Infrastructure Development Sub-project Data (Fifth Round) as on 31/12/2021

No. District Upazila ID ID ID Name Approved Budget
1 Sylhet Kanaighat INF-2020-21-609159-02 Installation of Solar street light at different Roads at Kanaighat Upazila 1,256,975.00
2 Sylhet Kanaighat INF-2020-21-609159-01 Supply of High low benches in different educational institution at Kanaighat Upazila 2,738,800.00
3 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar INF-2020-21-609089-02 Installation of solar street light at different market & important places 2,001,250.00
4 Sunamganj Sunamganj Sadar INF-2020-21-609089-01 Supply of high low benches at different educational institute 1,998,750.00
5 Sunamganj Jagannathpur INF-2020-21-107990-01 Supply of high low benches (with Desk) in different secondary School, College and Madrasa 4,000,000.00
6 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF-2020-21-605874-02 Construction of building at Blooming Roses Intellectually handicapped and Autistic School in Moulavibazar Sadar Upazila. 4,000,000.00
7 Moulvibazar Moulvibazar Sadar INF-2020-21-605874-01 Construction of Hygiene corner at Shadhuhati Abdul Bari High School for girls students 1,000,000.00
8 Habiganj Lakhai INF-2020-21-603668-03 Construction of drain from North Bara Bari of Mahbubur Rahman's house to Mara Gathar Khal at Karab Union 1,498,871.00
9 Habiganj Lakhai INF-2020-21-603668-02 a.Construction of Class room at Murakori Darul Arkam Ibtadayi Madrasa b. Installation & Supply of street light at various important places on rural roads at Tehria village in Muriauk Union 1,499,969.00
10 Habiganj Lakhai INF-2020-21-603668-01 Construction of Hygiene corner at Kalauk High School for girls students 1,001,006.00
11 Habiganj Chunarughat INF-2020-21-603626-02 Installation of Solar Street light at different important places 2,175,000.00
12 Habiganj Chunarughat INF-2020-21-603626-01 A.Construction of Fish shed at Mirashi Hazi Market B. Construction of 2 nos. washblock at Mirashi New Market and Chandi Tea Garden 1,819,855.00
13 Habiganj Baniyachong INF-2020-21-303611-03 Construction of RCC Road to Sheikh Shamsul Haque College in Manduri Union of Baniachang Upazila 1,190,759.00
14 Habiganj Baniyachong INF-2020-21-303611-02 Construction of Fish/Meat Shed at Shahjalal Bazar of Baniachang Upazila 1,210,583.00
15 Habiganj Baniyachong INF-2020-21-303611-01 Construction of RCC drain from in front of Dolai Mia's house to Borobari Masuk Mia's house in Alampur village of Baniachang upazila. 2,598,311.00
16 Habiganj Ajmiriganj INF-2020-21-603602-02 Installation of Solar street light at Shibpasha to Ajmiriganj 1,500,000.00
17 Habiganj Ajmiriganj INF-2020-21-603602-01 Construction of Girls Facility Room with Toilets at Miyadhan Mia Girls High School and Shivpasha High School 2,499,978.00
18 Thakurgoan Haripur INF-2020-21-559451-02 Provision of high-low benches in secondary level schools of Haripur upazila 1,185,000.00
19 Thakurgoan Haripur INF-2020-21-559451-01 Provision of Central Oxygen Supply System in 30 (thirty) beds in Upazila Health Complex to deal with Covid-19. 2,815,000.00
20 Thakurgoan Ranisonkoil INF-2020-21-559486-03 Provision of computer equipment in labs of 02 secondary level educational institutions of Ranisankail Upazila for acquiring practical skills in information technology. 1,000,000.00
21 Thakurgoan Ranisonkoil INF-2020-21-559486-02 Installation of solar street lights at important places on the main road from East Gogar Crossroads to Abadtakia Madrasa 1,800,000.00
22 Thakurgoan Ranisonkoil INF-2020-21-559486-01 Construction of ICT classroom and computer lab at Rautnagar High School 1,200,000.00
23 Thakurgoan Pirganj INF-2020-21-559482-03 Sub-project for installation of street light solar panels on roads of Jabarhat Union and Khangaon Union 1,271,585.00
24 Thakurgoan Pirganj INF-2020-21-559482-02 Hajipur Union Board Hat and RCC Drain Construction Sub-Project 2,583,302.00
25 Thakurgoan Pirganj INF-2020-21-559482-01 Construction of two washblock sub-projects for teachers and students at Sinua Girls High School and Janagaon Girls High School. 1,144,816.00
26 Thakurgoan Baliadangi INF-2020-21-559408-02 Construction of a wash block at Lahiri Multipurpose High School 1,613,470.00
27 Thakurgoan Baliadangi INF-2020-21-559408-01 Supply of plastic benches in secondary schools and madrasa educational institutions 3,386,529.00
28 Rangpur Taragonj INF-2020-21-558592-02 Construction of Women Development Training Center 3,500,000.00
29 Rangpur Taragonj INF-2020-21-558592-01 Provision of ambulance at Ikarchali Union Health and Family Welfare Center 2,500,000.00
30 Panchagarh Atwari INF-2020-21-557704-01 Establishment of ICT Corners in 21 secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions of Atwari Upazila for acquiring practical skills in information technology 4,000,000.00
31 Panchagarh Debiganj INF-2020-21-557734-02 Provision of Central Oxygen Supply System in 20 beds in Debiganj Upazila Health Complex to deal with Covid-19. 1,660,268.00
32 Panchagarh Debiganj INF-2020-21-557734-01 Construction of Debiganj ICT building and online freelance training center 4,339,732.00
33 Nilphamari Nilphamari Sadar INF-2020-21-557364-01 Construction of new 08 (eight) delivery rooms in community clinics of different unions of Sadar upazila 4,966,277.00
34 Nilphamari Jaldhaka INF-2020-21-557336-02 Alhaj Mubarak Hossain Anirban Vidyatirtha High School Hall Cum Classroom Construction Sub-Project 1,954,188.00
35 Nilphamari Jaldhaka INF-2020-21-557336-01 Construction of 2 classrooms in Dangia High School, Singria Bala sub-project 1,820,404.00
