-21-405015-01 Establishing the Central Oxygen Supply System to supply oxygen to 20 nos. patient bed to combat COVID-19 at Upazila Health Complex, Bheramara, Kushtia. 1240984
487 Khulna Terokhada INF5-2020-21-404794-03 Construction of 113 Miter RCC Drain at Shohid Shreemeti Girls High School, Terokhada, Khulna. 1233705
488 Khulna Terokhada INF5-2020-21-404794-02 Supplying, assembling, fitting, fixing, Installation of Street Light, Solar Panel and Pole at different Roads/ Bazars (45 Places) in 06 Union, under Terokhada Upazila, Khulna District. 1378800
489 Khulna Terokhada INF5-2020-21-404794-01 Supply of Dextop Computer & LED TV at 3 educational Institutions of Terokhada Upazila (each school 10 dextop & 01 LED TV). 1856760
490 Khulna Rupsa INF5-2020-21-404775-03 Supply fitting fixing of water treatment plant at Tilok village under TSB union Rupsha, Khulna. 2147999
491 Khulna Rupsa INF5-2020-21-404775-02 (a) Supply fitting &fixing of 54set solar panel in the different important places of Rupsha upzaila and (b) supply 10 power-spray in the different union through Agriculture Dept. under Rupsha upazila, Khulna. 1890151
492 Khulna Rupsa INF5-2020-21-404775-01 Supply 319 pair high-low bench in the different High School & Madrasa under Rupsha upazila, Khulna 1961850
493 Khulna Phultala INF5-2020-21-404769-02 Construction of drain beside road of Damodar High School toward Railway station under Phultala, Khulna. 1082039
494 Khulna Phultala INF5-2020-21-404769-01 Construction of RRC drain indside Phultala Women Madrasa and Construction of RCC drain in the Atra Gilatala union 2917724
495 Khulna Paikgachha INF5-2020-21-404764-01 Construction of Salubrious Center and Refreshment Corner Including Autism Student at Secondary Level Education Institutions at Paikgacha Upazila,Khulna 4469274
496 Khulna Koyra INF5-2020-21-404753-03 Ambuliance supply of Upazila health complex at Koyra ,Khulna 2793296
497 Khulna Koyra INF5-2020-21-404753-02 Construction of Salubrious Center and Refreshment Corner Including Autism Student at 2 Education Institutions of Koyra Upazila,Khulna 1675977
498 Khulna Koyra INF5-2020-21-404753-01 Installation of rain water harvest plant in different educational institutions to solve the shortage of drinking water 2234636
499 Khulna Dumuria INF5-2020-21-404730-02 Supplying of Bench (187) for different Secondary School & Madrasa under Dumuria Upazila 1463415
500 Khulna Dumuria INF5-2020-21-404730-01 Construction of Water Treatment Plant 3126085
501 Khulna Dighalia INF5-2020-21-404740-03 Construction of surface Drain & RRC slab for the people of Gaikur (ward no-09) Alomgir Rice Mill towards Bhangabari under Arongghata union, Digholia, Khulna. 1117318
502 Khulna Dighalia INF5-2020-21-404740-02 Construction of surface Drain & RRC slab for the village of Brahmmagati (ward n0-08) Brahmmagati Madhyapara Forkania Madrasa towards Shakhawat Sheikh house under Digholia union, Digholia, Khulna. 2334637
503 Khulna Dighalia INF5-2020-21-404740-01 Construction of surface drain & PRC slab for the village people of Deyara Paschim para (ward N0-05) Idris Sheikh house towards Siddique Sheikh house on the river bank under Digholia U,P, Digholia, Khulna. 1000000
504 Khulna Dacope INF5-2020-21-404717-02 Supplying, assembling, fitting, fixing, Installation of Street Light, Solar Panel and Pole at different Roads/ Bazars (50 Places) in Dacope Upazila, Khulna District. 1556201
505 Khulna Dacope INF5-2020-21-404717-01 Supply of School Bench (12 Secondary Level Educational Institution of Dacope Upazila, Khulna). 3179512
506 Khulna Batiaghata INF5-2020-21-404712-03 a). Supply of Ceiling Fan at different Primary School b). Supply of Ceiling Fan at different Secondary school and madrasah under Batiaghata Upazila 1219512
507 Khulna Batiaghata INF5-2020-21-404712-02 Supplying High & Low Bench at different Primary school under Batiaghata Upazila district Khulna 2439024
508 Khulna Batiaghata INF5-2020-21-404712-01 Supplying of High & Low Bench at Different Secondary School & Madrasa under Batiaghata Upazila 2439024
509 Jhenaidah Shailkupa INF5-2020-21-404480-01 Construction of rest room with special facilities for female students of Shaheed Nagar Dakhil Madrasa of Shailkupa Upazila. 1923860
510 Jhenaidah Shailkupa INF5-2020-21-404480-02 Supply of high and low benches to various secondary schools under Shailkupa Upazila. 1410000
511 Jhenaidah Maheshpur INF5-2020-21-404471-02 Supply of Bench and Furniture for Examination Center at Talsar Secondary School in Maheshpur Upazila. 1230202
512 Jhenaidah Maheshpur INF5-2020-21-404471-01 Construction of an Examination Center at Talsar Secondary School in Maheshpur Upazila. 4455597
513 Jhenaidah Kaliganj INF5-2020-21-404433-02 A) Construction of 03 no's Lightning protected shed for farmers in crops land. B) Construction of a Community toilet for gipsy people C) Construction of Water treatment plant for safe drinking water D) Installed Solar street light in important village road and bazar. 2359824
514 Jhenaidah Kaliganj INF5-2020-21-404433-01 t(a)To Protect Covid 19 virus Infection, Construction of Hand Wash Basin in/c Soak well and Water facilities in 2 no's primary school (Belat and Freedom Fighterr Ulaed govt primary school) under Kaliganj upazila. B) Construction of Menstrual Hygiene room in Kola united High School for girls students under Kola Union, Kaliganj. 1846947
515 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar INF5-2020-21-404419-02 Supply of High-Low Bench to the 22 nos Educational Institute (Primary & Secondary) 2839900
516 Jhenaidah Jhenaidah Sadar INF5-2020-21-404419-01 Construction of 03 nos Washblock at the 03 nos Educational Institute under Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila 4101843
517 Jhenaidah Harinakunda INF5-2020-21-404414-02 Construction of restroom facilities for female students in Porahati Secondary School of Harinakundu Upazila. 1919250
518 Jhenaidah Harinakunda INF5-2020-21-404414-01 Supply and installation of solar lights on the main road from Amtala to Teiltupi and Sabekbinni to Porahati main road in Harinakundu upazila. 3282272
519 Jashore Sharsha INF5-2020-21-404190-01 Construction of Multipurpose shed at Navaron bazar, Sharsha, Jashore. 4469274
520 Jashore Manirampur INF5-2020-21-404161-03 Supplying of Benches at secondary schools 1220900
521 Jashore Manirampur INF5-2020-21-404161-02 Supplying of digital materials for multimedia classroom at secondary schools 2231985
522 Jashore Manirampur INF5-2020-21-404161-01 Supplying of Ultrasound Machine at upazilla health complex 1117450
523 Jashore Keshabpur INF5-2020-21-404138-03 Supply of Medical Equipment at Upazila Health Complex 1117319
524 Jashore Keshabpur INF5-2020-21-404138-02 A). Repair of Keshabpur Public Library Building & Construction of attached toilet B). Construction of buried pipe for irrigation 2000000
525 Jashore Keshabpur INF5-2020-21-404138-01 Construction of slaughter House at Keshabpur & Shagordari Bazar and Construction of Sheed at Baga Bazar 1117319
526 Jashore Jhikargachha INF5-2020-21-404123-01 Installation of Solar Street lights at various important places of the upazilla 4469120
527 Jashore Jashore Sadar INF5-2020-21-404147-03 Supply of School bench, Total Bench 153 1222500
528 Jashore Jashore Sadar INF5-2020-21-404147-02 Desk top computer 33 and LED TV Monitor-03 for Scholl and Collage, 2220000
529 Jashore Jashore Sadar INF5-2020-21-404147-01 Suplay of CBC Machine-01, Medical equipment and BP Machine 75, Stethoscope -75, Manual Bed-6, Oxygen calendar -6 1117319
530 Jashore Chaugachha INF5-2020-21-404111-02 Supply of Benches at different schools of chougacha Upazilla 2333100
531 Jashore Chaugachha INF5-2020-21-404111-01 Construction of Solar street lights at different public places of the Upazilla 2135000
532 Jashore Bagher Para INF5-2020-21-404109-01 Classroom Extension Sub-project of Karimpur of Jamdia Union of Bagharpara Upazila and Dashpakhia Government Primary School of Dhalgram Union. 4461274
533 Jashore Abhaynagar INF5-2020-21-404104-01 Central Oxygen system supply (Twenty out late) at Upazila Health Complex for COVID-19 treatment and 45 nos patent bead 4469274
534 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar INF5-2020-21-401855-01 Supply of Plastic Bench (Pair consisting of high & low bench) among 30 secondary level educational institutions under Upazila. 4878048
535 Chuadanga Damurhuda INF5-2020-21-401831-01 Supply of Plastic Bench (Pair consisting of high & low bench) among 35 secondary level educational institutions under Upazila, 4878048
536 Chuadanga Chuadanga Sadar INF5-2020-21-401823-01 Supplying of Multi media Projector, Destop Computer and Plastic Benches for different secondary schools. 2354890
537 Chuadanga Chuadanga Sadar INF5-2020-21-401823-02 Construction of Science building including 3 rooms at Alokdia Romela Khatun Girls school. 2238869
538 Chuadanga Alamdanga INF5-2020-21-401807-01 Supply of Plastic Bench (Pair consisting of high & low bench) among 36 secondary level educational institutions under Upazila. 4878048
539 Bagerhat Sarankhola INF5-2020-21-400177-01 Construction of RCC drain reducing Waterlogging . 4469273
540 Bagerhat Rampal INF5-2020-21-400173-03 Construction of Rain Water Harvesting System in Different Union under Rampal Upazila, Bagerhat 1117320
541 Bagerhat Rampal INF5-2020-21-400173-02 Supplying High and Low Bench at 18 different High School under Rampal Upazila, Bagerhat 2438700
542 Bagerhat Rampal INF5-2020-21-400173-01 Supplying Desktop and Multimedia for different High School under Rampal Upazila, Bagerhat 1117320
543 Bagerhat Morrelganj INF5-2020-21-400160-01 Construction Iron bridge on Goperkhal canal Nishanbaria Union. 2519061
544 Bagerhat Morrelganj INF5-2020-21-400160-02 Constructed passenger shed to kheyaghat and road place.. 1938722
545 Bagerhat Mollahat INF5-2020-21-400156-03 Establishment of Solar Street Light at Important Road under Mollahat Upazila. 1569877
546 Bagerhat Mollahat INF5-2020-21-400156-02 Construction of RCC Box Culvert at Grishnagar & Islampur Primary School Road. 1386081
547 Bagerhat Mollahat INF5-2020-21-400156-01 Construction of change Room at Dariala High school and Kochuria Bazar High School under Mollahat Upazila. 1509320
548 Bagerhat Kachua INF5-2020-21-400138-02 Construction of Change Room at (1) Gazalia Adarsa High school, (2) Sonakur Girls Dakhil Madrasa under Bagerhat Sadar Upazila 1699155
549 Bagerhat Kachua INF5-2020-21-400138-01 Construction of Class Room at Barukhali High School 2770119
550 Bagerhat Fakirhat INF5-2020-21-400134-02 Construction of Delivery Center & Extension of Ghanashyampur Community Clinic under Fakirhat Upazila. 2209972
551 Bagerhat Fakirhat INF5-2020-21-400134-01 Construction of vertical extension of Attaka pilot High School under Fakirhat Upazila. 3314988
552 Bagerhat Chitalmari INF5-2020-21-400114-01 Construction of School Building at Nabo Polly Junior Girls High School. 4460000
553 Bagerhat Bagerhat Sadar INF5-2020-21-400108-02 Supply Ambulance for COVID-19 and Emergency Patient under Bagerhat Sadar upazila 2905000
554 Bagerhat Bagerhat Sadar INF5-2020-21-400108-01 Construction of Change Room at (1) Fatepur Girls school, (2) Shahid Nayek Abdul Zabbar High School (3) Kapurpura school and College under Bagerhat Sadar Upazila 2678955
555 Tangail Tangail Sadar INF5-2020-21-309395-02 Construction of U-Drain and Cross Drain for disperse water at Birnahali under Gharinda union, Construction of RCC Drain for dispers water at Pakulla Bazar under Cilimpur union, and Construction of a Classroom with Ramp at Run Development Fatepur Otistic and Protibondhi School under Porabari, of Dainna union, Tangail sadar, Tangail 1665718
556 Tangail Tangail Sadar INF5-2020-21-309395-01 Estimate of construction work of Wash block at Torapgonj, Porabari & Pakulla Ananda bazar under union of Katoli, Porabari and Silimpur union respectively & construction work of Wash block at Hosne Ara Hasan Girl's School under Silimpur union under Tangil Sadar upazila 2803557
