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Project objectives

To enhance the capacity of Upazilas Parishad to deliver more effective and responsive public service to citizen through providing additional development fund and a series of capacity development to concerned stakeholders.

Specific Objectives

  • To provide performance Based Allocation  (PBA) to Upazila Parishad toward responsive public service delivery and infrastructure development;

  • To improve mutual accountability between LGIs and line departments (NBDs) both at Upazila and Union levels , and to facilitate synergy effects between them;

  • To improve transparency of LGIs and NBDs to local communities through Union Development Coordination Committee (UDCC) and other good governance measures;

  • To strengthen the capacity of public servants both in LGIs and NBDs and their collaboration mechanism; and

  • To facilitate an appropriate decentralization process through series of governance and financial improvement activities.


Project Components

Component 1: Upazila Development for Improving Service Delivery

Component 2: Capacity Development and Governance Reform

Component 3: project Management Support

Component 4: Consulting Service

Selection of Eligible Upazila

Although the project will eventually expand its financial assistance to all 492 Upazilas as target, the fund allocation under this component will be done with performance and competition based. The selection of target Upazila will be done in two steps: qualification and performance assessment. The detailed criteria of first and second steps are mentioned here:

First Step: Qualification by Preconditions

The Project will screen all Upazilas with respect to some preconditions and disqualify those Upazilas do not satisfy any one of them. The purpose of this screening is to disqualify any not-ready Upazilas at the starting point, with applying the four criteria listed below.

Monthly meetings being held properly and regularly.

Status of 17 Standing Committees;

Status of ADP implementation and reporting for the last three years; and

Existence of budget and development plans as stipulated in Sections 38 and 42 of Upazila parishad Act 1998.

Second Step: performance Assessment

To measure administrative performance of the Upazila, the following performance indicators are set concerning four important aspects of Upazila governance:

  • Institutional capacity according to the Upazila Parishad Act 1998 (revised in 2009,2011 ) and related ordinance:

  • Capacity of financial management;

  • Capacity of development planning and budgeting; and

  • Transparency and accountability.

Eligible investment of performance Based Allocation:

The selected Upazila Parishad will be entitled to average TK. 5 (Five) millions in a year and the fund will be utilized in two areas a) Capacity Development Sub-projects and b) Infrastructure Development Sub-projects. Up to 20% of the allocated fund will be utilized for Capacity Development (CD) Sub-projects.


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