36 Dinajpur Khansama INF-2020-21-552760-02 Purchase and supply of benches for various secondary level educational institutions 2,995,202.00
37 Dinajpur Khansama INF-2020-21-552760-01 Establishment of a Central Oxygen Supply System at Khansama Upazila Health Complex. 1,000,000.00
38 Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar INF-2020-21-552764-01 Provision of ICT equipment for digital classroom management in different schools of Dinajpur Sadar Upazila 4,000,000.00
39 Dinajpur Bochagonj INF-2020-21-557221-03 Sub-project on supply of medical equipment in Bochaganj Upazila Health Complex 1,000,163.00
40 Dinajpur Bochagonj INF-2020-21-557221-02 Hat Madhabpur Bazar of Atgaon Union and Preeti Bazar of Mushidhat Union Hut Shed (Multipurpose Shed) Construction Sub-project 1,000,026.00
41 Dinajpur Bochagonj INF-2020-21-557221-01 Sub-project on supply of high and low benches in 15 secondary level educational institutions of Bochaganj upazila 1,999,800.00
42 Sirajganj Kamarkhanda INF-2020-21-508844-03 Supply of furniture / high low benches to various educational institutions of Kamarkhand Upazila to improve the quality of education. 2,237,036.00
43 Sirajganj Kamarkhanda INF-2020-21-508844-02 Paiksha market development project through construction of RCC drains to alleviate waterlogging. 1,640,611.00
44 Sirajganj Kamarkhanda INF-2020-21-508844-01 Project on supply of generators and equipment at Kamarkhand Upazila Health Complex to ensure uninterrupted health services. 1,122,352.00
45 Rajshahi Puthia INF-2020-21-508182-05 Construction of RCC U Safe Covered Drain from Mollapara Hat to Chandrabati Canal to alleviate waterlogging of Mollapara Hat. 1,000,000.00
46 Rajshahi Puthia INF-2020-21-508182-04 Construction of Delivery Room with Fresh Room at Agla Community Clinic. 1,000,000.00
47 Rajshahi Puthia INF-2020-21-508182-03 Construction of Banesh's Hatep Wash-Block. 1,000,000.00
48 Rajshahi Puthia INF-2020-21-508182-02 Construction of washbasin at Hajir Haat and construction of meat selling shed at Khopapara Haat. 1,000,000.00
49 Rajshahi Puthia INF-2020-21-508182-01 Supply of medical equipment and supplies to community clinics. 1,000,000.00
50 Rajshahi Durgapur INF-2020-21-508131-02 Provision of benches in various educational institutions including examination centers of the upazila. 1,697,400.00
51 Rajshahi Durgapur INF-2020-21-508131-01 Construction of classrooms at Durgapur Fazil (Degree) Madrasa. 3,302,548.00
52 Pabna Sujanagar INF-2020-21-507683-02 Construction of 01 washbasin and 01 hijacking corner in Abul Kashem Secondary School, construction of 01 washbasin in Kadoa Secondary School. 1,524,264.00
53 Pabna Sujanagar INF-2020-21-507683-01 Construction of school building in Abul Kashem Secondary School. 4,474,921.00
54 Pabna Bhangura INF-2020-21-507619-01 Construction of wash bloks in 08 (six) secondary education institutions of Bhangura upazila. 4,000,000.00
55 Natore Lalpur INF-2020-21-506944-02 Supply of 294 pairs of high-low benches for 32 educational institutions. 2,000,000.00
56 Natore Lalpur INF-2020-21-506944-01 A) Construction of washbasin of 02 educational institutions (Gopalpur High School and Vellabaria Abdul Wahed High School). B) Drain construction in 03 markets (last head of drain in Dhupail Bazar, Walia Bazar and Lalpur Bazar). 1,993,314.00
57 Natore Baraigram INF-2020-21-506915-03 Installation of solar street lights in hat-bazaars, roads and important public places of Baraigram upazila. 2,000,000.00
58 Natore Baraigram INF-2020-21-506915-02 Construction of was-bak in hat-bazaar and public place of public importance. 2,000,000.00
59 Natore Baraigram INF-2020-21-506915-01 Supply of medical equipment and supplies to community clinics. 1,000,000.00
60 Naogaon Niamatpur INF-2020-21-506469-02 Supply of multimedia projectors in secondary schools of Niamatpur upazila especially in schools inhabited by small ethnic groups. 1,017,000.00
61 Naogaon Niamatpur INF-2020-21-506469-01 Construction of public toilets at Ghughudanga Taltoli Bazar of Hajinagar Union and Belgapur Bazar of Paril Union. 2,982,234.00
62 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF-2020-21-506460-03 Supply of high and low benches in various educational institutions of Naogaon Sadar Upazila. 1,500,000.00
63 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF-2020-21-506460-02 Construction of Tinsed at Bhimpur Hat, Battali Hat, Anantapur Hat Bazar of Naogaon Sadar Upazila. 2,500,000.00
64 Naogaon Naogaon Sadar INF-2020-21-506460-01 Construction of RCC drains in Abadpur mouza and Bhabanigathin mouza of Hapania union of Naogaon Sadar upazila. 2,000,000.00
65 Naogaon Mahadebpur INF-2020-21-506450-02 Construction of drain from post office junction of Mahadevpur upazila to Dakbangla ground through Alal's house. 3,759,000.00
66 Naogaon Mahadebpur INF-2020-21-506450-01 Supply of high and low benches in various educational institutions under Mahadevpur upazila. 2,241,000.00
67 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF-2020-21-506428-02 Construction of classrooms of North Chakarhamat Siddiquia Bidirectional Fazil Madrasa of Dhamairhat Union under Dhamairhat Upazila. 2,119,810.00
68 Naogaon Dhamoirhat INF-2020-21-506428-01 Construction of internal surface drain (with lid) of Agradbigun Hat under Dhamairhat Upazila to remove waterlogging. 2,825,065.00
69 Joypurhat Kalai INF-2020-21-503858-03 Sub-project for construction of 2nd floor building of Nandail Dighi College, Kalai Upazila. 1,035,358.00
70 Joypurhat Kalai INF-2020-21-503858-02 Construction of class room of Roufia Dakhil Madrasa of Kantahar in Kalai Upazila is a sub-project. 1,452,992.00
71 Joypurhat Kalai INF-2020-21-503858-01 Sub-project of providing high and low benches in different educational establishments of Kalai Upazila. 3,511,650.00