557 Tangail Sakhipur INF5-2020-21-309385-03 a) Construction of washblock in Betua market b) Construction of washblock in Kachua market 1391958
558 Tangail Sakhipur INF5-2020-21-309385-02 a) Construction of washblock in Kalidash market b) Construction of washblock in Hatya Kerani Para market 1391958
559 Tangail Sakhipur INF5-2020-21-309385-01 a) Construction of separate washblocks for female students at Pratimabanki Ekta High School b) Construction of washblock in Deodighi market 1677087
560 Tangail Nagarpur INF5-2020-21-309376-03 Constriction of public Toilet at Nagarpur Bus stand & Construction of Multipurpose shade at Batra Bazer Under Sahabotpur Union under Nagarpur Upazila. 1567598
561 Tangail Nagarpur INF5-2020-21-309376-02 Supplying of plastic bench at various High & Primary School under Nagarpur upazila. 2797503
562 Tangail Nagarpur INF5-2020-21-309376-01 Installation Multipurpose Market shade at Meghna Panan Bazar, Ghayhata Bazar, Rathura Bazer under Nagarpur Upazila. 1455866
563 Tangail Mirzapur INF5-2020-21-309366-02 Establish for Construction Solar Street Light at important road & some large market 1114631
564 Tangail Mirzapur INF5-2020-21-309366-01 Estimate for construction of water drainage at Fakirhat-Kapasia Teki road, under Gorai, Mirzapur 3135348
565 Tangail Madhupur INF5-2020-21-309357-02 Construction of the WASH Block for Educational institution and bazar at Madhupur upazila 4910447
566 Tangail Madhupur INF5-2020-21-309357-01 Supply high and low bench at various education institution (13 institutions) 1957500
567 Tangail Kalihati INF5-2020-21-309347-03 Construction 02 wash block of boys student at Kalihati lanngoalzora high school sub project 1115422
568 Tangail Kalihati INF5-2020-21-309347-02 Installment solar street light at various important place for the public interest. 1697628
569 Tangail Kalihati INF5-2020-21-309347-01 Supply high and low bench at various secondary education institution at Kalihati upazila (16 institutions) 1186950
570 Tangail Gopalpur INF5-2020-21-309338-03 Supply of high -low benches at 10 no's different educational institution. 1222500
571 Tangail Gopalpur INF5-2020-21-309338-02 Construction of building badurirchar High School under gopalpur upazila 1117400
572 Tangail Gopalpur INF5-2020-21-309338-01 Construction of buildings kaheta high school under gopalpur upazila 2222175
573 Tangail Ghatail INF5-2020-21-309328-03 Classroom extention of sheikh shimul government primary school under ghatail upazila 1675980
574 Tangail Ghatail INF5-2020-21-309328-02 Construction Of public toilet I'm malirchala bazar of sagardighi union under ghatail upazila 1117320
575 Tangail Ghatail INF5-2020-21-309328-01 Construction of external department building of ghatail upazila health complex to ensure the quality of health services in the COVID situation 1670783
576 Tangail Dhanbari INF5-2020-21-309325-02 Installment solar street light at various union road and Bazar at dhanbari upazila. 2624581
577 Tangail Dhanbari INF5-2020-21-309325-01 Construction a pucca building at jadunathpur High school , Dhanbari, Tangail 1844693
578 Tangail Delduar INF5-2020-21-309323-03 Construction of Wash block at different markets (Fultara Bazar, Nayachar Bazar, Chakbazar) Delduar Upazila Under The District of Tangail. 1554658
579 Tangail Delduar INF5-2020-21-309323-02 Construction of Wash block at different markets and Education institutions ( Dewjan Girls High School, Natiapara Bazar, Rupshi Hat) Delduar under the District of Tangail. 1457307
580 Tangail Delduar INF5-2020-21-309323-01 Construction of Wash block at different markets ( Alasin Hat, Nallahapara Bazar, Hinganagar Bazar) at Delduar Upazila Under Tangail Diatrict. 1457307
581 Tangail Bhuapur INF5-2020-21-309319-03 Construction of buildings akali kayeda dakhil madrasa under Bhuapur upazila. 1403868
582 Tangail Bhuapur INF5-2020-21-309319-02 Construction of buildings nikla highschool under Bhuapur upazila 1403868
583 Tangail Bhuapur INF5-2020-21-309319-01 Construction of washblock Shahid Zia mahila college and nikrail begum momotas girls high school 1661536
584 Tangail Basail INF5-2020-21-309309-03 A) Construction of fish shed in Basail new market B) Construction of sheds at Nalgaira market C) Construction of toilets in Bill Para market 1751783
585 Tangail Basail INF5-2020-21-309309-02 a) Construction of classrooms at Habla Tenguria Para Fazil Madrasa and b) Construction of surface drain at Bathuli Saadi Bazaar 1549582
586 Tangail Basail INF5-2020-21-309309-01 Construction of classrooms at Kauljani Lutfa Shanta Girls High School 1150407
587 Shariatpur Zajira INF5-2020-21-308694-01 Supply of Desktop Computers at 23 nos of different educational institutions (CPU-01,Monitor-01,Keyboard-01 & Mouse-01) various secondary and madrasa educational institutions under Zajira Upazila. 2640000
588 Shariatpur Shariatpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-308669-01 Construction of Domsar Jagot Chandra Institution (School & Collage) Building 3977659
589 Shariatpur Naria INF5-2020-21-308665-02 Supplying High and Low Combined Bench with Book Shelf(309 pair) of 8 Secondary Educational institutions under Naria, Shariatpur 2626500
590 Shariatpur Naria INF5-2020-21-308665-01 Construction of Adolescent friendly common room at three secondary educational institutions in Naria Upazilla. 4293377
591 Shariatpur Gosairhat INF5-2020-21-308636-03 Construction of Public Toilet at 02 nos of Gariberchar Dhalir Bazar at Alawolpur Union & Nagerpara Bazar at Nagerpara Union . 1760928
592 Shariatpur Gosairhat INF5-2020-21-308636-02 Construction of Market / Bazar Shade at Nagerpara Bazar at Nagerpara union and Construction of Irrigation Drain Samontosar Village at Smontosar Union in Gosairhat Upazila under Shariatpur District. 2391359
593 Shariatpur Gosairhat INF5-2020-21-308636-01 Installation of Water Treatment Plant at o3 nos of Important Places of various unions ( Nagerpara GPS, Mahiussunnah Dakhil Madrasha and Charmaijari Secondary School ) at Goshairhat Upazila under Shariatpur District. 1234323
594 Shariatpur Damudya INF5-2020-21-308625-02 Supplying High and Low Combined Bench with Book Shelf(193 pair) of 10 Secondary Educational institutions under Damudya, Shariatpur 1640500
595 Shariatpur Damudya INF5-2020-21-308625-01 Construction of two Adolescent friendly common room in secondary educational institutions at Damudya Upazilla. 2964314
596 Shariatpur Bhedarganj INF5-2020-21-308614-02 Supplying High and Low Combined Bench with Book Shelf(214 pair) of 10 Secondary Educational institutions under Bhedarganj, Shariatpur 1741960
597 Shariatpur Bhedarganj INF5-2020-21-308614-01 Construction of Adolescent friendly common room in secondary educational institutions at Bhedarganj Upazilla. 2869281
598 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF5-2020-21-308276-04 a. Construction of digital class room at Mulghor High School, b. Construction of wash block at Udaypur Ideal School, c. Construction of Wash Block at Matipara Bazar 2116389
599 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF5-2020-21-308276-03 Construction of Solar street light at different bazar 1122000
600 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF5-2020-21-308276-02 Distribution of digital class room equipment at different high school and madrasha 1120800
601 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF5-2020-21-308276-01 Develoment of Pure drinking water, Sanitation and Communication system at Belgachi Adibasi Polli 2342049
602 Rajbari Pangsha INF5-2020-21-308273-04 The construction of irrigation drain Jashai union ChandraDulia village in Pangsha Upazlia 1000000
603 Rajbari Pangsha INF5-2020-21-308273-03 The Establishment of Pangsha Upazila Hospital Central Oxgen Unit 1000000
604 Rajbari Pangsha INF5-2020-21-308273-02 The supply of Computer, Printer , Multi-media at the Pangsha Upazila level under the Mazpara, Patta , Bahadurpur Union's High schools, Maspara High School, PatikabarI Mohammad Ali High School, B AM D High School, Megna High School, Kachipara High School, Charafra High School, Jashai High School , Puijur A Z AM High School, Pattajona High School. 1000000
605 Rajbari Pangsha INF5-2020-21-308273-01 The supply of Bench at the Pangsha Upazila level under the Mazpara, Patta , Bahadurpur Union's High schools, Maspara High School, PatikabarI Mohammad Ali High School, B AM D High School, Megna High School, Kachipara High School, Nischantopur High School, Habaspur K Raj High School, Al Haz Shabuddin Academy , Charafra High School, Sujanagar High School, Jashai High School , Puijur A Z AM High School, Udaypur High School, Pattajona High School , Babupara Junior high School 1000000
606 Rajbari Kalukhali INF5-2020-21-308247-04 The Establishment of Kalukhali Upazila Hospital Central Oxgen Unit 1000000
607 Rajbari Kalukhali INF5-2020-21-308247-03 The supply of Bench at the Kalukhali Upazila level High schools Madrsa for Enhancing of education system,Mrigi High school, DBP High school, Harivanga High school, Laribari High school, Bkaya High School, Amena Kharun High school. Kalukhali Dakhil Madrasa, Sujadia Dakhil Madrasa, Paturia Dakhil Madrasa, Arkandi Shaheed Muktijudha Dakhil Madrasa, Somgrampur Dakhil Madrasa 1000000
608 Rajbari Kalukhali INF5-2020-21-308247-02 The supply of Computer, Printer , Multi-media at the Kalukhali Upazila level High schools Madrsa for digitalization of education system,Akhorjan High school, Paturia Adarsa High school, Riyapur KS AM Academy ,Ropsa Madachayan Academy , Skijan niyamantpur high school, Kalukhali Mahila college, Kalukhali Dhakhil Madrasa. Basta Pur Dhakhil Madrsa, Bangladesh Hat Dhakhil Madrasa, Harivanga High school, Laribari High school, Bkaya High School, Amena Kharun High school. Kalukhali Dakhil Madrasa, 1000000
609 Rajbari Kalukhali INF5-2020-21-308247-01 The Construction of irrigation drain in Kalukhali Upazlia Kulamar, Sikjan, Banjana Billzila 1000000
610 Rajbari Goalanda INF5-2020-21-308229-03 Supplying of necessary science lab equipment to establish modern science lab development at Dauladia model high school 1226976
611 Rajbari Goalanda INF5-2020-21-308229-02 Supplying of necessary modern medical equipment at Labour ward, Post Operative ward & Operation theatre, Upazila Health Complex, Goalanda 1354307
612 Rajbari Goalanda INF5-2020-21-308229-01 a. Construction of Solar Street Light at Ujanchar New Bridge Area b. Repair and Modernization of Labour ward, post operative ward at Upazila Health Complex 1967873
613 Rajbari Baliakandi INF5-2020-21-308207-03 Construction of Culvert at Ramdia Sitolda Road IN front of Malek moulobi House canal 1289520
614 Rajbari Baliakandi INF5-2020-21-308207-02 Construction of Solar Street light at Upaila Health complex to WAPDA road and Construction of Connecting RCC road at Monsur Ali College 1832198
615 Rajbari Baliakandi INF5-2020-21-308207-01 Construction of RCC drain for elimination of waterlogging at Sonapur Bazar, Baliakandi 1345486
616 Narsingdi Shibpur INF5-2020-21-306876-03 Construction of Fish Shed at Ningaow Bilshoron Bazar and Construction of Fishsed with drain at C&B Bazar of Shibpur Upazila. 2422014
617 Narsingdi Shibpur INF5-2020-21-306876-02 Necessary repair and modernization of COVID-19 word of Shibpur Upazila Health Complex 1117318
618 Narsingdi Shibpur INF5-2020-21-306876-01 Construction of Fish Shed at Gorbari Bazar and Jangalia Bazar of Shibpur Upazila. 2047260
619 Narsingdi Roypura INF5-2020-21-306864-03 Construction of girl?s common room-come hygiene corner in Abeda Fojlu public school and college and charmodhua high school. 2234636
620 Narsingdi Roypura INF5-2020-21-306864-02 Supplying High Low bench in different school of the Upazila 1219512
621 Narsingdi Roypura INF5-2020-21-306864-01 Supplying Computers and projectors in different school in the Upazila 1117320
622 Narsingdi Narsingdi Sadar INF5-2020-21-306860-04 Construction of Fish Shed at Dorichar Chalk Bazar of Narsingdi Sadar Upazila. 1117318
623 Narsingdi Narsingdi Sadar INF5-2020-21-306860-03 Construction a class room at Puranpara GPS of Narsingdi Sadar Upazila. 1119858
