No. Title File
1 Mid-term assessment of Upazila Governance and Development Project (UGDP) File
2 Letter for DC on 5th Performance Assessment File
3 Letter for UNO on 5th PA survey File
4 Letter for Upazila Chairman on 5th PA survey File
5 Survey Related Documents File
6 Upazila Quarterly Report Format with Sample File
7 VAT and IT documents for Implementation of sub-project by Upazila FY-2019-20 File
8 IT Papers for UDF, FY 2019-20 File
9 Financial Management Training_INF Checklist for Bill Voucher File
10 Financial Management Training_General Intro File
11 4th Performance Assessment (PA) 2019-20 Bangla File
12 4th Performance Assessment (PA) 2019-20 English File
13 List of Upazila selected for 4th Round (Bangla) File
14 List of Upazila selected for 4th Round (English) File
15 VAT and IT deposition certificate for Infrastructure bill payment upto June 2019 File
16 3rd Performance Assessment (PA) 2018-19 Bangla File
17 3rd Performance Assessment (PA) 2018-19 English File
18 Expenditure Notice of UGDP File
19 Notice on Consulting Firms Audit Activities in Different Upazilas File
20 Financial Management Training_INF SP Calculation File
21 Financial Management Training_SP Implementation File
22 Financial Management Training_VAT TAX Calculation File
23 Financial Management Training_Presentation File
24 2nd Performance Assessment(PA) 2017-18 File
25 1st Performance Assessment(PA) 2016-17 File

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