72 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF-2020-21-503847-02 Sub-project to provide computer equipment for upgrading multimedia classrooms in 20 educational institutions of secondary / equivalent and higher secondary level in Joypurhat Sadar Upazila. 2,808,203.00
73 Joypurhat Joypurhat Sadar INF-2020-21-503847-01 Sub-project to provide high and low benches of pro-propylene in different classrooms of various educational institutions of Joypurhat Sadar Upazila. 2,189,400.00
74 Bogura Sherpur INF-2020-21-501088-03 Supply of Solar lights at Jamail Market, Vabanipur Market & Kamar kandi Market 1,033,584.00
75 Bogura Sherpur INF-2020-21-501088-02 Supply of High Low benches at different schools 1,620,648.00
76 Bogura Sherpur INF-2020-21-501088-01 Construction of wash blocks at 02 educational institutions 1,342,500.00
77 Bogura Shajahanpur INF-2020-21-501085-01 Sub-project for construction of RCC drain in Ashekpur, Madla, Aria, Gohail, Kharna Union under Shajahanpur Upazila. 3,999,755.00
78 Bogura Sariakandi INF-2020-21-501081-04 Installation of solar street lights on various important rural roads of Sariakandi upazila. 1,000,000.00
79 Bogura Sariakandi INF-2020-21-501081-03 Construction of RCC drain from Abdul Alim's shop in Manik Dair Bazar of Chaluabari Union to Manik Dair Ghat and from Dighalkandi Tarafdarpara Jame Mosque of Sariakandi Sadar Union to Zahurul Islam Tarafdar's house. 2,058,500.00
80 Bogura Sariakandi INF-2020-21-501081-02 Supply of high and low benches in various educational institutions of Sariakandi upazila. 1,941,500.00
81 Bogura Sariakandi INF-2020-21-501081-01 Supply of various health kits to Sariakandi Upazila Health Complex. 1,000,000.00
82 Bogura Gabtali INF-2020-21-501040-02 Supply of high bench-low bench and ceiling fan in various educational institutions of Gabtali upazila. 1,800,000.00
83 Bogura Gabtali INF-2020-21-501040-01 Supply of quality medical equipment to improve the quality of treatment at Gabtali Upazila Health Complex. 2,200,000.00
84 Sherpur Jhenaigati INF-2020-21-458937-03 Supply of high and low benches in different secondary schools in Jhenaigati upazila. 1,004,500.00
85 Sherpur Jhenaigati INF-2020-21-458937-02 Supply of Oxygen Concentrator at Jhenaigati Upazila Health Complex. 1,132,130.00
86 Sherpur Jhenaigati INF-2020-21-458937-01 Installation of Solar Street Lights from Chenguria Bazar (Kalibari) to Jhenaigati Bazar to Rangtia Bazar on roads and in important places) 2,846,100.00
87 Netrokona Netrokona Sadar INF-2020-21-457274-02 High and low benches in different organizations. Wheelchairs and white canes are provided in schools for the disabled. 2,500,000.00
88 Netrokona Netrokona Sadar INF-2020-21-457274-01 Construction of Women's Training Center. 1,500,000.00
89 Netrokona Kendua INF-2020-21-457247-02 Construction of drains for drainage of water at Kundli Para Bejgati Saifuddin Government Primary School and Rampur Bazar, Bekhairhati Bazar Bharapara Bazar, Sandikona Bazar. 1,342,902.00
90 Netrokona Kendua INF-2020-21-457247-01 Installation of solar street lights in the public interest in various community clinics, educational institutions and markets adjacent to Kendua. 2,657,098.00
91 Jamalpur Sarishabari INF-2020-21-453985-01 Construction of Isolation Ward for development of quality medical services in Sarishabari Upazila Health Complex. 4,000,000.00
92 Jamalpur Melandaha INF-2020-21-453961-02 Construction of classroom of SM Mokhlesur Rahman Secondary School. 1,200,000.00
93 Jamalpur Melandaha INF-2020-21-453961-01 Construction of classroom on the second floor of Mirza Azam Institute of Medical Technology. 3,800,000.00
94 Meherpur Gangni INF-2020-21-405747-03 Installation of solar street lights at different important places in Gangni Upazila. 1,502,346.00
95 Meherpur Gangni INF-2020-21-405747-02 Supply of high-low benches at different primary educational institutes in Gangni Upazila. 1,428,407.00
96 Meherpur Gangni INF-2020-21-405747-01 Establishment of laboratory for health protection of cattle and poultry to increase the production of animal meat. 2,069,247.00
97 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF-2020-21-405079-02 Construction of RCC drain for water logging. 1,276,434.00
98 Kushtia Kushtia Sadar INF-2020-21-405079-01 Construction of RCC drain for water logging. 3,723,566.00
99 Kushtia Kumarkhali INF-20120-21-405071-02 Construction of two water treatment plant at kumarkhali Upazila. 1,000,631.00
100 Kushtia Kumarkhali INF-20120-21-405071-01 Installation of Central Oxygen system with oxygen bank at Upazila Health Complex to deal with COVID-19. 2,999,369.00
101 Kushtia Khoksha INF-2020-21-405063-02 Construction of a hygienee corner for girls student at three different educational Institutes. 1,603,042.00
102 Kushtia Khoksha INF-2020-21-405063-01 Upward expansion of the Shomspur Abu Talib Degree College. 2,396,958.00
103 Kushtia Daulatpur INF-2020-21-405039-02 Construction of a ICT room at Daulatpur Pailot boyes school. 1,393,983.00
104 Kushtia Daulatpur INF-2020-21-405039-01 Installation of solar street lights at different important places in Daulatpur Upazila. 2,606,017.00
105 Jessore Sarsha INF-2020-21-404190-01 Construction of multipurpose shades at Navaran Bazar. 4,000,000.00
106 Jessore Jessore Sadar INF-2020-21-404147-03 Supply of high-low benches at different educational institutes. 1,002,450.00
107 Jessore Jessore Sadar INF-2020-21-404147-02 Supply of desktop computer and multimedia projector at different secondary educational institutes. 1,986,900.00
108 Jessore Jessore Sadar INF-2020-21-404147-01 Supply of medical equipments at Upazila health complex to deal with COVID-19. 1,000,000.00