624 Narsingdi Narsingdi Sadar INF5-2020-21-306860-02 Installation of solar street lights on the road from Sangeeta Bazar to Putia Bridge. 1554679
625 Narsingdi Narsingdi Sadar INF5-2020-21-306860-01 To eradicate water logging construction a RCC Pipe drain at 8 No. Ward of Chinishpur Union, from ghuradia to Haridoua river. 1797277
626 Narsingdi Manohardi INF5-2020-21-306852-02 Renovation and Modernization of four FWC and one Community clinic of Monohardi Upazila 2232034
627 Narsingdi Manohardi INF5-2020-21-306852-01 Construction a common room-cum-hygiene center at Char Mandalia High School and Goshgaown High School 2237240
628 Narayanganj Sonargaon INF5-2020-21-306704-02 Supply medical equipment for WFC 1320000
629 Narayanganj Sonargaon INF5-2020-21-306704-01 Construction of u drain & Road at khamargaon main road to Meghna Nadipar under boidder bazar union, Sonargaon 3149274
630 Narayanganj Rupganj INF5-2020-21-306768-01 Supply of Central Oxygen supply System at 20 (twenty) beds in Rupganj UHC for prevention of COVID-19 3947661
631 Narayanganj Rupganj INF5-2020-21-306768-02 Constraction drain for water logien. 2756300
632 Narayanganj Bandar INF5-2020-21-306706-03 Supply Furniture for government primary school 3696000
633 Narayanganj Bandar INF5-2020-21-306706-01 Construction RCC Road from kusiara vadration primary school to kusiara health center 2018875
634 Narayanganj Bandar INF5-2020-21-306706-02 Supply of medical equipment of all FW & C for all union 1296400
635 Narayanganj Araihazar INF5-2020-21-306702-02 Supply of hi-low bench at 1)Girda Alhaz Nazrul Islam govt primary school, 2) shalomdi govt primary school, 3)Zokardia govt primary school, 4)Tekpara govt primary school, 5)Naynabad govt primary school 1031560
636 Narayanganj Araihazar INF5-2020-21-306702-01 Supplying College Bus in Gopaldi Nazrul Islam Babu College for the Student at Differrent Place of Araihazar Upazila. 3315000
637 Munshiganj Tongibari INF5-2020-21-305994-02 Supply of furniture (high & low bench) in different primary school in Tongibari, Munshiganj. 2673994
638 Munshiganj Sreenagar INF5-2020-21-305984-03 Construction of public toilet at khorkhola-baghra union under sreenagar upazila 1117319
639 Munshiganj Sreenagar INF5-2020-21-305984-02 Construction of hygiene corner at sreenagar government sufia a hy khan girls school. 1117319
640 Munshiganj Sreenagar INF5-2020-21-305984-01 Construction of room at sreenagar upazila health complex 2234636
641 Munshiganj Serajdikhan INF5-2020-21-305974-02 Construction of new building at rajdia avoy pailot high school under Ichapura union in Sirajdikhan Upazila 2371239
642 Munshiganj Serajdikhan INF5-2020-21-305974-01 Establish of solar light in different places of balurchar and quain union at Sirajdihan Upazila 1626718
643 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-305956-02 Supply of desktop computer and TV skin for classrooms of students in different primary schools of Munshiganj Sadar Upazila. 3351955
644 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-305956-01 Supply of high and low benches for students in different primary schools of Munshiganj Sadar Upazila. 1219512
645 Munshiganj Lohajang INF5-2020-21-305944-01 Construction of guardian corner sheds in various government primary schools under Louhjong upazila of Munshiganj district. 4469271
646 Munshiganj Gazaria INF5-2020-21-305924-01 Establishing Street Solar light to Gazaria Bazar to Vaberchor bus stand & Gazaria Bazar to Jamldi Bus Stand. 4335195
647 Manikganj Singair INF5-2020-21-305682-03 Supply of Bench Various Educational Institution 2281158
648 Manikganj Singair INF5-2020-21-305682-02 Construction of Delivery Room and Toilet in Union Health & FWC Under Chandohor Union 1342487
649 Manikganj Singair INF5-2020-21-305682-01 Installation of Central Oxygen Supply system at 20 (Twenty) beds in Singair Upazila Health Complex and medical equipment Distribution 1786964
650 Manikganj Shivalaya INF5-2020-21-305678-03 Construction Public Toylet 1848373
651 Manikganj Shivalaya INF5-2020-21-305678-02 Supply High & Low Bench of School 2025000
652 Manikganj Shivalaya INF5-2020-21-305678-01 Construction Class Room & Gardian Wating Shade of Jumunabad High School, Rawab Ibnul Ramzan School & Collage 1491042
653 Manikganj Saturia INF5-2020-21-305670-03 Construction Public Toylet 1067831
654 Manikganj Saturia INF5-2020-21-305670-02 Constraction of Gopalpur Bazar Internal Drain 1000610
655 Manikganj Saturia INF5-2020-21-305670-01 Construction of three fish shade arTilli,Horgaz and Kandapra Bazar &Two Multipurpose Shade at Railla & Dhankora Bazar . 1927601
656 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-305646-03 Supply Desktop Computer & Smart TV For Digital Class Room 1124141
657 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-305646-02 Construction 2 fish Shade, 01 Multipurpose Shade & 02 Waiting Shade 2217476
658 Manikganj Manikganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-305646-01 Supply High & Low Bench for High and Primary School under Manikganj Sadar Upazila 1230000
659 Manikganj Ghior INF5-2020-21-305622-03 Construction of multipurpose shade at Narchi Natun Bazar, Baradanga Bzaer, & Bangala Bazar at Ghior Upazila under the District of Manikganj. 1452514
660 Manikganj Ghior INF5-2020-21-305622-02 Construction of Wash block at different markets Ghior Upazila under the District of Manikganj. 1815642
661 Manikganj Ghior INF5-2020-21-305622-01 Construction of mini laboratory for upazila livestock office at Ghior under the District of Manikganj. 1201117
662 Manikganj Daulatpur INF5-2020-21-305610-02 Construction of one shed & construction of one Class Room 1626333
663 Manikganj Daulatpur INF5-2020-21-305610-01 Installation of solar lights on a important public road under Daulatpur Upazila 2841626
664 Madaripur Shibchar INF5-2020-21-305487-02 Supply Medical equipment's at different union health complex & family wealfare center under shibchar upazila. 1976855
665 Madaripur Shibchar INF5-2020-21-305487-01 Academic building construction 2492418
666 Madaripur Rajoir INF5-2020-21-305480-02 Supplying of Furniture at High Bench Low Bench at 15 nos Different High School, Rajoir. 1309000
667 Madaripur Rajoir INF5-2020-21-305480-01 Construction of classroom and wash block for disable welfare school and wash block for swarmangol takerhat rashidia kamil madrasa. 3267577
668 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar INF5-2020-21-305454-03 Supplying of power tiller for pani byabosthapona somobayi somity in Madaripur Sadar. 1117318
669 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar INF5-2020-21-305454-02 Construction of public toilet and including RCC road in Chandmari Bus Stand. 2234636
670 Madaripur Madaripur Sadar INF5-2020-21-305454-01 Construction of boatlanding and ghatla in Peyarpur Grameen Hat. 1117318
671 Madaripur Kalkini INF5-2020-21-305440-03 Supplying of Furniture at High Bench Low Bench at 12 nos Different Schools, Kalkini, Madripur. 1822500
672 Madaripur Kalkini INF5-2020-21-305440-02 Construction of wash block in Melkai Shishu Primary School and a class room in Mir Habibur Rahman Girls High School under Kalkini, Madaripur. 1117318
673 Madaripur Kalkini INF5-2020-21-305440-01 Construction of 3 Public toilet in Sahebrampur Bazar, Gopalpur Bazar and Dhulgram Bazar in Kalkini, Madaripur. 1675978
674 Kishoreganj Pukundia INF5-2020-21-304879-03 Construction a school building for MDB high School, Kishoregonj 1500036
675 Kishoreganj Pukundia INF5-2020-21-304879-02 Construction a school building for Shaheed Alauddin School, Kishoregonj 1500036
676 Kishoreganj Pukundia INF5-2020-21-304879-01 Supply high-low bench at SSC 1 exam center and 15 high schools 1600000
677 Kishoreganj Nikli INF5-2020-21-304876-02 Supply of Desktops in 20 School 1100044
678 Kishoreganj Nikli INF5-2020-21-304876-01 Construction of drain and internal RCC road 4351663
679 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar INF5-2020-21-304854-02 Installation of solar streetlights on the road from Usmanpur to Agarpur via Jamtoli in kuliarchar road from Dariykandi, Dumrakanda bajer to Foridpur bajer and adjacent markets and public places. 1200000
680 Kishoreganj Kuliarchar INF5-2020-21-304854-01 Construction of lakshipur dimukhi high school building 2800000
681 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-304849-02 Danapatuli union supplies solar lights at various important points. 2274700
682 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-304849-01 Ambulance Supply 2793000
683 Kishoreganj Karimganj INF5-2020-21-304842-02 Supplying of Solar Panel Connected Street Lights at important places of main road from Rouha to Balikhala & from Gundhar to Majlishpur under Karimganj Upazila. 1960000
684 Kishoreganj Karimganj INF5-2020-21-304842-01 Supplying of High & Low Benches as Educational Materials at 11 High School & 9 Madrasah of Educational Institutions under Karimganj Upazila 3037500
685 Kishoreganj Itna INF5-2020-21-304833-01 Construction of Irrigation drain at Itna Upazila under Kishoreganj. 4469167
686 Kishoreganj Hossainpur INF5-2020-21-304827-02 Established of solar street light at Hossainpur Upazila. 3325000
687 Kishoreganj Hossainpur INF5-2020-21-304827-01 Supply of High-low banch in different school at Hossainpur upazila 1248933
688 Kishoreganj Bhairab INF5-2020-21-304811-03 Construction of classroom Vobanipur solaymanpur lower secondary School 1219375
689 Kishoreganj Bhairab INF5-2020-21-304811-02 Construction of Veterinary mini Diagnostic Laboratory through upward extension in Livestock office 1871161
690 Kishoreganj Bhairab INF5-2020-21-304811-01 Construction of drains at Gokulnagar Bazar and bapari more to reduce waterlogging 3474814
691 Kishoreganj Bajitpur INF5-2020-21-304806-03 Supply of High-low benches at 6 different institutions in Bajitpur, Kishoreganj 1325940
692 Kishoreganj Bajitpur INF5-2020-21-304806-02 Supply of furniture repair and to Hilochia sub health center, Koilag- Rahela,Kukrarai,Maijchar community clinic under Bajitpur upazila 1074000
693 Kishoreganj Bajitpur INF5-2020-21-304806-01 Bhanda Majlispur Govt Primary School construction of drains for waterlogging. 1600060
694 Kishoreganj Austagram INF5-2020-21-304802-03 Construction of fish shed and drain 1234868
695 Kishoreganj Austagram INF5-2020-21-304802-02 Supply Desk Bench set 3498900
696 Kishoreganj Austagram INF5-2020-21-304802-01 Supply medical Equipment in different community clinics in Austagram Upazila 1132604
697 Gopalganj Tungipara INF5-2020-21-303591-01 Supply of solar/street light at 6 different roads and important places of Tungipara Upazila 4439074
698 Gopalganj Muksudpur INF5-2020-21-305558-02 Construction of public toilet and attach passenger camp at Jalirpar bazar under Nanikhir up under Muksudpur upazila 2088000
699 Gopalganj Muksudpur INF5-2020-21-305558-01 Supplying of high-low bench for various educational institution of Muksudpur upazila 2531500
700 Gopalganj Kotalipara INF5-2020-21-303551-02 Installation of solar lights at important places from Bandhabari to Kabarbari in Kotalipara upazila of Gopalganj district. 1271100
701 Gopalganj Kashiani INF5-2020-21-303543-02 Construction of hygiene corner at different secondary educational institution. 1892824
702 Gopalganj Kashiani INF5-2020-21-303543-01 Constrantion of street solar light at three different roads and important places of Kashiani upazila. 3467014
703 Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-303532-02 Construction of class room in government primary school adjacent to Raghunathpur High School in Gopalganj Sadar Upazila 3469339
704 Gopalganj Gopalganj Sadar INF5-2020-21-303532-01 Installation of buried pipe in Chandradighlia, Udfi and Gopinathpur Unions in Gopalganj Sadar Upazila. 2100000
705 Gazipur Kapasia INF5-2020-21-303336-02 Supply of modern equipment in delivery rooms at 10 FWC under kapasia upazila at Gazipur 1117319