109 Jessore Abhaynagar INF-2020-21-404104-01 Installation of Oxygen cylinder bank and HFNC at upazila health complex to deal with COVID-19. 4,000,000.00
110 Chuadanga Jiban Nagar INF-2020-20-401855-01 Supply Of high low benches at different secondary level educational institutes. 4,000,000.00
111 Chuadanga Damurhuda INF-2020-20-401831-01 Supply Of high low benches at different secondary level educational institutes. 4,000,000.00
112 Chuadanga Alamdanga INF-2020-21-401807-01 Supply Of high low benches at different educational institutes. 4,000,000.00
113 Bagerhat Sarankhola INF-2020-21-400177-01 Construction of RCC drain for water logging. 4,000,000.00
114 Bagerhat Kachua INF-2020-21-400138-02 Construction of a change room at Sonapur Girls Dakhil Madrasha. 1,520,743.00
115 Bagerhat Kachua INF-2020-21-400138-01 Construction of class room at Gazaria Ideal secondary educational institutes. 2,479,257.00
116 Bagerhat Bagerhat Sadar INF-2020-21-400108-02 Supply of Ambulance at Bagerhat Sadar Upazila health complex. 2,599,975.00
117 Bagerhat Bagerhat Sadar INF-2020-21-400108-01 Construction of Hygiene corner at three differet educational institutes in Bagerhat Sadar. 2,397,665.00
118 Tangail Bhuapur INF-2020-21-309319-03 Construction of Classroom at Akalu Koyeda Dhakhil Madrasa 1,256,462.00
119 Tangail Bhuapur INF-2020-21-309319-02 Construction of Classroom at Nikla High School/Daripara under Bhuapur Upazila 1,256,462.00
120 Tangail Bhuapur INF-2020-21-309319-01 Construction of Washblock at Nikrail Momtaz Girls High School & Shahid Zia Womens College 1,487,075.00
121 Shariatpur Shariatpur Sadar INF-2020-21-308669-01 Construction of building at Jogatchandra Institution & College 3,955,561.00
122 Shariatpur Gosairhat INF-2020-21-308636-03 Construction of Public Toilet at Market of Gariberchar Jhali and Market of Nagerpara 1,595,158.00
123 Shariatpur Gosairhat INF-2020-21-308636-02 Construction of Market shed at Shamontosar Market and drain for irrigation at Shamontosar agriculture land 2,170,519.00
124 Shariatpur Gosairhat INF-2020-21-308636-01 Installation of Water plant for supplying potable water in different markets/educational institutes 1,234,323.00
125 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF-2020-21-308276-04 Construction of Digital classroom, Hygiene Corner and Washblock in 3 nos different High School. 1,894,168.00
126 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF-2020-21-308276-03 Installation of solar street light at different market & important places under Rajbari Sadar 1,004,190.00
127 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF-2020-21-308276-02 Supply of materials for digital classrooms in different secondary School 1,003,116.00
128 Rajbari Rajbari Sadar INF-2020-21-308276-01 Development of safe water, sanitation and communication system in Belgachhi Raghunathpur tribal village. 2,096,134.00
129 Rajbari Baliakandi INF-2020-21-308207-03 Construction of Culvert at Takipara Canal on Arakandi housing project via Paturia School Road 1,154,120.00
130 Rajbari Baliakandi INF-2020-21-308207-02 a. Installation of Solar Street light from Baliakandi Upazila Health Complex to woapda b. Construction of RCC Link Road at Monsur Ali College 1,639,817.00
131 Rajbari Baliakandi INF-2020-21-308207-01 Construction of RCC drain to reduce waterlogging in Sonapur Market 1,204,209.00
132 Narsingdi Shibpur INF-2020-21-306876--03 Construction of Fish shed at Ningaon Bilshoron Bazar and Fish shed & drain at CNB Bazar under Shibpur Upazila 2,167,702.00
133 Narsingdi Shibpur INF-2020-21-306876--02 Necessary Renovation and modernization of Covid-19 ward at Shibpur Upazila Health Complex. 1,000,000.00
134 Narsingdi Shibpur INF-2020-21-306876-01 Construction of fish shed at Gorbari Bazar and Jangalia Bazar under Shibpur Upazila 1,832,298.00
135 Narsingdi Manohardi INF-2020-21-306852-02 Renovation and modernization of four union Health and Family Welfare Centers and one Community Clinic at Manohardi upazila 1,997,670.00
136 Narsingdi Manohardi INF-2020-21-306852-01 Construction of 2 nos.Common room- cum-hygiene Center for girls student at Charmandalia High School & Afaz Uddin Khan High School 2,002,330.00
137 Narayanganj Rupganj INF-2020-21-306768-02 Construction of drain for waterlogging 2,466,844.00
138 Narayanganj Rupganj INF-2020-21-306768-01 Installation of Central Oxygen plant at Upazila Health Complex 3,533,156.00
139 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF-2020-21-305956-02 Supply of Desktop computer & TV srceen in different Primary School for student Class room. 3,000,000.00
140 Munshiganj Munshiganj Sadar INF-2020-21-305956-01 Supply of high low benches in different primary school for student 1,000,000.00
141 Munshiganj Gazaria INF-2020-21-305924-01 Installation of Solar street light from Gazaria Market to Bhaberchar Bus stand and Gazaria Market to Jamaldi Bus Stand. 4,000,000.00
142 Manikganj Singair INF-2020-21-305682-03 Supply of benches in different educational institutions 1,870,549.00
143 Manikganj Singair INF-2020-21-305682-02 Construction of Washroom for Patient & delivary Centers at Chandhar Union Health & Family Welfare Center 1,342,487.00
144 Manikganj Singair INF-2020-21-305682-01 Supply of Medical equipement and Installation of Central Oxygen line at Singair Upazila Health Complex 1,786,964.00
145 Manikganj Shivalaya INF-2020-21-305678-03 Construction of public toilet at different places 1,848,373.00
146 Manikganj Shivalaya INF-2020-21-305678-02 Supply of high low benches at different secondary school & primary school 1,660,500.00
147 Manikganj Shivalaya INF-2020-21-305678-01 Construction of Class Room & Parent shed at 2nos different school & College 1,491,042.00
148 Manikganj Saturia INF-2020-21-305670-03 Consruction of public toilet at Dargram Bazar, Vatara Bazar & Chachitara Bazar 1,067,831.00
149 Manikganj Saturia INF-2020-21-305670-02 Construction of drainage drain at Gopalpur Bazar 1,000,610.00
150 Manikganj Saturia INF-2020-21-305670-01 Construction of Fish Shed at Tilli, Horgoz, Fukurhati Bazar and Construction of daily product purchase and distribution shed at Rayilla Bazar. 1,927,601.00
151 Manikganj Daulatpur INF-2020-21-305610-02 Construction of 1 nos. Parants shed and 1 nos. Class Room in two educational institution. 1,455,568.00
152 Manikganj Daulatpur INF-2020-21-305610-01 Installation of Solar street lights in 1 important road at Doulatpur Upazila 2,543,255.00
153 Madaripur Shibchar INF-2020-21-305487-02 Supply of Medical equipement in different union Health & Family Welfare Centers to improve health care 1,769,285.00
154 Madaripur Shibchar INF-2020-21-305487-01 Construction of School building at Kandi Model High School at Bondarkhola Union 2,230,715.00
155 Madaripur Rajoir INF-2020-21-305480-02 Supply of High low benches at different secondary school & Madrasa 1,073,380.00
156 Madaripur Rajoir INF-2020-21-305480-01 Construction of Classroom and Washblock at disabled welfare organizations, School & Madrasa 2,924,482.00
157 Kishoreganj Pakundia INF-2020-21-304879-03 Construction of Class room at M D B High School 1,342,532.00
158 Kishoreganj Pakundia INF-2020-21-304879-02 Construction of Class room at Shahid Alauddin High School 1,342,532.00
159 Kishoreganj Pakundia INF-2020-21-304879-01 Supply of high-low benches at SSC exam center & Secondary School 1,312,000.00
160 Kishoreganj Nikli INF-2020-21-107990-02 Supply of desktop computer in 20 nos School (Primary & Secondary) 1,100,044.00
161 Kishoreganj Nikli INF-2020-21-107990-01 *Construction of RCC drain in 3nos differnet places 3,894,738.00
162 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar INF-2020-21-304849-02 Installation of Solar Street light at various important points of Danapatuli Union 2,493,998.00
163 Kishoreganj Kishoreganj Sadar INF-2020-21-304849-01 Supply of Ambulance at Upazila Parishad Health Complex 2,499,735.00
164 Kishoreganj Itna INF-2020-21-304833-01 Construction of drain with cover infront of Noyanandihati village to Dakkhin Bond Haor 3,999,904.00
165 Kishoreganj Bhairab INF-2020-21-304811-03 Construction of Classroom at Bhabanipur Solaymanpur Secondary High School 1,212,601.00
166 Kishoreganj Bhairab INF-2020-21-304811-02 Construction of Vetenary Diagonistic Laboratory through upward extension in Livestock Office 1,674,689.00
167 Kishoreganj Bhairab INF-2020-21-304811-01 Construction of RCC drain to alliviate waterlogging at Gokulnagar Market & Bepari Mor under Aganagar Union 3,109,959.00
168 Gopalganj Tungipara INF-2020-21-303591-01 Installation of Solar Street lights in 6 paved roads and important places of Tungipara Upazila 3,972,971.00
169 Faridpur Bhanga INF-2020-21-302910-01 Supply of benches at different secondary School & Madrasa in Bhanga Upazila 4,000,000.00
170 Dhaka Savar INF-2020-21-302672-04 Construction of Public Toilet at Ashulia Market 1,809,667.00
171 Dhaka Savar INF-2020-21-302672-03 Supply of Desktop, Printer, Scanner & Computer table Chair in 10 nos Secondary High School 1,449,728.00
172 Dhaka Savar INF-2020-21-302672-02 Renovation of Bhakurta Health and Family Welfare Center and expansion of delivery room 1,534,437.00
173 Dhaka Savar INF-2020-21-302672-01 Supply of medical equipement and installation of Dental unit at Savar Upazila Health Complex 1,206,168.00
174 Dhaka Keraniganj INF-2020-21-302638-02 Supply of benches at Primary School, Secondary School & High School at Keraniganj Upazila 2,500,000.00
175 Dhaka Keraniganj INF-2020-21-302638-01 Renovation of Health and Family Welfare centers at Kalindi Jinjira and Kalatia Union under Keraniganj Upazila 1,500,000.00
176 Dhaka Dhamrai INF-2019-20-302614-02 Supply of equipments for ICT lab at 2 educational institutes in Dhamrai Upazila. 2,032,300.00
177 Dhaka Dhamrai INF-2019-20-302614-01 Construction of Cow sheds cum treatment cornet at Upazila livestock medical management 1,967,643.00
178 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar INF-2020-21-208487-02 Pure water is supplied to 5 neighborhoods through pipes by pumping water from deep tube wells through solar. Neighborhood names- 1. Naraichhari Rehabilitation Para, Sapchhari UP 2. Keret Kaba Para, Magban UP 3. Kilamurapara, Balukhali UP 4. Noadam Para, Jeevatali UP 5. Putikhali Nichpara, Kutukchhari UP 2,902,640.00
179 Rangamati Rangamati Sadar INF-2020-21-208487-01 Installation of solar street lights in 6 unions of Sadar upazila 1,097,270.00
180 Rangamati Naniarchar INF-2020-21-208475-02 Provision of benches for various educational institutions in Naniyarchar Upazila 1,000,001.00
181 Rangamati Naniarchar INF-2020-21-208475-01 Purchase of Power Tiller (A, C, I) Machine, Power Pump 6 (six) Horse and Mowing Machine for the convenience of farmers in 4 Unions of Naniyarchar Upazila 2,999,145.00
182 Lakshmipur Roypur INF-2020-21-205158-02 A) Construction of wash block at Lamchhari Keramatiya Fazil Madrasa B) Construction of wash block at Gazi Nagar Charpata Daruchunnat Dakhil Madrasa 1,000,000.00
183 Lakshmipur Roypur INF-2020-21-205158-01 Provision of ambulance to facilitate health services for mothers and children, corona patients and common people of Raipur Upazila No. 10 Raipur, No. 09 South Char Ababil and No. 3 Char Mohna Union. 3,000,000.00