706 Gazipur Kapasia INF5-2020-21-303336-03 Supply of Multimedia (Projector,Desktop) class room at Lohadi High School, Union High School, Bangataj Tajuddin Adarsha High School,Uttor Khamer M A High School, Ekuriya High School, Char Durlav Abdul Hi Sarkar High School,Toke Sorjubala High School,Vakoadi Hogh School, Kopalleshor High School,Barnama College, Nalgaon High School,Eidgaon Hogh School,Kapasia Horimonjuri pailot Girls High School,Vubonerchala High School at kapasia, Gazipur 2234637
707 Gazipur Kapasia INF5-2020-21-303336-01 Maintenance in OT Room & Post Operative Room at 06 FWC under Kapasia Upazila 1117319
708 Gazipur Kaliganj INF5-2020-21-303334-01 Constraction of Fish shed, Meat Shed,slaughter slub,garbage pit,toilet,tubewell & submersible pump 4469281
709 Gazipur Kaliakair INF5-2020-21-303332-02 Supplying & installation finger touch interactive white board with view sonic throw projector in 08 (Eight) primary school of kaliakair upazila,Gazipur 1117319
710 Gazipur Kaliakair INF5-2020-21-303332-01 Supplying Ambulance under kaliakair upazila parishad, gazipur 3351955
711 Gazipur Gazipur Sadar INF5-2020-21-303330-03 Supply of eletric water purifier for all educational institute of Gazipur Sadar 1225000
712 Gazipur Gazipur Sadar INF5-2020-21-303330-02 Construction of waiting shed & sanitary toilet for patient of Sarkarpara c.c of piruzali union. 1127396
713 Gazipur Gazipur Sadar INF5-2020-21-303330-01 Construction of class room in 2nd floor of vawal mirzapur college under gazipur sadar upazila 2189833
714 Faridpur Saltha INF5-2020-21-302990-02 Construction of Two (02) passenger shade and Water Treatment Plant 2325449
715 Faridpur Saltha INF5-2020-21-302990-01 Construction of 2 Fish Shade. 2133691
716 Faridpur Nagarkanda INF5-2020-21-302962-02 Supply of bench for the govt. primary and high school of nagarkanda Upazila 3261225
717 Faridpur Nagarkanda INF5-2020-21-302962-01 Supply of medical equipment to the community cilinic at Nagarkanda Upazila 1481154
718 Faridpur Madhukhali INF5-2020-21-302956-03 Construction of Guardian Shed and approach Road at Madhukhali Pilot High School under Madhukhali Upazila, Faridpur. 1144491
719 Faridpur Madhukhali INF5-2020-21-302956-02 Supply of Celling Fan at Different educational Institutions in Madhukhali Upazila under Faridpur District 1015226
720 Faridpur Madhukhali INF5-2020-21-302956-01 Supply of High and low Bench at Different educational Institutions in Madhukhali Upazila under Faridpur District 1834797
721 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-302947-02 Supplying, assembling and Installation of Solar Street light at different places in Faridpur Sadar Upazila under Faridpur District 1500000
722 Faridpur Faridpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-302947-01 Supply of High and low Bench at Different educational Institutions in Faridpur Sadar Upazila under Faridpur District 2743902
723 Faridpur Charbhadrasan INF5-2020-21-302921-03 Supply High-Law Bench to Five Primary School and Ten High School in Charbhadrasan Upazila 1219512
724 Faridpur Charbhadrasan INF5-2020-21-302921-02 Construction 2 Market shed in Monir khanr bazar and ochel bisshowser Bazar in char horirumpur Union 1213860
725 Faridpur Charbhadrasan INF5-2020-21-302921-01 Installation of arsenic free submersible deep tubewells at community level in Gazirtech Union and Charbhadrasan Union 2138096
726 Faridpur Boalmari INF5-2020-21-302918-02 Construction of Toilets in 4 Hat/Bazar in Boalmari Upazila. 2074646
727 Faridpur Boalmari INF5-2020-21-302918-01 Establishment of Three (03) Hygiene Corner at three Schools. 2359380
728 Faridpur Bhanga INF5-2020-21-302910-01 Supplying of bench ( pair) of various high school & madrasah under Bhanga upazila . 4000000
729 Faridpur Alfadanga INF5-2020-21-302903-02 Supply of High low plastic benches at 7 (Seven) Schools and 3 (Three) Madrashas. 2472629
730 Faridpur Alfadanga INF5-2020-21-302903-01 Establishment of 68 Solar Street Light. 2203348
731 Dhaka Savar INF5-2020-21-302672-04 Construction of Aushiia Bazar Public Toilet under savar Upazila, Dhaka 2021974
732 Dhaka Savar INF5-2020-21-302672-03 Supply of Computer, Printer, Scanner, UPS & Computer table-chair in 10 Educational Institutions under Savar Upazila. 1619808
733 Dhaka Savar INF5-2020-21-302672-02 Extension and renovation of Vakurta health and family welfare Centre 1714455
734 Dhaka Savar INF5-2020-21-302672-01 Supplying Medical Equipment and Instalment of Dental Unit for Upazila Health Complex, Savar, Dhaka 1347673
735 Dhaka Nawabganj INF5-2020-21-302662-03 Construction of Drain from Yantrail Natun Bazar under Nawabganj Upazila to Ichchamati River (Part 2) 1243783
736 Dhaka Nawabganj INF5-2020-21-302662-02 Construction of Drain from Yantrail Natun Bazar under Nawabganj Upazila to Ichchamati River (Part 1) 3463257
737 Dhaka Nawabganj INF5-2020-21-302662-01 Construction of wash room and hygienic corner for girls of Nawabganj Pilot School and College 1393003
738 Dhaka Keraniganj INF5-2020-21-302638-02 Provision of benches in 25 primary schools and secondary and higher secondary schools 3047261
739 Dhaka Keraniganj INF5-2020-21-302638-01 Renovation of Kalindi Jinjira Kalatia Union Health and Family Welfare Center in Keraniganj Upazila 1672877
740 Dhaka Dohar INF5-2020-21-302618-02 Construction of Drain for water drainage in irrigation at Sutarpara Union, Dohar 1649604
741 Dhaka Dohar INF5-2020-21-302618-01 Construction of RCC Drain for water drainage in irrigation at Raipara Union, Dohar 2817866
742 Dhaka Dhamrai INF5-2020-21-302614-02 Supply of ICT equipment and Education materials at Mohini Mohon Highschool and Zalsa Highschools in Dhamrai Upazila 2325832
743 Dhaka Dhamrai INF5-2020-21-302614-01 Construction of Cow-shade cum Treatment Corner for treatment management of Livestock. 2198484
744 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar INF5-2020-21-208487-02 Pure drinking water supply through solar panel system at five villages of five unions 3243173
745 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar INF5-2020-21-208487-01 Solar street light Installation at six unions of Rangamati sadar upazilla 1226000
746 Rangamati Rajasthali INF5-2020-21-208487-03 Wash block construction at Khagrachari Balika Bidyaloy of Ghilachari union 1285269
747 Rangamati Rajasthali INF5-2020-21-208478-02 RCC road repair from Naramuk para to Ammchara para and solar street light installation from Gainda up office to Moronga para 1141569
748 Rangamati Rajasthali INF5-2020-21-208478-01 Water supply through solar system by construction dam in the stream at Ghilachari union of Rajastholi upazilla 2042312
749 Rangamati Naniarchar INF5-2020-21-208475-02 Supply of high bench & low Bench of various school at Naniarchar upazila 1000000
750 Rangamati Naniarchar INF5-2020-21-208475-01 Supply of Agricultural equipment's(Power tillar, Power pump & lawn mower) 3000000
751 Rangamati Langadu INF5-2020-21-208458-04 Construction of Stair at Jaliya Para Are Mainimukh Union, Langadu Upazila 1111319
752 Rangamati Langadu INF5-2020-21-208458-03 Construction of Stair at Majjyartila, Vasannyadam Union, Langadu Upazila 1117319
753 Rangamati Langadu INF5-2020-21-208458-02 Installation of Solar Street Light at important places of Kalapagujja Union, Langadu 1117319
754 Rangamati Langadu INF5-2020-21-208458-01 Suppling drinking water at Gurusatang and Pangua Para Hilly area at Gulshakhalin Union, Langadu by Solar Panel system 1117319
755 Rangamati Kawkhali INF5-2020-21-208425-04 Distribution of high low bench at various educational institutions. 1226015
756 Rangamati Kawkhali INF5-2020-21-208425-03 Installation of solar street light 1746061
757 Rangamati Kawkhali INF5-2020-21-208425-02 Construction of wash block at siddiqui Akbar Madrasha 1157814
758 Rangamati Kawkhali INF5-2020-21-208425-01 Central oxygen supply at Kawkhali Upz health complex for 20 beds 1559441
759 Rangamati Kaptai INF5-2020-21-208436-02 Installation of solar street light at the important places of Kaptai Upazila 2975000
760 Rangamati Kaptai INF5-2020-21-208436-01 Construction of common room at Kaptai High School 1190000
761 Rangamati Kaptai INF5-2020-21-208436-03 A) Renovation of KRC high School B) Irrigation drain extention at Dongnala Upor para 1421194
762 Rangamati Juraichhari INF5-2020-21-208447-03 Water supply at four village of three unions( Juraichari sadar,Dumdumia and Moidong) of Juraichari upazilla through Gravity Flow System 2457940
763 Rangamati Juraichhari INF5-2020-21-208447-02 Solar street light installation from thana bridge to Dhamai para of upazilla sadar 1000001
764 Rangamati Juraichhari INF5-2020-21-208447-01 Construction Student hostel of Sholok college 3128492
765 Rangamati Belaichhari INF5-2020-21-208429-04 Agricultural equipment supply ( Paddy rice cutter machine) 1484501
766 Rangamati Belaichhari INF5-2020-21-208429-03 Water supply of Tarachori village by solar panel 1002379
767 Rangamati Belaichhari INF5-2020-21-208429-01 Water supply from Taingyachorajhiri to Propangpara by pipeline & Water supply pipeline repair of Tagologchora Mon 1233380
768 Rangamati Belaichhari INF5-2020-21-208429-02 Bench supply of various primary school at Belaichari upazila & celling Fan supply of Belaichari Govt. high school (22) Institutions of Belaichari Upazilla. 4999688
769 Rangamati Barkal INF5-2020-21-208421-02 Inatallation of solar panel at various school of Barkal for electrified 1705500
770 Rangamati Barkal INF5-2020-21-208421-01 Installation of solar street light at the important places of Barkal Upazila 1020300
771 Rangamati Barkal INF5-2020-21-208421-03 Supply of powertiller at different farmers cooperative group 1458000
772 Rangamati Baghaichhari INF5-2020-21-208407-03 Installation of Solar Street for the safety at night in different important places of Upazila under Baghaichari Upazila Parishad, Rangamati District 1117319
773 Rangamati Baghaichhari INF5-2020-21-208407-02 Construction of irrigation drain at Kadamtali and Kattali village in Marishya and Bangaltali UP under Baghaichari Upazila Parishad, Rangamati District 2234637
774 Rangamati Baghaichhari INF5-2020-21-208407-01 Construction of new Classroom of Administration School and College under Baghaichari Upazila Parishad, Rangamati District. 1117319
775 Noakhali Subarnochar INF5-2020-21-207585-02 Supply of Multi Media Projectors and All in One Desktop Computers in Different Schools under Subarnachar Upazila District Noakhali. 2234637
776 Noakhali Subarnochar INF5-2020-21-207585-01 Installation of Solar Street Lights in Important Roads/ Places at Different Unions under Subarnachar Upazila District Noakhali. 3351955
777 Noakhali Sonaimuri INF5-2020-21-207583-01 Installation of Solar Street Lights on Bazra Dighirjan to Amishapara Road(Sonapur Bazar via Sonapur Ali AkbarHigh School to Hirapur Road). 3867287
778 Noakhali Sonaimuri INF5-2020-21-207583-02 Construction of of public toilets in 06 places of Sonaimuri upazila. 2836548
779 Noakhali Senbagh INF5-2020-21-207580-01 Installation of solar lights in various important markets and places of senbagh Upazila 3339239
780 Noakhali Senbagh INF5-2020-21-207580-02 construction work of Wash Block at Wazadia alim madrasha and Esfakul haque manna madrasha 1130032
781 Noakhali Noakhali sadar INF5-2020-21-207587-02 Supply of Equipment and Furniture for Computer Lab at three Educational Institutions under Noakhal Sadar Upazila, District Noakhali. 3395318
782 Noakhali Noakhali sadar INF5-2020-21-207587-01 Installation of Solar Street Lights in Different Unions under Noakhali Sadar Upazila. 3351955
783 Noakhali Kabirhat INF5-2020-21-207547-02 Installation of Solar Street Lights in Important Roads/ Places at Different Unions under Kabirhat Upazila, District Noakhali. 2234637
784 Noakhali Kabirhat INF5-2020-21-207547-01 Construction of 02 Storied Science Building with 03 Storied Foundation for Sadar Nar Uttampur High School at Kabirhat, Noakhali. 4469274
785 Noakhali Hatiya INF5-2020-21-207536-02 Supply Plastic High & Low Pair Bench In Primary School, Number Of 13 School 2339762
786 Noakhali Hatiya INF5-2020-21-207536-01 Supply Plastic High & Law Bench Secondary School ,Madrasa and College Level , Number Of 27 4977311