184 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar INF-2020-21-205133-02 Construction of classrooms at Jagbandhu High School 1,497,266.00
185 Lakshmipur Kamalnagar INF-2020-21-205133-01 Provision of ambulance in Upazila Family Planning Department to prevent maternal and child deaths 2,500,000.00
186 Khagrachhari Dighinala INF-2020-21-204643-02 Installation of street lights for night security at various important places of the upazila 2,190,960.00
187 Khagrachhari Dighinala INF-2020-21-204643-01 (A) Construction of irrigation canal from Ezhar member's house to Chhara Par (Jafar land) in Ward 5 of Kabakhali Union. (B) Construction of paved irrigation canal from Betchhari Jobedar land to Chan Mia land in Merung Union 2,777,291.00
188 Feni Porshuram INF-2020-21-203051-01 Construction of 01 new classrooms in 4 educational institutions of Parshuram upazila of Feni district 4,000,000.00
189 Feni Daganbhuiyan INF-2020-21-203025-03 Construction of wash block on the side of Hosseinia Madrasa on Kala Mia Road and in Boriya Bazar 1,500,020.00
190 Feni Daganbhuiyan INF-2020-21-203025-02 Construction of Agricultural Drain with Dhab at the junction of Aziz Fazilpur Dadna Canal and Construction of Agricultural Irrigation Drain at Ultar Alipur Irrigation System Project 1,500,019.00
191 Feni Daganbhuiyan INF-2020-21-203025-01 Installation of Central Oxygen System and Construction of Oxygen Cylinder Bank at Upazila Health Complex 1,999,954.00
192 Cumilla Titash INF-2020-21-201994-03 Construction of dormitory building of Mangalkandi Fazil Madrasa 1,000,001.00
193 Cumilla Titash INF-2020-21-201994-02 Construction / repair of sheds at Batakandi market 1,000,001.00
194 Cumilla Titash INF-2020-21-201994-01 Construction of Titas Diabetic Hospital building 3,999,947.00
195 Cumilla Laksam INF-2020-21-201972-02 Supply of furniture (high-low benches) to various educational institutions 1,775,983.00
196 Cumilla Laksam INF-2020-21-201972-01 A) Construction of Girls Facilities Room in Barigaon Girls High School B) Establishment of ICT Lab at MA Bari Ziadia Mojaddedia Dakhil Madrasa 2,224,017.00
197 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF-2020-21-201967-03 A) Repair of Alipore Community Clinic under Kalir Bazar Union of Adarsh ??Sadar Upazila B) Repair of Daulatpur Community Clinic under Durgapur (South) Union of Adarsh ??Sadar Upazila 1,117,844.00
198 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF-2020-21-201967-02 A) Construction of wash book at Raghupur Islamia Dakhil Madrasa under Jagannathpur Union of Adarsh ??Sadar Upazila. B) Repair and modernization of 2 toilets in Railway High School under Durgapur (South) Union of Adarsh ??Sadar Upazila. C) Construction of 1 hand wash basin for the use of students D) Archiving of internal roads of Railway High School (road from main gate to high school buildings and government primary school buildings) 1,616,511.00
199 Cumilla Cumilla Adarsha Sadar INF-2020-21-201967-01 Construction of Barid Pipe Irrigation Drain to supply water to the agricultural lands of the farmer members of Raichon Overall Village Development Cooperative Society under Kalir Bazar Union of Adarsh ??Sadar Upazila. 1,244,609.00
200 Cox's Bazar Ramu INF-2020-21-202266-02 High and low bench supply of different schools. 1,008,010.00
201 Cox's Bazar Ramu INF-2020-21-202266-01 A) Construction of RCC drain from Madhya Mandalpara paved road to Feroz Mia's house with lid to remove waterlogging. B) Construction of drains from Abu Taher's house to Mostaq Mia's house to reduce market waste and waterlogging 2,990,786.00
202 Cox's Bazar Kutubdia INF-2020-21-202245-01 Construction of classrooms and supply of furniture at North Thurung Gauchia Adarsh Dakhil Madrasa 4,000,000.00
203 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF-2020-21-202216-05 Construction of Agricultural Irrigation Drain in Kakara Union (East Kakara Pahartali) of Chakaria Upazila 1,000,610.00
204 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF-2020-21-202216-04 Construction of Agricultural Irrigation Drain up to Fasiyakhali Union of Chakaria Upazila (Rudrapara-Kumari Sara-Devgarhpankhali) 1,498,140.00
205 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF-2020-21-202216-03 Construction of Agricultural Irrigation Drain up to BM Char Union of Chakaria Upazila (Hasmahal-Kurularkum river) 1,000,610.00
206 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF-2020-21-202216-02 Construction of Krishi Sen Drain in Baraitali Union (Saheb's Bill) of Chakaria Upazila 1,000,610.00
207 Cox's Bazar Chakaria INF-2020-21-202216-01 Construction of Agricultural Irrigation Drain in Surajpur-Manikpur Union of Chakaria Upazila (Amin's Shop-Mosque Bill) 1,500,020.00
208 Chottogram Ranguniya INF-2020-21-201570-06 Irrigation Drain Extension at Rasabili Village in Islampur Union 1,000,000.00
209 Chottogram Ranguniya INF-2020-21-201570-05 Construction of Padua Rajar Hat Bazar Shed 1,000,000.00
210 Chottogram Ranguniya INF-2020-21-201570-04 Provision of necessary medical supplies for the Upazila Health Complex 1,000,000.00
211 Chottogram Ranguniya INF-2020-21-201570-03 Construction of irrigation drain at Mutsuddi Paragram in Mariamnagar Union 1,000,000.00
212 Chottogram Ranguniya INF-2020-21-201570-02 Construction of irrigation drains at East Sarafvata and Hazarikhil villages of Sarafvata Union 1,000,000.00
213 Chottogram Ranguniya INF-2020-21-201570-01 Construction of irrigation drain at Herniarbill village in Rajnagar union 1,000,000.00
214 Chottogram Lohagora INF-2020-21-201547-04 Supply of high-low benches at various secondary level educational institutions and examination centers in Lohagara upazila 1,259,520.00
215 Chottogram Lohagora INF-2020-21-201547-03 Construction of RCC drain with cover at Darbeshhat Bazar in Lohgara Upazila 1,574,153.00
216 Chottogram Lohagora INF-2020-21-201547-02 Installation of tubewells with submersible pipes in different educational institutions of Lohagara upazila 1,152,235.00
217 Chottogram Lohagora INF-2020-21-201547-01 Supply of medical supplies to Lohagara Upazila Health Complex for control of COVID-19 1,000,163.00
218 Chandpur Matlab Dakshin INF-2020-21-201376-01 Matlab means supply of furniture (high and low benches) in 43 educational institutions of South Upazila 3,997,500.00
219 Chadpur Haimchar INF-2020-21-201347-04 Construction of RCC covered drain from Boxculvert near Rashidia Primary School in Haimchar Upazila to the front of Taju Patwari's house to reduce waterlogging during monsoon season. 1,615,836.00
220 Chadpur Haimchar INF-2020-21-201347-03 Establishment of a modern public toilet at Puran College Bazar area of ??Haimchar Upazila to ensure public health protection and hygienic sewerage system. 1,276,180.00
221 Chadpur Haimchar INF-2020-21-201347-02 Ensuring timely good education for the children of Komalmati through construction of Tinshed Building at Manipur Government Primary School No. 4 of Gazipur Union No. 1, which was lost in the river due to recent floods and river erosion. 1,022,822.00
222 Chadpur Haimchar INF-2020-21-201347-01 Installation of hygienic hand washing basins and installation of electric water filters with safe water supply to various community clinics in Haimchar Upazila for controlling the global epidemic Covid-19. 1,085,162.00
223 Chadpur Faridganj INF-2020-21-201345-03 Construction of 2 classrooms for students of 02 educational institutions in Faridganj Upazila (1. Santashpur High School, 2. Alinur Hossainia Alim Madrasa) 2,236,316.00
224 Chadpur Faridganj INF-2020-21-201345-02 Construction of 03 wash blocks and water supply for students (girls / women) of 03 educational institutions in Faridganj upazila 1,763,684.00
225 Chadpur Faridganj INF-2020-21-201345-01 Provision of high and low benches for the students of 08 educational institutions of Faridganj Upazila (1. Kali Bazar Mizanur Rahman High School, 2. Bargaon High School, 3. Astha Mahamaya Pathshala High School, 4. Rampur Bazar Majidia High School, 5. Prospect RA High School, 7. Chirka Chandpur Multipurpose High School & College, 8. Sonali Girls High School, 6. Noapara Nesaria Dakhil Madrasa) 1,000,000.00
226 Chadpur Chadpur Sadar INF-2020-21-201322-02 Installation of hygienic hand washing basins and electric water filters with safe water supply to various community clinics in Chandpur Sadar Upazila with the aim of controlling the global epidemic Kovid-19. 2,990,547.00
227 Chadpur Chadpur Sadar INF-2020-21-201322-01 Construction of Agriculture Friendly Irrigation Drain on the north side of Madna Maulana Muktar Ahmed Mosque of Rampur Union (1) Dakshin Manihar (2) Rarirchar (3) Kamranga and 12 Chandra Union of Chandpur Sadar Upazila. 3,000,000.00
228 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar INF-2020-21-201213-02 Supply of 22 (twenty two) Oxygen Cylinders for Prevention of Covid-19 and Treatment of Pregnant Women in 11 Union Health and Family Welfare Centers in Sadar Upazila 1,000,000.00
229 Brahmanbaria Brahmanbaria Sadar INF-2020-21-201213-01 A) Construction of 2 classrooms in Send Bir Muktijoddha Ubaidul Moktadir Chowdhury High School A) Construction of Sony Intellectual Disability and Autistic School Building at Bijeshwar Village in Ramrail Union B) Construction of RCC roads for students of Majlishpur Government Primary School and Dakhil Madrasa of Majlishpur Union 3,000,000.00
230 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar INF-2020-21-201207-03 Establishment of dental unit in Upazila Health Complex 1,000,000.00
231 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar INF-2020-21-201207-02 Supply of computers, monitors, printers and projectors in various secondary schools / madrasas of Vijayanagar Upazila 1,000,000.00
232 Brahmanbaria Bijoynagar INF-2020-21-201207-01 Construction of Sheikh Russell Science Building of Eastern College of the upazila 2,000,000.00
233 Bandarban Naikhongchhari INF-2020-21-200373-02 Provision of desktop computers and multimedia projectors in secondary schools 1,189,097.00
234 Bandarban Naikhongchhari INF-2020-21-200373-01 Naikhyangchhari Upazila Health Complex to provide 01 ambulance to ensure health care 2,810,784.00
235 Pirojpur Indurkani INF-2020-21-107990-01 Construction of Community Based Reverse Osmosis (More) Plant at Chandipur Bazar, Chandipur Union, Indurkani Upazila 4,000,000.00
236 Pirojpur Bhandaria INF-2020-21-107914-02 Construction of refreshment room for Girls students at Telikhali Secondary School 2,107,985.00
237 Pirojpur Bhandaria INF-2020-21-107914-01 Supply of plastic benches and fans in different educational institute under Bhandaria Upazila 1,891,970.00
238 Patuakhali Mirzaganj INF-2020-21-107876-01 Construction of 3 nos. Class Room at Moyda Salehia Dakhil Madrasa 4,000,000.00
239 Patuakhali Kalapara INF-2020-21-107866-03 Supply of Medical equipements in 7 nos Family Planning Center, 2 nos Community Clinic and Upazila Health Complex in Kalapara Upazila 1,136,589.00
240 Patuakhali Kalapara INF-2020-21-107866-02 Renovation of Lalua and Nilganj Family Planning Center and Changing Room at Khepupara Govt. Secondary School in Kalapara Upazila 1,512,039.00
241 Patuakhali Kalapara INF-2020-21-107866-01 Construction of Mini Culvert on Rajpara canal in Rajpara village of Tiakhali union 1,341,158.00
242 Patuakhali Dumki INF-2020-21-107855-02 Distribution of 8 nos. Power Tiller among the farmers for encouraging boro cultivation at Dumki Upazila 1,360,000.00