787 Noakhali Companiganj INF5-2020-21-207521-03 Construction of Market Shade & Drain at Hajarihat bazar 1120785
788 Noakhali Companiganj INF5-2020-21-207521-02 Bangabandhu Digital Corner established 1564246
789 Noakhali Companiganj INF5-2020-21-207521-01 Computer Lab established different school & College 2588400
790 Noakhali Chatkhil INF5-2020-21-207510-02 Computer Lab established different secondary & College 3387852
791 Noakhali Chatkhil INF5-2020-21-207510-01 Project on setting up of three water treatment plants 2248161
792 Noakhali Begumganj INF5-2020-21-207507-01 Supply of high and low benches in 28 educational School (primary and secondary) under Begumganj upazila. 2414617
793 Noakhali Begumganj INF5-2020-21-207507-02 Construction of wash block at Majid High School under Begumganj upazila. 1117429
794 Noakhali Begumganj INF5-2020-21-207507-03 Supply of maternity services at 10 health and family welfare centers in Begumganj upazila. 1135812
795 Noakhali Begumganj INF5-2020-21-207507-04 Construction of drainage along the road adjacent to Gopalpur Mother and Child Hospital under Begumganj Upazila. 1121076
796 Lakshmipur Roypur INF5-2020-21-205158-02 A) Construction of wash block at Lamchari Keramotia Fazil Madrasa. B)Construction of wash block at Gazi Nagar Charpata Darussunnat Dakhol Madrasa. 1117318
797 Lakshmipur Roypur INF5-2020-21-205158-01 Provision of Ambulance to facilitate health services of Mother and children, COVID-19 patients and common people of 10-Raipur Union, 09-South Char Ababil Union and 03-Char Mohna Union under Raipur Upazila. 3351955
798 Lakshmipur Ramgati INF5-2020-21-205173-03 Provision of Water Ambulance in Char Abdullah Union Parishad to facilitate the health care of Mothers and Children, Epidemic patients and Common people of Char Abdullah Union and other Char areas of Ramgati Upazila. 2037464
799 Lakshmipur Ramgati INF5-2020-21-205173-02 Supply of Plastic Benches to Listed 11 Educational Institutions of Ramgati Upazila. 1434720
800 Lakshmipur Ramgati INF5-2020-21-205173-01 A. Supply of Delivery Table, Medical Bed and other Medical equipment for Listed 6 Union Health Center of Ramgati Upazila. B. Supply of Instruments for placement Breast Feeding Corner of Upazila Health Complex of Ramgati Upazila 1117318
801 Lakshmipur Ramganj INF5-2020-21-205165-02 Supply of laptops, multimedia projectors and screens in 12 (twelve) educational institutions of Ramganj upazila.(1.Ramganj Pilot Girls High School, 2. Fotehpur Jamil Ulum Fazil (Degree) Madrasa, 3. Vatara Bohumukhi High School, 4. Dalta Rahmania High School, 5. Ramganj Rabbania Kamil Madrasa, 6. Ramganj High School, 7. Kalikapur Model College of Agriculture Technology, 8. Shah Joki Uddin High School, 9. Ramganj Women Dakhil Madrasa, 10. Choumohuni Foyeze am Alim Madrasa, 11. Nagmud bazar High School, 12. Turi High School) 1200000
802 Lakshmipur Ramganj INF5-2020-21-205165-01 Supply of 01 (one) Ambulance at Upazila Family Planning Department, Ramganj, Lakshmipur to ensure emergency medical services including pregnant mother and child. 2800000
803 Lakshmipur Lakshmipur Sadar INF5-2020-21-205143-01 Supply of Plastic Benches for Listed 19 Educational Institutions of Lakshmipur Sadar Upazila. 4878048
804 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar INF5-2020-21-205133-02 Construction of class room on Jagobandu high school. 1497266
805 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar INF5-2020-21-205133-01 Provision of ambulance in Family Planning Department to prevent maternal and child deaths 2500000
806 Khagrachhari Ramgarh INF5-2020-21-204680-01 Installation of solar street light at different important p[laces in Ramgarh Upazila. 3348000
807 Khagrachhari Panchhari INF5-2020-21-204677-01 Drinking Water Supply at Tridiveswar Para, Pamdini Para, Jubonaksha Para and Prafulla Para under Panchari Upazila. 4469274
808 Khagrachhari Matiranga INF5-2020-21-204670-02 Construction of Wash Block in Various Educational institution. 1977950
809 Khagrachhari Matiranga INF5-2020-21-204670-01 Installations of Solar panels in various Educational institution. 2000000
810 Khagrachhari Manikchhari INF5-2020-21-204667-03 Installation of solar street light at different importtant places in Manikchari Upazila. 1675935
811 Khagrachhari Manikchhari INF5-2020-21-204667-02 Construction of passenger shade at 2 places (One is at near the Sapmara Madrasha & another is at Doshbil) in the upazila (20ftX10ft). 1117318
812 Khagrachhari Manikchhari INF5-2020-21-204667-01 Construction of irrigation drain at Tintohori Uttor Para agriculture land (380m) and at Gochhabil Chowdhury para agriculture land (60m). 1675793
813 Khagrachhari Mahalchhari INF5-2020-21-204665-03 Construction of Irrigation Drain from Chengi River to Agyo Karbari agricultural land 2045274
814 Khagrachhari Mahalchhari INF5-2020-21-204565-02 Installation Solar Panel in 3 Examination Centre (Mahalchari Govt. colege, Mahalachari Govt. High School and Maischari High School) 1200000
815 Khagrachhari Mahalchhari INF5-2020-21-204565-01 Installation Solar Street Light to prevent various unexpeceted accident in Mahalchari Upazila 1224000
816 Khagrachhari Lakshmichhari INF5-2020-21-204661-02 Supply High & low bench (total 197 pairs) at different secondary and junior secondary schools under Laxmichari upazila 1674500
817 Khagrachhari Lakshmichhari INF5-2020-21-204661-01 Electricity supply by installing solar panel at 1 secondary school, 4 junior secondary schools and at 5 govt. primary schools under Upazila. 2930530
818 Khagrachhari Khagrachhari Sadar INF5-2020-21-204649-03 Construction of new Class Room at Bhuyachari Baitul Aman Islamia Dakhil Madrasa. 1117319
819 Khagrachhari Khagrachhari Sadar INF5-2020-21-204649-02 Construction of Approach Road at South Golabari Community Clinic. 1117319
820 Khagrachhari Khagrachhari Sadar INF5-2020-21-204649-01 Construction of new Class Room and WASH Block at Bhaibonchara under Secondary Girls School. 2234637
821 Khagrachhari Guimara INF5-2020-21-204647-02 Supply of high Secondary and secondary and Primary school benches in Guimara upazila . 3000000
822 Khagrachhari Guimara INF5-2020-21-204647-01 Installion of solar street lights on Sindukchhari Union Road 1000001
823 Khagrachhari Dighinala INF5-2020-21-204643-02 Construction of Solar Strret light post for safety at night at important place at Dighinala Upazila. 2448000
824 Khagrachhari Dighinala INF5-2020-21-204643-01 Construction of Irrigation Drain Ajhaha member house to Charar Par, betchari Jobedar land to Chan Mia land Under Kabakhali and Merung Union. 3103119
825 Feni Sonagazi INF5-2020-21-203094-01 (1) Construction of classrooms in Gwalia Annadacharan Government Primary School. (2) Construction of guardian shadein Kazirhat Model High School premises. (3) Construction of common room for the students in Enayet Ullah Women's College. 2793296
826 Feni Sonagazi INF5-2020-21-203094-02 Construction of 10 culverts in different places in 05 unions of Sojagazi upazila. 1675998
827 Feni Parshuram INF5-2020-21-203051-01 Construction 4 New classroom of Parshuram Upazila under Feni District 4469274
828 Feni Fulgazi INF5-2020-21-203041-01 Supply Multimedia Equipments of 20 education Institute 4469274
829 Feni Feni Sadar INF5-2020-21-203029-01 Building extension work of Fazilpur Walia Fazil (Degree) Madrasa in Fazilpur Union of Feni Sadar Upazila. 2234637
830 Feni Feni Sadar INF5-2020-21-203029-02 Construction of laboratory room in Elahiganj Mumtaz Uddin High School in Panchgachia Union of Feni Sadar Upazila. 1117319
831 Feni Feni Sadar INF5-2020-21-203029-03 Renovation work of Feni intellectually disabled and autistic school?s building of Feni Sadar Upazila. 1117319
832 Feni Daganbhuiyan INF5-2020-21-203025-03 construction work of 02 Wash Block at Yakubpur and Matubhuiyan Union Parishad 1498029
833 Feni Daganbhuiyan INF5-2020-21-203025-02 Construction of Agriculture Irrigation Drain at Ramnagar and matubhuiyan Union Paishad 1498642
834 Feni Daganbhuiyan INF5-2020-21-203025-01 Supplying of Central Oxygen system (16beds) with construction oxygen cylinder bank at Daganbhuyan Upazila Health Complex for the prevention of COVID-19 2234586
835 Feni Chhagalnaiya INF5-2020-21-203014-02 Construction of Wash Block at Nijkunjara Fazil (Degree) Madrasa & Pathan Nagour Nurul Haque High School in Chhagalnaiya Upazila. 1519024
836 Feni Chhagalnaiya INF5-2020-21-203014-01 Construction of RCC drain at Gopal Somity Bazar to Bakshi Bhuyanpara road side at Gopal Union in Chhagalnaiya 2950250
837 Cumilla Titas INF5-2020-21-201994-03 Construction of student hostel building of Mongolkandi Fazil Madrasha 1000001
838 Cumilla Titas INF5-2020-21-201994-02 Construction of market shed at Batakandi bazar 1117319
839 Cumilla Titas INF5-2020-21-201994-01 Construction of Titas Diabetic Hospital Building 3999947
840 Cumilla Muradnagar INF5-2020-21-201981-01 a) Supply of Laptop Vaious Primary school b) Estimate for supplying Medical Instruments c) Installation of Street Light From Ramchandrapur(North) to Abdul Mojid College under Muradnagar upazila cumilla 4448618
841 Cumilla Monoharganj INF5-2020-21-201974-02 Supplying of Digital Lab Equipment?s in Two High Schools Under Monoharganj Upazila, Cumilla,1. Bipulashar Ahammadulla High School, 2.Mandergaon High School. 2319547
842 Cumilla Monoharganj INF5-2020-21-201974-01 Supplying of Benches(High & Low) among 20 Educational Institutions of Monohorganj Upazila. 2204100
843 Cumilla Meghna INF5-2020-21-201975-02 Provision of Ambulance for Upazila Health Complex for improving Health care for poor people 2234637
844 Cumilla Meghna INF5-2020-21-201975-01 Installation of street lights with solar panels of Vaterchar-Omrakanda-Upazila road 2234637
845 Cumilla Lalmai INF5-2020-21-201973-02 Supplying of Benches(High & Low) among 20 Educational Institutions 1972000
846 Cumilla Laksam INF5-2020-21-201972-02 Furniture (Bench) supply in 21 nos. different High School/Madrasa and Primary school 2165833
847 Cumilla Laksam INF5-2020-21-201972-01 A.Construction of Girls Facilities room at Boroigaom Girls High School; B. Installation of Computer lab at Iruain Dakhil Madrasa 2484935
848 Cumilla Homna INF5-2020-21-201954-04 Construction of drain at Ramkrisnapur Bazar at Homna 1233295
849 Cumilla Homna INF5-2020-21-201954-03 Construction of Wash Block 2921547
850 Cumilla Homna INF5-2020-21-201954-02 Supply of Smart TV 1313065
851 Cumilla Homna INF5-2020-21-201954-01 Medical equipment supply of Homna health and 3 union family planning center 1206134
852 Cumilla Debidwar INF5-2020-21-201940-02 Construction of additional class room of Borkamta Jagoroni govt. Primary School 2170000
853 Cumilla Debidwar INF5-2020-21-201940-01 Construction of additional class room of Voisherkut Dokkhin govt. Primary School 2750000
854 Cumilla Daudkandi INF5-2020-21-201936-02 Supply High-low banches at 19 different instituations (419 pair),Daudkandi Upazila. 3180670
855 Cumilla Daudkandi INF5-2020-21-201936-01 Public Toilet at Juranpur and Talerchaow bazer in Daudkandi 1554700
856 Cumilla Cumilla Sadar Dakshin INF5-2020-21-201933-01 Supply High and Low bench to School / College ( 29 institutions- 610 Pair ) 4878048
857 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF5-2020-21-201967-03 Comunity Clinic Repair 1248988
858 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF5-2020-21-201967-02 Wash Block, Toilet , Wash basin, and RCC Internal road of school. 1806158
859 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF5-2020-21-201967-01 Construction of underground (irrigated pipe) irrigation system to supply water to the land of the farmer members of Raichon Overall Village Development Cooperative Society under Kalir Bazar Union of Ardash Sadar Upazila. 1390625
860 Cumilla Chauddagram INF5-2020-21-201931-01 supply of high low benches to various secondary level educational institutions of Chauddagram upazila 4878049
861 Cumilla Chandina INF5-2020-21-201927-03 Construction of additional classroom at Maizkhar women madrasha at handina cumilla 1670716
862 Cumilla Chandina INF5-2020-21-201927-02 Construction of Additional classroom at panipara alim madrasha in Chandina 1248557
863 Cumilla Chandina INF5-2020-21-201927-01 Medical equipment Supply at Chandina Health Complex 1550000
864 Cumilla Burichang INF5-2020-21-201918-03 Construction of Delivery Room at Pirjatrapur Union health & FWC 1117318
865 Cumilla Burichang INF5-2020-21-201918-02 Construction of Girls Facilities room at moynamoti school and college 1117318
866 Cumilla Burichang INF5-2020-21-201918-01 Construction of Classroom at Kakiarchar Vocational School 2234637
867 Cumilla Brahmanpara INF5-2020-21-201915-02 Medical Equipment Supply 1479876
868 Cumilla Brahmanpara INF5-2020-21-201915-01 High low Bench supply at School & Madrasha ( 23 institution , Bench Pair 548) 4482328
869 Cumilla Barura INF5-2020-21-201909-01 supply of high low benches to various educational institutions of barura upazila 3048780
870 Cox's Bazar Ukhia INF5-2020-21-202294-01 Construction of Chakbaita High School Building at Ukhia Upazila in Cox?s Bazar 4469211
871 Cox's Bazar Teknaf INF5-2020-21-202290-03 Sub Project of a) Supply of Medical Equipment & Materials and b) Installation of Solar Panels for the Accelerating of Health Services in Saint Martin 10 beded Health Complex. 2198436
872 Cox's Bazar Teknaf INF5-2020-21-202290-02 Supply of Necessary High Bench & Low Bench in Primary, Secondary & Higher Secondary Level Educational Institution at Teknaf Upazila, Cox's Bazar 1257601
873 Cox's Bazar Teknaf INF5-2020-21-202290-01 Supply of Necessary Electric Fan to Primary, Secondary & Higher Secondary level Educational Institution of Teknaf Upazila, Cox's Bazar 3620446
874 Cox's Bazar Ramu INF5-2020-21-202266-02 Supply of High bench and Low bench under the Ramu Upazila School 09 nos at different institutions 1229280
875 Cox's Bazar Ramu INF5-2020-21-202266-01 Construction of RCC Drain in Mondolpara Main Road to Feroz mia house and Abutaer Mia house to Mostak mia house 3341660
876 Cox's Bazar Pekua INF5-2020-21-202256-02 Provision of benches in various high schools & madrassas under pekua upzila 1245000
877 Cox's Bazar Pekua INF5-2020-21-202256-01 Illumination of Chharapara RHD to PNT Basha saudagar Hat Road under pekua Upzila and road from pekua chaumuhani Bazar to Bagujara bridge through installation of solar street light 3325995
878 Cox's Bazar Maheskhali INF5-2020-21-202249-03 Supply of high bench and low bench for 7 schools 1219514
879 Cox's Bazar Maheskhali INF5-2020-21-202249-02 Installation of artificial inseminations center for cattle and a public toilet at Younuskhali bazar 2234637
880 Cox's Bazar Maheskhali INF5-2020-21-202249-01 Installation of Solar street light Project 1117319
881 Cox's Bazar Kutubdia INF5-2020-21-202245-01 North Durong Gauchia Adarsho Dhakhil Madrasa Construction of class room &supply of furniture 4469274
882 Cox's Bazar Cox's Bazar Sadar INF5-2020-21-202224-01 Supply of High bench and low bench for 28 Schools 4878049
883 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF5-2020-21-202216-05 Construction of agricultural irrigation drain in Kakara Union (Purbo Kakara Pahartoli) under Chakaria, Cox'sbazar 1118000
884 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF5-2020-21-202216-04 Construction of agricultural irrigation drain in Fashiakhali Union -Rudrapara-Kumarisara-Debgharpankhali under Chakaria, Cox'sbazar 1673900
885 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF5-2020-21-202216-03 Construction of agricultural irrigation drain in BM Char Union (Hasmahal-Kurumakum River) under Chakaria, Cox'bazar 1118000
886 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF5-2020-21-202216-02 Construction of agricultural irrigation drain in Baroitoli Union ( Shaheber bill) under Chakaria, Cox'sbazar 1118000
887 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF5-2020-21-202216-01 Construction of agricultural irrigation drain in Surajpur-Manikpur Union (Amin's shop-mosque bill) under Chakaria, Cox'sbazar 1676000
888 Chattogram Sitakunda INF5-2020-21-201586-03 supply High and Low bench at 8 primary schools 1219512
889 Chattogram Sitakunda INF5-2020-21-201586-02 supply of Desktop computer (All In One Pc) and Multi Media Projectors in 14t Educatinal Institutions of Sitakunda Upazila 2234637
890 Chattogram Satkania INF5-2020-21-201582-01 Supply of Medical equipment, supply of solar light 1400000
891 Chattogram Satkania INF5-2020-21-201582-02 Supply of high-bench-low-bench at education institution, Supply of Power tiller at farmers somitee 540000
892 Chattogram Satkania INF5-2020-21-201582-03 Construction of artificial insemination Centre for cattle 1229051
893 Chattogram Sandwip INF5-2020-21-201578-02 Construction of Irrigation drain at Kalapania UP, ward-08 ( 338 meter) 1913000
894 Chattogram Sandwip INF5-2020-21-201578-01 Construction of 3 (three) Wash Blocks at South Sandwip College, Abul Kashem Haider Girls College and South Sandwip Abeda Foyez Girls High School 2521504
895 Chattogram Raozan INF5-2020-21-201574-05 Procurement of Power Tiller for different Farmer Group/Samitee of Raozan Upazila 1260000
896 Chattogram Raozan INF5-2020-21-201574-04 Installation of Water Purifying Plant at diffent education institutions of Raozan Upazila 1159175
897 Chattogram Raozan INF5-2020-21-201574-03 Procurement of ICT materials (Desktop computer with Table-chair, Projector and Screen) for diffent education institutions of Raozan Upazila 1251000
898 Chattogram Raozan INF5-2020-21-201574-02 Procurement of Benches for diffent education institutions of Raozan Upazila 1648000
899 Chattogram Raozan INF5-2020-21-201574-01 Installation of Central Oxygen Supply System at Raozan Upazila Health Complex 1517877
900 Chattogram Rangunia INF5-2020-21-201570-05 Medical equipment supply of upazilla health complex 1000000
901 Chattogram Rangunia INF5-2020-21-201570-06 Construction of irrigation drain at Roishabili( Part2) 1000000
902 Chattogram Rangunia INF5-2018-19-201570-04 Constrution of Bazar shed at Podua Razarhat Bazar 1000000
903 Chattogram Rangunia INF5-2020-21-201570-03 Construction of irrigation drain at Mudsuddipara vilaage of Moriom Nagar union 1000000
904 Chattogram Rangunia INF5-2020-21-201570-02 Construction of Irrigation drain at west srafvata & hazarikhil village 1000000
905 Chattogram Rangunia INF5-2020-21-201570-01 Construction of Harniarbill irrigation drain at Rajanagar union 1000000
906 Chattogram Patiya INF5-2020-21-201561-03 (A) Supply low lift pump to different agricultural group for mitigate irrigation problem on agriculture production. (B) Supply ICT equipment at different educational institute of Patiya upazila. 1681500
907 Chattogram Patiya INF5-2020-21-201561-01 To build a semi paca 60 sited trainees training cum surgical room at Patiya upazila on the yard of livestock department and veterinary hospital area for socio-economic development of livestock related farmers. 2500675
908 Chattogram Mirsharai INF5-2020-21-201553-04 Supply High and Low benches at 7 high schools of Mirsharai Upazila. 1463414
909 Chattogram Mirsharai INF5-2020-21-201553-03 Wash block construction work at Nizampur College 1326000
910 Chattogram Mirsharai INF5-2020-21-201553-02 Water irrigation drain construction and community clinic repairing work 2320498
911 Chattogram Mirsharai INF5-2020-21-201553-01 Medical equipment supply in different health clinics and fitting & fixing solar street light in different unions 1662690
912 Chattogram Lohagara INF5-2020-21-201547-04 Supply of high-low benches in 06 (Six) educational institutions and Examination centers of Lohagara Upazila, Chattogram 1536000
913 Chattogram Lohagara INF5-2020-21-201547-03 Construction of RCC Drain with Covered at Darbeshhat Bazar under Lohahara Upazila, Chattogram 1758830
914 Chattogram Lohagara INF5-2020-21-201547-02 Installation of tubewells with submersible pumps in different educational institutions of Lohagara upazila, Chattogram 1287413
915 Chattogram Lohagara INF5-2020-21-201547-01 Medical supplies, oxygen cylinder ( Central Oxygen System) at Lohagara Upazila Health Complex to prevent -COVID-19 1117500
916 Chattogram Hathazari INF5-2020-21-201537-02 Installation of street lights with solar panels at various places of public importance on the road adjacent to Beribandh on the banks of Halda river declared as Bangabandhu Matsya Heritage. 3240224
917 Chattogram Hathazari INF5-2020-21-201537-01 Supply of desktop computers, UPS, multimedia projectors and furniture to 10 secondary level educational institutions to improve the quality of education. 1229050
918 Chattogram Fatikchhari INF5-2020-21-201533-01 Supply of high-low benches at 13 primary school, 15 high school and 3 madrasha in Fatikchhari upazila 4878048
919 Chattogram Chandanaish INF5-2020-21-201518-03 (A) Supply LED smart TV at different school for improvement of Education. (B) Supply, fitting & fixing best quality ceilling fan at different school under Chandanaish upazila. 1340249
920 Chattogram Chandanaish INF5-2020-21-201518-02 Supply high & low Bench at different school under Chandanaish upazila. 4140369
921 Chattogram Chandanaish INF5-2020-21-201518-01 Supply, assembling, fitting, fixing & installation of street light, Solar panel & pole at different important places under the Chandanaish upazila, Chattogram. 1682567
922 Chattogram Boalkhali INF5-2020-21-201512-02 Supply of high-low benches at 15 different institutions. 1908000
923 Chattogram Boalkhali INF5-2020-21-201512-01 Installation of street light at different union at boalkhali upazila. 4954949
924 Chattogram Banshkhali INF5-2020-21-201508-02 Construction of Wash Block at Sadhonpur Polli Unnuon high school. 1000000
925 Chattogram Banshkhali INF5-2020-21-201508-04 Supply of High-low-benches at different institutions 1219512
926 Chattogram Banshkhali INF5-2020-21-201508-03 Construction of classroom(Extension) 1000000
927 Chattogram Banshkhali INF5-2020-21-201508-01 Construction of Wash Block 1000000
928 Chattogram Anowara INF5-2020-21-201504-02 Supply Ambulance at anowara family planning office. 2480000
929 Chattogram Anowara INF5-2020-21-201504-01 Supply of High &Low benches at 17 nos different educational institutions. 1625000
930 Chandpur Shahrasti INF5-2020-21-201395-01 Establishment of Bangabandhu Digital Lab in 04 schools on the occasion of Mujib Year. 4000000
931 Chandpur Matlab Dakshin INF5-2020-21-201376-01 Supplying Furniture (High and Low Bench) in 44 Educational Institutions of Matlab Dakshin Upazila 4875000
932 Chandpur Kachua INF5-2020-21-201358-01 Distribution of High and Low bench in 1 school and college and 5 schools. 3587000
933 Chandpur Kachua INF5-2020-21-201358-02 Supply of medical equiepment supplies to 11 Union Health and Family welfare centers. 1178150
934 Chandpur Hajiganj INF5-2020-21-201349-03 Construction of Women Entrepreneurs Handicraft product exhibition and sales center 1880330
935 Chandpur Hajiganj INF5-2020-21-201349-02 Construction of one storied Hostel Building at Hazigang Degree College 3078800
936 Chandpur Haimchar INF5-2020-21-201347-04 Construction Drain 1805403
937 Chandpur Haimchar INF5-2020-21-201347-03 Construction of Public Toilet 1425900
938 Chandpur Haimchar INF5-2020-21-201347-02 Construction of Primary School Building (Tin Shed) 1142818
939 Chandpur Haimchar INF5-2020-21-201347-01 Installing Hand Washing Basin & Electric Water Filter for Combat COVID-19 1212471
940 Chandpur Faridganj INF5-2020-21-201345-01 Supply of high and low benches for students of 08 (eight) educational institutions of Faridganj upazila.(1. Kalir Bazar Mizanur Rahman High School, 2. Bargaon High School, 3. Astha Mahamaya Pathshala High School, 4. Rampur Bazar Majidia High School, 5. Protashi RA High School, 6. Chirka Chandpur Bohumukhi High School and College 7. Sonali Girls High School and 8. Noapara Nesaria Dakhil Madrasa) 1000000
941 Chandpur Faridganj INF5-2020-21-201345-03 Construction of 2 (two) class rooms for students of 02 educational institutions of Faridganj Upazila (1. Santoshpur High School and 2. Alinur Hossainniya Alim Madrasa) 2498677