243 Patuakhali Dumki INF-2020-21-107855-01 Installation of Solar street lights in different Union under Dumki Upazila 4,640,000.00
244 Jhalokati Rajapur INF-2020-21-104284-05 Construction of Class room at Aoukira S.G.S Secondary School 1,000,000.00
245 Jhalokati Rajapur INF-2020-21-104284-04 Construction of Class room at Yousuf Ali Secondary School 1,000,000.00
246 Jhalokati Rajapur INF-2020-21-104284-03 Construction of Class room at Tarabunia Wahdia Dhakil Madrasa 1,000,000.00
247 Jhalokati Rajapur INF-2020-21-104284-02 Construction of Class room at Uttor Pilot Nesaria Hamidia Dakhil Madrasa 1,000,000.00
248 Jhalokati Rajapur INF-2020-21-104284-01 Supply of high-low benches at different educational institute 1,000,000.00
249 Jhalokati Nalchity INF-2020-21-104273-02 Repair and Renovation of Kuralia Community Clinic & Uttor Bhairobaria Community Clinic under Nalchity Upazila 1,010,000.00
250 Jhalokati Nalchity INF-2020-21-104273-01 a.Construction of one Community Latrin at Nachmohol Market, Taltola Market & Manpasha Market b.Construction of one Multipurpose Market Shed at Bhairobpasha 2,990,000.00
251 Bhola Tazumuddin INF-2020-21-100991-03 Supply of benches (6 nos) in different educational institutions 1,000,000.00
252 Bhola Tazumuddin INF-2020-21-100991-02 Illumination of Godown Road through Solar Power. 1,000,000.00
253 Bhola Tazumuddin INF-2020-21-100991-01 Construction of Char Zahir Uddin Non-Secondary School Building 2,000,000.00
254 Bhola Manpura INF-2020-21-100965-02 Supply of Benches 14 nos. Secondary High School & College in Monpura Upazila 2,154,981.00
255 Bhola Manpura INF-2020-21-100965-01 Supply of high-low benches at 11 nos.Primary School in Monpura Upazila 1,845,019.00
256 Bhola Lalmohan INF-2020-21-100954-03 Supply of benches at different educational institute 4 nos School & College 1,000,000.00
257 Bhola Lalmohan INF-2020-21-100954-02 Construction of agriculture friendly irrigation drain for agricultural land in different union 1,000,000.00
258 Bhola Lalmohan INF-2020-21-100954-01 Construction of washblock at secondary School & Madrasa in different educational Institute 2,000,000.00
259 Bhola Charfasson INF-2020-21-100925--02 Construction of Agriculture friendly irrigation drain for Agriculture land in different Union 2,000,000.00
260 Bhola Charfasson INF-2020-21-100925-01 Supply of Benches at different educational Institute School, College & Madarasa 2,000,000.00
261 Barisal Wazirpur INF-2020-21-100694-05 Supply of medical equipement at Upazila Health Complex 1,000,000.00
262 Barisal Wazirpur INF-2020-21-100694-04 Supply of laptop & Multibedia projector at different educational institution 1,000,000.00
263 Barisal Wazirpur INF-2020-21-100694-03 Construction of new classroom at Satla Darusunnat Dhakil Madrasa 1,600,000.00
264 Barisal Wazirpur INF-2020-21-100694-02 Construction of Ghatla at West Satla Ferry Ghat and canal adjacent to Mashang Bazar 1,400,000.00
265 Barisal Wazirpur INF-2020-21-100694-01 Construction of ghatla on the river adjacent to Shikarpur Bazar 1,000,000.00
266 Barisal Muladi INF-2020-21-100669-03 Supply of (High & low) benches at different educational institution 1,063,950.00
267 Barisal Muladi INF-2020-21-100669-02 Construction of hygiene corner at two secondary School. 1,563,567.00
268 Barisal Muladi INF-2020-21-100669-01 Installation of Central Oxygen supply system at MuladiUpazila Health Complex 1,366,754.00
269 Barisal Mehendiganj INF-2020-21-100662-02 Distribution of 6 power tillers among the farmers to encourage intensive boro cultivation. 1,916,188.00
270 Barisal Mehendiganj INF-2020-21-100662-01 Installation of Central Oxygen supply system at Upazila Health Complex to deal with COVID-19. 2,083,812.00
271 Barisal Hizla INF-2020-21-100636-02 Distribution of Power Tiller among the farmers for encouraging boro cultivation at Dumki Upazila 1,342,500.00
272 Barisal Hizla INF-2020-21-100636-01 Renovation of Selected Community Clinic 2,657,500.00
273 Barisal Banaripara INF-2020-21-100610-03 a. Installation of Solar Street light at Union level b. Construction of womens corners for marketing produced product by trained extremely poor and unemployed women in various income generating activities 1,996,724.00
274 Barisal Banaripara INF-2020-21-100610-02 Supply of Fixed plastic wating chairs for UH & FWC centers and supply of plastic benches in different secondary schools 1,792,536.40
275 Barisal Banaripara INF-2020-21-100610-01 Supply of LED televisions for health awareness video displays at UH & FWC centers, supply of 6 power tillers among farmers group for modernization of agriculture and supply of computers in secondary schools. 2,210,717.09
276 Barguna Taltali INF-2020-21-100490-02 Construction of RCC drain from the back of Mujibul Haque's house at Kalabagan in Taltoli Upazila to the culvert of Muktijoddha Complex. 2,000,000.00
277 Barguna Taltali INF-2020-21-100490-01 Construction of RCC drains from the back of Taltoli Model Government Secondary School to the Tehsil Office and from Kalibari to the canal behind the Jahangir Master's house to alleviate waterlogging. 2,000,000.00
278 Barguna Patharghata INF-2020-21-100485-02 Construction of 6 nos wash Block with two rooms adjacent to Sonali Bazar in KalMegha Union, Shingrabunia Bazar in Nachnapara Union, Kakchira Union, Pipulia Bazar in Rayhanpur Union, Hatempur Bazar in Sadar Union, Khalifarhat Bazar in Charduary Union. 3,000,000.00
279 Barguna Patharghata INF-2020-21-100485-01 Construction of RCC drain for waterlogging from front of Upazila Model Mosque complex to west side of Biddaniketon School 3,000,000.00

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