942 Chandpur Faridganj INF5-2020-21-201345-02 Construction of 03 (three) wash blocks and water supply for the students (girls / women) of 03 educational institutions of Faridganj Upazila (1. Paikpara Junior Girls School, 2. Darul Ekhlach Amena (R.) Mahila Dakhil Madrasa 3. Laxmipur Kashimia Alim Madrasa) 1970597
943 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-201322-02 Construction of Hand Washing Basin & Installing Digital Electric Water Filters at Different Community Clinics to Combat COVID-19 3341393
944 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-201322-01 Construction of Irrigation Drain 3351955
945 Brahmanbaria Sarail INF5-2020-21-201294-03 a.Construction of RCC Agricultural Irrigation Drain in Ajman Traders Agricultural Irrigation in kalikachch Union of Upazila. b. Construction of RCC Agricultural Irrigation Drain in Baten Ali Agricultural Irrigation Scheme in Damaura Village of ward no.2 of Aruail Union of Sarail Upazila. c. Construction of RCC Agricultural Irrigation Drain in Shafiqur rhaman Agricultural Irrigation Scheme in phasim kuttapara Village of ward no.9 of Sarail Union of Sarail Upazila. 1675977
946 Brahmanbaria Sarail INF5-2020-21-201294-02 Supply of Solar street light s to various dark roads of Sarail Upaizla . 2234615
947 Brahmanbaria Sarail INF5-2020-21-201294-01 Supply of Medical equipment for modrnization of labar room in 4 union Helth & Family Walfare Center nuder Sarail Upazila. 1675418
948 Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar INF5-2020-21-201290-01 Supply of Street Lights in Various dark roads and of the Upazila 4469273
949 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF5-2020-21-201285-03 Construction of wash block at 3 High school 1227793
950 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF5-2020-21-201285-02 Supply of medical equipment at 5 union heath &family welfare centre and multimedia, printer, computer at secondary school 2124161
951 Brahmanbaria Nabinagar INF5-2020-21-201285-01 Supply of central oxegen system at health complex 1117318
952 Brahmanbaria Kasba INF5-2020-21-201263-02 A. Supply of medical equipment to 6 Union Health and Family Welfare Centers of Upazila to reduce maternal mortality and increase normal delivery & B. Renovation of four Union Health and Family Welfare Centers 2234637
953 Brahmanbaria Kasba INF5-2020-21-201263-01 Upgradation of eighteen classrooms in eighteen educational institutions to multimedia classrooms. 2234637
954 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar INF5-2020-21-201213-02 Supply of 22 (twenty two) oxygen cylinders for prevention of Kavid-19 and treatment of pregnant women in 11 (eleven) Union Health and Family Welfare Centers of Sadar Upazila and supply of desktop computers in different institutions. 1117318
955 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar INF5-2020-21-201213-01 a)Construction of 2 (two) classrooms at Send Bir Muktijodda Ubaidul Moktadir Chowdhury High School b)Construction of a room for the mentally handicapped and autistic school at Bijeshwar village in Ramrail union. c)Construction of RCC road for students of Majlishpur Government Primary School and Majlishpur Dakhil Madrasa of Majlishpur Union. 3351956
956 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar INF5-2020-21-201207-03 dental unit set up at upazilla health complex 1117318
957 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar INF5-2020-21-201207-01 Construction of Shaikh Rasel Science Bhaban at purbachal collage under Bijoynagar upazilla 2234635
958 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur INF5-2020-21-201204-02 Asadnagar East Government Primary School and Tatuakandi Reg: Construction of toilet block of Government Primary School. 1706390
959 Brahmanbaria Bancharampur INF5-2020-21-201204-01 Supply of medical equipment at Bancharampur Upazila Health Complex and supply of high-low benches at Baherchar Captain AB Tajul Islam College and Bhurbhuria High School. 2903345
960 Brahmanbaria Ashuganj INF5-2020-21-201233-02 Construction of hand washing basins in 20 primary schools of Ashuganj upazila to prevent covid-19 1117318
961 Brahmanbaria Ashuganj INF5-2020-21-201233-01 Supplying and installing a total of 103 street lights on two roads from Ashuganj Puragudam to Charchartala Union's Tekpara Bridge and Ashuganj Fertilizer. 3351966
962 Brahmanbaria Akhaura INF5-2020-21-201202-01 Constraction of a culvert and constraction of 4(Four) RCC drains of 348m length. 4469274
963 Bandarban Thanchi INF5-2020-21-200395-02 Connection of Water line from hilly stream to Thanchi Girls School, Headman para GPS & Headman para through uPVC coilpipe with water tanks 1117319
964 Bandarban Thanchi INF5-2020-21-200395-01 Construction for hostel at Thanchi Girls School 3351953
965 Bandarban Ruma INF5-2020-21-200391-02 Construction & connect of water lines from hilly ridge to Manglaingraw para through 12000 feet PVC coil pipe for water supply 1117318
966 Bandarban Ruma INF5-2020-21-200391-01 Supply Mini-bus for Ruma Sangu Govt. college 3351955
967 Bandarban Rowangchhari INF5-2020-21-200389-02 Construction of public toilet (wash bolck) Silbandha para 1568318
968 Bandarban Rowangchhari INF5-2020-21-200389-01 Construction of Irrigation Water Supply System at Kosoptali ( Liragou) Para Through pipe line under Alikong union. 2865739
969 Bandarban Naikhongchhari INF5-2020-21-200373-02 Supply of Desktop Computer and Projector under the High school and Madrasa in Naikhongchhari Upazila 10 nos at different institutions 1328000
970 Bandarban Naikhongchhari INF5-2020-21-200373-01 Supply of Ambulance in Naikhongchhari Upazila Health Complex 3117000
971 Bandarban Lama INF5-2020-21-200351-03 Construction of Paka irrigation drain in Barchhan khula bill under Fasiakhali Union at Lama Upazila, Bandarban. 2234637
972 Bandarban Lama INF5-2020-21-200351-02 Construction of public toilet in Sabek (former) Bilchhari Marma villages 1117319
973 Bandarban Lama INF5-2020-21-200351-01 Pure water supply project through PVC pipes at Wakrau Para in Fasiakhali Union 1117319
974 Bandarban Bandarban Sadar INF5-2020-21-200314-02 Supply Furniture for Different School of Sadar Upazila 1685000
975 Bandarban Bandarban Sadar INF5-2020-21-200314-03 Supply Power Tiller, Spreyrer machine for Different Union of Sadar Upazila 1482980
976 Bandarban Bandarban Sadar INF5-2020-21-200314-01 Construction of Water Supply System at monjoy Para (Jamchari union) Through pipe line. 3130957
977 Bandarban Alikadam INF5-2020-21-200304-01 Installation of solar street lights on important powerless roads in four unions of Alikadam Upazila. 4469190
978 Pirojpur Pirojpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-107980-04 Repair of 5 nos community clinic at Pirojpur sadar upazila (Community clinic repair) 1117318
979 Pirojpur Pirojpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-107980-03 Soler street light installation after ending area of Pirojpur Pourasava to kadamtola bazar, Kolakhali steel bridge to daudpur bazar, Front road of Shankarpasha union parishad and Banga Mata Fazilatun nesa Mujib bridge to Geash uddin Haque bepari house. 1117318
980 Pirojpur Pirojpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-107980-02 Supply School bench at different schools (10 institutes) 1219511
981 Pirojpur Pirojpur Sadar INF5-2020-21-107980-01 Construction of Girls common room at G. Haider High school 1117318
982 Pirojpur Nesarabad INF5-2020-21-107987-02 Solar Street light installation in different roads of union level 1880042
983 Pirojpur Nesarabad INF5-2020-21-107987-01 351 pairs Bench supplies at 36 different secondary level schools of Nesarabad Upazila (Islampur M. Bidhyalaya, Jagannathkathi M. Bidy., Purbo Jalabari Girls school, Edilkathi Girls high school, Samodebkathi high school, SGS high scool Juluhar, Sashid ashathakathi high school, Kuriana Arzasammeloni high school, Mahmudkathi Esamuddin school, Sutiakathi Pilot girls high school, Balihari high school, Nanduhar united Girls high school, Chandmia high school, Sohaghdal Rajabali girls high school, Sohaghdal adarsha high school, Samsunnahar Halim junior school, Baldia high school, Daihary sahid smriti girls high school, Tingram sammeloni school, Agarogram sammeloni high school, Alkirhat haque girls high school, Daihary URK Madhaymic school, Jalabari junior high school, Ganman sohaghdal salehia Fajil madrasha, Mahmudkathi dakhil madrasha, Uttor Karfa Hanifia Dakhil Madrasha, Bashkathi Partikel Dakhil Madrasha, Guarekha Rabbania Dakhil Madrasha, Uribunia Ganosammeloni high school, Sukadittakathi high school, Nabarun madyamic bibhyalay, Baldia central high school, Dubi Alim Madrasha, Ekushgram sammeloni high school, AK inistitution daihary ) 2825901
984 Pirojpur Nazirpur INF5-2020-21-107976-03 Supply and Fixing solar street light 2234637
985 Pirojpur Nazirpur INF5-2020-21-107976-02 Supply school bench at different High school (14 schools) 1219511
986 Pirojpur Nazirpur INF5-2020-21-107976-01 Room construction at Taher uddin High school 1117318
987 Pirojpur Mathbaria INF5-2020-21-107958-02 Supply of High-low benches at 10 nos different educational institutions and supply medical equipment?s at Union health and family welfare center 1536794
988 Pirojpur Mathbaria INF5-2020-21-107958-01 Construction of community toilet at Guilshakhali, Kumirmara and Amragasir Market and construction Wash Block at Tofailakan Secondary School to ensure health service. 3004882
989 Pirojpur Kawkhali INF5-2020-21-107947-03 Supplying 34 no's Solar Street Lights in 3 different roads 1000000
990 Pirojpur Kawkhali INF5-2020-21-107947-02 Constraction of 4 no's fish shades 1200000
991 Pirojpur Kawkhali INF5-2020-21-107947-01 Supplying High-Low Bench at 24 no's different High schools 1800000
992 Pirojpur Indurkani INF5-2020-21-107990-01 Community based Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant 4469274
993 Pirojpur Bhandaria INF5-2020-21-107914-02 Construction women refreshment room at Telekhali high school under Bhandaria Upazila 2355290
994 Pirojpur Bhandaria INF5-2020-21-107914-01 Supply of 260 pairs Plastic bench at 28 different secondary level school & 3 colleges & 60 ceiling fan for 19 school & 1 College. 2307280
995 Patuakhali Rangabali INF5-2020-21-107897-02 Estimate for supplying TV 43" BRAVIA DIFFERENT HIGH SCHOOL AND MADRASHA UNDER BRANGABALI UPZ ,PATUAKHALI. 1327422
996 Patuakhali Rangabali INF5-2020-21-107897-03 vertical extension 2nos room of Amlibaria sinior madrasha under rangabali upz ,patuakhali.. 1536289
997 Patuakhali Patuakhali Sadar INF5-2020-21-107895-02 : Supply of street solar light (65) for important places 13 different union under Patuakhali sadar Upazila 2160100
998 Patuakhali Patuakhali Sadar INF5-2020-21-107895-01 Supplying of high and low bench for 14 different high school under patuakhali sadar upazila 2520000
999 Patuakhali Mirzaganj INF5-2020-21-107876-01 Construction three class room at Moyada Shalahia Dhakhil Madrasha under Mitzagonj upazila 4469274
1000 Patuakhali Kalapara INF5-2020-21-107866-03 Supply of the medical equipments to the upazila health complex and two community clinics of seven family planing centres under kalapara upazila. 1269932
1001 Patuakhali Kalapara INF5-2020-21-107866-02 Renovation of the Laluya and Neelganj family planning center and changing room of the female students of khepupara govt secondary school under kalapara upazila. 1689429
1002 Patuakhali Kalapara INF5-2020-21-107866-01 Construction of the mini sluice on the canal of Rajopara of Rajopara village of Tiyakhali Union under Kalapara Upazila. 1498500
1003 Patuakhali Galachipa INF5-2020-21-107857-02 Construction of Public Toilet at different unions of Galachipa Upazila under Patuakhali district 2842490
1004 Patuakhali Galachipa INF5-2020-21-107857-01 Supply of High-Low Plastic Bench at 15 (fifteen) Education Institutions of Galachipa Upazila under Patuakhali district 1768000
1005 Patuakhali Dumki INF5-2020-21-107855-02 supplying 8 (Eight) Power tillers among the group farmers at union level under Dumki Upazila for Boro Paddy Cultivation 1519554
1006 Patuakhali Dumki INF5-2020-21-107855-01 Supplying, assembling, fitting & fixing installation of street solar light panel and pole at different roads/Bazar in 5 unions under Dumki upazila 5184358
1007 Patuakhali Dashmina INF5-2020-21-107852-02 Construction of Public Toilet 3248560
1008 Patuakhali Dashmina INF5-2020-21-107852-01 a) Construction of Ghat, b) Construction of Public Toilet, c) Construction of RCC Road & d) Construction of Safety Tank 1220433
1009 Patuakhali Bauphal INF5-2020-21-107838-01 Construction of Ghat-05 1125000
1010 Patuakhali Bauphal INF5-2020-21-107838-02 (a) Construction of Public Toilet with Tube Well consisting of 2 (two) rooms-01 and (b) Construction of Public Toilet consisting of 2 (two) rooms-04 1571030
1011 Patuakhali Bauphal INF5-2020-21-107838-03 Construction of one-storied Building at Goshinga Rashidia Dakhil Madrasha at Bauphal Union of Bauphal Upazila under Patuakhali district 1771382
1012 Jhalokati Rajapur INF5-2020-21-104284-05 Construction of classrooms in Aukhira S, G, S Secondary School 1117318
1013 Jhalokati Rajapur INF5-2020-21-104284-04 Construction of classroom of Yusuf Ali Secondary School 1117318
1014 Jhalokati Rajapur INF5-2020-21-104284-03 Construction of classrooms at Tarabunia Wahidia Dakhil Madrasa 1117318
1015 Jhalokati Rajapur INF5-2020-21-104284-02 Construction of classrooms of Uttar Palot Nesaria Hamidiya Dakhil Madrasa 1117318
1016 Jhalokati Rajapur INF5-2020-21-104284-01 Supply of 146 Pair High-low benches at 11 nos different educational institutions. 1219512
1017 Jhalokati Nalchity INF5-2020-21-104273-02 Repair & renovation of Kuralia community clinic of Nachonmohal union and uttor Bhoironbaria community clinic under Nalchity upazila. 1010000
1018 Jhalokati Nalchity INF5-2020-21-104273-01 i). Construction of 03 nos. community Latrine at Nachonmohol Bazar, Taltola Bazar and Manpasha Bazar(Part-A) ii) Construction of multi-purpose market shed at Bhairobpasha Bazar(Part-B). 3340780
1019 Jhalokati Kathalia INF5-2020-21-104243-02 Construction of classroom on the 2nd floor of Hetal Bunia Madrasa 2259214
1020 Jhalokati Kathalia INF5-2020-21-104243-01 Construction of classrooms at Hetal Bunia Madrasa 3323381
1021 Jhalokati Jhalokati Sadar INF5-2020-21-104240-04 Supply of 30 Pair Banch and educational materials 1 Collage at Aklima Moazzem Hossain College. 1117318
1022 Jhalokati Jhalokati Sadar INF5-2020-21-104240-03 Supply of 300 Pair High-low benches at 18 nos different educational institutions. 2439024
1023 Jhalokati Jhalokati Sadar INF5-2020-21-104240-02 Jhalokati Sadar Upazilas Nabgram Model School Building Construction / Repair / Nabgram- Jhalokati Construction of Passenger Tents at the intersection of three roads. 1117318
1024 Jhalokati Jhalokati Sadar INF5-2020-21-104240-01 Provision of modern health equipment in community clinics to ensure healthcare for the destitute. 1117318
1025 Bhola Tazumuddin INF5-2020-21-100991-03 Supply of High-Low benches at 06 nos different educational institution,Tzumaddin, Bhola. 1000000
1026 Bhola Tazumuddin INF5-2020-21-100991-02 Installation of solar lights at Godaown Road. 1117319
1027 Bhola Tazumuddin INF5-2020-21-100991-01 Construction of Char Jhahir Uddin secondary school building. 2234637
1028 Bhola Manpura INF5-2020-21-100965-02 Supply Plastic High & Law Bench Secondary and College Level , Number Of 14 2628026
1029 Bhola Manpura INF5-2020-21-100965-01 Supply Plastic High & Low Pair Bench In Primary School, Number Of 11 School 2250023
1030 Bhola Lalmohan INF5-2020-21-100954-03 Supply of High-Low benches at 04 nos different educational institution, Lalmohan, Bhola 1219512
1031 Bhola Lalmohan INF5-2020-21-100954-02 Construction of Three agro-frindly irrigation drains for irrigating agricultural lands in different uniouns of the upazila. 1113191
1032 Bhola Lalmohan INF5-2020-21-100954-01 Construction of four wash blocks in different educational instiutions of the upazila. 2234636
1033 Bhola Daulatkhan INF5-2020-21-100929-01 Supplying of necessary equipments at Laboratory of Upazila Health complex in Doulatkhan, Bhola 1225845
1034 Bhola Daulatkhan INF5-2020-21-100929-02 Supplying of Solar Street Lights from Banglabazar to Doulatkhan Road in Doulatkhan Upazila, Bhola 3243429
1035 Bhola Charfasson INF5-2020-21-100925-01 Supply of High-Low benches at 06 nos different educational institutions 2439023
1036 Bhola Charfasson INF5-2020-21-100925-02 Construction of agro-frindly irrigation drains for irrigating agricultural lands in different uniouns of the upazila. 2234637
1037 Bhola Burhanuddin INF5-2020-21-100921-02 Construction of Washblock at Borhanuddin Upazila Prosason School and Deula Shibpur Solema Khanom Gilrsl Dakhil Madrasha 1556651
1038 Bhola Burhanuddin INF5-2020-21-100921-01 Supplying of Bench among different (35 nos) Secondary School and Madrasha in Borhanuddin, Bhola 3179000
1039 Bhola Bhola Sadar INF5-2020-21-100918-01 Construction of Water Excavation RCC Drain at Guli Agricultural Field under Dhonia Union in Bhola Sadar, Bhola 2824775
1040 Bhola Bhola Sadar INF5-2020-21-100918-02 Construction of Water Excavation RCC Drain at Chandraprasad Agricultural Field under Velumia Union in Bhola Sadar, Bhola 1644417
1041 Barisal Wazirpur INF5-2020-21-100694-01 Construction of ghatla at Shikarpur Bazar attached river of Wazirpur Upazila 1227969
1042 Barisal Wazirpur INF5-2020-21-100694-02 Construction of ghatla at Poschim Shatla kheya ghat and Moshang Bazar Canal of Wazirpur Upazila 1453594
1043 Barisal Wazirpur INF5-2020-21-100694-03 Construction of new class rooms of Shatla Darussunnat Dakhil Madrasha of Wazirpur Upazila 1787709
1044 Barisal Wazirpur INF5-2020-21-100694-04 Supply of Educational Equipments ( Laptop & Multimedia) to 09 different institutions at Wazirpur Upazila 1117318
1045 Barisal Wazirpur INF5-2020-21-100694-05 Supply of Medical Equipment for Wazirpur Health Complex 1117318
1046 Barisal Muladi INF5-2020-21-100669-01 Installation of central Oxygen gas line system at 20 (Twenty) Beds in Muladi Upazila Hospital (COVID-19) 1527100
1047 Barisal Muladi INF5-2020-21-100669-02 Construction of Hyegine corner among two high schools of Muladi Upazila 1747002
1048 Barisal Muladi INF5-2020-21-100669-03 Supply of Computer to 13 different Educational Institutions under Muladi Upazila 1175000
1049 Barisal Mehendiganj INF5-2020-21-100662-02 Supplying of Power Tiller cum Reaper among organized Group as a part of Motivation under Mehendiganj, Barishal 2140992
1050 Barisal Mehendiganj INF5-2020-21-100662-01 Construction of Jangalia Community Clinic,Sreepur Community Clinic & Char Gopalpur Union Health Sub Centre under Mehendigang,Barishal 2328282
1051 Barisal Hizla INF5-2020-21-100636-02 Supplying of High & Low Bench to Selected Primary School under Hizla, Barishal 1496000
1052 Barisal Hizla INF5-2020-21-100636-01 Repair of Selected Community Clinic under Hizla Upazila,Barishal 2969274
1053 Barisal Gaurnadi INF5-2020-21-100632-01 Supplying of High and Low Bench in various Secondary School and Madrasa under Gauranadi Upazila (17 Institutions) 4878048
1054 Barisal Barisal Sadar INF5-2020-21-100651-02 Repair of Raipasha Korapur Union Health & Family welfare Center under Raipasha Korapur union and Kashipur Union Health & Family welfare Center under Kashipur union of Barishal sadar Upazila. 2455830
1055 Barisal Barisal Sadar INF5-2020-21-100651-01 Supply of High-low bench at 13 nos. Secondary/Higher secondary level institutions under Barishal Sadar upazila, District: Barishal. 2197600
1056 Barisal Banaripara INF5-2020-21-100610-03 Street light install & Women corner construction for selling product of underprivileged women 2230976
1057 Barisal Banaripara INF5-2020-21-100610-02 Supply of fixing plastic patient waiting chair, & plastic Bench at different UH&FWC & different secondary schools 2186020
1058 Barisal Banaripara INF5-2020-21-100610-01 Supply of LED TV, Power tiller & computer for UH&FWC, Farmer groups & secondary schools respectively 2470075
1059 Barisal Bakerganj INF5-2020-21-100607-01 Supplies High and low Banch in 31 Secondary school and Madrasha at Bakerganj UPZ. 4878049
1060 Barisal Babuganj INF5-2020-21-100603-02 Installation of solar street light among different roads under Babuganj Upazila 3337425
1061 Barisal Babuganj INF5-2020-21-100603-01 Supply of Medical Equipments for Babuganj Upazila Health Complex 1117318
1062 Barisal Agailjhara INF5-2020-21-100602-02 Installation of solar street Light at different important Roads under Agailjhara Upazila 2234637
1063 Barisal Agailjhara INF5-2020-21-100602-01 Supply of High & Low Bench at different Educational Institutions ( Highschool and Madrasha ) under Agailjhara Upazila (29 Institutions) 4878048
1064 Barguna Taltali INF5-2020-21-100490-02 Construction of RCC drain from the back of Mujibul Haque's house in Kalabagan of Taltoli Upazila to the culvert of Muktijoddha Complex. 2234637
1065 Barguna Taltali INF5-2020-21-100490-01 Construction of RCC drains from the back of Taltoli Model Government Secondary School to the Tehsil Office and from Kalibari to the canal behind the Jahangir Master's house to alleviate waterlogging. 2234637
1066 Barguna Patharghata INF5-2020-21-100485-02 1. Construction of a two-room wash block adjacent to Sonali Bazar in Kalmegha Union. 2. Construction of a two-room wash block adjacent to Shingrabunia Bazar and Community Clinic in Nachnapara Union. 3. Construction of a two-room wash block adjacent to Kakchira Union Market.4. Construction of a two-room wash block adjacent to Pipulia Bazar at Uttar Madar Tali in Raihanpur Union. 5. Construction of a two-room wash block adjacent to Hatempur Bazar in Patharghata Sadar Union. 6. Construction of a two-room wash block adjacent to Khalifarhat Bazar in Charduari Union. 3351955
1067 Barguna Patharghata INF5-2020-21-100485-01 Construction of RCC drain from front of upazila modle mosque complex to west side of Biddaniketan school 3351955
1068 Barguna Betagi INF5-2020-21-100447-02 Supply of Central Oxygen Supply System at 10 (ten) beds in Betagi Upazila Health Complex for prevention of COVID 19 and Supply of Medical Equipment's at Union Health Center. 2215536
1069 Barguna Betagi INF5-2020-21-100447-01 Construction of community toilet at seven market place under Betagi Upazila to ensure health service. 4474515
1070 Barguna Barguna Sadar INF5-2020-21-100428-05 Installation of solar lights at important places of different markets and streets of 10 unions of Sadar upazila. 1117318
1071 Barguna Barguna Sadar INF5-2020-21-100428-04 1) Construction of 1 wash block with 2 rooms adjacent to Bawal Kar DK Secondary School and Bazar of No. 1 Badarkhali Union. 2) Construction of 1 wash block with 2 rooms adjoining East Keora Bunia Nayabazar of 5th Aylapatakata Union. 1117318
1072 Barguna Barguna Sadar INF5-2020-21-100428-03 Construction of RCC drain from behind the 2nd Gaurchanna Union Parishad to Kuwait Friendship Hospital via South Mansatli GPS. 1117318
1073 Barguna Barguna Sadar INF5-2020-21-100428-02 Construction of RCC drain from the house of Lakurtala Swapna member of Gaurchanna Union No. 2 to the head of Sonali Para Road. 1117318
1074 Barguna Barguna Sadar INF5-2020-21-100428-01 Construction of RCC drain to reduce water blockage from police camp at Fuljhuri Bazar of Badarkhali Union No. 1 to the river. 1117318
1075 Barguna Bamna INF5-2020-21-100419-04 Construction of Classrooms at Khol Patua Alim Madrasha. . 1117319
1076 Barguna Bamna INF5-2020-21-100419-03 Construction of Classrooms at Sonbunia Dowatola R. Rahamania Alim Madrasha. 1117319
1077 Barguna Bamna INF5-2020-21-100419-02 Construction of passenger sheed at Gazirpul and Dowatola Bashstand. 1117319
1078 Barguna Bamna INF5-2020-21-100419-01 Supply of High-low benches at 14 nos different educational institutions and supply medical equipments at Union Health and Family Welfair Center. 2354645

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